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Learning the Terminology

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Deepen your understanding of the Pilates method with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She explains why it is important to know the names of the exercises and she pushes Wayne to take accountability for his practice. She also works on improving his strength now that he has more flexibility and mobility in his body.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Wall, Hand Weights (2), Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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Number 23 with Mr. Wayne. This is number 23. Look at the sass at number 23. He's already running the studio. Let's go there.

23. Wow. Well, giddy up. You should have started your footwork. You don't need me to hold your hand. I can beat your butt.

So what's your first foot work? Okay. Make sure you're in the center. You see, look up. You see your feet are to this direction? A little more here.

So here's the bar, right? And your head to go this way. Nope. Not that's not your head. The other one. Good. Soft. Relax.

Go. All the way out. You're a big boy now, stretch it out. Good. Push in the heels. Stomach moves you.

You squeeze the legs. Squeeze them. Give them that, squeeze the juice today. Squeeze them. Come on, stretch.

Squeeze at the end. Stretch, squeeze, yes. Stretch, squeeze, yes. Stretch, squeeze, yes. Wait right here.

Knees down, there you go, back of the legs. Stretch. Squeeze. What number you on? 12. And bend all the way in.

How many are you gonna do from now on? 10. Bring your knees into the chest, heels under and over. Knees. Remember, hold.

Heels. And go ahead, press your heels. Back of the legs. Good. And press back here. That's it.

Press back here. Yes. And in. Press. And in, and press. Good. And five, and press. Six, press.

Seven, press. Eight, press. Nine, last one, press. And 10. Bend your knees in, hug them into your chest.

Tendon, heels up. Flex the feet, pull your toes back, way back, way back, way back. And stretch out, and in. And two, and in. And three, in.

Four. Good, very good. Open the shoulder, five. Drop the hand. Just the, remember, find your door opening.

Door opening, that's it. Palms down, door opening. Last one. Very good. Bend your knees into your chest.

Hug them in. We're going to come back to your first position, with the balls of the feet, heels together, toes apart, tendons stretch, good, bones touch, stretch all the way up, and lower your heels down, down, down, and up, up, up. And down, down, down, and up, up, up. Down, down, down. Up, up, up.

Soft. Up, up, up, yes, down, down, down. And up, up, up, faster, down, down, down. Don't touch those bones. I didn't say deeper.

And up, up, up. Keep the heels together, pressed together to lift, up, up, up, lower down, down, now lift up, up, lower down, down, lift up, up, lower down, down, lift up, bend your knees in, bend your knees into the chest. Take your foot bar down. Almost. Bend your knees into your chest today.

Hug them. Grab your handles, let's go. Stretch straight up. Legs, go up, legs go up, where's up? That's it. Head comes up.

Pull the stomach in, pump your arms. Lower the right leg. Inhale. Two, three, four, five. Bring it up, two, three, four, five. Lower the left, inhale two, three, four, five.

Stretch both legs, exhale. Two, three, four, five, tailbone down, two, roll up, come on roll up. That's it, and exhale, two, three, four, five, inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, two more, inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale two, three, four, five, last one, two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale, bend everything in. Put your straps back where they were. Step up, take two middle straps off for you.

Two middle springs. What are we doing next? What exercise? What did we do before (indistinct)? So right down into position, there you go.

You biked yesterday, too. Lie all the way down. Good. Place your feet on. Excellent. Perfect.

What are you gonna do? You're gonna roll your bottom up. Good. Excellent, heels together. Bend your knees in, press out.

Circle. Open, open. So you're going to open first, open, open the legs, press down, together, very good, and up. Watch that your right leg's rotating in. Open, press down, together, and up.

So what I want you to do, keep going, is you're going to take this magic circle and you're going to trace it with your heels. And up, go straight up to it. Now open, go straight down, together, and up. Now reverse it. Go straight to the bottom.

Open, up, together. Yes. Straight to the bottom. Look at your feet, are they even? Open, up, very good, together. Yes. Right here.

