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Adding New Challenges

70 min - Class


Add new challenges to your repertoire as you continue to work on supporting your legs from your powerhouse with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She starts by working on foot exercises that she assigns Wayne for homework, then moves on to his regular practice. She also adds exercises like Going Up Front on the High Chair so that he can continue building strength and stability in his body.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Spine Corrector, Arm Chair, High Chair, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Yoga Block (2), Baby Arc, Table Chair, Magic Circle

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You ready, Mr. Nash? Yes. Session 16. You know, dude, where's your blocks. Can you grab your blocks over there?

They're on the corner. Have you been doing your neck exercises at all? I actually did on the golf course On Friday. Okay (chuckles). So you wanna sit down and you'll place the two blocks underneath your feet.

Okay, good. Sit, place your feet up on top. Good, roll the shoulders back. Lengthen the head. Good, pull the stomach in and up.

Don't let the knees drop out. So look down. Yeah, there you go. That wasn't very hard, though. So you weren't pressing on the big toe.

So even when you're here, when you can set your feet start not to please don't move them. Start setting. Can you pick up this foot, start setting your toes apart. So even if you have to use your hands start to spread your toes and add these exercises into your foot exercises. Lift the heels up.

We'll do together today. Lift them up and don't move your stomach. Yes and bring your heels down and lift your heels up. Press the big toe, big toe, big toe, big toe, big toe and down and lift your heels up, and down, and lift your heels up, up, up and down. Now stay.

And you're gonna just lift this toe. Press on my finger and bring it down. Just my finger, yes. Lift this toe, press on the finger and bring it down. Lift this toe.

Press and bring it down, yes. Lift this toe. Don't press till I tell you baby. Press and bring it down, yes. Lift this toe, press and bring it down one more time.

Lift this toe. Good, lift it. Lift it. Now, press and bring it down. Good.

Lift this toe. Good, press and bring it down. Lift this toe. Press and bring it down. Lift this toe.

Press and bring it down. Lift this toe. Press, bring it down. Good, keep your foot just like that. That look nice.

Look, you're spacing your toes. First time in 30 years. Lift. Press. Good.

Lift. Keep pressing. Now lift. Press. Yes, don't move the heel.

Just the toe. Lift. It's just like working your body. The only thing you wanna move is there. And if it doesn't move it, it doesn't move.

Sit up tall. Look in the mirror, lift up. That's your big job. Press. Yes and lift.

Press and down. Lift. Press and down. Lift, press and down. Lift, press and down.

Lift, press and down. Lift, press and down. Good, spread your toes as much as you can. Open them, open them, open them, open them and then bring them down. And again, spread your toes apart, apart, apart, apart, apart, apart, and bring them down and spread apart, apart, apart, apart, and down.

Last one, press, open and chin down and good. Now I'm gonna slide your blocks forward. Pull the foot. Pull the foot, good. Lift your heels up, press on the balls of the foot.

Good, lower your heels down to the floor. Good, lift your heels up, up, up, up, up, good and lower down. And lift up, up, up, up, up, and lower down. One more time. Lift up, up, up, up, up.

Wow, and lower down. Good, let me just take this footprint by your heel. Remember to stay in the center of your heel, the weight, center of the heel. Good, now, try to good, very nice. Relax this the botox.

Press the ball of your foot down, both of them, press and then release it. And press, press, press and release it and press, press, press, and release and press, press, press. Good, now lift your flexible feet, toes back and curl the toe and spread the toes, and curl the toes, and spread the toes. Curl, curl, tight, tight, tight, little ball like a fist to fist, to fist, to fist and open wide, open wide, open wide and again, curl, curl, curl, and up, up, up. Very good, relax.

So now what I want you to do when you come into this studio before we start our session you're gonna do these on your own. That's gonna be your coming into the studio to get your mind in the studio. So do you remember what you did? Lifted your heels but you're going to go over and you're gonna pay attention, lift the heels, right? And then we spread the toes, right?

And you're gonna try to lift them individually. I don't care if they go up or not, and spread them with your hands. Remember you can use your hands to do it too. So you're gonna spread your toes. Then you're gonna lift the ball.

Then you're gonna go the heel press the ball and lift curl. So there's a reason I want you to start doing that when you come into the studio. So before you start with me, you're gonna do this. Okay, good. Let's go over the reformer to begin your session.

No, technically that's you coming into the studio on your own Independence and dawn your equipment. I know. It's flip-flop 'cause I had it set up for the workshop. Bring your heels down a little bit. Good excellente.

Wow, you're right in the center, you know that? And yep it is. Press up and in. Good. And go ahead too.

And in. Inhale, inhale, exhale. Exhale. Good, inhale. Inhale.

Exhale. Remember to squeeze the juice. Exhale. One more time. Inhale, fill the lungs.

