Class #4383

All About The Box

65 min - Class


Join Tracey Mallett in this fun and innovative Reformer workout. She starts us off slowly and mindfully to activate your core to prepare you for the rest of class. She quickly picks up the pace to get your heart rate up, then continually hits challenging full-body exercises that will have you working hard. Let Tracey surprise you with new ways to use your Reformer Box!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Good morning from Slovakia! Nice and fresh class. It is fine to have the Allegro at home . Wow!
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Brilliant workout, Thank you Tracey!
Simply Fantasticcccc!!.... Please do moreeeee of these classes Tracy!!... Thanks a lot!
Tracy, this was a fun, creative use of the box.  Loved this class!
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Merci Tracey! Super class, j'ai aimé le séquençage des exercices, très bons enchainements! Je la referait.
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Hi Tracey!  It felt great! Thanks you!
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Excellent class! Where did you buy the Allegro 2 mat cover?
Luisa P Reformermat they ship internationally from AUS.
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Loved the variety & flow. Thank you thank you!
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