Class #4362

Building Up to Breathing

65 min - Class


Move around the studio on various pieces of apparatus with this detailed workout by Kathyrn Ross-Nash. She continues to work around the injury in Wayne's foot by limiting standing movements to avoid excess pain and tension. She also designs the class to build up to Breathing on the Cadillac so that he can work on maintaining connections while moving.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Arm Chair, Spine Corrector, Cadillac, Mat, Baby Arc, Table Chair, Hand Weights (2), Pilates Pole

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Okay, here we are, session number 9,000,006, no session number 11. Wayne has had more surgery on his foot. So we have to take that into consideration today while he is working. So you always have to teach the body that comes in front of you. So normally at this point I would be beginning on his reformer but in respect to the fact that he has had that surgery on the foot I think I'm gonna start him on the mat today.

But before we start the mat I don't want him standing too much on that foot. And also at this level if I don't have to work from the feet up yet, all the way through and I can work from the pelvis, I will. Sometimes I'll teach us lying down but I think that Wayne can handle this. So Wayne, I want you to come and just sit on this stool and you know how you're gonna sit with your feet flat facing that way please hips, with apart, feet flat. Does it hurt the toe?

No. Good, okay, so you're gonna take your little purple weights. And the first thing I want you to do is refine that position. I know you didn't do your homework for your neck exercises. Bring your head back a little bit, there you go.

Now, bring your press up into my hand with your head, excellent. Pull your navel into your spine. So this is the position I want you to keep your body as much as possible, okay? So the first thing that I want you to do is you're going to take your arms and you're gonna reach them straight out in front of you, straight up there, shoulder height, is that at your, lower down your shoulders there. Okay, turn your palms up, good.

As you do this, you see how you've shifted your weight back. Keep your weight here, good. Now bend your elbows to a 90 degree angle only, lift up through the head and stretch your arms forward, straighten your elbows, good. Now look at your wrists, remember how we keep the wrists straight, good, there. Lift up top, pull the stomach in and bend your elbows and press out, don't bend those wrists.

Press up, now press on me, press. So that's the way you wanna make it feel, right? You make the resistance pull the stomach in, watch your wrists, you're looking at them so that's all you're gonna concentrate on and now bend your elbows and press in, press, press you feel that, good and press out and as you do open your chest, yes, grow tall. Good and bend the elbows in, in, in and press forward grow tall, grow tall, grow tall and bend the elbows, press, very good, press, press and reach forward. Press, press, good now, right from here Wayne you're gonna turn, keep your pumps where they are, reach your arms down by your side.

Good and grow tall, chin down. Excellent, don't let them go out just right by your side, now, right from your, pull the stomach in and reach your arms forward and shoulders down, that's it. Reach, reach, reach, and press right down to your side and squeeze the shoulder blades together like a chest expansion, excellent. Lengthen the neck, pull the stomach in and reach forward. Grow tall, ribs go in, stomach goes in, hold it, hold it, hold it, knuckles parallel to the ground and reach, so if I look at the weights, the weights will look like this parallel to the ground.

Good and again, press down into the tailbone. Pull your stomach in route down, very good. Now keep watching those wrists. Don't leave you like this, like this. Yes, perfect, now look to the right chin towards the shoulder and come center.

Look to the left, chin down that's chin towards the shoulder. If you have a difference and center, good and bring your hands down and again pull the stomach in and reach up to me into here, look at those wrists. Look to the left, good, center, look to the right. Very good, center. Now watch those knuckles and calk down, calm down, calm down.

Turn your palms to face the other way. Bring the arms off all the way up. Good, open the chest, stretch those elbows. Press out, press out, good. Now press all the way down, grow tall, grow tall.

Shoulders come together, do a chest expansion all the way back now. Reach your hands back towards me, back towards me. Open this, yes, you feel that, beautiful. That's where I want your chest to be. Now reach down and bring the arms back shoulder height, grow tall with the tummy, that's not shoulder, right there.

Learn where your shoulders are and press down. What's gonna move you, shoulders, shoulders. Yes, this is what moves your arm. You're okay? What's wrong?

Where does it hurt? Oh, your foot and press up, good up, up, up and reach. One more time, stretch shoulder blades together. Press here, press here, press here. Very good and let me take your weights and we're gonna go over to the mat.

Good, so let's come down to the mat now Wayne. Stand on the end of your mat. Now at the end of it? Yep and you're going to take the foot that bothers you, Not that one, you're gonna take the other one back and you're gonna fold your, don't shift your weight and you're gonna fold your fingertips to your elbows. Good, take your foot back and bend, just take it straight back, take the foot back there.

