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Rolling the Shoulders Open

45 min - Class


Focus on maintaining an open shoulder position with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She flows through Wayne's practice on the Reformer, Ladder Barrel, and Cadillac, reminding him where he can open his chest when needed. She finishes the class with standing exercises using Hand Weights so he can find strength with his improved shoulder mobility.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Baby Arc, Wall, Triadball, Hand Weights (2), Pilates Pole

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(exhales sharply) What she's saying is heels up. (Kathryn laughs) Weight on the outside of the foot. It's tough to get my weight on the outside of my foot. So, it's that this is lifted, And you're gonna bring them as close as you can. There you go, yeah, that's it.

(exhales sharply) Good. (groans) Do you know what I want to do with you right now? Your leg alignment is changing. I actually want you, go like this, but don't let this touch. Okay.

Turn it out, stop. So, the same position that you were working. Now, put it a little more outside, outside. Well it is already outside. Knees in a little, there, that's it.

Stretch up, that's it, feel that? ( Wayne groaning) Six. Seven. Eight. Nine.

10. Down. Up. (groans) Six. Seven.

Eight. Nine. 10. Foot bar down. Handles.

Bend your knees in. Grab your handles. Grab the handles. Arms up. (exhales sharply) 100.

Yes, no, no, no. Roll up, roll up, roll up. (groans) Good, pump. One, two. Inhale.

Two, three, four, five, exhale. Three, four, five. You can lower little lower, lower, lower lower. Hold, hold, hold. Lift, lift, lift, lift.

Hold, hold, hold, hold. Lower, lower, lower, lower. Hold, hold, hold, hold. Lift, lift, lift, lift. Bend all the way in.

Come over here, please. And you're gonna do your leg springs. Okay. Your circles and frogs over here. Now stretch your arms.

Good, very good. (exhales sharply) Press up. Circle, open, turn around and together good, up. My neck. Yeah, it's gonna be harder, cause I'm holding your ribs.

(exhales sharply) Reverse. (exhales sharply) Good frogs. (exhales sharply) (groans) Now stretch your legs out and just right there just beat your legs together. Good. Three, four.

When the heels touch, press, press, press press. Good press and not to rotate in and out. So you're gonna work that inner thigh, feel that. Four, five. Nine, 10.

Bend your knees and good. Let's hop off. We're gonna go for stomach massage. Three times. Four.

Right. You're good. And let's go, out. Heels up, find that same, very good. And stretch.

(groans) And in. And two, good. And in, and three. And in, four heels. Press those heels.

Five, in. Six, in. Very good. Seven, in. Eight.

Good, take one off, take your hands back. Keep that up. Hands back. Stay. Good.

(groans) Two. Three. Four. Five, Six. Seven.

Eight. (groans) Nine. (groans) Oh, I'm on my pants. 10. Good.

11 more? No, we're not doing that today. Take one spring off. We're gonna do it elsewhere. Heels up, stretch up, good.

Bend your knees. (groans) Stretch out, bend. (groans) Good, now stretch out. Twist this hand and reach back. Stretch your knees, don't let your knees change.

Look at your feet. Look at your feet and come in. Just like on your ladder. Bend your knees please. Grow your heels together.

Stretch out. Now twist and don't move your legs. Stretch this knee. Stretch it. Stop, come back in.

It's not about the twist Wayne, it's about not moving. Bend your knees, bend your knees. Stretch out, grow your legs. Now twist and don't let them bend. Don't let them.

I need that connection for your 100th... (groans) That's it, and come in. So that when your arms move in your hundred, up and down, you don't sacrifice the pelvis. Just there. Stretch this knee, see how it's bending, stretches knee.

(groans) Keep the heel up, stretch the knee. Stretch the knee. There, that's it. And now come in. (groans) And reach up and stretch through your heels.

Stretch the knee. Don't let it change. Don't let it change. Don't let it change. (groans) That's plenty.

And one more time, now this is your naughty side. So really, that's it. Glue your heels. Lift your stomach. Good, good, good, good.

Stretch this knee. Stretch the knee. More stretch this knee. Thank you. And come in With the stomach, that's it.

Make space. Your key is always gonna be to lift your tummy. Good, hop up. You're gonna actually come down like this again today. I wanna work on a little different party.

I wanna get your rib cage. So you're gonna roll back. Made sure the ribs stay on here. Don't let them grow out like this. Keep the ribs on.

Okay? So lift up the stomach. That that's what I was able to. Yep. And that'll help your swinging off.

Which is the most important thing. It is. These here. Separate your legs. Feet to the right.

