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Breath and Fluidity

55 min - Class


Incorporate breath and fluidity into your movements with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She begins to work on tempo and pace so that Wayne can find more flow in his practice. She also continues to strengthen his powerhouse so that it can support his legs during the Hundred.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Guillotine, Arm Chair, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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So, we're still continuing working on the hundred for Wayne. I'm gonna start increasing his range of motion of his arms today, we're moving to breath and fluidity. Open, sometimes you bring them to- Yeah, good. Nope, palms down, but just open your chest. There, chest expansion.

And I played golf yesterday. And you played golf yesterday? Look at you maintaining. Let's rock and roll. And out, and in. Good, and two.

So, I wanna start giving him a little speed. I actually might, on his next lesson, throw a reformer and mat by him and start giving him rhythms. When I was a baby pilates person, Ramana would always have somebody next to you and she'd say, pace with them, go with them. I paced a lot of teachers growing up. Good.

And good, change. Arches. Legs in. Little bit anchor, and now heels together toes apart. Good. As much as you can.

Perfect. On your arches. Arches, yeah. So, there? Down there? Perfect. Good.

So as you're working, Wayne, so as you move in your- 'cause you're doing great, I'll tell you what you're doing. On the balls of your feet, you're stimulating your sinuses and your breathing passages, yeah? Your arches are getting your internal organs like your liver, right? And then when you move to your heel, you're getting your kidneys. So you're going through your circulatory and cleansing system and you are stimulating it through- feet together, through reflexology.

Good, stretch out, and then when you go back to the balls of the feet, lower and lift, you're pumping through a lower body warmup in preparation for your hundred, which purpose is to get the circulation going, right? Toes back, baby toes back, baby toes. Hu-uh, this part. Outer edge of the foot pulls back, then push the big toe forward. There.

So if you can't get it one way, get it the other. That's it. That's it. Pull them back. Outer edge back.

Good. Don't get those knees together if the heels aren't. Good, press. Yeah, there you go. And press, very good.

Up to the first position. Heels together, toes apart. Try not to go foot, foot. Remember, we did a double leg pull? Pull in, don't forget your finesse. Wider.

Oh, you're there. Lift your heels up high. Good. Keep them there. Stretch out. Remember the heel holder? Find it. And lower down, down, down, and lift up, up, up, down, down, down, pull it. You're up, up, up, down, down, down.

Pull it in. Up, up, up, down, down, down and up, up, up. Down, down, down, and up, up, up, down, down, down, and up, beautiful. Down, down, down, up, up, up, down, down, down, up, up, up, down, down, down, up, up, up. Don't touch those bones. Don't touch those bones. Press your heels together more.

Don't touch those- Yes, and lift up. Bend your knees in, take your foot bar down. Remember to hook that bottom foot lower than you think. Lower, lower, lower, lower, there you go. Oh, you missed it.

Good. That's a single leg pull. Press the bar down, bend your knees into your chest today. Extend your arms straight up, let's go. Honey, handles. (slight banging) Epic fail today, Wayne.

Stretch up the arms. Knees in so that you get that double (indistinct) anchor your lower back. Lift your head up, and now arms and legs press out into your hundred. Yes. And pump.

Big arms, inhale, two, three. Look at your stomach. Exhale, two. Remember, men do kegels too. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale.

Pull this back, off of my finger, I don't want this pooching out. Inhale. Roll up, dude, roll up. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three.

Remember those ribs, your elephant. Exhale, two. Pull this back, pull this back. Roll up, roll up. Last set, we'll do the rest on the mat. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Bend the knees all the way in.

It's two handles into one hand, step off taking two springs off as you do so. Good, walk to the back. You're going to put the straps on your arm and you're going to place one, mmm-hmm. And after you hook that one, you put that one on your other arm. Now put that on your other arm so it frees up your hand and then do the other one.

