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Adding Dynamic Movements

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Start adding dynamic movements to your Mat work with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She starts by working on lifting Wayne's arches so that he can improve the articulation and mobility in his feet. She then moves on to the apparatus, introducing exercises that will prepare him for adding his legs in the Hundred.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Yoga Block, Table Chair, Pilates Pole

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Okay. Let's continue. (laughs softly). It's what I was saying to Wayne is it's amazing. He bikes all the time where you're supposed to be pushing with your heel and doing, lets not do it. So, just And you're gonna, supposed to (audio glitches) that muscle.

He does not walk. The problem is Wayne doesn't walk through his foot. He shuffles through his feet. So he doesn't have this walking action. I know, right?

Now, just not a hundred percent, right? Flex that foot, push through the heel, and bring it down and you're gonna push through the toe, that's your walking action. Not a hundred, that's it, that's it and then flex to relieve it flex. This is gonna relieve it right and this is how you lack that walking through your foot, right? Yeah. Good and flex.

So this is gonna be part of your homework and press and just press the ball, press the ball, press the ball, and release okay. Foot down other foot. Your foot's like happy to be down but can you see already? Look at how your arch is lifted. Yeah.

Your arch is fully off the ground now. Yeah. Good now, big toe, very good. Let's get this one lined up. This one likes to go out to the side.

Bring your leg in, please. Leg in, good. Press through the, stop, stop, Stop, press through the heel. And push through the ball. And, now as you bring your toes down bring the toes down and remember to bring the ball down.

Don't lose your heel though. Yeah. Don't lose your heel. Yes, and lift up, and press down. Good, and lift up, and press, down Excellent! Good! let's go to the reformer okay?

So that's gonna be your homework. Why do I feel the crap on this? Because the way you stand. Remember how I said to you yesterday how you stand on one leg Yeah. and you're always on that leg.

Yeah Well, that foot moves less. Okay. Oh, okay. (blocks clomp on floor) (Kathryn laughs) Good, let's hop down. I know Roy.

(stool clunks on floor) Okay. We're in four springs today and I'm gonna get his foot fixer because we found that this was the best way for him to maintain his alignment. I've ordered one in leather, heels together. Now press those heels. Excellent, and lengthen your toes.

I'm gonna drop your feet down a little bit more and separate them a little bit more yes. You have to push out there. Lengthen those toes over. Good and press out. (Wayne speaks indistinctly) You're, you were great.

Don't change anything. And stretch out. You were right in the middle, and bend in. Yep, you're on four now. And reach, and two, very good.

And reach, and three, and reach, and four, and reach. Keep these heels up, and five. Good, heels up and in, heels up, just like you have that board underneath and you're pressing your toe down. Remember what we just did? Same thing.

Heel stays up. (Wayne groans) Yes, and last one and up very good. Bend your knees into your chest, hug them. Double leg pull, arches on. Good and legs together.

Nope, that's it legs together. Close the legs. Good, and remember we're gonna get those heels, reaching towards each other. I'm gonna give you a pad to hold your heels. Good, now just hold the heels, and balls to the feet.

Perfect and press out and bend in. Good and two and in don't forget your balls of your feet to heels and balls. Good reach your toes together, that's it. There you go. You feel that Yeah Good.

Now remember we said push out here. Yeah. Yep. Good, push out (Wayne groans) and in push out. Very good.

And in last one and out while your legs are changing in last one (Wayne groans) and press and good heels up onto the bar, bend the knees in. Remember bend the knees in and you're going to flex your feet and put your heels on the bar. Hold onto here, flex the toes way back good knees together. But at the same time, press out here. Yes, press on my hands.

(Wayne groans) Good press on my hands. Press, press, press. (Wayne groans) Yes, (Wayne groans) that's it. (Wayne sighs) (Wayne groans) Good (Wayne groans) last one (Wayne groans) Yes. And very good. Go back to that very first foot position that we used.

Good, get on the balls of the feet with this lift this foot, you're on my mic. Thank you and stretch out all the way straight. Stay there, a bit lower the heels down don't let these bones touch Yap And lift the heels and lower good and lift. Yes and lower and lift, lower chin down. Lift. Good, lower lift, lower lift my fingers here so he doesn't knock those bones, lower lift last one, lower excellent and lift.

