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Join Tracey Mallett in this fun and innovative Reformer workout. She starts us off slowly and mindfully to activate your core to prepare you for the rest of class. She quickly picks up the pace to get your heart rate up, then continually hits challenging full-body exercises that will have you working hard. Let Tracey surprise you with new ways to use your Reformer Box on the Allegro 2!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Hi, welcome. Tracey Mallett here. So excited to bring this great program to you in your living room. You are gonna sweat, you're gonna feel invigorated but best of all you're gonna feel fantastic, and that's what it's all about. Today we're going to be using just a box, this little box here, and the reformer, so you don't need any other props other than yourself.

But we're gonna be using some fun, wonderful, innovative moves around the box, okay. So you ready to get going? I'm right here from my studio in L.A., so it's so nice to be at home into your home, and you get to see my lovely little studio that I've been here through the whole of the pandemic. And we're just gonna keep rockin' and rolling, and I'm so excited to invite you into my studio in L.A. So what you're gonna do to start off with is grab your box.

You're gonna put your box right next to your reformer, okay. So I'm putting my box right next, I got like a few inches away from the edge here, and it's gonna be longways. So grab your box, all right. Let's take a seat, so we're gonna get to the edge of the box here, and we're just gonna start up with a nice little breath here, shoulders over your hips, and take a nice deep breath in. Inhale through the nose, (inhales) and exhale through the mouth. (exhaling) There you go.

Feels really good just to breathe. Inhale through the nose, (inhales) and exhale. (exhaling) Let's just do a couple more just to bring that heart rate down. Inhale, (inhales) and exhale. (exhaling) Let's do one more time, inhale, (inhales) and exhale. (exhaling) Doesn't it feel good just to breathe? Yes. Put your hands on the edge here, reach to the edge, now we're gonna slowly roll down through the spine, reach the hands up behind the head, interlace the hands, there we go, and hold that position.

We're gonna inhale to a flat spine, exhale, and lift up. Inhale to a flat spine, exhale, and lift up. So we're just gonna warm up that body, warm up the nice core. Get some heat going in the midsection of your body, and just lifting up and down. The box has been my new best friend through the whole of the pandemic.

Finding some innovative ways to use the box, its versatility. We inhale back, exhale up. Now we're gonna add the right knee towards the chest, and just keep that right knee lifting towards the chest, and then back again. Exhaling up, inhaling back. Breathe in, letting the air out as you exhale and contracting those abs.

Nice gentle warmup. One more, and let's switch to the other side. Lift up, and down, up, and down. You're exhaling drawing those abs in, lifting your head, neck, and shoulders off your box, and drawing the knee to your chest. Let's just do a couple more, two, and one more.

This time we're gonna lift that right leg up straight up to the sky, and lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor. Let's continue with that. Lower the leg, lower your upper body, and lift up. Inhale down, exhale up. Remember it's your core that is lifting you up, not your head, neck, and shoulders.

And slow and controlled with that movement, lengthening the leg up to the sky, long legs. Inhaling and exhaling. Let's just do one more, and let's hold it here, flex that foot, and let's do some circles, so you got your femur moving around in the hip socket, get some lovely hip mobility. And let's reverse the circle, the opposite direction. Breathing freely, inhaling, and exhaling, pressing the energy out through the heel.

Beautiful. One more, and then lower that leg down. Let's extend that leg up, straight up, lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor, there we go, and then come down, and then up. Inhale, down, exhale, up, controlling that movement, deep breaths. It's very meditative as you breathe.

Beautiful, inhale, exhale, up. Let's do a couple more. One more, hold it there, flex that foot, ready for your circles to the midline of the body. Now try and keep your torso, you hips as still as you can, freely breathing, and let's reverse it to the other direction, pressing the energy out through the heel to the sky. Beautiful long hamstrings, inhaling, and exhaling.

Let's just do one more. Let's hold it there, point the toe into your chair position, the other leg is gonna join up, hold that position, drop the right toe down, and then switch, and switch, and switch, there we go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Chair position, reach the legs out, exhale, pull in, inhale, reaching the legs out, exhaling, and drawing in. Lifting the head, neck, and shoulders off of that box.

Inhale through the nose, exhale, in. Let's just do a couple more. Inhale, out, exhale, in. One more, inhale, out, exhale, in. Now wrap the hands around, now resist your hamstrings here, lift up just a little bit higher, shins are parallel to the sky.