I usually do the one that's closer to me first so that I don't get my straps crossed. Okay, and then hold them and place them right down. Yep. Other way. So, you do this one.

Yep. Nope, all you have to do is go like this. Okay? Lie down. Put your leg straps on and what are you gonna do first? What exercise comes next?

You don't talk to me? (laughing lightly) (light banging) (metal clanging) Good, heels together, and what are you gonna do? Circles. Perfect. Stretch out and circle.

Together and up, good. And now, push in the strap don't turn out. And up, and push, don't turn your toes out more, and up. That's 'cause you're pushing with your outer edge, push in the center of your foot. Yes, center of your foot and reverse it, down, tummy in and up.

Pull this back and up. Pull this back and up. Pull this back, do not turn out again. Push it down. Don't turn out as you open. No. You see how you're just- What am I doing?

Your toes are turning out. Go down, open, up, together, down, open, up. Think spine stretch forward, lower your legs, spine stretch forward to bring them up. Bend in for your front. Bend your knees in, I'll show you.

You're pushing out, here's your feet. You open, your toes went out. That's a release in your hip and it tells me you're not using your stomach. Yeah. Pull the stomach in.

Yes, but heels together, toes apart. That's it, just don't change it. Good. And make those feet look the same. Let's go to your frogs, and bend your knees in, bend- No, you can be turned out. You don't turn in and out.

No. Watch me. Your feet are here. Yeah. They should stay that way, right?

Watch the angle of my fingers. Yeah, okay. Okay. Don't talk sometimes, pay attention. Here, turn out. Oh.

Down, in. You're going like this with your leg. Because you love me. (laughing lightly) Thank you baby. Bend in. Now, anchor your stomach and press out. Yes.

Bend in, out. Bend in. That would be the equivalent of you walking like this. Yeah, understood. Yep.

I didn't realize that one's so scratched up. And good, bend all the way in. Reach your legs up over your head. Good. Hug your knees in. Sit up. What exercise comes next?

(light banging) What do you have to add? Springs in your pads, right underneath your springs. One or two? Two. You're on four springs, so whatever you start with is what you gonna use for this.

Your pad is right there, underneath. Okay, so lie down. I actually want you to lie all the way down, with your legs up. Nope, leave your pad. Just lie down. Okay.

Now, have your feet on the foot bar and this is gonna be... Your shirt. I was like, I thought you hurt yourself. Okay. You're not staying down, Princess And The Pea. Roll up to the stomach massage position, into rolling like a ball position.

You can hold the sides of the carriage. Roll up. That's okay. Roll up. Roll up, try- There you go. So your goal, Wayne, is to roll up, stay there, stretch out your legs, and bend your knees in.

Your goal now is to start rolling up, from there and keeping yourself here, you feel that? Yeah. Very good. We're not gonna lower and lift 'cause you're in a much deeper place today. Good, and bend in.

And stretch out, tummy back, and bend in, and stretch out, and bend in. (loud groaning) Last one. Beautiful. Take one spring off. Don't move where you're seating and bring your hands back to the shoulder blocks.

Good. Roll the shoulders open and bend your elbows. Good, bend your elbows. Yes. So the shoulder blades are gonna hold you, not your shoulder joint. Bend your elbows.

And now lift yourself with your chest. Lift up, lift up, lift up. You feel the difference? Yeah. Beautiful, stretch out. And bend in, keep those elbows bent.

And two, this is gonna help with that range of motion. And in, three. So, the stomach massage forcing him to roll up is also going to change. I want him to eventually be able to lift his legs off of the mat for his hundred, right? As opposed to bending and in, I have him doing that because of his pelvis.

Some people don't, they just go from straight up to straight down and right into it. But this is where I want him to be be. Bend the elbows, muscles hold you, not bones. Reach in, take one off. Stretch forward, arms reach up.

Up, and then your arms go shoulder height, and then they reach up. Bend in and reach up for my shoulders. Good, so they're parallel to your legs. Just like your hundred, right? Up, up, up, up, up.

