Class #4381

Scapula Placement

60 min - Class


Focus on your posture and the placement of your scapula in this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She works on opening Wayne's chest as well as helping him sit taller in certain exercises like the Short Box Series. She also advances his Front Splits so that he can continue to open the front of his body.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Baby Arc, Hand Weights (2), Pilates Pole

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Let's hop on the reformer. You're on four springs. Just to remind you. Good feet heels together Feet and hand put like this? Yep, you're perfect.

You don't have to have your palms up anymore. So, it's the baby kind of (indistinct)? Yes, the baby toe ball has to be on here. This is the connection into your hips. So you know how like you go like this, right?

If you aren't pressing on this part of your foot. So you want to be on here and here. So equal weight here and here. Two, three points at that. And then three is your heel.

And then the fourth connection is your heels together. Okay? And the heels pressing together engage what we call the Trinity. Your tummy your tush and your inner thighs. So if you let your heels not press it separates and your bottom doesn't engage. So if you press those heels together and down here and down here and on there you engage with the Church of Cathy, the Holy Trinity and I'm Jews Well, I'm not, (Wayne grunts) Jews for Jesus.

(laughs) Good, now try to use that breath as, instead of coming out like that, keep it in and use that strength. Because that's a release, right? And we don't want, we want length from that. We want space from that. We wanna use that.

Yes. (machine clunks) Last one. Good, bend your knees into your chest. Arches, feet together. Yep, let me get your little wedge to help keep your alignment.

There you go. And press up and in good and two and in and three. Now, remember to use the back of the thighs. That's it, very good. Find that baby toe heels under and over.

Drop your foot a little bit more there lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen lengthen, lengthen, lengthen and lengthen. Very good. Bend your knees into your chest. Flex your toes. Bring them all the way back.

Pull them all the way back now, stay there. And I want you to find those same points on this bar. As you flex there. Now pull, (Wayne grunts) good pull the toes back, (Wayne grunts) pull it back, (Wayne grunts) pull it back. That's it (Wayne grunts) (Wayne grunts) anchor this hip eight.

Yes. (Wayne grunts) Last one. (Wayne breaths sharply) Excellent Wayne, excellent, excellent. Bend your knees in, inner thigh, right? Yeah Yep, good.

And you see how that's underdeveloped on you? Yeah. Excellent, so we're gonna have the foot bar up. You're gonna take your handles. Sorry, you're gonna bend your knees into your chest.

I lie. Anchor your pelvis. Take your handles. Good, stretch your legs up to the ceiling. Oops, you're twisted.

You got twisted. Twisted sister, (machine clunks) always check that and spring the head up. Good, press into the straps and stretch your legs up. Good, now anchor your tailbone. There you go.

Pump, inhale. Two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, stretch the leg. Bring it down. Two, three, four, five. Pull the stomach in.

Lift it up two roll your body up. Bring it down two, three. Stretch the leg lift it up two, three, four, five inhale two, three, four, five, exhale. Two, three, four last set. Inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale bend every thing in good.

Step to the back. We're gonna add those black straps. Okay? So as you go to go off, take two center springs off. Okay?

Come over to here. He's two center springs, because I want more activation on the outside of his leg as opposed to the inside because it, No, no, no, no. Remember how I hold it like this metal on the outside, perfect. (metal clunks) (indistinct) Mm-hmm okay. Okay, good lie down.

(Wayne grunts) Good, bring your legs back. Oh, men Good, so Wayne likes to use the top of his legs. Lift your tush. Come on. Up, up, up.

Good, little more. You got to lift it higher. Good. And bend your knees down. Good and press your feet out into your frogs.

You got it. Yep, sorry into circles. Yes, now look at your feet. Do they look the same? Find that point.

Good and press out. Good, stay lift up a little higher circle. Open down. Stretch your knees. Lift up.

Come on, stretch those knees more. Straighten them there, you feel the difference? Keep those legs straight. Come on. Stretch them stretch knees reach together up push in the strap to stretch the knees like you're biking, right?

You don't wanna, you wanna push to your pedal and reverse it. Push to your pedal. I'm gonna let go push to your pedal. Yes. Push to the pedal.