Push with this leg more. You're shortening this side. This hip towards me more. There, now, straight down, now circle, don't turn out, up, and together. Press straight down. Good.

Open, up, and together. One more time, straight down, open, up, now don't let this one change. See how this one is past this one? This, remember I always yell at you about this hip getting longer, longer, longer, that's it, bending, keep that hip here for your frog. Bend your knees.

Good. And press out. Right there, hold my finger. Bend your knees. Yes. Don't let this one get shorter.

Lengthen this side, press, yes, very good. Bend in. Press. Bend in. Press.

So good. Bend in, that's it. What comes next? You're going to sit up. Put your foot bar up, add your springs, put a pad underneath your tushy, for what exercise?

Stomach? Stomach (indistinct), that's right. Yep, yep, yep. You got it. You's a-learnin', you's a-learnin'. That was good, we're getting it.

Okay. We're gonna use this today. You're going to lower your heels. Let's go. Mm, I just had your foot fixer. Now you're a little wide, babe.

So let's put your foot fixer on. (mumbling) Wait one second, I have to move it so your right. I have to move it. Okay. Now press out on it. There, you feel that? Yeah.

Okay, press out here, lift your heels up. Lift your heels up. Lift your heels up. Very good. Head goes down. Rolling like a ball.

Good, lift your heels, press. Perfect. Stretch out. Bend the knees in. Stretch out. Bend the knees in. Excellent. Press out. And in.

Press out. Beautiful. And in. One more time. Press out, stay there, lower your heels, press out, lift your heels, bend your knees in. Excellent.

Again, press out. And lower, and lift, and bend. Press out, lower, lift, and bend. Press out, lower, lift, excellent. Reach between your legs and take one spring off.

You can do it. Use the other hand, bring your other hand forward. Yes. There you go, and two hands go back onto the shoulder blocks. So think about it, you're trying to get it like this, right? Instead of using your C-curve and going forward.

Good. Heels down, open the chest, chin down. Beautiful chin that we found. Good. And bending, come in, heels up, heels up, heels up, heels up, yes, press out like you're doing your foot exercises, and bend in, heels up, heels up, heels up, heels up, press out, lengthen, bend, heels up, heels up, we're gonna add the lowering, press out, bend the elbows, lower the heels, don't touch those bones, lift the heels, bend the knees. Good. Bend the elbows. Press out. Use that door opening.

Press, lower, lift, bend in. Yes. And press out, and lower, and lift, and bend in. And press out, and lower, and lift, and bend in, press out, and lower, very good, look at those legs, excellent. Reach between, take one off. Exhale.

Now exhale, come in. Exhale here. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Good. You're going to leave that where it is.

Step off, take off your foot fixer. Okay. We're actually going to do, hop up, we're going to do your ladder barrel for your shirt box today. So if you need pads let me know. You're gonna put your feet right here. Remember this?

I want you to have your knees bent, and you're gonna roll back, opening up the pelvis, and you can go, you know what I want? I want your hands behind your head. So as you roll back, support the weight of your own head, open your chest and let yourself, let your head get heavy in your hands, and then curl it over and sit it up. So you're going to look forward, roll back, let the weight of your head in your hands, round forward, round forward, from here, lengthen up, keeping your pelvis anchored onto the ladder barrel. (indistinct) Soften the knees. More, more, right.

So your pelvis can, are we in short mode? No, we're not. We're perfect. Okay, good. Now bend your knees a little more. Good. So don't tuck, you see the end of the, yes. Now hands behind the head, interlace, thumbs in, good.

And now roll back. You support your head. Head's the last thing. Head's the last thing. Good. Only goes as far as you can. Chin in.

And now lengthen back, good. Curl in, head down, head down, head down, and then sit up tall. Now, roll back, find this focal point. Stay there. Stay there.

Ribs down, ribs onto the barrel, ribs, remember how we find the barrel. Ribs onto the barrel, ribs onto the barrel, ribs, ribs, ribs, good, Wayne. Feel that stretch in your upper back. Yes. And round over. Curl in, curl in, head down, head down, head down, head down, and sit all the way up.

