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Opening the Hips

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Open your hips and create length in the front body with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathyrn Ross-Nash. She continues to add more exercises to Wayne's practice as she establishes the tools needed for him to support his legs in the Hundred. By focusing on length and opening his hips and chest, he is able to build on the strength that they started to work on in the previous session.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Ped-O-Pul, Ladder Barrel, Arm Chair, Mat, Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Yoga Block, Table Chair

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Good morning, Mr. Nash. Welcome to your Pilates session number 14. How are we feeling today? Good. How's the foot?

Okay, good. Let's start like we did last time seated on here and see what your feet are doing. So you're gonna sit right on here. Have your arms down by your side. Why don't you face the camera?

Have your knees directly in line. Beautiful with your heels looking good. It looks like we have an arch there. Good. So let's roll the shoulders down and back lengthen the chin down, and you gonna and pull your stomach back into me.

And you're gonna lift one heel up and don't shift and bring it down and lift the other heel up. So think about what you're feeling right now. When you're doing running on the reformer and pull the stomach in to lift the foot. Yes, and down and pull the stomach in to lift the foot and down and pull up and in, good and down and up and in I was his wall. So bring your feet a little further together further forward, little more, little more, right?

So I want you to work this at a 90 degree angle. So when you do your homework, look in a mirror and have why did you roll your eyes at the word homework? Have the center of your foot. Go lay down the center here, the center knee. Now lift the heel up just the heel and press on the big toe, press on the big toe more and bring it down.

Other foot, press on the big toe. Yes, and down and press on the big toe and down and press on the big toe and down and press on the big toe and down and press on the big toe. Good and one more each foot press on the big toe and down press on the big toe. Excellent improvement range of motion. Good.

Take one knee up. Remember when you lift the knee, you use every opportunity to work your box and your powerhouse. So when you lift that knee do it as a single leg pull with nothing else moving, lift the heel directly up Good and down and lift up. How's that in the calf and down better than last time. Yeah.

Press good and down last one press excellent and down. Didn't have you jump off this time, good. Single leg pull remember do it every time, no, no bring use your powerhouse to lift the knee up. I'm gonna move the block. Do your tree yes you see.

So every opportunity for you to move becomes an exercise. So let me slide this block a little more there. Now, lift the heel and down. Good. Lift the heel and down.

Lift your heel and down. Lift your heel. Good and down. Good hop off. So let's say you get in the studio before me in the morning and you're waiting for me to come up.

You can do these so that you don't have to do them during your session. Okay. So we're gonna go the reformer. It's set this way today and you're gonna lie down just like we've practiced. Swing your legs over.

Good. Now remember when we found that the foot fixer really helped Sylvia sending me a bar that I can hook onto here for you. We're gonna wait till we get that to use. And she sending me a second piece of equipment that I can put under here to help with your heels. So separate your balls a little bit more.

I'm gonna wait let me slide the foot fixer down a little good. That's it. So I can slide the foot fixer down so he can still attach to here. It doesn't have to be on here for him. Good and press out.

Excellent. And come in and press two and come in and press three and come in. Just wait one second. So you drop your heels now now that you can get your legs fully straight. Good.

Bring your heels together and down on here. Excellent. This is gonna prevent you from dropping your heels. You feel that? Yeah.

So you're gonna do that one where you're stretching. We squeeze the juice. Yes. And come in. That's okay.

You're gonna press squeeze and come in try to keep the feet on, press on the balls of the feet. Press on the balls don't remember it's not about your range of motion. It's about the cleanliness of it and bend in. So press on your big toe. Your job is to keep that big toe there.

See how that dropped your knees in. Yes. Excellent. And come in, keep those big toes down and press out. Keep your big toes down and come in. Yes.

And press keep your big toes down. Good. So the foot fixers keeping his ankle bones from hitting this block is tipping him from dropping his heels. And all I have to worry about is his keeping the ball of his big toe as far down as possible one more time, press, press, press excellent and bend your knees all the way in, hug your knees into your chest. Good.

