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Becoming Self-Reliant

45 min - Class


You will focus on alignment and awareness with this Mixed equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She encourages Wayne to take ownership of his placement in each movement so that he can remember to take his practice with him when he's not in the studio. She also advances his practice with new exercises and heavier springs as his alignment continues to improve.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Cadillac, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Baby Arc, Pilates Pole

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I believe we are at lesson 18 with Mr. Nash. Lesson 18 with Mr. Nash. Hello, Mr. Nash, how are we feeling today? Very well. Excellent.

Shall we begin on the reformer? Do you know where your foot fixer is? I don't know. Is that it right there? Yep! So we're gonna increase, now that his alignment is getting better, we're actually increasing him to four springs.

And that we have our foot fixer, so he's gonna have his heels together. His toes apart. Excellent. He is a good boy, putting all his balls of his feet on there. He's centered.

Let it go! Yep. And just use your stomach, that's it. Two, good. And you're gonna go as far out as you can. Three, good.

And four. And working hard. (Mr. Nash exhales) Six. Seven. Eight.

This is my job counting. (Mr. Nash exhales) Nine. And 10. Very good. Bend your knees into your chest.

Good. I'm gonna take this off and you're gonna go, balls under and over. on the bottom. Parallel. Where's your little pillow?

So many tools, so little time. There, knees together. Okay, bring your... You're on the balls off your feet, sweetie, balls, I mean the arches. You're on your balls, I want you on your arches.

Good. And try to get the knees together Fork Fork Fork And stretch out (laughs). And in, good, try to keep them, good. And two, excellent. And three, and four.

Push your heels under (laughs) and five. And six, and seven. (laughs) Last one. And eight, bend your knees in. All right Well it hurts your feet, right?

Yeah. In your arch? Arch That's the toxins from last night (laughs). And press out. And good.

Now remember there's this connection, right? Two, good, Three. (Mr. Nash exhales) Four, right here. (Mr. Nash exhales) Five, six. (Mr. Nash exhales) Think about lifting your knee, not pushing into it.

Lifting the knee. Lift it, lift it. Yes. (Mr. Nash exhales) Good! Okay, we're gonna go back to your tendon stretch. I'm gonna take this, one second.

We're gonna put this on, and let me get, one second. I'm gonna get your foot fixer. Good. Onto the balls of your feet, fork. And lift your heels up.

Heels together. Good! And, press out right here. Good, lift. (Mr. Nash grunts) Stay there, stay there. Stay there, Sorry stay out there.

Don't, you lost your foot fixer! So let's come in. Let's come in. Bend your knees in. Bend your knees in. Take your feet off the bar.

Don't lose this, right? Okay? Wait, can you stop pushing? I'm trying to get my feet on it. Arche will put your feet.

Good, right, up. Lift up a little bit. Good, you're losing your foot fixer, that's what I don't want you to do, okay? Now don't move your heels. Press out all the way stay there.

Good, now only lower the heels. As much as you can push on your foot, fixer, that's it. And then come back up (Mr. Nash grunts) and down and come back up. (Mr. Nash grunts) Don't let this rock down and come back up down and come back up, down and up. Good, down and up yes, lift up.

Lift up lift up, down lift up, lift up okay those little bones away. Feel your pinky toes lower down on the pinkies, on the pinkies. That's it. Lift up lower down on the pinkies and bend your knees in excellent. Let's keep your foot fixer on today.

Bend your knees into your chest. Good, stretch your legs over the bar. Keep your foot fixer active. So you're pressing on it. The outer sides of your feet.

Grab your handles. (Mr. Nash breaths) Stretch up, and press into the hundred. Excellent and pump inhale. Two, four, five, exhale, two, three. Keep your (indistinct) you stop pushing up.

Roll up more inhale. There it is. Three, four, five, exhale. Roll up. Two, three, four, five, inhale.