Hold it there, ready for your single leg stretch, reach out, and go. (Tracey exhaling) Reach, reach, eight more, and eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Chair position, hold it, lift it up just a little bit higher, holding it there. Now keep your head, neck, and shoulders exactly where they are, don't come down. Now we're gonna wrap the hands back around the head, ready for your rotation, crisscross.

Here's your rotation. Now think of how steady you feel 'cause we're gonna be doing that crisscross again on the reformer but it's gonna be a little bit more challenging. You wait and see. Just a couple more, and then come back, hold it there, now we're gonna roll ourself up, and lift all the way up, beautiful. Let's come up, we're gonna go wrap around to here, now we're gonna come forwards, put the hands in the middle of your box, step back.

Now we're gonna step right, right, right, left, right, left, so it's right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left. Now we're trying to keep your upper body completely still, and you're just moving that lower body, just the lower body. Let's do four more, getting the heat going within the body. One more, hold it here, push away from the floor, connect to your back. Now ready with your left, left, right, left, right, left, right.

Keep that upper body still, there we go. Get that heat going in your body, total body. Four, three, two, and one. Hold it there, inhale up into your pyramid, exhale, down, inhale, up, just to warmup. Stretch all through the back, and the legs to prepare ourself for when we get onto the reformer.

Let's just do a couple more. Hold it here, right knee to your chest, right and then left, and then right, and then left, and then right. There we go. Now we're gonna add a little, little jog, a little jump, little jog, little jump. (laughs) And eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one. Hold it there, downward dog again or your pyramid.

Feet flex down, hold it there, step up, step up, lift all the way up. We're gonna step up with the right leg, so we go right leg, right, left, right, left. Now keep your upper body over your shoulders, and you're just gonna move the arms in opposition. Right, left, right, left. Still keeping that principles of Pilates, shoulder blades pulled down.

You're not pitching your body forward, you're keeping an erect position. Want you to use your legs, so your heart rate is lifted. Right, left, right, left, so two more, two, and one. Let's go with the other leg, ready? Left, right, go, left, right.

There you go, your heart rate is elevating, building the heat up within the body. Swinging those arms, there we go, lift up. Nice gentle feet, soft as a feather. (laughs) Okay, lift up, let's do four more. We go, and four, and three, and two, and one. Bring it down, awesome.

Heart rate is up, we're feeling warm now. Let's pick up our box, here put the box short ways. Again so the headrest, shoulder rest. We're gonna sit up on the top, beautiful. Now two red springs, two red springs.

We're gonna place the hands right here, put your feet on the top, you're parallel, and scoot your butt really close towards the edge, press the hands back. Now we're gonna push away, and then come back. So let's think about this, you're pressing your hands into the box, you're in a C-curve with the spine, and you're trying keep still. Basically you're keeping your butt in one place 'cause you're resisting this direction. Your abs are firing.

You're keeping your ankle joint completely still. Now we're gonna go into a pulse, little midway pulses here. So think of this as a lot of core work. Yes, your legs are working, but it's more about your core. And you're in, it's basically like a stomach massage but on top of the box.

Push back. Let's do four more, ready, four, three, two. Now we're gonna fully extend, flex the heels underneath the bar, and come back. Fully extend, keep pressing the hands into the box, and keep drawing those abs in. Pressing back, feel that stretch, pressing back, and controlling that movement.

Three more, two more, last time. Come down, V position, so you're in your little first position here. Make sure your knees are not too open diagonally out, hands on, draw those abs in, push out, and back. That's why we're only on two red springs, we don't need anything heavier than that. So this is enough to activate your core and also work your legs a little but we're gonna be going to your legs even more later on.

So think of this as ab work pressing back, engaging your core. You got like a ball right here, and you're lifting up and over that ball, you got it. Let's do four more, four, squeeze those inner thighs together, three, and two. You ready for your little pulses? Let's go, a little teeny tiny pulses in that diamond position.

Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Come back, now we're placing the hands this way, so now we're pressing forwards, and our heart center's lifting up to the sky. Get your butt towards the end. Push away and back. Now you're gonna feel like your butt is gonna move but you're holding your upper body, you're holding your torso in place with your upper body, so this is a lot of upper body work now.

My heart center's reaching out. I'm in external rotating of the shoulder joint, I'm still in the diamond position, your first position. Here, let's do four more here, exhale, four, exhale, three, exhale, two, exhale, one. Hold it there, now reach the hands forwards in that lovely stretch, now pull forwards, press down into the bar, and look up to the sky, that beautiful extension. Gorgeous, hold that stretch.

