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Cementing The Structure

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Join Misty Lynne for the fourth class in Fortify The Mat where she'll teach you how to stabilize your joints to strengthen your movement! You'll wrap, spiral, and lengthen your muscles to find elastic strength to get that perfect combination of strength and length. Meet us on that Mat and let's move!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Welcome! Today we're cementing the structure. So I have my lovely foam roller here. I'm gonna use it when I can use it and comfortably. And if I'm not feeling good about it, I'm gonna push it out of the way. And that's what I invite you guys to do as well.

It's time to get started. So, we're coming down on all fours just to get everything warmed up and ready for our morning. My elbows are straight in my fingertips and thumb tips are pressing into the roller. I'm rotating my armpits forward and I'm broadening my back. It's already work here.

And I'm gonna start from my tail and roll up into a cat position, letting my neck just extend along with me, not forcing it down. Then I'm gonna extend into my cow. And again, just warming up. Don't think of overworking this warmup, just allow it to get everything moving. Scooping.

Now I'm holding this scoop and I'm gonna start from my tail. Tail goes back, I'm extending, rolling, keeping my chest presenting forward. And then to reverse it, I'm gonna start from my crown of my head, rolling up through my spine, pubic bone comes forward, and then I'm gonna do one more here. Tail lengthening, reaching long, keeping my fingers connected all the way up into my armpits. Reversing, crown of my head, scooping, rolling into my rounded shape and then coming back to neutral here.

Scapular pushups are next. So I'm drawing my blades together, and then I'm pushing them apart. Now be aware of the bulldog, my friends. None of this business, not super pretty. Instead as I'm pulling my blades together, I'm making sure that I'm anchoring through my palms and keeping my upper arm rotated in my shoulder joint.

We'll do three more here, and make sure to breathe because breathing is fundamental. And one more, up, taking a stretch here. While we're here, I'd like for you to just make fists and then knock your knuckles down toward the floor, and then back up to release the wrists. This is just once again, a stretch to release the wrists. And we'll come back up for one more here.

One more set of scapular pushups. So blades are coming together and apart. Now widen your shoulder blades here. As they're drawing back together, try not to let them shrug. Three more, blades draw together, blades push apart.

Two more. And we've got one more here. Blades, and come down onto your forearms. For this leg slide, we're gonna bring the palms of our hands together rotating the armpits forward and keeping the back flat. Make sure your knees are hip width or a hair narrower.

And we'll slide the leg back along the floor and lift it up. Stay tuned in to your upper body. Bring the arm back down and drag it in. That's the leg, not the arm. Other legs slides back from my underbutt, I'm lifting my leg up.

So my low back is not coming to the party here. I'm lengthening, reach through your big toe, bring the leg back down, draw it in. And don't forget about your breath. Reaching up, leg comes back down, leg comes back in, stretching it back just a transition to get back down to our backs. Take your roller and just place it somewhere out of your way.

I'm gonna lay down here. Legs are long. Attach the inner heels together, draw your inner sitz bones together lightly, arms will be in by your sides and we're going right to the hundred. Nodding, curling up, reaching long and now pumping your arms. Inhale, keeping the heels on the floor for the first 10, and then we're gonna lift to hover.

And exhaling. Now lift some more, blow. Are you hugging your inner thighs together? Inner sitz bones together, inner heels together if they touch, exhale. Now we're lowering, inhale, and exhale.

Three more sets, and blow. And two more sets. Keep reaching long across your back and through your toes. Exhale four, three, two, hold it, hold it, lowering all the way down. Arms come up.

For our first few roll-ups, we're going to use circular arms. We'll circle around, scoop curl, reach up and over your legs. How hollow can you get your belly? As you scoop and roll back, bring the arms back with you, and they return. Again, inhale to open curl, stretch, hugging the legs together, but not aggressively so.

Hollowing back. Let's do one more like this, and then we're gonna add on. Opening the wide, nodding the chins to the chest, take your time. We're peeling each bone up one at a time, not cramping them all together as we move. Now, we're going to go the picture frame variation.