Keep moving. Inhale. Exhale. Exhale. Good, now I'm gonna take this off.

Can I take this off? Good, you're gonna have your feet here. See how your heels are touching? Your heels are touching. You feel that?

Yeah, but with my legs. That's okay. Bring your legs together and keep pressure here. That's it, bring the knees together. Bring the knees together.

Bring your knees. Keep pressure here. Keep pressure here. Very good. Press out and in.

Very good. Now keep moving as you do it. And do you remember, I talked to you about bringing this part of the leg together. That's it, bring. That's okay.

That's okay, you just rocked forward. That's why it's there. Of course, you have to keep pushing your heels under. Yep, take your time. Knees together.

Yep, under with the heels, under. Knees together. Good, good. And feel the outer edge of the foot so that you don't bang your little ankles. Outer edge.

Yes, that was gorgeous. Outer edge. Good, outer edge. Good, one more time. Stretch.

Very good, knees into your chest. Anchor your pelvis. Good. Now from that the anchor. Keep your tuck and flex your feet and bring him to the bar and flex your toes back.

And press out. Now, remember to push into the bottom of that heel. Yes and flex pull the toes back. Excellent, Wayne. Press.

Pull the pinky back, pull the pinky back, pull the pinky back and press, pull it back. Back, back, press, pull it back, back, back. Press. Rubber, where's that little outer edge of that foot? Press it.

Good and press it. And in one more time, press it and very good. Back to the balls of your feet. Heels together. Toes, balls of the feet apart.

Excellent. Press your legs out all the way. Keep those heels up. Lift your heels. Lift your heels.

Lift your heels. Now only lower as much as you can. Keep the weight here, lower, lower, lower. Excellent, lift your heels up. Now, keep doing it and you're gonna lengthen this side because you see I like to shorten that side there and then lower, lower, lower.

Go a little lower, go a little lower, go a little lower. Good, lift up, up, up, chin down. Lower, lower, lower. Up, up, up, lower, lower, lower. Yes, up, up.

Find that block that we worked. Lower, lower, lower. Last one. Up, up, up. Bend your knees all the way in.

My arches. Yes, your arches, bingo. That's memorized said was fallen on you. Very, very, very good. We're gonna keep your foot bar up today.

Legs are gonna stay on here. You'll reach back for your 100. You're gonna reach those arms up to the ceiling. Drunk again so early. Reach your arms up to the ceiling.

Bring your head up to the, keep the legs down and roll in. Press, press, press. Good, pump, inhale. Two, three, four, five, exhale. Roll up into yours.

Spring, inhale. Two, three, four, five, press roll up into your spring. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five.

Exhale. Roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. One more, inhale, exhale. Exhale, exhale. Bend in.

Good, what you're gonna do, Wayne is you're gonna sit up. Take your foot bar down. Take off one middle spring so there's two outer springs attached. What? Take off so there's two outer springs attached outer for you.

I'm using outer because he needs to activate the outside of his legs a little more right now as opposed to inner. Lie down please. Just like we did last time. Bend your knees into your chest. What you do?

Burner. Roll your bottom up. Roll your bottom up. Lift it. Lift your tush.

That's it. Keep your chest. This is like your pelvic lift. And now bend your knees into you rolling like a ball and bring your feet to your seat. Good, now frog.

Excellent. Pull the stomach in, press out. Yep, perfect. Press out. Open the chest.

Bend the knees and come in. They're not so low. The knees stay echoing the straps and press out little higher. That's it. And bend in.

Now, don't turn it in and out. So you're turning your neck. Keep your knees. Use the straps, the knees. If they go further away from the straps you've got open your legs.

Good, and now they go along the edge of the strap as you bend your knees. Edge of the strep. No Wayne, I'm gonna let go. You've gotta anchor your box right to my hand. Good and bend your knees.

And anchor your box. Pull the ribs in and bend the knees, soft ribs. Very good. One more time. Anchor.

He's doing so very well. Now, open, push in your strap to lower an inch. Draw your heels together, press your heels together right there and bring it up with the tailbone down. Open by pushing into the strap. Push into this trap as you lower.

Push into this trap as you close. I'm gonna let go. Ah, ah, hold it with your tummy and bring it up. You have to hold the weight of your legs. Open, press into the strap, draw your legs together press them and lift up.

Reverse it down. Keep pressing in the strap. So as long as he cannot maintain the weight of his legs in this strap, I am not going to have him support his legs in his 100 because that means he is going to lose his powerhouse. If you also notice, he is trying to bring his legs over to one side. So until he understands what this much pressure which is different than the legs springs, that which I haven't focused on that much just introduced.

He cannot support the weight of his legs yet. Bend the knees in. And that's where we're starting to function with him is his supporting his way of his legs for his 100 legs over top and very, very good. Hug the legs in. Good, Wayne.