Push to the pedal. Very good. Again, push to the pedal and bend your knees all the way in and stretch out squeeze, press them out and bend all the way in and stretch out squeeze (Wayne grunts) and bend all the way in and stretch out squeeze and bend all the way in. Good stretch out, squeeze bend your knees in. Reach your legs back up over your head.

Stretch them. (Wayne grunts) Very good. Roll down. Swing your legs to the side please add two springs. (machine clunks) Put your foot bar up.

(machine clunks) You see there's a black pad under there. Put under your tushy for your stomach massage. (machine clunks) The other way, long way That's it great and right into rounded position. Remember all the balls. Remember the pinkie out?

That's right. Excellent. Now, lift those heels up. Like you had that board there. That might my toe, big toes too far up?

Nope, nope. This is great. This is gonna lengthen over. Because eventually it's gonna do that over the bar. It is.

Look at it. Look at it moving. Lift your heels up. Higher, higher, higher. Yes, press out.

Keep the heels there. That's come on. Stretch all the way. Stretch all the way. Stretch all the way.

That's it. Bend in. Good and go out, out, out. Yes, and in and again, out out. Beautiful Wayne.

Now stretch out. Stay out. (Wayne grunts) Lower your heels. (Wayne grunts) Lift your heels. (Wayne grunts) Bend your knees.

(Wayne grunts) He needs help. Stretch out siren is worried about you. Lower (Wayne grunts) lift and bend. Good stretch out. Excellent lower.

This is the last one. Lift and bend reach between your legs. Take off one spring. Yes, hands go back. Open your chest.

Lift up shoulder blades. Good and stretch out heels together. Lower your heels, oops, lift it (Wayne grunts) and come in good and stretch out (Wayne grunts) lower (Wayne grunts) lift heels together (Wayne grunts) and come in keep those heels together and press heels together. Yes, lower lift and come in and press heels together. Lower (Wayne grunts) lift.

Yes Wayne and come in. Beautiful. Reach between the legs. Take out one middle spring. Don't take your feet up.

That's part of the stretch. Good, excellent. All your toes on here. And lift your heels. That's it.

And stretch the legs. Okay. Good. You found it. Excellent, and bend the knees.

Exhale. (Wayne exhales sharply) and stretch and exhale and stretch (Wayne grunts) and exhale and stretch heels. Beautiful and lift up. Bend your knees. Bend your knees.

Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift and release. Good step up. Trying to find a point? That's exactly right, now do you remember how to put your long box on? Yeah.

So we're gonna take the foot bar down, right? Good you're gonna stand those two springs. You're gonna make your, take your head piece down at your short box and put your short box on. Okay. Those three points are the foundation?

Yes. So it feels like actually I'm just flailing Wait I actually want you to do it a little different today. I want you to put your box on in front here. Then... Sorry keep going, keep going right there.

Okay it's going to give you a little more length to lengthen that hip open. I was going between, do I bend you or straighten you but you understand the bend. So I'm gonna put you in this. It might be too long for you. We'll see.

But I wanna try to get that hip a little more open. That's pretty too long I lie. I want it this way. This is the way I wanted it. I knew I wanted it some way.

Okay, so you're gonna sit here and actually I want you to bend your knees so you gonna keep your knees bent today (machine clunks) under the strap bend yes. You're gonna wrap your hands around here and I want you to work. Remind me that I want you to work like this for the next couple of sessions because I wanna get this hip really open. Okay? How's that feel?

Good, roll back. That's it go ahead all the way. (Wayne grunts) Good and come back up. (Wayne grunts) Yes, and again, roll back. Find the roll back bar.

(Wayne grunts) Don't get tight. Don't get tight. (Wayne exhales sharply) Remember? Round back. I'm trying to pull the hips back. Yeah, that's it.

That's it. Good, let it go open your chest. (Wayne breaths sharply) Does it feel good? Now bring your head up. But you have to push that stomach and strongly.

Yes, and go back. Nothing in the low back right? No. Now, pull the tummy back, pull it back pull it back, pull it back, pull it back. Yes open your chest.

(Wayne exhales sharply) Need that opening and chin to your chest. Come in (Wayne grunts) it and stretch forward. Excellent. Good. Now sit up and slide your, actually let's keep it bend hands behind your head today And I want you to use that.

