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Developing Proprioception

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Now that you have more awareness of what you are doing, it is time to learn about where your body is in space with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches Wayne how to lower the Footbar without sitting up as well as how to properly sit on the Mat so he can develop his proprioception. She also graduates him to Leg Circles and Frogs on the Reformer as he has demonstrated that he has improved his mobility and stability enough to do it safely on this piece of apparatus.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Cadillac, Arm Chair, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Yoga Block (2), Table Chair, Pilates Pole

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Good morning. We are here today. We think it's Wayne's 15th, we think it's his 15th, somewhere around there. It's August 20th, wow Wayne, wow. Okay babe we're gonna actually start working on your feet over here.

I am very excited because Wayne is going to be the first person ever to use the heel holder and the attached foot bar, so happy. You wanna sit with your feet at 90 degree angle. And Wayne has actually started implementing this into how he is sitting at home. So just place your hands on your, yup. Lift your back up, roll the shoulders.

So I have your hands here Wayne, so you can emulate your push-up position, right? So the shoulders are gonna roll down and back, good. Now I want you to lift, bring your shoulders forward today. Lift them up to your ears. Squeeze them together on the top.

As they go down, lengthen your neck and pull your stomach into the wall behind you, imaginary wall. And circle the shoulders forward and up to your ears all the way back like a big chest expansion, feels good, right? And down. So whenever your neck is tight, I want you to do this as opposed to shaking your head. You know what I'm saying?

You know when you do your little head thingy? Mm-hmm. Okay, because all these bones you are tiny and the more that you shake them around like that, the more they rub, okay? Then when you circle your shoulders you're actually getting, oh feel how good that feels on your neck. You're actually getting all your neck nice and massaged.

And good now bring your hands down. Good, I mean, shoulders down, hands, hands where they were on your thighs, good. Now with that chest open, your ribs and stomach back. Towards your shoulder you see that? Mm-hmm. That's what

I want you to do, Oh very nice. And come center as opposed to tipping your chin up, right? Let me just fix you. And turn your chin to your shoulder. Yes, so the head doesn't tip.

Feel how good that feels? And again, chin to the shoulder. So that's how you're gonna turn. Look at your turn rotation now. So much more when you don't tip that chin up.

Can't wait to see how you swing. And now I want you to bring your ear over to your shoulder and sit up lengthen from here, ear over the shoulder. It doesn't feel good? Ear over, you see where I have you lengthening? How I have you lengthening?

Right from here and over. So when you stand, right? I want you to feel like your tips of your ears are leading you up and your chin is coming back. So think ears up, chin back. Now with that feeling take your hands behind your head, good.

Now don't clasp because you have a dominant hand, right? I want you to slide so that your knuckles line directly, bring your elbows back to me. Now find the chin pushing in and the ears lifting up and I'll pull your tummy into that. Press, press, press, and relax. Again, chin in, good.

Ears up, and open, open, open, and relax. Chin, ears up and bring your head back to me, press it on me, press it on me, press it on me and relax. Now, I want that feeling of your upper body connecting to your walking. So, you're gonna take one foot off of the block, place it down. You're gonna pull the stomach in and up, you're gonna find that length of the ears and the chin back and the stomach in.

And you're going to lift that heel directly up. Press on the big toe and lift the heel up, good, and bring it down. And again lift the heel up, and bring it down and lift the heel up, and bring it down, very good. You're pistoning really well with that ankle. And lift the heel up and down.

One more time. Lift the heel up and down, good. Take that foot off and bring this one lined up right up with your foot knee, yeah, very good. Find your chin. You can take your hands on your legs if you want.

Find your chin, good and lift your heel, and down. And don't lose your chin baby. Lift, lift, lift and down and again, lift, lift, lift, and down. And one more time, lift, lift, lift, and very good. Now, we're gonna switch feet and you're going to place your heel, remember this one?

your heel on there, right? Good, and you're going to try to bring your toes down to the floor. Yeah. Yup, and then you're gonna flex your foot back. Toes come back, whole foot, whole foot.

Pull your toes to your knee. Pull, pull, pull, and bring it down and press the ball of your foot down. And again, press, back, good and push it down. Grow tall as you push, like you're running or swinging and pushing off that back foot when you swing your golf club. And press, good.

Now, flex that foot back and curl the toes. Remember how you curl the toes? And now bring the toes back to the knee, and curl your toes and bring it back to the knee, and curl your toes and bring it back. Flex the foot and bring it all the way down to impress on the big, right? Now, press on the big toe and lift your heel off of the block.

Press on the ball and lift your heel and bring it down. Yup right there, right? Yeah. And lift and down. So all I want you to do is think this part goes down.