Separate your legs. Separate your legs, wider. Good, now go down deep right there. Now hug. And I want your whole back on here.

Don't talk. Where's your tailbone? There, now roll back. (groans) Ribs on. Ribs on.

Ribs on. Ribs on and come up. (groans) And again, ribs on, rips on, ribs on. Ribs on and go up. And again, ribs.

Trying to get his upper back a little more open. So his ribs are staying on his hundredth. (groans) Good. Straighten yourself up a little bit more. Good, take the hands behind your head.

Lift up nice and tall, lean forward. Very nice, very nice. Hinge back. Don't round lift, press through your head. Press through your head.

Press through and return. And again, lift up. Pull this in, soften this. Pull this in, soften this and return. Again, pull your head up with your hands, there.

Now keep pulling up. Keep pulling up. Keep pulling up. (groans) And stretch forward. (groans) Good.

We're gonna turn sideways, you're gonna put one foot on top, one foot on bottom. Hand behind your head. Open those elbows. (groans) Pull on your neck. (groans) Reach over.

Rib in. (groans) And up, come in. And out. (groans) Good and face the other right. Hip forward.

Hand behinds the head. Open the elbows. Bend this knee. I'm sorry, yes. Very good.

(groans) And stretch over. (groans) And over. Good. And over, over. Over very good.

Go back to the first position. Knees bend for your twist. Bend your knees. Hands behind your head. Open your elbows, just lift up tall.

And twist. And center. (groans) And twist. (groans) And center. And twist (groans) And center and twist.

(groans) Good. You're gonna get on the other side of the ladder and you can do your lower and lift your foot there. Do you remember that exercise? It's like your front splits. Right here?

No, no, no, no. You're gonna face me, put your foot up. Excellent. Look how high you are. Take your hands forward.

Good. Drop your head down. Good, stretch the leg out. (groans) Good. And come in, good.

Drop your head in and go out. I'm gonna let go of the barrel. You're gonna not let it move, okay? (groans) And come in. Don't let it move out.

And out. And in. (groans) Good, now when you come in, lift your chest up and open your chest, roll your shoulders back, good. And now go back down, scoop your stomach. Think about the first stomach massage.

Yeah. First stomach massage. And come in and open the chest. Open the chest. (groans) And one more time.

Stretch, hit back. Come on, stretch. And in, open your chest. Your way, just take this foot when you come and bring it down around. Cause I want you to get your low on there.

Stretch the leg fully. Good, drop that hip. (groans) See how you're on the inside of your foot. Drop the heel. (groans) Lift the heel, bend the knee.

(groans) Let's see how your torque there. Yeah, I'm trying. I know, there. That's it now stretch, perfect. Very good.

Very good. You feel how that lined up? Yeah. That's gorgeous. Oh my God, so good.

Lower the heel. Lower the heel. (groans) Yes, lift the heel. Yes, come in. Good. good, good, good, good.

One more, that's so good. You're totally lined up. And press out. Lower the heel. (groans) Lift the heel, very good.

And bend in, excellent, other side. Up top first. Head goes down, stretch. (groans) (groans) Again, how is it? (groans) Once you find it, you know what you're looking for?

Now lift the head up. No, no, no, remember as you come in, lift your chest. Sorry, I shouldn't have said chest, hip. Hip down, hip down. Good and come in.

(groans) Good, take your foot down. Take this foot back tiny bit. That's it, a little more. And stretch out. (groans) With the heel.

Lift the heel. (groans) and come in. (breathes deeply) And stretch out. (groans) Pull the hip back. Hip back.

Good, lower the heel. (groans) Lower the heel, come in. (breathes deeply) There. Press out. Here you go, there you are.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Good. (groans) That's what you wanna feel.

Yeah. Good, very good. (groans) And come in. Let's come to your elephant, Wayne. That was really hard, yeah?

Yeah, it was really lovely. Really, really lovely. Thank you. So I want you to pop up on your elephant. Remember not to pull the bar.

Flat feet. Now, lift your toes up and I want you to put on your toe corrector. And I want you to engage when I get hit on engage your toe corrector. So lift your toes up and yes. (groans) And bend your knees and press through here and stretch your legs.

Find that lineup. No, don't push out yet. Find lining up. Find that press, yes. Now, very good.

Keep that and push back. (groans) Engage at sprain. Yeah. And two, yes. (groans) And engage the sprain.

And three. (groans) Yes engage the sprain. Four, (groans) Engage, five. (groans) And very good. Lift your knees, bring your knees down to the mat.

The heels come up. Oh the handles is off. No, I know, we were constant. You're actually we're doing really well. You filled your left ribs very well.

