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Building Trust

70 min - Class


See how the trust between a student and teacher can have a positive impact on a Pilates practice with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She starts with the full Mat repertoire and then moves to the Reformer, increasing Wayne's resistance as she is seeing improvements. She continues to work on habits so that he can create better movement patterns that serve him in his other activities.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Yoga Block (2), Baby Arc, Pilates Pole

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So we're here for lesson number 10. Both of us are a little tired today, due to some fabulous storms last night. So we'll look at the body before us and take it where it goes. Okay, ready? We're gonna start on the mat.

Good, lie all the way down. (chuckles) Might not get up. Bend your knees, have your feet flat on the mat. Now, just because he's a little fatigued today, I'm gonna give him a couple little things to get him going. So I want you to lift your arms up to the ceiling.

Good, and lengthen your neck down. And I don't want you to move your box at all, except I want you to reach this arm up to the shoulder and let the scapula slide off of your back. You feel that? And drop it down heavy. And then lift this one and let it drop, yes.

Lift, drop, lift, drop, lift, drop, lift, drop. So this is an introduction for him of rotation, where he's stabilizing his pelvis, hopefully, and not moving anything else. But, and he's differentiating the scapula from the rib cage, his shoulders from the rib cage. And now quick, up and up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up. Lift, drop, lift, neck, lift, back, lift, stomach, stretch, up, lift, up, lift, up, lift, up and up, and up and up.

And remember, it doesn't matter where you left off that last session. You've got to look at them where they are. Lift, lift, lift, lift. Drop it, drop it, drop it, does it feel good? And beat, and beat, and beat, and beat, and beat, and beat, and beat, and beat.

Reach your arms down. Good, let's just read through your little tip and tuck today, lengthening your neck as you do so. So lift the tailbone up and tuck. Good. And now bring the tailbone down and lift the tummy and arch.

Go into your tip. Now from there, zip your stomach up. Keep your top, tick, tip and find your tuck. Hold it, hold it, hold it, and relax. And tuck.

Tailbone up. And tip, tailbone down. Where's my tip? And zip. Pull this up like you're zipping tight pair of jeans.

Get your tuck, where's your tuck? Where's your tuck, where's your tuck? There it is. And again, tuck. That's okay.

And tailbone down. Now tip. Nope, there you go. And now zip. Stomach in, zip up between the tuck and the tip.

Good and relax. One more time, tuck. Good, relax. Tip. Yes, now zip it up.

Zip, keep the tailbone down. Don't lose your tip, don't lose your tip, don't lose your tip, don't lose your tip. Nope, you lost your tip. There you go. Hold it, hold it, hold it.

And excellent. So you're gonna imagine, because one day I'm going to do this. I'm gonna stand right here, and that's what it's gonna feel like, okay? Now, stretch your legs out. And you're not gonna get your strap today for your hundred.

Heels together. Lift your arms up to the ceiling. And I'm still gonna give you a bar so that you, I want you to have a bar so that you're gonna pulse your arms evenly and you can work on that grip. That's it. So shoulders go up here, right where you were doing those lifting.

Press the heels together and your toes apart. The balls of the feet separate. Balls of the feet separate. More, more. One hand's width.

So Wayne, it's the same position that we were working on for the past 10 sessions. Here, okay? Press right there. Okay, lift your head up. Nope, that was more than your head.

Lift your head up. Lift your head up. Lift your head up. Lift your head up. Yes.

Now roll up a little higher than you think you need to. Right there. Pulse your arms and inhale. Two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, inhale, two, three. Now as you do that, do a chest expansion.

Exhale, two, three, four, yes, five. Look right here. Two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale. Come on, roll up. Exhale, get these ribs down.

Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, roll all the way down. Now I'm gonna take this bar, and you're gonna bend your knees into your chest. Good. And you're gonna stretch your legs up to the ceiling. And you're gonna have your arms by your side.

And you're gonna lift your body up into that hundred position, and lift your arms by your knees. Yes, now, can you roll up a little higher to me? Good, now keep rolling up here and you're gonna pump your arms here. Open your chest. Where's that chest expansion?

Good. Stretch your elbows, Nash. That's not stretched. There you go. Inhale for five.

And you're gonna lower one leg. Keep pumping both arms. And exhale for five. Good, now roll up a little higher, and inhale for five, both arms pump. And exhale, and you're gonna stabilize that box.

Shoulders and hips. Pull the stomach in. Inhale for five, roll up, you're losing your roll up. Roll up, roll up. That's the most important part for you and exhale.

One more set, Wayne. Inhale, inhale, inhale, exhale. Roll up, roll up, roll up. Bend your knees into your chest. Excellent.

