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Re-stabilize Your Body

60 min - Class


Learn how to add strength to the stretch that you have found in your body with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She focuses on re-stabilizing Wayne's body after opening his hips in the previous sessions. She also uses every transition as an opportunity for him to maintain his connection in between movements.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Spine Corrector, Ped-O-Pul, High Chair, Ladder Barrel, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Hand Weights (2), Pilates Pole

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And I'll be taking the boards off. So your gonna get in your first position which is? What happens with the heels in the first one? Yes. Now what happens with the toes in the first one?

Where do the toes go? A little higher up. That's it, perfect. And get up. How's my position?

It's really good. God I'm so excited. (laughing) How's it feel? Well how's it feel is interesting. Here, I'm really starting to feel it.

It's really sore. And it's not the bike because I'm biking, it's this is in through here I'm starting to feel. Good. And then do another 10. This is where I really teach my class from.

Good, stretch your legs. All the way up. Pause at the end. That's it. And down one.

Good bend your knees in. Get into the second position. Okay. I think we should do little pillows for this. Hold your heels, hold your knees.

That's great. Two. Open your right shoulder. Three. Bring your head towards your, that's it.

Push against that. Push that naval into that spine. And as you're working, draw the shoulder blades together like we worked on last time without using the grip kit. Good that was nice. Relax your feet, place your heels on.

Yup pull your toes back and go. Really feel it there. Excellent. Remember your breath, remember the breath we talked about. Back of the legs.

Good bend your knees in. And just remember the next one is heels together, toes apart. Tendon stretch. Onto the balls of your feet. This is the one where you love where you lower and lift and you don't bend and you press out.

Good, and lower. And lift, that's it. Down, down, down. And up, up, up, down, down, down, and up, up, up, down, down, down and up, up, up, down, down, down and up, up, up, down, down down. Up, down, down, down and up, up, up.

Do you remember how to bend your knees and take. You're gonna bend your knees, take your foot down, remember to catch the bottom. So you have to move the top foot first. The other one, other one. Great my nails dammit.

Grab your handles, grab your handles. Well 'cause you were fighting me. Nope. Don't back talk to me, you're not paying me enough. Up into your hundred, bend your knees.

Nope how do I teach you? Bend your knees in, extend your legs up and bring your head up. That's it pump. Lowering one leg inhale, two, three, four, five. Come up, two, three, four, five.

Actually inhale two, three, four, five. Come up, two, three, four, five. Inhale. Two, three, four, five. Come up.

Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Come up stretch those knees, stretch those knees, stretch those knees, stretch those knees, stretch those knees and bend in. That's plenty, bend in. Good.

Now you're gonna hook your handles behind you. You're gonna take off two springs. Okay two center springs for you. And now you're going to put your black straps on. You twist.

Oh we twist it? Yep. Oh yeah. Okay. Excellent.

Good you're gonna lie down. You put your straps on your feet. I guess I haven't used them here. That third one it really, I feel it. Okay.

Bend your knees in, remember we have to grab those straps and now I want you to roll your bottom up to put your feet in the straps. Good just don't put your metal remember? You want the metal on the outside, outside, outside, outside. Cause you don't want them to click together. Very good, heels together.

Roll down. Roll down. What comes next? Push up. And then what are you gonna do, circles? Yeah.

Perfect. And circle. Down, together. Press your heels together and come up. And open.

Push into the strap, stretch your leg so you push into the strap. Use the strap to straighten the knees. That's it. Press down. Use the strap, just yes.

And lift up. You're going to need that to do your hundred, right? Stretch and up, one more time. Stretch and up, reverse. Pull in.

I want to see that tummy work. Pull in. Yes Wayne, very good. Pull in. One more set.

What comes after this? No idea. You take a guess. Your heels are together, you have your straps on what exercise are you missing? Oh. Frog perfect.

And five of these. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Good bend in your knees. Take off your straps. You're gonna spin your legs over. You're gonna put your foot bar up. You're going to add two springs.

You're gonna add two springs and you're going to put a pad for your stomach massage. And I'm going to try to not kill myself with my wire. And you're going to get into your stomach massage position. So after leg circles come stomach massage. Okay.

