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Finding New Connections

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Learn how to find connections between the exercises with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She flows through Wayne's regular repertoire explaining how exercises on one piece of apparatus relate to exercises on other pieces of apparatus. She also continues to work on his mobility and strength so that he can improve his posture and stability.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Ped-O-Pul, Cadillac, High Chair, Wunda Chair, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Wall, Hand Weights (2), Pilates Pole

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Okay, here we are with amazing Wayne Nash, and we are on, We Believe, Lesson 28. He's ready to rock and roll. Should we start on your reformer today? Sure. Let's hit it, maestro.

(objects knocking) Apparently he likes hands-on. (laughs). Oh, you know what? Sit up one sec, put this underneath so it doesn't slide. The other side too?

No, it's okay (sniffs). Just need it on one side? Yeah, it's fine. Down we go heels together, toes apart. Good, now let's get your heels all the way on it, excellent.

Now, remember we talked about this baby toe, has to be in part of the game. It's not on? Now it is, and a little wider, excellent and off we go to the races. And, two on four springs today, you're doing great, three, remember to squeeze that juice out of it four (sniffs), five, head a little this way, six, there we go, seven, eight, very good, nine, last one, and 10, excellent. Bend your knees into your chest, give them a little hug anchor that powerhouse and off we go to the races.

Onto the pride arches. Yup, yup, heels together, knees together, good and pressed out and keep the legs closed, good. And in heels under now you're a little lower on the foot, babe, little lower. Nope, move your feet down this way. Lower your feet, lower your feet, a little more right there for you, feel that.

Right in there, that's where I want it. Push your heels under, very good. And two heels, and three heels and four heels, and five heels and six heels. Good, seven, (groans) eight, (groans) nine, he rode his bike for an hour today so this is his second workout, and 10, excellent bend your knees in. He's doing great.

I think that's the bike that's bothering your back, dude. (gasps) Heels together. Make sure you're in the right position. And flex your feet back as if you're standing on the board and press out, flex back, bend your knees. Good, can you get your legs together and your hip and feet together?

And that's it. Press back. Good, and in, press back. Two, press back. And three, good, press back.

So knees together, but also press right here. That's it, press. And in, in, in, he's a warrior, press in, in, in, two more, press and open this right shoulder and press and in onto the balls of the feet, heels together, toes apart. You're going to do the lower end lift separate a little bit more, excellent and stretch out. Lift your heels up.

Lift your heels up, down a little bit, down, down, down and right up, up, up, stance here, down, down, down and lift up, up, up, down, down, down and lift up, up, up, down, down, down and lift up, up, down, down, down and lift up, up, up, down, down, down and lift up, up, up, down, down, down, and lift up, up, up. Bend your knees in. Do you remember how to take your foot bar down? Yeah. Take the foot bar down, hook that bottom foot push it away.

Op, you missed it. Go a little lower, there you go. Push it away, lie your legs down long. Reach back behind you, grab your handles. Bend your elbows out to the side and the shaving for you.

I should have line like this and stretch your arms up. Bend your knees into your chest. I want you to do that variation. Anchor, lift your head up, lift your head up and then press into your arms and legs and palm, inhale. Two, three, four, five, exhale.

Pull this back in. Roll up, you're missing your roll-up. Inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale. Roll up, you have to roll all the way up. Inhale, two, four, five exhale.

Good, inhale. Lower one leg a little bit. Anchor a little more, a little more. Bring it back up. Lower the other one a little bit, a little bit.

Roll up into and bring it back up. Now, lower both legs. Lower them. Lower them. Hold them there for five, four, three, two, one, exhale.

Bring them back up. Inhale up here. Exhale up here. Inhale lower, hold two, three, four, five. Exhale, bring it up, up.

One more set. Roll up, deeper. Inhale. (breaths heavily) Hold it. Exhale and bend every thing in.