Bend your knees, have your feet flat on the mat. Take your hands, and you're going to lift your head up, and hold behind your thighs. Now elbows out to open your chest. Where's your chest? Oh, that's not open.

Shoulders together. You're like this, open. There, look here. And lift up your shoulders. Roll up.

Roll up a little more. Roll up a little more. Hold it for five. Hold it for four. Hold it for three.

Hold it for two. Hold it for one. Roll back down, relax. Good, now that open chest position you have to maintain, okay? Good, lift your head up.

Grab the back of your legs. That's your neck, not your chest. Remember we talked about that. This opens, this goes here. You want the weight of your head on your stomach instead of on your neck, right?

There. Now roll up a little more. Bend those elbows to the side. Good, come on, roll up a little more. Good, pull this in and hold it for five.

Hold it for four. Hold it for three. Hold it for two. Hold it for one. Stay there, pulse up, one, two, three, four, five, pull that tummy in, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

All the way down, open the chest up. Good, good. And one more time. Take your hands to your thighs. You got it.

That's it, elbows out to the side. Beautiful open chest. Can you take your hands up a little higher? Yeah. And come up, come up a little higher.

Another inch, another inch, another inch. Stay there for five, four, three, two, one. Pulse up one, two, three. Pull the tummy in, four, I don't want it out. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

Stay there, roll up to sit. Good. Now you're gonna go back. So sit up tall first. Good, and you're gonna bring your hips back only, elbows out, don't sink.

Hips back. Open your chest, uh-uh-uh. You're not getting to go back unless that chest stays open. This, now, roll the low back, low back, low back. You see how that helps you?

This is your second powerhouse. This has to draw together. Yes. And you're bringing just the hips back. Just the hips back.

Beautiful, Wayne, stay there. Hold it for eight, seven, hips back. Five, hips back four, hips back three, hips back two, hips back one. And this you round over, round over, head down. And good, elbows to the side.

And shoulders here. Yes. Now, roll back. Shoulders here and bring this back, this back. I'm here, I'm here.

Good, hips back, hips back more. Hips back more. There you go, now pulse back one, pulse back two, pulse back three, the hips separate, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, and round over. Good, straighten your legs. Place your feet underneath the strap.

So the two points that we worked today, Wayne, were your two sticky points, when you do your roll up, okay? Heels together, lie all the way down. Good. Take your bar shoulder width. Siren's coming to help you.

He doesn't need help. Good, stretch back behind you. Reach. Beautiful, arms come up. Now, head comes through the window.

Good, yes. That's it, come a little higher. Now, exhale from here. Stretch those legs, head down. Good stretching.

Stretch those knees, stretch the knees, stretch the knees, stretch the knees. And shoulders down and roll back. Reach through the feet. Push through your feet. Push through your feet.

Yes, push, push through the feet, push through the feet, push through the feet. Beautiful, Wayne. Reach up for the ceiling. Punch the ceiling with your arms, and stretch back to disengage the shoulder. Push, yes, arms up.

Now, plug your shoulders in. Excellent, keep the shoulders there. This is that same exercise we did in the beginning. Yep. And lift your head up, lift your head up.

You're inhaling. And now exhale to roll. Exhale to roll. Exhale to roll. Exhale to roll.

Exhale to roll. Exhale, one, two, three. Now roll back, inhale. Push through your feet. Push through the feet.

Push through the feet. Get that little place that we found when you're rolling back. Get that place we found when you were rolling back. Yes, yes. Head goes down, soften the ribs, lift up and keep the ribs in the mat.

And arms up, find that drop that we did with the shoulder in the beginning. Lift your head up. Round over. Shoulders down. There.

Find the place that we were when you were coming up. Find it right here. Pull this back, pull this back. Where's that pulse, where's that pulse, where's that pulse? That's it, good.

Find the pulse. Reach forward. Stretch forward. Stretch forward. Stretch forward, stretch.

Now push through your heels and roll back. Arms down, push through your heels. Keep reaching forward. Now find that same position where I made you pulse. Open that hip.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. And beautiful, ribs go in, stretch up and back, exhale. Good, let go. Slide yourself back a little, Wayne. And you're going to hold onto those handles, and you're gonna bend your right knee into your chest and lift it up as high as you can.

Good. And now flex your foot, and bend the knee into your chest, but don't move your box. Like you're doing pumping on that high chair. Yeah. And now stretch the leg, push through the heel.

(mumbles) Uh-huh. And in and this sit bone. Yep. Good. And lift it up.

Excellent, elbows out if you can. Remember those straight wrists. So wrist down. Nope, that's up, there you go. And in.