Press, yes, yes, yes and down. So you can see how that fires in your soleus. Yeah. That's atrophied because this doesn't get used. And beautiful and put it down.

Excellent, we're gonna change sides, very good. Look at you, you didn't run off screaming that time. Good, yeah pull and remember how everything has to connect to here. It's useless to work a muscle if it's not in alignment. Right. And lift.

Oh, I lied we did that. we have to slide it forward, sorry about that. Good, line your toes up, pull the stomach in and ribs back, and good. And lower the heel and lift the heel, and lower the heel and lift the heel, and lower the heel and lift your heel and lower your heel, good. Now I have to slide it back to here.

Sorry, this is the one that we we're on. I got distracted by the new neighbors moving in. This isn't your naughty alignment so we really have to take care of this one. Okay, so you have to watch your upper body 'cause I have to watch your, flex this foot back, good. And push on the ball, good.

And flex back and push on the ball, good. And flex back. Now, curl your toes and bring them back. And curl and back and curl, very good Wayne. And back and curl and back.

And place the foot down and lift your heel and bring it down. Only lift as much as you can keep it here. And lift and down, and lift and down. Excellent, let's reformer. So you'll notice today on a reformer that we have two little tools that have arrived that make me very happy 'cause they make both our lives easier.

We have the foot bar, right? That attaches that Kathy Grant used to use. And this emulates, the original reformers that Joe had, where there was actually a board there. This will enable it to be more floor like. Now, right, so you can get, I want all the entire ball of your foot on there.

And we have the foot board that keeps his heels up, so bring your heels together and press your heels together. Feels good right? So this will prevent his heels from lowering and lifting. So a lot of times as an instructor, what do I have to do? I have to put my foot there to hold it.

Slide your foot up a little bit more, little bit more, little more, that's it. So, while you're here Wayne, you wanna push on this part. A little down, you went a little too far. Good, keep your heels centered, excellent. Press here and press here and push out.

How's that feel? It's like the heels are sliding. What do you mean? They're sliding up as I push. Push, right.

The heels are sliding up. I don't understand. Watch my feet, watch where they go. See how they go up? Yeah, they're supposed to.

Oh, okay. Yeah, and in. So doesn't, so here your ankle bones, aren't touching? No. Right, and they're not adjusting the alignment.

Okay so when, what happens is when you push in and out, so I'll show you, come here. I'm gonna take this board off, take your feet off. Now put your feet up and press out. You see how your legs drop? Your heels drop feels different, right?

Where do you feel it now? In my, in here. Okay, now when you put this on, you're gonna say whether you feel it more or less there and where else you're gonna experience it. So, make sure the balls of the feet a little farther up. No, no, no, there you go.

Stop, you're pushing yourself out of alignment, there. Good, and press out. where do you? In your tush, exactly. That's your powerhouse, right?

So, your heels connect you to your back, your back body. And that's one reason why I was, this is so important because every time the heels drop, he pulls in. When he pulls in, he's not working his Trinity. And stretch out, you have 10 of these. And in and see now, I don't have to fight and he works.

Feels good right? Yeah. And that was 10, good. Now just bend your knees into your chest. And they both attach very easily.

Good, and to go, now onto your arches with your knees together. Good and push your heels under now. Now the heels are gonna be under and where's your little pillow? Little pillow so that his heels can press together without him. Stop, please.

Without him, good press out. without him banging his little bones and that he can work on pressing on his big toes. And for him this lines his legs up better. Some people they have. Press your heels together really press your heels, and the balls, there you go.

(Wayne groaning) And good, bend your knees into your chest, find your pelvis and come onto your heels. Flex your feet back, good. And press out and toes back. Remember to bring those toes back like you have that board there to. Press and good, press and in, press, very good Wayne and use that stomach.

Open your thumbs more, good. Press and in, last one. Press and bend your knees into your chest and I'm gonna put this back for his tendons stretch it snaps right into place. And onto the balls of the feet, little lower, that's it. So you overcompensate, stop.

Don't push. That's it, good. And press up and come in and press two, lift your heel, stop, stop, stop. Tendon stretch, press out, lower the heels. Lift the heels, lower the heels.

Lift the heels, lower your heels, that's it. Lift your heels, lower your heels. Lift your heels, lower your heels. Bend your knees all the way in. Hug your knees into your chest, very good.

Now you're gonna just keep your foot bar. Remember how you take your foot bar down? One foot hooks under the other has to go all the way down into the well, pull this one up. I can't see it I don't want you to see it, it's feeling it. Oh, okay.