Now bend both knees and come down to the mat, very good. And just lie down on the mat from there, whatever way you want, good. Lie all the way down. Okay, so just start introducing him to get to the mat from down to up. Can you slide back a little bit, a little more.

Good, now bend your knees. How's that feel on your foot? No pain. No pain, that's it. Okay, so I want you to bend, pull your stomach in and we're gonna find that same place again 'cause it's been a little while.

So I want you to anchor this, hold it two, three, four, five and release. And again, hold it two, three, four, five, and release. And this is where I want you to work very good. You feel your pelvis excellently, two, three, now keep your tailbone down as well. So zip up, yes, very good.

Feel your hip points, very, very good. Stretch your legs up to the, actually bend your knees into your chest both legs in, now, anchor your pelvis and you're going to touch your right foot to the mat. Don't move anything and bring it back up. And you're gonna touch your left foot to the mat and bring it back up. And you're gonna touch your right foot to the mat and bring it back up and your left foot to the mat and bring it back up.

Bring your right foot to the mat, leave it there. Bring your left foot to the mat. Bring your right foot up, yes. Bring your left foot up. Try not to tip that pelvis at all.

Left foot down, good, right foot down. Left foot up, right foot up, excellent, good. Okay, so what I want you to do is you're gonna slide your shoulders back onto this mat, little more. That's it, very good, stretch your legs out. And I want you to use this space behind you, you see how you've lost this, yes, yes.

Reach your arms up, stretch back, let up the head go, just let everything go. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Bring the arms up to the ceiling, now legs together, reach forward into your hundred with that open chest like we just did with the weights. Very good, look at your pubic bone and come on up a little higher, longer neck. And pump the arms, inhale two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four five, pull this back.

Inhale two, three, four, five, exhale two, right back into your, good inhale two, three, four, five. Don't let this meatloaf out, remember that picture? Pull that in, that's it, very good, you feel that? Excellent, inhale, fill the lungs all the way up. Exhale, bring it back pull it into here, pull it into here, pull it into here.

Inhale two, three, four, five, exhale two, three, four, five, inhale two, three, four, five, exhale two, three, four, five. Inhale two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, very good. Roll yourself up and stretch all the way forward. Good, move yourself down to the mat and hook your feet. Good, straighten your legs and lie down, there'll be a barrel behind you, legs are going to be together, good and let it go, chin down, don't get comfy, how's that?

Your foot, okay? Still throbbing? Yeah. Yes, it's okay, yes, it's still throbbing. Throbbing, yeah.

Okay, so chin down a little bit. Good, now you see all this space behind you, I'm giving you that space so that you can bring your body into that. Good, reach the bar up and stretch all the way back, back, back, arm come up and bring your hands down to your thighs and do that chest expansion that we did. So you're gonna bring those shoulder blades together. Yes and pull the tummy in and you're gonna reach up and stretch and reach back.

So I'm not gonna put him on feet today for a lot of reasons. One, yes, it's painful and it's throbbing and up. They went a little deeper yesterday but it will cause tension for him to stand on it and reach. So we're just gonna move his workout around the studio today. Inhale, reach up.

So not only are we building a foundational person we're dealing with an injury. So we have to adjust the method to that. Exhale, that felt delicious, reach, reach, reach. Beautiful, up, now bring your head up and you're gonna roll, do your roll up, right? Beautiful, that's it Wayne, excellent.

Oh my God, you get a gold star. Good, look down, look down, look down, keep this pulling back, reach forward, reach forward, reach forward. Now what's gonna bring you back? This, stretch the legs, stretch the legs. Yes and now keep that in that space, it goes down and stretch back, reach, reach, reach, arms up, plug the shoulders in, chin down, roll up.

Don't change your arms, yes and roll down and good, exhale, stretch. And one more time up, chin down and head comes up, roll up. Bring your arms a little closer, sweetie, head down, and now reach forward, hands a little closer on the bottom remember, and roll down, push to your feet, push to the feet, push to the feet, push to the feet. Chin down, stretch, good. Good, now just roll yourself up.

Okay and lie all the way down on the mat. Okay, bend your knees in and normally what I would do today is have his foot on the barrels, feet on the barrel, his pelvis on the barrel and do a single leg circle there to open up his hip. But because he is not feeling well I'm going to adopt a different exercise. So and Wayne's gonna lengthen his chin down. You're gonna hug your left leg in and you're gonna stretch your right leg up.