You're gonna spin your legs to the side. You're going to add a spray. I'm going to get you a pad and you're going to sit on the pad for your favorite exercise in the whole world. Honey, how's the footwork go? Great, stomach massage.

So he's gonna get the same accoutrements when he starts being able to lower and lift his heels and his tendon stretch, that's when I will probably add his lower and lift. Remember everybody's individual. Good. Heels together. Toes part.

Not so wide. It's, no, that's it. Not so wide. That's it? Yep, you got it.

Now, where are we gonna stand? No, lose your baby toe. Yes, head down and keep your shoulders over your hips as you stretch your legs and bend your knees and come in. Good. And again, stretch out and bend, press the heels together, stretch out and bend it.

Now, as you stretch out, challenges, stretch. Bring your nose in more, in more, in more. I think rolling like a ball. And then find your rolling like a ball here and find your rolling like a ball. You roll up as you come here, find your rolling like a ball.

Find your roll up. Now, remember how your knees like to go by. Find you're rolling like a ball. In, in, in, in, in. Yes, there.

Stretch out. Imagine you have those legs spring straps. In, in. Two more. And stretch out and bend in and stretch out and bend in.

Take your hands back. Very good. Roll your shoulders down, back and open. I think I did that back last time. So to do this leg there and press out and come in and lift.

Press out and come in and lift. Press out, come in and lift. Press out, come in and lift, press out. Come in, lift, press out, come in and good. Reach between your legs.

Please take one spring off. Look how easy that is. Hold on to my wrists. Stretch out your reach for me. Don't put bruises on my legs.

Reach up, reach up, reach up. Good, straighten your legs. Open your chest, bend your knees. See, it doesn't help you by lifting your shoulders. You think it does, but it doesn't.

It actually makes you shorter and bend open the chest. Good, and come in, lift up, up, up. Open the chest and lift up, up, up. Stretch out and hold on to here and stretch your legs. Good.

And very good. Good, so you're gonna come over to here but in the frame. And do you remember how to do your standing short box, where your feet are in here? We're gonna take the pad. You'll put your feet right on against here, right?

Sure. Back in there. That's okay. You're doing, actually don't worry. Take your feet there.

That's why you're getting a barrel to support you. Bend your knees. Take your feet there. Good. Separate your legs now.

Now bend those knees. Bend nice and deep. Now don't talk. That's it. Wrap your hands around your tummy and round back.

Pull the tummy against the barrel, against the barrel, against the barrel, and curl. And tummy against. Good. (Nash groans) One more time, tummy against the barrel. Against.

Open, open, open and curl in. And one more time, tummy, tummy, tummy and beautiful. Straightforward, just give yourself a little stretch. And now this is the hinge, right? Hands behind your head.

Good, don't round, lean forward, lean forward. Chin down. I know. And tummy in and hinge back. Nope.

Stop pressing my hand. There. Now keep pressing through my hand and hinge. Keep pressing, keep pressing, keep pressing and come forward and relax everything. And now pressing my hand.

And do not go back till I tell you to. Press in my hand. I don't want you to go until I feel what I'm supposed to feel pressed into my hand. There. Now hinge.

Find the baby chair and find the baby chair. Relax, lift up. Find the baby chair. Find the baby chair. Yes, stay there.

Stretch over to the side and up. Stretch over the side and up. Stretch over the side and up. Stretch over the side and stall and twist and center, and twist, and center, and twist, and center, and twist, and stretch all the way down. Pull in, pull in, pull in, pull in.

Good, step out. And we're gonna do our stretch. I'm gonna turn the ladder barrel and you're gonna stand and do your stretch facing this way. Put your foot up on a run. Keep your box square.

How about this one? But you do a challenge. Lower this hip. Take this foot back more. Good.

Get your weight on the outside of that foot. Notice this your ankles collapsed. Thank you. Don't tell me, I'm the teacher. There, you feel that?

Keep it. And this is one time that you can't argue whether I'm right or not. Pull the stomach and stretch, stretch, stretch and come in, tilt more down and stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. That's why I'm guiding you. And tailbone down.

And again, stretch, stretch, and come in, change your legs. Don't shift just single leg. Pull this bit, drop this hip down. Good. Yeah.

Yup, lift a little more, lift the arch. Yes, don't move the heels, sweetie. Just lift the arch. So it's let me do that. Nope, don't move.

There and we stand right here. More. There it is. You feel that? Don't lose that.

I'm on the inside. Yeah. Right, right. So, I'm like this 'cause it's really bad? Yes.

So, I really feel my calves? Yes, because remember where you cramped? Right. Now, the hard thing is soften this knee and drop this hip bone. More, more, more.

That's it. Now stretches leg and don't lose it. Do you remember how you sit on my leg? Yep. Yeah, I feel it.

Good. Now stretch the bottom leg and stay on my leg. Stretch the bottom leg. Yes, take that foot back a tiny bit. Hop it back.

