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Now that your Mat work is strong, centered, and focused, it’s time to step it up in the fifth class of Fortify The Mat with Misty Lynne! You’ll tune out the props and turn up the tempo using just the push and pull of your body! This full body Mat workout is all about getting yourself moving with the information you’ve learned in the previous classes. Join us on the Mat and let’s get to work!
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Welcome, welcome to Fortify the Mat with Misty Lynne. We are going props-free today. So let's get started here on our mat with standing roll downs. I like to start with the arms down but feel free to reach for the sky if that's where we are. Give me a nice rotation of your armpits forward, feel the attachment from your heels all the way up through your pubic bone and take a big breath in.

Nod the chin to the chest. Exhale and we're only gonna curl forward enough to curl over our waist here. Let the shoulders relax. Take a big breath in and then roll it back up on your exhalation. Find the connection of your smile lines and your sitz bones in the back.

Here we go, curling up and over. Spread the toes, dome the arches, roll back up. Now we're gonna go a little farther here. Chin to the chest, rolling up and over, take it down maybe two thirds of the way over. Take a big breath in and as you roll back up, I want you to think of your tailbone descending as your abdominals are drawing in and up.

Stack each vertebra, one on the next and here we go again. Same place. Hold your scoop here. Keep working on your attachments as you breathe in, widening your rib cage and exhale. Two more breaths here, widening and narrowing.

And we'll do one more big breath. And then we'll exhale. Scoop, let the weight descend through the heels and through the balls of the feet as we come all the way up. Now we're taking it to the floor. Inhaling and exhaling.

Curling up and over, take a big stretch forward here, finding the floor. Let your head hang, let your shoulders release. From here, palms to the mat if you can. If not, palms go to the ankle and we're just gonna slowly lift the heels up and then slowly let them sink down. Relaxing your head weight.

Two more like this, keeping your connection. Drawing your sitz bones together and last one, lifting the heels up. Lowering the heels down, bending your knees as if you're sitting into a chair. Round spine, let the shoulders relax. Stretching up and over, we do two more here.

Exhaling to bend and inhaling to stretch. And last one, we bend. Now as you stretch, feel the connections inner ankle bones. Inner knees, inner thighs, inner sitz bones. Here we'll walk it out to a plank position.

And we're holding, rotate your armpits forward. Feel your abdominals drawing up into your back and we'll take a big breath in through the nose and blow. Two sniffs. Two blows. Three more, inhale, two, three, and exhale, two, one, and four.

Blow. Keep the armpits rotating forward as you breathe for five and exhale for five and slowly bending, lowering down. And here we are on our bellies. Palms are gonna go behind, neck is long on spine. Rotating, rolling the shoulders.

I'm thinking of my gaze going long and away, not to the ceiling. Ribcage is broad and then lowering back down. And one more, let the shoulders round, then lengthen and lift up. Reach long through your fingertips. Reach long through your legs.

And come back down. And press back for child's pose, take a little bit of a stretch here. Really rounding your back as you roll up. And bring your legs forward. Your feet are going to plant flat.

Hands at the outsides of the knees here, you're sitting up nice and tall. Breastbone is over the pubic bone. Big breath in. Now, starting at your lower abdominals, exhale, scoop and roll back. Keep your gaze on your horizon here.

Hold it right here. Big breath in, give a little bit of pressure into the legs with the hands, into the hands with the legs. And we roll back up. Three more like this. Exhale, starting from the abdominals, scooping, rolling back.

Hold. Inhale, exhale, blow, curling up. Once again, think of not how low can you go? But how much you can look like macaroni with your spine. Big breath in and exhale, blow deep in your core as you come all the way up.

Last one, we take a big breath in. Exhale, scooping, rolling back, hanging out. Stay. Reach the arms long, let's make fists here. Take a big breath in, exhale, lift the right leg up to chair position and lower.

And lift. So rather than just kicking the leg up, see if you can deepen to lift and lower. And again, lift. Armpits remain rotated forward. One more each leg.

And lift. Lower, take a big breath in as you curl forward just an inch. And exhale, lower back an inch. Three more. Now remember, we're just warming up guys.