Take your two straps into one hand. Step up, take off to center springs. (objects knocking) He does center spring so I want a little more out here for him. Add your black straps. Take the handles with you.

Mm hmm. (objects clattering) Hmm, mm mm mm mm mm. (objects clattering) Mm hmm. Okay. Twisted here.

(sighs) Good, bend your knees. Take your drops with your hands again. Reach back. Place your feet inside. Try to roll up, excellent.

Look at you. Good. All the way down. Heels together, toes apart, excellent. Bring your butt like, beat down and what are you gonna do?

What exercise? They're perfect. You're gonna do what goes before froggy now. What exercise goes before frog? Well, this in circles. Circles?

Right, and then frogs, perfect. Press out and circles.. Push the stomach in and press the heels. Remember we talked about that leg. Rotate, don't rotate out.

Push into the strap. Open, push into the strap, yes. Open, push into the strap and push into the strap. Reverse it. Lift up pull into here, good.

Lift up. Pull into here, excellent. Lift up. Pull into here. Lift up and pull, here still.

Where's the...? There you go. bend your knees in. Good. Pull the tummy in and press out.

Push, push, push, push, push, push, push. Good, those heels bend in. Pull this back, press out in, in, in, in, in, in, yes. Bend in, press out in, in, in, in, in, in, excellent bend in, press out and stretch. Bend your knees in and stretch your legs back up over your head not over your face.

Take the straps off and drop your straps back down. They can go right down, good. Now you're going to do stomach massage. So what are we going to do? We're not going to use your foot board today.

You're going to add your spring. Get your pad. (objects clattering) (sniffs) Good. Then you're going to sit down (objects clattering) and bring your feet up. (objects clattering) Good.

And where are the hands? Do you remember when that used to be really hard for you? Heels up or did you block that? Stretch up and come in. You're a little wide with your feet.

Good. Stretch out. Lower your heels, lift your heels, bend your knees. Now we're going to pick this up and stretch out and lower and lift and in stretch out and lower and lift and in stretch out, lower, lift in. Now dive towards your knees as you stretch out, yes.

And again, dive towards your knees and last one, dive towards your knees, yes. And take one spring off from the center and take your hands back. Open the chest, bend your elbows, good, chin down and stretch out, and lower and lift and in and stretch out and lower and lift and in. Stretch out and lower and lift and in. Stretch out and lower and lift and in.

Stretch out, bring the head back, lower lift and in. Stretch out, and lower, and lift and good. Bring your hands down. Take one spring off. (objects clattering) Exhale.

(groans) Bend your knees and come in exhale. Bend your knees and lift. Exhale. Bend your knees and lift. Good step off.

We're going to put your foot bar down. (footsteps pattering) You're right? We're going to add your short box. So headpiece goes down. (sniffs) (objects knocking) and we're gonna set right here.

Actually, I'm going to bring you back a little bit behind there. Okay, so hop up. (objects knocking) (footsteps pattering) Wrap your arms around your waist. Mm mm mm, you did it backwards this time. Bend your knees.

Yes. (objects clattering) It goes this way always away. All right. Separate, sit up tall. Nice and tall.

Now roll that low back down. Push your heels away. Okay, roll down, roll down. (groans) Pelvis, pelvis, stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach. That's it, and come over and sit up, good and sit up tall.

Lift here. Good, and roll back. Ah ah, don't sink. Roll back. Pelvis.

Think the rollback bar. Think your roll back bar. Think your roll back bar. (groans) (sniffs) Stretch the legs, flex your feet you flex your feet, flex your feet, push it in and sit up. Good, and again, push it in.

Push it in, push it in, in, in, in, in, in, in and good sit all the way up. Take your hands behind your head today, excellent. Bring your thumbs close to here now. Take your hands a little lower and now pull up your head and press your head into your hands and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold it and then tip back from there.

Lift, don't round it. Press with your head, press with your head press your head and your hands, yes. And come back up, don't round. Sit up tall. Up.

