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Support from the Powerhouse

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Build strength and find support in your powerhouse with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathyrn Ross-Nash. She pushes Wayne to begin supporting his legs during the Hundred as she continues to see improvement in his strength and connection to his center. She also adds hanging exercises on the Cadillac to build endurance as well as exercises with the Neck Stretcher to create more lift.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Ladder Barrel, High Chair, Mat, Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Neck Stretcher, Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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Don your apparati, I know, it was a rough night last night. Okay, let's go. Let's go, we can do it, you can do it, little Waynie. You can do it, I'm just saying that, it's on, I was just saying that you don't do this again and now you just did it. There you go, lie down, the reformer is your friend.

Good, yeah, press down. (indistinct) You're good, of course, I can't see for shit. I'm just joking. (laughs) Go faster, there you go, good, try to press here. Next week we're gonna take those training wheels away.

Get the legs all the way together. Squeeze the juice out of it, squeeze. Stay like this for a moment, stay! Yes and bending and stretch and bending and stretch, bring your head to the left a little and bending one more time, stretch and to the left a little and bend in. Good, knees into your chest, onto your arches. Sit and one second, I'll fetch your pad.

Okay, so we're gonna hold this pad in your heels and this pad in your knees and press now and bend. Good and two and in, push those heels in, three and in and four and in, pop your knees, pull the tummy in. That's it, so lift those kneecaps, good. Last one, good, bend your knees into your chest, keep your toes and place your heels, stretch. Get your heels on the bar, heels, heels, good, stretch up and flex your toes back.

Good now bend your knees, good and stretch out. Hold them there and bend your knees, back again. Uh-uh, here, yes and bend in and stretch out. Yes and bend in and stretch out and bend in and back a little, good and in. She's gonna help you and back and good.

One more time and back and bend in. Very good. It bends this way. Right but I want this way, bend your knees into your chest, very good, tendon stretch, balls of the feet, stretch your legs out. Good, lift your heels, stretch them out.

Stretch, stretch, beautiful now just lower your heels. That's it and lift your heels. Your tummy now, use the stomach. Yeah. And lower.

Uh-huh. And lift the stomach and lower and lift the stomach and lower, you're doing good and lift. Okay now show me that he can stretch his legs into the position, lower and lift and lower and lift and lower and lift, one more time. Lower and lift, bend your knees in. Now, do you remember what the footboard do?

Without looking, hook one here. Hook the other one under, no you don't want that. Here and push the bar down and bring your knees into your chest. Is that right? Yeah, you did it perfectly, hug your legs into your chest.

Good, keep your knees there and grab your handles. Good, stretch your arms up to the ceiling and stretch your legs up to the ceiling. Good, lift your, don't, lift your knees first and press into your strap, hold it. Good, now pump your arms and you're gonna lower one leg for five counts, one, two, three, four, five, bring it up. Two, three, four, good, look at your snap.

Down, two, three, four, five, pull the tummy in. Two, three, now remember as you lower, think about your tuck to this leg. Pelvis into the mat and tailbone into the mat and pelvis into the mat, don't lose the pelvis. Don't lose the tailbone, two more. One, two, three, four, five, up, two.

Last one on this side, one, two, three, stretch this knee and lift it. Stretch your knees, stretch you knees, stretch your knees, stretch your knees, stretch your knees, yes beautiful, bend in. Excellent, bend your arms, very good. You know what, that's that for today. Come over here let's do your leg springs instead of your, just for a nice little...

Do what you just did, lie down. Put your leg springs on, the right one. Excuse me. Don't worry. Yeah, knot those top ones.

It was tasty but we're paying for it. Okay, get your hands up on the bars. Move that down a little bit. Good, more, more, more, good, heels glued together. Stretch out your legs and circles, right into your circles.

Open, down, together and up, good and together. Let's go a little faster, down, open, up. Don't let those toes rotate out. Push into the strap, push into the strap. Good now find point and that's where you're gonna push.