Open your chest. Up, up, up, up, up. Good, last one. And up, excellent Wayne. Let's come over to your ladder barrel.

Come on in. Let's do the front leg stretches. Perfect. Open the chest, reach across. Now, I want you to think about the arms that you just did with the elbows bent and your shoulders open, legs straight.

Good. Drop this hip down. Can you straighten this anymore? It's tighter from golf. And, round forward. That's it, good work. (loud groaning)

And roll up. And round forward. (loud groaning) And roll up. And round forward. (loud groaning) And roll up.

Open your chest, but you forgot your towel. (loud groaning) Good, flex that foot while it's there, and point it. Flex it and don't bend the knee, and point it. Flex it, don't bend the knee, and point it. (loud groaning) Good.

Slide your pelvis forward, please. I'm sliding back. That means you're pushing your butt out. Slide your whole box. (loud groaning) And then pull it back.

Go ahead, pull this hip back, I'm gonna give it a little traction. (loud groaning) Good, and forward, and back, and forward, and back. Very good. Bend the knee, put the foot out to the side. Flex the foot. Good, bring it a little more towards me, I don't want you so turned out.

Good. And stretch forward, open this hip. Yes. And roll up. And again, forward.

Good. And up. And forward, keep this hip here. Yes. And roll...

Up. (loud groaning) Excellent, stretch the leg. Don't shift, I have to set something up over here. Lift the leg up, and down, and up, and down, and up, and bring it across, and change your legs. Other leg comes up.

Good, get that hip down. Just pull that hip back, and round over, and up, and over, and up, and over. (loud groaning) Good, and then you're gonna flex and point the foot. (loud groaning) Right. Flex and point, three times. (loud groaning) Good. You're gonna bend the knee.

Have the knee drop out and stretch forward. Not so crossed, not so crossed. Remember where that foot was. Slide your knee open a little bit more, knee to your left. Little more.

Knee to your left, there you- Stretch over. Ribs back, ribs back, ribs back. Good, good, good, good, good. (loud groaning) (indistinct) I'm on the outside. Don't move the foot.

There, you feel that? Yeah. Good, good, good. (loud groaning) And very good. Extend the leg.

Did you do your slide on the other side? No. So let's do your slide while I'm here. So, slide it forward. Pelvis.

And slide it back. (loud groaning) And forward, slide it back. And forward, slide- (loud groaning) Yes. Lift it up. Three times. Lift.

(loud groaning) Lift. (loud groaning). Lift. (loud groaning) Across. Okay.

Now, what I want you to do is you're going to sit up on here and face, let me turn it so that we can see, step out. Step out. Okay, so you're gonna sit up, hook your feet. This is the second last one, or... Top one.

And you're gonna flex your feet. And where do they go? On the arches? Just like that. Okay, so your toes are gonna hook here and you can slide up a little bit more so that you can really pull that pinky toe back and see how this one wants to turn out? Yeah.

Right, that's what I'm fighting over there. See how your knee turns in? Yeah. That's a nucca knee, but you really aren't nucca knee. Yeah.

That's it, right there. Good. Hug your hands around your waist. Remember, down a little further. Bring your tushy down. Pick up, put your hands on the barrel.

See, you try to save time and it wastes time. Down. Thank you. Good, pressure out here. And roll back.

Touch your lower back, and come back. Good. And roll back. Press here. Yes.

And, come up. Good. (loud groaning) Press here. Excellent. And come up. Sit up, nice and tall.

Bring yourself back a little bit. Excellent. Hands behind the head, still pressing out here. Good. Lean forward first. Remember this is the flat back, and hinge back, hinge back.

Open your chest, open your chest, open your chest, open your chest. Good, and come back up. Keep this open. And again, hinge, hinge, hinge, hinge, and come up. And one more time.