Outside? That's it. You're a little far forward than you usually are. Just like this. Honey wait one second sweety.

Okay. Yeah your biking definitely is making you tighter. And press up. Why do you move your foot when I move it? And bend, head down.

Two. Three. In. Now as you stretch your legs, bring your head closer to your knees. As you stretch your legs bring your head down to your knees.

Yes. Bring your legs down to your knees. Neighbors are going to think I'm killing you. Now I'm gonna take the board off and you're going to add your lower and lift your heel. And press out, lower, lift.

Excellent Wayne. And in, in, in. Heels stay up. Press out, lower, lift and up, up, up. Press out, lower, lift and up.

Remember that midline, press out, lower, lift and good. Reach down take a spring off, take your hands back. Four regular and then four lowering your heels. Get your foot up a little higher. There you go.

Good press there. And open the chest. Chin down, lower, lift and in. Find your chest expansion please. Good.

Here. Lower, lift and in. Let's go. Out and lift here. Lift right here.

There you go. Now lower your heels. Out, lower the heels, lift the heels, bend the knees. Stretch out, lower the heels, lift the heels, bend the knees. Stretch out.

This is where you need to lift and good. Anything in the hips? No. Excellent. Lower, lift and in.

Reach down, take one spring off. Good stretch out, heels together and come on bend in. Stretch out and lift. Come on up. This reform was supposed to take 15 minutes.

Out, lift. One more time. Out, lift. Good let's get your box on, it's over here. Okay.

Remember to always check. Head piece down. So I think Wayne that you are, I think I put this here right. No I put this here for you, you were fine. Okay we're gonna sit here.

Get your, where's your other box? Oh, I put it over there. That's okay. Come sit up. I'll get it.

Had it over here from the workshop. Okay. Good. Wrap your hands around your waist. We're gonna have those knees bent today remember?

Okay knees are bent. Flex your feet. Bend your knees. There and take your hips back. Keep your knees bent.

They are bent. More. There. Don't lead with your, you're leading with your chest. There.

Pelvis. Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis pelvis. And come up, come up, come up. Again. And pelvis, pelvis, pelvis.

Open the shoulder. Go ahead. That's it. Good low back, low back, low back, low back. Excellent.

And come back up. Curl in, curl in, curl in, curl in, curl in. Good open the shoulder. Don't push your knees out. There.

Flex your feet, push out with your heels. Bend your knees and roll back, roll back. And come up. Beautiful. Stretch forward, grab your legs.

Whew. Take the bar. Lift up. Stretch all the way up to the ceiling. How do we sit?

Bent knees please, sit upright more. Nope don't move forward. I want this. Lift up, Lift up. Hinge forward, hinge forward, hinge forward and hinge back.

And come to the center, relax. Lift up, angle. Hinge back. Center, relax good. Pull up in here.

Hinge back. Pull, pull, pull up and stretch all the way down. Exhale And lift up tall. And shoulders in front of the hips please, over to the side. And up.

Over to the side. And up. Over to the side. Lean more forward please. Over the side.

Good and up. Forward, over the side. And up. Twist. Don't move your knees please.

And center. Twist. And center. Twist. Twist.

Center, lift up. One more, twist. And center. Lift up, twist. And stretch forward good.

Now you're just gonna take your right leg out. And you're going to hug it into your chest and that's all you're gonna do. Hug it into your chest, underneath the thigh. That's it. And just hug it in and sit up as tall as you can.

So don't let yourself go forward, right. Yeah. You're going to sit up tall and just hug it in. Lift up. lift up and relax.

And pull it into your chest and try to squeeze the thigh against your chest. Yes. And squeeze the thigh against your chest and good. Other leg. Get your tushy back to me a little bit more.

You like not no, no don't. Move your tushy back to me a little more. You brought it forward, there you go. Now hug the leg. Do you have the leg? Yeah.

Pull it in and relax. Pull it. Yes. You feel what you just did? Yeah. And relax.

Pull it in. Yes Wayne there it is, that's your answer and relax. Very good drawing those shoulders together was the correct answer. Hop up. Put your boxes off to the side please.