Nod the chin to the chest here, keep the arms framing the head as you curl up, and stretch over with a round spine. Now start from your naval, hollowing back, keep the arms framing the head. Check in with those legs, don't let them go to sleep. Again, nodding the chin to the chest, head is framed by the arms, stretching Wong up and over, and then exhale rolling back. Just one more of those.

Again, nodding, curling, up an over, stretch long. While we're here, we're gonna flex and point the ankles five times, and wrists. And three, hollowing your belly with each action. This is just a way of warming up the lower limb here. Hold, inhale.

And now we're exhaling and hollowing a way to come back down. And hold it here. In our prior workout, when we did the rollover, we brought the roller under our pelvises for a little bit of an assist. Do that if you need some assistance on the rollover. Arms are down by your sides.

For our first rollover, we're going to roll up, and over. Tap your toes to the floor if you can reach it. If not, just come to a comfortable height, separate flex and then roll all the way down, taking the time to give each vertebra it's due. One more like this, and we're gonna add on, believe it or not. Up and over separate and flex.

Keep stretching through your sit, through your heels, through your armpits and across your back to come down. Now we're gonna add a little bit of a short spine variation to this. So we're rolling up and over, hold, bending your knees, stay. Articulating down through the spine. And I'm going slowly, you don't have to go that slowly, but I love it because it feels so good.

Then I'm reversing back up and over, I'm extending and pointing, and I'm rolling back down. Try to keep your head heavy by keeping your armpits rotated forward. And again, we stoop curl up and over, find the floor if you can, bend the knees, slowly articulating back, down to the mat, and we have one more. Up and over, Find the floor, tap, bend, articulating down. And as soon as your tailbone hits the mat, reverse it.

Up and over, momentum at a minimum please. Stretch, hug inner thighs together, and come on down slowly. Take your time. Take your time. Once you get down, bring your feet to the mat width, and we're just gonna do a quad stretch here.

Hip stretch, quad stretch, prepping for single leg circles. Go the other way, stretch. I'm pressing my hip up and this heel is back so I can get into the belly of my quadricep here. One more each direction, push, lift, stretch, and last way. Push, lift, give yourself a little extra if you need to.

Come back to the center single leg circles are next. My one leg is gonna go straight, my other leg will go up. And then because I love to add an extra challenge, I'm gonna curl up to my shoulder points here. My free leg is gonna hover, and I'm gonna make five small circles in each direction. Trying to keep my floating leg as still as possible, and then reverse.

Five, gaze is staying on my low toes. Three, two, and one. Hold, lower down. Flex the ankle here. Climb a tree is next.

So stretching through nodding the chin to your chest. Now walk up the leg, get to your foot or wherever you can reach comfortably and bow over your free leg. Now from here, pull the knee into the armpit, taking a little bit of a hip stretch here, stretch the leg away, sit tall and slide down the leg. We'll do that one more time on this slide. Nodding, walking up the leg, finding the foot, bowing.

So it's not down, it's up and over with the spine. Spine shape like macaroni, pull the knee and flexing the foot, point the leg stretch, connect to the back body and roll all the way down, sliding down the leg. Second side. Pulling the knee in and then taking the leg up, hands come behind the head we curl up to the shoulder points and we float the free leg. Single leg circles, five times, not forgetting to keep the back of the leg turned on.

One, and then reverse. Think of the connection at the inner sitz bones, they're drawing in toward each other, but not aggressively so. And one, and we lower back down, give the leg a little bit of traction toward you. Time to climb the tree, nod the chin to the chest, walk up the leg, find the heal or whatever it is you can reach, stretch up and over the legs. Pull the knee into the chest, stretch it away.