And you're gonna go to parallel and I'm gonna get you a little pad, put your arches feet balls of the feet together. And you're gonna hold this pad in your ankles with the balls together. Yep, knees together. There you go. And now press your heels underneath that bar.

Yes. Beautiful and stretch out as far as you can keeping this position, press the heels. Good and bend in pressing your heels. Press right here on your heels. Good and press out.

Hold my hand and bend in, press out. Good very good. Bend in, yeah (murmurs) and press out and bend in. Good and three more and out and in and out and in and out and in bend your knees into your chest, hug them in. And you're gonna please your heels on the bar heels on the bar, flex the feet back, good and press out and come in, but flex back and press out.

Good and come in. Pinky's back and press out and come in. Excellent and press out. Remember when you couldn't straighten your legs and come in and stomach moves one more time and in and press out excellently, bend your knees all the way in. And we're gonna take the very first foot position that we just did actually I'm not gonna use this, heels together side your balls with your feet.

Balls balls. Good press all the way out. Stretch the legs. Good. Lower your heels with straight knees and lift up nest data.

As you lowering don't lose this. So these bones don't get closer, right? Just so you have to put step press. This is actually gonna do it. Press here, stop, and then come up up, press there that's it.

And up, up press there and up, up, up press there. So I'm wrapping his legs because he drops his knees in. He doesn't use the back of his body down, down, down. Yes. Press up, up, up, down, down, down. Good press up up, up.

Yes. Down, down, down and push up, up, up, down, down down and push up very good. Bend the knees all the way in much better. Hug the knees into your chest. Good. We're gonna have your foot bar down.

Okay. So I'm gonna give you a different exercise. Say, keep your legs down on the mat for your hundred. And this is called the control pole. Okay.

So instead of your pumping as you usually do legs together what I want you to do is you're going to lift your head up as much as you can. Yep. (murmurs) Nope. There you go. (murmurs) I was like .

I'm like, I know I measured them. Good. Now what you're gonna do. Okay pay attention. Cause you're gonna do this for awhile here.

You're going to keep your legs down and you're going to lift your head up as much as you can. Good. Staying up there. Now press your hands to the mat inhale all the way to the mat. Open the chest.

Open your chest there. Open your chest. Bring your arms up exhale, press your arms down inhale chest expansion. Open your chest. Don't belly expansion.

Bring your arms up so way in the second. This off you're not doing it right. Right. Pull the tummy in one sec. One sec go back up.

Bend your knees in. We're gonna do it with your hands legs up here. Okay. So pull this in chest expansion. Good.

Pull this in, in, in and exhale and inhale. Press, press, press. Yes and come up and again press, press, press. Yes you feel that? Excellent.

Open your chest and come up and two more lift up, press. Look at your tummy. Pull this in. Pull this in, pull this in and come up. And one more time.

Press pull it in, pull it in, pull it in and come back up. Excellent. I'll take these babies. You're gonna go over to the cadillac. You're going to lie down and put your legs springs on.

Yep, there's that head down. Press into your hands. Thumbs with your fingers. Stretch out your legs. Heels together remember, chin down and open down together press the heels together up.

Open, push into that strap the whole high and up open down together up that's it. Open down there up. Open down together, up, open, down, together up, open stomach in down stomach in together and up last one, open down together and up. Bend your knees all the way in heels together. Good stretch out.

Pull in the stomach. Oh no, no, no, no. Bend in good and press out and find your foot work here. Good. Bend in pushing the hands soften here.

Press out. Good bend in excellent. Press out bend in, press out last one. Bend in press out. Good take them off spin around.

You're gonna do your roll back with the bent knees, turn and face me have your feet against here knees are bent gazes to the foot bar. The more bent your knees are in the beginning the better off you'll be, good. Now engage your spring so you do a chest expansion. There a little more forward with your body. Good.

Now lift your low back to start. Grow higher, higher, higher. Now, where are you gonna move from your pelvis? Just pull the pelvis away. Pull the pelvis, press down.

Yes. Very good. Pull the pelvis. Good. Touch your pelvis to the mat. Touch your pelvis just your pelvis.