You can put that over there. I'll take this, careful, gentle. Head piece goes up please. Okay knee stretches, your favorite exercise. Well don't I do the elephant part sorry.

Oh sorry, yes elephant. You trying to confuse me? Look at you, see you do know the order. Flat feet. Shift your weight back.

Feel the outer edges of that. That's it looking at how the feet are lined up. Is that how you want to stand on this foot? Right remember that arch? Yes.

Beautiful toes. There it is. And push back. Let this hang and pull it in. Push back, and hang.

Push back and in, and the last one, push back, lift your heels, bring your knees down. Thank you try to curl those toes like we were working in the beginning of class. Sit on your heels. This goes in more, more, more, more, more good. Now go press, One.

Quick in, two. In faster. Three, in. Four, in. Five, in.

Six, in. Seven, in. Eight, in. Nine, in. 10, in.

Beautiful, I was spanking you by the way, open the chest, only can do that to your husband. Good. And go in, in. Faster, in it's all about the in. Where's my chest?

Good. In, in, in, in, in, in, in and beautiful. Round your spine to the first position, do a single leg pull. Don't let this arch pull this in, remember where my finger was, keep my finger there. Bring the knee in.

Lift this heel, lift the knee. Good. This stays in. Remember my finger, in. My finger, in.

And in. Change your legs, excellent. Other one. Square your box. Lift the knee and go.

Pull in here. Two, three and come down. Slide the foot back, sit back on your heels. Lift both knees off and place them on. Now I gave you the box cause I'm nice right.

But if you arch his back, I'm taking it away. Remember my nasty finger right there in there. Take it away. Not yet. No take it away.

You're going to keep your legs just like this? Yeah. Okay go. One, two. Good three, four.

Excellent lie down to run. You built to 20 of them. What? You built to 20 of them. No really fucking way.

Add your springs. They were very good. Good, excellent. This is running. Yes this is running.

See get your toes on here. That's it. Brat. Stretch out. It's all right.

You're perfect. Stretch out, remember what you're gonna do with your heel. Yeah. You're going to put your weight here. Don't let it, it went in.

Push it to the, yes. Now push it out and lift it. Push it out and lift it. Push it out and lift it. Push it out and lift it.

Push it out and lift it. Push it out and lift it. Push it out and lift it. Push it out and lift it. Did you just die on me?

I'm looking for something thin. Wait one second. I want to give you, I want to give you, This is going right into my- But No, no, no. I wasn't doing it right 'cause it hurt too much on my feet. No well if you're not using your tummy, it'll hurt on your feet.

So you should really feel it in your powerhouse. You know, ain't moving you. No wait one second. I need to give you this bar. So, one second.

This bar is the property line. Your heel has to stay on either side. Okay. And lower one foot down. It went in.

Good. Yes. Now do the same thing. Bend your knees and get your feet close. Bend your knees.

Bend your knees. Good. Now bring your heels so that they're going to touch this bar. Good. And now stretch your legs out, and good and lower one heel. And don't let it cross.

Yes there you go. Lower the other heel. Yes. Lower the heel. Lift the arch, think about cupping the foot.

Cup the foot. Cup the arch. Yes there you go. And good. And bend your knees in.

Let me take your bar off. Wide position. And what's this called? Pelvic lift. Just the pelvis, only the pelvis.

Oh he's a tired teacher today. Ribs down. Ribs down. Ribs down. Ribs down.

Ribs down. And roll all the way down. Remember the front split that you did with your foot up on top. Yup ready? I'm tryna think how do I get on.

Just like knee stretches. Kneel, no that's elephant. Yep knees down. Slide your feet back. Good.

Sit on your heels a little and bring the leg forward. Single leg pull. You know like Allie Love says. Elbows forward. Open your chest.

Yes. And now scoop your stomach, push on your hands to lift the leg. That's it good. Head down. Square your box, hip down.

Now find the exercise on the ladder barrel. Go to sleep. The very first day we stretched out your leg on that ladder barrel. And then come in and just bring your head. Head stays down.