So don't set yourselves on fire quite yet. Just let yourself develop a nice, good, deep connection throughout your body. One more up, up, up. Stay, big breath in. And now exhale, take it down to the floor.

I'm gonna scoot down just a little bit here. And my arms are gonna come down by my sides. Palms rotated in and I'm making my fists. Legs long here. Time to go for it.

The hundred, big breath, curling up, reaching long. Checking with your toes, no gripping. Pump your arms from here. Inhale. And exhale.

Float the legs up just a little, standing in your sitz bones, standing into your feet. Lift the legs a little. Exhale and keep lifting. How connected are you to your back body? This is 50.

Exhale, let's bring it down a little bit. And blow, feel your connections from your armpits through your low core, all the way down into your belly. And last one, exhale four, three, two, one and hold. Lower back down, take a big stretch here. Let your ribs lift is the last time you get to do this for a little bit.

Pull your ribs down as your arms float up, the roll up, nodding the chin to your chest, come all the way up. Stretching long over your legs and scooping and rolling all the way back down. My energy is moving in opposition. Arms come overhead and again, nod, curl, roll. Up and over and exhale, hollowing your belly as you go back down to the mat.

Now we're going to incorporate the roll over with the roll up. So I'm scooping, I'm curling up and over, reaching long through my legs, long through my spine. Scooping back. Arms come down by your sides as your legs come up. Slowly roll up and over, find the floor here.

Separate the feet, stretch through your heels. Now as you roll down, you're standing into your arms. Keep that opposition going. Legs come together, legs point as the arms come up. Nod your chin to your chest, rolling all the way up and over.

Big stretch, hollowing the roll back. Now remember, if this isn't accessible to you, you can break it down or you can just stick with your roll over. I mean your roll up. But there's no point in hurting yourself on the first day of the week. So do what your body needs you to do.

Bring your legs down, adding on. Big breath in, chin to the chest. I'm rolling up for my roll up. I'm stretching long over my spine, holding. I'm stooping and rolling back.

Now this is another uplevel. Arms come overhead as the legs come up, arms stay overhead as you roll over. And you're rolling back, stretching long in opposition and we have one more of these. Arms, come up, legs go down, roll up. Roll over.

How long can your legs get? I'm gonna be 5'8 by the time this exercise is over because I'm reaching so long through my legs. I'm rolling up. I'm rolling over. I'm separating here, flexing.

And I'm coming all the way back down to the mat. My right leg is going to come down. I stay up and I'm circling here. Inhale around and up. So in my leg circles, I'm thinking about the circle that I'm drawing on the floor with my thigh bone, not the one on the ceiling that's happening from my foot, reversing here.

Circling, four more. And three. Two. Adding on here for climb a tree, one of my favorites. Chin to the chest, I'm walking up the leg, keeping weight in my leg that's on the floor.

Now I'm going to open my leg out to the side. Pull my leg back lightly as I bow through my breastbone here. Bring my leg back to the center, squaring up and walking back down the leg. One more. Big breath.

Climbing your tree. Opening, sitting up nice and tall. Then bow, crown of my head, breastbone up and over my pubic bone. Returning back to the center and slowly, gently walking back down. Second side, leg goes up and I'm circling.

Keeping my pelvis heavy, keeping my hips level and not holding my breath 'cause if I pass out, I'm not gonna have as much fun as if I stay awake. Reverse, big circles. But only as big as your frame can support. Two more. Yep and last one, up and hold, time to climb.

Big breath in. And walking up on your exhalation. Sitting up nice and tall. Take the arm and leg out to the side, bowing over. Keep the length in the back of the leg that's up.

Walking down. We have one more of these to go. Curling up. Hollowing, weight in your bottom leg. Open and bow up and over, hollow belly.

Come back up. It's not done until we go all the way back down so we're even. Both legs will come into chair position and let's just rock up to sit up. Oh look, it's rolling like a ball time. Looking into the belly.

Here we go. Inhale, roll back, exhale up and balance. Now don't forget about your inner sitz bones and you're under butt. Make sure you bring them to the party with you. Now you can keep doing it this way or we can uplevel.