Hinge, hinge, hinge, hinge, stretch all the way forward. Good, I want you to hop down. We're gonna do your side bend, like you like to do. Okay? Today what we're going to do, babe, is you're gonna put one foot here and one foot up here on the outer edge of your foot.

So put the foot up on top, right there and that foot right below. Now, bend your knee. Yep, and have your hands behind your head. Good. And stretch over.

(loud groaning) Good. (loud groaning) And come up. So I'm drawing everything a little more towards his midline. Stretch away. Keep this hip down.

No, stretch towards the barrel. Yes. And come up. And tummy in. And stretch up, you're doing great.

(loud groaning) And come up. Lift up, and stretch up. (loud groaning) Good, other side. Very, very nice. That was really good, how did it feel?

Didn't hurt as much as I thought. Yeah. Your side bends are progressing, which will help your swing a lot. This lump is getting smaller. Bring this in. (loud groaning)

That's it, and reach over. And up. And lift up, and in. (loud groaning) And lift, and over. And reach out, up, and in.

Lift up, and over. Reach up. (loud groaning) And in. Very good. Go back to your sitting up on top, for your twist.

Find those toes, really important, this is gonna help your swing. Right, so the further up you can go, and get your whole top there, See how that- Yeah. Good. Now, hands behind the head. And turn, sit up.

More, more, there. Now, rotate. Wayne, amazing. (loud groaning) And come center. Amazing! (loud groaning) Yes! Again.

(loud groaning) Lift. Twist. (loud groaning) One more. Lift. Twist.

Good. Lift, twist. (loud groaning) Very good. Do you remember the guillotine under there? Yeah.

You're gonna go lie under there, Wayne. Listen to me one second. I want your pelvis underneath the bar. This is replacing his tree, even though he did his front stretches with drawers tree, he needs a little extra tree. So, he's getting this.

Good. Okay, good. So push the bar up, please. Slide a touch more back, I think you're ready to go a little further back, perfect. And place your hands on the bar, two hands on the center of the bar, and push the bar up, and roll your feet up and place your feet heels together, toes apart.

Just like your stomach massage. Now, gluing your heels, excellent. Hold right onto here with your hands. Roll up. That's it.

Good. I'm gonna slide a little bit towards your butt towards me. Little more. I'll tell you when to stop. Good, right there. Now reach.

So, this is just like that stomach massage that you did where I increased your place, right? Head to your knees, if you can. And stretch up, keeping your thighs and chest together. (loud groaning) Good. And bend in.

Knees inside. Find your stomach massage. And press up. (loud groaning) This is called the monkey. Get your baby toes on there, sweetie. Good.

And, press up. (loud groaning) Press up. (loud groaning) Good. Now from here, let go with your hands. Slide yourself so your bottom goes that way.

Way, way, keep going. I'll tell you when to stop. So, I want your chest under the bar. That's it. That's fine for you. Bring your legs parallel hips width.

Now, I want you to concentrate on these pinky toe and the big toe, and that the knee is in alignment. Excellent. Open your chest. Good. Hug the handles and bring your- Press your arms into here.

You feel that? Press down. Now, straighten your legs. Lower. Keep the legs straight and bring your tailbone towards the mat. (loud groaning) Feel that stretch? Yeah.

Good. Soften your knees. Good. Try to get this down. That's it, stop, don't go further, 'cause it's gonna wanna tuck. Now, straighten your legs and press this onto my fingers. (loud groaning) Find my fingers. I'm trying.

I know, find my fingers. And soften down. Okay. I'm gonna slide you a little more to me, you ready? And stretch up.

Straighten your legs. Yes. And bend your knees, bend, right to your shoulders. Good. And, press up.

Now, point your toes. Push with your toes. No, no, don't roll up. Just push your toes, point the feet away. (loud groaning) And now flex the feet and pull the heels to the ceiling.

Toes come to the knees. (loud groaning) And point. And flex. And point. Now with them pointed, Wayne, roll up your tailbone.