Hip stays down. Pelvis forward, stretch out, push the knee back. Push this knee, push this knee, push this knee. Yes. And then bring the hip forward.

Good. And push this foot back and this hip back. And come in, in, in excellent, change sides. So Wayne has new opening in his pelvis so I've got to restabilize. Remember it's like peeling an onion.

Once you open something and something changes. You have to go teach them how to restabilize it. Get this butt cheek down. And we've really changed from that stretch being at that bottom of the ladder barrel to now he's doing that stretch up on the reformer and I'm really pushing that position a lot. And come in.

Bring the knee out a tiny bit. There. Push on the outer edge, outer edge. There. You're there.

And come in. Good and press out. through here. That's your connection through here. You feel that? Yeah.

That's it. Now what's gonna bring you in is this. That brings you in. Go ahead. Yes.

You feel that opening in your hip? Yeah. Pilates is a full contact sport. Nope I don't think so. That was beautiful. That felt good.

Yeah it looks great. No like that splitting felt really, really good. Yep good. On both sides. Yep.

Okay hop down while I clean this up. That felt really, really good. And that's what the hip opening that I want for you. Start with your hundred Wayne. Instead of lowering one leg and the other leg today, as you beat, you're going to lower- I'm still tryna process.

Your hundred you've been lowering one leg and then the other. Stand on the mat. Now fold your elbows. Now as you go down, bend your knees and lift and find your second stomach massage. Lift your chest, lift your chest, lift your chest.

Rolling like a ball brings you down. Okay? Excellent. Slide yourself back. Now when you do your hundred Wayne, bend your knees, bend your knees in.

Bend your knees in, extend your two legs up to the ceiling. Lift your arms up to the ceiling. Lift your head up to the ceiling pump your arms lowering two legs at one time. Inhale two, three, four, five. Bring them up, two, three.

Now don't lose your belly, four, five. Only stretch those knees, stretch them. Stretch them like you're pushing in the strap. Now only lower as far down as you can stretch those knees and keep your stomach flat. Inhale, two, three, four, five.

Pushing your knees, you got straighter legs they're there. Lift them up two, three, four, five. lower down, stretch your knees. Two, three, four, five. Lift them up.

Two, three, four, five. Bring them down, two, three, four, five. Lift them up. Two, three, four, five. Hug them into your chest.

Roll yourself up using a rolling like a ball action and sit and place your feet underneath the strap. So notice that every transition I'm giving you is an exercise. Oh my God. Oh that feels so good. Well, you're going to do it again on the barrel today.

Heels together, lie down. Let's get moving. So we have time for that. Now legs nice and- You got time. (laughing) It's not that time, it's your workout time and come on no resting in between.

Up, roll up, touch your toes. And roll back. And stretch. And up. Roll up, touch you toes.

Head down. Excellent. Watch your right foot isn't turning out more than your left. And come up. Fast.

Exhale. Roll back. One more time. Inhale up, open your chest. Where's my open chest?

Good look at your knuckles. One more time with your knuckles, lead with the front two knuckles and straight wrists. Stretch back, arms come up, plug your shoulders. Head comes up, around, over, stretch those knees, stretch those knees. Find that stomach massage where I said stretch your legs when you curled over.

Yes. Now roll back. Excellent. And you're going to take one leg out and you're going to stretch it up and you're going to take the handles behind you and stretch the leg up to the ceiling and keep your hip down. More.

Thank you. And circle up to the nose. Up to the nose. Up to the nose. Nothing moves.

Don't move your hips, up. I don't care how smart, don't move your hips. One more time. Don't move your hips. Remember that anchoring, reverse it, around, up to your nose.

One. Pull this in. Up to your nose, two. Pull this in. Up to your nose, three.

Up to your nose, four. This is your neck right here. This has to go down and good. Yes bend your knee in. There's your single leg pull, there's that split.

Okay. So if this hip is down Wayne, there's that split for your hip. Change your legs. Other leg comes in. Now find your split first.

That hip got...yes. Push through this leg. Remember how do you stretch that leg to get that hip? Same thing, stretch all the way up, up, up, stretch the knee to find that stretch in the hip and circle across. Around, up, soft ribs.