Inhale back, exhale up and balance. So when we're not holding on, we're still thinking of the connection between the knees, the armpits, the thighs, and the deep, low core. Let's do one more for good measure. Inhale back. Exhale up, hold.

We'll take a big stretch here, extending the legs long. And come back in for the series of five. So one hand to the ankle, other hand to the knee and we're scooping, lowering back. Here we go. Inhale, this is single-leg stretch.

Use your arms, they're not just there for decoration. You're pulling your leg in actively. One more set. Inhale, inhale. Exhale, exhale.

And both legs come in for double leg stretch. Inhale, reach. Exhale, circle and pull. I like for the arms to frame the head and not go behind the head because that allows us to keep the movement functional and two more. Last one.

Come in and hold. Lowering down for a quick stretch here and then curling up for single straight leg stretch. Give the leg a double pull from the core, not from just the leg. Sustain inhalation and exhale. Two more.

Here we go. Finishing up here and then both legs go up for double straight leg lowers. Let's turn them out here, we inhale to lower. And we exhale to lift. Two more with that breath pattern.

One more. Now we'll change the breath. Exhale to lower. Inhale to lift. Three more, are you still looking between your knees?

And now criss cross. Look over the back elbow and hold. And then switch. I like to do criss cross slowly so that I don't cheat. And when I say I like to do it, I mean I only kind of like to do it, but I don't like to cheat, so there you have it.

One more set here. And four. And three. And stretch the leg away. And one.

Bring both knees in. Arms are gonna go wide, knees are gonna flop to the right. And then left. One more each way. Good, come center.

Legs long, ankles flexed. And let's roll up to sit up. Legs are long, arms are long. We'll take a big breath in here. Exhale, bow up and over your own waist.

Reaching the legs long as you stretch over. Now from here we're gonna reach the back flat. Grow through the crown of your head and your tail. Hinge forward, round your spine, roll all the way up. Same idea.

Chin to the chest, curling up and over, round spine. Long spine, hinged spine. Check in with your inner ankles. Make them reach forward. Try not to supinate or bend your ankles in like that.

Keep them flat, one more. Chin to the chest. Scoop curl, reach, reach. How much can you reach? Pull your navel to the back wall.

Hinge, how much can you reach through the crown of the head? Stretch, how much can you reach through your sitz bones? Scoop. Rolling up. While we're here, we'll just take a simple side spine stretch and come back up.

As you side bend, think of your ear leading you up and over. Think of your opposite hip, not coming to the party. Other way, side bending, up and over. And one more, side bending. Stretch long, opposite hip stays down and hold.

Open leg rock or we're gonna prep because open leg rocker today is gonna be extra fun. So lift your breastbone here and you can either leave your hands apart or you can interlace. But no matter what, your breastbone is lifted up. We'll start with the back leg, we'll stretch it up. And we'll bend it down with resistance.

So I'm reaching in as if someone's hand is on my heel. I'm really pressing through the back of my leg to bring my heel down. Up, up, up. Deepening my belly as I bring the leg down. And same on the other side.

Now both legs, breastbone stays up. I lift, I lift, I shake. And then I resist as I pull back down. Three more just like this up, up, up, up, up. And then back down.

And two, keeping your breastbone lifted and your gaze lifted as well. And last one. And back down, holding here. We're going to grab each ankle. And we're holding.

First two open leg rockers, normal. Inhale back. Exhale, roll up, woohoo! Sorry about that, here we go again. Inhale to go back. Exhale, keep the opposition in your legs here.

Now circular open leg rocker. Legs together to go back, circle them around to come up and sit tall. Again, together, split and around. Gaze on the horizon, two more like this. Hold and last one, back.

Up and hold your balance. One arm comes up. Other arm comes up, hold your balance. Big breath in, leave the legs where they are, roll away from them and the legs go up for corkscrew. Let's turn out here.

We'll bring the legs up and over, hold. We'll roll down the right side of the spine and once the tailbone hits, legs circle around. Up, hold. Slow down as you go around. 'Cause going fast is fun, but are we augmenting if we're speeding through?