Lift, I know. Press. And up and again, one more time. Lift up, lift up, lift up hinge. Pressing the hands.

Yes there you have it, you feel that? Lower stomach, lower stomach, lower stomach, and very good. Stretch forward. That was really, really nice. Yes, it must be collapsing.

Correct. Yep, exactly. Now, lift up at that same lift but lean a little more forward with your shoulders a little in front of your hips, right so that we get this part of your back up. Higher, higher higher, stretch over to the right side. Good, anchor this side (groans) and come out and come up.

Now, don't let that elbow go behind you directly over to the side (groans) and come up. (sniffs) And one more time lift up actually two and over. Bring your ribs back to my shoulder. (groans) Yes. (groans) And come up again, and again.

Good lift, lift, lift, and up again and good. One more time. Excellent and stretch all the way forward. Very good, exhale. Reach for your toes.

Give yourself a nice little stretch. Let that head drop, good. How's your neck doing? Good, anything in the neck today? (sighs) Well, that a twist.

Twist, anything in the neck today? No. Hands behind the head. Lift up now, don't sink back. No sinking back and more forward.

Feel like you're sitting forward in a chair. You're even more. Not with your chin your chin doesn't do anything. Lift from here, more, more, more. Now bring your head up on top of your spine.

(groans) Little more, bring the head back, head back. Yeah, twist to the right. Head back, keep pushing your head back from your chin. Good, excellent. Look at that rotation.

And again (pants) (groans) That's what I sounded like thrown up to the center. That's what I sounded like the food poisoning last night and lift up and twist it back. (groans) Turn your head now, use your eyes. (groans) Good, weight, weight, very good. Lift up tall.

The taller you go, the more your twist is the more you'll hit that golf ball shoulders back, so lift up, lift up lift up, lift up, lift up, good and stretch all the way down. Now, do you remember when we lifted up your leg before and you pinched in your hip? Yeah. Do you remember what you had to do? Yeah. Okay.

So you're going to hold, let's hold in front of the leg first. (objects clattering) Pull the knee into the chest and lift your back, good. Take that hip a little more forward, there you go and that shoulder back, good. Any pinch? Good, hold underneath the thigh.

Huck it, use your hands, any pinch? Huck it in more, huck it in more huck it in more, hold it. Now, I don't care how far this straightens don't change this angle, stretch the leg and bend, and stretch and bend and stretch and bend. Place the foot down on the mat. Relax it.

Now, you're going to do the same thing. Let it pinch in the hip. Hold your foot here and you're going to stretch the leg. Bring the knee into the chest first, that same way. Use the strap to hold your leg.

Yes, you feel that? Now, stretch the leg out. (groans) Good. (groans) and bend it and lift the back stretch, right and bend it (groans) and lift it in and stretch it. (groans) Excellent, leading with the heel other side.

(objects clattering) Oh, nice, nice, nice nice, nice, nice, nice. (groans) And again, nice. (groans) And one more time. Nice, up, up, up, up, up. (groans) Good, take it underneath.

Yep, perfect. Get into your chest and stretch and down and stretch and down and stretch and down. (groans) (pants) Let it rest. Why don't you hold it with the hip? And stretch up (groans) and in and stretch out.

(pants) And in and stretch out and very good. Step off. Elefante. (objects clattering) (footsteps pattering) Pick the box up. (footsteps pattering) (objects clattering) Elephant. Yeah.

(objects clattering) (sighs) (objects clattering) Flat feet. Lift here. Yes, yes. Good, shift your way back, way back. Drop, excellent, bend your knees.

Pull up into here. Find your spine stretch and press your heels. (groans) Good, and let that head hang so it stretches your spine. Bend, so you use this to put a little traction on your neck, right by letting your head hang and pushing your hands, pushing your heels. Good, wrists, and bend and good, push in your hands push in your heels stay there.