Push, push, push, good, push, push, push and push, push, push, up and push, push, push, reverse and push, push, push and up and push, push, push, push and up and push, elbows in, push and up and push. That helps you draw the ribs down. Get these ribs up, find the rib right here. Yes, heels glued together, bend in. Anchor the ribs, pull the tummy in and press out.

Good, bend in, anchor the ribs, pull the tummy in, press up. Bend in, pull the tummy in, press up, good. Bend in, pull the tummy in, press out, bend in and take your springs off, excellent. Come over here for stomach massage. So today we're going to be working on his main (indistinct) stomach massage, we're going to be working on one of his final pieces of his hundred is, that's going to be the stretch of his leg.

The opening of the front of the hip. Good and then we're gonna build the strength of his power house and stretch and all the way, legs straight down, you can do it. Stretch, yes and in and stretch, good and in. Stretch, yes feel that, ooh good. Now keep those elbows bent and stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, good and stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, and stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, beautiful.

Take your hands back behind you. Open your chest up, crack that walnut. Chest expansion and stretch up and bend in. Good, stretch two and bend in, lift, stretch three and bend in, lift, stretch four and bend in now go back to the very first foot position. That head position, sorry, put your hands forward.

I'm gonna take this board away and you are going to add the lower movement of the heel, of the tendon stretch, so you're going to stretch out your legs with your heels up, good, lower your heels down. Lift your heels up and bend your knees. Keep those heels glued together and stretch out, good, lower your heels. Lift your heels, uh-uh, don't bend until I tell you to bend, stretch up. Stretch those knees, now lower your heels.

Now don't bend your knees, you're looking at them. Lift your heels, lift your heels, lift your heels, gorgeous, bend your knees. One more time, stretch out, lower, beautiful. Lift, stretch your knees, excellent Wayne. Bend in, take your hands behind you.

Open your chest, heels up, stretch out. Lower your heels, straight knees, lift your heels, bend your knees, good and stretch out, lower your heels. Gorgeous, nice straight legs, lift and bend in, two more and stretch out. Lower your heels, lift the heels and bend in, one more, lower, lift. Beautiful, bend in, take the spring off.

Star student, hold on, stretch, good and bend your knees. Excellent, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up and back, good and keep those heels up. Up, up, up, now as you stretch out your legs try to keep the heels up, heels up together, together, together, together, yes, yes, yes and in exhale, exhale, exhale, beautiful. You're gonna actually do your shirt box hanging. Do you remember we did that one time?

You're going to hang from there. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Feet on here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And you're gonna curling it in, okay, three times.

Then I want you to do it straight, three times, then I want you to do it flat back. You're gonna have to walk me through. Then I want you to do a flat back, okay? Walk me through it. Mhm.

So up you go. Maybe that's why it's been such a long time that we haven't done this one. (laughs) Curl your knees in, so curl your tummy in. Like a rolling, like a ball, into your chest and down and into your chest and you can put them down to rest in between, that's it and into, curl, curl, curl, good. Now straighten your legs, so you're gonna take them and lift them up and down and up and down and up and down, good. (laughs)

It's tough. (laughs) Yeah, that's tough, you're right. Okay so now what I want you to do is flat back, flat back. Yeah. Flat back and then flat back, flat back, flat back.

Okay? Go, one, two, three, Put your hands down. Rest, good, same thing, straight leg. One, two, three, excellent, very good. Now you get the dessert, so from here, don't twist, side, side, it's delicious.

Good and let go one side and don't let yourself twist. You can just hang, this is so good. Other side, don't twist, let it hang. Let me help, let me help, let me help. There you go and other side, other hand down.

Let go, good and lift, the other side. Don't let it twist, don't let it twist. Again, side, good and lift and side and good. Now, the next one I'm going to show you, step up, this is one of my favorites. So from here, don't let your roots twist, pick up your feet, twist only your wrists, knees up and down, knees up, knees up and down, knees up.

(laughs) And knees up, that's it, don't put your feet down. Don't put your feet down and you twist. Twist, now put your feet down. Put your feet down in the twist. Lift them, lift up your feet.