Focus here, chin in. Good, and roll back. Don't have your heels turn in. Open your leg. Do you want it further? Like this?

Just make sure that you don't drop that one there. So just weight on the outside of the foot. Perfect. Okay. Excellent. Woo! Now use your barrel. Spread (indistinct).

Tailbone stays down. Tailbone stays down. Good. And then curl in to come up. Good. Good, now lift your body up straight.

Now you're going to hinge. So we begin a little forward, hinge forward, hinge forward. Yes. Now lift up to be tall and then pull the tummy in, soften the ribs, tummy lifts, soften the ribs. Don't round. Hinge. Yes.

And then hinge back, and lift up, and hinge. Don't... and lift this, lift this, lift this, lift, lift. Don't stick it out. Pull this in, in, in, in, in, in, and come forward. And again, lift, pull in, pull in, pull in, pull in, and come forward.

Good. Remember your side to side? Yeah. Okay. We're gonna do that. Yep. Let me get it for you. So just put your pad in the back.

I had those here, where are they? Oh, here it is. This one's a little thicker. Good, on the side of your body. Now make sure that this foot doesn't rotate, turnout.

You see how it wants to turn out? Lift the heel higher. Yes. Stretch both knees. More. Stretch this knee more. Stretch this knee.

Yes. Now, open your chest, lift up and stretch over. Elongate. And reach out and come up, lift up, up, up. Stretch the other way. Lift up and stretch up, and reach out and come up, up, up, up.

Lift out and stretch over. Good. Lift up and stretch, stretch, stretch, and good. Turn the other way. Very good. Stretch this knee, hands a little lower.

And stretch up. Reach up and lift up, up, up, up. Lift up and over. And lift up and go over. And lift up and over.

Good. And out. And over. Good. Now Wayne, what I want you to do is you're gonna wait here for a second. And don't do it without me getting there but we're gonna sit on top of the barrel facing the ladder. (indistinct) I want you to put your heels here, and your foot hooked up.

It might be too deep for you, but I don't think so. Good. Okay. Slide your tushy down a little. Just that's it right there. Nope. Good.

So I don't want you to feel it in your hip flexors. Do you feel anything? Okay. So what I want you to do, bend your knees here, is you can take the bar behind, no, no, no, behind, and underneath. Lower. Take the bar down, down, down, down. And bring your chin in. There.

Now you see how your shoulders are in front of your hips? Can you bring them forward? We can always lower your legs. Do you feel anything in your? Let's take your legs one row. No, I don't feel anything.

Okay. Now, must bring your head back. There. Okay. Lift the elbows. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Give me the bar please. Give me the bar.

Do it here. Wrap under. There you go. And stretch the arms. Good. That's where I want you. Now, see how this side doesn't have as much pressure as this side?

That's what throws your swing off, right? So feel this rib, don't let this rib come off. Turn your head to look at this shoulder, and you're going to rotate your shoulders and then your ribs, but keep your ribs on this bar. Keep it on the bar. Good. And then come back to center.

And now turn head this way, and now turn and keep this rib, see how this rib doesn't want to go? Yeah, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist. And come in. And again, lift, good, and head turns, use your eyes, try to find me back here. Good, and come up, and again.

Lift, and twist, twist, twist, very good. And relax. Good. I want you to hop down, and you're gonna turn and face this direction. Let me get your towel. Okay. And do you remember, you're gonna do that, heels in the back, you're gonna do that little leg circle that is going to cross in front.

Cross your leg, mhm, and bring it up top. Excellent. Look how much better that position is. Open your chest. Chin down. Now don't lean back.

See how you're tucking your pelvis. Yeah. Yes. Bend the bottom knee. Lift that arch, and then stretch the bottom leg. Good. Bend the bottom knee.

Lift the arch, and stretch it. Bend the bottom knee. There you go. And stretch it. Two more. Bend the bottom knee, and stretch. Why is this leg bent? Let's stretch it.

Bend the bottom knee and stretch it. Stay there. Flex this foot. Toes back. Stretch it. Flex it. Stretch it. Flex it. Stretch it. Flex.