Bend your knees in. Good bring the knees into the chest, hug them in. Do you remember how to take down the foot bar? You have one foot under the top one foot under the bottom, little lower, lift this up and reach it that way in a single double leg, pulled up bend your knees and that's it. In, in, in, good, take your legs onto the bar.

It'll go all the way down, legs together, legs together. And you're going to be reach back for your hundred. Okay, very good arms up, nice fist lift your head up. (Wayne sighs) Remember to lift the head and roll up. (Wayne groans) Good, roll up more, roll up more, roll up more.

Hold it there and pump inhale. Two, three legs down, five exhale. Two, three, four, five and I'm making sure your stomach is in and against the mat. So he doesn't feel in his back at all. Roll up more inhale legs together.

Exhale, pull in in, in, in, in one more set, inhale (Wayne inhales) exhale legs together, in, in, and roll all the way down. Excellent Wayne. Good, do you remember your legs Springs? Over here. Yep. I'm going to go over to there.

We're going to do your circles and frogs. So now yesterday we started doing circles before frogs because he's ready. And so he's going to do that and then come back for his stomach massage. Lie down, place straps on your feet. Put heels together, toes apart in that same position that we were just working on, excellent.

He remembered where to put his straps, thumbs with the fingers perfectly and heels together and press out. Good open, down, together press the heels together and lift up, pull the stomach in. Open your legs, trace the bar. Excellent together pull the stomach in and come up. Good, open down.

Pull this in together and up and open, down, together and up, reverse open. Put this in, good. Keep that tail down and in open lift, up, together, in, open, lift, up, together, in open, lift, up, bend your knees all the way in. Stretch your heels, press double leg. Pull, pull the stomach into the mat bend the knees and keep pushing.

Like you're pushing on that foot bar doing your foot work good and push away, stretch and bend in. Good, beautiful alignment and press and stretch in excellent and stretch out and bend in, very good. Take them off beb, turn yourself around. And we're going to actually do your roll back bar as a preparation for your stomach massage so that you don't take it in your hip flexors. You're going to have your knees bent against there.

Good you're going to bend your knees good. Hold the rollback bar. Now I want you to find your gaze right here. Press the bar down to engage it first and lift your back. Good knuckles are forward.

Excellent, now what's going to move first, your pelvis. And so this moves back. (Wayne groans) good, low, pelvis pelvis, pelvis that's going to lead your stomach massage. Yes. Yes. Keep it back there and roll up.

Looking at that bar, press down on the bar. Good Wayne. And again, roll back. Very, very good press down to grow tall first and then pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, (Wayne groans) pelvis pelvis pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. Keep those knees bend, pelvis and come back up, up up all the way up good toward the hips.

Good pelvis rolls back. Roll the pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. Good, waist articulate through the ribs. Open the chest and open your shoulders. (Wayne sighs) Do a chest expansion, stretch those elbows lift the bar up a little bit, straighten arms there and lift just the head while your leg straight.

Naughty boy, there you go ahead and roll up. Roll up, right here back, back, back. Stretch the arms, stretch your arms there, (Wayne groans) and good, you can stretch your legs and reach forward. Good, so you can straighten your legs. There you go and reach forward, exhale, exhale, exhale good, let's come to our stomach.

Okay put your foot six around a little further down. There you go. Oh, both of the feet on the bar, but this on the bar. These are your balls. These bones don't touch.

Yes, head down and just stretch the legs and don't move your heels and bend your knees in. Feel the outside of the foot, press the heel. Good, so the more you press right here the more this is going to lift you feel that? Yeah. So press right there, press good and it look out far away your ankle bones are and press and in and his entire ball is on the foot bar and press two more and press one more.

Good and hands go back, open your chest roll the shoulders back, chin down and press and and press those heels to save your ankles there you go and press and, and press in and press good and, and reach down take one spring off the mic. Yeah. Reach up to me. Hold on for dear life. That wouldn't be good for your feet. A little to this direction.

They have shifted a little more good press those ankle bones together and stretch out your legs and bend your knees and exhale. stretch out your legs and bend your knees, exhale, stretch out your legs and bend your knees, exhale, very good step off. Good, if you wouldn't mind getting the zebra box put it right against it. Perfect, okay good, sit. Remember to lock and load rock and roll lock and load.