Don't push back yet. Let your legs hang feel all that? Now push back and come in and two and in three and in and four. Push those heels, don't let those knees bend as they come in. One more time, push back.

Straight legs coming in, yes, very good. Heels lift. Bring your knees down for knee stretches. Good, make sure you always bring the knees back, feet back. Better alignment, very good.

Sit down on the heels. It goes down. Pull the to me and go, push one and two, faster, in and in and in and in and five, six, seven, eight, nine, straight wrists, 10 and stop. Reverse the arch, watch your left wrist. Your left wrist is doing funny things, good.

And go. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and 10. Good, round in bring the right leg forward where you can lift your pelvis a little. Let's go. Good, heel up, tailbone under and lift the knee, excellent.

Go, one, two, three. Good, bring the knee down, other side. (groans) Excellent. Tailbone under, think about biking, pedaling in. That was a little twisty.

(pants) Put a little more forward, there. Lift the knee up. Head drops down. Bring them over to out, out, out, look at me. Let me move you so stubborn.

Now look down at your stomach. Yeah. Look at that knee. (groans) Good, keep looking at the knee. (groans) Look at the knee, excellent.

That's it, that's it, that's it. When you come down, when you do your double legs you have to look at your knees, just like you did. Now, that was beautiful shape. Sit back a little bit more, don't shift. Lift the knees.

Good, look at your knees. Press one, two, three don't let them drop, four push the heels. Very, very, very good, beautiful lift. Lie down to run. I'm going to keep it on two.

(pants) So now it's on two, you're really going to have to stabilize your powerhouse for your running. (pants) Press out and lift one knee lift, and lower lift. Very good, lift star people very good. And let's put a little pepper in it, ready? Lift and lower lift and lower lift and lower lift and lower and a one and a two and a three and a four and a five and a six and seven up eight up nine up 10.

Very good, bend your knees onto your arches. Tailbone up and press out and come in (groans) and two, scoop that in scoop it, yes. And three, a touch lower (groans) right in your little belly, right there. Under, good, keep that tailbone up. Lift the tailbone, lift the tailbone.

(groans) And last one roll yourself down let's get ready for your front splits. No fork front splits. (objects clattering) Front slips are get up and... Yep, on two springs, you're set. I don't do need this rather-- Nope, you go right onto the apparatus.

You have graduated. (objects clattering) Your heel is up. Up. Up. Up.

You're in that knee stretch position with your knees down and you bring the one foot just like the single knee stretch and you place it up on top. That's it. (groans) Try not to let it go to the side. Yeah, okay. Right, and my feet.

Ah huh, while your toes on drop this hip down. (groans) Oh, you're so much tighter today from biking, wow really, drop this. But shift your pelvis back. Don't move the carriage. Just shift your hips back.

Head down, go swift, go swift. Drop this hip over, more, I know. There you go. Now, bring the hip, the other hip forward, good, and drop this hip. That's an every day.

It's different because of what you've done before, right? Not ideal, you're still improving. (groans) Stretch. (groans) Stretch it back. Good, and think about this for your stretches on your ladder bow.

(groans) And stretch, that's plenty today other side. (pants) Drop this hip. Yep. (groans) Lean forward. (groans) And stretch.

(groans) And pull. (groans) Yeah, and stretch. (sniffs) (groans) And forward. (groans) Oh, good. (groans) Step off.

I'm going to clean this up. You're going to go down to the mat. You don't have your feet underneath the strap. And what I want you to do today is even with your feet under the strap, I'm going to weight your legs. (object scratching) So again, crossover?

Correct. And go down square. (objects clattering) Try and have both feet down, mm hmm. (pants) (objects clattering) Excellent, slide yourself back. (pants) (objects clattering) You're gonna start with your roll up 'cause you did all your hundreds.

Feet in the strap, remember. (sighs) (objects clattering) Place that blue weight on your ankles with your heels together and your toes apart. (objects clattering) There's a weighted bar to your side to your right (objects clattering) heels together, toes apart, then five nice quick roll-ups. (breaths heavily) Inhale to come up, exhale to go over. Head down, really reach your head to your knees.