Push through your heel like your roll up. Push through your heel. Good, point it, good. Now round forward. Nose right comes to here. And roll up to stand up, right?

When you stand up, open your chest, lift your arch. Yes. Now keep that opening and round forward. Good. Stretch this knee, stretch this knee. Round, right. And roll up.

Stretch the knee. One more. Round forward. I'm not pushing, I'm just letting you know. Stretch this knee. This knee stretch. This knee stretch. This knee stretch. Yes.

And come up. Now bend the knee and place the foot right on top, like we do our knee, our splits over there, right? You're going to press on this toe and you're going to bend this bottom leg, and then you're going to stretch it up. Feel the stretch here? It's just like over there.

And stretch. This is where you're tight. And bend. And stretch, stretch. Good. Now round your head forward inside the knee, and roll up, and round it forward. Stretch this knee this time. You can stand on the floor.

That's it. Then stretch up, anchor down through your foot. This, this, this, one more time, round forward, lift up, up and over. Up and over. Up and over. Up and over. Yes. Round over my arms. Ribs back, ribs back, ribs back, ribs back, beautiful.

And good. Now, stretch this leg out, and remember, it's not going to lift, right? Straighten the leg, in, in, in. All you're going to think about is your single leg circle, where you're pulling your tummy in and you're reaching that leg out to lift. It's not going to lift. And lift, and relax.

And lift, and relax. And lift, good, slide it over this way. And change your legs. Let me get to the other side. Bring it across.

Good, now lift up, open the chest. Good, bend the bottom leg. What happened to that arch on the bottom leg? There you go. Bend it and extend it. And bend, and extend.

And bend, and extend. Good. Stretch this leg, drop that hip, yes. And round forward. Yes, round. And roll up, very good. And open the chest when you stand.

There we go, round, this, this, this, there, you feel that? Now roll up. Open door. Good. And round. And roll up. Open the chest, good. Bend the knee, place the foot up on top.

Good, bend. Now remember, hip down here, down, yes. Don't (indistinct). You're all twisted. I know. Here.

Now just lengthen that butt cheek away from this rib. There you go. And bend. That makes it worse. There you go. And bend. And stretch. So this rib comes out a little here, so I'm just bringing it to fill the back.

And bend, and stretch, up, up, up, up, up, up. Lift up and round over. Up and over. Find that roll up articulation. Good. And now roll up, and lift up, and roll over, and pull the stomach in, drop this shoulder, and roll up. Good.

Open your chest, one more time. Pull the stomach up and in, and round over. Open the shoulder. Beautiful. Extend the leg. Drop the hip. Good.

Now just relax and get this down a little more. That's all I care about. Drop it, drop it, drop it. My knee bends. You're gonna straighten the knee now.

That's it. Good. Now reach it and lift it up, and let it go. And lift it up, and let it go. And lift it up, excellent. Then bring it across.

Good. We're gonna go to elephant now. Remember not to pull on the bar, please. Let's go. Don't pull on that bar. And foot, straight legs, heels down.

Now lift those arches. Okay, I'm gonna give you a toy today. You want a toy? Let me give you this toe, and this toe. Okay, now engage your toe corrector.

That's it. So pressure here, Yeah. Yes, do you feel that? Excellent. Drop the head and pull in. And push back, and pull in.

And push back, and pull in. Two more. Push and pull it in. And push, one more, 'cause your rib's filling out. Press. Yes, you feel that? And beautiful.

Now I'm gonna take this. You're gonna lift your heels and bring your knees down for your knee stretches. Bend those toes, head goes down, sit on your heels a little more, ribs up high. Fill that rib. Good. And push back.

In one, keep this rib full, two, three, four, go faster, in, and in, and, don't think about out, it's not that far out. It's just in. And in and in and stop right there. Reverse the arch. Open the chest, draw the shoulders together. More, find that door opening. Good.

Open the door, open the door, open the door. Keep the door open. And go. Ten. And one, four, in, not so far out. In, in, in, in, in, in, in and in. Round over, ribs up, way ribs up. Way higher, higher, higher.