And stretch, now extend the foot. Good, push through this heel and you're gonna do a tiny circle. Chin down, circle one. Up to your nose. Circle two.

Hip reaches down as the leg reaches up, yes. And around, up, around, up, around, up, around, reverse it. Around, up, around, up. Stretch that leg up. Yes.

And stretch the leg. Bend the knee all the way into the chest. And slide it underneath the strap. Good. I'm gonna take this strap off.

Okay, flex. Now bend this knee into the chest. Ah-ah, do it again. Remember we don't move anything. Bend the knee into the chest.

Good, and stretch it up. Find that high chair. Lift up, up, up, up. Hip down more. There.

Stretch. Bend the knee in, flex it. Get that hip down. Find your high chair. Yes.

Stretch the leg, find the high chair. (groans loudly) Bend. Find the high chair. Stretch. All your dogs hear you, they're getting upset.

Bend your knees, lengthen the back of the neck. And stretch up, stretch up, stretch up. Bend your knees. And stretch up, stretch up, stretch up, extend the foot up. Pull your stomach in and reach towards your nose.

Circle towards the nose. Circle towards the nose. Circle up. Circle up, reverse, hip down. Sit on my leg. I'm trying.

Yep, just really sit. There you go. That's it. That's it. Nothing moves.

Now, this hip anchors as it goes across. This hip anchors as it goes across. This hip anchors as it goes across, bend the knee into the chest. Beautiful. Now place your feet down, and legs together, let go of the arms.

In one fluid movement, you're going to roll up, you can use your hands on your legs and come up to sit. Good. That's it. That's it. Yes, excellent.

Now that's what you're gonna feel in the next exercise. So have your head go down, pull the stomach in, shoulders down the back. Excellent, elbows lift. And you're gonna lift your feet up to balance. How are you gonna do it?

What's gonna go back first? The hips. That's right. Hips, hips. I'm here, you're not going anywhere, yes.

Pull that back, pull that back, pull that back. Bring them down. And again, pull them back, uh-uh-uh. Pull them back, pull them back, pull them, I don't care about the feet lifting. They're gonna lift.

If you trust in the process, right? You trust your teacher, right? She's done this before. Nothing's gonna happen. Now, sit back up.

What's gonna, uh-uh-uh. That was here. I'm not gonna allow that. This. Yes, it pulls it right back (chuckles)! Okay, so I'm honest to you, when I say something's gonna happen, it's gonna happen, okay?

So all you have to do, uh-uh-uh, don't, bring your hips back, your hips back. That's gonna make your legs light. Yes, you see, hold it right there, hold it right there, hold it right there and come up. Now, try to keep your head as far forward as you can, like stomach massage. Remember stomach massage?

And in stomach massage, what do you do? You push with the hips back and you keep this here. So push your hips back. Push your hips back. Push your, yes.

And then come up and over and again. Push your hips back, push your hips back, push your hips back, up and over. And push your hips back, push your hips back, push your hips back. Good, now what you're gonna do, is I want you to take your hands on your ankles. Yep, so you're just gonna hold them like this.

Look at me. Elbows out. You were in a good position. There, that's it. Hold your ankles and lift your feet.

Slide your feet in more. Good, and hold them. Yes. Now, hug them in. And what's gonna move you back?

My hips. That's right. Go ahead, hips. And come up. Yes, beautiful! And again, don't worry about getting up, okay?

I'm here. Pull the stomach in. Pull the feet in. Hips go back. Yes! And up, beautiful.

Pull the stomach in. Come on. Yep, that's what happens. So your right side's dominant, right? So why do you think that's happening?

'Cause you're pulling more with your right. Right. So pull with your left. And hips, hips, hips, pull with your left. Left hand, yes! Better.

Again, one more time. In, in, lift the feet, lift the feet, where are the hips? Hips back, hips back, hips back, hips back, pull on the left. Gorgeous, Wayne! And very, very good. Lie down with your knees in your chest.

Let your head go down. Now, what I want you to do, is I want you to slide back, and you'll see that there's this beautiful hump back there. And I want you to put your, you can sit up. You, I want you to bring your shoulders up on top of there. Shoulders.

Use your body, move your shoulders, shoulders on top. That's it. Now, now your upper body is up, right? So it's supported. But what you have now is more space to bring your pelvis back into here and your ribs back into there, okay?

And that's what I want. So just like this, I want you to have your legs together and you're gonna lift your arms up and stretch them back. Keep your head where it is. And just stretch back. You feel that stretch?

Good, and lift, and stretch back. Pull the tummy into that space. And one more time, stretch back. Good, now bend your knees into your chest. Beautiful, hug them with your hands.