Roll up. Feels good. Get those ribs down. Feel that rib. Stay there. Bend your knees. Find you're rolling like a ball.

(loud groaning) Good. Stretch your legs up. Don't drop down on me, see how you're pushing on me? Still push up. Yes, so that this anchors.

This anchors. Now roll down from your throat, straight legs. Your ribs. Your tailbone. Bend your knees.

Again, stretch your legs up. Push. (loud groaning) Flex your feet. Point your feet. Flex your feet.

Point your feet. Good, press up. Press up. Throat, ribs, neck, stay this height, bend your knees. Don't let this drop.

Stretch your legs up. Roll down with straight legs. And then I want you to push on your arms so that your bottom goes closer to the bar. So, you're gonna slide towards your head. Towards your head.

More, more, more, good. Now straighten your legs. Get your tailbone down, you can get it down here. (loud groaning) There you go. That's it. Point. Flex.

Point. Flex. And bend your knees in. Excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, good. So do you see your ch- Don't lift it.

Do you see your tree there? Do you see your tree right- There. Yup. And the knee has to go here. Yes, that's where we're looking. Good, come down.

So, do you see your tree? And remember where your foot was parallel and you stretched forward and back? Same thing, except moving from the lower half. Okay. Let's go back to our reformer for our elephant.

Elephant. Handy-footy, handy-footy. Shift your weight way back and let your head hang. Gorgeous. Toes up, and push back.

With straight knees. Push back. Find that tower that we just did. Push back. You see, there's that tower.

That's plenty. Good. And lift your heels and bring your knees down. So peg your feet back. So babe, when you lift your heels, lift them, bring 'em back and then come down, 'cause the transition. Ribs go back.

That's working that same exercise we've been working all day. And press, go. I don't know, you tell me. And press, 'cause you wanna use your shoulders not your stomach. Hu-uh, stop. Shoulders down. Head down.

This has to stay here. Yes, and go. One, in, two, in, three, in, four, in, five, in, six. That's plenty. Roll the shoulders back.

Remember how we roll them and open? Very nice. And go. And one, two, three, four, five, six. And, good. Round in.

You did plenty of your single legs today, that whole bending, so we're gonna pull this in. Lift your knees up, uh-uh-uh, under. Think of the tower when you bend your knees. Good, go. One, two, three, four, and five.

Good. Lie down to run. Do you want to do your kneeling stretched split today? (heavy breathing) And run. Very nice.

And lift, good. And up, and down. And up, and down. And let's make it a little faster. Up, and up, and up, and up, and up.

You're running to get your ball. And up, and up, and up, and up, and good. Bend your knees in. Lie in position. Tailbone up, and out, and press, easy, out, in, one, two, out on one.

Scoop, one, two, out on one, scoop, don't cry. Out on one, scoop in, in, out on one. Very good. Roll down. Bring your legs together. Kneeling front splits. Up we go, let's go.

Good. Remember how to get on? Like your knee stretches. Like the single knee stretch. Yup, and bring it up. Press your heel.

(loud groaning) Get your heel on the shoulder block. Touch it, yes. Knee out a little bit more. That's it. Here. Head down.

Drop the hip. Press out and come in with the hip, and press out and come in with the hip, and press out and come in with the hip. Good, other side. Change your legs. Heavier bar for you. Ah, here we go.

Of course the bar I want is on the bottom. Go ahead, you don't have to wait for me. (loud groaning) Knee out a tiny bit more there. So, you wanna feel a connection through here. You feel that?

(loud groaning) And hip down. Stop. Rib over. Head over. Shoulder down.

There. Press. (loud groaning) And in. And press. And in. And press.

And in. Good, hop off. Come down to your mat, and when you get on your mat, Wayne, I want you to be with your upper back over to here. Okay? Stand in the middle and carefully come down, don't go flying down 'cause you don't want to run into the hub, so control it. That's it.