Can you lift it higher? Oh, look at that. So you're gonna pull the stomach in, pull this leg to help anchor your pelvis. And you're gonna reach this towards your nose straight down and you're gonna do a half circle and up to the nose. Good, so the pelvis is nice and stable up to the nose.

Good, up to the nose, chin down, up to the nose. Yes and reverse it. Up, good, don't let it roll, in and out remember, control it, control it, one more time control it. Very good bend both knees into your chest. Hug it in, in, in, now, switch your hands.

Lengthen your neck, open the shoulder, good, pull that tummy in and with that tummy down, don't move the pelvis, up, down, up, down, up, don't rock your pelvis at all Wayne. Up, down, up and reverse it, stretch that leg up two, up three. Good, up four, up and five. Bend your knees into your chest deeply, exhale. Don't let the knees go back, knees into your chest.

Not open to the side. Good, hold the back of your legs and sit up back of your legs, back of your legs and sit up. Good, excellent, now place your feet on the floor. Does that hurt to have them there? Good, sit up as tall as you can, find a focal point and don't worry about it, dude, don't worry.

You've done it for 56 years. Do you really think it's gonna stop in a second? Lift up here, now pelvis comes back, roll the pelvis back. Good, roll it back, roll it back, roll it back, roll it back, roll it back, roll it back, roll it back, roll it back, roll it back and roll it up. And again, roll it back, roll it back roll it back, roll it back, roll it back, roll it back, roll it back, roll it back and up and again, lift, roll it back, ah, ah, ah, that was a sink.

Yes, wow, you really got that? Well, very good Wayne that's it, that's it, that's it. That's it and sit up, now you're gonna lift your feet off. Remember that balance by opening this hip. Yes, very good.

Now can you bring your head forward and keep the hip down? Chin down, that's your chin, sweetie, your head, good. And you're gonna roll back by pulling your tummy in, you're gonna exhale roll up. Good, excellent, inhale, roll back, exhale, roll up. Good, inhale, exhale, roll up, keep the head down.

Don't change the shape, good. Keep the shape so your job Wayne is just to keep this shape. Roll back by pulling the tummy in, keep the shape, dive into your stomach. Yes and again, roll back, dive into your stomach. Good, that's it, that was perfect.

But just to let you know what you just felt takes people years to find, that was excellent. Good, out to the side, elbows head down, again tummy pulls you back. Keep your tummy back, pull into yourself so good. Lie down, bring your knees into your chest. Good, hug the legs all the way in.

Do you remember the single leg pull? Okay, so you're gonna lift your head up, you're gonna hold one leg and you're gonna stretch the other one directly out and not move anything. And then you're gonna bring both legs in, look at your tummy, good. Hug it in and try to make that little ball position that you just had. Yes and now stretch the other leg out and hug it in, nothing moves, good.

And bend the knee back in, hug it in and press one leg out, pull it in and bend it in and pull this in and bend it in and pull in. Yes and bend in, yes and pull in. Good and bend in and pull in and bend in. Very good, pull in, you might not feel well but your pox is rocking and bend all the way in. Sit up, have your feet on the sides of your mat.

Very good, stretch your legs out, toes flex back and good, slide your hands forward. And remember to keep this back slide, slide, keep this open, keep this open, keep this open, now stack your vertebra all the way up to sit. Excellent and again, lengthen over, ribs up, pull the stomach in, lift up here, lift up here, lift up here and now good, come up. And I want you to lift your arms to the ceiling and circle them back to me and place them on the mat behind you. Good and now lift your chest up, lift up the chest, up, up, you feel that good, and now keep that lift and bring your arms to the mat in front of you.

Just bring them around to the mat. They can go straight there. Good, now round forward again, no, no, forward, forward slide your hands forward. That's okay, hands down on the mat and just do the exercise we just did, spine stretch forward, slide your hands forward. Great, so we're going between this exercise and the chest opening, back opening and chest opening and then sit up and stack your vertebra, stack, stack, stack, good, now lift your arms up to the ceiling.

How those hips doing? Good, and reach back behind you, excellent. And a lift that chest up, yes Wayne, oh, bend the elbows if you want, bend your elbows, there and now lift your chest, lift, lift, lift, lift. Now keep that lift and bring your hands forward. And round, oh, ah, ah, ah, let's do that head doing, nope, head down, there, stretch.