Head down, now find that connection here with the knees bent. It's gonna be a little harder. Good. And go ahead. And in one, in two, in three, in four, very good, five six, seven, eight, nine, and excellent, reverse the arch, very nice.

Roll those shoulders open like we learned and press one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, very good. 10. Bring the front foot forward please. Rounded in, head down, knee off. Scoop the stomach.

And press one, good tailbone under. Other side. Fix this foot. Right and have the knee line up. Out, out, out, yeah, good.

(groans) And find that alignment. Head down. Those ribs, pull those up. Pull the ribs up. Pull the ribs up, come down, very good.

Okay, sit back on your heels, head down. The knees come. (groans) Good, push out. Don't arch one, two. (breathes deeply) Ready?

So it's knees up? No, stop. Round ribs in. (groans) First stomach massage position. That see how if you lift your head, it hurts your ribs.

Yes. Two, under crawl under. Two Two. Humping dog, three. You know what that looks like and come down.

Very good. Good, add two springs. Lie down to run. Excellent, excellent. Now try to find that lineup, as you run.

Heels a little more to, separate your toes please. Separate the boss of your feet. Have your heels towards each other. That's it. And run.

Very good. And lift, find that lineup. Find, (groans) That's it. Find the position. Good, your left leg is finding it.

(groans) Find the right leg. Don't drop that heel so far. Good. (groans) (groans) (groans) And excellent. Lie all the way down.

Good, wide position. Tail bone up and roll out. So while I'm moving reformer, you're gonna put the foot fixer on, for 50 sets of your 100 over there on the mat. Last one, and good. Actually stand up here and you're gonna take your bar and you're gonna stand facing that way.

Facing where? Facing here. And you're gonna take it wide. And do you remember in the very beginning, eons ago you're gonna hold it straight, wrist heels together, toes apart. Rule your shoulders open.

Yes, not so wide, no ballot, perfect. And you're gonna reach it up, step away from the Cadillac, so you don't run into it. Outer edge the feet. And you're gonna lift the bar forward. And up and open your chest and bring it back.

Yes, good. Bar even, and bring it up to the ceiling. Hold it with your pinkies and bring it back forward. (groans) And again. Hit up.

And stretch it. And bring it back and down. Open your chest and inhale. Bring it up and stretch it. (groans) And come up.

(groans) And down one more time. Reach up and stretch it. (groans) Bring it up, (groans) and down, very good. Lie down, put your foot fixer on. Good, that's it.

Lie all the way down. Bend your knees into your chest. Keep that position your feet. Now stretch the top of the foot, squinting it. This way.

There. And keep the heels together. Lift your arms up. Good stretch. Straight back with your arms.

Take a nice tip. Not light, straight back straight back, straight back. Stretch your right elbow. Yes. Good, right from here.

Head, hands and feet, go into the 100 position. Press into it. Excellent. And pump and inhale. Two, three, four, five, exhale, pull the ribs back.

Good. Inhale, pull this back. Three, four, five, exhale. Two, three, roll up a little more. That's if it doesn't make you want to throw up you're not the right position.

Two, three, four, five, inhale. Two, three, four, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Lie all the way down. You're gonna sit up and just put your feet under the strap with the foot fixer. Lie down.

Good. Your bar's right by the right side. Nail to roll up. Exhale, over head down. Roll back and all the way down.

Good. Inhale up. (inhales deeply) Ribs in. Woopsy. (groans) Roll down.

Inhale up. Arms a little closer Wayne, a more, that's it. Roll up, ribs back. Good, roll back down. Ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs in.

See that's your neck. Very good Wayne. One more time. Yes. Good job.

(groans) and roll back down. Ribs in, ribs in, there. Neck. (groans) Excellent. I'm gonna take the bags, you're gonna let go of the pole.

And you're gonna bend the right leg in and hug it. And stretch up, and circle. Where are the hands? Oh shit. That's okay.

Thing moves, I see a lot of wobbling. And reverse your circle. Only five in each region. (groans) Good. And bend the knee and hug it and change other leg.

Good. Now keep that hip down, stretch that bottom leg. Good, so I really want it to be about this leg. Elbows and circle one, two, ribs three, neck four, leg, five reverse. Pull the tummy in, so nothing moves.

Two, three, four, and five. Bend the knees all the way in. Sit up for rolling like a ball. Hold on on the ankles. You know what I wanna give you a Wayne?

I think it's gonna help you. Good, perfect. They're gonna stick together aren't they? No, they go apart. Remember they always echo what your knees are doing.