Two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four five, inhale, two. Look where your legs are going. Exhale, two, three, four, push through this foot. Inhale, two, three, four, five, two more exhale. Two, roll up four, five, inhale.

Two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Bend your knees in. Good, we're gonna hop up. You're gonna take off two centers springs. Okay, take off two centers springs.

And then do you remember how to put these straps on? Good, so it's gonna be on the, metals on the outside. So, it goes like this. Good, good. And what you're gonna do is you're gonna lie back down.

Lets go. And you're gonna reach back and you're gonna carefully get those straps and you're gonna not pull on them. You're gonna put your feet in the straps. Roll your feet up to your straps. Good, that's it.

Good, excellent. And bend your knees in down double leg pull. Good, now bend those knees into your chest. (dog barks) Siren, (metal bangs) and press up. (dog barks) Bend in, drop this strap down a little bit.

Drop this strap down, (dog barks) hey, get off. Drop this strap down the foot and press it (dog barks) and, Siren, go lay down. Get your ball. Get your ball. (dog barks) And press out.

Good, much better. But you see now you wanna go here. I'm gonna let go. You're gonna do it. Ready? Bend in.

(dog barks) I want you to find your box. Almost see the strap? Right here. Yes, (Mr. Nash breaths deeply) and bend in, one more time right here. Press out.

Stop right there. Good, excellent. Stretch the legs. Keep going on. Stretch, stretch, circle, open, down.

Together, up, open, down together up, open push in the strap together. Up, open, down, together up reverse it down. Open, up, down, open, up, down, open, up one more time down, open, up. Bend your knees all the way in. You're gonna put our back up and you're going to add two springs.

First stomach massage. Don't straddle please. Don't do that with your legs. Okay (metals bangs together) The inner thigh is one of the most difficult warms up slower. And so you can easily tear that.

So we don't straddle the apparatus. You're gonna sit for your stomach massage. Feet up, hands down we should get (indistinct) a bar one second. Okay, now I want you to keep your heels up to there okay? Because you're gonna add a lower and lift.

So you're gonna stretch out your legs. Well that one was easy (laughs) Crazy, right? (laughs) Stretch out your legs. Now heels together. Lift your heels up.

Good, now lower your heels. Lift your heels and bend your knees. (Mr. Nash exhales deeply) Good. And you're gonna press out with the heels, right where they are. (Mr. Nash grunts) Good, you're gonna lower your heels.

(Mr. Nash grunts) You're gonna lift your heels and you're gonna bend now. As you're doing it, watch see how this one wants to go down more. Glue those heels together. Stretch out heels together. Lower your heels.

Lift your heels. Bend your knees. Three more. (Mr. Nash grunts) Very good Wayne, press out. Lower, lift, bend, (Mr. Nash grunts) press out.

Lower, lift, bend, press out, lower, lift and bend. Reach between your legs and take off one middle spring. (metals bang) Excellent. Take your two hands back. Open your chest.

Roll the shoulders open great chin down. And the same thing. Stretch out, lower. (Mr. Nash grunts) Lift your heels and bend your knees in. (Mr. Nash grunts) Good, and let's go a little quicker and press out and lower and lift and bend press out and lower and lift.

Make sure this one lowers press out lower (Mr. Nash grunts) lift and bend right there. Stand, press stand here. (Mr. Nash grunts) Yes, Wayne. And think about that heel lowering that we do on the block? Yeah Oh, you didn't come up and do that this morning.

Did you? One more time out, naughty student, lower, lift and good reach down. Take out that other center spring. Uh-uh, uh-uh. That's it.

Good. Try to use alternating hands when you do it. Hold on to the wrists. Oh, that's for dear life and stretch up and bend your knees. (Mr. Nash grunts) Exhale.

(Mr. Nash exhales) Stretch out. And come in and exhale, exhale stretch out. Come in, exhale, exhale stretch out, come in exhale, exhale. Very, very good Good Wayne. Hop up.