Elbows out to the side. Now you have this here, so I want you to use that. You feel that? Okay? And do you remember your single leg pull where one leg comes in?

Now, remember what your nose likes to do? Where's your head like to go? Right, so where are you gonna put it? To the left, right. So you're gonna hold one leg in, hug it in.

Now while you're hugging it in, use that space. And what happened to your connection to this shoulder? It came off. Exactly. So what I want you to start doing today is this hand's gonna go here.

Don't move your head, please. Let go, please. This hand's gonna reach down, okay? It's gonna reach to this ankle. And then both of your shoulders are gonna stay there.

Yes, you see? So now you have something to touch, so you know that you're even. And bend both knees in. Good, now keep your shoulders on that barrel and stretch the other way. This hand goes across this hand there.

That's it. In, in, in, both legs come in. Good, so this hand stays where it is, this hand goes on the ankle. Yes, that's it, Wayne! Open that shoulder, open that shoulder. Good, bend both legs in.

Now keep your shoulders on the mat. You have something to touch. Good. This knee's gonna come in there, yes, right to that ear. And both knees come in.

Pelvis, anchor your shoulders, elbows out. Good, yes. That's what I want you to do each time. Now don't move that. Excellent.

And bend both legs in. And stretch out. Good. Don't let this knee drop out, see, that's what throws you off. Right, everything wants to shorten on that side.

There you go. Bend both knees all the way in. Now, can you grab your ankles? Excellent! Now open your chest with your, yep, and now bring your head forward. Good.

Now, just like that with your chest, you're gonna reach your arms back just like I did before. So you're gonna push out with your legs. Don't move, and arms go straight back by your ears. Reach back just like I did, reach back, reach back, reach back, reach back. Now pull your tummy in and bend your knees into your chest and grab your ankles and exhale.

Inhale, reach out, don't spread your arms, straight back, straight by your ears. Close to your ears, close your ears, close to your ears. Now pull the tummy in and drag me in. Drag me, drag me, exhale. Good, where are the hands?

Ankles, yes. That opens your low back more. And push out on me, push, push, arms, good. Close to the ears. Reach back, reach back, reach back, reach back.

Ribs in, exhale, pull me in, pull me in, pull me in. And good. And one more time, stretch out. Reach, reach, reach. And in, in, in.

Beautiful, just sit up where you are. Open your legs and place them on the sides of the mat. Straighten your knees. Good, flex your feet. Sit up, why are you slouching?

Sit up nice and tall. Good, lift those arms up. Good. Now, bring your arms down to the mat. Press on the mat, flex your feet.

Toes back, that's the point. And press and lift. Don't die on me. Chin down. Good, and round forward.

Pull the stomach, remember how we lift up, and slide the hands. Slide the hands. Yep, nope, that's the ball. No ball today, push through your feet. Come on, stretch those knees.

Straighten your legs, straighten your legs, straighten your legs. Roll up. Sit up tall. Lift this part of your back up. Up, yes, that's it.

Don't go back with the shoulder. And now the head goes down, grow tall. Head goes down and grow tall. Lift up, lift up, pulled your hair. Head down, head down, head down, head down, head down.

And round, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, and roll up, roll up, roll up. Now lift that part of your back where I pulled your hair, lift it, lift it, good. Don't take your shoulders back. Don't take your shoulders back. Forward, there.

And head goes down. Reach. Reach. Reach, exhale, exhale, exhale. And sit up.

Sit up, sit up, now, let's see you sit up on the back where I want you more, more, shoulders a little forward. Not so much. I know it's a tough, right, see this part of your back? Lift it. Yes, you feel that?

Hold it there. Hold it there. Hold it there, now lift your arms up to the ceiling and big circle, arms back behind you. Open your chest. Good, lift them up.

Reach back for me, reach back for me, reach back for me. Yes, and lift up, reach back, reach back, reach back, lift up. Reach back, reach back, reach back. Take your hands forward and just relax. Excellent.

Wayne, that was your full mat. You just did a full mat, look at you. Okay, now we get to work. Let's go over here to the Cadillac. You're gonna sit on the Cadillac and grab your long pole.

Before we go to your reformer. I want you to open that chest a little more today. Okay, so you're gonna sit. Remember your feet are at a 90 degree angle. And so what I want you to do today, Wayne, is you're gonna go wide again, as wide as you can holding it.

Where are your legs? (mumbles) Your legs. They're in line with your hips. Not turned out parallel. So you have to start being responsible for this, because you have to be aware of this when you're not in the Pilates studio.