Now twist it, twist, feet down. Twist and twist, feet down, twist, down. This will make your stroke so crazy good and just remember to drop straight down. Good, up, twist, put your feet down. Yes, up, twist, bring it center.

Up, down, up, center, up, down. Up, center, up, down, up, excellent. Excellent, yeah, you're getting really good. Gonna slide this box all the way over. You're going to take your foot today and you're going to put it on this bar and I want you to stand so you're straight first, right?

Then you're going to bend the knee and keep your hands here. Stretch the leg, lower the heel, lift the heel. Just like that front slip that we did on the reformer, okay? Good and reach forward with your hands. That's it, you can bend the knee.

Good, now drop your head down and go to sleep. Good, try as much as you can, now I want you to just pop this leg out to the right a little bit, to the left a little bit more and get on the outer edge of that foot, yes and then stretch back the pelvis. Head can stay down, stretch the hips back. Stretch the hips back, good and then bend. Now, lift your chest up, bring your chest forward, chest, straight arms, straight arms and then lift your chest, lift your chest, lift the chest, up, up, up, up, up, head goes down.

Stretch the length, go ahead, go for it. Bring that hip back, you can do it. No. Yes, Wayne. Come in and lift the chest up, up, up.

Good and head down, bring that hip back. Stretch it, feel the arches, good and come in and chest, lift your chest. Lift your chest and beautiful, change legs. Step back more, more, so just so that you know, once you find your position, just put your other leg down and change it. Got it.

Good, head goes down and knee, go to sleep, good. Good, go to sleep, stretch out. Head down, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Come in, this is your treat, lift your chest, lift your chest, lift your chest. Good and stretch and come in and stretch.

One more time, come in, lift the chest. Up, up, up, up and that's it, take it down. Why don't why come over to your (indistinct) mat? Remember not to pull on the bar. Let me just put this away.

Hips back. Toes? Yep and shift back, good, now push your heels back. Stop and push your heels in, push your heels back. Stop and push your heels in, watch those knees.

Push your heels back and pull it in. Beautiful, lift your heels, bring them back. Very good, gently bring your knees in. Good, bend it, excellent, put your heels back. Very important that place that there.

Come in, sit down right here, bend the knees and push. In and in and in and in and in and in and in and in. Open chest and push in and in and in, in, in, in and in, well done, we're gonna just take your knees up today, not all, uh-huh. Stop, this moves down, now lift your knees, yes. Lift up your, ribs up, ribs up, ribs up, ribs up and push in and in, push up and in, push up and in, nice and beautiful, lie down for lunges.

The way we began, I'll get your board. And stretch out, all straight. Remember when you couldn't straighten your legs? And lift up and down and lift. And up, don't want your rhythm to be, and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up, bend both knees, good.

Take your feet, place them in the corners. Tailbone up, anchor your stomach and press out. Drop this leg, lower, lower, and come in, good and press out, tailbone scoops and come in. Bring your leg lower to the left. Just the ear, there you go and press up and come in, in, arrive out, press and come in, in, arrive out, press and come in, in, arrive out, press and come in, last one, arrive up, press and come in and roll yourself down.

Beautiful, let's, instead of our front split today, we're going to come over to the highchair and I would like to do our going up front. Okay, so remember that you don't step on this wood and you don't bend your tailbone, hands here. Here? Mhm. So when you pull, press it down, stand up, that's it.

Press down, good now with the other leg. Straight up to here, don't bend your tailbone. Reach here and now instead of arching you back, lean forward like you're doing that front split. Remember how we just did that front split on the ladder barrel? (indistinct) You were there and I want one line of steel from your head, connect that, connect that, connect that, there and bring the pedal up, good.

Leave your stomach here, head on the ceiling, move down and I want you to feel it right there. That where you feel it, right there and slowly, I don't feel like you're feeling that. Come on. I know. I can tell, now come down, let me get you in position.

Bend your bum, you must lean more forward, there. You must get this hip down but you must lift this tailbone and stretch this knee, stretch this knee. There, you feel that? Yeah. Now pull up, feel the difference?