Flex the feet. Now today, I want you to kind, slide yourself back a little bit more. They don't want you to rely on that. You are going to push through your heel. So this is going to be lower on your foot right there.

You feel that now it's secure as tall as you can. Good being a little more forward. Can you, there you go. Wrap the hands around your tummy. Use this to press your tummy in and do the same thing you did on the rollback bar.

(Wayne groans) Roll back, roll back, roll back, roll back, roll back, roll back, roll back, roll back and come up, sit very good and roll back, roll back a bit long. So yesterday we did the other one where we curled over today. We're adding a little more length to it. One more time good pull this in, hips back, hips back Wow, your stomach feels like a rock (Wayne groans) and in stretch forward. Exhale good.

Take the bar wide on the white tips. You know what to do with your hands? Stretch up straight, lean forward forward. That's it stretch forward, up Fix those knuckles, yes Lean forward, lean forward. Now lift up sit up tall.

Pull the tummy in hinge a little back. Come forward, relax. Lift up tall in angle, lift to the ceiling. Hinged a little back. Pull the tummy in, come up and relax.

Lift up, watch the knuckles. Good, hinge, lift up. Punch with that left hand more. Left-hand more. Left-hand very good stretch all the way over.

(Kathryn clears her throat) Remember the barrel that we did back yesterday, lift all the way up where you stretched over to the side. Good, lean a little more forward. Yes, and over the right side and center, over the left and center, over to the right center and stretch all the way down. So do you remember the tip of the talk in the side and the side right where you, you tipped the right onto here and then you pushed onto here and you pushed onto here. When you do your twist, which you're going to do next.

When your chins come into your shoulder and you're going to look back there. Feel you anchor with this hip. As you turn to the right side, lift the arms all the way up. Find that map behind you my hands are there and you're going to twist to the right and push on this hand and turn that head to lift that left hand. good, turn your head, turn your head turn your head and come center and relaxed stretch forward.

Good, and then we're going to go the other side and you're going to lift up and press on to the end, press good and center very good stretch down good and think about your golf swing (Kathryn laughs) and lift up, lean a little more forward. There you go now Twist push, push, push. Good and come back center, good and stretch down give yourself a break and sit all the way up and twist the other way. Push, push, push, push, and center and stretch all the way down good. Now, today we're going to leave one leg out here and you're going to take the other one out.

Take the other one out, no keep your foot in and take your right leg out. We want the right leg first to stimulate the ascending colon. So we're going to go right to our strap today. Cause you're doing great hook underneath and what are we going to do sit up tall and lift the leg up and stretch it reach it that way and bend it. (Wayne groans) Good and sit up tall and direction.

(Wayne mumbles) Where do you feel? I feel it right here. Okay so you're rounding through here. Yes Okay And shift your shoulders back more there. Now just reach out and pull this in.

Pull this in, You feel that? Yeah. Pull this, pull this in, pull this in. Yes and that, and one more time (Wayne mumbles) Good, you're not, let's go over to the Cadillac. (Kathryn clears her throat) You might not be ready to push down so sit here.

Sure so what I feel like you're doing Wayne is you're sinking Yeah back. And so you're lifting, you're going to grip through here. So let's take your hands, push here. Take good so now find your lift, anchor your tailbone that's good take your feet, I will bring your box a little more forward. Okay, now take a foot in the strap.

And so I really want you to focus on your back. Yeah. Lift your back, good and stretch. Any hip at all? Nope.

Good and down and lift, you're doing great. (Wayne groans) And that's plenty switch sides. This hip's going to feel different just to tell you and lift and down, you see it's much easier on this side? Yeah And lift and down one more time and lift excellent and down thank you. Unhook this, place it over there.

This is a good student. Elephant day football is going to be up, headpiece is going to be up, you're going to stand with this underneath your balls of your feet. All of them? All of them yes. Fluffy remember?

Yes and I want your toes on here. I'm going to lift up your toes a little bit more. Lift your foot so I can sign it back. Lift your foot a little more. Yeah drop your heels.

Good, shift your weight back and forward. Now make that same space. Find your seat, find your curve, your secret. (Wayne groans) Yes that's what's going to move it back. So find that rollback bar find the rollback bar.