Stay there with your pelvis. Bend your arms and stretch them. Bend them to your chest. Pull the stomach in, pull it and stretch. Good really pull right back here.

Bend and stretch and bend and stretch and roll back up. Look at the bar. Look at the bar. Look at the bar. Good.

Now the only thing is when you bend your elbows don't let the elbows drop, bend them right to the side, an exercise called shaving. Good lift up the waist and pelvis press down that bar. First thing we do is engage the spring. Open your chest. Yes.

Now chin down, roll back, roll back. Roll back. Roll back. Stay there. Good. Pull this back more.

Find your pelvic tilt. Yes, there it is. Elbows out to the side, pull this in and stretch it out. Pull the stomach in, in, in. Open the shoulder bend elbows out to the side.

Keep the shoulders down. That's it. And pull this in and stretch output input input in one more time, bend it pull it in and stretch out, stretch out, stretch your arms, stretch your arms and roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. And very, very, very good. So we're gonna try your stomach in And when we try it, I'm actually going to, I'm actually going to give you your foot fixer again and this bar just like we did your foot work.

And I wanna see if that takes it out of your hip flexors. Cause I think that was the hip flexor issue. So I'm not gonna lower your bar day. We're gonna give it a shout but the one you're sitting, sitting up right? Okay.

So let's put your foot fixer on first good connect. Let me get it on, your eager to connect. There you go. You're eager to go. Good.

Now I'm going to place this bar here, underneath just like we did for foot work. So that's gonna help you keep your heels up upright and yes, the hands on the outside you're perfect. That's it? That's it, very good. Drop your head down.

Good and stretch your legs. How's that in the hips. Excellent and bend in. So like I said before, most of the time, good you stretch. You just bend instead.

Most of the time when it's in the hip flexor it's not really the hips. It is the position of the pelvis and the leg in the pelvis. So the connection to the outer edge, the outer side of the body, which the foot fixer gifs helps take it out of the hips and puts it where it should be. Remember I said, Wayne, doesn't wrap his muscles don't go that way around. And that's the way muscles grow they go around.

They'll go most of them straight up and down. Good. Especially these muscles. How's that feel delicious, right? And one more time and good.

And he's not ready to lower and lift his heel. So it doesn't make a difference. Take your hands back onto the shoulder blocks, roll your shoulders down backing together. Good, good correction and press good. And in, in good and press and in and in and press good.

I think you can go a little faster in and out and in, good out, grow tall every time you come in out, stoke scoops back and pull your tummy back and in and pull your tummy back in, good reach between your legs and take one center spring off. That's it, good. Just fix this and I'm going to go flying on you. You got that and then hold that for all your so I can give you a nice streach. Good hold on to here.

And this is how can we get bruises on my shins and stretch up good and I'll come on and reach up for my shoulders. Lift up, bend your knees, bend your knees, bend your knees, bend your knees. Stretch out, pull the tummy back. And now open the chest as you reach up for me. Good and reach up, reach up and stretch out long neck and last one, reach out, reach out, reach out and very good.

Swing your legs over the side, swing we're actually going to, I'm just gonna slide this to the side for a second and we're gonna pull out the ladder barrel. So if you could step over. And so Wayne's gonna do his sharp today on his ladder barrel. We'll return to the reformer. So the reason why is that I'm gonna start focusing now on him supporting his legs for his hundred.

So for him to do that, he has to get that opening of his front of his hip, the opening of his chest and a stretch and opening up the back of the leg. So Wayne you're gonna stand here I'm gonna put a pad for your feet. Just like this. You're gonna bend your knees. Like you're sitting on a chair.

Okay. So I don't want you scooping out. I want you to like, you're sitting on a chair. Let me get your pad for your feet. Well you're going to be pushing on it so, good.

So remember how we began in the beginning. That's exactly how you're beginning your feet now. Good can you bend your knees... That's perfect. Now wrap your hands around your waist.