Like you did your bar and open your elbows up, up, up, up, up right? So chin down, hands lower, hands lower hands lower chin down into here. Lift up the back. Ribs in lean a little forward. Remember we lean forward.

Get yourself nice and long (metal clunks) tip from your hips by now. Now where's your head? Bring your head back there. Now tip back, tip back, grow up the pole. (Wayne exhales sharply) Don't lose the pole.

Don't lose the pole. Don't lose the pole. Don't lose the pole. Head back, head back, and then pull the tummy in. And come forward yes.

Hit back to the pole. Good and lift up. (Wayne grunts) Lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up, head back head back, head back and return. Very good. And lift up.

(Wayne grunts) Lift, lift, lift, lift head back more. Lift, lift, lift, beautiful and touch your toes. Stretch all the way down. Drop your head. (Wayne grunts) Good and sit up and take the bar.

The white tips lean forward. Excellent reach over. Pulling the hips back, but reach over this way. Shoulders slightly in front of the hips and reach over. (Wayne grunts) Good and up don't let this les move right?

Yeah. Reach up and over, up and over up and over and up and up and over up and over up and over and up and up and over. Pull this in, pull this in, pull this in pull this in and up last one up and over ribs, ribs, ribs, and very good stay up there. Turn to the right and center. Turn to the left (Wayne grunts) and center don't let the hips move.

Yeah. Turn to the right (Wayne grunts) and center turn to the left. (Wayne grunts) Turn to the right. (Wayne breaths sharply) One more each side. Yeah.

We're gonna have to beeps in this one and turn anchor the hip. Use your eyes. Very well, look at me. (Wayne grunts) And other way lift up, punch through your hands straight wrist, straight wrist. (Wayne grunts) And good stretch all the way down.

Excellent. I'll take the bar, you gonna take your right leg out (metal clunks) and lift the back up, stretch up and lift. And bend find that exercise there. Come on You're doing great babe. Lift up.

You're doing great. You're doing just like that. Getting wrong, this is the way. Yeah, but you notice that there's correlation between you biking and your hips. So sit on this side.

Right. Don't let your knee turn out Yeah. And lift it chin down. That's it. And then in relax, other side.

(machine clunks) You're trying to lift it like this. Wayne you've got it. Just don't push the lift. It's not about the lift. I don't care if the leg goes up, it's about sitting upright.

That's all. It's about. It's about sitting upright and it's out and down. So do you know how I know you can do this without that grip? You do your leg circles.

You're lying flat on the mat Yeah. And your legs out there. Okay. So that's all it is. It's like that leg circle.

So push into this hip as you stretch, push into that hip. Good feels better? Yeah. Yep, anchor like your leg circle. That's it.

That's it. That's it. That's fabulous. So what I saw, what I loved is that you didn't push or arch what you're doing to lift. Is you were trying to arch instead of finding that leg circle, anchoring that hip.

Very good. Step off. Let's get rid of the boxes and we're gonna go to your elephant. Listen, that's gonna be your nemesis. That one goes by the Cadillac.

That's going to be your nemesis because you know you like to bike a lot, which is great. I don't want you not to bike and you have tight hips, so that's just gonna be our challenge. You do Pilates to enhance your life. You don't live your life to do Pilates. Elephant, flat foot, head down, toes up, shift your weight back.

Lift your toes, (Wayne grunts) push back an eighth of an inch (Wayne grunts) curl it in, (Wayne grunts) push back an eighth of an inch, (Wayne grunts) curl it in push back an eighth of an inch. (Wayne grunts) curl it in (Wayne grunts) push back (Wayne grunts) curl in push back, curl in, lift your heels. Bring your knees down to the mat. Slide back. Good, sit back on the heels.

Ribs in, tummy in, tummy in, tummy in. I want that nice curl towards, lift here, shoulders down. And have you been doing your toe stretches at night? No. Yeah I can tell, bring your knees in a little bit.

There you go. And go push up and one and two and three. I know you don't like to do homework but the more homework you do the faster things change six and seven (Wayne grunts) and eight reverse shoulders and go. And one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight, round in ribs in bring the right knee forward. Good, lift the heel, knee off rib in more and go.

