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Connect your movement back to your core in this full body workout. Danica will teach you how to integrate power with precision to find a new sense of control. Get ready to sweat as we ramp up the tempo and dive into the truth of the work!
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Jan 22, 2021
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Hello everyone. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Thank you for joining the Pilates. Anytime rise and recharge challenge.

Date four with me, Danica Kalemdaroglu. Today we're going to be focusing on integration and what I mean by integration is a full body involvement in the exercise and through transitions. So we're going to be really moving today, right. You know, if you got to stop and take a breath, do it. Do you.

Also the mind body connection, right? How is the mind really actually integrating with the body to make the movement happen? Like I've been saying movement as a choice make your choices. Also integrating the mat work across all of the other pieces of equipment. So you'll hear me talk about some wonder chair.

Talk about some Springs because it is a whole method. All right Let's go ahead and come on down to the mat. Because even though We're going to work out like a good intermediate level I still want to give yourself a little second to feel your spine before you start moving. So go ahead and lay down. Lay down, let your legs stretch out.

Let your arms stretch out. Take a deep big breath yawn, exhale. Make a sound a hiss, arrg, a grant or something. Two more breaths, inhale and feel your body rise. Feel your ribs move.

Even if your belly lifts, whatever stretch all legs and limbs away from each other and exhale and let it release one more of those. Inhale big breath, big breath, big breath and exhale. Pull those abs together. Pull yourself into a tight little ball. Give yourself a hug.

You deserve it. You made it to Thursday and then shoot yourself back out. Big stretch, big X. We're going to take right arm up over reach to the other side. Give it a good diagonal reach.

Open up your waist. Open up your ribs. Breathe, Pull back through that right foot. Come on back to that magic X, the left side left arm. Reach it up over, across big breath.

Big stretch. Just let it feel good. Y'all on your spine. Open back center. Right foot down round cross reach the diagonal reaches up through to the fingers.

Exhale bring it back through one more. Over to the left left leg comes over and actually takes you over to the right. And then that top arm brings you back. And then go ahead and bring your feet in. Bring your arms down by your side.

Let your knees come together. Let your feet come together and just let an easy sway of the legs side to side. Let it rock your low back side to side. Let it rock your pelvis. Let it rock your feet.

Let your low back come awake. And then just let that settle center, give it a little curl a little lift of the lumbar. Roll back down a little bit of arch. Let it say hello. Let it rock all the way up through your throat and your chin.

Let it rock your whole spine back and forth. So you just get a sense that again, you're awake, let's grease open that spine. And settle that pelvis. Find where your neutral is active today. Right Knee folds in reaches out along the floor, flex the foot.

One reach of that heel. Nice and long. Lift the leg to the ceiling point bring it back down here. How tight your hammy might be today. Other side, pull it to your forehead reach it down, flex your foot.

Give it a good reach and feel yourself oppose and pull back and lift it to the top. Feel that hammy say hello, set that leg down pull it in right arm, reaches back. Right leg reaches out that whole side stretches flex the wrist and the foot point the wrist and the foot circle the wrist and the foot. Circle the wrist and the foot get those joints awake and bring them back into center. And then other side, arm and leg reach away flex the wrist and the foot wrist and the foot move your fingers and your toes circle the wrist and the ankle.

Ooh and give it a reverse cause you those joints are going to work too. pull it on and bring one knee to your chest. And then the other, both of you feel like a Ninja this morning on an exhale into the hundred. We go lifting the upper body and start the arms pumping breathing in the full breath, breathing out a full breath. Keep your knees pulled up and in two more breaths, inhale.

Find out where your pelvis is place it exhale and breath in and exhale on the next exhale. Straighten the legs to 90 and exhale. Push them up away. Find them, reach and push away. As you pull back through that spine.

And now for every exhale, let them move lower inhale. And as you exhale, pull the legs down a little bit, hold them, breathe in exhale pull them down a little bit lower scoop and pull back and oppose that way. Find that nice pull back of your spine. Maybe they go a little bit lower on the next exhale and then hold them where they are for two more breaths. Last that now go ahead and pull those knees back to your forehead, but keep your a under curves, Keep your under curves.

Lift your arms up by your ears. Kind of pick your back up a little bit more. Then reach back one bone at a time. Arms, come to the ceiling feet come to the floor. Knees bent.

Take your first roll up with your knees bent. Let your legs stretch out with you. Come up exhale at your legs stretch. Lets you find that shift of weight through the anchoring of your legs. Curl your tail initiate, articulate in the hips.

Roll back. If you need to re bend your knees go head, arms reach back If you like coming back up to the ceiling, lift your head, shoulders, peel yourself but also find the push of the legs and hips pushing you around. Roll back curl from the tail first, making sure you are initiate from that articulation and your hips on the way down three more and exhale up. Now exhale really helps with scoop in and get the way to your back. Press down out through those legs.