Yeah, yeah. This knee isn't stretched. You're tucking, beautiful Wayne and don't arch your back. Pull your tummy in and come down. Don't go too big, stretch, that's it, in, come up.

Pull this in to come up, in, in, in, in. Stretch, stretch, stretch, don't let it arch. You're arching, pull this in, there. Good, one more, that's beautiful. Keep pulling in here, stretch, more.

That navel goes into the sky, yes, now come down. Stretch the knee, navel to spine. Stretch the knee, navel, ah that was beautiful. Other side. Stretch the, now this hip is, your one leg is shorter.

So what I'd want you to do is you're going to bend this leg, bring this hip back and sit on my hand, like literally put your weight on my hand, now don't move your hip. Shoulders, yes, now stretch this leg, stretch this leg. Stretch the knee more, stretch the knee more. I'm trying to find where it is. I know, that's fine, sit on my shoulder.

Now stretch this knee, can you feel it? Yeah. Now, go up and stay sitting on my shoulder. On my shoulder, don't move my shoulder. Don't move my shoulder, lift this knee.

Don't move my shoulder, sit on me, sit on me, sit on me, sit on me, heel up, good, there you go, got it? Yeah. That's it and breathe. And one more time. There you go, careful getting off.

Remember it's not, keep your weight on here. Stronger foot off, keep your weight, beautiful. You're going to lie down on the mat. You're going to take your hand weights in your arms today and you're going to bend your knees into your chest just like you did on the reformer. Do I get on that one there? Stand here.

Remember how to get down there, stand on the end of the mat. Good, cross your feet, right, squat down. Control. (laughs) We're going to teach you the cross ankles next time. Good, now bend yourself so that your knees are into your chest and remember in the very beginning, I had to stabilize your pelvis, like seated on a chair, with your knees in.

I want you to find that, good. You can have your arms down at your side. Palms to the mat, put them on the mat. Good and I want you back a little bit if that's okay. That's it, legs up, lift your head up.

Lift your arms, good, pump your arms. Inhale, two, three, stretch your legs. Exhale, two, three, four, five, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, lower one leg. Inhale, two, three, four, five.

Exhale, two, three, four, stretch those knees. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Excellent, look how straight you can be, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five.

Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, exhale, exhale, bend all the way in. Put your weights to the side, please. Take your feet and you're gonna place them underneath this strap, legs together. Flex your feet, good, where's your bar?

It was right here (indistinct) Now, hold on to here, good, stretch your bar back. All the way back, all the way back, back, back, back, back, back, keep going, keep going, really reach between your hands and your heels. How do you feel, good, right? Roll up, arms up, chin to the chest and roll all of it help, does that feel good with the weights and roll back. Pull yourself away, drop the arms.

Arms low, arms low, pull yourself away from those weights. Yes, gorgeous roll up, stretch back and inhale, lift up, exhale, round over, pull stomach in, roll over, good, roll back and all the way down. Good, inhale, reach that arm, bring the arms up. Inhale up, exhale over, over exhale. Exhale, exhale, inhale, roll down, exhale stretch back.

One more time, previous roll up in Pilates. Arms come up, head comes up, stretch those knuckles lower down, try to get your ankles. Get your ankles, get your ankles. Get your ankles, get your ankles. Excellent, roll all the way down.

I'm going to take the bar and you are going to take the pole behind you, good. You're going to bend one knee out from underneath your weight and you're, yep and you're going to stretch it up to the ceiling. Good, this is in lieu of my hands. Stretch 'em, circle one, circle two, circle three, circle four, circle five, circle one, stretch the knee, circle two, stretch the knee, circle three, stretch the knee, circle four, stretch the knee, circle five, bend the knee in, give it a stretch. Extend it back, place it underneath.

Take the other one out, stretch it up. Stretch, circle one, nothing moves, circle two, especially this hip, remember this one likes to knot at four and five, reverse, one stretch the leg. Two, stretch the leg, three, stretch the leg, four, stretch the leg, five, stretch the leg, bend knee in, bend it in, bend it in, bend it in, bend it in and beautiful. Take both feet out and double leg pull, I didn't say bend them, and a double leg pull. Let go of your hands and come right into rolling like a ball, in, bend those knees, ready?