Head down and dive into your tummy, good. Hold your legs. If you have to hold up a little higher, hold up a little higher, but I want you to hold your legs. Can you put your hands in front? Can you take it lower?

Yes, now pull them in. Yes, and now pull them in. What happened to my foot fixer? Yes, that's it. Normally I'm not gonna worry, but because your alignment of your leg is so important to everything.

I'm pushing you a little harder, okay? Roll back, press in, yes. Roll back, press in. You see how nice you roll now? Press in, it opens up your back, very good.

Lie down, single leg pull but that was really nice. And let's go and pull one, two, come on. Single leg pull. Bend your knees in. One leg goes out.

That's it. Yes, and pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Really? Pull it. Just like you're rolling.

Like a ball. Pull it, pull it. Make your feet look the same. Pull it. Pull it, pull it, pull it.

Yes, heels together. Just like you're rolling like a ball. Toes apart, bend in. Double leg. Bend your knees in.

Relax your head a second. Single goes into double. What you do with one, you do with two, ready? This rolling like a ball position, right? Double leg ball.

Ready? Head up. Take your hands lower. Hug it, pull it, stretch it, yes. Keep your back where it is.

Stretch out your arms. Exhale, grab the legs, pull it in. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, (inhales deeply) Exhale, excellent, excellent. Pull it in, in, in.

Reach. (inhales deeply) Pull it in, in, in. Reach. (inhales deeply) Pull it in, in, in, reach. Pull it in, in, in bend all the way in.

Sit up legs on the corner of the mat for spine forward. I think you're ready to roll the ball with your legs straight and up. Good. And push the ball forward. Lift the ribs.

Go ahead. (groans) And bring the ball back. And then lift your arms to me, sweetie. Good, lift up, up, up, exhale (exhales sharply) Exhale. (exhales sharply) And roll the ball.

Lift up tall. And bring it back. (groans) And lift up. Yes. Yes.

(groans) Yes. Yes. That's your double leg pull feeling right there. (groans) Hands down again. How are the hips?

Over. Anything? Nope. Excellent. (groans) Stay, one, two, three release.

Again, one, two, three release drop the head. And one, yes, there you go. Roll it back, lift up your arms. Now as I lift your arms, you stretch your legs. Push with your heels (groans) and relax.

Again push with your heels. You do that part I don't. Put how the hips up. Up, up, up, two more. Push with your heels.

Excellent, last one. Push with your heels, relax, very good. Okay, so Wayne, you remember chest expansion? You're gonna come over here and you're going to stand facing this bar. And you're gonna reach your heels at the Joe's bar and your hands are gonna be here.

Step up to the pedal pole, heels out make those feet nice and alive, yes. Bring your left foot out a tiny bit. Press down. Open the chest, squeeze the shoulder plates. Squeeze the shoulder plates together, together, together.

Very good. And come back up, exhale. Very nice, that's where the work is. That was really good. Most people fall over the first time.

Inhale, press down, now shoulder blades together. Open that chest, Joe Pilates. Crack that Walnut right here. Hold it. Hold it.

Hold it and come back, good. And again, nice deep inhale. Stretch those arms, open it. Shoulders, more, shoulders. This, there, my knee and your back for stomach massage.

Good and come back. Now remember when I lifted your arms and I put my knee? That's what I want you to find. Knee in the back, ribs in and go. Knee in the back.

Yes, gorgeous. You look like Joe himself. Hold it but much taller and much more handsome. And come forward. And one more time after this.

And press, press, press. And return. Good turn face the other way, put your back against here. Heels up and against the back, good. Excellent, reach forward.

Good. Soften your knees so that your whole back is on there. That's it. Now bring your head back to the pole. Yes.

(groans) So, I want everything on here, and you're gonna press your arms straight down. (groans) Grow tall. (groans) Crack that Walnut. (groans) And then bring it back up with control. (groans) Good, and again, press down.

(groans) Shoulders, shoulders, shoulders. Don't break your wrists. (groans) Knuckles down, yes. And come up. (groans) One more time, bring them down.

Open here. (groans) Good, right from there with that chest open, bend your elbow for tricep press. Bend, don't let them come in. Just bend, don't break your wrist. Look at all the accommodations.

And now press down, yes. And bend. And press down. (groans) And bend. And press down.

(groans) Very good. Excellent baby, if you could do me a favor and grab the zebra. Bring it to the mat. Okay. Actually let's do your pelvis.

So you're gonna have your lie over the top. I have to move you. Yeah, that's right. You're gonna sit right here, hold on to the handles and I want you to push to articulate. So roll your shoulders onto the mat, hugging the barrel.

