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Increasing Rotation

45 min - Class


You will find more rotation in your torso with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She starts with Wayne's regular repertoire, adding modifications when necessary to help his neck injury. She also continues to push him so that he can find his alignment and positions on his own.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Ped-O-Pul, Cadillac, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Wall, Pilates Pole

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Good girl. She's like, I can't be up by my father? It bothers me too much. (groaning) Wow. What?

It didn't hurt until I went to go down. Oh, boy. Okay. One second. We're gonna work on two springs today 'cause your neck.

Why does it hurt in certain ways but others it doesn't hurt at all? I don't know. I don't know what you did. I don't either. I know.

This one is straight back. Body looks good, though. Legs look good. Open the shoulder. Do you think we were, look, you're dressed in shorts and I'm covered head to toe in velour and fleece.

Nine, very good, last one, 10. Bend the knees in. Good. Second foot position, here we go. And arches, knees together.

Good. And we're not gonna use the pads today. We're gonna try to get you to hold it yourself. Yes. And wait one second.

This one's a little higher. There you go. Uh-huh, that's it, that's it. Just, yes. Very good, Wayne.

Press, two. Can you slide your feet down just a little bit more? A little bit. There you go. Excellent.

And press out and bend in. Good and two. Is it on two springs? Uh-huh. No, I want it on two 'cause your neck.

I don't feel the neck doing this. That's okay. Trust me. The whole idea is that you don't feel your neck. If I put too much weight on it, it can push in, if you don't have your stomach, it'll push into your shoulders, which will bother your neck.

My job is to make a safe, effective workout. You look good, though. You're using your stomach really well. You see, your ribs are softer. Very good.

Maybe someone punched me in them. I didn't punch you in them. I stood on them. Bend your knees in and bring your heels up. Flex your feet, toes back, toes back.

Yes, baby toes back more. No, this way, sweetie. Stop. There. Press back.

Wrap the outside of your legs. I'm gonna let go. You're gonna pull these back. No, this. I'm trying. I know.

That's it, press. Oo, I'm getting hot. (groaning loudly) It's under the lights. Good, bring those toes back. And we're gonna try your tendon stretch today without the board.

Has she got it? I think it's me. Doesn't say. Tendon stretch. Bend your knees in.

Go to the first position that we were in. Heels together, toes apart, lower the heels, lift the heels. There's a reason why you block it out. Beautiful. And press out.

Lift your heels together. Good. Lower and lift. And lower. Wayne, spectacular.

And lift, lower and lift. Do you remember when your ankle bones used to hit? I'm focusing on pressure on the outer-- Amazing, it's perfect. Lower. Lower.

And lift. Keep it here. Lower. Yes. And lift, excellent.

And lower and lift. Last one. Beautiful, lower and lift. We're not gonna do your hundred here today. Bend your knees in.

Because of your, I don't want you to hold the straps. So we're gonna actually come over to here and we're gonna do your leg springs. (springs rattling) Okay. If you could move those strength springs over here, please. The leg springs, move the leg springs.

These over to here. It's how we teach 'em names, make 'em move 'em. Good. And we're gonna do circles and frogs here. Okay?

So that your head is nice and flat. You can take your hands there. Good. Good. You don't need to slide.

No, no, no. You don't need to slide that far. Thumbs with your fingers. All you golfers like to do the same thing with your hands. Okay, heels together.

Hands up a little higher. That helps to get your ribs down. Push into your hands See how that drops your ribs? Good. And circle.

Down around and up, up, up, up, open. Down around and up. Lie down, Siren. Up, up, up, down around and up. Press the heels.

Good. Pull this in and up and in and up and in and up and in, reverse. And down and up and down and up and down and up. Last one, down and up. Bend the knees into the chest.

What happened to my feet? Do I need a foot fixer? And press out. Ribs, bend in and ribs. Not through the mouth, through the nose.

And in and stretch and in, soften, stretch. Yes, you felt that? That's where I want your ribs. And stretch. You see how much stronger your push is?

And stretch. Very good. Bend all the way. Okay, excellent. Stomach massage.

Okay, so today we're gonna try a little, well, you have the neck. We won't do it. Next time. Remember, you're on two. I want you on two.