Deepen your scoop. Roll back down, sliding down the leg. One more just this, nod, scoop, climb the leg all the way up round, hold it here, stretch, bend it in, stretch it away. We have to finish it, so roll all the way back down, and we'll do a nice, slow roll up to sit up. Let's count to eight, here we go.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. And now we're gonna go in for the roll up. Rolling like a ball I have rolling on my mind today. Today's variation is gonna be the pinky variation. So, hanging onto the outer blade of the foot or your pinky toe or both if you can reach them, find your balance here and hold.

Affix the heels together and rotate your armpits forward, here we go. Inhale back, exhale up, hold your balance. So my energy is going out into my toes, wo-hoo! Hard to do it and talk. My energy is going out through my heels, and through my armpits at the same time. So it's oppositional.

I inhale back, I exhale, roll up and I balance. Three more. Woo! Up and hold. Two more. And here's my last one.

Hold it, stay. Left hand comes to the right knee and the right hand is gonna stay outside of the right ankle and lower back for single leg stretch. We're gonna do one rep here. Switch, hold. Now for double leg stretch, both hands come behind the head, the legs are gonna dip down toward the floor out, up and pull in.

Single straight leg stretch, double straight leg lowers, and then criss-cross. So this is the single rep of each one, coming back to the center, one, and in and dip out. And reach one and in and reach up. One, and in both legs up, down. Up here, one and criss-cross.

Look over the elbow, and pull it back in. One more set here. Inhale, exhale. Double-dipping out and up and in. Single leg stretching, single, and single both legs go up, lower and lift criss-cross.

Look and look, return to the center and lower it down. Big X stretch here. Heels are reaching past the ends of the mat, arms are reaching away, twist your hips in each direction. Enjoy the stretch. We'll bring the legs all the way together, arms come up, nod the chin to the chest, and taking your time into your roll up.

Stretch long over your legs, and bring it in. Standard spine stretch forward. Arms are gonna reach long here, take a big breath in, nodding your chin to your chest curling up and over, your belly is deep, and then rolling back up. Find the wrap of your thigh bones here sitting tall. Again, curling up and over.

Push your imaginary dinner tray away from you as you're pulling your abdominals away, scooping and hollowing and rolling up. One more like this, nod, scoop, curl and reach. Hold it here, reach for the sole of the feet, take a flat back stretch here. And now you'll push your right heel forward, and then you'll switch to push your left heel forward. One more each leg, right, and then left.

Returning to the center, ankles are flexed and we'll go into a rowing series here. So starting from the sternum, rotating your armpits forward, find the wrap of your sitz bones, stretch long through your knees, big breath in here, exhale. From the tail, channel your inner baby shrimp as you scoop your pelvis under. From here, push your arms wide. From your middle back, stretch the arms back behind you, clasp, reach up and over your thighs.

Butterfly, the arms go up and around and you'll reach past your pinkies, not to them, but reach beyond. Roll up, knuckles come together and scoop. While you're scooping here, look at your feet. Your ankles should be flat like you're standing on the soles of your feet and not curved like your ankles are broken. Up and over clasp, reach up long.

Draw the heels of the hands together, butterfly up and around, reach past your toes. We've got one more here and then we're adding on. Scooping, rolling back, reach the arms wide, keep reaching. Back, up, over stretch and lift away from your pubic bone. Butterfly, up and around, reach, roll up.

Now we'll go to 90 degrees here. We'll hinge back flat. How far can you go? How far can you reach? Palms are facing the back wall.

Hinged forward, then round. Palms drag the floor, again, clasping, stretching. Reach up and over, pass the toes, roll up to 90 degrees. Hinge here, reach long, flat back forward, and then round. Now, if you can't get the heels, the hands together, that's okay, just reach up, keep the hands apart.

Butterfly up and around, stretch, roll up. How about one more here? Flat back hinge, reach, stretch, nice and long spine, round over, palm slide along the floor, clasp if you can. Lift the breastbone up in a way, bending up over, grab the feet for stretch, and now slow it down just a little bit for open leg rocker. We're gonna prep this just in case we're not warm enough to do it.