And you remember the one that we did where you rounded forward first, I want you to do that. So your head is gonna be here and then you're gonna bring your pelvis back. Just like we just did with the rollback bar and whatever touches the barrel. Not only goes on about, but I want you to lengthen it along the barrel, lengthen it along the barrel. If you don't touch it, it doesn't release lengthen and along the barrel.

Good and I'll bring your chin to your chest and pull push with your hands on your tummy. Good and I use your hands on your stomach. Pressing you pressing in, in, in, in, in, in that's it. I got you, chest, chest, chest and in good and good press in feel your ribs on me. Feel your ribs, feel your ribs good and come up.

Excellent. Now stand up tall. No, no, no no nope. (murmurs) Good take your hands behind your head. As tall as you can hinge forward in one piece don't round.

Yep. Okay. So here's your imaginary wall. That's rounding. Don't loose the wall, (mumbles) yeah, hinge forward there, stop. Now get your shoulders on the there.

Pull your tummy against my board. Now hinge back, grow up the board, grow up the board pull the tummy in, pull the tummy in, pull the tummy in pull the tummy in and come to upright. Relax, lift up, lean a little forward. So you find your tummy. Yes.

And hinge back. Lift your head, there, lift your head. Remember that head exercise. That's what you're doing. Hinge back, hinge back, hinge back, hinge back, hinge back, hinge back, forward, relax.

Lift up tall up, up, up hinge back, hinge back, hinge back, hinge back, hinge back forward and totally relaxed stretch down exhale. Grab the bar, grab the bar, grab the bar. Good. (murmurs) correct. So this is an articulation, right?

And a hinge is just like from here. Okay. Very good. Now you're actually gonna do your side sit up. Do you remember that? Yes.

For your side bend? So you're gonna face sideways. You don't need this pad. You're gonna have perfect. Good.

Do you need a pad for your feet here? Okay. Take your hands behind your head. Actually, you know, pop off for a second. How tall are you?

Flip it, right on that side edge of the foot. So you see your feet don't match. Yeah. So pull the bottom edge of this one out. That's it.

And pull the top edge of this one up. That's it, good. Exactly. Now bring this hip forward. You want your pad?

Which is your right side, there you go. Good. Don't be afraid to ask for a pad. Hands behind the head. Lift up.

Yeah, that's it. Now you're gonna stretch out to your box get square. Excellent. Now you're gonna be able to lie all the way down today. Reach out, reach out, reach out.

Look at you. Go ahead go down, go down. Yes. Now reach out and come up and over to the other sound, good and lift And reach over reach out, reach out, reach out. Good.

And reach out and up its a lot of hard work I know and lift over, over lift up top lift out, lift OUT, lift out, reach up lift all the way up and over, over, over center. Now five fast. We're gonna go out in and out and in and out two more and in one more and in excellent other side. Good job. (chuckles) That's good go other side.

Your pelvis is great today. Okay. Excellent. And this is gonna be this size can be your yes, no that's it. That's exactly what I was meaning.

You feel that? Let the bar hold you. Go ahead relax on it. And I'll reach out. I'm gonna always help you and lift up this hip down.

You got to go this way. Good. Stretch that back knee pulling. This is always gonna help you. If this goes out, you don't have any help from your engine.

Open in, pull this in and reach up and over and center lift up and in, in one more time long, find your box. Reach out, reach up and lift in, in, and quick. Ready? Out in one, out in two. Out in three, out four, out in five and beautiful, step off.

Good. So Wayne, I want you to just do something. I want you to, we're gonna do something a little different today. I think you're ready. Think I could be anticipating too much.

So what I want you to do? You can bend this leg, right? You're gonna bend the leg and place it up on top. I think you're there. Don't forget you have this whole thing to support you.

Let me spot the barrel. Good. So just bent, cross the body with the leg like your leg circle and lift it up. Look at you on top very good. Now all I want you to do is stretch forward.

Take your head down. Hands, hands here yep. And roll so the reason why I was able to do this and stretch forward. Yes, it's a deep stretch for him. But when he did his leg circles last week I saw he could get his leg to here and lift up and stretch forward try to draw.

Yup. You're doing great. You're doing great. It's nasty and come. And notice I am not pushing him. It is very dangerous to push.