If you want more challenge these last two, flex your feet. And as you can come up, stand down out through the heels pull abs back away and over and back down bending the knees will help you find how to lengthen and scoop up through that lumbar as you extend to your neutral last one staying over and then drawing in your right knee. As you roll back pull your right knee towards your forehead. Notice how it skews your pelvis a little bit. That's cool, that's cool, that's cool.

And then stretch the hammy. Hopefully you finished off that hammy stretch you curved up a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. All right, let's go into it. So you plant those arms, you stand up tall and it crosses over the body down round, exhale up in home and two and exhale, open home and three and home.

Two more reach and last one, this direction stay on this leg and reverse it. Open down round, cross at home and open down round cross at home and three, two more and five. And we're going, gonna climb up one more time. Give it some good extra stretch. Let it happen.

And then you're going to change legs, pull that left leg and don't worry if you break square, right? Give it a stretch up and bend down. Now this is nothing like tree because you're not really squared. Just let it be like, Oh I'm flawless at the back of my leg and reach it up and bring it back down. Keep it up, climb up look down your body and see that your midline is skewed level your pelvis bend your bottom leg if you need to.

Okay. Roll down five crossing the body over, down round, exhale up and home two these are the only exercises where this is the only exercise where I count every single rep because because it's hard reverse, right? This is one where I'm like I did five. Don't make me do eight, two, three two more cause it is so hard to isolate that articulation in the pelvis, pull it in, lift the head shoulders, rib reach up and try to just come up into your rolling like a ball balanced fight for it. Fight for it.

It doesn't have to be pretty wiggle all your Want. Rolling back. Lift your hips up and over and exhale. Come home balance. Don't let your head hit the floor.

Your hair can touch the floor, but not your head. Okay don't touch the floor with your head. And when you come around, keep scooping and pulling these to your forehead to keep curving around more. Think stomach massage on the reformer pushed into the foot bar, but don't break your shape. Just give it to more.

Feel that pull back of the spring and back up over last one. Exhale, pull the in hug tight, hug tight, hug tight right hand stays on the right ankle. Other hand to the knee reach back into your single leg stretch pull curve in and feel like you're reaching into the spring with that straight leg and change and change. You inhale right and left knee. You exhale right and left knee, breathing.

Keep pulling your spine back away from the reach of that straight leg but make sure that that bent knee is pulling with you. Pull it in last set, both legs in double leg. Reach the arms by the ears, press them around in a circle. Pull in grabbing curl two and around reach and around two more reach and around last one. Now pull that straight leg till you grab it.

Pull, get a stretch change grab, pull, try to pull the leg to your hands versus trying to reach, to grab a hold of the leg. Pull it to you. Feel the scissor split and last set and breathe. I'm mainly saying that to myself exhale down legs together at the top. Hands behind your head, lift around into those upper abs lower lift, higher lift, higher exhale down the legs and lower to press your upper body up higher and then pull up and reach and then pull up.

And two last one. Now pull that right leg in twist to it, criss and then you cross right and left, breathe in and out. Last one, come center down, take a deep breath. Lift your head exhale roll yourself up. Stretch your legs out for your spine.

Stretch forward. Let's have the arms reaching out from your shoulders, right? So they should be inside the width of your feet. Inhale get tall exhale, head leads, ribs, close lift the waist as you come over and out, press down through the hips ground the legs stack up one bone at a time, going over on an exhale, bringing out all the air, using your inhale to inflate and lift. I want you to think if you were on tower Cadillac springboard, push through front, inhale up tall.

As you would push out into the push through bar the Springs would move and they'd push back into you. Let that push back be the pull of your abs now and then stack back up one more. Feel that idea of pushing into the resistance of the pushback bar, push through bar, pull your abs back from that and then lift. Know which bone is moving when feel your whole body be part of that. Go and come forward on the mat a little bit so you have room to rock back for your open leg rocker.

One more stretch spine stretch forward. However exhale, go forward. Get hands to the shins, to the ankles. Maybe a little high to the knees. Doesn't matter to me.

Pull abs back, get what you can get on your legs. I'm feeling myself up I have to come back to my knees, draw in and slide around the back of your legs for your open leg rocker. Right and if you can do that while keeping your hands on your ankles, gold star to you today we're going to start with the right leg, reaching up. Find that scoop, pull it back down left leg reaches up. I always liken this to a game of Simon says but it's Danica says, Danica says straight your right leg.

Danica says bend your right leg. And then your left leg and back down. Now both legs at the same time to reach could you even let go and reach? It's like an open leg teaser, hands back behind the legs. Bend, reach them up.

