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Advancing the Exercises

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As you stay consistent in your practice you will continue to add more advanced exercises with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She starts on the Reformer because Wayne's foot is feeling better and she challenges him by teaching the Short Box series and Knee Stretches without the modifications she used in previous classes. She also adds the Breath-A-Sizor at the end of the class to ensure that Wayne is breathing fully and deeply.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Mat, Reformer w/Box

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Okay, here we are at lesson 12. Wayne's foot doesn't bother him today, so we're going to start on the Reformer. He's gonna get down into position for footwork, lucky him, deja vu. Bring your legs over. We're gonna use the blocks today.

Actually, you know what? I don't think I'm gonna use the blocks today, I think I'm just gonna use the board today. We're gonna come down, and you're gonna have your heels together, good. Now, these bones cannot touch, whatever you do. Slide up.

There, perfect, and press out, and in, good. And two, excellent, and in, and three. Just don't let those knees drop too far out. Four, good, Wayne. Now, can you get those legs?

Zip them up, zip them up, zip them up. Go all the way up. You're gonna squeeze the juice, stay. Go out, stay, squeeze the juice. It doesn't wanna, I can't squeeze it.

I'm trying to tell you, but you keep bending your knees. Stay out there, stay out there. Push out, push out more. Push out more, that's it. Now come in.

Sit all the way in, and let your tailbone relax. Don't tuck, there. Now press out, keep the tailbone down, and stretch. Now, lift up, yes, and now bend in. And when you come in, let that tailbone relax.

(Wayne moaning) Hit both top and bottom. That's it, press out, squeeze, come in. Good, bend in. Make sure that tailbone doesn't come up. Otherwise you'll take in your hip flexors.

And press out, stomach back, and in. Come in, come in, come in, stretch out. Lengthen, lengthen, there you go, and in, in, one more time, and out. Open the shoulder, lengthen, lengthen. Come in, in, bend your knees into your chest, good.

Place your feet on the footbar, heels under and over, feet together, knees together, good. A little lower on your foot. Lower, that's it. Good, right there. How's it feel? Not good.

Where's it hurt? It doesn't hurt, just my ankles. Okay, so remember we talked about this? Hold here. I'm gonna give you a pillow between your heels.

Hold this between your heels. Now don't let, yes, you feel? Now, try to bring this, yes, there you go. So stand right here, and press out. And bend in, squeeze that pillow.

Press out, squeeze the pillow. Here, and stand here, yes. Press out, squeeze the pillow. How's that feel? Better. Good, press out.

Don't let those bones touch. Those bones hate each other. Bend in, press out. There, press right here. You feel that?

And in, press out. Press, press, press, yes, yes! And in, good. Press on my hands, press out, good, and in, beautiful. Press out, good, and in, in. Press out, lengthen, and in.

That's so nice. How's that feel? Great. Press. (Kathryn laughs) He's like, "Really good." And in, last one, and press.

Excellent, bend all the way in. Double-leg pull into your chest. Place your heels on the footbar, flex your feet back, good, knees together if you can. Yes, very good. I'm gonna give you your pillow.

Open your heels, open your heels, good. There you go. And, press out, good. Now, see, I don't want the knees to knock. Bend your knees, yes, bend in the same place.

Even though they're together, they're coming together from back here, and in. So this is because he drops his arch, and we're trying to build the arch and get his weight more correctly distributed, yes. And press, good, and in, in, in, and press. Chest looks great, Wayne. And in, in in, and stomach pulls you back, and in, in, in, and lengthen, and in, in, in, bend your knees into your chest.

You're gonna go back to your first foot work position with your heels together and your toes apart, first foot work position. First foot work position. Good, good. Press all the way out, stretch your legs. All the way straight.

Beautiful, lower your heels with straight legs. Don't let those bones touch. Lift your heels, excellent, very good. Lower your heels. (Wayne moaning) Down, down, down.

Lift your heels up, up, up. As you lower, press right down on here, down, down, down, right there. Excellent, Wayne, you feel that? That's beautiful. And up, bring your head to the left a little bit, good.

And down, down, down. And up, don't let those bones, just 'cause we're going faster, don't let those bones go faster. Don't let them in. Good, and lift up, up, up. Down, down, down, stop.

(Kathryn snapping) Up, up, up. (Wayne moaning) Down, down, down, stop. Up, up, up. (Wayne moaning) Down, down, down, stop. Up, up, up.

Last one, down, down, down, stop, up, up, bend all the way in. So you wanna stop before you hit those little bones. Bend your knees all the way into your chest, excellent, excellent. Good, let's take your footbar down. I'm gonna teach you how to do this.