Hold the flat ones. Yeah. And the barrel to use. Use the barrel, that's it. Use the barrel, soften your pelvis a bit.

(groans) Oh, you got an adjustment. (groans) Elbows right here, good. Bend your knees into your chest. One at a time, very good. Extend them up to the ceiling.

Good. You're gonna keep everything on here. Bring the legs down. Circle, open, open, pull the tummy in and out. Now open and in and out.

Open and in yes. (groans) Open, down and up. Open, down and up. Open, down and reverse. Down, open, up.

Down, open, up. Down, open, up. Down, open, up, one leg reaches down. Pull the tummy in and reached up. Now, did you hear that little pop.

(groans) Okay, anchor the opposite hip. So lower this one for now and anchor this hip. So it comes, don't lose your pelvis. Anchor this hip. (groans) Feel that, and then come up.

It's like your leg circles. Now anchor this. (groans) Good, no Popsy. (groans) And come up. Anchor this hip.

(groans) And pull the tummy in, come up. Anchor this hip, pull it in. Pull it in. Bend your knees into your chest. Good, you're gonna roll over to the right side.

Keep the shoulder down. Come to center. Roll to the left side, don't turn your head please. And center. Again, roll to the right.

The hip rolls over the shoulders stays where it is. (groans) Good. Roll to the left, anchor the shoulder. Open your chest more. There, roll to the right.

And roll to the left. Good. (groans) Push the barrel away. Slide your back body down. It's okay.

I can see right there. Just grab a set of green weights please. Good. Heels together, toes apart, bring your feet forward. Soften your knees so your back is on there.

Good. Inhale, bring your weights up. One at a time? Everything. Bend your knees a little more, sweetie.

It'll help get your ribs on. There you go. Yes, and inhale, bring your weights up. (groans) And exhale, bring them down. Good.

And inhale, bring them up. Very good. And exhale, bring them down. And inhale, bring them up. Now this time, I want you to circle the arms around.

Press down, grow tall. Don't change the knees. And bring your weights down. Okay, inhale, bring them up. Open, grow tall, grow tall, grow tall and bring them together.

Good, touch them. Press them together as you go up. Press them. Press them. Press them.

Good, open, press down, grow tall. Let your arms hang. Only bring your head forward. Up and over, not straight down, up and over. So the ribs peak go up.

Oh my God, yes. Yep. So as the head goes, this goes up, yes. And then as this comes down, this goes up more. Keep those knees bent.

And this was, this comes up more. Let the arms hang. And this was let them hang, let them hang all the way down. All the way down, roll down more. Let your arms hang.

Keep rolling. Keep rolling. Right there, stop. Pull this into the wall more, yes. And roll back up.

Roll back up. Reluctantly with the rest of the body. This pulls in, pulls in, pulls up. Open your chest. (groans) Good, turn your feet parallel.

Walk your feet out to me. Little wider with your stance. Good whole foot down, look at those beautiful arches. Slide down for a squat and lift your arms, shoulder height. Where's your chest?

Open your chest. Good, slide a little lower. Hold it. Bring it to the shoulders back here. (groans) Drawing chest expansion.

That's it. Don't let the arms go wider. Stretch your arms. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Hold it.

Hold it. Chin down. Lengthen, yes. Yes. And then press into the wall, open the chest and stretch up.

Good, and again. Squat down. (exhales sharply) One day we build to a seven minute squat. Slide, straight wrists. Good, slide down more, more, more.

I'll tell you when to stop. More, more, there. And squeeze my hand, hold. Two, open the shoulders. Three, hold my hands.

Press, press, press, press it. That's it. Hold, hold, hold. Press yourself, slide all the way up. Good, keep your weights.

Pressure arms back. Step your body away, foot, foot. Leave your arms back there. Palms up, pulse back one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Let your arms go down.

Lift your arms up. Press down, use the weights. Oh, sorry. Step to the left and lift your arms up. Open, raise your head.

Press grow. Not so far, sweetie. Right here, see where I am? Press, grow, out here. Press, grow.

Ribs in, ribs in, ribs in, ribs in. And again. Yes, long neck. Press, grow. Ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs, neck, ribs, neck.

Yes, one more time. Inhale up. Lift up higher. You can lift your arms higher. You have it, you have it, yes, go up there.

Go up there, go up there. Very good Wayne. Open and press. Excellent, good work. I gotta keep the ribs.

Yeah. Soft. Yes. I'm always like this. Well right.

And then what happens? Is your head, right? Like this and then. No, but you, can I tell you Wayne? So many pieces are dropping in place today.


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its so good to see when he say A~~~~~~ 
Red foot straps really help.

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