Around, up, ribs. Around, up, three. Around, up, four. Around reverse. Circle ribs in up one, and two, and three, and four, and five.

When you bend your knee, find your split. Bend your knee and find your split by reaching that hip down. Find that delicious stretch, you feel it right there? That's what we want. Very good.

Take your feet both out of the straps. Leave your legs long. One fluid motion do a double leg pull and come into your rolling like a ball. Like I punched you in your stomach like your knee stretches. In.

Yes do it again. Ready and in. Hold those ankles, good. Roll back. Head down, head into the stomach.

Remember what I made you do? Feet to your seat last time. Find your stomach massage. Yes, don't change your head. Not allowed.

I'll hit it. Roll back look at your navel. Yes again. Exhale. Exhale.

Press those feet to the seat when you come up. Exhale feet to the seat, roll back. Exhale feet to the seat, roll back. Exhale feet to the seat, roll back. Exhale feet to the seat, lie back with your knees in your chest.

With your knees and your chest. Hug those legs in. Give them a nice, nice hug. Good. Now you're going to do your single leg pull.

Do remember that one? Head up, this is your split. So I want you to feel that hip opening as that leg extends, right? This hip draws back. It's that split exercise.

Go. Pull it in, one. I'm your center, two. Where's your head? Pull it in, pull it in.

Find your split. When that leg stretches, find the hip. Reach and reach right to me. Reach, good Wayne. Don't go side to side as the left leg comes out.

Good and good. Two legs come in, hug it. Squeeze it, find rolling Like a ball. Head comes up to your stomach. Head comes up to your stomach.

Ankles, ankles. I'm going to give a little push right. There you go. Now stretch out the arms, stretch out the legs. Heels together.

Pull the stomach in, bend in. In, in. Stretch out. Pull it in. Stretch it out.

Pull it in. Stretch it out. Pull it in. Stretch it out. Pull it in.

Good just lie flat for a second. So Wayne you are now being christened into the real Pilates world. Where are my hands? You're not doing anything yet. So you're getting everything but you're going to actually do a little more of your hundred.

I want you to go into your hundred position. Bend your knees into your chest, lift your arms up, your legs up. Good keep your arms away from me. And I'm going to step on your stomach. And this is where you feel it.

You feel that? Reach your arms over your thighs. Good that's your hundred. Now pump, inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five.

Inhale, two. Very good exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, bend in woo and come down. So I'm gonna stand on your stomach next session and for the next couple sessions. Do you feel where you're rolling like a ball is? Where I was standing, that's where you pull your stomach in.

Yeah no trust me, it's easier when engage the stomach to pull it in. Yes so I'm just going to- It's much easier. Yep. So that's what we're just gonna work on. I've been christened.

You have been christened. And sit up for your spine stretch forward. Let's see if I can do it. Let's see, maybe, maybe not. Arms out in front and stretch forward.

Anything in the hips? Roll up. Sit up tall and relax. How's that on the hip, okay? Push your heel out.

Oh sorry point your toes. Yeah okay. So don't try to flex your feet, point them it'll help your hip. If you want to try it in the blocks, point your feet. You know what pointing is?

Like a ballerina. There now do this variation. With your feet pointed, slide your hands on your ankles. You feel how's it on the hip. Good hold your ankle.

Hold your ankle. Now pull your stomach back. Do you feel it in the hip? No. Absolutely.

Now roll yourself up, slide your hands along your legs. This is how you're gonna do it from now on okay? Slide your hands along your ankles. This is still opening his hip that he needs for his hundred. Hold your ankles, now pull your stomach back.

Feel it in your hips at all? No. Excellent. Roll up, sit all the way up. And again, slide forward all the way down.

Grab your ankles, pull the stomach in. Hold those ankles, hold them. Hold them now pull your stomach back, let the head drop. The cavalry's coming and roll all the way. Excellent.

Swing your legs up. Look at you! Huge progress. So now working on that beautiful hip opening that you liked, you're gonna take, Let me do my other leg because I demonstrate without leg yesterday. You're going to do in this position, right? Chest is open.