Reach the arms back behind the legs. Bend, reach the legs, reach the arms, grab out the legs where you can keep your upper abs connected and rock back and exhale home. If your hands go too high your shoulders are going to take the work rock back. They'll take the work up into your neck. And if your shoulders are up into your neck you're dropped into your abs.

You're dropped into your mid back instead of reaching in and picking it up. And three more rock back lift those hips again your hair can touch the floor but your head can not to reach back, lift up and last one rock it back lifted up legs come together, squeeze, flex your feet if you can keep pulling your belly button back and all your guts, if you want to be fancy, grab your toes you want to be even fancier, try to curve over. Right right, right, right, right. But then walk down the legs, climb the tree down. Like stay at 90.

Give a little wiggle. If you need plant the arms, keep your hips down for a corkscrew over to the right. Come to center with the legs down round and then lift the hips as you come back up and bring the hips back down to the mat. So you're doing half a corkscrew to the left. You're going to pull it down a center, scoop it, lift it bring it back down.

Now if your lift is just a little curl, take the curl, go over to the right down around. And you really want to feel your tailbone lift over and back down to the left down round center. And lift now we're gonna do a full circle in your corkscrew over to the right go through center, over to the left. And when you hit center, maybe a little lift, I find that one way harder to the left. Come through center over to the right.

And as you come up, lift the pelvis back down one more over to the right down through center as you come up to the left, push the hips over and back down and to the left down around, over to the right scoop, lift and back down. Then the knees shake it out. Come on up for your soul raise your legs out. Have enough room for your arms out to the side. And you're going to twist change in the arms reaching out way in those fingers.

Fingertip to fingertip, dive over, stack up with your inhale and exhale and twist and to the right dive over, stack up inhale and exhale and twist to the left and reach stack up know if you are making the choice to keep your pelvis rooted. Or if you're making the choice to let your pelvis move around. But make the choice. Now we're going to double time now. ready?

Inhale change dive over exhale and up inhale dive change and over lift. One more set. Just move through it Up and round to the other side and reach Up and down. Give a little shoulder circle back around shoulder circle the other way. Feel how you're allowed to move your shoulder blades round Cause here we come down onto your stomach for swans.

So do a fancy fan kick, spin around, get situated on your stomach. Good little trick to make sure you're in the middle of your mat. Open your legs, the width of your mat, wiggle schmiegel and then pull your legs and get them as close as they can get palms down. Elbows lifted, collarbone lifted. Look forward to the edge of the mat.

Feel your middle toes and second toes stay long back there. As you lift exhale as you pull your belly up and in and come back down. If your feet start to cramp, tuck your toes is okay and coming back up now remember the weight of your ribcage is heavy. Push up your rib cage. Don't think push your back bend, push your ribs up.

Pull them back down one more coming forward, long lift and then come back down. You're gonna slide elbows a little bit forward pull them in. Come up into Swan. But ribs are just hovered off the floor. You may not even be able to notice it.

Could you slide a piece of paper under your ribs? Elbows might have to come forward to be right under your shoulders, but don't drop. Pull the inner thighs together. Parallel rocket back and forth. If you got to squeeze into center single leg, kick, kick, kick, set it down.

Pause, pause, set it down. Add your foot flex points, set it down. Flex point, set it down. Only the knee moves. So none of this rocking round just the knee and flex 0.1 more set feel the hammy work but more importantly, feel your quads stretch in front of the leg.

Down double leg kick, come down, place both hands in the small of your low back. The more open your shoulders, the higher up you can get. Okay, but go where go where you want to be. Turn the head to one side. Both legs kicked three times.

Pause one, pause two front of the legs feel the stretch. Press the feet pull the arms long. Let that pull your shoulder blades together open and spread your chest. Head turns to the other side. Both legs kicking and inhale one, two, three, exhale.

Pressing down. Lift. Turn the head and kick one, two, three, press reach lift and around kick one, two, three, press reach lift. And one, two, three, press kick reach. Last one, one, two, three, press reach.

Come back center Keep your swan. Let go of the hands send them forward because I like to do swimming here and it's about me and you and fun. So swim, swim, swim, swim, swim. Yeah right not you're already doing your extension work. Can you pick your eyes up?

See the front of those fingers and see out the water oh I which we were at the beach swimming and Come down, hands up underneath your shoulders. Push back through your sits bones, lift up those abs. Lift your belly up your thighs. Be an adult in your pose. Let your background out.

Take a little over to one side, scoop up over to the other side. Keep scooping scooping scooping. Right? Let you let your knees come apart a little bit. Maybe you can sit back into the bowl of your pelvis a little bit more, but still keep a lift and support of your abs.