Good and roll up one more time, lift the arms up to the ceiling beautifully. Excellent, excellent, excellent and breathe, relax, good. Just bend your knees please. Place your feet flat on the mat, on the mat. Slide a little bit towards you feet, a little more and roll down, good, don't collapse.

(laughs) Where this percolates, good, lie down. Lengthen your chin down. Good slide a little bit more towards your bottom. Good, not too much, I want it to work, right? I don't want you to be suffering but I want you to work, well I want you to suffer a little, bring your head to the mat, down let it go.

Chin down, good stomach in, where's my tummy, hips, ribs. Good, inhale, bring your arms up to the ceiling. Pull the tummy in, this navel bring it into my finger here. More, more, more, yes. Now stretch back and keep pushing into here.

Push into here, push into here, here, here like there's a button pulling right through. Yes and bring your arms up to the ceiling and bring them down, just keep moving, arms, inhale, lift up, pull the stomach in, ribs in, stretch back, good. Inhale, lift up chin down and down to the mat. Pull the stomach in and inhale lift up, pull in, exhale stretch back, ribs in, shin down, chin down, chin down, yes I'm as close to those years Wayne. Very good, lift up, now, lift your head up and round forward and straighten your legs.

Reach for your toes, bring your legs together and lie back down, straight legs, excellent. And bring your head down and stretch back, legs together, please, good, very good. And arms go straight up to the ceiling, where's your tummy? This has no right pushing up and bring your arms down. Same exercise and pull into your tummy more, more, good.

Reach up, pull this in, exhale, reach back, good. Inhale, reach up, exhale, reach down. A little soft and into the mat. Inhale up, chin down, chin down. You have, there you go, I knew you had a little more, exhale, stretch back.

Pull the tummy in as I do this and inhale up and exhale down. Last one, bring your arms up, pull the stomach in, stretch back, arms to the ceiling, roll the head up and round forward, head down, good, excellent Wayne. Good, so you're gonna go sit on the baby chair. Do you remember how to sit on the baby chair? It shouldn't hurt because you're gonna have the soles of your feet together.

So there shouldn't be pressure on your foot. Good, you can the soles of your feet together. Good, how's that feel? Okay? Good, now, remember not to lift your chin, reach your hands back, extend your arms forward.

Good, make fists and you wanna hold in the center. You see how you're not in the center here. So my whole, if I'm straight, no, no, let me take this a second. You're holding it off to the side like this, right? When I hold it, I can't 'cause I'm not in that position issue, but I should be in the middle.

Yes, there you go, perfect, good. Stretch up and then reach to these fingers. See how your wrists are like this, this, good, yes, yes, yes. Now, yes, bend your elbows out to the side and bring your wrists in like this. Knuckle stay forward, excellent.

Press forward with your hands and grow tall along the chair. Bend your elbows in, bend those wrists, lift the elbows, excellent and press out and grow tall and bend your elbows in and press out and grow tall and bend your elbows in, press out, grow tall. And this time without leaving your body from this chair you're gonna bring the chair back forward. Don't move, ah, ah, ah, don't lose your chair. So the only way, ah, ah, the only way to do is to lift that lower belly button in, belly button in, belly, don't lose back here, baby, belly button in, belly button in, you feel that in your tummy, hold it.

That's what you wanna feel when you use your powerhouse, hold it shoulders back, there. That's your powerhouse, hold it and release. And again, bring the chair back forward. You see it's a lift of your stomach along that chair. Very good, this is engagement in the stomach.

Hold it, hold it, hold it and bring it back. And again, lift it up, rest, lengthen this neck back into my hand. Hold it, hold it, hold it and return bend your elbows. Excellent, stand yourself up. Good, okay, so you're gonna come sit over here.

Sit right here. Right here and I think that I'm gonna give you a barrel for your legs 'cause I don't want you to push into the bar with your feet. So slide a little that way. And you're gonna put your legs over this barrel, okay? All the way, good.

And you're gonna use this, separate your legs so they can press against here, okay? Now can you slide yourself back a little bit more, babe so you can sit upright, there you go. Open the legs a little more. Good, lift your back up as high as you can, you feel that? Good, excellent, now low back goes back, press down on the bar, keep your focus on that bar and pull this back, back, back, back right there, pull this back more, yes and then come back up, sit up and keep your focus point on that bar.

And again separate here, here, here, here, here, here, here. And come back up, lift here baby and one more time. You feel it in your hips at all? Okay, push here, you feel now it goes away. Yeah.