And bend your knees, yes Wayne, yes, don't give it up. You have it, head down, now hold your legs like it's the last thing you're gonna do, or your hands, if you let go you're going to fall from the cliff, head down, good, roll back. Exhale, come up, good, roll back. Exhale, come up, two, good. Roll back, head goes in, three.

Roll back, four, head in, roll back, five, roll back, six, exhale here, inhale roll back, exhale here, head down, look down. Head on the floor 'cause the way it, see how the hips bringing up, look down. Look at your tummy, exhale and beautiful Wayne. Lie all the way back, hug your knees into your chest, let your head go down and really pull them in, pull them in. Now, the one thing I want you to focus on, we're gonna do your single and your double, right?

The one thing I want you to focus on, it that you're stretching the leg out and not moving your hips, that's really all I want you to focus on today, okay? Lift your head up, stretch out one leg. Now the other, that's good, now pull, stretch this leg, now switch, stretch this leg, good and stretch, no, don't move those hips. Stretch and stretch it, yes and stretch it and stretch it and stretch it and stretch it. Beautiful, Wayne, stretch it, two legs come in.

Hug them, hug them, squeeze them. Give them a hug, all the way down here. All the way down, ankles, that's it. Now stretch our your arms, inhale, fill the lungs, exhale, squeeze every last drop of air out, inhale, fill the lungs, exhale, squeeze every last drop, pull the tummy back in, exhale, four, inhale, five, exhale, six, inhale, seven, exhale, eight, inhale, stretch, exhale, in, inhale, stretch, exhale, in, last one, inhale, exhale. Hold those ankles, sit up like a rolling, like a ball.

Open your legs to the side of the mat. Flex your feet, stretch your legs. I want those legs straight, straight, straight. Good, take your hands and place them one on top of the other on the magic circle. Sit up as tall as you can, use that circle to sit up tall, flex your feet.

Now press the circle, bend your elbows and curl over. Bend the upper body and the elbows, curl, curl, curl, curl and sit up tall, push through those heels and exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale and sit up tall, excellent, lift a little more here. Little more here, that's it, now round up and over. Yes, oh my God, that's gorgeous, go. Go, you have it, that's the lift, Wayne.

You feel that, that's amazing. Yes and sit up tall, Houston, we have no problem. Lift up and round over, round over, round over. Excellent and very, very good. Come over here, wow, very good.

Well, you might not have felt good but you're getting a lot of great work done. So, now what you're going to do is, you're gonna keep those legs straight. Make sure that your toes are outside here so that you don't hit it, I want you to press down, try to keep it as long as you can, stretch forward and you're going to bring your pelvis forward as much as you can and then keep those arms straight, pull the stomach in and lift the pelvis up as much as you can, okay, the only thing I don't want you doing is hanging. Semi-circle. Yes, it's a semi-circle, he's threading (indistinct) Good, straight legs, okay, open your chest, good.

Straight arms, don't let them bend, don't let them bend, don't let them bend. Good, now stretch it forward, don't let go of the bar, okay? Don't let go, good now bring the bar back with you to me. Press down, press down on the spring. Press down on the spring, chest suspension.

That's it and lift it up and now stretch up as much as you can, push that bar up, push it up, push it up, push it up, push it up, push up, stay, push up, stay, push up, stay there, stay there, stay there, stay and again, open the chest, chest suspension, uh-uh, wrists. Wrists, elbows, stretch, straighten. Straighten, uh-uh, bend, don't cheat on me. Stretch your arms, stretch your arms. Yes, there it is, that's it, that's it, that's it.

That's beautiful, beautiful, good and roll it back, yes Wayne, excellent. Watch your left wrist, down, look up at it. Yes and open chest expansion, now don't let your wrists move, don't let your elbows move. Uh-huh, right there, ribs back. Ribs back to me, yes, ribs back.

Ribs back, ribs back, reach it forward. Head down, there you go, don't let go of the bar. Don't let go, good, don't move, straight, straight, straight, excellent, you can go forward. Pull up your wrists, yes, good and let go. Turn yourself around, hold on to that bar.