Don't take the barrel back. That's the whole purpose. Now fix that foot. More, more, more. Don't move anything except the ankle.

Step on the big toe. Now rotate the leg. Yes, now stretch up and come in, and stretch up and come in (Nash groans) and stretch up and come. Oh, that side is week. And that's when you hike up all the time.

Stretch up and come in. I see. Excellent. Now in lowering your knee stretches, today working a little bit on that alignment. We're gonna come over here and you're gonna do an exercise instead of your knee stretches, hold, going up, front.

And there's a couple of reasons why I'm doing this for his 100. One is to get some stability in that hip that he's not stable in to. I'm like this. That's the way I seat. Correct, right.

So you're gonna begin facing this. Do a single leg pull step up. Now as you step up, place your two feet on here. So I don't want that ball my foot off. Okay, my two feet are on here just like I'm on the foot bar.

Don't hit this. Look at how you're standing now on your feet. All my work. Thank you. Single leg pull.

Place your foot up. Don't hit this with your foot. It will hurt. Place your foot here. Spread your toes.

Bring your knee over the center. It's the same position that you were just in over there. Back foot. All the toes on there. Hands are gonna be here.

Lean forward, just like you did over there when you stretched out. This is a very, very strong pedal. Be very, very careful. Okay, I have to get here to spot it. So basically like that.

And I want your big toes down. Right, right, with your big toes down. Yep, there you go. There you go. Feel how active that arches.

Okay, stop doing the bad things. I'm trying to figure out what I have to do. I understand. You'll figure that out later. Single leg pull.

Bring your foot up. So engage it, okay. Yes. Press the pedal down. Step the other foot up.

Now make sure the entire ball of both feet is on. It's not a comfortable position. Bring your heels together. Nope, I didn't say bring the balls of the feet together. Step back off and redo it.

Please only do what I ask you to do. No improvising. Now look at the way you're standing. Is that how you wanna stand? Place your hands up on here.

Don't lean on it like you're going to die. Do a chest expansion. Thank you. Pull the stomach in and up and bring one leg up. Bring your foot to the pedal.

Press the pedal down. Good. Yes, now don't move that foot 'cause it's in line with your hip. Yes, now line this one up with your hip and bring your heels together to activate your powerhouse and your trinity. Now do a single leg pull, bring the leg up and don't hit here.

Very good. Take your toes forward more. More, spread them. Bring your knee right over the center. Bring your hands up on top.

Soft elbows. Lean forward so that your one line from your head to your heel, just like you did over there. Pull your tummy in. Good. Bend this bottom where you're likely to kneel.

Kneel like we did on the ladder barrel. Bend it and get this hip down like we did on the ladder barrel. So think about drawing the legs towards each other. Draw the inner thighs towards each other. Yes, now stretch the bottom leg and bend the bottom leg.

Remember those front splits that we do. This is that and stretch the bottom leg. Lift the heel please. Bend the bottom leg. Don't let that heel move and lift the bottom knee.

Yes. And bend the bottom knee. Square the hip. Yes, now you're square. Keep this long neck back to my hand.

Now stretch the bottom leg. Lift the heel. Lift the heel. Lift the heel. Good, now stay here.

Pull the tummy in and just float up by pressing here. That's it. Good. Now while you're up here, it's easier to find your box. So find your box up your stay.

Pull the tummy in more. Pull the tummy in more. Pull the tummy and that's it. Now come down with control. Go down for eight, seven, six, five, lift four, three, two, stop.

Go back up. Don't let that knee drop out. Press the knee against there. Now what happened to the arch of this foot? Stand here.

We had this whole big drama about it and now you let it go. Stand here. No big drama. And then you let it go. And then come back.

Come back down. Come back down, come back down. Sit on my shoulder. Stop, go up, go up, go up, go up and slowly come down. Five, four, three, two, and one.

Carefully take this leg off. Place it on the pedal where it was before in line with this hip, toes back a tiny bit. There you go. Do a single leg pull. Pull your tummy in.

And remember how you lift the knee for the single leg knee stretches? Same thing as your single leg knee stretch to bring the foot up. Good. Spread your toes a little more forward. That's it, don't crunch them.

Put your knee right over the center. Lean forward. Lean forward. Good. This woman wrote a book on this piece of equipment.

Maybe you wanna read it. And drop the hip down. Right there. This one, the one that I'm pulling down. Good.

Bend this knee. Drop the hip, lean forward and stretch the leg by pulling. Beautiful. Bend the knee. Do you see your push-up position?

And stretch the knee. And you see the position your body's in. This is where you should do your pushups. Pull this in more and bend the knee. Good, good.