(Wayne grunts) One, two, three that's it. Other side. (metal clunks) Feel this rib? Lift the heel, lift the knee. Excellent.

(Wayne grunts) Beautiful. And keep this rib up. And two and three. Excellent, bring it back. We're gonna lift both knees at the same time.

Sit back. We don't use our shoulders. We use our power ups lift both knees at the same time. Good and round it while you're arching in, in, in, in, in, and push back and one and two and three and four and five and six. Yes, you feel that?

Yeah. Seven beautiful eight. Yes, nine. Yes Wayne and 10. That was excellent.

Hop off. Good, add two more springs running? (Wayne breaths sharply) Put feet up a little higher. So I'm just gonna tell you something. When you first lie down you were all twisted and over here, you are now centered.

Can you feel it? Yes it feels like that. Yep you actually were all the way over there. And I said, you know what? Let the exercises fix them.

I'm not gonna fix them. And they did stretch out and alternate one lift your heels, two good lift. Remember to stand on here. Put the heel out as you lower it, put the heel out as you lower. Yes, put the heel out as you lower.

Yes, because it wants to come in out. It just want to come in. Out, you have to stand on here as you lower it Yeah. Lower now lower and stand here. That's it lower and stand, don't let this arch drop lower stand.

Yes, lower stand. Yes. I got it. Lower stand yes Wayne. You feel that in your bottom?

Your tush? Yeah. Yep, lower. That's where you're running from. Good, we've run from our bottoms.

Yes Wayne. Yes Wayne when you stand up this is what I want you to feel when you stand at the end. That's what I want you to feel. Bend your knees. Excellent, bend them into your chest. Outsides

Yes, right here. It hurts here Yeah, well, you don't use that part of your foot? No Tailbone up. That's it. Press out.

Drag it in. Sit out. Good, drag it in, press it out. Drag it in, press it out. Drag it in.

Good, roll yourself down. Step up for your two front splits. So Wayne, you're actually going to make a change today. Okay? Your front foot now going to be on here. Because I really want you to get your opening hip.

Do you know how you did your single leg knee stretch? And you put your foot up here? I don't remember. Oh, you put your foot down here. Yeah.

Right? So now you gonna put your foot up here and all you're gonna do from this position is bring your pelvis back. Bring your pelvis forward. Bring your pelvis back. Bring it. That's it.

The more you can keep this heel up the deeper it'll be. I'm not worried about that today. I just want you to get in that deep position. So begin in your knee stretch. Slide those toes back.

Yeah, and you're going to pull your tummy in and bring one foot up and in. Good, and now lift it to the foot bar. (Wayne grunts) There you go. Head down, go to sleep. Just bring your hips back.

Just like we did with the stretch that you did on the floor. You feel that? Yes. And now come in and bring your hips forward. Good, and bring your hips back.

Good, and where do you feel it? Hips forward. (Wayne grunts) Bring your hips back. Yeah, so you see how closes leg is to you? Yeah.

That's like your tree and come in in, in good. Bring the foot down. Same path. Slide it back. Excellent, bring the foot in and stomach back.

Remember they exercise. This is the exercise that we did over there. Oh, yeah. Yep, that's it. You'll get it.

(Wayne grunts) And stretch back. Yes. Now, feel this side and come in. Yeah. Stretch back.

Yeah, drop this hip. That's it, when you go back you can find more space to drop this hip (Wayne grunts) and let the tension go. (Wayne grunts) Drop this hip, good think about the exercise on the Cadillac. (Wayne grunts) One more time on this side, (Wayne grunts) Drop there. Drop the head.

Beautiful and come, hip down, hip down more and excellent step off. And you're gonna lie down on the reform on the mat. And you're gonna grab the pole and actually not gonna grab the pole. Just lie down there. You're gonna start your hundred with your legs up in the air, lowering one leg and lifting one leg.

Just like we did on your reformer today. So we are supposed to get (indistinct) right? Standing on the end of the mat. That's it good. Lie yourself back a little bit.

So your head's back. Bend your knees into your chest. Extend them up to the ceiling. Good, lift your head up. Pull the stomach in and go into your a hundred.