So this foot's gonna hook here, and this foot's gonna go down into the well and catch this. You feel that? Then you're gonna stretch your legs that way to put the bar down, and just take your feet out. And that's it! And then your legs are on the bar. Brings your legs a little to the left.

I know you have the bar there. To the left? Sorry, right, that's it. Reach back behind you, take your handles, legs together. Arms go up, gets to your hundred, favorite exercise.

Heels together, good. Lift year head, and roll up, higher. Roll up, roll up, roll up. Hold it there, got it? And pump.

Inhale through the nose, (Wayne inhaling deeply) and as you exhale, roll up. (Wayne exhaling deeply) Bring those legs together. Now, you gotta push that tummy in. Inhale, and no meatloaf here. Exhale, pull it in, pull it in.

Otherwise, you're gonna dig in those hips. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, inhale, legs together, two, three, four, five, reach through your legs, two, three, four, five. Last one, two, three, four, five, good, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale.

Bend your knees all the way in. Excellent! Step up, pull the knees in. Always give those knees a nice stretch, (Wayne moaning) all the way in. Good, let's go over to there, and we're going to do your leg circles and frogs. I remember these. Good!

It's almost like it was today. (equipment clanking) Good. So remember, I want you to have this a little lower on that foot so that you connect your whole leg to the spring. Push your hands, you can slide a little bit further down. Excellent, thumbs with the fingers.

Lift this handle a little much, a little higher. Not so much, that's it. Heels glued together. Press in your hands. So lower the ribs.

Good, and circle. Yeah, and you fixed it. And so, when you push in your hands, you see how it drops that head? So that is the involvement of here. Good, now circle, open, down, together, up.

Very good, open, down, together. Now, look at your feet as you're doing this. Can you see how your left one wants to turn out more than your right? Make them match. Nope, left one just turned out more.

Lift, open, down, yes. Lift, open, down, together. Lift, open, down, together. Lift, open, down, together. (Wayne moaning) Lift, open, down, stomach.

Stomach in, lift up. Really pull the tummy in. Push in the straps. (Wayne moaning) Really pull the tummy in, push in the straps. I'm gonna let it go.

Really pull the tummy in, push up, and all the way, and bend your knees all the way in. So look at your feet. You see, right? You want them to be the same. So this guy keeps pushing.

Remember when you were standing before, and I said, "Stand straight," and you were like this? That's this position, okay? So you wanna be aware of the way you stand, because that affects your alignment. Same distance here. Press out, bend in.

You know what, stay in all the way for a second. That's also when you'll take it in your hips. So you're gonna see how much this is gonna put it on the outside of your feet, on the outside of your legs. Press out, you feel that? And bend in.

Keep pressing out on that strap. Press out. (Wayne moaning) That's what you wanna feel. So you should feel it all through here, right? And bend in, and not in here.

That's nice and soft now. Press out, good, and in, in, in. Press out, and in, in, in. Press out, and in. I think we're gonna use this on your footwork.

Press out, and in, in, in. (Wayne moaning) Press out, very good, and in, excellent. Felt better? Take it off. Let's go to your stomach massage, and I think I'm gonna use this on your feet for your stomach massage so that your foot behaves.

So you're gonna sit, I'm actually gonna keep the bar up. You're gonna do the heels-together, toe-apart position that you did for your footwork. You want me to sit? Mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm. But I'm gonna slide this, I know it's gonna be a little tight.

I wish I had a little bigger one, 'cause I wanna slide it a little past the ball so that you could be on the ball of your foot here. Yes. Now, see how this one wants to, right? So I want you to have them even. Good, now don't touch those bones.

Yes, you feel that? Press out, and in. And out, good, and in, and let your head drop so you can stretch your low back back. (Wayne moaning) Now push your low back back. And in, in, in, and back.

(Wayne moaning) In. Wayne, you just gave me such a great tool. (Wayne moaning) How's that in the hips? No problem. Good, press.

I have never used it like this, press. I am from now on. (Wayne moaning) In, press, (Wayne moaning) and in, last one, and press. (Wayne moaning) And in, take your hands back. We're gonna have to film a quick teachable moment with that today! Good, and press out.

(Wayne moaning) And in. (Wayne moaning) Press out, good, and in. Press out, and in. (Wayne moaning) Press out, and in. (Wayne moaning) Press out, excellent, and in.

(Wayne moaning) Good, reach all the way up. (equipment clanking) Whoops. (equipment clanking) Press out. (Wayne moaning) No ankle bone problem, look at that! Bend your knees, and reach up to me. Exhale, and really let me give you a stretch.

Let it go. Beautiful, stretch out. Bend your knees and exhale, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go. Stretch out, bend your knees, reach up, reach up, reach up, press out, (Wayne moaning) bend your knees, reach up, reach up, reach up. Hold onto this bar.