So, I'm grasping inside of the ankles, and I'm reaching one leg long, and I'm bending and the other legs. So let's talk about where this reach is coming from. I'm extending both through my inner and outer thigh, I'm not thinking about just locking my knee out there, instead, I'm really focused on keeping my belly hollow and reaching from my inner and outer thigh all the way down to the ankles. Now, both ankles are gonna reach up, hold, resist as you curl in. Keep thinking, am I drawing my belly in and up, or have I forgotten I have a belly?

And again, stretching up, and bending, stretching up and holding, and now resist to bring the legs together. Hold, and open. Inner thighs are drawing my legs together, outer thighs are pushing my legs apart. So it's not just about my arms, I'm connected the whole way down. Hold, here adjust your grip if your hands are slipping, open leg rocker, off we go, inhaling back, exhaling to roll up and stay.

Hold your balance. Again, scoop, back, up and hold. Keep the connection strong between your hands and your legs. Inhaling back, exhaling up and balancing. And here's your last one, back, exhale up, hold.

Leg come together, hold. Find your balance, hold. Wiggle your toes, no tension. Rolling back down. Corkscrew time.

Find the connection, inner thighs all the way through your inner heels, wrap your sit. Legs come up and over. And if you're comfortable, you'll pike up here. Roll down the right side of your spine, circle the legs around to the right, over to the left. Go over and pike, roll down.

Over, around and over pike up. Remember in your corkscrew, you wanna try to keep the backs of the shoulders on the mat. The minute they lift, you run the potential of ending up into your neck. Hold it here. We're slowly gonna bring the arms overhead and rock up to sit up.

And now we'll do a saw Basic regular saw, stretching through the heels, pulling the toes back. We're gonna inhale, rotate, exhale saw off the pinky toe, reaching for the back corner of the room. Grow through the spine and come through the center, rotate the other way, scoop and saw. Up and twist. I'm hollowing as I'm reaching.

I'm not bouncing, I'm deepening into each reach a little bit more. And up, center. Bring the legs together. Now you need to collect your roller once again, and we'll lay on our bellies. Okay.

This is this little swan variation that I like to do. Because it really, really makes me think about, what are my arms doing in the swan. So here I am, my legs are long, I'm reaching, not just out through the heel, but through the inner thigh as well. Few scapular glides to begin, I'm shrugging and depressing. I'm breathing.

And now I'm gonna inhale, exhale, lengthen up into my swan, keeping my palms rotated to face down. As I'm coming back down, I'm thinking of getting my lower front ribs to the mat, my breastbone to the mat, and then my head comes down. Let's do that again. Lengthening, lifting, opening my chest without shrugging my shoulders, fingertips and thumbs are connected to the roller. Coming back down, keeping my gaze on the horizon, keeping energy through the backs of my legs, but not squeezing my bum like I'm trying to make diamonds back there.

Keep your cheeks fairly free, but participating lightly. Am rolling down. Now we're going to add on if you're ready. We're going to go swan to sphinx, that means I'm limping and lifting up into my swan, and then I'm bending my elbows and extending. And again, to my gaze stays forward, my breastbone stays lofty, not dumping toward the floor, and then I'm rolling back down.

I wanna do one more set of that, please. Inhaling and then exhaling then come the rest of the way up. Keeping my fingertips connected, keeping my armpits rotated forward. Two more, woo! My triceps are burning, my armpits are burning, which makes me happy. And then I'm lowering back down.

Push your roller away, come onto your forearms for single leg kicks. You can either do the fist hold or you can go to parallel. Whichever you do, make sure that you're not shrimping in the shoulders, feeder only hip width. Start with one foot, give it a double kick and stretch. Points, flex, stretch.

Finding the connection at the back of the leg so the quadricep can get its release. And stretch. Three more. Gaze is on the horizon, not at your fists. Last one, stretch it away, push back, take a quick child's pose.

And here, you're gonna wag your tail. Just a little bit of a stretch here as you're wagging. And while we're at it, we're gonna stretch the shoulder. So you'll rotate, hold. Pushing a little bit of pressure into your bottom arm, let your chest rotate open just a little bit.