Now if it bothers you to drop your head forward, don't drop your head forward. Keep your neck straight. Okay. I'm gonna try to ask you to do something today. Can you move your bottom closer to the edge?

A little more. Good. Now, lift your heels up. Good. What are the toes doing?

Perfect. You're perfect. Yep, press out. Where'd you find that, Siren? And in, good.

Can you drop the head or does that hurt? Nope. Good. And now, bend your elbows and pull your shoulders forward. As you go back, think of the roll up.

Right? So heels glued together. Think of the roll up. Yes. And then you're gonna stay out, lower the heels.

Oh! Lift the heels and bend the knees. Excellent. Press out, lower, lift and bend. Press out and lower and lift and bend. Press out and lower.

Beautiful. Take your hands back. Same thing. Now you're gonna open that chest, right? I want you to really push down and lift up your chest.

Good. And now take your tailbone under. Soft elbows. So the chest expansion, yes, good. And bend in.

Good. You could do it, if you want to, for all of them. Bend in, good. Can you lengthen your neck? There, there it is.

You feel that? Good. Any pain? No. Good, lift, very good.

And in and out. Let's say 27 is your number. Lift and in and stretch and lower. Look at those arches. And in, last one.

Stretch and lower and lift. One more time. You look so good. Give me one more. Stretch out, long neck and lift.

And very good. Reach forward to me. Stretch out, all the way, stretch out. Heels together. I'm slipping. Bend your knees, come in.

And just bring yourself forward on that pad a little. Good. Now, to not slip, pull your stomach in and move back with your stomach. Right. Now it's not slipping. There you go.

And bend in. You're just pushing with your legs a little. Come in, bend your knees, bend your knees. Heels up. Your pants are also not fabulous.

Yeah, sorry about that. And press out. That's okay. Just keep it, good and bend in. Exhale and relax.

Good, stretch out. Bend in, exhale and relax. Stretch out. Any pain in the neck? No.

Exhale and relax. Beautiful. Step off. Okay, we're gonna put your short box on. Yep, I'll get this.

You get that. Get that one. You're not gonna be going. Actually, you don't need it, Wayne. 'Cause you're not gonna go all the way back today because of your neck.

So you don't need it. Oh, it doesn't hurt to go back. Okay, how's your back feeling? My back's fine. Okay, okay.

I'll let you know if it does. Here, just put it right there. Perfect. Right here. Okay, good.

Feet underneath the strap. All the way in? Yep. Now we're gonna have your legs straight today. So flex your feet.

Pick up your bottom and move it back a little bit more. That's why we have that second box for you. There you go. And then just sit up as tall as you can. So sit up tall.

You feel that? Mm-hmm. Now, round back, roll back. I'm here so use me. Look at your tummy.

Low back, low back. Remember this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this. Yes, keep coming, I'm here. I'm here. Low back, low back, low back.

And round up and sit up tall. And again, lower stomach. Yeah. And round. Low back, low back, low back, low back, low back, low back, low back.

And over. And sit up tall. And again, low back, low back, low back, low back and curl over. Stretch over, touch your toes. Exhale.

Good. I'm gonna get you a pole and I want you to hold it today on the white tips. Lift straight up, lean forward, way forward, forward, forward, forward, forward. Hinge, this is the hinge. Remember the-- Yeah.

Yep and lift up and hinge back. Up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Excellent. Push through that bar. And return forward and push, push, push.

And again, push back, push on my hand, push on my hand, push a hand and come up. Push on my hand. Yes, one more time. Lift the back and push, push, push and forward and stretch down. Exhale.

Side to side. Lift up. And over. And up and over. And up and over.

And up and over. And up and over. And up. (groaning loudly) You're making noise and you're not even moving (chuckling)? Stretch.

Drop it, drop it, drop it, drop it, drop it, drop it. Good. Up nice and tall. Oh, we're color-coordinated today. Did you know that?

Did you match me? One more time. And stretch all the way down. Good, good. Take one leg out for your tree.

Lift that back up. So you remember your tree is about sitting upright? So I want you to sit your back upright. Lift your back and hug the leg underneath your thigh. Like rolling like a ball.

Can you bring it to your chest? Yep, bring the hip a little more forward. This one. And now, bring the knee to your chest as high as you can. Good.