Okay, and lie down. Bend your knees into your chest and good. So I don't want you to look up and see it, you don't need to see it, you find it with your feet, legs down. So there's a reason that that's important. One, it's teaching you proprioception and it's teaching you to.

We're so used to using our eyes to see everything we stopped feeling. So, the top leg lift it up. Correct, it catches the bottom. So sit up and then the left leg comes in and. Yup but you have to have your left foot there otherwise it'll swing in, okay? Got it.

So this teaches, it's very important it teaches proprioception, it teaches you to be aware of your feet tactilely without seeing them. All of these little nuances that get left out are very important. So you're gonna reach back and take your handles. You're gonna stretch your, all the way up I'm gonna take this. You're gonna lift your head up and press with your legs down into your hundred, beautiful.

And pump, inhale two, four, five. As you exhale Wayne, try to push into that strap and roll up. Roll up, roll up, roll up. Inhale two, three, four, five, exhale. Roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up, inhale.

Exhale, roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. Inhale two, four, five, exhale. Roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. One more time, inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale. Bend your arms, good.

Do me a favor Wayne, bend your legs into your chest, good. Reach your hands to touch your toe, touch your arches. Excellent, stay right there. So Wayne you have graduated, you are now going to be doing your legs, circles and frogs here. So remember somebody who's really tight and they can't do that, You wanna make sure that you do your legs, circles and frogs elsewhere because they'll overstretch their legs getting into position and they'll hurt themselves.

So, you're gonna roll your feet back and don't pull the strap. You're going to lift your bottom, roll your feet and bring it back to the strap. Can't do this, then he does not get to do it here. Good and push into your feet and bend your knees. Right down where they were.

Bend your knees, please. Just like you're on the Cadillac. Heels together, good. I need to drop your strap down, that's it. Glue your heels and let's just do a frog.

Could feel very different. Pull the tummy in and bend in. So, you see where your straps are? So this is gonna start teaching you your alignment. Where your straps are, they want to stay over the center of your shoulder blocks.

And that means you're going down your center. See how the straps went off a little? Bend into, raise your legs a little higher and stretch out. Very good, and see, they wanna go there? Yeah. Right,

you wanna press them there. Bend in, I'm gonna let go, you're gonna keep them in the center. Okay. And press out, press out right to my hand, very good and bend in, bend in, bend in, excellent Press out. Doesn't it feel different than the Cadillac?

Yeah. Yeah. And bend in, bend in, last one, press out, very good. Stay there, open, press down. Pull the stomach in, press into the strap to go up.

So you keep pushing it, this little point right there. Yup? Yup. Good, don't drop too low. Press, together and up, open, press, together, reverse, down, press, lift, up, down press, lift, up, down, press, lift, bend your knees all the way into your chest, very good.

You're gonna, your tushy back, and I'm gonna take these off. You're gonna roll yourself up. Bring your legs to the side. Put your foot bar up. Good? Yeah.

And I'm going to get your bar again and we're gonna do your stomach massage. Here's your pad, okay. So, stomach massage we're gonna use these two boards again. Okay. It's gonna be pretty deep, okay?

Just to warn you but it's not going to, shouldn't bother your hips at all, okay. Good, look at that, a little platform. Hands down on the outside. Yup that's it, good head down. Pressing your heels, press your heels together.

And, so remember I want this little ball on there. Little, that's it and the toes curl over, curl over, very good, and press out. And bend in, how's that feel? Good Anything in the hips? No. Excellent, and bend in.

So you see how important the foot placement is as well. Remember that, when Wayne first started, it was all in his hip flexors. And I had to work really hard to keep his feet in place but besides his beautiful progression and all the work he's put in, now it makes it easy because he's supporting and he's working the muscles that need to be worked. And out of everything, that's the most important thing. If we're not working the muscles that need to be worked, we are not, keep those heels pressing together.

We are not realigning the body. Take your hands back and open up your chest. Good and now I get to be in here and he's gonna find those ears, good. And press out. Ah ah, where's your ears?

(Kathryn laughing) Don't swear on tape, and good. Bring your head back to me, yes. (Wayne groaning) And, good (Wayne groaning) And up, lift (Wayne groaning) And up, last one. (Wayne groaning) Lift, and up, very good. Reach down between your legs take off the.

Look at how easy that was Wayne? It wasn't easy. But you remember how you used to struggle struggle, struggle? Stretch out and lengthen and bend the knees and reach up, up, up and lengthen. Notice I don't have him doing a lowering lifting.

Because why would I have them lower and lift when he can't maintain the alignment of the lift? I have to get the lift before I asked him to lower on these exercises. And last one, very good. Bend the knees, lift up, up, up, good Wayne. step off please.