Around, up. Stand into your armpits here. Roll down the spine. Circle around, up. Hold, flex the ankles, come down through the center of the spine.

Standing on your feet, standing on your feet, standing on your feet. Legs lower. Arms go up. Nod the chin to the chest. I'm rolling all the way up to sit up.

And stretching all the way over. Legs are as wide as you want them to be, sitting up nice and tall. Arms are long. Let's inhale, rotate. Turn your back palm.

Saw off your pinky toe. Two. And one. Frame the ears, reach long and come up to the center. Other way, rotate, twist, scoop and saw.

Look at your back hand. Can you see it? And one, reach. Framing the head with the arms, equal weight on both cheeks. Center again.

Saw, reach. Get deeper with each reach, no need to bounce. And other way, scoop and saw. Scoop deeper, scoop deeper. Up.

Reach long, reach long, reach long. Return to the center and now we'll lay on our bellies. Just a few preps here, so the neck is long. For our swan prep, we're going to lengthen up. I have no weight in my hands.

Up, now I've got a little bit of weight in my hands. My armpits are rotated forward and my gaze is straight away. As I'm coming down, I'm thinking of my breastbone stretching forward but not my head flipping back. Because I am not a Pez dispenser. Now, as I'm lengthening and I'm lifting up, I'm reaching through the crown of my head, thinking about that rotation in my arms and lowering.

Vertebra by vertebra. How much energy can you keep in the backs of your legs without over-squeezing your butt? I've never heard anyone say, "Man, I want my butt to be square." No, squares aren't sexy. And let's do one more. Lengthen, lift, grow through the crown of the head.

Keep your rotation rocking swan. We'll exhale forward and inhale, come back up. Gaze stays on the horizon. This is not about momentum, it's about breath. Forward and up.

Can we do one more? Nice. Slowly coming down. Stretching and we're gonna come up onto the elbows for single-leg kicks. Rotating your armpits forward and collecting your ribs in the front, let's kick twice.

Kick, kick, other leg, kick and kick and stretch. And as you're kicking and stretching here, tune in with the upper back. Make sure it's still awake and alert and alive. Kick, oopsy. Point and flex, stretch one more.

Point, flex, stretch, get a little taller. Come down for double leg kicks. Hands are gonna come around to the sides and then behind. Belly is deep, legs are together. We're gonna kick three times here.

Kick one, kick two, kick three. Stretch, open your chest. And other side, kick. One, two, three. Stretch.

It's not about how high the legs are, it's about how much opposition you can get out of the hips here. One more, kick three, two, one. Stretch, hold. Circle the arms around to the front. Hold, let the legs come apart and swim.

So it's not temper tantrum. That is also not one of the key principles of Pilates. Reach. And come down. Quick child's pose here.

In this child's pose, I'd like for you to keep your arms active. So you're reaching long and away. Find your breath, breathe into your middle back. And as you exhale, stretch longer through the fingertips. Two more just like this.

Exhaling. And one more. And exhaling. Bring your breastbone forward. Use the armpits to draw yourself forward over your wrists.

And we're going to go into leg pull. Front. Rotating your armpits forward, you may want to slide down a little further on your mat. You'll take one arm, one leg and then the other leg back. Hold your position.

Attach the heels. Feel that attachment come all the way up into your pelvis. Deepen your core as you lift one leg and then lift the other leg. And as you're lifting, we're pushing forward. And switch.

Again, switch. One more each leg, length through the backs of the legs. And last one, here's our transition. Bring one hand to the other. Come through side plank.

Step the hands behind you. Hold it here, hips are up. Looking away from you, not up. Hold it here, hold the position. Hold the position and floating down.

Well done, everyone. We're ready for the neck pull. And I'm gonna turn around here. Stretch the legs long, roll all the way down to the mat. Hands behind the head this time.

Hold, stretch long through your feet. Inner ankle bones are stretching forward to the wall across from you. Inhale. And as you exhale, let the armpits rotate forward. And now we're coming up on our inhalation.

And we're rounding over. Now stack vertebra on vertebra. Sitting tall, hinging, hinging, hinging, and now scooping away. Stretch long through your heels as you come down. And hold, adding onto our neck pull here.