Push through your legs. Yep. Push through your legs. Yep. Push through your legs, excellent and come back up.

Push and very good, exhale stretch forward. Good, spin around to the other bar. Nice, nice Mr. Nash, very nice. Listen, it's not easy working with pain at all. Okay, so what I want you to do is you're gonna actually let your legs drop down onto here.

Okay, now see how you'd like to turn it out right? We don't want that, yeah. Now you're gonna hold on to this bar and I want you to keep your arms straight and remember that chest expansion in the beginning, do a chest expansion, just press the bar down and I don't care, no, no, no, don't bend your elbows, just press the bar down and grow tall. I don't care how far it goes, straight, that's it. It's about this, you feel that?

Yeah. That's it, hold it, hold it, hold it. And bring the bar back up and again, just bring the shoulder blades together. Yes, hold it, hold it, hold it. And don't drop your chin and bring it up there.

So this button goes back into this vertebra and press oh God, that's beautiful, that's beautiful, that's beautiful, hold it and then come back up. Relax a second, we're gonna get to that point. When you get to that point, then your pelvis is gonna bring you back, okay? But not before, head up, look at that bar and now bring your shoulders together, watching the bar, watching the bar, stop right there, you see I always wanna bend, that's when this pulls you back, this pulls you back. Press the bar down, it's gonna be all in your stomach.

Gorgeous, keep going, you got it. Pull this back, pull this back, pull this back, pull this back, pull this back, push that bar and hold onto it with your hands and now press it forward. And keep this back, keep this back, keep this back. Good, now what's gonna bring you back? This and your shoulders are gonna draw together.

So draw the shoulders together, straighten the arms, good. Draw the shoulders and lift the bar up. Wayne that was really excellent. Any pain in your foot back? No.

And reach forward, exhale, anchor here, anchor here. Down, down, you anchor, good. Now chest expansion, got this here. Nope, where's my neck? Yes, shoulders, ah, don't let those elbows bend, they're your elbows, yes, now pull the pelvis back.

Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis pelvis, that's it. Hold on to the bar, hold the bar, hold the bar. Really hold it, push with your hands. Like you're punching forward, think elephant. (moans) Good, keep this back, good Wayne.

(moans) And now shoulders, shoulders, shoulders, pelvis, don't let it out, pelvis, pelvis and bring the bar up, straight, watch those wrists, that's good, push through this knuckles, push through these knuckles, push through this, good, anchor here, ready one more time? Yep. Okay, draw the shoulders together, don't bend those elbows, don't give the arms 'cause that's changing your chest, now right here Wayne. See how your shoulders went behind you, get your pelvis back, good, pelvis back, pelvis back, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, yes, good. And you can stretch forward, exhale.

He's allowed to stretch forward because he is really tight and he needs this. Whereas for me, that's the worst thing for me to do. Tailbone drags you under, this means you pull this crisp back, pull this crisp. That was the short and the long variation. Good and now lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up.

So right now I'm working on his articulation to be able to lift his head in his hundred and the movement of his arms instead of moving his arms I'm moving his body through his arms, very good. How's the foot? It's fine. Okay. It's facing me like this, you want it like this.

Exactly, yep, okay babe. So we're gonna actually go over to your spine corrector, okay? And we're gonna go a little deeper than, I don't know if we've done this on the spine corrector, I don't think so, I think we've done it on the barrel, but I want you to begin sitting in this barrel. You're going to do that same roll back you just did where your low back comes on here and then one foot comes into your chest like we did when you did that leg circle, you put the leg into your chest. And you're gonna slide back with the leg in your chest to get your shoulders on the mat and then both feet are gonna come.

Actually we'll both have them come in to the chest. Okay, so sit down, hold onto the handles. Yep, I would face your fingers this way. Yep, 'cause you're in a roll down. Now, find that exercise and bring one leg into your chest and roll back, from this knee in, that's it, that's it.

Yep, perfect and now bring both legs into your chest. Now just like when you're on the mat, hug the barrel and have your elbows out there. So you can open this part of your shoulder onto the mat. Stretch your legs up to the ceiling, good, heels to me. Now remember just like you did before, when you had your arm, your upper back on the mat, everything was going into that space that's empty, right?