Okay, can you go over there and get that box? Put your head piece down, sorry, put the head piece down. Good, grab that box. Okay, you're gonna put it right there. Excellent, yup.

Put this this on the inside right there. And we're gonna give Wayne a little extra back support for when he lies back, okay? So you're gonna sit on oops, I can give you this too. You're gonna sit on here. Because he's tall, he still has support behind him that's what we want.

Separate your legs. Remember you're not resting your feet, toes on there, toes flex back. Good, and you're gonna sit up and push with that heel. So do you remember that heel got you out of your hip? So you're gonna push with your heels there.

It's gonna be your furthest point. Now wrap your hands around your tummy and you're gonna round forward. Do you remember we did this on the ladder barrel yester, the other day? Yeah. same feeling pull your stomach in , take it back.

Find that ladder barrel, find the ladder barrel. Good and curl over. And again, find a ladder barrel, pull your hips back, find the rollback bar. Good and over, and one more time. Go back, pull it in, pull it in, pull it in and sit up, very good Wayne.

Now you're gonna take this and you're gonna hold this bar and you'll hold the weight. And you're gonna lift up, up, up, up and lean forward and reach your head up to the bar and reach back. Pull the tummy in this is the hinge. Remember the hinge? Good and reach forward, forward, forward, and hinge.

Lift up, lift up, lift up and forward, forward, forward. And lift up, lift up, lift up and forward, forward, forward. Sit up tall, stretch over to the side. Punch up with your arms. Stretch over to the side, lift up.

Reach over to the side, (Wayne groaning) lift over to the side. (Wayne groaning) Good, and you're gonna twist. And center and twist. And twist, and center and twist. (Wayne groaning) Good, now touch your toes.

So that was the first time that Wayne did the whole series without a rest. (Wayne groaning) Good, and you're going to sit up. I'm gonna take this bar. You're going to keep that one foot under there. Actually, I'm going to give you this strap today.

Bend your knee into your chest. Both? Just one. And place your foot in this strap, and hold it. And that's it.

And lift the back, bring this hip a little forward, little more forward, there you go. Now lift your back and stretch the leg. My left foot. Just leave it there. Can I (indistinct) or not?

Yes you can. Lift it up, up, up, up, up, and come down. And now this lifts and lift. And remember you have to pull the stomach back otherwise you'll feel it in your hip. Good and down and other leg, lift, lift, lift and down.

Excellent, change your legs. Change your what? Change your legs. Oh, change your legs. Huh?

Oh, no. Yes, that's excellent, and reach. (Wayne groaning) And down, now notice you're not holding with your pinkie. Mm that's that same little bulldogy thingy? Yeah.

And lift up and down, excellent, really, really good. And lift up. (Wayne groaning) And down, excellent Wayne. Good, if you can please put your foot bar up. Step off, take your box bites two handles and put it back where it was, good.

And you're going to mount for your elephant. So remember these are going to be underneath the balls of your feet. Standing up, heel down. Good, now press your heels down. Now look, see ah, good.

So I want, I want you to start thinking about this part of your foot being parallel, okay? That's it and then standing on it, good And lift those toes up if you can they're already up a little, so don't even worry, and shift your weight back. Good, and stretch those wrists. First look, look at them, there you go Bring the eyes of the elbows forward, yeah. And pull your tummy in and stretch back.

(Wayne groaning) Let that head just drop and bring it forward and stretch it back, back, back, back, back. Bend your knees, and stretch up by pulling up into here. Bend your knees and press up. (Wayne groaning) Bend your knees and press up, stay there. Push out the carriage with your heels.

Stop and bring it in. Push out and in Push out, stretch those knees. And in, last one, push out. Stretch your knees and in. Lift your heels simultaneously.

I rather, let me take these from you. Bring your feet back and bend your knees. Bring your knees to the mat. Good, slide your foot back to stretch your toes. Bring this knee forward.

Get your toes under. There you go slide it back. That's it, sit down on the heels. So one thing I want you to start feeling is that this is pushing right back into there, mm hmm? Now stretch your arms, watch your wrists, there you go.

And push back, shoulders down. And in and out, and in, and in that's it. Out, in, out, and in. Reverse the arch, open up the chest, good. And press out.

And in, and two and in. Three and in and four in, five in, six in, seven in and eight and in. Very good, round over. Pull your ribs up, up, up, up, up. You're going to slide one foot forward.

(Wayne groaning) Good, and you're going to lift that heel. Good, remember the scoop? Bring your knee to your chest. (Wayne groaning) Good, and press out. (Wayne groaning) And in and keep the knee up, don't drop that knee keep it up.