There we go, and then come all the way back. Bringing the legs down, from here we're gonna lift up. From here we're going to come down, take it down to one red spring, one red spring. Turn your body, so your hands are forwards, shoulder width apart, and your toes are pointing forwards against the box. Got that?

So we're just gonna push the reformer out, and draw in, push it out, and draw in. So you're really focusing on the under oblique, scooping up, inhaling, and then exhaling. So put your mind to the underneath oblique, the arms are straight, and you're drawing your scapula down, the lats are engaged, and those obliques. Inhale out, exhale in, inhale out, exhale in. Let's do a few more, three, (exhaling) two, and you're breathing, one more.

Draw those abs in, now switch to the other side, so now my toes are going the opposite direction. Inhale out, exhale in. So my torso is facing towards the bar, and my feet are facing the opposite direction. So focus on pushing away from the bar and lifting up underneath those obliques, there we go. So you're gonna feel your arms, you're gonna feel your back, and you're gonna feel those lovely obliques, which is your waist, right.

Three more, (exhales) two more, (exhales) one more. (exhales) Turn around, toes are here, you're in your parallel position, look forwards if you're looking out onto the horizon, come into prayer position, now draw the abs in, slightly tilt the pelvis. You see how I tilted that pelvis underneath. It's not here. Tilt that pelvis slightly underneath, using your abs, not your butt, hold it there, and we're just gonna go down, and up, down, and up. There's your thighs working.

Your hamstrings are lifting you up. Yes, you're gonna feel your front and your back of your thighs. Now press your hands together to engage your pecks, your chest muscles. Yes, heart rate is certainly elevated now. We're just gonna eight more because you can, right, guys?

(Tracey laughs) Eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, hold it there. Let's go down a little bit deeper, hold it, beautiful. Release the hands down, hold on to your bar, and gently take a seat with control, beautiful. Take it down to one blue spring. I'm going to one blue.

Some of you might wanna keep it at one red. Let's take it to one blue first, and the next time you do it then you can take it up to a red. All right, so first of all we're gonna be in your side position here. I'm gonna put my hand down on the shoulder rest, now from here, I should say the head rest. (laughs) So your knees are bent like this, okay. So I'm going to, elbow is bent here.

Now depress your scapula, we extend up, and then come back. So you're extending up, and then coming back. Now you can see I'm really depressing the scapula on the underneath side, my hand is on the headrest, and I'm stabilizing my upper body. Now let's look down towards the floor away from your rope. Your rope is in front of you.

Now you can either stay here or if you wanna make it a little bit more challenging you can always add a leg kick, a leg kick or just keep your knees bent. Keep the forearm still, you're just moving from the elbow joint. Four more, four, three, two, and one more. Bring it down, release just a tad. Now from here we're going to reach the legs out to the side, you can place them on your bar for now.

You can either be here or if you wanna come down a little bit lower, you can come down. I'm gonna stay up. Now from here we're gonna release the hand straight up. Now this is more challenging as we know, so we're gonna drop the hand down and back. Now once again if this is too challenging you can keep your knees bent and stay in the same position as we previously were.

And I'm focusing forwards to balance 'cause my obliques challenging. There we go. Let's do four more of these, three, feel that top oblique, two, and one, beautiful. Come down, from here open, straddle those legs, grab your lovely band here, your loop, and we're gonna rotate, and then back, rotate. So you're just grabbing your loop, and rotating.

Keeping it the same resistance, one blue, one red depending on your strength and also your reformer. I'm on one blue right now. Now I'm working on rotation, working on the obliques, pulling the shoulder blades down. I got that nice hip opening in that beautiful second position, that straddle. Couple more, one more, and down, beautiful.

From here transfer, now we're gonna come down to this position here, so you're in your chair position, you're gonna grab that lovely loop, wrap it around your thigh, so it's around your thigh. Feel that? Now pull it in, your inner thigh's engaged, and you're gonna bring this other leg to join it. Hands behind your head, now from here we're gonna do like a little tick tock, so the knees are going over. So what is working is your obliques.

So you can see what I'm doing, the knees are going diagonal, center, diagonal, center. So those obliques are firing, your inner thighs have gotta work. This is just your prep 'cause it's gonna get a little bit more challenging, but if it gets too challenging you'll come back to this exercise. Now one more. Straight up, now straight legs, straight legs.