Now for you, kind of like me, my ribs want to come here. Think about your ribs here and lengthening your neck right. So what you're going to do is you're gonna round forward just like you did on stomach massage where I said turn it right? And roll up. Then what you're going to do is you are going to slide your hip forward, square.

Slide, you might want to grab a towel over there for your leg. Okay. After you do your slides, you're going to do the second part of the exercise that you did here. You're going to place your foot up on top. I have to make this longer for you, I think.

Yep. And you're going to bring your hip forward. There's that stretch. And if this hip comes up, you don't get dessert. The more this hip is down, the more the stretch.

Let's slide this out. Okay let's rock. Cross the leg over like a leg circle. Excellent. Stretch that bottom leg as much as possible.

You're just going to round your head forward like stomach massage. Where I said stretch your head to your knee. That's it. And then you're going to stand up as straight as possible, dropping this hip as much as possible. Yes.

Now I'm pushing him a little beyond his limits again. It's okay. It's where I want him to be uncomfortable right now, and round forward. And sit up tall. Oh.

Bring this hip back. Yes. And round forward. Beautiful. And stand up.

Now just like we did on your reformer, and like we've done before, slide your hips forward. Stretch this knee. The more you stretch this knee, the better off you are. You feel that? Yeah. And then come back.

Hip comes back. Pelvis comes back, More pelvis. Drop. Yes and forward. And stretch by pulling your tummy in.

Tummy, tummy, tummy. That's what moves you. Good Wayne and slide forward. Pelvis. Hips, hips.

Stretch the knee, feel this arch alive. Yes. And come back. That's okay, it's okay. Yes.

Now bend your knee right to the ceiling with the foot and press on the big toe where you don't want to press. And as you do, let the knee come out a little but press on the big toe. Yeah. Now round forward. Find your rolling like a ball.

Just go ahead round and roll up. Down and round forward. Articulate your rib cage, do you feel that? Yeah. And roll up.

Yup excellent, you're doing great. And round forward. And roll up, shoulder down. Now bend this knee only to bring your pelvis forward. Pelvis forward.

Feel that. Yeah. And come back, pull the tummy in. Pelvis forward. Down. I'm tryna do it right.

Don't use your arms to do it, use your powerhouse. These are just helping. There. And yes, relax. This makes it worse.

And come in. Now stretch that leg out and stand up as tall as you can now, because it's gonna be taller. Look at that, you feel that? When I tell you to stand up later Wayne, this is who I want to see. Now this is not gonna be easy and you're not going to be able to do it.

Okay so don't even think. I'm going to lift it, you're going to just imagine, look center, look at me. I am help. This leg's gonna lift. It's not gonna lift but you're going to think up off the barrel, off the barrel, off the barrel, relax.

Engage the muscles off. Cause a stretch that doesn't have strength is useless. And off, now bring it that way. Excellent. So if you stretch something and you don't use it in that stretch position with strength, heel back excellent, good.

Look at the alignment of that. Look at how much that leg is working. Wow. Same thing on this one now, this outer edge has to work. Cross over, come on up.

Good stretch this knee. Relax. So where your eyes go is gonna make a difference. Now before we start this side, stand up, don't move. Good.

Open your chest, take a moment. Now lift up and round over. And roll up. Lift up and round over. And roll up.

Lift up and round over. And lift, beautiful. Now slide forward with the pelvis. Come on. Hold your hands, hold the bars.

Soft elbows please, there. Soft elbows. I want your pelvis to stretch, not your arms. And come back. And there.

Don't lean your shoulders. I don't care what goes, and back yes. Hip down. Stretch it. Stretch it.

Stretch it, yes Wayne and back, bend the knee. Right so that's how you get this side. Pull the stomach in, ribs up and press the big toe. Okay. And roll.

And again, press the pig toe. And roll up. And again press the big toe and roll up, very good. Bring the pelvis forward and back. Bring the pelvis forward and back.

Bring the pelvis forward and back. Now bring it over to the other side. Lift it sorry. But we haven't done the other one. We have to straighten the leg, right straight the leg and we're gonna lift it.