Stretch your legs and bend. (Wayne moaning) Good, and pull this rib back, stretch. (Wayne moaning) And bend, good, and stretch. Pull this rib back. (Wayne moaning) And bend all the way in.

Good, take off your strap, step off a second. How you doing? Good job. Okay, if you can grab the zebra, that would be fantastic, and I kinda think, Wayne, I'm going to introduce you, did we do long box? Did we do short box yet?

(equipment clattering) I think? Did we do it this way with your legs straight? Yes. And this goes behind? Uh-huh, yep, you're ready, yep.

I thought we had. Your body looks ready, so that's all I look at. No, I want this right here, okay. Okay, so, you're gonna sit right here, and I want your legs nice and straight. And you're gonna place your feet under the strap, one second, with straight legs.

Open your legs up wide. Open them up wide. (equipment clattering) Slide yourself back a little bit more. There you go. Your feet don't have to rest on there.

I want your toes up, that's it. You feel that? So just take your hands right by the side of your legs, and I want you to sit up and flex the feet back and push with your heels. Grow tall, push one, push two, push three, and relax. And again, sit up tall, shoulders over the hips if you can.

How's that feel, okay? Take your hands in front. That'll help push you, there. And lift your back up, lift your back up, lift your back up, and relax. So do you remember lock and load?

You're going to lift up, push your legs out on the strap. Now, flex your toes back, push your heels forward. Now, as if you have my hand here, you're gonna squeeze my hand with your inner thighs. (Wayne moaning) Yes, that's how the legs work. Wrap your hands around your tummy.

Have your head go down. Round forward, round forward, round forward. Now, take this shape, leading here, pushing to here, and take this shape back. Take this shape back. Open this hinge.

(Wayne moaning) Lock and load, lock and load, lock and load, lock and load, lock and load. (Wayne moaning) And round over, good. Again, roll back, heels out, heels out. Not toes, heels, heels. Yes, push with your heels on that strap.

Heels, and come over, over, exhale, stretch forward. So Wayne, I'm giving him this variation of coming forward, 'cause one, he needs that stretch for his hundred, and it's allowing his hips to relax and focus that he's gonna work from his pelvis. Pelvis, (Wayne moaning) pelvis, and up and over, stretch forward. One reason why I like having the hands go forward, (Wayne moaning) reach your hands forward, I like having the box behind him is 'cause it gives him a sense that there is something behind him, that he's not going back into the abyss. So Wayne, you're gonna sit up, you're gonna sit up as tall as you can.

How's this on your hips, okay? Oh yeah, it's fine. Okay, hold onto here. Yeah, I stretched my hips already. Oh, good, well, 'cause you were biking a lot, so your hips were really tight before.

Yeah, they were very tight. The white tips. Lift all the way up to the ceiling, and I want you to lean forward, good. So remember, now he's introducing, we're on wrists. We're on this apparatus, and it's a little more difficult than him being on the short box, long box than the short box, 'cause his legs are now straight.

So lift up as tall as you can. Lift your head up to the bar. (Wayne moaning) Press through here, up, up, up, and then relax. (Wayne moaning) So it's a whole new thing. Good, lean forward a little, there.

(Wayne moaning) Lift up, lift up, lift up, yes, (Wayne moaning) and relax. And again, lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up. (Wayne moaning) Stretch forward, and exhale, exhale. (Wayne moaning) And sit up nice and tall. (Wayne moaning) Chin down a little, good, shoulders forward, and over to the right side.

(Wayne moaning) Reach out. Remember that barrel, and remember, you're on that ladder barrel? (Wayne moaning) Yeah, and up. (Wayne moaning) You're on the ladder barrel. (Wayne moaning) And up, reach over, over, over, and up, (Wayne moaning) and over, over, over, (Wayne moaning) and last one, over, over, over, and stretch down, exhale.

(Wayne moaning) Can you get your toes? Reach your toes, reach your toes, reach your toes. (Wayne moaning) Good, pull those toes back, (Wayne moaning) and sit up nice and tall, as tall as you can. Lift up the arms, good. Now, punch through the ceiling.

(Wayne moaning) Yes, punch through the ceiling more, and turn to the right. (Wayne moaning) Turn your chin to your shoulder. Look at me, hello, and center. (Wayne moaning) Turn the other way, good. Turn shoulders, good, center.

Chin to the shoulder. Now turn your ribs, turn the ribs, turn the ribs. Very good, head center. (Wayne panting) Turn the ribs, turn the head, shoulders, ribs. (Wayne moaning) And center, one more time.

Lift up, grow tall, turn, (Wayne moaning) and get taller to come center. (Wayne moaning loudly) Good, and lift up, up, up, up, up, up, up, and taller to come center. (Wayne moaning) And lift center, (Wayne moaning) and stretch down, exhale. (Wayne moaning) Good. Okay, take your right leg out, place the foot on the mat.