Roll all the way down and back, good. Hands not so widespread in line with your shoulders more closed, more closed there. Arms up to the ceiling head up, roll over. Pull your stomach in. Roll back, stretch your knees.

Stretch your knees. Push your legs, come on get your thighs to the ground, thighs to the ground thighs the ground and stretch. One more time. Inhale up, exhale over, head down stretch your thighs to the ground and roll down. (object squeaking) (whispering) Grab my shoes, inhale up.

(laughing) Over, not enough. Not for this, not for this one. (mumbles) (laughing) I got heels, and let's do one more time 'cause I like that stretch that we're getting. He wants me to stand on his stomach. Head down, stretch those knees.

Stay there, stretch this, you feel that? That's it, that's it, that's it. Stretch and roll down. Drag me and stretch all the way back. Ribs in punch those arms.

Get the ribs in more, more, more, more, excellent. Stay there. Grab onto. You're going to take the right leg into your chest. Stretch it in, stretch it up hide behind the leg.

Stretch it up. (groans) This is where I want you to anchor. You feel that? Yes. Good, and arms go up.

Watch your neck. Let your hands go. Poles. Good. Stretch it up. Oh.

Shoulder? No. Yes. Ooh, interesting. (objects clattering) Elbows open.

Stretch your leg. Circle to the right. Nothing moves and up. Push in your hands when, so the ribs go down and two lengthen your neck to the floor and three pull this tummy back and four last one, and five. Reverse it down around and up.

Now stop at your nose and pull it up. (groans) Open to the side around. Stop at your nose and pull it up around. (groans) Stop at your nose and pull it up. (groans) One more time, stop at your nose pull it up, very good.

Did you go both directions? What? Did you go both directions? Yeah. Just making sure.

Hug the leg in with your hands. Good, it also gives his shoulders a little break which he needs. This' just saving me on spotting. Take it back. Don't you want to hold underneath and hug it too?

Give another stretch, yeah. (groans) There you go. Stretch up now. Open your elbows and push in your hands 'cause I'm watching these babies. Stretch that like up, up, up, up, up and circle ribs in an up to the nose.

(groans) (audio mutes) (groans) And around it, up to the nose. Pull it in, up. (audio mutes) Around, pull it in three (groans) around, pull it in four, ribs in. (audio mutes) In five, bend your knee in. Now, don't move any (audio breaks).

Two legs come in, sit right up right into rolling. Ah, ah, right into rolling like a ball from your legs down. Nope, go back, lie down. Stretch the leg. Everything comes up into rolling like a ball like I punched you in the stomach.

And up, (groans) yes. Head down, five, rolling like a balls please. Roll up on one. Roll back and up on two roll back and up on three. Hold those ankles back and up on four, back and up on five right into your series of two.

Your single leg pull your double leg pull. Right leg in, left leg out right hand to the ankle, pull it in and switch. Don't let it go, good correction, switch and switch and switch, and switch, and switch, and switch, and switch and switch, two legs come in, bend your knees and hug them. Where are you holding, ankles or knees? That's right, stretch out arms go back excellently.

Exhale, come in, grab the ankles. Good, inhale, (breaths heavily) palms up. Exhale, grab the ankles. Inhale, palms up. Exhale, grab the ankles.

Inhale, palms up. Exhale, last one, pull this in and excellent. Sit up for spine to stretch forward on the floor. (sniffs) Separate the legs. Straight legs, flex your feet, straight legs arms forward, forward (sniffs) and round down.

Pull the waist back. (groans) And then roll up and sit up tall. Roll up, up, arms, shoulder high and round, no holding back please round down. Head down, head down, stop. Sit up tall, sit up, arms shoulder height.

What's the first thing that's going to move? Just your head, not your arms. Like your roll up. Ah, ah, ah, get that head through your arms. Head through your arms.

