Class #4406

Ball to the Core

55 min - Class


Get ready to challenge your mind and body connection. In this class, Tracey takes you through fresh and upbeat variations of Pilates exercises on the Reformer to really test your balance and coordination. The combination of the Reformer, Overball, and Jump Board keeps things fun and light while still working hard!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Jump Board, Overball

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Great class, fresh and energizing!!!
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Awesome class! So creative as always. Can't wait for next week.
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Love the class...Tracey, where did you get the mat for the A2?
Kelly W Reformermat it’s called 
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Thanks Tracey!  Great workout! So much fun!!!!!!
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Fun and challenging! My hamstrings are on fire!!!
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really FAB-U-LOUS
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What a great mix of fun and challenge!  Thank you!
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Love it! Hopefully lots more is coming!!!
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love it!tk you so much for your creativity 
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