You wanna, whatever's touching here has to stay touching there. So you're gonna pull your navel through your spine into the barrel. Keep the navel back hips on the mat, hips on the mat, hips on the mat, open up together, pull the stomach in, hips on the mat on, on, on, on, open up together, lengthen on, on, on, open up together. Pull the stomach in, in, in, in, open up together, in, in in, in open up reverse, reach, scoop, pull the stomach in and up. Reach scoop, pull the stomach in, reach, scoop and in reach, scoop and bend your knees into your chest.

Good, you're gonna stretch your legs back up over your chest, over your head, back that way. And you can take your bottom off. Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, I didn't say to slide the barrel but now that you're there, we have to slide the barrel back. Okay, head down, don't anticipate Mr. Nash, hop up. You have to come back on.

So your foot, so babe, I didn't say push the barrel away, I said, take your legs back over your head 'cause this is what you're going to do. And I'm going to do it with you so don't worry. Your legs are gonna be here, right? And I want you to take them back and then you're gonna sit up like you did that rolling like a ball, okay? Now it might seem like a lot for him but he's shown me that he can do all these pieces and might as well make him suffer.

You have to, yeah, you can sit up on top, sit on top. That's it, now bring the knee into the chest and roll back, roll back, roll back, roll back. Beautiful, bend your knee, other knee into your chest. Hug that barrel like we worked, stretch your legs up. Pull the stomach in, now this one's gonna go one inch.

Don't move your pelvis at all. Think about your single leg circle. Pelvis doesn't move, pelvis doesn't move, pelvis doesn't move. So when this one walks, this one anchors, this one walks, this one anchors, thighs move, thighs, thighs, come back up, up, up, up, up, up, up, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, down, down, down, down, down, down. Now you're gonna take your legs back behind you.

Remember that rolling like a ball where you dove into your knees. That's what you're gonna do to sit up. You're gonna do a rolling like a ball and up roll like a ball, yes, I knew you had it in you. Excellent and go back down and bend your knees into your chest and push the barrel away. Wayne, that was beautiful, how did that feel?

I felt really powerful. Yes, excellent, excellent. That is when you lift up into your hundred, that's where you wanna feel it. Okay, very, very good, good, let's step yourself up. Okay and you're not, actually, you could, I don't want you to standing on that foot.

So you're gonna hang from here today, hands up, yep. And you're gonna let your weight, hang down, let it hang. Good, chin down, excellent, keep that spine nice and long. You feel that? Bring your right knee into your chest and down, left knee into the chest and down, right knee into the chest and down, left knee and down.

Right and down, left and down and press or release and sit, good. And you're gonna do that again. And now we're gonna do your double legs. Now, what I want you to do this time is do you want me to show you the two different variations you want? Okay, so one I want you to do is from here, I want you to curl your pelvis in.

So I want you to make a little ball, hold it and then come down and then I want you to just lift straight, so my back's not moving and I'm just lifting my legs off. Okay, so the first one's gonna be a curl. You think you can do 10 of those? And curl in, curl, lift your knees up to your chest, up to your chest, you can touch them down if you want in between, touchdown, curling, touch your chest, come on, knees to your nose, get it up in there, good. Pull the stomach in, stretch it up, lengthen it up and good.

Relax, excellent now we have 10 of the other ones. So you can touch your feet down in between, you take the tension off of your hands, right? So you're here, my feet touch, I can take the tension off. Re-engage, up, re-engage, up, okay? You want me to do it with you?

And which one was this? This is the flat back. So this one you do was the curl where you're lifting your knee in. And this is my back is flat and it's the elephant hinge. Okay, beautiful and up feet down up, excellent two, up three, up four, you know you're right, five, head back a little, six, seven, yes, eight yes, nine yes and 10, very good, very, very, very good.

You're rocking it today Mr. Nash, step up. Can you do me a favor and just stand up here and you see how I go fingertip to fingertip. Welcome to my Cadillac. Good, extend your arms and push the bar. It's so funny than you're so much taller than me, but my limb length is not that different.

Okay, so you're going to lie down on the mat with your head here and your knees bent. Flat feet, slide back a little. Okay, so the first thing that I want you to do is have your legs together, okay? And you're gonna reach up to this bar and keep your head down in long. So do you remember that first chest expansion that we did today?

Notice everything that you've been doing today is leading to me teaching you this exercise. So I want you to press the bar down. Don't change anything, but do a chest expansion. Draw the shoulder blades together and bring your hands towards your thighs. Inhale deeply, straight wrists, everything we, did stretch out, don't bend those arms.