And very good. (Wayne groaning) That's it, and down. It's coming down. So that was very good Wayne. You see how you kept that curve?

That's what we want, change your legs. Good, knee forward. Try not to twist the hip. Yeah. I know.

Very good heel up though, very good. Now, straighten your arms. You're gonna pull this knee into your chest like this. (Wayne groaning) Curl it in, press out, in one, very good. Out, in two.

Out, in three. Bring the knee down. (Wayne groaning) Excellent two feet, go back, pull your stomach up and in. Now make sure your knees line up with your feet. Yeah.

Open this knee out a little, good. Sit on your heels, head down, curl it in. And you're just gonna lift your knees into your chest. Yes, two, three, and bring it down. Wayne, that's freaking huge.

And pull it in, tailbone down and come down, good. Now pull this in as you do it. In, in, in off my fingers, off my fingers, off my fingers and down. And one more time. Pull it in, pull it in, pull it in and down.

You gotta show Katie that man. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Hop off, add a spring. Good, lie yourself down for running. Good, onto the balls of your feet.

Good, now remember to press, stop. Press on your pinky. Press on the, you have to get your pinky on here, yes. So, if you press too much in one direction the board will move a little. So we don't want it to move.

Press all the way out, pull the stomach in and you're gonna alternate. And lift kiss the heels (Wayne groaning) and kiss your heels, yes. And kiss now, I want you to actually lift your head and I want you to see when you lower this heel down that it doesn't change. Ah, pinky, pinky, that's it ah, see how you just came in. Yeah. So only go down as far, yup.

This is off too. Yup, only go down as far as you can bend your knee, bend this knee. That's it. Now stretch your two legs up. Now bend this knee, good, yes.

You feel that? Yeah. And come up and bend the knee. Good, and you can put your head down now. And come up and bend the knee and come up and bend the knee.

Ah, ah it's dropping in. And come up, bend the knee, bend the knee, bend the knee, good. Stretch both legs, bend your knees all the way in, excellent. Take your heels out, good. Flex your feet, lift your pelvis up and press out.

Push right through the center of your foot. So come down a little and I want you to press there. If it rolls, you're pushing wrong. Right. And bend in, yes.

And two, push this down. (Wayne groaning) Bend in, push this down. (Wayne groaning) Push, and good roll yourself all the way down. Hop up, take this spring off and we're gonna do that stretch that you, the kneeling stretch where you kneel. (Kathryn clapping) Sorry, yup, bend this knee.

Bend this knee. (Wayne groaning) That's it? Yup, you're doing great. You're, you're getting your box baby. Now pull this in.

So this is where your hurt your back, right? So you wanna drop that tail down. I know. (Wayne groaning) Good, so this hip sits on my hand. Yeah, you see.

See when you do that? Yeah. You have to be a little more here, very good. Now just bring your whole pelvis back to me. Don't move the carriage.

And then bring it in and lift your tummy, drop your tail and go back. (Wayne groaning) And come in and go back to me. (Wayne groaning) And good, now move your carriage back and in. Hip down more, there. Carriage back, yes.

And you feel that, that's where I want you. Yeah. In, carriage back. (indistinct) with the hips. Yup, and in, come off.

Just like when you're, you're on that ladder barrel and you lower and lift your leg, same thing. Wow. Yup, it's a deeper na, Nash eh it's a deeper, good. You're gonna get yourself into position. Pull your stomach up and in.

Square your box, very good. Bring this hand a little it forward it'll help you. And tummy in and just move the pelvis back. Don't move the bar, and bring it forward by lifting this and dropping this. And back, there you go, beautiful.

And lift and drop. And bend, and lift and drop. Now bring this hip down to me more, more, sit on me. So if you don't feel it, this is what you're missing. You feel it now? Yeah.

Yeah, and now move the carriage back. There you go, move it forward. Don't, don't lose me here. Move the carriage back. (Wayne groaning) And forward. (Wayne groaning)

I'm tired. Move the carriage back. (Wayne groaning) And in, in, in, excellent. Good, take your legs off. Go sit in the baby chair please.

Good 'cause. They're like holy hot, my back is open. Okay, good. It's like, what the hell did you do to me? Reach your hands back, very good.

Try to press the outer edge of your feet together. I know it's gonna be hard and they might not get there but that's okay. Now stretch your arms out in front and remember the rule about keeping your back fully on there. Yeah. Yeah so that's what we want.

Bring your chair back forward. Back on, press, chin down, that's it. Now, we're gonna make little circles with your arms. So tiny little quick circles. Circle one, two, three, four five, six, seven.