Now, slide yourself back so that your upper back is on that hump, way on the hump, and put your hands behind your head, bend your knees and I want you to open your chest, support the weight of your head and open your elbows. Can you feel that pressure on your upper back? Yeah. Good, that's what I want. Pull your tummy in.

Go a little further towards your feet, believe it or not. There. Now, let it hang and keep this in. You feel? Now, let it drop and then use your stomach and curl it in, and get your ribs in, and let it hang back. Don't push your head forward.

Let it hang. Open your elbows, open your elbows and don't lose the ribs. And when you curl it up, curl it up with your ribs so your ribs go into that space. Look at your stomach so that the chin is back. Yes.

And again. Open. Open. And curl it in. We just move fricking equipment all day.

And open. Open. And... Curl... it in.

Good. Now I want you to slide into your hundred position, bend your knees into your chest. I want you to find that lifted position that you just- Keep going. That you just found with your rib cage when you lifted your head up and the ribs anchored in. Okay? So bend your knees in, reach your arms back.

Good. Arms up to the ceiling, head up. Good. Stretch your legs and arms at the same time, right. Now, can you lower your legs? How do you lower your legs? With your stomach, right? Your knee.

Here. There, you feel that? Pump your arms. Inhale, big. Up with the arms, up, they don't touch your legs, remember? Exhale. They have to be above your legs not below your legs.

That's it, inhale. Two, three, four, five. Good, exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five.

Exhale, exhale. One more set. Inhale, very good. I'm gonna let go, you're gonna pull the stomach in and I have your legs. Lower your legs, I have them. Lower.

Lower. You feel that? Pull the stomach back. Inhale. Big arms. (loud breathing) Exhale, exhale, exhale. Bend your knees all the way in. Good. How's the knee, okay? Good. Heels, feet underneath the strap.

It looks like you leaned on it wrong. You see that? Heels together, lie all the way down. All the way. Stretch back. Your bar's right by you.

Remember, we always do this with a pole? It's weighted today. So, let the weight move your shoulders back and reach back. Could you feel anything in your knee here? Yeah. Good.

Arms up, and let me know when you roll over. Open your chest, head down. Don't you see how you turned out more? That's an avoidance of the stretch where you need to be stretched. Yes. Now roll down and don't let it turn out more.

Good. I'll get very good, ribs in, stretch back. Inhale up, push through your heel, push through your heel. Push through your- Gorgeous, Wayne. Stretch those knees, push through your heel, find your tower. Roll back, find the guillotine.

Find the guillotine, you're pushing through your heels. And, two more like that. It was beautiful. Actually, three more. And up. And over.

And roll down, straight wrists, and lengthen. And up. And over. Open your chest, head down. Roll back.

One more. And up. And rollover. Very good. Now, right from here bend your right leg in, hug it into your chest and lie down with it in your chest then stretch it up to the ceiling, and use your hands to stretch it.

Use your hands to stretch it. Good, now take your arms back. Excellent memory. Push through this heel, I want you to concentrate on this leg. Is this knee okay? Push through the heel here, one.

Good. Yeah, the discolorations gone, you should be fine. Three. Four, push through here. And five, reverse.

Nothing moves. One, up to the nose. Up to the nose, don't rotate that leg in and out. And good. Bend the knee into the chest, hug it with your hands. Good. Bring it down.

Hug the other one with your hands. Hug it, hug it, hug it, stretch this leg, stretch it up. Hug it with the hands. Good. So you stretch it when it's bent, you stretch it when it's straight.

And now, hands back. Push through the heel. You're doing great. (loud groaning) Two. Three.

Four. (loud groaning) And, reverse. One. Get those ribs in. Two.

(loud groaning) Three. Four. Bend the knee in. Good. Bend the other knee, come right up into rolling like a ball.

Good, hold the ankles. Very nice, Wayne. Much better. Knees into your chest, head down. Now, look at your navel. Can you really hold your legs? Like, not just like put your hands in, but hold it.