Feel the back of the shoulder, get a release here, return to your child's pose, arms extended, and then go the other way. Pushing into the back of the arm, let the rotation deepen. See if the rotation is coming from your waist or if it's just coming from your neck. Come back to the center. We'll take a big breath in here and then take your time slowly rolling up.

Back onto your bellies please. We're gonna start with the hands under the shoulders for extension with lap poles here. Legs are long, energized, but not SpongeBob, do not square your butt. Butt does not square here, it's just lightly engaged. We're gonna inhale and lift the upper body.

Exhale, reach the arms long three lap poles here. And as I'm pulling, I'm not initiating from my elbows, I'm initiating from my armpits. Reach, circle the arms, lift the legs, lengthen. Hold, gaze is on the horizon, lower back down. Two more sets.

Lifting, reaching, pulling and two, and one. Reach, lengthen and hold and lower back down. One more, lift, reach we pull. As you reach, keep your gaze on the horizon. Two and one.

Reach, circle, lift and lengthen, hold, and let's lower it right down, and flip onto your side please. So now we're on the dreaded sideline series. We're gonna start with the top hand, palm down, bottom hand is palm up. We're gonna start back here in this clam position. Top knee down, heels are a fixed, bottom foot is floating and rotate and squeeze.

So, I'm actively working in both directions. As I'm lifting the knee, I'm actually rotating the thighbone in the hip joint not just picking the knee up. And let's do two more. Rotate and stretch. Last one, pulling down from the inner thigh, hold.

Now we're gonna reverse this clam. Foot goes up and back and for. Three more like this. Now are you maintaining your space between your waist and the mat? Two more.

And let's just do one more here, your bottom leg is heavy to the mat like an anchor. Hold this position, affix the heels, give it a little bit of squeeze and see if you can find connectivity on both legs. Good. Both legs are gonna come down to straight, double leg lifts here, we're going up and down. In your double leg lifts, you're finding your connection at your sitz bones.

If you want to add a challenge, your top arm can go up to the ceiling, you're pushing it forward like you're pushing into a wall. And one, woo! And back down and hold. Now from here, the top arm will come back down. Flex you're standing ankle and foot, bicycle is next. The leg will sweep forward, bend, pressed to the wall behind you.

And again, the idea is that, while there may be a little bit of a movement in your torso for the back, one more in this direction, bring the heels together and reverse. The idea is that we're not rocking so far forward and back that we're not paying attention to our stabilizers. Three more. Think of dragging the heel in and then reaching it forward. Two more.

Curl, pull the leg forward. And one more, curl, bring the leg forward, heels come together. Banana time. Draw your sitz bones together. Top arm, you have a few options, you can leave it here, or come down by your side, we're lifting up, and we're coming back down.

If you turn the head changing the focal point as you go up and down, the exercise gets harder. And let's do one more here, banana up and back down. And now from here, bring both arms overhead, press your ankles together, flex your feet like you're standing on them, find your inner sitz bones, lift up and hold, find your balance. Use your inner thighs, outer thighs both legs are up, two, one on your belly is for beats. I'm gonna be lifted here today, armpits rotated forward, legs are lifting up and out of the hip joint, and I am beading.

Even though my heels are knocking, I'm not thinking about this being a heel knocking exercise. I'm trying to clap my inner thighs together like I've got little symbols on them and I'm making a lot of noise. And hold here. Second side. In the start position don't forget, drawing your sitz bones together, bending the knees, the bottom foot is lifted, finding your hips stacked on one another, top arm's either pointed forward or lifting up and we're gonna rotate open.

Five more here. Remember this shoulder, no hunchback. Keep the rotation in the armpit, keep it narrow here at the waist. One more, good. Now we'll bring the knee down, reverse your clam.