We're gonna get your box and you're gonna put your box on it's over there so you can take your headpiece, place it down. You're gonna get the leopard box and you're gonna put the leopard box. It's right here. Oh this is it (laughs) You gonna put the leopard box on there. Remember how to put it on?

Good, and you're gonna sit on it. And you're gonna hook your feet underneath. (metals clunking) How about you reach down and get the strap. (metals clunking) (indistinct) feet. Good, now take your feet further and flection flex.

So I want your feet to hold you. Yes, and push the heel out this heel, yes. Don't let that one be naughty. Okay, good. Hands around your waist.

Pull the stomach in and roll back. Take your pelvis back. Remember how we do it? Go ahead. Go ahead.

Go ahead. Very good. Very good. Very good. Pull the stomach in and come back up excellent Wayne.

You honestly beautiful, beautiful form. And go back. Back with the hips. (Mr. Nash grunts) Good, go ahead all the way down. And come up, around.

So don't sweetie. Remember that, you don't want your head to come up first Yeah. When you're rolling up. Otherwise they'll go into your back. Okay. Okay.

Did you feel in your back? No. Okay. And go back, lead with your head babes press on your hands, press on your hands. You have it, press, press, press that's it and up.

And stretch over exhale. Good, take your bar. Lift up nice and tall. And you're gonna flat back. Remember the hinge?

Lean forward to begin forward, forward, forward, forward forward. There you go. And hinge from the hips. Push out the heels. (Mr. Nash grunts) Hinge back hinge, (exhales) lost it here.

Lift up, hinge back. That's it. That's it. And hinge forward. And then stretch towards your toes.

Exhale, just stretch down. Just move, just move, sweetie. Don't make a drama now, sit up tall. Wait, wait, wait. Lean forward first.

Lean forward more. That's it now lift up from here now hinge push here. Push here. Yes, push here. That's it.

And come forward and stretch to me and relax And sit up tall. So remember the first one's curved. The second one's flat. Okay, lift up forward. Much more forward lift here.

Hold here. Think your baby chair. Lift up the baby chair. Lift up the baby chair. Lift up your baby chair.

Yes and stretch all the way over. (Mr. Nash grunts) Exhale, exhale, exhale, lift up tall side to side little more forward with your chest there (Mr. Nash grunts) over. And up two, and up three, and up four and stretch forward. So the part of the hundred that Wayne is gonna begin working on is gonna be opening the front of his hip. No swearing lies.

So he has his upper stomach is developed we're developing his lower stomach. Right? So his centers there he's become aware of his box. Now I have to open up his hip joint and stretch up and bend (Mr. Nash grunts) and stretch two. And bend, and stretch three and other side. (Mr. Nash grunts) To my peacock mode today.

(machine clunks) Right from here great, and stretch up (Mr. Nash grunts) and down. Good, and stretch two, (Mr. Nash breaths) and stretch three. (Mr. Nash grunts) Excellent, excellent, excellent. Very good. We're gonna take your box off and put it back where it was please.

Head piece up. Okay, perfect. Elephant hand, foot, hand, foot. (Mr. Nash exhales sharply) You're doing great. Flat.

Yeah. Good, shift your weight back. As back far as you can. That's it. Let your head drop.

(Mr. Nash exhales deeply) Very nice. Now lift your toes. Toes, toes, toes. Those are heels. That's it.

And push back with the hips and come in with the tummy. (Mr. Nash grunts) So it's that same hinge? Yeah Push and in and push and in and push (Mr. Nash grunts) and in and push and good lift your heels. Bring your knees down to the mat for knee stretches. Wayne, that was really nice.

(Mr. Nash exhales deeply) Slide your foot back. Good, sit back on the heels. Put the tummy up and in, shoulders down and go ahead, press and in and fast in, in, in, in quicker, in all about the in, in, in faster in and in and in and in and beautiful. Reverse the arch, open the chest and press go. And in, in, in, faster, in, in, in, in, in, in, in and good round in bring one leg forward pop right up and in excellent Wayne, lift this heel up.