(equipment clattering) Take your hands to sit up as tall as you can for your TV exercises. You're just gonna pull your stomach in and lift that knee up, up, up, and down. (Wayne moaning) Good, grow tall. Lift it up, up, up, (Wayne moaning) and down. (Wayne moaning) Lift from here, up, up, up, up, up, yes, (Wayne moaning) and down, take the foot a little forward.

Hold on either side. Now, I don't care about, I don't care, so if you're sinking back, you're gonna have that problem. Your shoulders over your hips. There, open your chest. Good, now pull your stomach in and stretch the leg out.

I don't care how far it straightens. And, bend it in. (Wayne exhales sharply) And stretch it out. Lift the back, lift the back, lift the back. Beautiful, Wayne.

(Wayne moaning) and one more time, lift the back, lift the back, lift the back, lift the back. Good, and take your foot down. Now, just take this foot, and you're gonna cross this foot over your leg, like this, and you're gonna stretch forward. (Wayne moaning) Keep this knee bent like it was. Bend this knee, bend this knee.

There, that's it, and round over. (Wayne moaning) And change sides. So whenever you cross, I don't want you pushing into that straight knee joint. No, no, no, we have to do your left first. You don't get dessert.

This foot stays out. Oh, no dessert. No dessert yet. Lift up tall. Good, and stretch up.

(Wayne moaning) And down, excellent, beautiful. Stretch up, lift right for here, right from here. (Wayne moaning) That's it, and down. Slide yourself back a little bit to me, good. Now, lift it.

(Wayne moaning) And excellent, take the strap underneath. Now, any time you feel it in your hips, it means you're not pulling your stomach in to do it. Did you feel like your stomach was coming in? No, probably not. Yeah, so remember, first thing we always engage is what?

Stomach. Let that do the work. Pull the tummy into my hand. That's it, zip this back, yes. Good, and release, and you're gonna stretch it forward, stretch it forward.

(Wayne moaning) Yes, pull this off my finger, pull it off my finger, off my finger. Good, Wayne, and now you get to cross it. Remember to bend this knee, and stretch forward. Keep that knee bent, bottom knee, bottom knee, bottom knee. (Wayne moaning) Good, I didn't have him put his foot up on the carriage, 'cause it would be too deep for him at this point.

(equipment clattering) Okay, Mr. Nash, let's hop off. You're doing awesome. I cannot wait to get to your mat work today. Just so that you realize, the first time that we moved you to your stomach massage round, you were not able to get into the position before when we did Reformer before mat. So that's a big kudos to you.

So we're gonna do your elephants. Do you remember the elephant? Hand, foot, hand foot? And do you remember, I put some pillows underneath your heels? So I do put the pillows under his heels, I mean under the balls of his feet, so that it drops him back a little bit, because he's tight back there, and he cannot lift his foot in that flexion.

So this way, I can get him into the position so he gets the benefits of the exercise. Flat feet, heels are down. Lift your toes. So just lift your foot, so I can put it underneath. A little more.

Good, so you see, it's gentle, but it's giving him that position. Very nice arm position, Wayne. Shift back on your heels, shift. (Wayne moaning) Push forward with those knuckles, yes. (Wayne moaning) And in, and again.

Shift back, shift back, shift back, (Wayne moaning) shift back, shift back, (Wayne moaning) and in. And again, shift back, shift back, shift back, (Wayne moaning) stay there, bend the knees, and stretch. And bend, and stretch. (Wayne moaning) Bend, and stretch. Stay there.

I want you to straighten your legs. I want you to promise me something. I'm going to give you a stretch, but you cannot pull this bar, 'cause I'm not gonna be spotting it, and you'll break your teeth, and my husband'll hate if you sue me. So push on the bar. (Wayne moaning) Good, now, as I'm holding your pelvis, push your heels back, and bring your heels under.

(Wayne moaning loudly) And push your heels back, and bring your heels under. Beautiful, push your heels back, this is your spine stretch forward, yeah? As you pull your heels forward, this is your spine stretch, and very good. Stay right there. Let me take your pillows out, (Wayne moaning) and you're gonna lift your heels and bring your feet back to the shoulder blocks to bring your knees down for your knee stretches.

Does it hurt your toe? No, it's hands. They wanna go in. Oh, you're so good. Bend your knees down.

Don't worry, we're working on that. Bend your knees to the carriage, yes. Good, take your feet back, and we're gonna put your heels against here, okay? I think your toes can give me a little more, ah, they can give me a little more bend. Ask more of them; they're ready.