Those obliques are firing. Straight legs. Keep the head, neck, and shoulders off the lovely box. Couple more. One more.

Now hold it here, we're gonna drop the legs slightly, circle, bring it back, drop, circle, and back, drop, circle, and back. It's like a mini circle. Drop, circle, and back. Let's reverse it, out, drop center, round, drop, center, side, drop, center, one more, side, drop center. Reach that leg out, remember I said earlier on, we've got our crisscross again.

So here we go, that single leg stretch but now we have the crisscross with that extra weight. Whoo-hoo, yes, we feel that burn. Shoulder towards your knee. Trying and keep the inner thighs swishing against each other. Let's do eight, seven, keep breathing, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Chair position, awesome, gracefully take it out, place the strap down, just let it go. ? Let it go ? And then relax. I always wanna sing that song when I say let it go. (laughs) Hands over your head, rotate, and rotate, and rotate, and rotate, awesome. Let's come down, and we're gonna do everything on the other side now.

So let's go to the other side, still on that same blue or red. All right, so knees bent, put the hand down on your headrest, just push away so you're engaging through the back. Now lift up, elbow is bent, now pull on that resistance, there's your start point, so you feel that resistance. Pull your scapula, pull down before you even move. Now you're ready to move, extend, and down.

When you feel ready, let's look down to your hand on your headrest. If this is challenging enough as it is stay where you're at. If you wanna add that lovely leg kick you can. You ready? So we go kick, in, kick, in.

Keep the forearm as still as you can, beautiful control and form. Four more, four, three, two, and one more, and come down. Take a little break, reach those legs out or you can stay exactly where you were before. Now we're sideline. Can rest your feet on the bar or keep your knees bent.

Now lift up, find your position there, we're gonna drop the arm down, and back, drop it down. It's all in those obliques. Press down, and back. Focus on your breath. Let's do three more, three, two, and one more, and then back, and bring it in.

Yes, I know that's challenging. Great worth, it's so worth it to challenge your body. Remember you can keep your knees bent, you don't have to extend them until you feel ready. Now straddle, grab hold of your lovely loop, ready for our rotation, rotation, and rotation. Keep your hips facing the other direction, and you're just moving in your torso.

Your focus is out, back, so your gaze follows the movement. That's it, your gaze follows the movement. And opening up of those hips feels really nice. For four, for three, for two, you got one more, guys, and exhale, and come back, beautiful. Now bring your feet on top of the box, scoot yourself down, and roll down onto your box, so your head is off your box in your chair position, grab your little loop, wrap it around your thigh.

There we go, so you got that resistance there. Your knees are together, wrap the hands back behind the head to support the upper body. Are we all there now? So everybody's in that chair position, correct? Now we do our little tick tock to the side, and then back.

So try and keep the knees together as much as you can, focus on the obliques. This is just to get a little awareness of where your body is moving. Away to the center, away from the risers towards the springs, and we're breathing. Just a couple more, last time. Now extend the legs to the sky, lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor just a little bit more, drop that tailbone down.

Once again, take it away to the side, and back, and side, and back to center. There we go. Those abs are gonna stabilize a lot in this position here with that extra weight too, the resistance of the band, your lovely spring should I say. All right, let's do a few more, three, two, and one more. Okay, everybody for those circles.

So we're gonna drop down, circle away, and bring it back. Mini circles, away and back. It's all about control. There we go. Down, around, and back.

Let's do one more, down, around, and back. Now reverse it, to the side, down, and up, to the side, down, and up, to the side, down, and up. There we go, okay, let's just do it for one more for good luck 'cause I know you can do it. To the side, down, and up. Bend the knees, reach the leg that doesn't have the strap on it.

Let's do our single leg stretch, keep the head, neck, and shoulders up and lifted. Are you ready to do our lovely crisscross? Let's go, rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate. Eight, (exhales) seven, (exhales) six, (exhales) five, (exhales) four, (exhales) three, (exhales) two, (exhales) one. And then bring the hands to the knees, let's take it away, just put the strap down, that's okay.

Hands behind the back of the knees, let's roll ourself up, lift up nice and tall, hands behind your head, and just do our little rotation. Doesn't that feel good? Yes. Beautiful, and release. As gracefully get off your box, stand exactly where we are, we're not changing the springs, we're still on our blue spring, blue or red.