I am gently guiding him. He's in the work and up and one more time. Good. Now what I want you to do is lift the leg up and bring it across. Yes.

The lift of the leg is important. At the end of the stretch you have to be able to activate the muscle. Otherwise it's a useless stretch. Cross over the other way. You can bend it.

Good, leg circle C good. Now stand up tall. You're doing great stretch over. You're doing a great job and come up. So his box is staying here and stretch forward.

And come up and watch your wrists. Watch it (mumbles) actually there you go. It's actually making you it more difficult. Yeah. Yep.

So if you reached up and stretch, good, good good. And much better and come back. Reach across and come back. Very, very good. I'm gonna go throw the barrel away.

I could feel that (indistinct) Perfect. And stretch a little bit. Because as I was stretching, I can. Yep. That's exactly right. Keep it down and keep it on.

Yep. That's your box. That's honestly Wayne that's really good. So now we're gonna go to your elephant, which is going to be a piece of cake. Foot hand foot. Flat feet.

Lift your toes. Little up, don't put it down until I tell you to put down. Okay. Lift. Okay. Head down now fix your wrists.

Good. And you're gonna shift your weight back. If you don't how much better that is and forward. Now pull right up into here. Up, up, up, up beautiful and back and stretch it forward.

Good. Bend your knees. Push through your heels and stretch your legs. Good. Bend your knees.

Stretch your legs. Bend your knees. Stretch your legs. Good. Push your heels back.

Drag it in with your tummy. Good like that hinge push back just from here. Come in, push back. Come in, push back. Come in, lift your heels bring them back.

Thank you. Just step off in the pads all the way back. Bend those toes. Yes. Yes. Look at the bending of the toe.

Bring both your knees down to the mat. Good. Slide your feet back. Make sure those toes reach forward. I'm not gonna use these today.

I think you're all good. Good. Pull your stomach in and up and press back. Where do you sit? Where do you sit?

You wanna build this or you wanna build this? Sit back, there. Now fix your arms and tummy in push back. That's okay. That's why I'm here and press back.

That's why you pay me the big bucks. And two in and three in and four, the only place it's working is that stomach five in, six in, seven in, eight in nine in 10 and in sit back on the heels. Now, roll your shoulders up, back and down. Good. Roll your shoulders up, back and down, press out and in press out and in, out and in press out and in out and in out and in last one out and in and good round the end, just like you were before.

Don't anything round in, good you're gonna bring the right leg forward. Good you're gonna lift that heel up. You gonna lift this knee? Wait, he wants to break his teacher's hand. Sit back a little bit more.

Sit back, sit back. Good. Can you lift this heel a little more? Perfect big toe. Yes. Good correction and push back.

And in one, push back in two push back three and four, good. And lift up the knee the other foot back. Switch your feet. Now wait, stop. You see, you said, Oh, I'm all over the right.

So shift back there. Now you can have a place to bring it in. You keep wanting to shift forward and you're making it harder for yourself with this knee. Wait till your teacher get their hand underneath. Good.

Now this heel comes up because it's helping you stay this height. Now see how forward you are. Where do I want you back? Yes. Now you see, you can use your stomach.

You're trying to help yourself by going forward but it's actually hurting you and push back. Take your both feet back. Assume the very first position kneeling fully down. So you're gonna do a new exercise its the same exercise Wayne. But you're gonna sit all the way back where you did for the first exercise.

Okay. All I want you to do is lift your toonies off. Nothing moves, but the knees come up up, up, up, up, up and down and up, up, up, up, up and down. Do you feel what happened? Again.

Up, up, up, up, up. Think rolling like a ball and down again, knees up, up, up, up up gorgeous and down. Yes. One more time. Up, up, up, up, up and down.

That was spectacular down just like we began to run. Do you feel that, that was amazing? So that's what knee stretches feels like. Everybody's favorite even after 40 years. Good.

That means not so dropped out. So I wanna tell you something. You don't have to correct your alignment. You shifted over this way. You were perfect.