That feels nice and good. Yeah. All right. Bring it Forward. You could do a fancy press and hop or Step around fan kick, stretch your legs out Neck pole. I feel like a tough deal how you have to say neck pole, you know, neck pole hands up behind your head and pull heels reaching out.

Now ideally your legs are as wide as they will be and shoulder bridge ideal pitch back in your flat back. Start the curl initiated from the hips rolling articulating. And then we each bone into the mat at one, a time and down. If you need to take the arms, press them into your hips. Start to round up, pressed into the hips.

Try not to pull on the fabric press scoop the abs back like you would in that push through front, bring the hands behind the head Right? Stack up tall. Now think about you were on the reformer in rowing's and as you go back and rowing's too, and you're in that flat back, you really want to push the Springs out and then articulate down when you need to and keep pushing the reformer Springs out from underneath of you to give you the opposition to lift, stack up tall. Feel it. Slide the reformer out from the work of connecting into that hammy town. Yeah I just said hammy town, right?

Cause it's a whole city. Come on up. This is your last full one over big stretch. Stack it up. Now note your parallel down there.

Note the width, pitch away. You're pushing the reformer. You're pulling that leather with you and you roll down. Right? Note that parallel down there. Draw it right up into the line of your hips.

So the line of your hips can press out through your shoulder bridge, curl it up two times all the way up just to say Oh my back feels good. Adjust your feet. If you need to roll down one bone at a time now really say to yourself, not up and down peel keep the distance in the waist. Feel your back body comes strong together to support the line of your front body open. I don't want you to splay into this thing and cut off the circulation in your throat.

Long be able to sing me a song, whichever song you want. Right we're going to go up and we're gonna take a leg up. Okay. Lift scoop. Keep that front body long.

Lift one leg up. Give it three kicks if you can and up reach, lift it up. Last one, bend it, set it down. Other leg, reach it. And it doesn't have to go super low.

You could go just to the height of the other knee down there and then you set it of down give it one more little press lift and level your hips. Roll back down, and then sit yourself up for your spine. Twist legs together. Little bit of bending the knees. Dig in the heels.

If that helps you stay actively awake, know that you're not just sitting on the back of your legs. Spine twist, arms do not move. your spine twist. Inhale up. Exhale twist one little bit more center.

Inhale twist, exhale a little bit more come center as you inhale, exhale twist and twist inhale up and exhale and twist twist inhale, exhale twist and one more and exhale twist twist. Now reverse your breathing. Exhale for nothing here at center, inhale and twist and get taller. Exhale don't collapse, inhale, twist and spiral up to the ceiling. Exhale don't collapse.

Inhale, inhale, exhale don't collapse, inhale and don't collapse. One more. And don't collapse. Last one. And exhale don't collapse.

Centering onto your mat lying back for your Jack knife. Now if you just figured out how to inhale as you twist. You figured out how to inhale against compressive weight. That's what your Jack knife is. You gonna lift all this weight into your upper back but you can't collapse in it.

So start with the legs at 90 Right? Let the legs lower to a little 45. So I'm not going to say momentum. I'm just going to say hell, let your legs help you go over Inhale lift the legs. Exhale, scoop back down.

Good and curl tail inhale pushover lift from the back of the leg stand exhale roll down. but use that inhale to inflate your back. So your back is strong with the weight of your whole torso moving through it. Now, if you want a little modification cue two more little modification, bend your knees curl your tail at your legs reach and then roll back down one more I'm gonna show that modification. One more time.

Otherwise keep going for the full Monte knees bent a little bit of frog, curl, push let the legs reach help you and then roll back down. Whichever version you chose, you deserve a high five and you earn some side kicks. So onto your side and what a prize sidekicks. All right so legs forward today. You want to bend your bottom knee, go for it.

Try to challenge today with hand up and you got to play with that hand. Cause I don't want you to completely collapse down on your throat, but be in a place where you can think that the length of your neck pull on your side, top arm nice and grounded, top leg lifts and a parallel. Let it go to the front and let it point the foot as you come through to the back, think of your heel pressing and carving through space, the arch and sole of your foot bird on a perch coming through space, flex reach to find footwork on the reformer here, go through all of the gliding and sliding of your tarsal bones. And you're in a nice parallel work in your outer hip work in your AB doctors' last one and center come center parallel. Now lift in parallel to hip height maybe a little bit higher but there's only so how you get to go to go higher.

Find the articulation external rotation, lift up come back to hip height, internal rotation, back down parallel external and go higher. Come back that parallel and regional, all this happens in the hip socket. This doesn't happen up in the waist unless you're really gonna go Jane Fonda, right? Lift all down now one or two more try taking that, lift the leg notice that the way contracts, but you're going to have to Lincoln it back out If you do. Choices last one up, rotate it in and down.