We're gonna come on to the top, right here, and I want you to place your hands right the edge of the box. We're gonna set one foot onto the top, and then the other foot onto the top, and we're gonna push out, there we go, so you're pushing out. Now from here we're just gonna bend your knees just to test the waters, and then push out. Now be careful that you're not sinking between your shoulder blades. Now we're gonna go into a nice little combination, so now you feel comfortable.

From here you're gonna be in your plank, you're gonna take your right leg into a little pigeon pose, and then we're gonna go back into plank, and then we're gonna go into a little pyramid. We come back into your plank. Now left leg, there's your stretch. Come all the way back, and pyramid, and plank. Pigeon, plank, pyramid, plank, pigeon, and look up to the sky, plank, pyramid, plank, pigeon, beautiful stretch.

Push away from the board and back up, and one, here, lift, and up. There's one more set, plank, pigeon, push away from your box, lift up, one more, plank, pigeon, plank, lift up. Come back into your plank position, take the right leg forward, so now you're in a lunge position, move the hands back. So there we go your hands are back, ankle joint underneath the knee. Now from here I just want you to push forwards and back.

So this is your modification, so if you don't feel comfortable in a minute going to the second phase, you're gonna stay exactly where you are. Everyone if you feel comfortable lift up, put the hands on your hips, and then go forwards and back. Now if you feel comfortable you can take your hands out to the side, push forwards and back. Once again, if this doesn't feel comfortable, you're not ready for it, put the hands forwards on your box, feel that hamstring as you press back. Three more, hammy, hammy, two, and one more.

Place the hands down, now from here take your hands down into a forearm, take your legs back into a plank, swing your forearm position here, come up in your pyramid, inhale, rotation around your shoulder joint, exhale, pyramid, and back. Keep pushing away from the box, so you're pushing down into the box. Your lats, serratus are pressing down, so you're not winging. We're lifting up using your abs. One more.

And hold it there, take the opposite leg forwards into your lunge, take the hands, either side, and hold that position. So everybody's there now. Lift up, push away, and then back. So this is your go-to move if you don't feel like you want to advance to that next level, that's totally fine. Whenever you're ready when we build that strength up you have that option, but for now just stay where you're here, stay where you're at.

From here if you wanna go up make sure your toes are anchored onto the bar behind you, come up, find your balance, and push forwards, and back, forwards, and back. Feeling that hamstring as press the heel down, and into your hamstring. Gonna put your hands out, out and in, whoo-hoo. That's it, press the foot down into the carriage to access those hamstrings. That back leg is as straight as you can.

Three more, three, two, and one more. Come back, put the hands down. Once again, forearm plank, come back, hold it there. Now we're just gonna hold it for the count of 10. Push away so you're not collapsing between the shoulder blades.

Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. And then slowly step, step, gracefully bring it in. Hold that position, just press your hands, and reach back in that stretch. Awesome, guys. Slowly roll yourself all the way up, and we're gonna step down, step down.

Okay, let's grab your box now. We're gonna put your box to the side of your reformer, and it's gonna go right against your reformer. Okay, we're gonna keep it at one blue spring, all right. We're gonna put your hands forwards, put this opposite leg down, and come into a lunge position. So if you feel that the one blue spring is too light, you can always take it to one red.

I'm gonna keep it at one blue right now. So you're in this position here, and then from here we're just gonna pull, cat, and then pull back. Cat, and then back, cat, and then back. So you're drawing your knee towards your chest, your abs are engaged, your arms have to stay straight, so you can really initiate from the core to lift that knee. Now once again you can stay doing this exact same move but if you feel comfortable we're gonna add a kick.

It's like a little flying arabesque. If you don't feel comfortable doing that just go back to your cat. Arabesque, arabesque, arabesque, there we go. Try not to control the reformer. Three more, three, two, and one.

Hold it there in that stretch. Bring that leg in, and then we're gonna take it to one red spring, one red. From here, push back into your lunge, and we're gonna slowly walk it up nice and tall, circle the hands back behind the head, so we get down into your lunge, we're gonna come up, and then press down, come up, press down. So you're lifting up, pressing down. So it's the hamstrings are lifting you up.

Think of resisting the spring and lifting up with your hamstrings. Now we're gonna add a rotation, rotation towards the knee that's bending, and add that rotation into those obliques. As you bend that front knee you rotate, the back leg stays completely straight. We exhale, rotate, inhale, center, exhale, rotate, inhale, center. Two more, one more.

Come down, take the hands onto the front thigh, and we push back, we're pushing back. It's kinda like a scooter but you're resisting your hand, so your hand's on your thigh, it's resisting and it's resisting your thigh to activate your lats, your serratus, and your abs. There we go, got it? Alrighty. Let's do four more, four, and three, and two, and one more.