And press, stretch the leg. Stretch the stretch, stretch the leg. Find the block that we were working on in the beginning of class and press up. Pull the stomach in and come back down for five, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Come back up, lift up one, two, three, come back.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Draw it in and up, up, up, up, up, up and come back come back, stretch, stretch, stretch. You feel that hip? That's where we want the stability of that hip. And this helps with the stability of the alignment of your knee ankle.

Good. Now be careful when you, listen to me very carefully when you exit. Take your hands onto here. Bring your foot to the pedal. With your stronger leg, step down.

Step off with the stronger one? With the stronger leg. And with control, execute a single leg pull and bring the pedal up. Stand up tall, stand up tall, stand up tall. Very good.

Excellently. Good, we're gonna lie back down on here for running. Yes, that's it. You do that in little squats. Wow, it's hard.

Lie down. We do a whole hour on this. Yeah, that's exactly right. You did great though. Lie all the way down.

Now you see why I replaced all your knee. Good, one sec, let me add a spring. So, here are your springs. It's all about you and the box. It's all about the box baby.

It's box control. That's right. So, just to let you know, you're now overcompensating. Your head is more on this side than it is on the left. Excellent.

I want your pumps down now. I don't want you to do. I'm sorry, and I want you to do a chest expansion. Good. Now you think that's it.

You think about chest expansion through this whole thing. Okay. Knees a little closer. Good. Find your chest expansion.

Stretch out your legs and lift your heels, and lower one. And lift and lower, and lift, and lower. Now lift from here and lower the leg. Don't let that ankle drop. We just had the whole drama about your foot, right?

And stretch the legs up. Now don't let your ankle do this funny thing. Feel the outer edge. This one. Feel the outer edge of the foot as you lower the heel.

And lift it up and lower it. Keep this away and lift it up. Stay. So you took three minutes of conversation, right? And now you're not finding it.

Press here as you lower the heel. There and now lift it up. You feel how deep that is now? Press here as you lower the heel. Yes, and bring it up.

Don't go further. Press here. It's all about alignment. Wait, right there. Press there.

That's it. And lift. Yes, very good. And press. Gotta get stern with you.

And lift. Get up my schoolmarm outfit and press, press. Yes and gorgeous and press. Oh, he likes that schoolmarm, press, press, press when you have it. And lift, and press.

Feel it in your butt. That's it. And lift it and press, press, press. Excellent, bend all the way. So bricking, outer side of the legs.

So remember I said, I put your two springs on the outside for your leg circles to activate the outside of your body 'cause that's where your weaknesses right there. Excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent. Tailbone up. Enjoy, press out. Just go and come in.

Just let it go and come in. Go out and in, in. Scoop it, go out and find rolling like a ball. Come in and lengthen the legs and come in. Now, push through the heels, pull the tummy in and come in.

Now feel like you're going up that chair as you draw the legs in and scoop some rolling, like a ball. Feel the going up front on the chair and drag it in. Draw your two legs together and don't let those knees pop. Draw them like you're squeezing. Yes, and come in.

We're not gonna do front split today because we did that. That helped replace it. But I do want you to come over here. To start working that midline, I want you to press the soles of your feet together like this. Hold your magic circle here.

Hold behind your thighs like this. And I'll be echoing it on the reformers so you can see. So you're gonna sit up with the so, go ahead. Soles the feet together. Just like this put it above the knee joint, above, above.

Nope, sweetie you're here, I'm here on my thigh. Yes. Okay. Print, slide it up a little bit. So you see, look down at your circle.

There. Now take your hands here. You're fighting me so much today. Elbows up, sit up tall, sit up tall. Good, okay.

Squeeze your circle. Squeeze it. And every time you squeezes your circle, you pull the tummy in. Yeah, squeeze, hold, squeeze, hold, squeeze, hold and release. And again, squeeze, hold, squeeze, hold, squeeze, hold, release.

Now we're gonna add that hip opening. Remember rollback bar. You're gonna squeeze the magic circle and take your hips back. Open your hips. Open your hips.

Open your hips. Keep going, keep going. Keep going. Keep coming. And I'll come back up and over.

Leave your hips there. Good. And then sit up tall, release it. And again, lift up tall. Focus, focus, chin down.

Chin down. Squeeze your circle and bring this back. Come up, bring this back away. Go ahead and bring the hips away. Bring the hips away.

Bring the hips away. Bring the hips away and come back over. Very good. Very good. Okay, so you're gonna need to remember your breathing.

I want you to come over here, baby. And you're gonna lie down with your legs, your tailbone here and your head here. Legs up. Let me move it over a little so you're clear of the reformer. And you're gonna lie down with your tailbone.

Tailbone off the edge, please. Tailbone off the edge. You are not here today. Head all the way down, arms down by your side. Legs stretch out.

Good, this is breathing. This is your favorite exercise. But over here, hold the bar heels together just like in breathing. Good, reach your arms down straight. Just like in breathing, watch your wrists.