Lift both legs. Bottom leg down, press back up. I like to do to sit a parallel more than a Pilates. Be really helps you find those. The diff the conversation between AB and ADD outer hips and inner thighs, right?

And back down, hold up little mini walks, little mini scissors, one leg forward one leg back one, one leg forward. One leg back. Can you find the balance of the top arm here requiring you to lift up that bottom side, more? Making sure your spine stays in alignment. Ooh, it's so hard.

Right? And then bring everything together. Bend the bottom leg, reach the top leg. Let it pull you up. Let it be a good side Stretch, reach over.

And then you're going to bring it onto your other side. All right so stretch yourself out, line yourself up right. Now same but different might feel like it's a whole new side. Pressing that bottom waist awake. You can't hang out on it.

Right? Top leg up parallel, flex reach the heel front point around to the back flex front and point back. And now I'll give you another truth bond here. I always forget to count inside kicks single leg circle. Well, I'm only doing five, but for some reason I get the sidekicks and I'm like, Oh, well that felt like even let's do two more.

It'll feel like even. And if you need a few extra like this is your weaker leg, take your extra and back. Keep pulling up and zip and legs back together, parallel and then extra rotate, go up a little bit higher. Bring it down fine where you turn it into your parallel again. And then squeeze down and lift, press rotate higher.

Bring it down feel that articulation. And then back down also a feel where you initiate from lifting with your outer hip A B doc to lift Back in and, and lift rotate if you feel the waist pulling the leg more make sure you lengthen back out of it. Last one, lift Pull it out, reach it even longer. Spine pulls back. Good.

Top leg comes up. Bottom leg lifts up and squeezed feel how you're gonna have to get longer. Knowing those walks are coming and down. Top leg up bottom leg ups, squeeze feel yourself get longer down tough leg. Bottom leg squeeze.

Now a little mini walk, little mini scissor be stacked on the pelvis, but lifted in that waist. Can you figure out lifting the hand here ohh this is my hard side. I am shaking inside like an earthquake at all and maybe two more for the gold medal last one. Pull it together. Set them down.

Come onto your stomach. Bring her head on your head onto your hands like a little pillow. Find a parallel lift both legs, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap in a parallel. Right this is normally the transition from right to left side, but I didn't do it because I kept facing the camera for you and then back down but then bring your legs apart. Okay the width of the mat and externally rotate them a little bit, right?

You were just kind of clapping in a parallel so you can really truly do a grasshopper. Bend your knees, bring your feet together Lift the back of the legs, reach out and then do a clap clap, clap, clap, clap. Pull the legs apart on the mat. Bend knees you find a little frog, a little lift. Reach out.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, set them down. Let the legs reopened. Last one. Bend find them upside down frog lift reach out, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Set it down.

Sit back, rounded out. Right? Is that posterior chain needs to be so strong for things like semicircle, high bridge, silly crazy Crazy things like such. Now we're going to come on down for teaser in a seven is what I like to call it. Teaser in a seven.

Means it seven counts. Stretch out your legs, stretch out your arms. And in this teaser in a seven, you're going to end up going through teaser one, teaser two and teaser three. Okay. First thing I want you to do is circle the arm.

Pull the knees into you your chest and just curl into a little ball. Don't quite come up into your teaser yet. Teaser one usually starts with your knees into your chest. So feel that pull into, let the head reach back with the arms up. Here we go.

Up into your teaser. Reach out legs. One, roll back pull them into you two roll up and out three leave your legs there. Leave them there. Roll all the way down four, come up five wiggles, roll down, put everything down on six roll everything up full teaser.

Seven and a half roll back down knees into your chest cause you're going to do that whole thing again. Okay. And starting with knees to your chest. Rolling up. Reach out one, roll back.

Pull the knees into your chest. Let the arms reach and move with you. As you please coming up, reach to the toes. Now leave those lights there. Roll down teaser two.

Leave them there roll back up, roll down put legs down, see down your body. And then you're going to pull everything up. Lift stay there, feel the elbows back. Come on to your elbows. If you really feel strong beyond your hands, hip circles pull those legs up to 90.

Pull them, pull a, pull them curve around, curve around And they go to the right down as low as you feel. You can pull them back up, right? And over left down around all the way over to the other side and try not to let your sternum get pulled down. As you reach out through the legs, scoop and push back up through. And one more right.

One more left. The circle is only as big as you can bring it back last one, but then try to curve back up press to the forearms try and find one more teaser, pull the knees in roll back down. Give yourself a wiggle. Let it feel good in your back. We're going to do a little mermaid on your side.

Right? So coming into not as the set, not, not fully open, right? Everybody's got a different knee hip situation. I personally cannot do stack stack because my bottom knee has no cartilage in my left knee is like ah ah so I have just a little bit of splay. Okay.