Now roll down. Do you see the elephant there? Find your elephant where your head is, through the arms. There you go, find (audio breaks). I was holding your hips on your elephant.

And we were separating that hip joint. Now roll up and find the roll up. Good. Now sit up tall and find the roll-up where you bring your head through your arms and then find your elephant where you're rounding in here rounding in here, pull the pelvis back. Find that elephant and push through your heels.

Come on, straighten your legs. What do we do? Take your hands to your ankles hold them. Bend both knees. That's it, how are you going to bend them?

By pulling this in. Now, flex your feet, toes back to your... Yep, now straighten your legs and push your heels away like you do on the elephant (groans) and bend both knees (groans) and straighten your legs like an elephant. (groans) And bend both knees like the elephant and straighten your legs like the elephant. Excellent, very good.

Now, bring your legs together, stand up. And you're going to come over here. So you're going to do a roll up but you're going to do it standing, okay? So you're going to stand here with your heels together just like you did in the roll up probably about this far away. You don't want to ship over and back 'cause you have the mat behind you.

Remember how I weighted your legs? So there's a mat behind you. Your arms lift up just like the roll-up where you stretch back with the pole. You bring them shoulder height, just like the roll-up and just like you did now in the roll up, your head goes through your arms. And you're going to round forward placing your hands on here.

You push the pedal down and what's going to bring you up is remember I was just pulling on your pelvis for the elephant and the spine stretch? You're going to bring your tailbone towards your heels. And my head stays between my arms, looking at my knees like in my knee stretches, okay. You're gonna do that three times and then you're going to on the third one you're going to do that slowly, by the way. You're going to drag yourself up don't shift forward or back.

Do the roll up. Do the roll up and stack your spine on your pelvis, okay? (sniffs) Heels together not quite so far away, a little more forward. Heels together, toes apart. Don't move.

(footsteps pattering) Lift your arms up. Bring your arms shoulder height. (breaths heavily) Good. Do your roll-up. Head goes down.

Don't drop. Head goes down. Don't drop your arms. Now, lift your ribs. That's it, now roll down.

Roll down. (groans) Fine, beautiful, head goes down further. And now push your pedal down. (groans) Drop your head, drop your head. And now what's going to bring you up?

Your tailbone. Still push down with your hands, push down with your hands push down with your hands, yes. And pull the stomach in and bring it down. (groans) And again, bring it up. Pull this in, pull this in, pull this in and press it down.

(groans) And pull it in, pull it in. Pull this in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in and press it down. And then this time you're going to roll up (groans) head's the last thing, roll up pelvis. Find the mat behind you with your pelvis. Like go with the hands, I have you.

And you're going to articulate up, articulate up, articulate up, good. Lift your arms to the ceiling, like the roll-up. Let that all the way up and open your arms and press down and grow tall press on my hands. Press on my hands press on my hands press on the sides of your body. Very, very good.

Good, we're going to come over to here. (footsteps pattering) (objects pattering) And you're going to stand with your heels against here and your whole back against here. Bend the knees as much as you need. (objects knocking) On this one? Yes, yep.

And I actually, yes, you'll sit on your toes apart and I actually, Wayne let me get there to spot that I want you to lift your heels up and feel the outer edges of your feet. So you're going to have to move your feet back. Lift them up higher. Good, good. Excellent.

Good, now hold here. Bring your arms straight out in front. Don't talk, good. Open your chest. I want your shoulders to hug this pole the shoulder blades, yes.

You feel that? Yeah. But don't let the arms open. So the shoulder blades hug the pole. Now what?

Yep, then you're going to bend your knees more 'cause that's your upper back compensating for your lower back, right? So find the shoulder blaze again. (groans) Find the shoulder blades, good. Now, don't move loose anything. Press right here.