Right. Right. And lift it up, up, up. And relax, good. And pull this in.

Up, up, up. And relax. That's what I want you to feel when I tell you to stand. Lift up, up, up and bring the leg across and beautiful. Now you're gonna go, do you remember going up front over here?

Yeah. Okay. I'm going to give you the opportunity to find your box square on your own. Okay. While I set up over here.

It's the same exercise that we just did here and your splits. Same exercise as the single leg pull. So I want you to find that exercise. I step both feet on right? Yes.

Good. Now find your heel together, toes apart position, right. And you're gonna execute a single leg pull and bring your foot forward. And then your knee comes forward in that same stretch that you just did. Right. And your hands come here.

Good. Elbows are soft, elbows by your side, like you were going to do a pushup, now lift your bottom heel. Like the first exercise that we were working on. Yes it hurts. Stretch the knee.

Good and float up on forward on that dangle. So pull this in. Yup. Yup. And then what's happening with this foot?

Outer edge of the, take your foot a little more forward, sweetie. Come down. So remember to bring your toe against that. Oh all the way Right, right, right, right. Good.

That's it good. And just press right here. Yeah. Lean a little more forward. You feel what I just did?

Yeah. Good and tummy in. Yup. And come down. Open this hip.

Open this hip. That's it. So this is building more stability now in this much more open position. Come up. Yeah.

Now leave your head on the ceiling and take eight counts to come down. Eight, pull the tummy in. Seven, six, five, four. Think about breathing. Two, one.

The exercise. And go up in three, don't lean back. One, two, three, come down for eight. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Excellent change sides.

Do that again. Don't let the foot go up, don't pull a Zack and have the leg over the side. Do a single leg pull and lift it directly up. Yes. Lean forward with the shoulders as well.

Elbows down. So you want that line here right. So ribs are in filling the back body right here. Pull the stomach in, box looks pretty good. Lean forward, lean forward.

Don't let this hip up. I know. Pull the tummy in and slow. Slow lift this arch, lift this poor little arch. Put the knee in more, the knee you turned out.

Right there. Forward. Now lift your left arch, left arch more. Don't turn the knee up, lift the arch. And now come down eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

One more time, lift up. Yeah. Rotate back. Come on fix your bottom foot. This one.

You're extending the leg. Right here stand wait lift this off. Yes. And very good. Careful when you get off, I'm not spotting it, you have to spot it.

Don't let it go flying. Hold on to the handles, face the chair and with control bring it up, very good. Come back down to here. Do you remember the exercise breathing that we did? Where you were lying down and you had your tailbone here and your upper back here.

Okay tailbones off the edge please, way off the edge. Lie down with the tailbone way off the edge. Good. Legs are gonna be straight today. Head goes back.

Good take this bar. Now fix your feet, heels and stretch back. And how are you going to open your hip? How are you going to find that same exercise? Go ahead and let your head go to the mat.

It can go there Wayne, you can rest on it. You see your head can rest on there now. Now bring your chin down. Good keep your head on the mat, bring your arms up. Keep your head on the mat, open your chest and bring your arms down.

So this has to do with, remember we talked about your shoulders last time. Opening the door, open your door right now. Open the door, open the door there. Open the door. Inhale pull the tummy in, come up.

Exhale ribs soften, stretch back, lengthen your neck. Bring your ribs into that empty spot. Good. Good. Come up, pull this in.

Pull this in, see where I want you to pull it in and then bring it down. So you just adjust a little and what you need today. And open the door. He needs a room on a special. Reach for your feet, stretch out.

Pull the stomach in. Reach back, stretch. All the way. All the way, all the way, you feel that? Very good.

This time bring your head up with your arms. Pull your tummy in, I'll take the pole, slide yourself back and just give yourself a stretch forward. Exhale. Touch your toes, you got them. Flex your feet and touch your toes.

You can touch your toes look at you. Good. Now tailbone off again. Just a little. Lie back the same way.