Yep, excellent. And every time you inhaling I want you to lengthen your chest open and every time you exhale I want you to roll up a little higher. Look at your navel. There, actually lie look at your pubic bone and bring your chin to here. Yes, big arms inhale.

Higher hands exhale. Two, three, four, five, inhale, two, three. Stretch those fingers. Thumbs with your fingers. Exhale two, three, four, five.

Good, bend your knees in. Hug them. Roll up put your feet underneath the strap. Five roll ups With the... With the bar, yes, always with the bar.

Where's Wayne's foot fixer, begin down and stretch back. Let's go heels together and inhale. Come up and exhale over Flex those feet. I can't find yours well all the way back and push out. Good, let's pick it up.

Inhale up and exhale over. Inhale down. Ribs in exhale, back, stretch, inhale up and exhale over. Stretch your knees. Excellent Wayne roll back.

Head down, head down, head down and stretch back inhale up and exhale over. Flex your feet. Flex your feet. Drop your head and roll all the way down. Ribs and stretch back.

Let go grab onto the handles. Take your right foot out. Stretch it up to your chest. Lifted up, up, up, up. Good, circle it across nothing moves.

And hip goes down up. Stretch the knee. Nothing moves long. Chin down, nothing moves. Shoulder blades together.

Nothing moves. Soften the ribs, reverse stomach in and up stomach in and up. Good stomach in an up stomach in bend the knee into the chest. Change your legs. Very good.

Pull the stomach in, reach it up. Stretch it up to the ceiling. Stretch, hip down more. Relax. Now, get your butt cheek down there.

Beautiful, don't twist out there. Circle around. Stretch the knee one (Wayne grunts) long neck too ribs down three stomach to spine four stretch. Five reverse one stretch the knee. Two, three, four, and five.

Bend your knees into your chest. Both knees bend in. Hug it in. Let, go with your hands. Hold on tight.

Bring your head up and round up. Good rolling like a ball. Roll back. Exhale come up. Hold it.

Roll back. Exhale come up. Holds, yes. Roll back. Exhale dive in.

Good inhale. Exhale, good. Now we're gonna have a new rule for you. The feet come to the seat. So you're gonna bring them in and they can't go any further away.

So all I want you to think about is that these heels are connected there. Roll back. Connect your heels. Yes Wayne Perfect, again. Roll back.

Connect the heels. Yes, roll back. Connect the heels. Beautiful roll back. Connect the heels and good lie down.

Good, let your head go down a second. So for your single leg and double leg pull I want you to think that same heel to the buttocks and chin and a shoulder. Knee to the shoulder. Okay? So lift your knees into your chest. Hug them, hug them, hug them lift your head up more, more, more good.

Now stretch the right leg out. Perfect hug it in. So this foot goes to there and switch, hug it in, in, in stretch. Now I want you to give a pull, pull again. Other side, pull, pull.

That's it again, pull, pull. Yes come up. Pull, pull yes pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull pull, pull, pull, pull, relax all the way down. Good two legs in hug them. Now pull, pull.

Yes, stretch out. Arms straight. Pull the tummy in. Bend in exhale. Pull, pull.

Yes, reach. Now as you do the pull that's your stretch. Bend in. Exhale, exhale. Stretch out.

Landscapers. Reach in, pull, pull, stretch out reach. Well, I go get the dogs in. Can you please do your spine stretch forward? Quiet Siren go lie down.

Good. And sit up and stretch your arms up to me. Reach, reach, reach. Good, stay right there. Please bring your legs together.

Have them straight. And you gonna lie all the way down with your upper back on here. Slide a little bit towards your feet towards your feet. There you go. And let your head go down.

Chin down. Relax your toes. Good, how you doing? No comment today. Hold on to here.

Did I break you? Palms down to the mat Ribs in, open your chest. Good keep this into that space behind you. Inhale, bring your arms straight up. Exhale, stretch and back, back, back. Inhale, bring them up and exhale.

Open your chest and down. (dog barks) Quiet, quiet, inhale lift up. Good ribs back. Exhale, stretch down. Let the weight stretch you good.

Inhale, come up, exhale down. One more time. Inhale up soft. Exhale stretch. Inhale up.

Exhale down. Now just like when we do our tree and our leg circles we're gonna alternate our arms and I want you to focus on the pelvis. Staying open. Okay? Lift your arms up to the ceiling. The right arm's gonna go back.