Now, make those circles and lower the arms to your thighs. Circle down, two, three, four. Look how the one wants to move faster than the other. And now reverse and come up lift the arms up, lift the arms up, lift the arms up, lift the arms up, knees a little closer and reverse. Go down, up and lift, and five, six, seven and eight reverse go up.

Stretch your wrist doll. Stretch your wrist, reach them through, reach them through, reach them through and bend your elbows in, excellent. A lot of things going on there. A lot of things going on. Okay, fold your arms.

Make your feet flat. Reverse the action, heels together and come up, good. Okay Wayne, so today you are graduating. You're gonna do a squat. Okay so face that bar, and you're gonna take, take your palms up.

See how you're already leaning back, I don't want you to lean back. Move your feet back more, more, more, back, back, back, back, back. Now lift your arms up and bend your elbows and do a curl. Lift your. (both laughing) Lift your elbows higher, there, that's it. You can step in a little bit, good.

Now pull your tummy in. Lift the arms, elbows up, up, up, up, up, good. Sit back as if you're sitting on, one second I'll give you something. As if you're gonna sit on this stool. Sit back, sit back, hold it.

Two, three, now look at your knees, bring them in. Four, five, now punch your arms up and stand up. Good, now relax your arms forward. Now watch as you cut your wrists, right? So curl in, lift your arms up.

Good, bend your elbows don't lean back doll. Yeah. Look at your hands, there. Lift up, lift up, lift up. Yes, hold it up there.

Pull the stomach in and squat back. Sit, sit, sit. Left me in a little. Push up to the ceiling and come up and relax your arms. And one more time, this is what we did all day yesterday.

Lift up, bend the elbows, right? Watch the wrist, curl it in and sit back. Knees in, right over, feel your big toe, feel your big toe. Hold it for five, four, three, two, one and come up, excellent. So let go of that bar.

We're gonna go over to your mat. And so do you remember how you got down on your baby chair? Yeah. Okay, so you're gonna stand on the edge of your mat. Right here, on the top, on the end.

What I want you to do is you're going to fold your fingers, your elbows and you're gonna squat back just like you're going on your baby chair. That's it, that's it. And you're gonna come to the mat and that's how you get down on the mat. Everything's an exercise, okay? Slide yourself back a little bit and make sure you're in the center of the mat 'cause you see you're all the way over, good.

So from now on Wayne, when you come to the mat that's how you're going to get down. Okay. Okay? So what I want you to do today is you're gonna bend your knees into your chest. You're gonna stretch your legs up to the ceiling, good.

You're gonna reach your arms back behind you. And you're gonna bring your arms to the ceiling. Don't worry we're moving it. Lift your arms up, now, lift your head up and you're gonna round forward, right like this. Open your chest, no that's your arms.

Bring your shoulder blades back. Yes, chest expansion. Bring your head forward, that's it. And you're gonna pump your arms, inhale and exhale. Open the shoulders to the mat, exhale.

Look at your navel. And now you're gonna inhale and you're gonna lengthen your right leg down. Both arms pump, both arms pump. Two, three, four, five. Pull your stomach in and bring it up.

Two, three, four, five. Reach the left one down, both arms pump, both arms pump. Two, three, four, five. Pull the stomach in, pull the stomach in, pull the stomach in, and up, and down. Two, three, four, five, and up, two, three, four, five.

Open your shoulder. Down two, three, four, five, and up, up, up. Bend your knees into your chest, good. Take your feet straight. Place them underneath, the heels together babe, good.

All the way back. Hold on to this. Hold on for dear life 'cause I'm gonna pull you. Wait, do you hold it in your, here or here? Just hold it.

Yeah but you hold it in the, like a golf club, you hold it here. Do you hold it here or you hold it in your palm? I hold it like a golf club. So you're hold it in your. Like a, so I can punch it.

Okay. And so you roll those knuckles forward. There you go, yes. Hold, hold on for dear life. Arms up, chin to the chest, roll up.

Chin to, lift your head. And roll up toes fixed together, exhale. Get your heels together. Now, press those heels together and roll all the way down. Press.

Good, legs together. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Roll down, ribs in, stretch back. (Wayne groaning) Roll up shoulders and lift your head and roll up, pull in, stretch down. (Wayne groaning) When you're looking at those hands that's the time to remember to fix the wrists.

(Wayne groaning) And roll down. Roll down, yes, ribs in, stretch back. Feels good right? Up shoulders, excellent. Plug the shoulders in more.

Yes, lift your head up. Roll up, roll up, roll up, stretch over. (Wayne groaning) Exhale, roll all the way down. And you're gonna, when you get all the way down you're gonna let, put the bar to the side. You're gonna grab your handles and you're gonna take the right leg out into your chest.