So my femur's rolling in for this reverse clam position, which my femur doesn't like to do, which is exactly why I need to do it. And I'm doing two more here without letting my waist sag. And one more, curl and good. Take both legs long. Standing in your feet, bottom leg is a kickstand, top leg is hip height and we'll go into our bicycle.

Leg sweeps forward, bends, stretches back. Stand on your front hand. Forward, bend, press. Three more here before we reverse. And have you forgotten about your inner thigh?

I may be saying this because I forgot about my inner thigh. Heels come together and then we reverse. Leg goes back, I'm drawing the heel into my sit, knee comes forward and I push through the heel. As I'm pushing through the heel, I'm thinking of pushing through my inner ankle bone as well, so I'm keeping nice balance in both the inside and the outside of the leg. One more here, back, sweep in, stretch and bring the heels together.

Legs are long. Think the heels in line with the sitz bone. And once again, top arm can either be in front of you or reaching long side-bending, up, holding your position. Two more like this. Try to keep the top leg reaching away as you come up.

So we're not hiking the top leg to create this C curve. Again, you're curling up, banana banana, hold it, stand in your feet, find your inner sitz bones, find your length here, come back down. And now look, both arms are overhead, time for that banana. Full banana, we're lifting, we're reaching up. Wo-hoo! We're trying to keep the hips stacked, it's a little bit harder in this position.

Bottom arm is floating, and then bring it back down. We're gonna flip on the back really quick here. And once again, like we did earlier, just take a few hip rolls to release the low back and the flanks here. And then after this, we're going into something fun. I think it's fun anyway.

We're gonna do leg poles, I mean, knee stretches on the foam roller. So you have options here, you can either be up on the hands or down on the forearms. They're both challenging for different reasons, but we're gonna do eight of these. Hands are beneath the shoulders, knees are going to float up. So if this is challenging, just get up here and do your hover and stay.

But if not, let's go. One and two, three. And as you're going out and in, think of what it is that's pulling the legs in. The idea is that it's not momentum, it's core engagement. Come down, take a quick stretch off of your wrists.

Come forward, make knuckles, make fists and then stretch forward over your knuckles. That's enough rest. We're gonna come back up, this time we're gonna do an oblique version. So come up and hold, armpits are rotated forward, we're pulling one side and then the other. The head can turn, but we're twisting at the waist.

We're not leaning. Four more. Exhale. Two more. Last one, and come on down.

Please place your roller out of the way for safety. I'm gonna come onto the backs, oh, sorry seated for the neck pull. Now, before we go into the full neck pull, I just wanna review a couple of things. Ankle are flexed. When you're hinging back, you're keeping the ribs collected, not arching and looking at the ceiling.

You go as far as you can go and then you let the belly hollow. So I'd like for you to start with the hand stacked on the forehead, it's a little bit harder, but it eliminates cheating. So take a big breath in, rotate your armpits forward. Exhale, don't move. (exhales) Now, inhale. Let the head chase the hands on the curling up.

Round spine to go over, inhale to sit tall, hinge with connected ribs, exhale, scoop, hollow your belly all the way back down. We find the floor. And again, from here, we're inhaling the curl up, head chases the hands, round spine on your exhalation. Stacking up as we inhale, keep the stack, keep the stack exhale, scoop. Gaze stays on the horizon all the way down.

Two more. Chin to the chest, inhaling up, standing on your feet, exhaling over. Inhale, stack up and hinge, keep inhaling, keep inhaling, exhale, scoop. Round your spine, all the way over, and now we're curling up again. Inhaling on the up, keep inhaling, exhale over round.

Sitting tall, fingertips to the breastbone for spine twist. Rotate a little bit more, a little bit more returning center. My navel is steering me, not my shoulders, not my eyeballs. Again, so you can exhale or inhale into the twist, but no matter what, your feet are flat as if you're standing on them. Keep your weight over your sitz bones, one more each way.

Twist, give me more, give me more. And last one, we twist, a little bit more, little bit more come center, grab your roller. And we're going back down on our backs again, our roller will be underneath our feet, and our knees will be bent. Generally speaking, you want your arches on the roller, arms will be down by your sides and let's make fists here. A good deep knee bend but not too deep here.