The left arm is gonna go down. Don't move your box. Yes, arms up to the ceiling and switch. Move them at the same time, arms up to the ceiling and move them at the same time. Yes, arms up to the ceiling and move them at the same time.

Good arms up to the ceiling and move them at the same time. Arms up to the ceiling and move them at the same time. Good two arms up to the ceiling. Bring your chin to your chest. Roll up pulling your stomach into that space and look you stretched over with straight legs.

Reach forward, reach forward, reach forward, reach forward. Very good. How'd that feel? Good I understand the concept. So it was struggling because it was like I'm trying to get this back and this back both at same time.

And I'm trying to build a space. You're doing a great job. That was, it's like, I'm trying to do this. But when I do this? Then this pops up.

Right. So I'm trying to keep this down, but this over. So I'm gonna tell you a little secret. The shoulder blade is not attached to the rib cage right? Only by muscle.

So you see I should be able to move my shoulder and not move my rib. And so your tendency, like in that in picture number 10 weeks, you're like this, which is why picture number 20. I liked you better. Because your ribs were down. Yeah.

So what you need to now get is the ribs down and the shoulders open. That's I was noticing it was as the ribs came up as the shoulders came back and ribs were up. Right. And then that was (indistinct) Right Down Yes, excellent. So we're gonna expand a little on that.

You're gonna stand up, please. You're gonna take your arm weights and you're gonna face that way. Okay? So, when you, excellent. See you're standing with your heels together.

That's what I want you to closer together. Get your heels together and feel the outside of the foot. Good don't let those ankle bones touch. Yes, you feel, Oh Wayne. That's amazing.

And you see how it activated your bottom? Yeah. Now keep that activation and lean just a, (indistinct) Right now lift that arch on that left foot. Yes, now just slightly you remember the lean forward there. So you want to have a little more weight on your ball of your foot, then your heels.

You feel that? Now I (indistinct) in my heels Yes, now that frees this up. So draw your shoulder blades together. Nothing moves. Feel that and bring them forward relax and draw the shoulder blades together.

Nothing moves and relax and draw the shoulder blades together. Nothing moves good and relax. Last one. Draw the shoulder blades together. Neck lengthens.

Now just bend your knees for a second. Bring your way a little more forward. Good, now lift the arch that left foot looks amazing. Press your heels together and just stretch your legs but keep that forward motion. Very good.

Good so drop the shoulder there. No tension. Excellent, now pull your stomach in. Soften your knees a tiny bit there. Take your left hand and bend your elbow and bring it in.

Now keep the elbow in the side and open the door. See how it brings your shoulder back towards your spine? Now just bring it to 90, just to 90 and open the door. So this is another exercise you can do on your own. Not so far forward there.

Now open the door, open the door. Good and bring it into 90 and open the door. See how the shoulder blade goes here. And the rib is quiet. Excellent change your arms.

Relax this one down and go to 90 degrees. Now open the door. Elbow stays in shoulder and come center. Elbow stays in shoulder. Good and center.

Elbow goes in shoulder and center. Elbow goes in shoulder and center. Very good. Put your, give me your weights and we're gonna come here. Actually, we're gonna come here first and we're gonna do that leg stretch with our leg bend and straight straightened and bend.

Yep. Face the other way back against the ladder. Hold on to the ladder. Open your chest. Wait, wait, wait find those that the door opening.

So before you move oh, you feel that? That's the door opening. This is when, you should drop the shoulder. This is where you should be drop the shoulder. Good there you feel that? That's the position right there. So you don't want to lift it open the door.

You just want to open the door, open the door. So very good. Cross your leg. Heels back please. (engine revving) Good cross your leg.

Lift it up. Excellent, now all I want you to do is bend this knee. Just like we did over there. Find the arch and stretch the leg and then stretch the leg. Bend your knee.

Find the arch, stretch your leg, (engine revving) bend the knee. Find the arch and bend your knee. Find the arch. Excellent, now bend this knee. Place the foot up on top.

Just like those splits that we did. Right? Good. And then what you're gonna do Wayne, is just like in those splits you're gonna bend this knee and bring your pelvis forward and then bring your pelvis back. We used to do this on this side of the bar.