So every, see how you like to do that duck position. That's what makes your hips so tight. Slide your tushy back more. Slide your tushy back more. Here's the 90 degree angle.

Now you see how this wants to develop in? You have to have it. Yes, look how gorgeous that is! Do you feel that? Look how lifted your arch is. That's amazing.

Don't let this one get naughty. Good, now reach that bar forward. Forward, that's not forward. Disengage your shoulders like you did on your roll up. Lift it up.

Don't move your body and try to reach the bar behind you. Good. Hold it. Keep it straight in the mirror. Hold it.

Watch the wrists and then bring it back down. Good. And, reach forward. Lift up, stretch and back. Lift that left hand.

Good. Bring it up and come down. And one more time, lift up, lift up, lift up. Now while you're there, bend your elbows and put the bar behind your shoulders. That's it.

Behind your shoulders. Good, now I want you to take your hands and extend them and wrap your hands over top. Excellent, beautiful. Now, chin down a little bit. That's it.

Good, can you bring the bar back a little? There, now lengthen your neck like that. You feel that? This looks great. Now, nothing's going to move.

All I want is your shoulders to rotate. Shoulders rotate. Just like on your short box. Feel that? And then come center.

Excellent. Now shoulders rotate, sit on this hip. That's it, head stays in the middle. Shoulders rotate. Drop this shoulder.

Good. And now I want you to turn your head towards that shoulder. The right side? Yep. Just your head.

Yes, now, now the shoulder. Now the short ribs. That's it. And then come back ribs, shoulder. Bring your head, good.

Now chin down and turn your head towards your other shoulder. Remember when we did that exercise? And now you're gonna turn your shoulder. And your rib. Use your eyes, look at that hand.

And come back to center. And turn your head. Lift. Use your eyes. Use your eyes.

Use your eyes. And center. Turn the other way. Use your eyes. Stretch this arm.

Stretch this arm more. Stretch this arm more. One more time this way, 'cause you're usually not swinging in this direction. (mumbles) Ah, oh that's right, I'm backwards. Used to follow (mumbles).

And reach. Reach. Reach. And let go of the bar. Excellent.

You got, I'm telling you that was beautiful. Did you see how nice that lined up? That was excellent. (mumbles) Yes. And you like to turn your feet out.

Yep, nope, that was huge, huge, huge. Very good. Okay, let's go over to your reformer now. And Wayne, just to warn you, I've increased your resistance today. You've gone from three to four.

How's the ball of your foot feeling? It's like 75%. Okay. So we're still not gonna put weight on it. So we're gonna start with your arches, okay? 'Cause I'd rather save that 75% for other things.

Okay. So you're gonna be on the arches. Good, holding with the balls of the feet. Excellent, hold here. What?

You look great. I mean, your shoulders are nice and open, you know? I'm very happy. And press out and come in. Good.

And let's press out. Let's just move through it today, yep. And you're just gonna move it with your stomach and in, and reach, and in, and reach. Pull the pinky toes back a little or push forward. Push onto me here with the big toe, so that you remember how you like to not push, stand on this toe, stand on that toe.

Good, reach and in, use that stomach. And in, you're breathing through your nose. Wayne, I'm so proud of you. You're breaking those habits, excellent. And in and lengthen, and in and lengthen.

Leave your head here as you bend your knees. Leave it there. One more time, press out, leave it there. Excellent, bend the knees into your chest. Good, anchor your powerhouse and bring your heels to the bar, and smile, you'll love it.

And press out and in, and two, and in, and three and in, and four, in, five, in, six, in, seven, in, eight, in, nine, in and 10 and in. That's okay, no worries. Bend your knees into your chest. Take your bar. And now you're gonna go back to the arch for that tendon stretch on the arch. So remember big toe forward a little more.

A little more. Beautiful, and lower the heels down. Good, and press out. And you're gonna look, stay there. You're gonna straighten your knees.

You're gonna lower your heels down and lift your heels up, and lower your heels down, and lift your heels up. Straight legs, lower the heels and lift. Good, don't bend the knees, please. Lower the heel, work your ankle. Now, point your toe.

That's it. Now flex your foot, push the heel down. Push the ball forward. Push the heel down. Push the ball forward.

Push the heel down. Ball forward, last one. Heel down. And beautiful, bend your knees. That was really nice.

Lot of work. Good. So Wayne, that's your lack of ankle mobility for when you're walking. Like you kind of walk like this with a flat foot. You want to have that ankle mobility, good.

Stretch your legs up onto the bar for your hundred, okay? So just slide yourself a touch away from your shoulder blocks. Remember, you're gonna keep your legs down. You're gonna reach back behind you. Take your handles.