Now do a single leg pull and bring your foot forward. Good, lift the heel. Now lift this knee, and press. And find that rib, two, three, head down, four, last one, five. Excellent. Single leg pull up to change, make space in the ribs.

Single leg pull, bring it in, heel up, to help fill that rib, lift the knee, and press. Two, three, four, five, excellent. Come down. Now remember, I'll give you your training wheels, but I want you to keep this round. This is what I care about, okay? Round, okay? That's it.

And knees up, good. And one, two, three, four, last one, five. And good. Excellent. Good, (indistinct) I think you're ready to try raw bar. Let's see. Bar please, heels together, toes apart.

Try to lengthen all your toes on the bar. We're running. Good. So bring them up a little higher on the bar. There, heels together. Yes. Very good. How's that feel?

Very good. Now try, this is the hard one to keep on. Stretch out, and alternate. One leg goes down, one leg goes up. And lift, and down. Yes. Lift. Very good. And lift. And lift. And lift.

And together. And together. And together. And together. Bend your knees, excellent, Wayne. Y position, on to the arches, it's lighter today. Take your tailbone up, soft ribs, good. Stretch out. Very nice, your chest is beautifully open.

Sometimes what I will do, is once I've introduced the front split, it tells me that they have enough control, otherwise I wouldn't be doing a front split, and I let them do their foot work on two springs as opposed to four springs. That's usually the transition for me. One, 'cause you don't want to waste time going back and forth, but two, if they have enough control to support a full front split, you know, the kneeling front splits, they should have control in running, and it's also more preparatory of a massage and opening. Ready? Kneeling front splits. Remember those? Nope, the one where you're on top, that we did the other day, you kneel up on the whole carriage, you go on your knee stretch position.

Good. And you slide one foot forward like your knee stretch and you put it on the bar. Yep. So this is another reason why it's important that they start knowing the names, and why I started teaching Wayne the names. Heel back. Good. Was because he needs that, so that I can communicate exercises to him and he knows that the exercises are related. Head down. Head down. Drop this heel down and hip down more.

Hip down more. Hip down more. That's it. Just bring the pelvis back. Don't move anything, just bring your hips back. Good. Now, drop this hip and then bring it in. Good. And press back, drop this hip, and bring it back.

And reach out. You're doing amazing, Wayne. This is really hard. Drop this hip. It really is. And bring it back. Since you did so well, push the knee out, and drop the hip. Yes.

And bring it in, and press out, good, and sit on my leg. Yes. There you go. And press out, sit on my leg, and come in, in. Beautiful. Single leg pull, bring it back. Nope. No, no, you're done. Good. So you want to start trying to make that space in your stomach, in your low back, to bring the knee up.

It's all part of the work. Think about the exercise on there, where your foot is. Yep. And come up and in. Bring the foot out a little bit. And now this has to press on the outer edge.

You feel that? Yeah. Don't lose that. Yeah, good. Pelvis goes back. And pelvis comes forward.

And pelvis goes back. Pelvis comes forward. Pelvis goes back. Pelvis comes forward. Now sit on my leg. More.

I didn't say move back. Sit on my leg, bring your hips forward. Good. Now move the carriage back, and bring it in, good, and move the carriage back and bring it in. And move the carriage back and bring it in. One more time. Carriage back, yes, and bring it in.

Excellent. Go over to the, I'll straighten this, clean this up, you can go over and start your roll up on the mat. Did all your hundreds. Your bar is there. You want a towel? There's one there for you. Good. Let's try to start coming down with a little more control. More control?

Yeah. (indistinct) Yes. (indistinct) Perfect. Yep. And slide yourself back. Perfect. And your pole is by your left hand.

And go ahead. Ribs in. Good. Inhale up and exhale over, good, stretch those hips. One, two, three, now, roll down. Pull the stomach in and drag me with your stomach. Yes. Ribs go in, arms reach up, stretch, arms up, head, uh-uh, head up, roll, stretch one, two, three, roll down.