Lift up, gracefully bring it in, turning forwards, put that foot against the shoulder rest, bend, shoulders over hips, we're gonna flick it out. So you can see I'm just flicking the leg to the side. There we go. Now be mindful that the body's not pitched forwards, nice erect position. Control it out, and the inward phase, so we don't crash.

So our goal is no crashing. You got it. Doesn't that feel good working your booty, your glutes, your glute medius here. Woo-hoo. Let's do four more, exhale, four, three, two, and one more, lifting up, beautiful.

Now we're gonna turn. And now you can see you got a great view here, I'm on a toe, foot against the shoulder rest, bending your knees. Now you're gonna pitch your body forwards this time, and we're gonna flick it out, flick it out, so your body is slightly pitched forwards here, elongating that lower back, and you're pressing out and in right here. So this side, your stabilizing side it's gotta be super duper strong 'cause it's stabilizing you, allowing you to flick out against resistance, so it's pretty challenging. Control of body.

Guys are doing good, come on. All right, can we do four more? Go, four, and three, and two, and one, and bring it in. Whoo-hoo. Give yourself a little shake, lift up, turn back to face me.

There we go. Now we're gonna bring your little box away, just a little bit away from your reformer so you got a little space there. And get your bar, and you're gonna bring your bar down like this. And we're gonna come down into a quadruped position, so your knees are gonna right forwards of your box, and you're gonna come forwards here. You got it?

Now I'm going to take it down to a blue spring, and I suggest you doing that, at least for the first time. Gonna put your hands onto the side into your platform when you're here in that quadruped position. Now from here you're just gonna push out and back. Just push out and back. So you're pushing out with the arm.

Now we're gonna add a push-up, push-up, and back, push-up. So this is great to build some strength in your upper body, and obviously your core is gonna stabilize too. And you're in that little quadruped position. Four more, four, three, two, and one more. But now it's gonna get a little bit harder.

So we're going to go onto your toes, onto your toes, so now I'm in this little releve position here. You ready, we're gonna push out and in, out, and in, out, and in, out, and in. Now add the lovely push-up, push-up, woo-hoo, push-up. This is very challenging, specifically for me 'cause I have a weak, weaker upper body, so I know this is so important for us to do, to work our upper body as well as our lower body to balance our bodies out. One more, and beautiful.

Come back, come back, stretch. From here we're gonna turn, we're gonna come down onto the end. We're here, we're gonna be in your forward position here, we're gonna roll like a ball, we're gonna roll. Now come up, lift up, roll, come up, lift up, roll. Now if you feel like you have a lot of energy, maybe a little a jump, it's your choice.

You can come to a releve or a little jump. In, little jump, little jump, there we go, little jump, whoo. Four more, three, two, one more. Come back, hold it here, now you're gonna grab on the end of your little box there's like a little handle, right, so you're gonna grab that handle, and we're gonna lift overhead, and then out, lift. Now if you don't have a handle just hold on to the edge of the box, and press back.

But most boxes have got that little handle, and you're gonna hold on to that handle, and lift yourself a little bit higher. Up, out, up, out, three more, up, out, two more, up, one more, up, and out. Circle the arms around, roll yourself all the way up. Good job, guys. We're gonna go to the other side, so pick up your box, take it all the way around here.

All right. Let's put your box right close. I'm just gonna put my straps back here. All right, so put your box on to the top, now we're gonna take your bar up, gonna be on that one blue spring. Put our foot on the shoulder, the shoulder rest, push back into your lovely lunge.

Now get yourself into that position, your arms are straight, you're pushing away from the bar, and engaging through the core. Ready, we go, up, and down, exhale, (exhales) inhale, (inhales) inhale, (inhales) and back, pike, pike, and back. Really bringing that knee to that chest with control. Now we can either stay here or if you want we can go to that lovely arabesque, control it. Good job, keep breathing, beautiful controlled leg.

Three more, exhale, two, exhale, one. And hold it there in that stretch, bring that knee in, take it to one red spring. You're on one red spring, and you're pushing away. Now find your balance, knee over ankle joint. Ready, we're gonna come back, push that back leg straight, lift yourself up, lunge deeply into that lunge.