You're actually shifted to the opposite side. And look how nice. Good. (mumbles) No, you're okay. I will tell I'll take a picture and you'll see that it is and stretch out and run alternating sides.

Lift up, open the chest. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Stretch both legs bend both knees. You see. Separate your legs onto your arches.

Arches open, tailbone comes up, open your chest. There you go, press out. And now scoop in. And it's just like the same thing you felt in these stretches, right? That same when you lifted your knees, same thing out and lift your knees pull it in and out and pull it in and out and pull it in and out and pull it in.

Good. Hop off. Bring your legs together, hop off. And do you remember how, remember always get on and off the same way? So don't just like sprawl, right?

So remember the knee the one where you kneel your favorite one. So you're able to begin with your foot your heel forward now. So take your heel and line it up with the edge of the frame heel. Okay. Yeah.

And make sure it's not too narrow, babe. Make sure it's in line with your hip, right? So you don't wanna have it so close in. Good. And place your hand on here and bend this knee and drop this hip down sit on my leg, sit there.

Tummy in, tummy in more, tummy in more. This feels back. Yeah. That's it. That's it.

Oh, good. Press back. Don't get higher with the leg and come in. So the pelvis just like remember we did our ladder bow stretch. Pelvis comes back and pelvis comes forward and pelvis comes back and now good keep the pelvis low, move the carriage back.

Bring the carriage in, bring the carriage back. Bring the carriage in, bring the carriage back. Bring the carriage in. Excellent change sides. (indistinct) It is.

(mumbles) Oh, there's that? Well, how are you, you've never done anything to open it in 56 years, right? Like have you ever done anything to open that area? No. So, and it's all brand new.

Take the foot to the left a tiny bit. Good. And bring your hand there and then bring the pelvis back. Yes. And then bring the pelvis forward and bring the pelvis back and forward, good and back and forward.

Now press the hip, press it back and forward. Good and press it back and forward and press it back and forward and press it back and beautiful. Do me a favor add all the springs to that. And we're gonna bring this over to here. Okay.

And you're gonna sit on here. You know how to sit. I'm gonna grab a pedicle pole. You're gonna fold yourself down into position. You're gonna grab your handles.

You're gonna have the soles of you, together. You're gonna extend the arms out and bring the back forward. Get your hand. Ah, how do you get your handles? I walk away for two seconds.

Then stand up and set it. I know right? I kept left you in charge. What did you do? You were gonna let him cheat like this.

I know. Keep reaching, keep reaching, keep reaching. This is what I want you to suffer in. Good and soles of the feet stretch forward. Open chest remember this is opening the chest back here.

Good. Now bring your chair back forward with you. Bring my chair back forward. Bring this, this is the chair back. Right.

Bring it forward as you come forward. Don't, remember how you can't lose it. Thank you. This stays on you can't go down. You have to go up.

Yes. Yes. You feel that? That's how you're gonna move it. That's how you're gonna move it up. Up, up, up, up, up, up, up.

You feel how that action happens. Bring it back. Feel what happens in your muscles lift, there that's it. You feel that? Yeah.

And now you do that lift. Yes. And do it again. This is that hinge. This is the hinge forward, lift. Anything in the hips and lift right from there.

Hold it roll your head forward. Keep pushing forward. Don't drop your hands. Don't drop your hands. Roll forward a little more.

Don't drop your hands. Bring your shoulders back to the chair. Good. Bring your hands in a little don't change. Nope.

Don't bend your back and stay there. Pump your arms, there. Three, four, five exhale. Two, three don't drop the head so much inhale two it's part of the spine exhale. Pull this back.

Two, three, four, five, inhale. Two, three, four, five, exhale. Two, three, four, five, inhale. Two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale exhale. Bend your arms.

Bend your legs to stand up, fold them and up we go. Good. So the paddle pole is the child of your baby chair. You can do the same exercise on the pedal pole but this time, just like in the hundred or the wall, right? You are going to have your heels against the back of here.

Your feet flat, bend your knees, just like the wall. Bend your knees the same. Remember the wall stand right? Your feet can be away. And just like, this is your wall now the only thing is that your spine goes against it cold metal good.