Now, big breath. When you're ready, you'll peel off of the floor, vertebra by vertebra to go up. Lift and hold, and then we're rolling down, keeping the forefoot gently curled over your roller. And that's gonna look different on each of us. So just recognize that you may not be as curled as you wanna be, but we don't want any foot cramps here, either.

Rolling back down, starting from your breastbone, now we're gonna add on big breath, and then curling up, holding up, staying up, lifting and extend your leg up to the ceiling. Hip stay up as you lower and lift, three, lower and lift two, lower and lift one. Bend the knee in, place the foot down. No rest for the wicked, other leg comes in and up. Leg lowers and lifts.

Hip bones are squared to the ceiling here. Armpits are long and shoulders are wide. Bend, foot goes down. Take a slow roll to the mat. Extend your legs long.

Someone mentioned teaser, so we're gonna do the teaser here. Arms are up. You can either go to open hands or fists but make the hands if they're open strong and intentional. Take a big breath in here, node the chin to the chest, exhale. We're gonna lift the right leg up into our teaser.

Coming up, up, up, up, sitting tall, rolling back down. Left leg, chin to the chest, scooping and curling up, and back down. Both legs, you can either leave the legs hip width or fix the heels. Again, chin to the chest, once you see your toes, everything comes up. Holding it here, hold your balance, hold your balance.

Slowly rolling back down. I think we should do one more. Nodding the chin, curling up, I see my toes, so they're gonna come up with me, up, up, up. And slowly rolling back down, keep those knees straightened from the backs of the legs, coming down and now sitting up. Just a pelvic press variation with the rollers.

I like you to bring the heels together, affix the inner heels, if they don't touch that's okay. Inner knees works for me. Fingertips are gonna point east to west. Shoulders are down and wide, let's take a big breath in. On the exhale, we're gonna hollow through the abdominals, lift up.

Gaze is straight away, not up to the sky, and then we're gonna slowly roll back down. Spine is long here. And then again, exhale, scooping, rolling, lifting up, chest is broad and slowly rolling back down. Remember your armpits. Your armpits are rotated forward, your sitz bones are drawing together, we're lifting up, and we're slowly rolling back down.

Roller can go away. And now we're gonna side sit. Legs are gonna be a little bit extended, heels are gonna be in line with your sitz bones, a prep for mermaid here. We're gonna wrap your free arm around your waist. Starting with the pelvic lift, pushing the hips up and forward looking over the shoulder, finding your inner sitz bones, and roll back down.

One more like this and then we're adding on. Keeping the shoulder down, lifting up, my armpit is spinning forward toward the camera, I'm looking over my shoulder and coming down. Now, if that was enough for you, stay there. do that again. If you want more of a challenge, you can either keep the feet stacked or bring the foot in front.

This free arm is gonna reach away, you're gonna look at it like you're saying, come-hither, come-hither, and fun me, it's hot. Here we go. My armpit is rotated forward, I'm gonna push up into my mermaid position here. Lifting my hips, lowering my hips to neutral. Ooh, past the neutral, maybe.

Open the arm, look at my back hand. If I'm standing on my feet, that's a little bit easier than if I'm wobbling about, rolling back down. Second side. Standing into my armpit, rotating my elbow pit forward. Knees are bend, heels are in line with my sitz bones.

My arm is raft. From here, lifting, rotating, using my fingertips on my bottom hand, so not taking so much of this into my wrist. Slowly rolling back down, looking at my toes, wrapping my thigh bones, drawing my sitz bones together. Think of connecting them as they come up, and then back down. Choose your poison for the former maid here.

Arms reach long, and here we go. We're going up. Find your side plank here. Push up in your rainbow stretch, stretch, stretch. Bring it back down, arm goes up, and then rotate twist.

This is my weaker wrist so I have to work really hard not to splatter. Whew, made it. Now I'm coming all the way back down. And we'll go into the sealed here. Find your scoop, find your engagement and clap the feet together three times.