You're gonna stretch them straight up to the ceiling. I'm gonna put you on three, and you're going press into your strap, rolling up, the head comes up. Head comes up. Head comes up. Head comes up, a little more.

Legs stay down. Good, press into the strap. Roll up, roll up. There you go. Pump, inhale, two, three.

I'm gonna let go. Push into the strap more. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Good, inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five.

Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. Bend in, let's go back to the Cadillac.

And you're gonna do leg circles there. That strap down a little bit. Okay, heels together. Elbows up, excellent. Elbows up.

Up, that's out. Up is to the ceiling. Shoulders down. There you go. And now you see where you're pressing your heels?

That's where I want you to always press your heels, right there and press out the length- Instead of the arms. Yep, they're great. So this is where I want to be? Right. This is where I need to be?

Right. So see, this position is to lower your ribs. So open your elbows out to the side, right? And you see there's no pressure on the rib. I want to push in your hands.

Are you pushing your hands? There, that's pushing your hands, right? So it anchors your rib cage. And now press your heels out. And bend your knees in.

Good, and press into the strap to go out. Now, the hardest thing is to understand pressing into the strap as you come in. Press in your strap, and in, in. Press into your strap, stretch out, press into your strap, come in. Press into your strap, come out.

Press into your strap, come in. Press out, stay out there. Now you're going to open your legs evenly and straight open. Good, stop. Now, follow those poles and press your feet down, down.

Listen to your teacher. Don't take initiative. Bend your knees in. That was up, not down. Press your legs out.

Good. Open your legs. Now, pull the stomach in and press your feet down. Stop. Pull your stomach in and draw your legs together.

Press into the strap. Press the heels where I want you to press them, yes, and draw your legs up, ah-ah, tailbone down. Tailbone down. Tailbone, tip, find your tip. Find your tip.

Good, open your legs. Press your legs straight down, find the tuck. Good. Press your legs together. Draw your legs up.

Open. Down. Together, and up. Reverse, down, open, don't turn your legs out. Up, together.

So you keep changing your angle of your leg. There, that's not gonna change. Press your heels as you go down. Open from your hips. Raise up from your hips.

Together, tailbone down. Tuck. Open, tip. More tip. Together.

Tuck, open, now, press on my hand, press on my hand, press on my hand. Yes. And come all the way in. Okay, good. Now, normally I'd want to do this exercise for your stomach massage on the tower.

But since the tower's over there, you're gonna have to suffer over here. Okay, so the rule of thumb is, and this is really important, because you will die and I'm not kidding. You'll smash your brains open. This bar never gets pushed to this bar. It can only go to there.

If you push it past, it will swing through and smash your head. I'm not kidding. Put your head right here, lie down. Just slide down. Right to there.

Good, press the bar up. Good. Take your, put your hands in the center. Like this? Yep.

Now place your feet on either side of your hands. You can do it. Roll your tushy up. You roll your bottom up. That's it.

There you go, see? You didn't think you could do it. Now, you can go on the arch. Take your hands here. Thumbs with your fingers.

Now can you towards your tush a little bit more? Slide yourself. Wiggle, wiggle down, wiggle down, wiggle down. There you go. And just stretch your legs up.

Good. Now can you get your tailbone on the mat? That's it, and now soften your knees. So this is what you want done right? Now, stretch your legs out.

And I want you to stay there, and I'm gonna pull this down, and pull this down. Yes. And bend in. And press up. Oh, I see what you want.

And bend in, yes. And press up. Now, this time, when you bend your knees, just soften your knees, don't bend them in. That's it, chin down. And now stretch your legs up as much as you can.

Stretch, stretch, stretch, and bend in. Now, stay right where you are, but slide so that your head is off the edge. Keep going, keep going. Take your shoulders back, little more. There you go.

Bend all the way in. Let your head drop. Good. Now bring your hands up. Roll up and try to grab on the sides here.

Yep, roll up as much as you can. That's it, that's it. Stay there. Beautiful. That's it, hold, hold.

Head in, head in. Good, can you grab that bar? Excellent! Now stretch your legs a little. And bend your knees. So this is that round stomach massage position, and stretch your legs.

And bend your knees. And stretch your legs. Excellent, Wayne! And bend your knees. Now I have this bar. You're gonna slide yourself out.

And now you're gonna go over to stomach massage. That's the one where you're seated, not lying down, seated with your feet on the bar. So you're gonna find that same position, but your hands are gonna be down by your side. (mumbles) Nope, no, no, down by your side here. Remember holding it.