There, you feel that? Very good. Sit down on your tummy. (Wayne moaning) Good, and push out, and in. Now, think about that frog that we did.

(Wayne moaning loudly) In here, right? And in, pull this in, in, good. And in, and in, (Wayne moaning) and in, and in. I know, it's so delicious, you make sounds like you're eating chocolate cake. And reverse the arch, chest up, shoulders down.

This is that beautiful chest expansion. Excellent, oh, look at that nice curve. And press, and in one, good, in two, in three, in four, in five, (Wayne moaning) six, seven, and eight. (Wayne moaning) Good, now round into that first position, head down. Round in, pull the tummy in, slide this leg forward.

And I think last week, I had blocks for you, but this week, I'm not gonna put one under your knee. Lift this heel up, good. Now, lift the other knee off. Excellent, and push out, in one, pull into here. Head down here.

(Wayne moaning) Good, and come down. So this is one reason I teach the one knee first. If you see, the knee forward is preventing him from arching his back fully. Change the legs. (Wayne moaning softly) Take your foot back.

Take your knee in a little bit more, forward, forward. Now, really, I want you to work your toes. There, look how much bend you have. I know what you have! I watch those feet. So I want that much bend when you bring it back.

Bring the other one forward, good. Lemme add a little bit so it's in line with your hip. Now, lift this heel, very nice. Now, lift this knee. (Wayne moaning) Very good, that's the curve.

Round in, fix your hands. (Wayne sighs sharply) I know. Don't hold here, babe. There, hold there, yes! (Wayne exhaling deeply) Ready, head down. (Wayne moaning) Good, one, two, three, (Wayne moaning) four, five, six, and down.

You did a little extra on this one. That's plenty. You're gonna lie down, just like we began to run. That's my least favorite. It's everybody's least favorite exercise.

(Kathryn laughs) Like, if people could leave out knee stretches, they totally would. I believe it. (Wayne exhaling sharply) Okay, so we're gonna go to here. You're gonna go to that V position that we were at before. I can't use your foot fixers for this exercise.

Good, chin down. Wow, your head is centered, very nice! Stretch out the legs fully. We're gonna run. And one leg up to the ceiling, one leg down to the floor. Heel down, straight legs, straight leg.

That's it, yes. Lift, and when you lift, I want you to press your heels together for a second. Press the heels, and lower. Press the heels, yes, lower. Press the heels, lower.

Press the heels, lower. (Wayne moaning loudly) Press the heels, lower. Press the heels, lower. Press the heels, lower. Press the heels, bend your knees all the way in.

Excelente. Good, separate your feet so your arches are on here. Good pelvic lift. I think you're ready for the full enchilada today. And stretch out, good.

And now, find your tuck to come in. Under, under, under, under, under, opening that back, yes, and press out. And come in, lower, lower, you're going too high. Lower, there, press out. Come in, in, in, in, in.

Press out. (Wayne moaning) Come in, in, in, in, in, press out. Come in, in, in, in, in, press out. Come in, in, in, in, in, press out, come in, in, in, in, in. Roll all the way.

That was very nice. Step up. Do you remember that split that we did where you were kneeling on the side of the carriage to open up your hip? Mmhmm. Okay.

So all these exercises at this point, you can stay on this side, whether Wayne realized it or not, are working to perfect his hundred. Yep, so remember, slide your toes back so that they can catch. Yes, yes, yes. Bring the knee down right in line with the center of the heel. Beautiful, and you're gonna just stand up tall, good, and bend this knee, bend this knee.

Bend, bend, there you go. Drop this hip down. So sit on my leg, yes, and push the carriage, sorry, don't push the carriage back. Move your pelvis back. (Wayne moaning) And move your pelvis forward.

Tummy in, tailbone down, and move. (Kathryn stumbling over her words) (Kathryn laughs) Pelvis. Move your pelvis back, drop the tailbone, and bring it forward. Now, Wayne, hop this foot a little forward so your heel lines up with the carriage. Good.

No, keep going. Start with the frame, good. Bend this knee a little more. Put your hand on there. Now, can you take your tailbone under, like you do in knee stretches?

Find your knee stretch. (Wayne moaning) Yes. Now, keep that there. Move your pelvis back, just your pelvis. (Wayne moaning) Move your pelvis back.

Don't move the carriage. Don't move the bar, and in. Move your pelvis. (Wayne whimpers) Yes, and in. Move your pelvis, and in.

Stay there. Push your leg back just a tiny bit. Push the carriage back, that's it. And now come in deeper. Bend this knee.

Push the carriage back. Come in deeper, bend the knee, yes. Push the carriage back, come in deeper, bend the knee. (Wayne moaning) Gorgeous, gorgeous. (Kathryn briskly patting Wayne on the back) Other side.