And then you're gonna take your hands and give it a nice pull. (Wayne groaning) Good, watch your wrist. Remember wrist down, down, they're up. Down, that way. Down, that way, yes.

Extend the leg up. Now, remember how you sat on me? Let go of the hip. Let me pull you, there. Now, keep your hip where it is and bring the leg up.

Hold it and circle it like one, lift. I'm gonna let go and you're going to do it. Two, three, four. Nothing moves, don't move your hips. Five, reverse.

One, pull the stomach in don't move the pelvis. Two, three, don't move your pelvis. (Wayne groaning) Four, I know it's hard the leg is straight, five. Bend the knee into the chest. Bring the foot down and change your legs.

You can just drop the foot fixer. And lift up and circle. The other way, the other way. Up and across the body, yes. Two, three, four, five.

Reverse, one, two, three, four and five. Very good, bend the knee in. Stretch the leg out, let go with the arms. And everything's gonna come up in one movement. You're gonna arrive in your rolling like a ball position.

You're ready? Like I punch you in the stomach. Find your new stretches, and in. Yes, very good. So that was like that you lifting your knees off for knee stretches.

Hold on to your ankles, head comes down, good. Really hold your ankle, get your fingers. You were right ,that's it just have your. You have a tendency of bringing that hand there probably from golf. Okay lift up your feet, hold your balance.

Actually Wayne. Fall back, find your knees stretch. (Wayne groaning) Find your knees stretch, yes. And place your feet down. Lift your feet up, find your knees stretch immediately, exhale.

(Wayne groaning) Yes, place your feet down. Lift your feet up, roll back, exhale. (Wayne groaning) Yes, one more time. Roll back, exhale, and very good. Lie all the way down, bring your knees into your chest.

You gonna do your single leg pull, do you remember that? Head is gonna come up. Now your job, is to fight to keep that box quiet. Think about every time the knee comes in, I'm doing my TV exercise, I'm doing my TV exercise, okay? So two legs into your chest, head comes up.

Stretch one leg out. Grab the ankle, other hand. That's it, good and switch left hand to left ankle. Stop, switch. No, no, no, left hand to left ankle.

That's it, correct, right hand to right. Now you don't have a dirty diaper, those legs. This is running, so your legs have to touch each other as they pass. And your head, look at me. And look, that's it, yup.

And, good, push on me, push on me. Good and push on me and push, hug that leg until you get a little extra stretch. And good, two legs in. Ankles, that's it, all the way in. Now, stretch your arms back, and stretch out your legs.

And bend in, lift your head, nobody said drop your head, dude. Get your ankles, heels together, good, yes. Stretch out, press. (Wayne groaning) Bend your legs in. (Wayne groaning) Wait, exhale.

Hands on the ankles. Stretch out your arms. That's fine. And bend in and stretch out. Good and bend in.

Now pull that tummy back or I stand on it. Press out and bend in, excellent. Sit up for your spine, stretch forward feet off. Flex your feet back. Arms up and stretch forward.

Hands, head goes down. (Wayne groaning) And stretch. (Wayne groaning) And roll up and stack your spine. And again, inhale and exhale, stretch. And roll up and stack your spine.

And inhale, and exhale. Stretch, stretch, stretch and roll up and stack your spine. And inhale, exhale. Stretch, stretch, stretch, roll up and stack your spine excellent. Good, you get two delicious exercises today.

Okay, so this exercise Wayne. To help, yep that shoulder placement to get a little more length in the front, across your collarbones. So this is what, when I say for you to plug those shoulders in what you're gonna feel. You're gonna lie down with your head and your knees and your feet flat. Good, you're gonna reach up and hold this bar.

Now, elbows going out to the side, plug your shoulders into the mat. Bend your elbows and touch your elbows to the mat. That's it. Now push, can you get them to the mat? Good, now stretch your arms back behind your head, mm-hmm.

That's it. (Wayne groaning) Now bend your elbows and reach them to the mat. And as you stretch your arms up, just try to keep your shoulders on the mat. (Wayne groaning) Stay there and plug your shoulders in. Nope, they came up more.

Back to the mat, to the mat, to the mat. That's it, so see here, press on my fingers, press on my fingers, how do you do that? Chest expansion, yes. Bend your elbows, just reach them to the mat. Good and stretch back.

Can you push more? Stretch, stretch, stretch. Bend your elbows, touch them to the mat, and stretch the bar, up. One more time, bend your elbows. Good and stretch them back.

So now when you do your double leg pull in, push your wrists, push it (indistinct). When you do your double leg pull, this is where I want your arms. Stay there, press out, you feel that? That's where I want them. Bend your elbows, touch your elbows to the mat.