Good. Lift this knee up and don't move till you get your box square. That's it good. And that's it good. (Mr. Nash exhales sharply) Two, three.

That's plenty. Bring it down. That was a beautiful other side. (Mr. Nash exhales sharply) That's it, good. And press one, two and three.

Bring it down. Now, my pride and joy. Sit on those heels. Pull your tummy in, head drops down and lift both knees. Yes.

Don't, oh don't go yet. Don't go yet. Bring them both down. So now you have this right? But you see how your ribs release?

Don't let them when you bring the knees up keep those ribs in knees up ribs in yes. Tailbone down and bring it down. But, I don't want you to move till I tell you to. (Mr. Nash grunts) So don't lose this shape at all. Okay?

Bring the knees up. (Mr. Nash breaths sharply) Yes. Hold it. Pull this in. Pull this in, pull this in and come back down.

Beautiful. Where's my red board lie down to run at two springs. (machine clunks) Good. (Mr. Nash exhales sharply) Pose the feet in place. Excellent.

Good. Very good, stretch out to run. Alternating. Good. Lift that heel, lower lift, lower.

Oh, you're swearing a lot today. He's swearing a lot. Balls off the feet. Not your (indistinct), not your heels. Let's look at that Don't push out on the heel.

Okay Good, now lift and lower lift and lower. Try to make sure that you get in to do your little foot exercises before you start and lift and lower. Yes, lift and lower right here. Don't Yeah. You're going too far down because you're losing your ankle lift up, don't go too far down there lift.

(Mr. Nash grunts) So lift your head up a second Wayne. And I want you to see something. Yeah. When you go too low when you collect your ankle. Yeah Your foot goes onto this property ever have property line?

Right, here's the property line. This one's not allowed to go over there. There's a fence. Okay. So lower down and you see, it wants to go.

It just went over. Yeah. It crossed the property line. Don't let it go. Yes, that's good.

And now this one stay in your property. Yes. (Mr. Nash grunts) Hooked up. Stay in your property. That's it.

(Mr. Nash grunts) Stay on your property. Uh-uh, naughty and bend your knees in. So remember how your legs swing over this way? That's that hip right? That you stand in that wants to swing it over.

So when you're moving this one's actually going here. It's pushing over here. Okay? Step up two springs for those the split where you like to kneel where you like to stretch the front of your hip. Okay, this one is locked?

Yep, and you're gonna kneel. (metals clunk) Yep. Beautiful and press it back. (Mr. Nash grunts) And bring it forward. (Mr. Nash grunts) Excellent.

And press it back (Mr. Nash grunts) and bring it forward (Mr. Nash grunts) and press it back (Mr. Nash grunts) and bring it forward. Other side. Very good Wayne. Very, very, very good. (Mr. Nash exhales sharply) So part of letting, making your client become self-reliant pull the tummy in is important because if you don't do that they don't take it outside of the studio, press out.

(Mr. Nash grunts) So they have to start finding their alignment on their own. You have to give them the chance to find it lose it and find it (Mr. Nash grunts) so that they don't need you. And they are independent of you (Mr. Nash grunts) and good. Excellent babe. Okay, so Wayne go lie into there, put your foot fixer on put your feet on top of the barrel.

You gonna do 50 of the 100 with your feet on the barrel. So you can open your hip hinge. Don't babysit your clients too much because then they'll never take it out of the studio. And if they don't take it out of the studio they're not getting the benefits of the work. So we're gonna start working on opening that hip Wayne.

Okay? So reach your arms up. Slide yourself a little. Let's place this a little down more. There, you feel that?

Yeah. That's where I want it. Now, pull your hip back and roll up into your hundred. Good opening your chest. Stay right there now, right open your chest.

Good and big pump. Inhale. Two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four. Good, now reach out through your legs. So you're not gonna bounce.