Relax the leg. Good. Can you pull it into your chest more? Good. Up, up, up, up, up, up, up.

Excellent. And again. That doesn't feel very good. You feel it in your hip? Yeah.

Okay you're doing it with your leg. I actually want you to do it with your hands. I don't want you to lift your leg with your leg. I want you to use your arms and lift your leg. That's it.

You feel that? You might get a pinch in the hip but not a grab. Okay? Yeah. You feel a pinch or a grab?

Okay, take your hands on the front of your knee. Bend the knee and just use your hands. There. Now, lift your knee in. That's it.

And down. You should feel a little pinch in the hip. That's the stretch of it. But I don't want you to grab in your hip. There you go. That's it.

It's your single-leg pull. That's it, single-leg pull. That's it. Good. And single-leg pull.

Yes. That's it. And one more time, single-leg pull. Just take your hands behind your thigh now and do the same thing. Use your hands.

Yes, you feel that? Yeah. Good, single-leg pull. Yes, single-leg pull. Excellent, Wayne.

Other side. So if your hands are pulling, let your hands pull. Lift the back. Good. And hug it in and down.

And hug it in and down. Hug it in. Good. Take your hands on the front of the knee. Hug it in.

That was good. You feel that? Hug it in. Yes, hug it in. Good.

Take it underneath again. Just so that we're even on both sides. And hug. And hug. And hug.

And excellent. Step off. If you could put the box to the back. Carry it from both sides. Perfect, the handles.

Use your box to move the box. Not like the pole the other day in practice? No, (chuckling) not like the pole the other day. Okay. And elephant.

Hand, foot, hand, foot. He's superstitious, I know. You're funny today (chuckling). Flat foot. Good.

Heels down. Shift your weight as far back as you can. And don't move the carriage. Move your hips back. Move the hips back.

Move the hips back. Move the hips back. Wow. Lift your toes. Toes, toes, toes, toes, toes, toes, toes, toes.

Push back with the heels and pull it in. Push back, pull it in. Stretch those knees, young man. Push back. I want those legs both straight.

Push and in. Now, stay there. Bend your knees and stretch your legs as much as you can. And push on your hands so that your legs are really straight. Now, bring your hips back.

Pull your hips back. Pull your hips back. Pull your hips back. Bend your knees. Stretch.

Pull your hips back. Like you're sitting in spine stretch forward. You're almost able to do spine stretch. Look at that. And very good.

Lift your heels. Bring your knees down. That's me. No, that's you. Bring your feet back.

It's your bookie. And sit down on your heels. Now, pull this tummy in. Yes. This is where I want you.

I don't want you to go any different than here. Okay? And push back and in. Push two. Only the hips move.

Knees go back, tummy in. Think stomach massage. And stomach massage in and in and in and in. Don't go up and down. In and in and in and in.

Stay right there. Reverse the arch. Open your chest. Open. Do the chest expansion here.

Good and push. And one. Are you torturing everybody with that, Siren? And two and three and four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Good for today.

Round. And we're not gonna do single leg. We're gonna right to your double leg. But keep all those principles of your single leg. Lift up.

Yes and go. One, two, three, four, five, six. Come down. Yes, beautiful. Lie down to run.

Good. Gonna have your feet on the foot bar. Stomach up and in. And get onto the balls of your feet. And stretch out.

And run, knees to the ceiling. Lift and lower one. Good. Lift and lower two. Lift and lower three.

Lift and lower four. Lift a little faster. Up and down and up and down. Nothing moves. So now we're gonna challenge our pelvis not to move, right?

Lift stomach in. Think about your single-leg circles. Lift. And your single-leg pull. Lift.

Last one and lift. Bend your knees in. Very good. Wide position onto your arches. Just your tailbone comes up.

Press out. All the way straight. Come on, go, go, go, go, go. You have it. Press all the way.

All the way, all the way, all the way. Yes. And in and press. Scoop the stomach. And in and press.

Scoop the stomach and in and press. And in, two more, press and in. One more, press and beautiful. All the way in. You look great, Wayne.

Roll all the way down. Bring your legs in. Hug the legs in the chest. And you have your front splits. Okay?

Kneeling front split. How's the neck feel, besides getting up and down? It feels fine other than getting up and down. Good. Kneeling front splits.