Bring your hands right down in front of you and do a chest expansion. Don't forget to open your chest. Press down, press down, press down, press down. Are those wrists bent? Start over, you bet, you broke your wrists rule number 10.

Chin down, there. Keep lengthening. Shoulders. Don't break those wrists I still can see it in your back when you do. Ah, ah, watch the wrist, you're bulldogging your wrist are like this, lead with those front two knuckles like you're going to punch right there, good.

Now stay there. Keep pressing down and opening your chest. Come on, shoulder blades back, shoulder blades back, more. Hug that bar, yes. Stay there, bend your knees.

Keep your back on the, bend your knees more. Then keep your back on the pole. Now, stretch your legs a little bit keeping your back on the pole. (groans) Good and bring your arms straight up. Keep here (groans) and again, press down.

Keep those wrists straight, open this. (groans) Good, keep coming, keep coming, keep coming, keep coming, keep coming. Good, bend your knees. Come on, bend, bend, bend, stay there. Lift your arms up.

(groans) Good, stay there. Stretch your legs up as much as you can with your back on here. (pants) Good, why are your arms so low? (sighs) One more time. (sighs) You're doing great, this is a bitch of an exercise.

Really? Yes. (laughing) Ooh, does that hurt? Press down with your arms. Open your chest.

Come on, crack this together, here, here. Get shoulder blades. Open that chest, Wayne. We need to isolate those ribs from the shoulder blades. (groans) Good, don't break your wrist left wrist is naughty.

Bend your knees. (pants) Good, bring your arms straight up to the shoulders. Bring them to the shoulders. Bring them to the shoulders. Bring them to the shoulders.

Gorgeous, and stretch your legs and keep them shoulder height. (groans) Neck back, chin back, chin back, chin back, and relax. Very good. Excellent. Couple is a diamond.

You're going to take the workshop next week? (objects clattering) Can you pull out that edge a bit going up front? (objects clattering) This' measured from there, you know, going up front. Remember to move that pillow so it's going to support your knee. (objects clattering) Lift the heel.

Much better, lean more forward. So you remember, we want that same pedal, right? And take your foot a little back. The standing leg, I'm on it so nothing's going to happen. Keep going.

That's it, now lift that heel up. Now I want you to think about that front split and how much you open, like this got all that stretch and nothing's going to move your box is going. Now, the reason why I'm doing this exercise is for your single leg pole. Do you know how the knee likes to go out to the side? Now I want you to imprint in your mind, your single leg pull and press up.

So this would be the leg reaching out, right? And then this is going to be the leg coming into your chest. Ribs in and come down. Control. Yeah.

Control. Yeah. So this is what you want to feel when you do that exercise and press up. Good. And pull it in and come down.

(pants) And lift up and come in. (sighs) You should lose weight (groans) and come down. You're doing great. You're doing great. And change that.

(pants) (objects knocking) Get up this time. Lean more forward, ribs in more open your chest and press up. Stretch this knee (groans) and come down, feel this ankle. Yeah. This has to come forward.

Yes. (pants) You see how developed that is? That should not be so developed. And press up. (pants) Put your weight right here, more, more, more.

(groans) You feel that? Yeah. Yup. (groans) And one more time. (breaths heavily) (groans) And beautiful, excellent.

Careful stepping off. Remember how you step off. (objects knocking) (pants) Good. Good. And guess what you get to do?

You're going to go over to here. You're going to have your feet against the bar bend your knees. You're going to roll back three times, bent knees. Today, you get to also roll black with straight legs. (footsteps pattering) (object scratching) The rollback bar, ah huh?

Knees. Feet here. (footsteps pattering) (objects clattering) (sighs) Bend your knees. Good, and you're just going to with bent knees. Just roll yourself down, all the way down.

Just roll. Good, open your chest. (groans) Good, head back find your chin. Bend three times to the chest all the way into the chest with arms elbows out and a little higher up on the chest elbows out and in, elbows out and in, straighten the arms. Keep pressure on the spring, that's it.