(Wayne panting) (Wayne sighs deeply) (Kathryn laughs) Doesn't it feel so good, though? (Wayne sighs) It opens everything up. He bikes a lot, so his hips are tight, tight, tight, tight, tight. He does like 20 miles a freaking day. What else are you gonna do in COVID?

Pilates and cycling, that's it. Good, so back up the first one. So the first one, your toes are lined up, so it's a little less of a distance, so we can really work on your position and just shift your hips back, (Wayne moaning) and then take your tailbone under to come in. Pull your navel back, navel back, navel back, and then hips forward. Yes, you felt that?

That was perfect. Navel back, navel back, navel back. Hips forward, hips forward, hips forward. One more time, navel back, navel back, navel back. Hips forward, beautiful.

(Wayne moaning) Lift the heel and bring it in line with the frame. Front, front, front. Not in, just in line, so it opens your hip. There you go. Now bring your pelvis front.

More, good. Drop, sit on my hip, sit on my leg. Yes, you feel that? That's it. Now bring your hips back, just the hips.

Don't move the carriage. Bring your hips back, and forward. (Wayne moaning) Bring the hips back, and forward. Bring the hips back. This helps open up his box position, good.

Stay on my leg. Push the carriage back. Bring the carriage forward. Push the carriage back. Bring the carriage forward.

(Wayne moaning) Keep this locked down, down, down. Yes, yes, you feel that? Gorgeous, gorgeous length. Push back. Yes, Wayne, we're gonna do one more, 'cause this is so good.

Bring it in, one more time. Excellent, oh my goodness. Yes, that's your box, baby, and in. Good, and hop off, excellent. Go back down to the mat, lie down, place your feet under the strap, have a good time.

Reformer's over. You're gonna lie all the way down, and you're gonna grab the weighted bar. That's by your right side. (equipment clattering) Yep, that's it, heels together, and you're gonna pull your stomach in and up, and you're gonna reach your arms way back behind you, way back. (equipment clattering) Good, and then you're gonna lift them up to the ceiling, and you're gonna do a roll up.

Head down, head down, there you go. Remember, that head reaches through the window, and then roll back down. Arms a little closer. Reach up, and then back. So remember, the arms go up, lock the shoulders.

Yes, head comes up. Keep this shape. Round over, round over, round over, round over, round over, round over. Stay there, exhale. One, two, three, inhale, begin to roll back.

Exhale, roll all the way down, roll. Good, head goes. Reach your arms up to the ceiling, and give 'em a nice stretch with your neck, beautiful. Look at you! Arms up, drop this, head up. Now, where you gonna work from?

Stomach! In with the breadbox. Stretch forward, exhale. One, two, three, roll back down, gorgeous. Looking good, Mr. Wayne. Ribs in, stretch up, and back.

Now push, yes, up, delicious. Arms up, head in. Roll, roll, roll. Head down, one, two, three, shoulders. Reach, stretch through your legs.

Find your double-leg pull. Push your legs away. Push your legs away. Push your legs away. Push your legs away, beautiful.

Lift up, and excellent. Good, let go of the bar. You're gonna slide yourself back, if you can keep one foot under. I think you're on the short hook strap, but I want you on the longer strap. (equipment clattering) So put one foot under the hook, perfect.

Grab your handles, open those elbows, your favorite thing ever. Bend the knee into your chest, good, and bend it in, in, in. Now, I actually want you to hold this leg with your hands. Two hands, hold the leg. Bend the other leg, and reach that leg up to the ceiling, and keep the hip as open as it is.

That's it, stretch it up, up, up, and you're gonna go down. Nothing's gonna move, lift it up. See how you wobbled? Pull the stomach into the mat. Don't wobble.

I'm gonna let go. Stomach in, don't wobble. Stomach in, don't, feel that? (Wayne moaning) Stomach in, and reverse. And down, around, up, one, don't wobble.

Down, around, up, two. Pull the stomach in. Down, around, up, three, good, down, around, up, four, down, around, up, five. Bend the knee in, change it, good. Stretch the other foot down all the way so we stretch out that hip.

Open your shoulders, reach back, grab those handles, and reach elbows down to the mat. Don't break your wrists, good. More, wrists more to the floor, wrists more to the floor, more to the floor, more to the floor, good. Now, come grab this leg, hold on, bend the knee in, stretch the leg up, up the ceiling, good, and down. Circle the leg, down, down, down, down, down first, down, and around, up to the nose.

Down, around, up to the nose. (Wayne moaning) Down, around, up to the nose. Down, around, up to the nose. (Wayne moaning) Down, around, up to the nose. Reverse it, and open, stomach in.