Now, I want you to notice something. Do you remember how hard it had been for you to get into this position? And now you're in the position, okay? I started you back on the mat today, 'cause last week, last time you were a little too tight for me to, now go on the arches, 'cause we don't want to be on the ball where it hurts your foot. A little higher up.

Good. Hold here. Head down and find that exercise that we just did. Bend your elbows. Remember the elbows are bent.

Bend your elbows more. Bend your elbows more, yes. And stretch. And bend your elbows, and come in. Good, and find, that exercise was called the monkey.

So find your monkey. Now, don't let your heels go up and down. Keep your heels where they are. Yes. And in.

Stay right there a second. Lift your heels up. Don't worry, I'll get that. It's just so you don't cheat. It's a lot of tools.

Please, don't move. Put your feet up. So, just so that you know, the more you leave a position, the harder it is to get into a position. Feet. Hold it.

Hands forward. On the outside. I'm trying. There. So you see how you were cheating with your ankles?

Yeah. Ready? Reach. Yup, and stretch. And come in.

And stretch, that's it. That's that same ankle low, right? Every time you move that ankle, you are making, you're letting your legs not stretch where they need to stretch. Beautiful. Now, take your hands back behind you.

Good. Roll the shoulders down and back and open. And press out and bend in. Good. Press out, excellent.

And in. Press out. And in. Press out and in. Press out, shoulders together, dude.

And in. Press out and in. Reach between your legs and take off a spring. Ah-ah-ah, what are you doing? Well, I can't get there.

Yes, you can. Middle spring. Thank you very much. So, I'm taking away all your points of cheating, okay? You lower and lift your heel, and then it doesn't stretch the back of your leg.

It's the same, you know, the ladder barrel stretch. Okay, put your feet up. Good, you have to be on your arches, remember. Your heels are on here, your arches are on the part because of your ankle, because of the ball of your foot. That'll get easier, Wayne, when you can actually put your ball of your foot back on.

Now, come forward. And stretch out the legs. And that's okay, bend the knees. I can't hold everything. And stretch up, please make this foot leave.

And bend in. And press out. Don't let your knees knock in. And bend in. Press on the outer edge of the foot and the big toe.

Yes! You feel the difference? That was really good. Outer edge of the foot and big toe. And come in, in, in. Excellent.

Lot of years of cheating, Kathryn. Lot of years of cheating! Trust me, I know. But you're really doing great. You're really doing great. I mean, you have a little complication right now, because you have that, that wart.

Okay, can you step up a second? So we have been doing your short box on your long box, and because you now are able to keep your legs straight when you do your roll up, you, my dear, have progressed to an actual short box, okay? So what you're gonna do is, I want you, you're tall, so I want you here. I have a little clashing zebra. So I have an extender box.

So as you roll back, when you're gonna have a little more security than if you just had your short box. So you're gonna sit here. So Wayne is about six feet. It might be too long for him, yeah, it is. Okay.

Step off. So I have to move it to here. Move up by one here. Enjoying yourself? She is.

Okay, here. Good, so you're gonna sit here. So the second box just gives him another place to go back. Now, you're gonna hook your feet under here in that same lock and load. Now, slide yourself back a little.

Flex your feet. And you're gonna push out with your heels, just like you did over there. Now, the difference is, I want you to, not so far back, a little closer, right there. I want you to out on this drop, you feel that? That's engaging here.

At the same time, I want you to pull your, push your heels to me and flex your toes towards your knees. Yeah, that's it. So this is the position. Then it gets better from here. Keep the pressure out.

Keep the pressure here. Draw your inner thighs together. That's it, you feel that? That's what I call lock and load. So when I say lock and load, you're gonna push on the strap, push on the heel and suck it up the middle, okay?

You're gonna wrap your hands around your waist and begin forward again. Good. Now lock and load, push out with the heel. Heel, heel, heel, ankle. Don't let those ankles in.

And come back up. Good. Push right here. This part. Yes.

Hips, hips, hips, hips, hips. And come up and over, excellent. And go back, hips, hips, hips, hips. And over, one more time. Hips, hips, hips, and stretch down, touch your toes.

Very, very, very good. Take this bar. And lift up, so just for information, FYI, lean forward. The box behind you is also psychological. Now, remember how I forced you to sit up?

Lift up there, lift up there. Now, lift your head to the bar. Good, not your chin, not your chin. Your head and tip back. And forward, good.

And tip back. Lift up, up, up, up, up. Yes, Wayne! And forward, tip from the hips. Up, up, up, up, up, tip from the hips. And stretch down all the way, exhale. Exhale.

Exhale, lift all the way up to the ceiling. Over the side and lift. Way down, exhale. Reach down as much as you can, just let it go. Good.