I'm gonna have you hold your head for your roll up. And you're gonna do it with your head on the hump. I'm supposed to hold right leg firm and holding, right? Correct. But make sure that all your toes and your knees, bring this knee out a little bit more, that they line up with the hips.

That's it. And how are you gonna find it? In here. This comes in, in, in and up. It's that same knee stretch and single-leg pull entry.

Let your head drop, Hip down. Press this hip back. Yes, very good. Push back. And come in.

And push back, hips not the knee. Leave the knee back. Carriage goes back. Carriage goes in. Carriage goes back.

Carriage one more time. Carriage goes back. Last one. Carriage comes in. Now, drop your head, pull your tummy in and bring the foot into you to bring it down so that you're deep in your C-curve.

And then it's a circular action to bring it up. Head down. Bring the foot out a little bit more. Good. Bring this knee out a little bit more.

Yes, good. Head down, hip down. Press, nope, pelvis forward. Press the carriage back and in. Press the carriage two.

I'm moving it with my groin. This hip moves it back. This hip brings it forward. But your body stays the same. That's it, body stays the same.

Yes. And very good. Come off same way. And you're gonna lie down. But instead of being underneath the strap, babe, I want you to lie with your head on here, on the mat.

Your head's gonna be up here. Should I cross-over right? You know what, just get down how you can with your neck today. Okay, slide yourself back a little more, a little more, 'cause I want your head on there. Yes.

So how's that feel there? Good, right? Yes. Okay, so you're gonna bend your knees into your chest. Reach your arms overhead.

And extend your legs and arms into your hundred position. Keep your head where it is. Palms face down and pump. Inhale, two. Hands higher than the legs.

Exhale, two. Can you anchor your stomach more? Now, stretch your knees and lower your legs. That's it. Pull the tummy in.

Inhale. Stretch your knees. Pull the stomach back. Imagine I'm standing on your tummy. I'm gonna let go.

You're gonna hold it. Inhale, three, four, five, exhale. Stretch the knees. Two, three. Now, are you able to lift your head or no?

Take your hand behind your head to lift it. Does it hurt? No. Good. Inhale, two.

I didn't think so from there. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three. Hands a little higher.

Two, three. Stretch the knees. Exhale, two, three. Two more. Inhale, two, three, four, five.

Exhale, two, three, four, five. Lie all the way down. Good. Take your left hand behind your head. Take your right hand up.

Legs together. What is this all of a sudden? You taking somewhere else? Now, can you roll up (chuckling)? It's European. Yes, it is.

It's the European. It is, I understand. Does that hurt your neck? No. Good.

And stretch over. And roll down. And change your hands. Good. And roll up.

And over. I was getting nervous. And roll down. And you feel what I'm doing with my hands on your legs? That's what you want to be able to do.

And press. Good. Stretch the knees and keep stretching the knees. Yes, yes, that was beautiful. And one more time, each side.

Any pain in the neck? (chuckling) I'm a little nervous. And stretch. Roll down. And one more time.

Now, that was even, right? You're even? Now, what I want you to do is you're gonna take your hands. You're gonna push and slide yourself so that you can lengthen. I wanted you to slide your head so you didn't have to hold it.

Good. Elbows open. Press your elbows towards the mat. Yes. Really open those elbows up.

Bring the right leg in and stretch it up. And then just grab it with your hands with a bent knee. Let go. Grab your leg, bend your knee. And I want you to start hugging it here to start, from now on.

One, two, three. Now, stretch the leg and stretch it from here. One, two, three. Chin down, reach back. Good.

You know, I don't think your neck ever wants to go like that again. Reach your arms back. Good. Grab your handles. Any pain in the neck?

Yeah. Where? When you lift your arms up? When the leg's up. Okay, bend the knee in.

Still? Yeah, 'cause I'm on a decline. Okay, so put your head up, back on the thing. Use your hands on your head. Okay, good.

So we'll just work up here for now. And bend your knee in and stretch it up. You already did your stretch. And circle. Stretch the knee.

Now, really focus on your pelvis, okay? Two, stretch your knee. Three, stretch your knee. Fix your wrists. Four, down, down.

Reverse, one. That way. Two. Three. Good.

And four. Bend your knees in, bring it down. Bend the other leg in. Take your hands and stretch it. Good.