Back hip is not really on the map. That's cool. Grab a hold of the shin. Lift the other side tall start by lifting and reaching out over, over. Get the good stretch, get the good stretch.

And then come back up both arms lift and try not to feel yourself sink, try to pull it Up. Push from the hips initiating to reach out over, let the hands and fingers reach out far. Let the elbow come to the mat and let it pull that whole bottom waist to the point where you feel like you could almost lift your hips up a little bit and then let it Put your hips back down now don't you you're already pushing with that bottom arm. See how the top side pulls you up out of the mat. Lift that top side, that, that whole waist and go over and then come up not lean push with your hips and reach let yourself catch on that arm shoulder.

Let it press yet does it feel like it could go into side bend? It should feel like that cause you're about to And then lift up and over and you're going to come back out again and now you're going to lift those hips. Can you stretch the top leg out? Can you stretch the bottom leg out? Squeeze them, squeeze them and let it take that waste up and over a little side burn.

Come up just try and find the side plank don't drop your hips. And over, over, over over, over, over press with arm and lift the top side. Right and press reach, reach, reach, reach. Bend the bottom leg, bend the top leg. Lift, pull yourself back up over reach and then thread the needle through that bottom arm, grab and twist and pull and breathe and also come forward so your low back has to stretch with you.

Yep. Other side, right? And if you have to be in a different stand than your other side, be in a different stand. Don't try to like shove yourself into your mermaid fin onto the rock you know like. Lift up tall, If I were a mermaid I'd be like a pirates of the Caribbean.

Mermaid personally. I'm gonna take a little stretch over to the chin just cause the right side just like you know it has it had a time over there. And now I go over reach and press from the hips find that arm, find that shoulder support let if feel like you've reached so much not fall but reach so much that it just draws the weight of the pelvis with you. And then you come back down and lift reach grab If you need you to pull yourself up otherwise just try and reach over. Right?

And over I felt myself almost fall there and press and reach and then bring your hips back down and up and over, over, over and on this one. Can you keep pressing that fore arm and reach and stretch you top leg out. Stretch you bottom leg out. Now squeeze them together and let that push the bottom side up, come to a plank stretch it out. lift it and reach one more up, reach bend the bottom leg then the top leg back up and over and take a little thread the needle and in that three.

Oh, come forward a little bit if you can. Let that help you really reach around. Good. All right, let's come center on your mat. Boomerang.

Cross your legs one over the other. Go ahead and give the reach forward round out arms by your ears now don't just put your arms down. Really actually feel your core in your abs begin to pull back like that idea of push through, like the idea of having to pull back the rollback bar and the rollback springs right. Makes that start pulling you back to the point where you feel like you can pick up those low abs then put your hands down and use those little abs to pick up your legs, push your hips over open close out our hips and our thighs. Roll hit that teaser lift those toes down with control.

You can do the fancy butterfly rolling arms reach out, out out to come around. Now again, don't just put your arms down feel your core pull back to that bring the extremities with you. Bring everything and one piece you are an integrated whole. You can have this articulation of, you can move through the joints, but you have to bring all of you through space, all of the time, and then pull back scoop lift squeeze those legs. open closed back to that outer hip inner thigh when you get that open close thinking coordination on the reformer as well and over.

Okay, we got just two more to be even. Okay . Two more reach back big, open, close, and roll back to that scissors. or up to it however you think about it, down round started with that right leg on top. These I did.

So they got to finish with the other leg on top. Rock back, open, close. Hit your teaser. Sing a song awesome. And the legs come down big rich, big, rich, big rich.

Come forward, we're gonna do seal two standing. Now, look around you, only you know where you are, can you actually come up and stand and not hit all the furniture. Do you just want to put your hands down. You do you, but we are coming to standing, come through the legs, get a top of those ankles if you can, you got things in the way, go around, but it is about your hips, outer hips inner thighs, clap, clap, clap, suspend and lift the hips clap at the top. Roll down.

Clap clap clap inhale. Roll back up clap clap clap exhale. Four more and roll back now the challenge is really making sure you evenly clap at the bottom. At the same tempo that you clap at the top. You can not give me a nice slow clap at the bottom and at the top you like clap clap clap clap.

Right. So be real with yourself. Try this one and get it. Now on this next one you'll let go at the top and come up to standing any cool way you can. If you got to use your hands, you got to tuck your knee.

Whatever, but come on, find your feet together. Roll yourself up. All right, we're going to walk out to a little bit of plank time. If you want to clear your elbows and what some people would call push ups. Well Is your day.