And take one leg out. And do you remember your tree? You're gonna hook your foot in here and hold the strap on either side. Don't hold the metal though. And press the bar straight up, your leg straight up and lift up as tall as you can.

And bring the leg down. So bring the leg back down. Sit up, where do we sit? We sit here and remember your TV exercises? I don't care about the leg.

I care about your back. So only lift that leg up as much as you can not change your back, uh-huh. And lift the leg. That's it, that's it, beautiful. That's what I want.

And lift the leg. Good. And lift your leg. Excellent, change sides. That's perfect.

So remember, it's about this lift. Lift, lift, lift, and down. And again, lift, lift, lift, and down, and lift, lift, lift, and beautiful, Wayne. Good, step off. Okay.

Unhook that strap please. And place it on the end here. Okay. Now I want you to put your foot bar up. Good, excellent.

I want you to put your head piece up. Yep, perfect. Now you're gonna go into your elephant. Standing, hand, foot, hand, foot. Flat foot.

Good, I didn't even have to tell you, fix your wrists and shift back. And forward, shift back. And forward, shift back. Stay there. Push your heels back.

Drag your heels in. Push your heels back. Drag your heels in. Push your heels back. Drag your heels in.

Lift your heels up, bring your knees down. Good. Sit back on the heel. Round the tummy in, shoulders down. Good, find that stomach massage that we did with that tower, right?

And push back and in, just a little, it doesn't have to be big. Push out and in. Come on, you to come in quick and bring that spring in, and bring it in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, stay there, reverse the arch, open your chest. And go, push, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and good, round the stomach up and in. Take your right knee forward.

Good. Now, sit back on that heel. Sit back on that heel. Now, can you lift this heel a little? Good, now lift the knee, the other knee.

Yes, push back and in. Push back and two, push back, and three, push back and good. Other side. Good, heel is up. Knee is up and push in the heel.

One, head down, two, three, and four. Beautiful. Good, right from there. Bring your feet both. Let's just lie down.

I think that's plenty for this today. And we're gonna go to your running. I'd like you to add two center springs. Hang on. It hasn't even been an hour, Wayne.

No, it hasn't. (mumbles) Nope, 9:33. By the time we got set up. Good. If you listened.

You were fine. Press out, remember we have do running on your arches, and run, one and one, and two, and two, and three. Siren's coming to help. No, four, and four, and good. Onto your arches.

Where's it hurt, your arches? Right in the arches. Yeah. By the way, that is where you need to detox. Yeah.

That's your liver. Roll your tailbone up. Just your tailbone. Yep. Keep it off, press out.

Come in, roll down. Roll up. Go out. Come in, roll down. Roll up, all the way out.

Nope, that's too high. Oh, out, I'm sorry. That's okay, all the way, all the way, all the way. Thank you, don't cheat me. Come in, roll down.

Roll up, press out. Come in, roll down. Beautiful, bend your knees into your chest. All the way in, in, in, in, in. Just quick, go over the barrel.

So you're gonna sit on top of this barrel. That one. You're gonna take your pelvis down this way, and you, no, all the way. And you're gonna roll down to touch your shoulders. Good, now hold here.

Bend your knees more. Now remember how we use the barrel. Your pelvis is gonna get on there. So you're gonna straighten this leg. Slide it down on the mat and don't rock anything.

Feel that stretch. That's what I want. And come in, slide it. Don't rock. Slide this leg.

This hip has to go back. And bring it in. And see this pelvis, I want this hinge back. I'll try. Yeah?

Slide the leg, slide the leg, slide the leg and come back in. Slide the leg, slide the leg, slide the leg. And in, slide the leg, slide the leg, slide the leg. And in, slide the leg, slide the leg, slide the leg and come in. Bend your knees into your chest.

Stay there. Bring them over to your ear. Your ear. Center. Bring them up onto the pelvis.

Over, over. Here, reach. Out this way, out this way, bring them back into your chest. Try not to lift the tailbone so much. There, over to the ear.

Over to the ear. Center, come on. Over the hip. Over the hip. And come up.

Over to stretch. Over to stretch. Bring your knees into your chest. Little circle. Little circle.

Watch your knees, chin down. Good, stay there. We're gonna push your barrel away. Drop your legs out and relax.


Kate- My Pilates Room
Love this series of hubby and wife work. “Listen to your teacher, don’t use initiative”- Kathy- love it 😂. Brilliant work as always. X
Tried  using long box for short box. I think  this depends  on the box.  My BB  styrofoam one  doesn't work for  my height 5'6".  Wayne  must   feel good he has graduated to the real   way.!!

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