This is the same exercise as the Cadillac same exercise as the ladder stretch that we did and same exercise as the front split. Now come back, bend your elbows there. So keep the door opening and keep don't push down. Remember the elbows are bend in your door. Yes, now bring your pelvis forward (engine revving) as you bend it.

Yes. And back and forward and back last one forward. Straighten the leg. Bring it across. Excellent, other side, (engine revving) bend the knee open the door, bend the knee open the door bend the knee keep your elbows back open the door, bend the knee open the door.

Place the foot on top. Take a moment to find the position where your hip is down and your doors are open welcoming people in good and shift your pelvis forward. Just your pelvis like you do on the reformer and come back. Good and shift it forward. Open the door and come back.

Shift it forward. Open the door. And back. Shift it forward. Feel where I'm moving you from?

Yeah One more time. Shift it forward, open the door. So good Wayne and come back. Excellent, reach across. Good, now come over here.

I'm gonna show you how to set this up for that stretch that we did. (machine clunks) You never stand underneath here, right? You hold the bar always unhook it. Always bring the bar down. Always bring the bar down.

You never want it to take it up and over. Because it can clink you on the head. Notice I'm always around the bar. I'm never under the bar. I bring it up.

Even if it dropped here, I'm clear of it hook it through and then test it. Okay? So you're gonna come and sit Leg straight? Leg straight first let's find stretch. He was very excited by that. So I realized I have to stand on the outside of my foot.

Correct Then on the inside back and inside Yes, you stand right there. Right exactly. But when you sit, you sit like this. So you get this interesting So I do in 100, 50% on each time. So it's really should be balanced.

Correct' (laughs) And yet it's not no good. Now bend your elbows out to the remember where to break. Yep, sit up tall. Stretch those knees. Now I want those legs as straight as possible when you stretch them.

Good anything in the hips? Yeah. That's okay. Take your feet down. I thought it was how many miles did you bike yesterday?

You were on the peleton? Yeah. Then I was set up, I set up too short. Too short. It feels like you are in your hips more than you've been.

Yeah Now, take your legs. Do you still feel hips? Yeah. Good, bend your elbows out to the side. Press down.

Good yes. (machine clunks) And stretch the bar forward. Good hold onto that bar. Watch your ankle here (Wayne grunts) head down. Drop that.

Drop that. Good now come back. When you have to bend the elbows bend your elbows and stretch up. Now we're gonna do a different exercise. This is called the push through.

Good morning. Just the push through. Now watch your wrist. Because this is really important. Good you're gonna bring straight arm straight arms back and your hips are gonna go back.

So your hips are gonna like this. Good and your hips are gonna try to stay back as you push the bar down and your hips are gonna try to stay back as you reach the bar forward. You like that, right? Good drop your head. Now as you go back, I want you to open the door.

You know what I'm saying. There but arms are straight. Good, good, good pelvis. Pelvis, pelvis. Yes.

And lift it up and I'll stay up there and I'm gonna stretch you up, up, up, up, up. How's that feel? Good now what's going to move you back? Your hips, your hips. Your hips, your hips Yes, push the bar down.

Good ankles. (Wayne grunts) And roll back. Roll back. Roll back Lift up. It's FedEx.

We have to sign, lift up. Lift up. Lift up. Very good. Okay Wayne, while I go over to here.

I have to run to get the FedEx. I want you to just swing yourself over to here and do your TV exercises with that same lift. Okay? Sometimes it is what it is. Knees in line.

Pull the stomach in anything in the hip? Good, now I want you to do the same thing over here that we did with our front stretches. Remember your feet are gonna be here. Good together, together. And you're gonna hold this bar and you're gonna put one foot on.

So hands out. Yep, good. Excellent and try to bring your foot right here. Perfect, with the up? Exactly up. Here's that rolling like a ball position.

Have your head drop reach forward. Good. Now keep the head down and bend the knee right between the ear and the shoulder. So this is that second part of the rolling, like a ball (Wayne grunts) but it's also opening that hip for your a hundred to get your legs lower and stretch. Stretch the legs.