All right, let's go ahead and reach the arms forward. Inhale up tall. Exhale, curl forward through your arms, and then find your spine bending pull the weight of your upper body around, so don't try to touch your toes, reach around into that push through bar. Yeah, think elephant here for a moment, even if your knees are all bent will find the elephant. Curl your tail forward to push the hands, walk the hands out under your shoulders.

If you'd like to bend those elbows cool. Take three breaths regardless of what you decide to do here, and through third breath. Now as you exhale initiate with the head curl chin to chest feel your cat begin to happen to pull your arms back, push down into your hands even if bending your knees has to happen. Roll up pressing down through the legs. And be aware, do you have any of this going on, try to really make your brain, make you stay even on your feet, arms lift up this time try to lift the leg.

Right thinking, Like, pull, right, curving out over, not down, go out over feel out you have to lift and reach out the curvy of your spine find that feeling of elephant. Alright, here we go out to long stretch pull from the tail coming forward to make you have to move the hands, make them have to make them have to get forward. And now you're all not reformer feet in the head rests hands on the bar and they can you lift a leg and bring it back down. And the other way and bring it back down. Let it help you your whole way stay lifted.

Don't let the leg coming up make you feel heavy last set up and down, other leg. Head pulls in ribs close and it sucks the arms in bend the knees if you need to coming back from that elephant again rolling up one bone at a time. And up we're gonna go out there one more time. We're gonna take a little variation that I like to do, to think about down stretch on the reformer arm coming forward, dive out over full scoop you know do the Pilates. Right, do the Pilates coming forward.

Pull, pull, pull, pull Now come into parallel, make sure to parallel. I don't want to keep your head across the room. I don't want you to feel like you shrink, just place one knee down, other knee down, Feel your hips come forward, lift your chest. Find a Down, down stretch. Tuck the toes press up into those hips come back up to your plank.

Right down without falling back down, down feel press, lift up forward chest up, and don't drop it. Don't drop in it. Tap the toes. Feel your hands get pushed up to glutes lift. And one more, keep your head across the room.

That's so much harder than it sounds. But if you do, you're gonna feel how your arms really up to catch the weight, press up to the hips, and then walk back head comes in, slaying over but hadn't been one knee. Let yourself twist spiral with the other leg straight and lift that whole side and bring it back down. And then the other way let it bend, but it was to reach stretch up and bring it back down. Bend both knees, take a flat back, lifting the head.

Find your flat back. Come back over a nice easy lift the waist, roll yourself up. Bring your hands up behind your head, I'm going to come face to face this camera. Many many many Pilates V, super super many Pilates V not turn out. But it's a wrap up into to press and magnetize and to center we're gonna do some standing footwork.

Okay. So take a moment, feel the home feel the fatigue, it's true. Bend the knees, heel stand together, feet staying grounded. Lift the heels, staying in the same plane in space, where you have to find hip flexion, lift and scoop. Now get taller push up through space you see that rocket fall out, heels come down through center.

If you need to adjust your base, adjust it. And it's a bend in the knees. Notice your level comes down stay on that level. For us the heels now really really squeeze the heels together, find your midline. Pressing up two straight legs, that's where you change level get taller, that's where you feel the idea of neck pole getting longer reach your heels down, out of that scoop, and bend press lift, then rise, reach, and down.

One more bend, lift, press and down now reverse it lifted heels zip it up bend the knees you lower the level now stay on that level. Don't get lower. Put the heels down and find the opposition to stay tall get taller. Right now I'm gonna show that from the side so you can see the level change right. I'm going to zip and lift bands and I get lower.

But I'm going to stay there, I'm not going to drop any lower. Press the heels back up three more lift out over the toes heels down, and up and two reach holding that height up finding that up position and up last one. And, out, down, I'm gonna come back facing you come into a parallel now, arms down by your side. Right. With arms down by your side, You're gonna take a standing side bend over, feeling the press come up from the floor.

And then you're going to find that arm actually traced up by your side, through your face over, you're going to flip that hand over and reach the fingers towards the floor, oh that feels so good but then you're just gonna let your knees bend and let yourself curl forward. Let it shake out all through that side of your back, roll back up, other side let your head pour heavy let your waist come down, let your fingertips reach, and you could take a big arm circle, but I'm just going to say feed and feel like you drag that side longer. And then you're going to turn the arm and flip your hand over, put your fingertips towards the floor, get a little more, a little bit more, just when you think you have to come up oh you get to bend and soften and you just kind of let the whole back slide around. As you wiggle, and then roll yourself up. Right. We're gonna do a little bit of fun challenge take your feet apart.

Right, I would say heels just on the outside of the width of your shoulders. Alright, not too wide, right, and I'm a little turned out little Pilates V but not not not super not super great. Can you find it, where your spine, albeit your legs are pressed apart your spine is still tall. And in that. Can you lift the heels.