Find the rollback bar, find the rollback bar. Yes, there. (Wayne groans) Push with the heels out eighth of an inch. Drag your heels in pushing the heels. Just like we did on that block before push on the heel with the toe up, push on the heel with the toe up.

Just like that block. Push on the heel with the toe up. Excellent bend your knees (Wayne pants) and come for your favorite exercise knee stretches. Slide, excellent good. Now I have the, open this foot up a little bit, move it right, press your heel press your heel, good.

Look at your knees. Now I want you to start being aware that your knees and center of your heel have to line up. Push right here on this heel. Yes, push right here on this heel. (Wayne groans) Good, sit back right there.

Now find that roll back bar with the bent knees and your shoulders down. Right? Find your rollback bar, yeah, whatever. Don't worry, it'll come baby, press. Rome wasn't built in the day and put in quick and two and in three and in, in, in, in, in, in, in, and good reverse the arch, open up the chest, good and press at it. And in and in and in and in and in and in and good round in, Today we're going to go since you did well, I'm just going to go right to your knees off with your training wheels.

So lift up your knees. Good head down, pull the tummy in because that's stuff we have to do today. Tailbone under more top there, find your rollback bar and go keep that roll back by with those knees bent two a whole back bar knees bent three, good four, five, six find a rollback bar. Seven five, the rollback bar eight, nine, and 10 very good. Hop off, good add all your Springs.

Lie down Good, just like we began excellent. Do you remember running onto the balls of the feet? Heels together, good stretch out. Open hear a little bit more and run Lift, Lift. Remember the kiss of the heels up together, up and up and up and up and up and up and up.

And bent both legs in on the arches. Just your take your tailbone Wayne and please your hands right underneath your sacrum. Good, good placing like this. Yep and slide them a little bit down so that you can really drop this down in that space. Just like we do over there right?

That one that you love the breathing that we're going to do today. And you're going to stretch out, pull the tummy in and drag and press out, drag it back and press out, drag it back, press out. Ribs, soft and last one, press out and very good. Roll yourself all the way down. Bend your knees into your chest.

Good, where's my weighted bar. Go over to Matt please, lie down with your feet over there. where's my weighted bar? She disappeared. Lie all the way down, fortunately I have many others.

It's underneath the Is it underneath the Cadillac? No. No, you're going to do a couple of your hundred here. So lie all the yeah feet underneath the strap. So you're going to do three of your hundred, heals together.

You're going to take your feet actually you know what? I want your feet out of the strap. You're going to do two of your hundred with your legs down and then you're gonna lift one leg as you inhale for five counts and lower that leg as you exhale for five counts and then you'll alternate your legs. I'll be right there with you and roll up into the upper back hundred. Good, lower the arms, a little and pump inhale two, three, four, five.

Every time you exhale, Pull that stomach in two, three, four, five inhale two, three, four, five. Open that chest, find that chest expansion two, three, four, five and lift the right leg up by pulling your stomach back. Two, three, four, five, pull the stomach and bring it down, two, three, four five other leg lifts up two, three, four, five. Pull the stomach in and down two, three, four, five, right leg up two, three, four this doesn't come out like a meatloaf, pull it in, pull it in, pull it in, one more time other leg inhale, exhale, roll up, pull it in pull it in, pull it in and relax all the way down very good, Wayne, How does that feel? exciting? Heals together, slide yourself back a little, good reach your arms back, stretch arms come up to the ceiling watch your wrists and rule all the way up head in, good.

Good, yup beautiful roll up you got it, you got it. That's okay, head down, head down, head down. Good and roll all the way back down. Pull the tummy in Okay. (Kathryn clears her throat) And roll up, head down.

Good, look at your own navel and roll all the way down. That's it, reach for the feet. Reach for your feet. Reach for your feet and back. So remember on your rollback bar how your gaze was to that bar.

Reach for your feet and keep your gaze to the bar and reach back to open your chest. Look how easy to go back there. Now arms up, head up stomach in roll up. Good, head down, roll back, lower the hands remember we're reaching for your feet. Reach for your feet and excellent.

Reach back behind you and grab onto the poles. Press your stomach in an up. Bend your right leg into your chest. Extended up the ceiling. Good, stretch it up, stretch it up stretch it up little circle around to always across your body first don't move your pelvis at all.