Start over, inhale, press through the bar, where's the tummy, hold the breath, hold the breath, hold the breath, exhale come all the way up. Now, I want it to be a quick inhale, strong inhale arms coming down Inhale, shoulders together, hold for five, four, three, two, one, come up, one, two, three, four, five. Inhale hold for six, five, four, three, two, one, exhale, six, five, four, three, two, one. Open the chest, inhale, press down reach to those knuckles. Hold for five.

Yes, four, three, two, one, exhale five, you're not holding your breath, three, two, one. I want you to hold you breath, inhale, hold the breath. Five, hold it for four, hold it for three, hold it for two, hold it for one. Exhale, five, four, three, two, and one. Leave your arms right here.

Now, do you remember your pelvic lift on the mat where you lift the tailbone off? So I want you to lift your tailbone, push through your knees, lift your tailbone and roll back down. Lift the tailbone, push through your knees, really articulate. Now lift the waistline, but keep the ribs on. Yes and roll down, good, lift your tailbone.

Just the tail, lift the waist not the ribs. Roll up through the rib cage. Nope, roll the ribcage up, nope, that's not your rib cage, that's your head. Come back down, so if this is moved articulate, and that's where we're articulating. Okay, I don't want you to lift your heads.

We don't want you to continue to roll this up. For my tailbone. Tailbone, exactly what you were doing. So lift your tailbone up, only the tailbone. So you get that nice, feel that opening, that's what I want.

Now roll the waist up. Good, now roll the ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs, and then soften your throat and roll down ribs, waist, pelvis, feels so good, right? And again, you'll get that all the time now. Now tailbone, yes push through here. Waist, really be specific.

Now articulate, lifting those ribs, lifting those ribs, lifting those ribs, good, keep going, you have a little more. Do that chest expansion to help give you space for your ribs, you feel that, excellent. Now relax through the throat. So you do that so that you really have space for your upper body to expand. Take your arms down by your side.

And we're gonna do it once with your arms, down by your side. Okay so I want you to open that chest and you're going to lift your tailbone, just the tail. That's it, you feel that? Excellent, now lift the waist, just the waist. Keep the ribs on, yes, right from your articulate through the rib cage, find that chest expansion.

Come on, lift it more, lift it more, lift it more. You're beautiful, now soften from here and roll down, roll down, roll down, roll down, roll all the way down. Now you're gonna add the bar coming down. So you're gonna roll everything up, don't skip anything, right? Don't go like tailbone to ribs and your hands are gonna go towards your thighs and your knees are going to reach away, ready?

Inhale, lift the waist, lift the rib. Well, come up, roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. Open that chest, chest expansion. Hold it for four, three, two, one. Exhale from your throat, roll down four, three, two and everything returns at once.

And again, inhale, everything lifts, come on lift it up, lift it up, lift it up, go Nash, go Nash, go hold it. Five, four, three, two, one, exhale. Roll down from your throat, your ribs, your waist, your hips, your tailbone. Feels delicious, right? Feels right.

Last one, inhale. Make it your best, lift the pelvis up. You're gonna hold the bar. I'm gonna give you more stretch in the pelvis. Good, now roll down your throat, roll down your throat, roll down your waist or roll down your pelvis and come all the way down. Excellent, okay, Mr. Nash, step up.

Okay, what I want you to do is just go sit on the spine corrector at the hump of this, spine corrector, take your pole. My gimpy hubby, yep, just sit facing any direction. You can even sit in the crease if you want, fine by me. And you're going to take your feet flat. Does it make a difference?

And just remember the alignment don't have them open. Have them in line with your hips. Take that bar as wide as possible. And remember that you keep your pinky on there. Yup and you're gonna reach down and lift that bar up to the ceiling.

Just like you did on the barrel before and now reach back, don't lean your body back and reach the bar behind you. Excellent, and reach the bar up to the ceiling and reach it back down to your thighs. Just so that you know, do you remember when you did that you could barely get it up to your ears. Now bring your head back to me a little more. Lift up, bring your feet a little closer.

Yeah and lift up to the ceiling. Now remember what you do when you punch into the bar and reach the bar back behind you, try to get me. Remember that circle you did in the beginning of class. Keep going, keep going, good and lift up and bring it down. Do you remember we did your spine stretch forward and you lifted your hands up, right?

And then you brought your hands back, that's what I want you to do, as far as you can. You're doing great. Inhale, you actually, Wayne look awesome. I can't believe with everything going on, you look this good, stretch this arm, stretch this arm. Yes, where's my chest expansion, there it is.