Ribs in, stretch, one more time. Up, in, that was bullshit. Go back down. That was? Yeah! You like used force, momentum, no space.

Peel. That was lovely. Don't turn out so much on your feet. Two, three, drop your head, let it go. Good. Roll all the way down, you're gonna go in to your single leg circle. Let go, stretch back, extend it up.

Hold on to your handles, remember, to open your... And think about drawing your shoulders together for your door opening. And lift it, and circle. Up, and elbows open, to the mat. Bend your elbows and bring them to the mat.

There, you feel that? That's what I want. Up, and reverse it. And up, and up, and up, and up, bend the knee in. Good. And stretch. This goes down.

Other leg, don't let that hip move. Yes. Good. Good. Extend up, up, elbows open, and nothing moves, one, nothing moves, two, three, four, five, stretch the knee, one, two, stretch, three, stretch, get that hip down, four, and five. Very good. Sit up, rolling like ball. Double leg pull? Double leg pull, yep.

And go right into it. Excellent. Heels together, head down. Find your stomach massage exercise. And roll back, hold the balance like stomach massage, and again, inhale, exhale, roll up, hold. Inhale, exhale up, hold.

Inhale, exhale up, hold, last one. Roll back, inhale, exhale up, hold. Bring yourself all the way down. One leg in, single leg pull. Good. Leg should be up, other leg should be up.

And pull the tummy in, and can you lower it? Don't move the hips. Stretch this knee, find the hundred position. And switch, find your hundred. Yes. And switch, find your hundred. Good.

And find the hundred, and find the hundred, yes, and find the hundred, and pull the leg in for a stretch. Are you pulling that one in? Yes. So now I want you to switch your legs, grab it, now pull it. Yes. Switch your legs, grab it, and pull it. Yes. Switch and pull, switch and pull, switch and pull, switch and pull, two legs come in, double leg pull, same thing, grab your ankles, head in, rolling like a ball.

Stretch out, reach your arms back, close to your ears. Inhale, good. Exhale, grab them and pull. Where's my pull? Pull. Yes. Inhale. I want to see it.

Exhale, grab, then pull. Yes. Inhale, so it's a separate deepening. Exhale, deepen, yes. Heels together. Inhale, exhale, deepen. Toes apart. Inhale, exhale, deepen.

Inhale, exhale, deepen. Inhale, anchor that tailbone, exhale, exhale, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit. Very good. Sit up for spine stretch forward, your choice where your feet are. You can have them down, or if you want to try with them up, we can try with them up. As long as you don't feel with your hips.

Good, arms out in front, sit up tall, and roll over. Let's go with one breath. One exhale down, and then roll all the way up, and lift up, stretch your legs. That's the only way we're gonna get those hips going. And down, exhale, hip, hamstring, I'll take a hammy, I won't take a hip.

Stretch down. Good, roll up. Notice that I do not push when I ask him to stretch a place. It's up to him. That's how you injure your client. I'm not pushing on him.

I'm here holding this, I go "stretch your legs, stretch your legs," it's up to him, not me, to stretch the muscle. And exhale, stretch. Especially when it's tight. So one reason it's really hard for him is because what I'm doing here is I'm lifting his back up so he can't round like he usually wants to, or close that hip. Very good, Wayne.

Can you stay here? Okay, you can bend your knees a little, have your feet flat. How's that feel? Good. Can you sit up really tall? You can change the foot if you, like, want to take the feet differently.

Lift the bar straight up. Way up, way up, way up. Now open your hands wider, wider, wider. Now lift up, and now draw your shoulder blades together and reach the bar back. And reach it all the way down to your legs. Stay, I didn't say round.

Sit up. Bar down to your legs, sit up the body. Only thing moving is your arms. Reach your arms forward. Lift up. This is the same thing you do on the spine corrector.

Now bring your bar back to me. Good. And bring it forward. And bring it down. And reach up, lift up, stretch it back, stretch it back, so good, and stretch it forward. One more time.