Stretch your legs. And you're gonna take these weights in your hands and you're gonna keep your palms facing forward like you had that pole and bring your hands way back. Go ahead. Good and pull, let the head go down and pulse back one, stretch the arms, two. Stretch the arms, three.

Bring the arms up, leave the head where it is and reach your hands down and open the shoulders like we open the door. Don't open the hands, open the shoulder. Good. Reach down. Find your chest expansion.

Yep. Watch those wrists, make them straight and reach back. You watch your neck and your ribs. One, two, three. Lift up, pull the stomach in, open the chest like your roll up.

Press down, pull your tummy in. Go ahead all the way down. Close to you. Close to you. Close to you.

Good. Open this more, arms close to you. Stay there, alternate one arm down, one arm up. Good reach and come up. And reach.

Don't turn the head and come up and reach. Feel the difference? And come up, and reach. And come up. Bring both arms up, chin to the chest, roll up.

Don't slip and sit yourself up. Bend your knees. Slide yourself back as you roll up with your stomach. Don't go side to side, with your stomach. Head down, head down, head down, head down yes.

Good. You need to get you some better pants. Okay good. If you can please pick up the spine corrector, place it on the side here. Lie on your stomach with your head turned to one direction.

I don't know what time we started today. Lie all the way down. It doesn't matter. Just gonna give you a little Ramana special. Arms down by your side.

So you did a lot of extension work today. Just like in, you know, we work and flex your work so that you feel it adjusted? That's what I was seeing. So he had a little vertebra that was ready to go underneath my hands. So just stay right there.

Relax, relax, relax. So it might look like I'm being nice to him but I'm really not. I'm just showing him that he can move his shoulders're gonna let your head hang when I lift you up. Head hang. Good turn your head the other way.

Good. Without using his back That puts space in his ribs. So you see how much more free the shoulder moves. Feel good doesn't it? Used to love when she did this.

So in this time when I tell you to, you're gonna put your hands under your shoulders and sit back on your heels, but not till I tell you. You're gonna let your head hang first. Head hang. Now push your hands under your shoulders. Sit back on your heels.

Stay there. All the way back, sit, sit. Your knees are healthy, right? Okay. Let's come over to, were you on the pedi pole yet?

Huh? Pedi pole, Have you been on the pedi pole? Yeah. Okay I thought so. So now Wayne what you're going to do is you're going to stand with your back against the pedi pole.

So I'm starting to connect everything that you're learning from top to bottom, yeah. You're going to stand with your heels against the pedi pole and your heels up. And both heels equally there, remember I put that pole between your heels today in your running? So I want you to feel that position. Lengthen your spine so it's against your arms in front, press down, reach to the ground, hold it, drawing those shoulder blades together and come back up okay.

Lift your heels up. Find that running position where you're equal distance on both sides. One second. That's what I thought. Move your heels a touch that way.

Yes. Now move this foot out that way a little bit. Not the heel, the ball. Yes. See that's the side that you want to come walk over on.

Bend your knees. So this part of your ribs touch, don't lose your ribs. Good. Reach straight down. Open your chest, lengthen your head against that pole you feel that, hold it.

Now open. Open, keep your ribs, keep your ribs, keep your ribs. Why are your wrists broken? The other way, there. Now come forward.

Now if she bites you, bring your hands forward. If she bites you, see how she bit you? That's cause you were not leading with those front two knuckles. If you lead with the front two knuckles, it goes here. If you don't...aha, she's a naughty girl.

And ready, lengthen the spine. Good. Crack a walnut. Find your ribs. Yes, you see how she has a hold, it doesn't bite you now?

Press here, press here. I did not say go up. Open. Come on you lift weights. Hold it, hold it, hold it and come back forward.

Good. And again. Reach, press here. Yes. Yes.

Open the chest. When I tell you to stand, this is what I'm gonna ask you to find right here. Open, press down. Stretch those wrists. Good and come back up.

And last one, press down, grow tall. Open. Shoulders, open the door. Open the door. Open the door, open the door, lengthen the neck.

Good. And come all the way up. Relax your arms.


"Romana" Special.  Don't know what this is.
just an exercise she  taught to a client she would teach in the early mornings...
love the stability focus 

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