Curling up as you inhale, curling over as you exhale. Now, stack up vertebra on vertebra, rotate. Hinge to the rear. Come up in center. Other way, rotate and hinge to the rear.

Come up in center. Sitting up nice and tall, hinging your spine, then hallowing your belly. Reach long through the heel longer, longer, longer. And now we're inhaling, curling up again, reaching long through the backs of the legs. Curling up and over with a round spine.

Sitting up nice and tall. Rotating and hinging, both cheeks even to the mat. I believe in cheek equity. So all of your cheeks stay heavy to the mat, coming up. And we're scooping, rolling back down.

I just needed a scoop on that one. Last one, inhaling up. And then exhaling over. And inhaling tall as we hinge. And come back to the center.

Other way, hinge. Nice, long spine. We come back to the center. Stay right here, can you get a little taller here? And hinge.

Hinge, hinge and scoop and roll. To the mat. Oh, look. It's time for sidekicks. So you're going to lay, you have two options.

Now I know people don't like this all the way down option. They feel like it's easy, blah, blah, blah. But think about standing on your feet here. Think about drawing your sitz bones together. Now, if you want to graduate the position, you can come up to the forearm, but none of this macaroni business.

The bottom ribs have to be up here. So choose your poison, choose wisely. You're standing on your feet, armpit rotated forward, pushing your inner heels forward. And the top leg is gonna lift, so up downs here. I'm going up.

And notice I'm not going up to the ceiling. I'm focused on the integrity of my bottom line here. Two more. And here's your last one. Good, now we're going to bring the leg up to hip height, rotated out slightly, two kicks forward.

Kick, push, one kick back. So I don't mind a little bit of rotation through your thorax through here but what I don't want to see is schlumpy business. Schlumpy business is not why we do Pilates. And stretch back. And one more kick and kick and stretch back.

Hold, find that stretch, find that stretch. Good, legs come down. Banana. We're gonna be kind today. This hand is either gonna go flat or you can stay on fingertips here, whatever works best.

Flexing the ankles. On the banana, the bottom arm is gonna stay down. Pull the shoulder blade down the back as you lift, look at your heels and lower down. Think of your length on your top side so you're not squishing the banana. You're lengthening the banana.

The top leg isn't hiking or getting shorter on the bottom leg. Lift up. Hold, we'll walk. Walking, bottom leg goes forward and switch and switch and switch. Good, as you're walking, make sure the heels are brushing past each other, not all over the place.

Come all the way down and on your bellies for beats to transition here, legs are going to lift. Armpits are rotated forward, head is hovering and clap. Rather than thinking of clapping the heels, I want you to think about clapping your inner thighs together. Clapping your inner sitz bones together like they're castanets. Keeping the armpits rotated.

And lowering down, second side. Same idea here. So if you're going to be up on the forearm, no schlumping. Lift up, flex the ankles. If you're on your fingertips, use your fingertips into the mat.

Flat hand, same idea. Fingertips pointing forward, lift up and down. Inner ankle bones, where are they going? They're going that way. Bottom ribs are lifted up.

One more. Good, lift, hold. Just hip height, turn the leg up, double kick forward. Inhale, sweep it back. Again, blow.

Stretch, open the front of the hip. Three more. And two. And last one. Stretch, stretch, stretch.

And bring them together. Time for your banana. Bottom arm stays down, lifting both legs up. Looking at your feet and then back down. Again, lengthening and lifting up.

Stand on your top leg, stand on your bottom leg as well. Again, let's lift up. Stand, stand, stand. Roll back down. Two more.

Rotating your armpits forward as you come up and stretching down and away. Now we're gonna come up and walk. Lengthen through the top leg, lengthen through the top hip up and hold. Bottom leg comes forward and you're walking. What are your ribs doing here?

Try not to allow them to jut forward. Come back to the center. Lower all the way down. Good, from here, we're just gonna come back over onto the belly. Take a quick quad stretch, you're gonna need it.

So reach back, grab that foot, stretching the quadricep by bringing the heel toward the rear. And then the other one, same idea. Hold, bring the heel to the rear. Excellent job. Now from here, we're gonna push back and lay on our backs.