You can do it, you can do it, yes. And stretch up and let go of the bar. And good, good, just stay there. Actually sit up. Grab your rollback bar.

Good, have your feet against the poles. Pull your stomach in, and you're gonna just bring your pelvis. Sit up tall and bring. (Wayne groaning) pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. And then sit up, sit up, sit up, sit up, sit up.

(Wayne groaning) And press down the bar and pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. (Wayne groaning) And up, up, up, up, up. (Wayne groaning) And one more time, pelvis. (Wayne groaning) Pelvis, pelvis. Hands all the way up.

(Wayne groaning) Okay, and let go. Now the next exercise that I'm going to teach you, is actually a very dangerous exercise, okay? (Kathryn laughing) Okay, so what I want you to do is you're gonna lie right here. Careful, you don't hit the foot at the bar. And take your head right under and you wanna line up so that your collarbone is right underneath the bar, right there, good.

A little further back, right there. Now push the bar up. Good, put your hands in the center. And I want you to take your feet and place them on the round part, perfect. I know you're never able to do that.

Now, you're gonna let go and place your hands on these bars. And you're gonna push into the bar. Now look at your knees, right? Remember how we lined them up just like you were seated on the floor in the beginning of class. Yeah.

You're gonna stretch your legs up and as you're doing, put your tailbone on the mat. (Wayne groaning) Tailbone, that's it, now soften your knees but get your tailbone down. That's all I care about, good, elbows up. Elbows up? Now, yup that's okay.

Stretch your legs, straighten your knees and really try to get your tailbone down, good. I'm gonna hold the bar Wayne. I want you to actually pull yourself, so that your head is off. You can let it hang, good. Now stretch your legs.

Tailbone on the mat, yes. And soften your knees, just soften them, that's it. And stretch your legs. Tailbone on the mat. (Wayne groaning) And soften and stretch, tailbone on the mat and good.

Slide yourself back to where you were, keep going more and keep sliding, keep sliding, keep sliding, all the way, all the way, I have the bar. That's it, that's it, good. Little more and stretch up, there you go. Now, I'm gonna pull this, this way. (Wayne groaning) And I'm gonna pull this way. (Wayne groaning)`

I know it's, you're doing amazing. And now you're gonna bend your knees and put your hands back in the center. But if I push out. Yes, that's what I said, push. But if I push out.

Yup, you always get more length when you push. So now bend your knees and put your hands in the center. Good, and you're gonna take your feet off. (Wayne groaning) And you're gonna bring the bar down and you're gonna give me the bar. Let's get out.

Mm-hmm please, watch your head. Good, and we're gonna do breathing. Do you remember breathing that we did the last time? Yeah. Or actually I think the time before.

So, he already did his roll back from his traditional ending and now he's doing his breathing. Heels together, lie all the way down. Good, bar on your hands. Stretch your knees, slide back a little bit towards your head, there you go, okay. Now keep those legs stretched.

Can you touch them together? Good. And hook the feet, good, inhale. Foot cramp? No, thigh.

Ooh, and inhale. Roll up the tailbone. Keep the head down. Hold, two, three, four, five, six. Push through the feet and roll ,two, three, four, five, six, inhale, roll up.

Beautiful, chest expansion. Hold it, chin down. Roll down. (Wayne groaning) Two, three, four, five, six, let it all go. Last one, inhale, roll up.

Stretch this elbow, open your chest, push through the feet, lengthen the neck. Exhale from here, six five, four, three, two, and one. Bend your knees into your chest. Hug them in, good. A little circle around, a little circle around a little circle around, chin down.

A little circle around. (Wayne groaning) And good. And excellent work today, Wayne. How you feel? Like a new man?

Totally. (Kathryn laughing)


Head  moves in the beginning are so much better than  these  big head rolls and  swings  that  instructors  show to loosen up tight necks.  Adding  conscious breathing makes it easier for the client.
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love his tee shirt- couldn’t agree more
I was surprising at how much pain the student expressed. Would that be normal for this kind of work?
I absolutely LOVE that a class on PA was demonstrated with someone who has less flexibility than "the average superstar pilates instructor." Modifications and mat height and etc are key and well demo'd and cued. I relate to this student's body very personally, so it's great to see it acknowledged given most instructors seem to be surprised by my mods for myself. I love helping students of similar flexibility find their pilates practice and am grateful to Ms. Ross-Nash for this flow.

Kristin- thank you! I agree, which is one reason I wanted to document this. I teach"REAL" clients.... have for over 30 years. It is how we really learn to understand the depth of this work. teaching the same students over and over and learning to apply the method to progress.
what a great series thanks so much for this

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