Stretch the leg, stretch the legs. (Wayne grunts) Stretch yes. And in, and as you stretch that like this hip pulls back, ready? Pull that hip back (Wayne grunts) and change your legs. So just like that?

Yep, that's it. Get all the toes on there. Here you go this one and stretch (Wayne grunts) and bend and stretch and drops and bend and stretch. Good, take your feet down. Roll the bar back.

Good, bring it up. Okay and you're gonna come and you're gonna hang from here. Like you do. Just let yourself stretch. Hang all the way down.

Open your chest up. Keep the head back. Yes, draw the shoulder blades together. So you find that open door position and just let your weight hang don't hold it. Take the weight off your feet.

Bring your feet forward. No, no on there forward and bend Wayne forward, forward there. So this way you're not talking there you feel that stretch? This is where I want that neck. Nope, don't move the neck.

Where there, where I put it there. You feel that? This is where that neck should be with the ribs hanging down. You feel that whole alignment? That's beautiful.

No tension in the hips then. And very good. That's plenty. Okay so I just had what I want you to do. Oh, you're going to do your breathing first.

(machine clunks) Okay lie down for breathing feet on those straps, slide yourself back. Slide towards your head a little (machine clunks) good inhale reach through the feet. Heels together. Heels together. Come back.

Heels together. That's it. Everything down. Inhale. Hold for six.

Don't break the wrist. Exhale for six inhale don't arch your back. Reach through here. Now, press through here. And roll down.

So you get that nice opening and length through your front body that you like. You feel that? That's what I want. Relax the tailbone down. Good this is much more open.

A very good. Now go ahead. Tip it. Lift it. Lengthen it.

Press down, press down, press down. Whereas opening the door? There and ribs waist. Tailbone. Last one. Heels together.

Inhale open the door. Yes, beautiful. Six, five chin down. Four, three, two, one. Roll down.

Roll down. Roll down. Roll down. Roll down. Excellent, hop up.

You're gonna stand back here. Let me just get weights for you. (machine clunks) Take these two weights in your hands. Have your heels together. Your toes apart.

Bring your body, your heels away from that wall for a moment. (grunts) Okay? Soften the knees. Get your ribs. Now find your ribs there. Now do the opening of the door and bring your chin and your head back more, more.

That's the stretch. More good chin down now. There that's it. Open here. Push back right here.

Good, now keep pushing in my fingers and bring your arms up. Palms down. Good lift them up. Lift them up. Lift them up higher, higher, higher, higher good press here and grow down and find your chest expansion.

But keep those knees bend. Right? We don't want that to change ribs and just to there and come down, reach open, open what's gonna be warm today. Here that pull up press here (Wayne grunts) and lengthen down here, here. Open, open. Find the door.

Good. One more time. Inhale up. Very good. All the way up, lift good and come down.

Chin down. Chin down. Chin down. And good I'll take the weights. Good you're gonna bring your heels back to there.

You're gonna lengthen your spine as much as possible. You're gonna open your arms to the side Hands together? Press to the side and get those shoulders down. So, remember, so go like this Wayne. You're here.

Open the door, is good open the door. Elbows in now reach out. Yes you feel the difference? Stretch. And now come back.

Bend your elbows in and close the door. Just to here, elbows into your side. Yes now open the door. Keep the elbows in elbows touching your ribs. Good this is why your pushups.

When you don't touch your ribs, you have problems. Stretch out, stretch out, stretch out stretch out, stretch out, stretch out. Good stay there. Turn your palms the other way. Open here.

Good turn your palms the other way. Shoulders together. Turn your palms the other way. Good turn the palms Bend your elbows back in to the waist all the way to the waist. Where's your waist?

Not behind you there bring your hands here. Excellent. And bring your arms all the way down. Good right from here. You're gonna take your hands.

Bring them back for a chest expansion. Have your chin up. You're fine. Press back. He knows where he's going, but I want one more exercise.

Turn your chin to the shoulder and don't change the alignment. Good excellent. And now come back. Head the other way. Don't change the alignment.

Chin down there you feel that? That's it one more time. Turn your head and center turn your head and center and now keep your hands step right step left away. Relax the arms down, but keep the chest expanded. Good, excellent.



White  FEET and tan legs. Wayne is spending time on the LINKS!!  Pilates will  lower  his handicap.

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