But hold it before we go anywhere, make sure your core is hollow here and your back isn't flat. Clap, one, two, three, and back. One, two, three, up in balance. And if you're using your breath in your hollow core and your arms and legs in opposition, it's easier to get up. Just a few things to think about.

Up, two more, and on the last one when standing. Scoop, clap, clap, clap to your feet into your plant. Ta-da. So we'll come to the back edge of your mat, and we'll end with a push-up variation. Inner heels are going to be together for the first one, hugging and finding your wrap, rotate your armpits forward as you nod your chin to your chest, curling up and over.

The nice round spine, think of draping over a laundry line, but not leaning back into your heels. Find the floor. You get four steps with your hands to get out into your plank. One, two, three, I'm here. Three pushups, three.

Keep your fingertips active. Two and one. Hold here. Stretch the heels to the floor, lengthen your spine, walk your hands back. Find that place where your weight is balanced over the forefoot and the heels, spreading your toes, wrapping your thigh bones, rolling up, up, up, up, up.

We're not done. Feet are gonna go to parallel and they may be a little bit wider than hip width, maybe. We take a big breath, nod the chin to the chest, curling up and over with a round spine. Now, four steps again, walk out into your plank. Three, two, one, hold.

Make sure you're centered. We're gonna lift the right hand which means we're gonna have to really make sure the right sitz bone and foot are grounded. Lift and reach, put it down. Other arm, lift and reach, put it down. From here, scoop your belly, drop your heels, stretch, crow your fingertips, run your heels and walk back in.

Make sure you're not leaning behind the heels here. And again, we're rolling up, up, up. We're doing that one more time to make it count guys. Curling up and over, round spine, head is heavy, shoulders are quiet, find the floor, four steps out, hold. Starting by lifting the left hand.

Keep your hips square to the floor, keep length through both legs. Other hand. Hold, and down. Scoop, curl your fingers, run your feet out, walk your hands back. Big breath in, make it a good one.

And then as you exhale, slowly roll up, starting from your low core, finding your wrap, standing tall, keep your arches domed and your toes heavy, arms come down. And we made it, again. Thank you for joining me today for cementing the structure with fortify the mat with Misty Lynne.

Fortify the Mat: with Misty Lynne Cauthen


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Unfortunately I couldn’t made it yesterday for the live class. So I was anxious for the replay today. And I am not disappointed! It was fabulous!!! You teach me so many great things (that I thought I knew by heart) in so many new and highly efficient ways!!! So, thank you very much! Love your classes!!! Except Teaser lol!!!
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Good Solid Class. Nice mix of strength and lengthening. I wore 5 lb leg weights which worked for me. I had fun, got a good workout, and feel much better. Thanks Again Misty Lynne:) 
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Excellent class. Thank you Misty Lynne!
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Beware the bulldog!  Loved it.  Scapulae get lots of attention in this terrific class for building strength, and especially confidence, in the scapular/superficial movers.  Pick this class for some leavening moves with the shoulders that will have you moving with renewed faith in all the planks.
Lina S
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Great class! Excellent sequencing of moves. What would you suggest to someone who hasn't a foam roller? I mean what would you suggest to class participants who are not sure to buy a foam roller? Thank you in advance for your answer and thank you for this fun class!
Thanks Misty! My shoulders and core needed these connections with the foam roller! Love your sense of humor!
Suzanne V
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Super cours, cependant j'ai une petite question : pourquoi les poings sont fermés plutôt que travailler avec les doigts allongés; avec l'âge les doigts ont tendance à se recroqueviller ( je pense aux personnes qui ont de l'arthrose...)
Merci, bonne journée
Un bonjour de Belgique
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Fun, solid movement session.  Great cueing and options.  Love your style and passion!!  Thank you!
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Love your cueing! thank you for the great class.
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Wonderful flow and great cueing! Thanks very much Misty Lynne:)
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