That's it inhale fully. Fill your lungs up. Open your chest. Exhale, big, big arms. Go vigorous. (clapping) Inhale, two, three.

Try not to rock back and forth. So how are you gonna do that? You're gonna reach out with your legs and pull back with your pelvis. Yes, you feel that? Reach out two, three, four, five.

Pull the stomach in two three, four, five. Excellent, lie down. Grab the bar. That's right by your right arm. Good, you gonna do roll up with your feet on here.

Head's gonna come up. Very good and roll right up. Exhale, head down. Good and roll down and pull it back, that hip. Pull the hip back.

Yes, you feel that? And stretch arms. Go back. Inhale, bring your arms up. Plug the shoulders in.

Keep inhaling. As you lift your head. Exhale, as you round over stretch, head down stretch the knees. Don't let them bend down. Don't let them bend.

Don't let them bend and roll back down. Open your chest. Good Wayne. Excellent, what a beautiful roll up ribs in and stretch that bar back. Now, I want you to do uptempo.

Inhale, hold up. Exhale, go over quick. Inhale, roll down, exhale and back. Inhale, come up, exhale and over inhale, go back. Exhale, good.

Put the bar back by your side. Bend your knees into your chest. And you gonna place one foot on top here. And the other one is gonna be up and you're gonna do your leg circles like this. So you see this foot is helping you open that hip up right and cross around.

That's it around up one, nothing moves around up two nothing moves around up three nothing moves around up four nothing moves around up five. Reverse it. One up to the nose. Two up to the nose, three up to the nose four up to the nose. Five up to the nose, bend the knee and give it a stretch with your hands.

Good, change legs. Other foot comes up and in stretch it and cross around up one, two, three, four, five. Reverse it. And one, two, three, four, and five. Don't worry about that.

Bend in. Give it a stretch. Very, very, very good. Good, sit up. Rolling like a ball.

Hold your ankles head down. Stomach in and roll. And as soon as you touch here, exhale and come up. Use your tummy. Hold those ankles babe.

Roll back. Exhale, come up, roll back. Exhale come up. Good, roll back. Exhale, come up, roll back.

Exhale, come up. Very good. Lie all the way down. Bring your knees into your chest for your single and double leg pull. Head comes up and it's a big running.

So don't go side to side. Right? Everything stays in the middle and pull your leg. Actually pull it. Grab this knee. Yes, pull that's it.

Good, pull and pull. And we're gonna inhale. Inhale, exhale, exhale, inhale, inhale, exhale. Very good. Bend both legs and grab your ankles.

Ankles, good. Stretch back. Push your feet. Heels together. Push your feet out and exhale come in, stay.

Heels together. That's it. Stretch out. Inhale, fill the lungs, bend your knees and exhale. Grab your ankles.

Ankles, ankles yes inhale stretch out. Good exhale. Grab your ankles. Inhale, stretch out. Exhale, grab your ankles.

Good. I want you to actually come up to me here and you're gonna sit on here for your spine. Stretch forward. Take your feet and place them down below. Reach your hands full up and forward.

Flex your feet. Now this is kind of like the angle that you are on on your short box, right? Mm-hmm(affirmative) And now round forward pull the waist pack (Mr. Nash grunts) and roll up and lift up the arms arm lifted up. Yes. Good now keep this lift and roll down.

Head down, waist up good. (Mr. Nash grunts) And roll up. Lift up. And lift up and lift up. Beautiful and stretch down.

(Mr. Nash grunts) Roll up, lift up, (Mr. Nash grunts) lift up, good boy lift up. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Good, now what we're gonna do is we're gonna get this barrel. And you remember how you get on it? You're gonna sit right here hold here.

And you're gonna roll yourself. See where my bottom is? Yeah. Down so that your shoulders just go onto the mat. Okay?

Yeah. (Mr. Nash exhales sharply) So little further front, little further front. There you go. And use your tummy and roll down. Okay? So by him doing this you just showed me that he's gonna be able to do his some teaser work on here.