There, now hold. Yes, you're getting it. There you go. Hold. Good. Hold.

Good. Hold. Hold. Hold. And, very good. Lie down, single leg pull.

Bring your knees in so they don't stretch them out. Good. One leg in, one leg out. Yep. You only have three exercises left on here. One, and two, and one, and two. Very good. Now give it a hug in so you get a nice stretch, right?

Yes. Grab and deepen it. Yes. Deepen it. Deepen. Deepen. And two legs in.

Now, reach those arms back and look at your tummy. You can do it. Go. Good. Now exhale, come in. Inhale, go out.

Exhale, come in. Try to go a little lower with the legs. Inhale, pull the stomach back. Exhale, in. Inhale, lower, pull the tummy back. In.

Exhale, and in. Sit up, Wayne, spine stretched forward. Actually, do this today. Don't open your legs wide. Put your feet in the corner. How's that feel on the hips?

Okay. Good. Hands forward, anything? No. Exhale. So because his hips are tighter, I gave him a little smaller base so he's not gonna go in his hip flexors. Good.

Head drops. Excellent. Push through your heels. And up. A lot of guys will find it easier to do it here, in the corners, then in the- Wide, and up, because they're narrow hip based. Very good, Wayne.

Look at you. Excellent, huge progress. Okay, I want you to sit on the baby chair. Beautiful mat today. You did your mat, Wayne, in like seven minutes.

Yup, squat. Souls of the feet together. Reach your two hands back behind you. Stretch your arms straight forward. Now, can you hug the feet in or no?

And close your legs a little more or do we need a circle? Can you close your legs more? More? Actually take your legs parallel. Relax your arms for a second. Take your feet forward a little.

Not so much. Put them in here. Open your legs up. Parallel. Feet flat.

Press on there. Yes, you feel that? Now you get that connection here? Good. Yes. And now push your big toe, 'cause it's gonna automatically put you on your outer edge.

Stretch your arms forward. No broken wrists. Good. And you're going to circle the arms, little circles down. Lower.

Lower. Lower, and lift them up to- I didn't say reverse. Smile. Down. Look like you're having fun.

I'm trying to concentrate. And up. You can concentrate and have fun. Up, up, up. How fast can you go? Down, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and down.

Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and relax. So when you do your hundred, Wayne, that's that range of motion that I want. Very good. Now, you gonna do it with your chair back forward. Ready?

Lower your arms, make them even. Bring that chair back forward. And let's go, down, two, three, four, five, move those arms the same rate and up, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and down, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and up, head back, head back, six, seven, eight, and down, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And up, up, up, up, up, up, bend all the way in. Excellent.

(light banging) Keep your skirt on. Fold your fingertip to your elbow. Reverse your squat and come up. Yes. There, I like your skirt. It works.

Very good. Step off. Okay, we're gonna go to the Wunda chair, you're going to do the push down. Do you remember that one? And you, my dear, have graduated to pull up afterwards. So you're gonna stand facing this chair, heels together, toes apart.

Nope, you're perfect. Exactly. Lift your arms up. Make your waist as long as possible, bring your arms down and execute a roll down, a roll up, no, no- So, where do your head goes? Your head goes between your arms, right?

You need that to get that rib stretch. Yes. Bringing your hands to the pedal. And here you're going to push the pedal down, drop your head, find your elephant. (loud groaning) That's it. Now, tailbone drags you up.

Keep pushing down with your hands. And roll up, push down, push down, push down, push down, push down and now push down with your hands. (loud groaning) Good. Head down. Let your head go, dude. Let your head go, you need not to take the tension in your neck. That's what you like to do.

Good, use it to stretch your neck. And down, head down, head down, head down, head down. Find your hundred where I had you roll up and curl in. Roll all the way up, all the way up. All the way. Lift your arms straight up to the ceiling.