Can you twist up your body to the point where it has to start twisting the legs, the front foot takes a heel down and the knee bends and you twist and you actually try to look all the way back behind you. And now, don't push so much as initiate from where you actually lift your backup, lift that pool is heal, out of the ground, let your back, pull it up, bring it back through center, and back down. Right, hard, here we go again a little bit of lift and no you don't have to go high with that lift is like hover twist torso. Now if you're gonna keep going at some point you have to let the thigh bones turn, you have to let everything rotate the front heel can now come down, and then as you bend knee over toe, the spine keeps spiraling, and you're trying to not force your heel to keep going. You're trying to bring your spine around to look back behind you.

Yes, I'm pushing to the floor but feel your back, pull, pull, pull you up, get on line on top of that foot. Are you gonna have a really hard time picking up that heel come back and center now you're doing a wider you notice that let's do one more set try not to do that. Try to keep your same width see what happens. Right. Little bit of hover doesn't need to be hot, Twist, twist, twist, twist, bend reach out over, Look back at that back leg twisting that upper back, come up, pick your back up to pull that heel up out of the floor.

Come back center, heels down, and up up all the way up, twist and knee bends in spirals so the spiral comes through your spine, and it is a spine. Twist and then you're going to pull your back up. And that brings the heel comes back center. Let the arms come down by your side take one roll down, feeling what it feels like to roll down with the legs this wide apart. Let the easy shift over to one side, shift over to the other side and let that rock your pelvis back and forth, back and forth with a tow ball heel your knees, feet in towards each other, right, and you're actually I'm gonna do turn side on so you can see what I'm gonna do we're just gonna get a little quad stretch to finish this off, you're gonna bend back down onto one knee.

Stack, a tall, pulled up behind your thigh. That front thigh. Your goal is not to press your hip forward, like you're in fifth grade gym class don't do that Right. Like press down to push you up tall in that your back body should activate your front body should lengthen. If that is enough quad stretch.

Good for you. If you want more quad stretch, you crepe your foot forward and again, we're not dropping forward. Think of someone coming to push on your sacrum, and if they pushed on your sacrum, you wouldn't want it to drop, you would want it to keep coming up with you. So you keep standing through that back leg, lift up so that you can come into a lunge or warrior whatever you would call it. Right.

Let it sit back down. And now again it's not sit back towards my heel. Think of the kettlebell sitting on your sacrum and you have to push up into it. You don't want weight sitting down into your sacrum, you want it strong and supportive change legs. So even here if your hands are on your back, even if your pelvis is a little bit skewed, you know, that's okay your body's built to be off kilter sometimes that's fine, but it's not built to be collapsed.

Okay. Lift up tall, get hands underneath if you need a little bit of help. And then you're going to not drop right if you want a little bit more if this is enough to be here if you want a little bit more, you're gonna think press from both legs up into. I forgot to crepe the leg forward, you do have to keep it forward if you want to go forward. If you want to bring your hands to the mat.

tuck and find some lunge you should still feel support. If someone were to come and jump on you right here you're good, and then bring it in and then bring it back up, get a good stretch out through the front of that hip. And that our class for today focusing on on integration. We took it up a notch. Tomorrow we are putting everything together in this idea of movement potential.

If you got it, flaunt it. Let's see what you can do. I will see you tomorrow.

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LOVED this class. So many great cues and new ways of thinking about familiar movements. Danica is so warm and generous and funny, I really enjoyed her teaching.
Keira N
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Loved it, thanks!
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love this class, and I find very useful how you simply let know how to do exercises like teaser, or boomerang . thanks so much !
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Thanks Danica -  I loved how you used the references to the reformer and cadillac.   That helped me focus and really feel the movement.   Plus your warmth and humor are so lovely!
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... good practice today 👍🇩🇰
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Good solid, faster paced class, with lots of cues, and friendly discourse. I wore 5 lb leg weights which worked for me. I had fun, got a good workout, and feel much better. Thanks Danica:) 
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Great movement integration class Danica! I liked the standing work at the end for something different. Thank you. 😊
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Thank you Danica, for this absolutely fabulous series.  Even though I have been a PA member for many years and have done many fantastic classes, I have never written a comment before.  Your series however has been so awesome, I just had to let you know.  Your cues were just so spot on for me that I managed to not only get relief in my hip that has bothered me for years, but I was able to execute moves like boomerang and jack knife without much trouble.  I hope to see a lot more of your classes! Oh and time just flew by.  Love your sense of humour
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I really really really loved this class! You made me laugh, sweat and love every single movement! Thank you Danica!
Adam M
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This is great. Honestly, I wasn’t sure where the first two classes were taking me. Now I know, and I love it. Thank you!
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