Lifted up, pull this in and around and up, in. And remember this, yep and up, in English sometimes doesn't come to me and reverse it and around and up one and around and up two pull this back around and up three around and up four around and up five into your chest. Slide it down, and don't move your pelvis don't move your bums, bend your knee in. excellent and extend it up. So leg circles are twists.

So remember how we anchored right and circle around very good up one around think about moving from the thought around three around four, fix your elbows and wrists, wrist to the mat down, down and reverse it one, two, three, four and five. Bent the knee in, good get in, bent your knees in, hold the back of your legs and roll up. Do you remember your rolling like a ball? Okay you forget. (Kathryn laughs) Now look at your feet.

Yeah reach those toes down the big ball over there. Ah, you see how that brought your knees in? Now lift your legs up and bring your heels together. (dog barks) Press your heels. (dog barks) But your toes are apart, right?

Because your knees are parts of your balls of your feet more, more, more, yes. Hold it, hold it, hold it and place your feet down and run, the dog doesn't, hey dog doesn't care and think about your rollback bar. Press your heels, yes press your heels, press your heels. Now roll back with the rollback bar and exhale and come up. Good press the heels, inhale go back, pelvis exhale come up.

Good roll back way to the upper back. Exhale good. As soon as you hit right here, it didn't come up. Dive into your navel and inhale. Exhale, dive like you're rolling into your navel.

Excellent and one more time. Press it and in good stay sitting up, place your feet down. Good and please your hands by your side. Like this, pull your pelvis back legs together and roll down articulating your pelvis. Getting the pelvis back, pelvis back pelvis back that's it, that's it now roll all the way down.

Excellent, you're gonna need that for the exercise on the wooden chair. Bend your knees into your chest. Do you remember the single leg pull? We are right? Bend both knees into your chest. Good, pull the stomach in excellent, now hold this one, right and we're going to push and lift your head up and you're going to aim right in my hand and switch right from my hand.

Touch your toe ball your foot on my hand. Good and press right here. Switch, yes and switch and switch tummy in and switch belly button back into that mat. Good and switch and switch and switch find that pelvis anchor the opposite side, anchor the opposite side good switch and switch two legs come all the way in, heels together. Find the exercise over there, grab your ankles if you can.

Good now push out like your frog over there and hands come to here good and pulls them again and grab the ankles exhale, inhale, press hands a little lower exhale in hug, hug, hug to get that low back in. Inhale right here with those hands, press scoop your stomach hands here, further, further, further, further reach that's it press there bend all the way in. Sit up so if you release your pelvis at all, where are you gonna feel it? Hips, lie back it's okay. I'm sorry sit up.

We're adding a little dynamic action to you. Slide yourself back so that your feet open for your spine stretch forward. Now find that roll back bar, flex your feet, arms out in front. Good, bring your hands to the mat and stretch forward and sit up good. And there you see that, that's what I need.

Stretch forward and sit up and stretch forward and come up, last one, stretch forward and come up. Excellent so now we're going to do an exercise. We're going to start working on you being able to hold your legs up for your hundred. You're going to sit on this pad and you're just going to put your feet right up on here. (Kathryn clears her throat) Don't lay down sit up, sit right, exactly right where I told you and put your legs right up on here.

That's it good. Now you're going to reach your hands forward I'm here. You're not going to go anywhere and you're going to stretch your hands towards the side of the chair. That's it and you're going to stretch forward and exhale, exhale, that's it, exhale and relax. And again, stretch forward.

Exhale, exhale, exhale and relax and stretch forward. Exhale, exhale, exhale, and relax. Bring your legs off to the side. Excellent and we're going to come over to the Cadillac and I think your measure is measured out for you. So you're going to lie down and you're going to have your head there and your knees bent to begin.

Lie all the way down, knees bend, reached the bar. No, the bar, crawl backwards yep your favorite exercise. Good, let's have your legs together. Arms closer in, hands a little closer. Good, get your shoulders on the mat.

Bring your head up your whole shoulders a little bit this way, there you go. Good, you're going to inhale and you're going to remember bring that bar down and you're going to articulate through your spine and push into my hands and roll your pelvis up. Inhale, roll the pelvis up. Nope that's your head, sweetie. Your pelvis, roll it up, come on, roll it up roll it up roll it up hands to reach your hands down.