Okay? Bend your knees into your chest. Your job is to hold that barrel and keep your low back on there. Now can you find your ribs deeper down? That's it stretch your legs up. Up, up good open.

Now you pull your tummy back and I'm gonna give you a nice traction. Good and up. Open pull your tummy back. Feels good right? Pull your tummy.

It's the only way we're gonna get that hip open. Reverse it. Good reverse it. That's it one feet. Good, bend your knees in.

Bring your feet back down to the mat. Good, give your hands to me. Roll up. Excellent, roll back down. Pull the tummy, head goes in.

That's it. Good, grab your barrel. (Mr. Nash grunts) Bend your knees into your chest. Good from here. Bring this foot down.

Just stretch it down. Open that hip. Feel that? (Mr. Nash grunts) And then bring it back up. (Mr. Nash exhales sharply) Anchor the hip stretch (Mr. Nash grunts) good and in pull the stomach back good and in pull the stomach back.

Excellent. Bring both legs down. Bring your hands to me. Head in roll up. Good, now slide your bottom.

So your bottom is on the end. On the floor. On the mat. No, no on the mat. There you go.

Good, bend your knees. So they're comfortable. Okay, and you now let go off me and you're gonna reach your arms and roll back your head go. And reach the arms back behind you. Good, now pull your hips into here and bring your arms up and your head up and roll up and touch my shoulders (Mr. Nash grunts) and roll back.

Keep the hips back here. Yes, feel that press right here? Yeah That's it. Bring your hips back more, back, more, back more back more. Yes, and roll up.

Good (Mr. Nash exhales sharply) And I want these back more more More? Yes. More, see this is an arch. I want this back. Back, back, back, back, back back.

Yes, and come up and in yes. You feel that? Yeah. Beautiful. Keep it there.

Keep it there. Keep it there. Excellent, good. Come with me. So the first thing that you're gonna do is you're gonna lie down, you gonna put your feet on this bar.

Okay. And you're gonna push out so that your feet go just beyond there. And when you bend, I want you at a 90 degree angle. Okay? (machine clunks) Get a little length In what we just opened, you can utilize it Good, pose the feet.

Good, now for you stretch your arms straight back by your head all the way down the mat. Good, see that strap there? right on the mat there's a black strap there. Hold that. And I'll put your arms under there. And can you touch your hands to the mat?

That's it. Press out. And try to get your wrist to the mat. (Mr. Nash grunts) Good, and if you have to hold the strap, hold the strap. Good and bend your knees.

Soft ribs. That's right. I know. Soft ribs, good. Slide yourself towards your hands more.

Yep, that's it. Oh, grab onto the bars and pull yourself back. Pull, pull, pull, pull. That's it now stretch your arms. Excellent.

And bend your knees in. (metal clunks) That's where I want you and stretch your leg up. (Mr. Nash grunts) Keep your tail down. Bend your knees in. Full crap, right?

Yeah. (Mr. Nash breaths sharply) Push up, bend in. It's the official foot cramping. Exercise of Pilates. Now, where are you gonna pull back?

Here, that's it Yes, (Mr. Nash grunts) and bend in. Good, you're doing great Wayne, you're doing great. It's hard exercise. That's it. And stretch it up.

Push up, push up, push up. (Mr. Nash grunts) Very good. Push to the feet. Good Wayne. Bend your knees in and keep this hip nice and open.

As you find the length. Now pull the stomach in as you reach through the feet (Mr. Nash grunts) and pull the hip back. (Mr. Nash grunts) Yes, that's what I want. That's what I want in your hundred. You feel that?

Oh yeah. And bend your knees in and you'll take your feet off. Go ahead. Take them off. I got it.

(Mr. Nash exhales sharply) And excellent, excellent, excellent. Good, so you're gonna spin yourself around and take your rollback bar. (Mr. Nash breathing sharply) And you're gonna see the rollback bar. And hook it up on top. No, no, no.