Inhale. Reach up, just like breathing on the Cadillac. And stretch back. Exhale. Exhale.

Exhale. Inhale. Come up. Open your chest. Inhale, come up.

You pull your tummy in. Exhale. Stretch back. Doesn't it feel so good? Exhale.

Come on, reach for me. Stretch it back. Back, one, two, three. This is that side to side on the Cadillac when we hang. Arms up, pull your stomach in.

Bring your hands to your thighs. Open the chest. Reach forward. Inhale, stretch the wrists. Watch this wrist.

Let me move it baby, there. And reach it back. Exhale. And lift your head up round forward. Pull your tummy in.

Slide yourself back so you don't fall on the floor. Slide towards me, towards me, towards me. This is your back. And round forward. Good, take your bar.

Stand up. And you're gonna go over to the mat. Give me your whole. Stand on the end of the mat. Okay, do you remember how we went down last time?

Heels together. Heels together. Pull your stomach in. Good and lie down. Place your feet underneath the strap.

I want the short strap. Slide yourself back. Heels together. Lie all the way down. Why are you so wide?

Remember in line with your shoulders. Good, inhale, reach up. Exhale, stretch back. Good. Inhale, come up.

Do five roll-ups please. And just keep it moving. And roll down And inhale, come up and exhale overhead down. Good. Inhale, go back.

Exhale, go down. Good, inhale, come up, exhale. Good, right there. Perfect way. Inhale, go back.

Exhale down. And one more time. Inhale up, exhale over. Good. Inhale up, exhale and down.

Drop the pole per side. Good. Grab the handles and take your right leg out. Stretch it up. And remember you're not gonna move your pelvis at all and you can bring your elbows to the mat.

Good. Lift the leg up and circle it. Cross the body. That's it. And down, around again.

Up to your nose, go. Nothing moves and down around and up to your nose, and down, around and up to your nose. Three, down around and up to your nose. Four, down around and up to your nose. Five, slippery socks down around, up to your nose.

Six, up to your nose and change the direction. And circle around up one. Circle around up two. Circle around up three. Circle around up four.

Last one, circle around up five. Bend the knee in and change your legs. Excellent. Other side, soften those ribs and take the leg up. Stretch it up and circle across.

And one, nothing moves, good. And two, nothing moves. And three, and four, and five. Reverse it. And one, pool in.

Two, pull in. Three, pool in. Four, pool in. Five, pool in. Bend the knee in and stretch the leg down.

Beautiful. Take your feet out from the strap and in one fluid action, you're gonna create a rolling like a ball position. Double like pull, pull the stomach in and right into it. Excellent. Hold those ankles.

Head down and hold the ankles. Roll back and come up one. Dive in. Remember, we were talking rolling like a ball. And roll back.

Dive into, hold those ankles. Roll back. Dive in three. Good, roll back. Dive in four.

Yes, Wayne, that was gorgeous. Dive in, ready? Exhale and up. Go back. Exhale.

Keep your head down the whole time, baby. Find that stomach massage. Yes, find that stomach massage. That's it. Gorgeous.

Excellent. Hug your legs and lie down to the mat with your knees and your chest. Get ready for your single leg. Pull, slide yourself back a little, Wayne, 'cause I want your upper shoulders on here. Shoulders.

You're allowed to use your hands to move yourself. Slide back, shoulders, shoulders, shoulders on the top. On the top. Yep. Good.

Bend your knees into your chest. Yes, now you can bring your head into your stomach. So I want you to think whenever you lift your head that weight is right here. And remember we worked on these hands, left hand right. So right hand to right ankle.

So right hand to right ankle. Left hand to left ankle. Right hand to right ankle. Left hand to left ankle right here center. How are you gonna stand on your center.

Push on my leg. Push on my leg. Yes, good hug the knee and more, stretch it. Get that stretch that you do over there. Stretch, stretch, stretch.

Good, switch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Very good. Switch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Okay, don't flex this foot when you bring it in. And switch.

Stretch, stretch, stretch. And in stretch, stretch, stretch. Bend both knees and hug them in strongly. Where is your foot fixer? Where's Wayne's foot fixers?

Yeah, I only see this one. You have to use the small one then. Heels together, toes apart. Press on your foot fixer, stretch the top of the foot if you can. Heels together.

Okay then. Press your heels. Pull the tummy in, stretch back. Stretch out with your legs and stretch back with your arms. Stretch back with your arms.

Pull the stomach into that space. Now exhale and come in and bend it and don't lose your powerhouse. There, feel where it is. Keep it there. Stretch back.

Good, bend it in. Exhale. Inhale. Fill your lungs. Do just like sirens.

And exhale, inhale and exhale, and inhale and exhale. Good, sit up, feet on the sides for your spine. Stretch forward. Flex your feet and lift your seat. Arms out in front.