We're going to do a teaser series here. Now, remember in your teaser series, do what's right for your body. You don't necessarily have to be doing the hardest version of this. So we're gonna start. Arms will be up to the ceiling.

Take a stretch here just 'cause it feels good. And then slowly bring your ribs down as your arms come up. And nod your chin to your chest and here we go. We're curling up into our teaser. We're holding this position, stay.

Rolling back down. Arms come overhead. If you need a modification, start with your arms here by your sides. Again, curling up. Chin to the chest.

Scooping, curling, lifting up, up, up. Hold it here, hugging the legs together. Rolling back down. Adding on, this is the legs lowering variation, chin to the chest, rolling up Hold. Inhale, lower.

Exhale, lift. Three, maintain the connection of your sitz bones and your armpits and this gets easier. Hold, rolling away. Before we go anywhere else, you are a matador. You're holding your cape.

Everybody, arms are gonna go down and around and up. Think of making an infinity symbol because this is what we're gonna do when we get into our teaser. So, arms go up. Big breath in, hugging, wrapping. Nod your chin to your chest.

Exhale, curling. All the way up, stay. Matador, arms, go down, around and up. Down, around, and up. Your hips stay square, your feet stay level.

Down, around and up and hold. At the top, take a big breath in. Exhale, rolling back down. We're going to do one more starting to this side this time. Chin to the chest, here we go.

Up, hold, matador. Down, around, and up. Good, one more each way. Down, around and up, down around and up. Hold it up, stay.

Inhale, exhale, rolling down. Whoo! Big stretch here. Take a little bit of a rotation. Take another rotation. Come back to the center.

Arms come down by your sides and we're just gonna sit up here. And our next trick is going to be the mermaid. We're going to take this in steps. So we'll start with the bent knee version. Your top hand can either be down here on your shin or up here by your hip.

Or actually, let's add this option too, floating. So for the first one, we're just gonna go up into an A. I'm curling up, I'm reaching into an A, my top leg is light. It's barely touching the floor. I'm stretching through my shoulder blades.

I'm rotating my armpits forward. And I'm sitting down with grace, hopefully. Then I'm gonna do it again. Up into your A. Hold, no weight here.

And then you're coming back down. If that was too much or if that was just enough, let's say, you'll stay right there. Take your legs a little bit longer if you're ready for the next variation. We're going to lift up into our A frame here. Rotate this armpit forward.

Toward our A frame I mean, but then we're gonna go to a long spine. Hold. Press up into your side bend. Ooh, feels so good. And then come back down.

Lower with grace and dignity, I'll take either/or. And then again, up, stretch. Find the long body line, then stretch, push it farther, farther. Now we're going to push farther, talk about farther. Reach up to the ceiling.

Top arm's gonna come, reach to the back edge of your mat. Let your chest twist, come back up. Hold. Lower back down. Good, let's go to the second side.

Around. Starting with our A frame, if you need a little bit of a prop for your wrist which is what I'm doing here, go ahead and place your heel of your hand on it. Starting with that tight A frame shape. Remember hand here, here, or here. Pressing up into our frame.

Up, hold. Remember, no weight on this foot. I'm reaching to the back edge of my mat. My tail is up and I'm stretching through my shoulders and then I'm gracefully coming back down. Same deal.

Up and over, stretch. Reach long. Hold. And then lowering back down. If that's enough for you, stay there.

If you'd like a little bit more challenge, take the legs a little bit longer. Rotate your armpits forward. Here we go. Toward the A frame, but not to it. Find your long body line here and then push into your curve.

And then lower back down. One more like that. Up and over. Stretch up in your curve. And now we'll add the rotation.

We're gonna go up into the curve. Stretch, rotate. Reach, turn your breastbone, unwind. Find your seat. Lower down with grace.

One more and then we're gonna take this right into plank. So take a big breath in here. Exhale up. Over. Find your shape.

Stretch, take the bend. Take the dive, twist. Come back into your side plank. Square it up into full plank, hold. Find your rotation, find your under butts, find it all.