Take your hands a little wider on your poles because you're in. There you go. And stretch it up. Very good. And circle one.

Don't move your hips. Circle two. Pull this in. Circle three. Pull this in.

Circle four and five. Very good. And one, two, three, four and five. Bend your knee in. Good.

Let go with your hands. We're gonna leave out your rolling like a ball, today, because of your neck. We'll do it later. We'll do it somewhere else. Nope, you can't.

Bend your knees into your chest. Hold your hands here. You're gonna do a single-leg pull with your head where it is. If you feel like you can lift it, lift it. If not, don't.

Hug one. Hug two. Knee goes right to your ear. Three. Don't let it go out to the side.

Four. Yes. Don't let it go to the side. Don't let it go to the side. Six. Come on.

Seven, last one. Yes. Bend both knees in. Hug your ankles, your heels. Good.

And stretch out. Good. Press your hands here. They don't just die. Press and bend in.

Hold your ankles. Good. And push the tummy in and press and bend in. Good. Push your tummy in and stretch.

Bend in. Push the tummy in. Let go. I'm gonna circle. This is for your rolling like a ball.

A little spinal massage. Good. Any pain? Where's it hurt? Is your neck okay? Uh-huh.

Deep stretch and beautiful. Feet down. Now you're gonna take your hand behind your head to get you to sit up. Okay, okay? Yeah.

Excellent. And you're gonna come over to here. And for your spine stretch forward, you're gonna have your feet on your blocks here. I'm sorry? You're gonna have your feet on here.

On the box? Face this way. Good. You're gonna take your hands onto here. Good.

And you're gonna only sit up straight. And push the bar down with your elbows bent. And then straighten your arms down there and that's it. And push to sit straight. Good.

And then bend your elbows. How's that on the neck? Fine. And press it up. So you still feel it in your stomach, right?

So this is for your spine stretch forward, today, 'cause I don't want you to drop your head. Bend, press. Excellent. Bend and in. Stretch up.

Watch the wrists. And bend and press. And then two more. And in. Good.

And bend and in. Very good, good. So come over here. And you're gonna stand with your neck against here. Okay, you're gonna have your heels up and your back long on here.

Knees bent? Knees are bent. It's so that your whole back don't tuck yourself. You wanna bend your knees so the whole spine can be on here. And you're just gonna bring your arms straight down.

Nothing moves. And then you're gonna bring your arms to the 45. Nothing moves, okay? How are you feeling, okay? Yeah.

Any pain? No. Heels up and heels together. That's it. Separate the balls of your feet more.

So it's that Pilate stance, right. Good and bend your knees so that you can get your whole back on there. So see how this, right, bend your knees a little more so we can get this rib on. Good. And your neck is back.

Beautiful. And press right down. Try not to break your wrists. Hold, two, three, four, five. Reach down and come up.

And reach up and open to the 45. Long wrists. And press down. Grow tall. How's this on the neck?

Good. Any pain? Reach down to come up. And press down. Good.

And come up. And last one, press down. Excellent. And come up. Bend your elbows.

And step away. Wayne, if you could sit over the Cadillac, please. And just move the zebra out a little bit so that you can sit with your legs at 90 degrees. Just let me get rid of this. Nice line. We gave it to him.

Did you? Is that what we wanted to do? I'm just amazed. Yep. Wasn't like our life, huh (laughing)?

Take your feet a little more forward. Yeah, but look at the life we have now. My fingers? They slide too much. We got to get you some compression shorts.

Now take it wide. Do you remember the first time you did this in Florida? Open even wider. Good. Hold it with your fists.

Excellent. Push the bar forward, like you're doing the roll up. And lift all the way up. And reach behind you. Go ahead, you got it.

You got it. You got it. And lift it and bring it forward and down. Good. I actually want you to stand.

You'll have more mobility. Are you ready to stand with it? Uh-huh. So good. Let's step off.

I just want to make sure that you didn't use your pelvis and you didn't. Now, the whole thing is to get that, remember, we talked about that shoulder disengaging? Reaching it forward and keeping it disengaged to reach it back. Okay? So reach forward.

Now, disengage. No, more. Really reach it forward, like you're doing, there. You feel that? Now keep reaching it.