Stretch, stretch those legs. Good. And round down. Pull the tummy in. Good, keep that low back on this pole.

And now roll up and stack. Remember how we stack the spine, like the show dog. Excellent. Now, lift up this pole. Good and round forward.

Head goes through the arms first just like the roll up and keep lifting through here. Keep lifting through here. Beautiful, Wayne, this is your best spine stretch forward. Good, keep your back on my pole and reconstruct your spine up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Yes, inhale, lift up.

Exhale up and over, up and over, up and over, up and over, up and over. And roll all the way up. Excellent. Go sit over on the baby, you saw we left out some of the 100 here. We're gonna do an exercise called sparkles that you did last week where your arms.

I know that's what I said, Just like I'm doing the double. You do great. So fingertip to elbow, come down in position. Remember how to get your handles behind you if you can. You're gonna reach back, don't turn.

Find them. Even if you have to drop your arms down I want you to start finding them. Yes, and find them, good. Souls the feet together. I'm gonna give you a pad.

Lift, put his up. Now, press them together. Now, since you like to drop your legs out we're gonna give you another joy. Hold the circle. Good.

Your whole back is on here. Get your tailbone back a little bit more. Back. Just that you know, back is behind you. In front is in front of you.

Stretch your arms in front of you. Good. You have to move your whole body over to this side. This side. You are allowed to move your feet to move your body.

You understand? It's awful because now you see your path. In trying to save time, you waste time. And you don't wanna get in the habit of wiggling your body around, right? Engage, stretch your arms forward.

Pull the stomach in and you're going to circle. Inhale, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Reverse exhale, two. Now you're gonna watch the arms and make them match. So stretch this elbow.

Inhale two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, exhale, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Now put pepper in it. Inhale two, three, four, both arms, five. Use that left arm, six, open your right, seven, eight, reverse, up, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Roll, that, go ahead, keep going.

Circle. Two. Don't let this shoulder forward and do the work. Six, seven, eight, and reverse it. Two, three, four, five.

You look like somebody who just. And now stay there. Reach the chair back forward. Keep your shoulders on it. Shoulders on it.

Shoulders on it. Shoulders on it. Shoulders on it and come back. Stretch it forward. Lift the tummy, lift the tummy.

Don't lift your shoulders. Lift the tummy, lift the tummy. Hold it, hold it, hold it. And back. One more time.

Pull the stomach in. It's a hard thing, but you're doing that's your lift. That's what we wanna feel in your 100. Up, up, up, up, up and relax. Excellent. Excellent.

Excellent. Really excellent. You actually look like you're doing plies. It was great. Fit your baby chair.

So babe, remember your spine stretch forward. Okay. We left your elephant out for a reason today because I wanna put it over to here. So I want you to sit and I want you to sit with this little groove lined up with this little corner. Just stay there, don't.

Open your legs a tiny bit. Don't roll them. Open, open. Bring them together. Hips.

Okay, come over to here. I had a feeling we were gonna do it here, so these boxes were set. You're gonna sit with your feet on the boxes. Let me just get this up over. So just so that the audience knows, I'm taking him here for his elephant to work the depth of his sea curve in his 100 and the strength.

Because his legs can't get straight yet, I can't do the teaser with him on the wound is year which I would normally be doing if his legs had the extension, but we work in bits and pieces. Come a little forward babe. A little more. Reach the bar with your hands. Excellent.

So babe, what you're gonna do is you're gonna stand on your feet and you're gonna have the feet inward and parallel. Good. Excellent. And I want you to sit with your shoulders over your hips. Very good.

And you're gonna bend your elbows out to the side and push the bar down. And keep pushing, and keep, don't change, keep pushing. You feel that in your stomach? Keep pushing, keep pushing. Don't go it, just straighten the arms.

Don't reach forward. Just straighten your arms. This is for your elephant. You feel it in your stomach? That's where you wanna feel your elephant.

Now bend your elbows. Keep this tall. It just the way you did before reverse the action. Don't break the wrists and stretch up. Good, and reach the bar up.

So you wanna keep the wrist straight, right? There on a bar that rules so that you can roll your wrist and keep the wrist straight. Elbows up, press down, grow tall. That's it. That's it.

Good. So this is what... Watch those knuckles as it press, press down. Yes, gorgeous and bend your elbows. And lift it up.

Good. And bend your elbows straight out, up, grow tall. Watch the knuckles on that left hand. Look at it with both hands. There you go.

Press down to grow tall. Press down to grow tall. Press down to grow tall. And again, up, up, up, up, and very good. Excellent, Wayne.

Do you feel that? That was beautiful. Come, almost there. Almost there. Hip opening.

Okay. So you're going to lie, you're going to sit on your barrel. Do you remember how to get on? You're gonna sit on your barrel right about here. See where this strap is.