Ah, lift up, up, up, up, up, and bring your arms down. Excellent, take the pole and place it along your shoulders. Okay, do you remember this one from a long time ago? You're going to loop your arms like this. Excellent, beautiful.

Okay and you're gonna lengthen this part of your neck right back, so it's right here on your shoulders so that your neck perfect. Now you're not gonna move your hips at all that's the rule. Hips are not allowed to move, head goes back, chin, good. Don't move your hips and just twist your shoulders. Use your eyes and look at this hand.

Use your eyes, look at this hand, look at the hand. So do you remember how we turned our chin towards our shoulder in class today? Same thing in our chest expansion and bring your head center, now chin toward your shoulder. Good and the reason why Wayne is doing this is because I need more opening of his chest and more length on his side body for his hundred, good and center, grow tall, chin down. Don't you move towards your, that's it, chin down, chin down, chin down and center.

One more time to the right, chin down. Good, now, bring your waist, your ribs, your shoulders, your head, now turn your head, only the head, turn your shoulders, only the shoulders. Turn your ribs, only your ribs. Keep the hips where they are, now the waist brings you back. The ribs bring you back, the shoulders bring you back and very good, let go of the bar.

And I do have one standing exercise for you, okay? So we're gonna go over. You see, I cleared space for you to use the wall right there for your back along the center aisle. And there's not gonna be weight where your injury is. So you're gonna take your heels together, your toes apart, bring your feet forward and have your back on there, so your feet are forward.

Knees are bent, this is the wall exercises. Bend your knees, please, good, excellent. Proud of you Wayne. Just bring your feet in a little bit more, good. And look even with the injury, look at the arch lifting.

Very good and chin down. Now do a chest expansion and don't move the hands though, just with the shoulders and try to lengthen this vertebra back, that's it, back, back, back and that's where I want you, good, excellent. Bend those knees a little more so you can soften the ribs. Keep your tail, ah, ah don't talk. You only talk when we keep that tailbone on there more, breaking this crease, sit down, there.

So you're closing this a little bit. Sit, okay, that's it, get your pressure tailbone on the wall, nope that's not your tailbone. This is your tailbone, chin down. Bring the arms up, inhale, just like we did in the arm weights this morning, remember? Pull the stomach in, pressed straight down and open that chest, good move babe.

Stretch, move from your shoulders. Reach down to the floor, pull that navel against that wall. Lift up now, lift the arms all the way to this ceiling, getting longer in the neck, stretch those arms to the ceiling. Bring your arms straight down in front of you. Don't straighten and bend those legs and bring your arms down.

Good and reach forward up and reach all the way up. Chin goes down, chin goes down, chin goes down, chin goes down, beautiful, arms come down and bring the arms all the way and last one all the way up. Yes, this opens good, good, good, excellent. And come down and then just from there you're gonna peel off the wall like you're peeling off the mat. Chin comes forward and, don't move the shoulders yet.

Head comes toward the chest and then when it has to articulate through, lift through here, lift this and then lift this and then lift this like this arms, and then lift this and lift, and lift, roll all the way down, don't lose that right there, right there, right there, beautiful. Pull your stomach in, stay and gently circle, and feel this way. And reverse, let the arms hang all the way down and then go over. That's it. Cramped your foot?

Yeah. That's the injured foot? He has a trinity cramp right there, right? Yeah, you're not used to using that muscle. Good, okay, so you have one thing to finish, which will help stretch that out and let your squat.

Turn parallel, take your feet forward. No, no, no, where you take your feet forward. Don't turn out parallel. Take your feet away forward, way forward, way forward, way forward, good. Now you're just gonna slide down and bend your knees.

Sit, 'cause if you talk, you're gonna get that cramp. Hold it, push your stomach against there. Get your tailbone against there. Good, hold it and now press through your feet and slide up. Keep your back on there, very good.

Bend down, sit, you feel the difference? Yeah, tailbone down, don't talk there. Hold it, hold it, hold it, pull into here and come back up. And one more time, you're good? Press tailbone, excellent, slide back up.

You're gonna walk your feet back to that wall. You're gonna press your hands onto the wall once you get your feet back, you gonna do a little chest expansion. You're gonna step forward with your right, set forward with your left, heels together. Chin down, excellent, even with that bad foot, good work Wayne.


Loved this one, especially the push through bar breakdown and purpose for usage in hundred positioning. This is by far my favourite PA series
A huge thank you!!! I am incredibly honored by your words

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