Remember, hug that leg in so your pelvis doesn't move. I don't wanna see any rocking. Pull the stomach into the navel, navel into the spine, spine into the mat, spine through the mat, and grab both legs, hug the back of your legs, back, and roll up. Good, excellent. Now, holding the back of your legs, have your elbows go out.

Bring your head down into your powerhouse. Round over. Just like we did in the hug today where I bought you forward and your pelvis rounded back, that same beautiful feeling, right? Shoulders more forward, more forward, more forward, yes. Now, pull your stomach back.

If you don't, you'll feel it in your hips. Lift your legs by pulling your stomach back. Pull the stomach back, that's it. You can rock back on the pelvis. Rock back on the pelvis, hold it, hold it, hold it, and place your feet back down.

That was gorgeous. And again, by making space through here, pull in, more space. More, pull that back, pull that back, pull that away, away, away, and back down. Good, you're gonna roll like this. Remember what you did rolling last week?

It was amazing, the last lesson, where you only pulled your tummy in? You're gonna inhale to roll back, lift the legs, roll back, exhale hard, pull the stomach back to come out. Meh, you didn't really pull your stomach back. Lift up the legs, roll back, exhale, pull the stomach back. That was it, yes. (Kathryn claps)

That's it. You feel the difference? Gorgeous, and again. Lift up, pelvis back, pelvis, yes, Wayne, keep the pelvis back. Yes, and again.

Inhale, exhale, pelvis back. Inhale, exhale, pelvis back. Inhale, exhale, hard exhale. Good, I wanna hear it. Inhale, exhale, good. (Kathryn inhales deeply)

Inhale, exhale, and beautiful. Lie all the way down. That was a gorgeous rolling like a ball. No rolling like a board for you. Bend those knees into your chest.

All the way in, in, hug 'em, hug 'em, hug 'em. Slide yourself back so that your head and your shoulders are up on that barrel. Good, now remember, you're gonna fill your pelvis back into that space and you're gonna bring both legs into your chest. Good, and you're gonna lift your head and look at your stomach, elbows out, good. Now, you don't lose this part of your pelvis.

Otherwise, your back'll hurt, and your hips'll hurt. So you're gonna stretch one leg to me and hug the other one with both hands. Push on me. Now, switch your legs. Push, push, push.

Don't move your hips, and switch. Push, head stays looking right in the middle. Good, and push, push, push. And push, push, push. And push, push, push.

Now, still push on me, both feet push, both feet push. Good, no, you have to move this one too. And good, both feet push, like you're riding your bicycle. You ride your bike. You don't have your Pelotons on, so you have to push both times.

Yes, push both times. Yes, push both times. Now, don't move your hips at all. Nothing moves. That box is in cement.

Yes, last one, good. Two legs come in, hug them. Try to grab the ankles, that's it, so you can really stretch, stretch. Now you're gonna press your hands to your thighs and push on my hands and stretch out. No, no, on the outside, like we did before, outside.

That's under, this is out. Press, press, open the shoulder. That's it. Now pull the stomach in, pull the stomach in, no, pull the stomach in, and now bend your knees, but push into me. Bend your knees, but push.

Do you feel that? Bend, come on, push, push, push. Now, push me away with your stomach, yes. Now, bend your knees in and push, push. Yes, Wayne, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

(Wayne moaning) Now push out. This is your foot work, right? And push, push, push, push, push. That's it, and bend, good. Hold your legs, lift up higher.

There, that's where I want you. Don't lose that. Now you're using your tummy. Don't lose it as you bend your knees in. Bend your knees, bend your knees, bend your knees, exhale.

Hold the ankles, so you come into this position. Yes, feel that as you relax? Now push into me, hands on the side. Lift up a little more, yes, yes! And bend in, and hug your ankles, beautiful. Sit up for a spine stretch forward.

Separate your legs, perfect, arms out in front. Straighten your legs, good. Let's have your hands down on the mat. Spine stretch forward, forward. Lift up the back, lift up the back, lift up the back, good.

Head goes first, just like the roll up. Slide your hands forward, slide, slide, slide, slide, slide. Open this hip hinge point. Pull this back. And then roll up to sit up, and lengthen against my leg.

And slide down, head-first. It's uncomfortable. Yeah, we're gonna have to get you spandex. (Kathryn laughs) That's beautiful, and head goes down. We'll get Wayne a unitard.

Joe used to work out in his bathing suit. Maybe we should get you a Speedo, what do you think? Nah. (Wayne moaning) And roll all the way up. And pull your pants out before we start, good.

Oh, wow, wow, feel that. And round forward, good. Now, you roll down, and you keep your low back on my leg. Reach forward as much as you can. Pull your low back on my leg.

Press, press me away, press me away with your low back, press. Good, that's gorgeous. Now, stack your vertebrae up by lifting that low back. Now, lift the middle of your back. Now, roll through your ribcage, and then the shoulders.