Now hands behind your head, this is your start position. Let's go, deeper, and then up, deeper, and then up. So we're going down, down, up, up. So it's your hamstrings that are pulling you up. You want to really resist the springs 'cause the springs are assisting you but you're saying, no, I'm gonna resist the springs.

So put your mind, focus to the back of the leg, especially that front leg. Now we're gonna add that lovely rotation, all right. So we're gonna rotate, and up, rotate, and up. Pull in those abs, whoo-hoo, feel those hips working. And back, press down, and back, press.

Can we do four more? Of course we can. Four, up, three. Are you breathing, guys? Two, and one more, and one.

Come down, take the hands forwards. Are you ready for your scooter? Push away, yes, those legs are shaking, that's a good thing. Push back, and back, and back. Can we do five more?

And five, and four, and three, and two, and one more, whoo-hoo. Come all the way up. Now we're not out the woods yet, right. We gotta go to the other side, face your reformer, bend your knee, now shoulders over your hips, press down, elongate that waist, so you're not collapsing. We don't wanna hike, keep it down.

Now push it out, push away, so that long waist, and you're just flicking that leg out, working the glute, but this leg is working even harder to stabilize while we push out, push out. Keep it going. Looking good. Five, exhale, four, three. Can you give me a couple more?

Two, and one more, beautiful. Slowly, let's turn back, now you're facing forwards. Now get that back foot, remember it's on a releve, now this time you're pitching your body forwards, correct, so your body's pitched forwards. You ready to flick that leg out? Let's go, flick, flick, there we go.

Everything else is completely stable, and you're just flicking that leg out. Yes, there we go. Awesome work, guys. So worth it. So much fun just to move your body, releases all that stress and tension in your body.

Exercise is the remedy for everything, it really is. Four, three, two, and one more. Whoo-hoo. Come back, give yourself a little stretch, stretch out, let's arch and release, arch, and release, and arch, and release. All right, so now we're gonna step down, we're gonna bring the box back a few inches, all right, take your bar down, we're gonna go down to one blue spring now.

All right, back up into your quadruped position here, ready? Hand forwards, hand on your foot, hold it this position here, now we're gonna just push out and in, push out, and in. So this would be a modification if you feel like you're not able to do a push-up right now for whatever reason. But we're gonna add a push-up, push-up, and back, push-up, and back, press, and press, and press. Beautiful, and press.

Five more here, five, four, three, two, and one, awesome. Stay where you're at, up onto your toes in a hover. All right, guys, so now you're in that hover, we're gonna repeat it again, little bit more challenging. Now let's add that push-up, push-up, push-up, push-up. Let's do four more, four, three, two, and one.

Hold it here, drop the knees down, give yourself a little bit of a stretch. Awesome work, guys. From here we're gonna roll all the way up, turn to your side, step back, step back, hold it here, from here, we're gonna press back, walk the hands forwards, press yourself down. Now we're gonna go into a superman, superman, down, push-up, down, superman or I should say superwoman, right. Superwoman, superman, push-up, down, up.

Or sometimes I call it the skydiver, it's like you're skydiving, whee! And up, down, skydive, and up, two more, skydive, and up, last time, skydive, and up, pull back, beautiful. Come all the way up, from here right leg goes on top, left leg into a lunge. All right guys, we're gonna step up, step, tap, now lift, got it? Step, tap, step, lift, now add tap, lift. So find your balance, lift.

Your legs are already tired, I know, from all that lovely work we did. Good, getting that heart rate up. Tap, lift, tap, one more, guys, tap, lift, switch. All right you guys are with me. Come on, we got it.

Ready, tap, lift, tap, elongate, tap, lift, scoop those abs out, lift, tap, lift, there we go. Two more, you got it, guys. Go get it, guys, come on. One more, tap, and lift. Whoo-hoo, nice work.

Get your box, put your box longwise now, beautiful. All right, we're gonna go into one red spring. All right, guys, sit down on the edge. Yes, our heart rate is up, I'm with you. All right, guys, come all the way down, reach the hands forwards.

Now we're gonna go all the way down, lift the legs up, reach the legs out. We're gonna do a bicep curl here, bicep curl here, bicep curl here. Your legs are diagonally out, the elbows are in line with the shoulders, and we do four more here, four, three, two, and one more. Hold it here, bend the knees, now reach the arms over your head, now from here the arms come back, we're gonna lift up into a V-sit, got it? So let's go slowly, roll down, reach the arms over your head, come back, lift up, and V-sit.