And you'll hold the strap and you're gonna roll your low back down and touch your shoulders to the mat. Okay, so sit a little more forward towards your tush. A little more. And now use your stomach and roll down. Excellent.

Open your chest. Now do you have to just use your elbows on that bar? Yes, same thing here. So you see, so you can draw the shoulder blades together. Now you find that, feel the barrel beneath your ribs, find the barrel with your back of your ribs.

That's it. Beautiful. So I want you to keep this barrel there. You're gonna bend one knee into your chest. Don't tip the hip, bring the foot back down.

Bend the other knee into the chest. Don't tip the hip. Press here. Yes, and bring it down. Bend the knee into your chest.

Press here. Yes. Now bend the other leg in. Good. Pull the stomach in.

And you're gonna stretch the right leg up. Keep the left leg bent. Circle it, one. Nothing moves. Keep this one bent.

Circle two, circle three, circle four, circle five. Reverse it. Circle one, circle two, circle three, circle four, circle five. Bend the knee into the chest. The foot goes up.

Good Circle one, circle two, circle three, circle four, circle five. Reverse, circle one, two, three, four, five. Bend the knee into your chest with using your stomach against the barrel, lower the feet. Using the stomach, place it down. Now give me your hands.

Chin to your chest and roll up to sit. Beautiful. Pull the stomach in. Reverse the action. Roll down.

Open the chest. Beautiful. Hold onto here. Elbows open. Double leg, pull, pull, pull stomachs with knees and with your stomach.

Good. Keep this knee into the chest. Lift this leg up. Thank your pelvis. Can you stretch it more?

Yes, keep it straight. It's gonna feel good, I promise. Does that feel good? Now you have to keep your pelvis flat on the mat. I know, I know, it's gonna stretch that hip.

Beautiful, see how open that hip is. That's what I want. Bend the knee into your chest. Stretch the other leg up. Extend it tall.

Beautiful. Good, when you're doing awesome. Good focus. I got my Wayne back. It took through the end of this session.

Reverse. Stay, stay. This one. I have the way to your leg. Good, bend your knees in.

Double like pull, pull the stomach into the mat to lower your feet to the neck. Good, give me your hands. Chin to your chest. Tease it. Lift up.

Excellent. We'll get you to stand right up. Okay, come over here. So do you remember in the very beginning of your Pilates career I had you stand over here and you were holding these bars, and you had your heels together and your toes apart, and your chest is open, and you lifted and lowered. Okay, we're gonna do the same thing and you're gonna lift and lower, and then you're gonna lift, bend your knees, keep the heels together, lower.

You didn't like them, I know. You will like them more today, I promise. So heels together. I think we did right. Good and I want you to bring the separate balls of the feet.

And I want you to press right here. Not here, here. Bring this foot back a tiny bit. Yeah, squeeze my finger and feel the outer edge. And feel that rotation.

Now find that barrel. Find your chest expansion. Find your head press. Find your head press. I did.

No you aren't. There. And lift up the heels, keep them together. So let them separate and lower down. Leave your head on the ceiling.

Lower, lower, lower, and lift. Find that barrel where I stretched your legs. Good. Now find the barrel where I stretched your arms. Lift the heels.

Pull this in, yes. Fine. Bring in that pedal up and you're on the high chair. Now bend the knees right over the toes like your foot work. Good.

Good. Good. Lower your heels. Sit. Good.

Press to the outer edge of the heel and stretch up. Lift up. Bring your neck back to me. Neck back to me. Good.

Bend your knees. Stretch, good. Press back into me. Press back into me. Good.

Lower the heels. Now before you press your heels, press your heels down and push into here. More heels down, head up, heels down, head up. That's it. Lift your heels up.

Press here. Thumbs with your fingers please. Break that habit. No, I didn't. They can be around or with around, that's it.

Lower, lower, lower. Press your heels down. Stretch your legs. Now leave your head on my hand and bend your knees like you're sitting on a chair. Don't turn.

Press, press, press. Now, lift your heels. Don't change your height. Press pour through your head. To the neck.

Good. Leave your head on the ceiling and lower your heels away, but keep pressing on my hand. Bend your knees. I only have two more of these. That's it.

Good. Now, lift your heels, don't change your height. Pull the tummy in. Don't change your height. Don't change your height.

Don't change your height. Now pull up, lengthen up, lengthen up, pressing my hand and lower your heels away and bend your knees. And I don't know if that was a tuck. Sit. Keep this hip hinge open.

Sit. Sit. Yeah. Nope, what you just tucked and sit. Yes.

So pull the tummy in like you're against that baby chair. There you go. Now, fix your neck. Press up. Heels together.

Leave your head on the ceiling. Leave your head on the ceiling. Find the ribs. Bring the ribs to the back of your body. Yes, bring your arms down by your side.

Lift your kneecaps up and relax. Good boy.


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