Head comes up. Find your gaze on the bar. Press down to roll up. Good, very good. Stay here, straighten your legs.

Same thing with straight legs. Open chest. (object knocking) Ah, ah, ah, you totally cheated. All right. You start leaning back with your upper body here.

Ribs, ah, ah, ribs, ribs. You feel that? That's what you need to do. Good. And bend your elbows, one, two, chin down, chin down.

My chin is down. Three, and four. Could be more, chin to your chest. Shoulder blades open, stretch those elbows. (pants) Stretch your arms, press down.

Find your chest expansion. Thank you. Now, roll down. Waist. More tummy, more tummy, more stomach.

Keep your shoulders down where they are, yes. Then lengthen your neck against the mat. Good, chin down more, there. That's what I wanted. And bend in one bend in two bend in three.

Open this and stay head comes up. There, feel that? This, this, this, this. (breathing heavily) And stretch forward all the way, stretch. Go and get the bar.

(groans) Get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it you have it. (groans) Excellent, good. Now you're going to lie around for your favorite exercise, breathing. (objects clattering) (clapping) Feet in here (footsteps pattering) (panting) (object scratching) heels together. (footsteps pattering) (object scratching) Lie down, grab the bar.

(object scratching) Inhale. Remember this exercise you're going to stretch those knees articulate like you do your pelvic lift push through the feet and bring the hands down as you inhale. Head stays down on the mat. Hold it, open that chest. Hold it, hold it.

Exhale, roll all the way down. Stretch your knees. Roll down. (footsteps pattering) God got me for that one. And again, inhale.

(breathing heavily) I didn't see an articulation, please start over. Inhale. (breathing deeply) Hold it. Stretch your knees. Stretch your knees.

Scoop your tummy. Open your chest. Now, push through your feet and roll down to do your pelvis. I want to see this length and ribs and come all the way back. You're going to hold for a count of eight today, ready?

Inhale, go up. (breathing deeply) Stretch the knees. Six, five, four, three, two, one, exhale. Eight, seven, six, five four, three, two and one, good. Take your weights over to the wall please and stand with your back against the wall.

(object scratching) So have your back (indistinct). (laughing) Move over a little bit you brat, right there, good. Now, have your heels together, your toes apart your feet forward so that your whole back can be flat. Open your chest. Good, bring your elbows here.

And we're going to open the door. I think it's my mom and in and stretch and in (groans) and stretch and in (groans) and stretch (groans) and in, good. Open that chest, ribs back (groans) and in. Now, bring your arms straight down palms there. Inhale, bring your arms up to the ceiling.

Actually might have to step this way so you don't bang it. Bend your knees, bend your knees. Inhale, bring the arms up to the ceiling. Stretch them up, all the way up, nothing moves. Come and get the ceiling, get the ceiling.

Get the ceiling, good. Bring down to the floor. Open the chest. At inhale, bring them up arches of the feet lift, stretch the elbows lift this here. (groans) Bring your feet closer together you look like a ballerina, and come down.

Lift right here. Good. And one more time, inhale (breathing heavily) and exhale. Good, now just do that, arms hang, peel down from the wall. Head goes down and roll down softly.

So, let your arms hang, let them hang. Stay, gently circle your arms. That's it. Let them really pull off of your... Oh, excuse me.

Hello? (phone audio) Yes, thank you. (phone audio) Yes, please, absolutely. Thank you. (phone audio) Thank you, have a great day, bye bye.

Bend those knees and now let them drip off your shoulders and roll slowly up. (footsteps pattering) Pull your stomach in with those knees soft so that you open the back. You articulate through you open everything. Give me the weights, press your hands against the wall. Open the chest.

As you step away from the wall, you leave the hands there just the little step. Press on the wall to open that chest. Stay there. Open your chest, open your chest, lengthen your neck keep this length and let your arms hang down. Excellent, good work, Mr. Nash, that was a toughie.


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