From the bottom. See where it's hooked on the, unhook it from the, no, no stop. Stop, stop, stop. Oh it goes out? Right, so this Goes up.

Right goes to here. So when I say rollback bar hooked on the top this is what I mean. Okay? Okay, oh, you're gonna get it today. Trust me.

So feet against here. No drama. Nice and smooth. Keep your knees bend. Three roll backs.

Opening the hinges. Just roll back. And all I want you to do is open your hinge. Get length in those hips. (Mr. Nash grunts) That's it.

Find those ribs. Good. Keep the knees bend. Keep the knees bend. Keep the knees bend all the way down.

(Mr. Nash breaths sharply) Good, and keep those. And roll up. Good and press down on the bar. Keep the knees bend. (Mr. Nash grunts) And roll.

And one more time go back. So remember it's like peeling an onion. Yeah. You know once something releases, then sometimes you have to go back. You notice now he's rolling up and down.

His knees are staying bend. He's starting to really use the opening of the hip and the length of the hip. Good baby kneel facing here for your chest expansion. Okay, and if you can notice his, the top of his foot is getting closer to the mat which is important so that he's getting this nice stretch in the top of his foot. I would get a little closer.

That's a little tight good and open your chest and open that hip hinge. Excellent tummy in and crack that walnut squeeze, squeeze. Find your chest expansion. Hold it. And now I don't have to hold them in place.

Look at where his pelvis is and come up. You get Wayne, seriously looks awesome. You do me proud man. And reach tummy up shoulders together. Open that chest more, more, more, more more look to the right.

Hold it. Center, look to the left. Hold it, center exhale. Bring your arms up. Excellent, inhale.

Shoulders crack that walnut. Look to the left, center. Look to the right, center. Come up. Excellent, guess what we get to do?

Your favorite exercise. Breathing lie down head here. He's like I have no idea. You're doing awesome. He has such a treat in store today.

He has no idea what's gonna come after breathing now remember babe, you get up there in that one. The one motion, right? (machine clunking) You get up there in one motion. (machine clunking) I think this is right for you and you hold it for six counts and you exhale for six counts. Articulating down.

Hook your feet. Good heads down. Head stays down. Heels together. Inhale, press up.

Head stays down. Lift your bottom, lift it, lift it, lift it. Hold it exhale. From here, from here, from here and there. Inhale, lift up, push to the feet.

Hold it for five, four, three, two, one exhale for five, four, three, two, one six counts. You're gonna hold it. Ready? Inhale. Stretch those knees. Press through, punch hold, hold, hold, hold, exhale.

Six, five, four, three, two, and one. Excellent, good. Stay right there. Take your feet out of the strap. Bend your knees.

Have your feet on the floor. Bend your knees into your chest. Oh, I meant on the mat on the floor. Hold onto the bars, do a little rolling like a ball and lift your bottom up as high as you can. Good lean on me.

Good, so you see how much of the traditional ending he already... And relax, how's that feel? That feels so good? You don't like it? I feel like doing it.

It's a relaxation position. There you go. So you have to hang here for a little while so that your body learns to let go right here. Okay. Chin down if you can.

There you go. So he's now done. Most of the traditional ending. He did his rollback. He did his breathing and now he's doing his half hanging and we're on session 18.

So by the time that he is at a core level he will have his full traditional ending learned. And you also do it in other places of the studio but he's halfway through learning it on his Cadillac.


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Wonderful to watch this superb series. Fantastic progress and hard work from student and awesome to watch this amazing teacher in action! Kathi, thank you so much for sharing your work with us. So exciting to watch each lesson and see the breakdown and buildup to progress! (Love your dog in the studio.)
Beverly- thank you! Teaching Hubby can be very interesting too! Siren is the studio dog and emotional support - for whoever needs it at the time!
Chest Expansion on the Cadillac really shows Wayne's improvement. 
Thank you Joan!

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