Bend your knees to slide down. So your whole back is there. Take this here. Hold the handles. Head goes back to the wall.

Yes. Good, good stretch out your arms. What happened to the outer edge of your feet? I know they're there. Press on them there.

What happened to your ribs? Good and lower your arms down grow tall. Do a chest expansion. Don't move, don't move the legs. Lower your arms down.

Open your chest. Open your chest. Open your chest. Open your chest. You feel that?

Reach down don't break the wrists and come back up, long wrists there maybe you watch this wrist press down in, in, in open, okay. Don't rotate your arms. Yes. And reach down and grow up the pole up the pole up the pole, up the pole and reach down. So what we've done today is we've lengthened.

We've created, we've opened his hips. We created length in his front body, and now we're adding lift. To the strength that we started working on last week bend your elbows, that's plenty. And you're gonna come over, lie down on the mat place your feet underneath the strap. And you're gonna do the roll up.

And I want you to think about this exercise as you do the roll up. Feet underneath. A short one, heels together. That makes sure it's all the way down here. Good.

Flex those feet roll down. Good. Now I find your pedal pole as you reach back. Okay. And bring your arms up to the ceiling.

Now I want you to roll through. I want you to move, but where do we do the shoulders here? That's it peddle pole. Chest expansion head comes up like you're on your pedal pole look at your navel and roll over. Head down, head down, head down, stretch one, two, three.

Now pull your stomach in. And like you're on that roll back bar, drafts in your chest open your chest. Open your chest. Good ribs in, disengage the arms to get that nice look how nice your arms up plug the shoulders. Head up roll in, roll in, roll in.

Head down. Stretch one, two, three, roll down. Good. Excellent with your shoulders Wayne, you get an a plus reach up and stretch back. Hold on you deserve a stretch.

Hold on for dear life. I get you some candy and arms up. Plug the shoulders in. Yes. Roll up.

Stretch your knees down. Do you notice your legs are not lifting up today? Yes. And roll down pull the stomach in, shoulders plug in, reach up exhale. And that's plenty.

Let go of the strap, out from underneath my back. Hold your handles. Open those elbows up. Bend one leg in, extended up to the ceiling, pull in and that circle, nothing moves in and up. Nothing moves two get this hip down three remember sitting on my foot, sit on my foot.

Yes. And four and reverse it. One sit on my foot, two sit on my foot. Three, sit on my foot. Four, sit on my foot.

Five, sit on my foot. Bend the knee all the way in. Good change sides, other leg now. Good sit on my foot. More relaxed.

Now keep it there. Yes. Don't lose it. Circle one stretch. Circle two stretch. Sit on that foot three.

Yes. Five, sit one sit down. Yes. Two remember that you sit down, three sit, four sit bend your knees into your chest. Let go of the hands.

Ooh. On a second I'm gonna roll you up until you're rolling like a ball. Today you're gonna hold your ankles. Yep. Don't have any pre, don't have your hands like this.

Like this. There you go. Look at my hand. Well, I can't get to it. (murmurs) That's it.

That's it? No, you are. That's it. Okay. I want your hands cause it'll mess up your wrists.

Now slide your feet in. Hold it. Bring your fingers like this towards each other. Yes. You see, you can hold it, hold it, hold it.

And come back down. Drop your head. Ah, let go of let go of your disbelief. I will never ever, ever ask you to do something you can't do and lift your knee feet up. Find your knee stretch.

Remember when you lifted those knees in to you and calmed down. The reason why I know you can do it is because I saw what you did in your knee stretch. Now lift your knees up into your chest. Yes. Keep the head down.

Find that knee stretch. Yes you feel that? And calm down. Now you're gonna do the same thing. You're going to sit up and balance.

And you're gonna roll back and exhale and find your knees stretch. Find your knees stretch. Yes. And again, pick up your feet balance roll back. Yes.

Yes. And again, lift up find your knees stretch and excellent lie all the way down. Bring your knees into your chest. Hug them. Do you remember your single leg pole and your double leg poll?