Reach forward, excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Go, go, go, don't move your head, don't move your head, you're beautiful, and come back down. I'm gonna actually film that for you later so you can see how much difference that's made for you. Good. Okay so we've been working on a lot of hip opening and whatnot for him. I want to now go out his strength as well, because he needs a little more strength happening there.

So Wayne, you're gonna lie down, right here and you're gonna put your head right about here. Head right here. And you're gonna have your knees bent just like they are. Reach up and take this bar. Now you might have to end up sliding towards your feet, we'll see, but I want you to bend your elbows out like you held them for single leg circle, or shaving, it's gonna be shaving.

Bend your elbows to the mat. And can you pass them by your head and reach back? I think you're gonna have to slide towards me. Yep, stop, stop, stop, don't turn your head. Now reach the bar back and get this down.

Bend your elbows, touch them to the mat. Good. Slide, I have the bar, slide towards your head like an inch. Little more. Little more. That's it. Now press the bar back. And as you do that, get your ribs in. Feel that?

Bend your elbows, touch them to the mat. I really want you to touch them. So get the shoulder blades together. Yes. And then bring the bar up but keep your shoulders in the mat. Good. Plug the shoulders down.

There, there, don't lose this. Bend your elbows and touch them behind you. As you do, press this bar. Feel your neck lengthen. This is how I want you to stand.

You feel that? Feel what the ribs are doing? Bend your elbows. Stretch the bar up. Good. Now, don't move anything, get your shoulders down, lift your head up, and roll up vertebra by vertebra with your upper body. Articulate through, yes, articulate through.

So this is building his strength to hold his legs in the center. All the way up, keep coming, stretch your elbows, stretch, stretch, so this is also where I was trying to guide him and work, stretch your arms, good, when he was rounding forward, and now (indistinct) and roll down. Roll down, two minutes. All the way down. Bend your elbows. Out to the side, and stretch.

(indistinct) I know. Bend in. Good. Now bend your elbows, touch, lift up, elbows down, good. Lift your head up, stretch, articulate. Right there, hold it there. Roll up a little, pull the stomach in, come down.

Roll up, pull the stomach in, come down. Roll up, pull the stomach in, come down. Roll up, pull the stomach in, roll up, feel right there? That's where I want you to articulate. And down all the way. Good.

Step up. Just do me a favor, grab your weights while I just move the Cadillac, step over that corner, do your door opening. Face that way. Doesn't matter. Just where you have space. Stand up tall, door opening, remember?

Squeeze the shoulder blades together, elbows stay in, in, don't do your wrist stuff. Focus. I know you're not here now. Head up. One arm at a time, just so that you don't cheat. Shoulder. Shoulder. There, hold it. Hold it, hold it, and bring it back. And again. Press. Open, open, open, and bring it back.

Good. And now do the other side. Open, open, open, and bring it back. And shoulder blade, good. And do the other side.

Other side. Okay. Gonna come over here, and you're gonna stand with your back fully against the wall, heels together. Against the wall? Good, yep. Fully against the wall.

Can you reach your arms out to the side or you have to move over? Perfect. Press your arms, find that position and keep your ribs. Press. Chin down. Press. There. Press. Now flip your palms. Press. Press. Long neck. Press. Good.

And flip your palms. Press. Press. Press. And flip your palms. Good. And bring your arms down. Now bring your feet forward, keep your back where it is. Bring your feet forward, keep your back where it is, on the wall, bend your knees, heels together, toes apart.

Weight on the outside, don't tuck. Good. Is your whole back on there? Can you bring your head back? Chin down. Now open the door to find more space for your neck. There! Very good. Don't lose your door opening.

Bring your arms facing this way. Open your door, bring the arms up, straight arms. Straight arms, stretch that elbow, you're looking at them, stretch them, stretch them, long neck, long neck, long neck, long neck, pull the stomach in, grow tall, straighten those knees. Open the chest. Good, open.

Now keep this here. Reach for me, keep it open. Yes. Outer edges. Outer edges. Shoulders back. Stretch this elbow. And come down, give me the weight, face forward.

Step away from the wall, heels together, toes apart, lengthen your head, go get your phone.


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