Excellent, and then sit all the way up. Beautiful, very nice. Let's go over to here, and you're gonna lie down with your head down here. Let's have your head about here. You're strong, so you do arm work.

Slide yourself, do you remember the arm weights we did the other day? Yeah. (equipment clattering) Slide yourself so your feet are here for now, knees bent. Feet flat. Then take your hands here, and do you remember the exercise chest expansion that we did?

Okay, so what you're gonna do is you're gonna do, do you remember chest expansion? I think. Where you bring your hands down, your draw your shoulder blades together, and you turn your head? But you're not gonna turn your head. So how are you gonna move those springs?

Powerhouse. And pull the navel in. Bring your hands to the mat, and when you bring those hands to the mat, open shoulders up, more, there. Okay, so let's go to your side sit-up. Yes, yep, you're right.

Okay, so we're gonna do your ending on your barrel today. So you're gonna have your hands behind your head. And you're gonna sit up, come up as much as you can, leaving this hip down. You feel that? (Wayne moaning) Now, reach out, find your box, there you go, and then lengthen over the barrel.

Feel it flip. (Wayne moaning) Good, and then come back up, up, up, and then stretch the other way. Open, and open, open, open, open, long. (Wayne moaning) and lift up and up and in, and lift up (Wayne moaning) and open, open, open, open, open, (Wayne moaning) and lift up, and in, and in. Good, turn, face the barrel.

Take your toes up here. Good, bend, open your legs a little bit more. Bend your knees. You're gonna bend your knees all the way so they go all the way down, all the way. Go a little more, and I want you to tuck, there.

And then use your barrel and open your body, good. Open, reach your arms back if you want. (Wayne moaning) And then round forward, just like we did on the barrel today, on the short box. Come forward more, forward more, forward more, forward more, yes. Now, leave your pelvis where it is.

Push your stomach in, and roll back, and your arms are gonna go with you, and you're gonna stretch back, good. (Wayne moaning) (Wayne panting) And up, now curl in, in, in. (Wayne moaning) And back. (Wayne moaning) Reach your arms, reach your arms with you. Stretch your arms back, stretch.

(Wayne moaning) Bring your arms up, head up, stomach in. Good, other side. Scoot this knee, good. (Wayne moaning) And lift up, and stretch over. (Wayne moaning) And open.

(Wayne moaning) And open. (Wayne moaning) Good, good. And do me a favor, slide the barrel back. You have one breathing exercise to conclude your workout. And I believe you've done this before seated, but now I want you to do it standing more like the hundred.

You're gonna hold your straw and your thing, and you're gonna hold it right here. You're gonna inhale, and as you exhale, bring your mouth to it, and you're gonna roll all the way down as much as you can, only rolling down as far as the pinwheel is moving. Weight right here. There, you feel that? Those bones don't touch.

Remember that pillow. Find your pillow. Inhale, and exhale, exhale, exhale, and roll all the way up. You can inhale when you get up. So inhale up here.

So this doesn't have to touch it. That's kind of gross. Sorry. You know how I am with that. (Kathryn laughs) I hate spit.

So inhale, inhale, and bring yourself forward to the apparatus. (Wayne blowing steadily) Exhale, exhale, exhale, good. And just stay here for a moment, take a breath. Now, I want you to count. I'm gonna count, and you're gonna exhale, okay?

And I want you to remember to bring your head forward, 'cause I want your chin to your chest. That's why I don't want you to lift this. I want you to bring your head to it. So inhale with your head up, (Wayne inhales deeply) Round forward, inhaling, and exhale, (Wayne blowing steadily) exhale, three, four, five. Roll all the way up, take a moment, and this time, I just want you to finish six counts.

Inhale, (Wayne inhales deeply) and exhale. (Wayne blowing steadily) One, two, three, four, five, six. Excellent, and very good. You must be wiped out.


First time I have seen  a Classical Pilates teacher with a   6 count exhale.   Joe's "out the  air"  instruction works easier if the    5/5    has a longer exhalation. . Joan Breibart
Joan I was taught to build the Exhalation longer than the inhalation
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Enjoyed the class! So many people are restricted and unable to connect to their abdominals because of their hip flexor and hamstring hypertonicity. It’s nice to see how his inflexibility throughout many different exercises can be overcome with support and asking more of his body by helping him find his core. 
Alyssa this is the beauty of Joe work.... he was a true genius !
The longer exhale seems to be part of recent literature, as well. See James Nestor’s book Breath. Also yoga 4-7-8 breath. In for 4 hold 7, out 8, builds exhale intensity and lowers heart rate. Kathryn, I love this series, It is one I will go back to time and again.

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