Keep reaching it. Reach back, reach back, reach back, reach back. Excellent. Push out that way and come up. Good, just lengthen your head up a tiny bit more.

Can you bring your head back? Good. Inhale, come up. Reach forward. Exhale, go back, go back.

Shoulder blades come together. Good. And lift up and come down. Excellent. And again, reach forward, lift up.

As you come, you're just like a shoulder roll. Bring the shoulders together, together, together, together. Lift all the way up and come down. Bring your hands in a little bit. Good.

And reach forward. Lift up. Open and reach back. Stretch the left hand up, stretch the left hand up. And good.

And bring it forward and down. Lift up. Siren, leave her alone. Lift up. Stretch and lift.

Siren, go get a ball. And stretch back, stretch back. Yes. You feel that? Beautiful.

And down. And one more time. Reach forward. Go lie down. Go lie down.

And stretch. Reach out and up. Squeeze here, squeeze here, squeeze here, squeeze here, squeeze here. Now, stay up there. Reach up tall.

Stretch over to the right. Good. Anything in the neck? No. Good.

And lift up. Stretch over to the left. Siren! Good. And up. Straighten this wrist, straighten this wrist.

Both wrists, straighten them. Watch this. Things are getting excited because of hormones. So, relax. Go lay down. Lie down.

Come on, go lie down. Downstairs. Go, go, go, go downstairs. Good girl. Now watch your wrists.

Think of your golf swing. Right? You don't want to break that wrist, right? Straight wrist for your golf. That's it.

Straight wrist. Very good. Excellent. Stretch over to the right side. Long neck.

Yes. And up, stretch over to the left. And up, over to the right. Very good, wrists look amazing. And up, over to the left.

And bring your arms down. Lift your arms shoulder height. Same thing? Yep. Same thing just shoulder height.

Now draw your shoulder blades together. Keep them together and see how this bar isn't straight? Keep it parallel to the floor. And don't move your hips and twist to the right. Turn your head.

Right, it doesn't hurt to turn your head, right? And come to center. And twist to the left. Now keep your head in the center of the bar. Don't move.

So you're doing arms. Keep your head in the center of the bar, okay? So that's it. There. See the difference in the rotation?

Yeah. Gorgeous. Hello, look how much more rotation you have. And twist the other way. Good ribs, ribs, ribs.

Look at your rotation. And twist, ribs, ribs, ribs. Yes. And one more time. You're doing amazing.

That's a gorgeous rotation. Can you believe you're twisting that much? And twist, twist, ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs. And very good. Relax.

Excellent, Wayne. Good. You're just gonna walk over to the wall over there, our wall space here. And you're gonna have your legs against the wall. Heels against the wall, back against the wall, neck against the wall.

Good. And now, move your feet forward only as much as you need to get your back fully on the wall. And bend your knees. Bend the knees. Heels together.

Good. Bend your knees. Now press your arms back. Open the chest. Hold it.

More chest. There. Inhale, bring your arms forward. Exhale, stretch them and try to touch the back of your palm, back your hands to the wall. You may not.

I don't care. Stretch the arms, stretch them, stretch, stretch them. Good. Bring them forward. And then open the chest.

Press the outer edge of the shoulders. Good. Pull the tummy in. Soft ribs. How's the neck, okay?

Any pain? Any pain in the neck? You need to talk to me. Stretch your elbows. Stretch your elbows.

Stretch your hands and press and grow tall. Open your chest. Good. Lift your arches on your feet. Not your heels, your arches.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. Reach down. Keep the wrists straight, keep the wrists straight, keep the wrists straight. Pull the left hip back into the wall. Yes.

And come down. Bring your hands against the wall. Listen to my words. Walk your feet back. Press on the wall with your hands.

Keep your hands on the wall. Step forward with your right foot and left foot. Body comes off the wall. Hands come down by your side. Bring your shoulders up, together and down.

Relax. Two, together and down. Three, relax your face. Reverse it. Bring your shoulders up, together, down.

Two and down. And three and relax. Good work, Wayne.


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Great class, but the dogs were the highlight. I love Pilates dogs!
Devra- So thrilled you are enjoying the RAW experience!!!!!!! and YES Pilates Dogs make the studio a home!
Wayne’s groans make this the most entertaining class I’ve done for a long time!
amazing, thanks.

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