Slowly lower. Take a child's pose here. In this child's pose, I'd like for you to take one hand, cross it over the other and sit your seat down in the opposite direction. Letting your shoulders have a moment's peace, let them relax and stretch And then go the other way. Stretch.

And then come back to the center. We're going to slowly roll up for the saw. I mean, for the seal. Sitting on your tails. Find your inner ankle bones and then grab beneath them.

Holding this balance, hugging your knees in rather than letting them splay, looking at your ankles. Hollow bellies, we're gonna beat the feet three times. Roll back and beat them here. Now I say the feet, but I'm not really focusing my energy there. My energy is actually up in my seat.

Three more like this and that third one standing. Two more. Feet. Back. And up.

Here's your last one, gaze stays on the horizon. Standing up here. To end we're gonna do some standing balance work. So what I'd like for you to do is find not a big turnout. Find somewhere in between your regular turnout and a very, very narrow turnout.

Now from here, find the weight spread across the balls of the feet and through your inner heels. We're just gonna do a couple of knee bends here. Three. Resist as you go down. Resist as you come up, keep the armpits rotated forward.

We'll do one more here. Resist and resist and come up. Now we are checking in with everything that we built today on our structure. We're going to either bring the hands to the hips or let the arms stand down. Let's everyone stand on your back foot.

Your foot closest to the camera will be behind you. Find all of your connections. Keep your breastbone lifted. We're going to go over and we're going to come up and bring the foot to the ankle. So I have a finger on my breastbone or finger just maybe two inches below my belly.

And I'm really thinking about those fingers stretching in opposition because that's what's gonna keep me up here. Over, over, over, up, up, up. Hold the position, arms come down. Am I connected to my frame or is my frame busted and still laying on the floor? Bring the foot down, second side.

So starting, leg back. Fingertips connected, reaching long through the leg, spreading my toes on my standing foot. I'm going over, over, over and I'm coming up, up, up. Again. This time when I come up, I'm gonna bring my foot into my ankle.

Yes, finding my connection to my under butt. Over, not dropping my chest. Instead, I'm keeping my breastbone lifted. Up, up, up. Very nice.

Now, one more roll down here to close it all out. My inner heels and ankle bones are together. Taking a big breath in, I'm nodding my chin to my chest and I'm curling up and over. And I'm making sure I'm not falling back behind my sitz bones. Just like when we started class, we're bending our knees, letting the tailbone fall under.

And then stretching up. Two more like this. How deep can you get your belly? And up. And one more, bending over.

Stretching up. Pause flat to the mat, shift your weight forward over your fingertips. And back, hugging your inner thighs together. Rolling up. Rolling up.

Rolling up. Every one, thank you for joining me this morning and augmenting the mat with me.

Fortify the Mat: with Misty Lynne Cauthen


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I like funny/odd/inspirational T-shirts. I am going to get 2 made. One is going say, "I am not a Pez Dispenser", the other is going to say, "Pilates is not Schlumpy Business".  If you want to know why those phrases matter, then you should take this class. It's a good work out and a lot of fun. LIke me, you will feel better and have had a good time. I particularly liked the mermaid/side plank series. Because of the way Misty Lynne teaches it, it pops a lot of my back vertebrae.. which feels wonderful. Thanks Again Misty Lynne:) 
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 No tee shirt for "cheek equity"  Gary?  I think you're really missing an opportunity!  ;)
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Great class with graceful flow, smooth flow. Helpful cues. Thank you.
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I want a Misty Lynne T that reads "Invited to the party."
Michele M
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That roll up and roll over...just amazing and controlled and gorgeous. Sometime to aspire to!
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Thank you, you are fantastic! Love your way of teaching! 
Sharon S
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Awesome workout!  Such good instruction and love the comments about grace and dignity and that you would take either!  You are a really good instructor and seem to be such a lovely person!
Maria P
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5 stars again Misty Lynne!!! "With Grace and Dignity"- why not with both?!? Thank you and great job!
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Amazing! I actually want to do that workout again and again! Thankyou Misty Lynne...
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Good class although some of the exercises were level 3 not 2. Great pace for a good workout. Do this after a run you will be exhausted!!
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