Let's put your palms facing inwards, lift up, V-sit. Got it? Go back, rolling down, arms by your ears, head off the box, lift up. Now if any takers, teasers. You don't have to, you can stay in your chair position.

Roll down, lift over your head. Either come to here or here. You've got that choice. Bend, roll back, head off your box, lift up. Anybody with that teaser?

Teaser, teaser. And down, two more, you got in you guys. Control it, use your abs, lift up, one more, come on, roll down, reach over your head, lift all the way up, hold it here, or here, and hold it. Hold that position there, beautiful. Think how strong you are, you can do this.

Pull your scapula down, hold it there for four, for three, four two, and one. Bend the knees, and control it down, whoo-hoo. Nice work, guys. And then come all the way up, put those straps down quickly. From here we're gonna go onto your tummy, just all the way to your tummy like this, from here we're gonna walk forwards, walk forwards, and we're gonna hold right on to those lovely risers here, and we're just gonna pull back and forwards in that lovely beautiful upper body work, your mid upper back, elbows, down towards the carriage, keep the scapula pulled down.

Let's do four more of these. Exhale, four, keep that spine extended, that beautiful thoracic spine. Your lower body is relaxed. One more, hold it here, now gently take your right hand, your left hand, and slowly control it back. Turn around on your box, sit forwards onto your edge of your box.

Now from here we're gonna roll down through the spine, rolling down bringing the knees into your chest, there we go. I want you to extend those legs up in that stretch, hold it there. Bend your knees, drop the legs down, reach the head back in that stretch. Get your heart rate back down. And again lift up, head, neck, and shoulders come off, grab those legs, pull, use your upper body strength to draw the legs towards your chest.

And then come back, circle the hands all the way back. One more time, ready guys, and drop down, lift up, pull your chest towards your thighs, and get a little bit further. Oh, it feels so good just to stretch the back of the legs. And then bend the knees, circle the hands back, and open up that chest. Deep breaths, keep breathing.

Awesome work today, guys. Definitely a nice challenging workout but obtainable. You can all work up to doing most of these moves, bring your knees into your chest, roll yourself all the way up, and let's step off your box, and we're gonna come to the side, right leg forwards into that stretch, take your back leg, and just stretch out that hip flexor. So remember there's always a modification. If some of the moves seem a little bit difficult stay with that base move, and just stay with it.

And then eventually as you get stronger then you can move up to that next level. So don't think you can't do it, yes, you can. You just gotta try, control, and go for it. You'll be surprised what you can do. Sometimes it's the mind that stops you, not your body.

Push away, stretch that leg out in that lovely stretch, hold it there, pull your scapula down, look out onto that beautiful horizon. I know picture we're in the Caribbean, you're looking out onto that amazing horizon. You got your mimosa in your hands, and you're a happy camper. (laughing) And then lift all the way up. Let's go to the other side, switch, press forwards into that stretch. There's that beautiful horizon right in front of you.

It's just waiting for you, I promise, it's right there. You're gonna get there really soon. And when you emerge you're gonna look fabulous, 'cause you've been working out with me, and all those amazing instructors that we have on Pilates Anytime. You're gonna look fabulous. Come back and stretch, reach out.

Awesome, awesome. All right, release. I'm gonna come forwards, we're gonna finish off with a nice roll down, you guys, you deserved it. Give yourself a little pat on the back. Awesome work.

Let's finish off with a nice roll down, chin to chest, scoop out those abs, roll yourself all the way down to the floor, rolling yourself all the way up. One more time for good luck, rolling down, and rolling up. Thank you for working out with me today. Hopefully I'll see you very soon. We got lots more more workouts coming just like this but a whole lot different.

All right, guys, thank you again. Tracey Mallett. See ya soon, bye.

Pilates with Tracey Mallett: Mix It Up: Reformer


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Good morning from Slovakia! Nice and fresh class. It is fine to have the Allegro at home . Wow!
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Gregory G
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Brilliant workout, Thank you Tracey!
Clemencia Puerta
Simply Fantasticcccc!!.... Please do moreeeee of these classes Tracy!!... Thanks a lot!
Michael Mary S
Tracy, this was a fun, creative use of the box.  Loved this class!
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Merci Tracey! Super class, j'ai aimé le séquençage des exercices, très bons enchainements! Je la referait.
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Hi Tracey!  It felt great! Thanks you!
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Excellent class! Where did you buy the Allegro 2 mat cover?
Luisa P Reformermat they ship internationally from AUS.
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Loved the variety & flow. Thank you thank you!
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