We're gonna do that. So find your rolling like a ball position. Lift your head up. Take your hands to your ankles. Good.

Now, as you stretch out this leg is hand to the knee. So if your left leg is in, you have the, if your right leg is in, you have the right ankle. Now don't move your head or your box and switch. Perfect. Now switch your hands.

No, no, no. Switch your hands. Yes. And hug that knee in and switch hug the knee and switch. Hug the knee in.

Now put your left hand to the left. Good, right hand to right ankle left hand to left ankle. Left-hand to left ankle legs and hug him like you never hugged 'em. Good. Let your head go down and give it a rest.

Bring your head up. Can you get your ankles? Good. Now, as you stretch out your legs, don't lower your upper body. Stretch your arms by your ears.

Stretch out your legs and arms by the ears good exhale. Come in, grab the ankles. Exhale, inhale, stretch out. Reach those arms. Stretch up exhale.

Look at your tummy. Don't look up. Nobody's gonna help you up there and stretch up. Look at your tummy pull it in and exhale last one. Stretch out did up, place your heels on either side.

Good, arms out in front. You can do spine stretch. Well, that's it can you straighten the legs? Remember spine stretch and roll bring your hands up and roll down, roll down, roll down, roll down. One, two, three, roll up my leg.

Remember how to stack your spine? Lift up, up, up circle, lift up, up, up circle lift up, up, up circle, arms out in front and exhale down. Stretch you stretch exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. And then come up. Lift your arms up to the ceiling.

Big three circles. Big circle around one, big circle around two, big circle around three and arms forward and stretch. Good. How to flex your feet bring your toes back whole hip. Good push through the heel.

Quick grab onto your ankles. Bend your knees. Slide them in. Yep. That's it.

Bring your head down deeper. Now flex your feet and push your heels away to straighten your legs. Good and bend them again. Both at the same time if you can. So you're gonna use this and help stretch out the legs both at the same time.

So pull your stomach back. Yes. And one more time bend in and push out. Stretch. Excellent roll all the way up.

That was really nice lift up. Give it a nice stretch. Up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up and good. Let's go over to the cadillac for breathing. Do you remember breathing?

Now remember when you're breathing Wayne I want you to roll up into that position. Articulating fast as you can. Hold the breath for five counts and roll down for five counts. Place your feet in the straps. Catch your last exercise.

Can you believe it? Lie all the way down. It feels good. Bring yourself back a little bit. Little more, little more good.

In line with your shoulders not wider. Good. Open your chest and hook the feet. So that's gonna help hips, right? That's gonna put length right here.

Good. Yeah. Doesn't that nice? Inhale bring your hips up and your hands down. Head stays down.

Head stays down. Hips, hips, hips, come back down. Now you need to inhale as soon as you do that. Yeah. Inhale hold for five, four, three, chin down to one.

Roll down slow. If you, the slower you roll down the more stretch I'm gonna do for your pelvis. Okay. Inhale come up. Hold it push through here.

Push, push, push, push. Now from your throat, your ribs articulate through those ribs, articulate through those ribs. Articulate through the ribs and pull. Yes. Yes.

Inhale, press down. Hold it, hold it, hold it, exhale, roll down. Roll down, roll down, roll down and excellent. Take your feet out of the strap. Bend them into your chest.

Lie your feet long heels together. Let go of the bar and place your hands down by your side. Open the chest, press good. You feel this alignment soften the ribs. Stomach is in the mat.

Heels are together, flex your feet. So this is what I want you to find your chest expansion. When you stand up to your knees, into your chest I don't do. Good and roll to sit up, spin your legs to the side. I want you to just to stand.

You're gonna stand and face sideways and stack your vertebra. So find, find your mat, find your chest, find your neck.


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Kathy, I’ve been following your classes with Wayne and loving them. Could you tell me, what is the foot fixer you are using? I can’t quite work it out. Is it basically a theraband? I’m in the UK so it maybe something we don’t have, but it interests me.
Incredible class! Thank you!
Great class and ideal for my clients 

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