Do a chest expansion, hold it, hold it, hold it. Now exhale and roll down, exhale, exhale, exhale open your shoulder there you go. Now, inhale hold the breath for five counts. Inhale roll up, roll up. Everything moves together that's it.

Reach forward with those knuckles. Hold it for five, four, hold the breath, three, two, one, exhale, roll down. You exhaled too soon. Good inhale, roll up as you inhale, baby. Roll up, roll up, roll up, hold it, hold it, hold it.

Exhale, exhale, exhale, now get up there. Inhale, roll up, hold it, hold it four holds it three. hold it two, hold it one exhale exhale, exhale and exhale. Good I want you to just kneel facing the rollback bar for your chest expansion before we put your feet into here. So you're going to kneel, nimble get a little closer.

I think that's it good and grab the rollback bar do you remember chest expansion grow tall, inhale. Crack that Walnut behind your shoulders good tailbone look to the right, center, left, center. Bring the bar back up good. And again, reach down straight arms through all this together great look left, center, right, center and come back up. And one more time reach with each side, reach right, center, left, center, and come up and to the left last one and reach down open the chest left, center, right, center and come back down very good.

Lie down head here, feet up here. Yep, lie all the way down, good slide back a tiny bit. Remember to hook your feet on the strap. So wrap yeah and keep the heels together. Excellent grab your bar.

Now stretch those knees and you can do the same thing that we just did lifting your pelvis up. So you're going to roll up with straight leg. Press the bar down, push arrived there. Quick, quick, quick, inhale straight wrists. Exhale, roll down five, four, three, two, one.

Inhale come up good open your chest there. Hold it, hold it, roll down. Exhale five, four, three, two, one, and inhale. Roll up, press through reach the speed. Good roll down throat, waist or ribs and very good.

Go over to the mat please, there's a barrel there for you. And you're going to lie down, you're going to sit on top of the barrel so that you roll back of sweetie this way. So you're going to go actually I want to flip the barrel. So you're going to hold here. Remember this?

Take your tailbone under roll back so that your shoulders are on the mat. Not my favorite position bend your knees into your chest. Lift your bottom up and bring the barrel closer into it. Nope, yep more that's it. Now stretch your legs up.

Keep your stomach on that barrel. Tailbone on the good reach down. Pull the stomach in open So your job is to keep those hips on there. To open those hips up, pull the stomach in good chin down lengthen your neck, reach, pull the stomach in and up and in and up, and in find your chest expansion. Reach always find your chest expansion in everything you do.

Dry, no answers down back in together. Pull into the stomach, pull into the stomach put into the stomach, pull into the stomach bend your knees into your chest, good keep the knees there. We're going to roll your knees over to one side keep your shoulders flat and center roll your knees to the, don't move your head. Don't move that smile, relax your face, you love it. Bring your knees to the ceiling.

Just the knees. Yeah. And you're going to little rock. Yeah, that's it delicious excellent keep the shoulder down. And now we're onto this hip. Reach more hip there and now reach your knees to me.

Good and we're going to reach over on this diagonal and center and reach on this diagonal, and center and bring the knees back into your chest. And we're gonna go this way to the ear, to the ear up to the ceiling all over. Good, over good. These are the same angles as you hit with those legs circles. Reach this, like reach this hip off.

Yes reach the hip off. Good then the knees into your chest and you're going to push your barrel away so that your tailbone slides to the mat. Good, good, good, stay there lie down. Have the soles of your feet together and let your knees drop and then your chin down and open your chest. That's it.


My right foot is also  messed up.  Strange how you can use one foot  properly and  not the other. I do the  seated   exercises too while  I press down on my thigh.
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Hi Kathryn 👏Such an amazing instructor and SO lovely to see you teaching the other half ! What an inspiration and to watch real life ( case study ) working on the feet 🦶 So important. Have an amazing day.
Adrian Thank you!!!!!!
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OHHH I love this!!!! Love to see Kathi's approach to a beginner client!
Love you Ger!!!!
Hello Kathy,  thank you for all of your great knowledge and I love your sense of humer, makes me smile during your lesson. 

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