(muffled speaking) I'm zoning out right now. Huh? I'm zoning out, hold these? Yeah. Where you hold the bar and you roll back.

Feet here. Good, roll back, remember, don't let your knees straighten. and today you're gonna get a treat because you did so well. Go ahead, roll back, roll, don't let your knees straighten. Don't let your knees straighten.

Good, all the way, don't let your knees straighten. Open you chest, bend your elbows out to the side more, into your chest. Pull the bar to your chest, now straighten and bend three, bend your elbows, three. Stretch your arms, now roll up. Roll up, roll up, yes, roll up.

Good and again, roll back, good, bend your elbows out, bend your elbows and straighten them, that's it and bend your knees in and bend your knees in, bend your knees in, good and one more time, roll back, open your chest, it helps, head goes down. Make sure you lengthen your neck here and find as open chest as you can and when you stand at the end, this is what I want you to feel. Release into the back body, shoulders open, chest lifted, your back long, your chin down, let your chin down. There, chin down more, good. So this was a good exercise today and I think this is what 19?

So I'm introducing neck stretcher for the first time because we're at 19 sessions. It's the same exercise you just did, all right. You want to shift seats, hop off and you've been doing exceptionally well. So you're going to sit straight, just like a spine stretch forward. You're going to take this and you're going to put it right at the base of your skull.

Let me sit back so there's enough tension. Okay and so what you need to do is you're going to do the same exercise you just did but you're going to push into here. Don't let this happen, you're going to push into that spot and you'll feel, you're going to roll down, pushing into that spot, pushing into that spot and roll up pushing into that spot. Pushing right here. It will feel like you're stretching it out.

Feet against there? They don't have to be. I have to see how, 'cause depends on the tension. Okay so you're gonna take two hands and you're gonna hold right here, on the cloth, so like that, sit up as tall as you can and you have to move yourself back. Keep going, keep going, until there's some tension.

That's it, now sit up as tall as you can, higher. Elbows out to the side, yes, lift the back more and push here, chin goes down a little. Chin goes down, chin goes down. You feel that, chin goes down. Chin goes down, more, chin down, chin down.

That's it, push into here, feel that stretch? Push, push, there it is, feel that? Push, push, push, push, push, push and come back up. There, actually relax a second. I wanna put your spring higher.

So you might have to come a little closer. Okay so I've lifted his spring higher 'cause he needs a little more up. This is actually how I do it, you feel that, Wayne? Yeah. That's what I want.

Good, let's put it a touch lower on your neck. There, now lift there, now we get you all back. From here, chin down, chin down, chin down. You feel that, yes, chin down, chin down, more chin down, press into here, there you go. Press here, bring your chin to my finger.

Chin to my finger, good and then come up. Lift, lift, one more time, bring your head back. Good, lift it, elbows just, shoulders. Good, yes, press here, press here. Press, press, press, that's the lengthening.

Do you feel that lengthening there, that's what I want. Roll down, can you go a little more? Roll down, how's it feel? Good and come up, lifting, lifting, lifting and you can take this off, excellent, you like that one? A little like, wow, right, you don't like neck stretcher?

(indistinct) favorite exercise breathing. Now, I want you to find a neck stretcher. Beautiful, put your feet in here. Both of them, one second, take it out. Heels together, beautiful, inhale, bring your pelvis up and your head stays down and press.

Hold, two, three, four, five, push through your feet. Soften from your roots, good, inhale, press. Stretch your knees, stretch your knees, stretch your knees and press, stretch your legs. Stretch your legs together, squeeze your inner thighs towards each thigh, yes, there you go and again, roll up, stretch your legs together. Draw in your thighs, push through your hips.

Open your right foot a little more. Right foot, not your left, there and roll down, roll down, roll down, roll down. Bend your knees in (indistinct) better? That was less than an hour.


Hi Kathy 
whilst Wayne was doing the Frogs and leg circles you cued him to push into the strap and had a hands on. Were the hands on the arch of the foot where the strap was?

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