Good, and open. And listen, while I set you up here, I just want you to let yourself hang from here a little with the weight, and what I want you to do, Wayne, is bend, use your arms to lift you without using your head so, you know, eventually you're gonna go here. As much weight as you want on your hands, on your feet as possible. Okay? You're gonna do that five times. (light squeaking) Okay, good. Let's come over to your chair.

(light squeaking) I have an extra spring, I need it. Okay, right there. And what you're going to do is, you gonna do the same exercise you just did, but you're going to place your hands here, so get close to your chair, lift your arms up and this time, bring your hands forward and place them right here. Exactly. Do a single leg pull and bring one foot up to here, like you were on the- Like, my feet parallel?

Nope. But yes, now press it down. Good. Push the pedal down. Good. Now step on the other pedal, heels together, toes apart. Good. Glue your heels.

Bring your weight to me a little more. And what you're gonna do is, you're gonna curl into yourself and lift the pedal with your stomach. So you're gonna curl in... (loud groaning) And now tailbone goes down, one. And you're gonna come up, up, up, up, up, and down two.

Tailbone down. And think about what we did over on the guillotine, think about what we did on the guillotine. Go down a little bit, come up. Go down a little bit, come up. Go down a little bit, come up.

And all... the way... down. Careful when you step off, step off just the way you got on. One foot goes off. Control the pedal.

Very good. Come over to here, and you're going to do your kneeling chest expansion. Facing here. Open the chest, toes down. Good.

And open the chest, straight wrists. What happened to my wrists? That's gonna affect your shoulders, right? Good boy. Hold it.

Look to the right, center, left, center, and bring the bar up. Good. Now, use your breath. Bring your head back, sweetie. You're doing your head thing. There. Straight arms, straight arms, straight wrists.

Good, now press down, grow tall. Grab my arm with your shoulder blades. This goes open more. Hold it there. Hold it there. Look to the left. Don't give it up.

Center. Look to the right. Don't give it up. Center. And bring the bar back up one more time each side. That was beautiful. This is what I want to see from here. And, again. Press.

Arms straight? Yes, please. Good. And come up. And one more time, starting with the opposite side.

Shoulder blades down together. Crack. Crack. More. More. Yes. Excellent.

And come up. Good, now no drama about it, just sit with your legs straight and roll up and down three times. Just let it go. Enjoy it, Wayne. It looks like they dropped sand from somewhere. Yeah.

Did you throw sand out? No. And roll down. That's it, just to relax your spine. Open your chest and roll up. And rollback.

Push with the heels. Pull. And roll up. Press that spring down. And roll back.

Excellent. And roll... Up. Good. Spin around so that your head lies here. Oops. I kicked my ass.

(metal clanging) Feet in here. Good. Excellent, grab your bar. Rollback bar. You can do the same exercise with your upper body for your breathing. Inhale, straight legs. Good.

Lift up just like your tower and bring your arms down, at the same time inhaling. Hold for five, four, three, two one, from your throat. Exhale, roll down for five. Four, three, two, and one. We're gonna do a six count hold and a six count roll down.

Inhale, come up. Get there. Get there. Get there. Hold for six, five, four, three, two, one. Roll down. Ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs.

Last one. You're going to do a seven count lift- A seven count hold. Arrive up on your breath. Inhale deeply, arrive. Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, roll down. Seven, long neck, six, five, four, three, two, and one.

Let go of the bar. Bring your knees into your chest. Drop your legs over the barrel. And... You're done.

Stay here for a couple seconds, let everything relax. How do you feel? You did great.


This was a combo Montessorri  and Pilates Method lesson!!
Patricia  W
2 people like this.
Dina S
2 people like this.
This was awesome! I laughed out loud in a few spots, especially when imagining my husband getting on a reformer! Thank you KRN, for keeping it real.
Dina thank you !!!!!
Great, Thank you KathrynI Totally agree Dina!

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