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Commit to your Pilates practice in the third class of Rediscovering Strength with Tash! You'll revisit work from the previous class by committing to strengthening your body unilaterally by working Single Leg Footwork, then challenge yourself with an Ab Series on the Long Box. Discover how committing to your physical wellness will boost your practice with Tash in class three of Rediscovering Strength!
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Welcome back to Pilates Anytime, I'm Tash and I'm excited to meet with you I'm your reformer today. You're going to need a sticky mat, you're gonna need your long box and when you're ready to set up your springs come and put a very light spring on your box, place your sticky mat next to your box on the carriage so that it's easy accessible. Okay guys let's get moving. Come and place yourself to the front edge of your box with your feet parallel on your foot bar, hold onto the base of the box and then roll yourself down as you bring your body in a supine position. You're going to press your carriage away so that the pelvis moves into an anterior tilt, you're going to extend your arms up towards your ceiling and I'm gonna remind you that the theme for today's session is all about commitment, so I'm committed to moving your body and I want you to commit to yourself to just move well.

Great, you guys let's get going starting with a beautiful lateral inhale. As you exhale, keep your carriage still as you bring that pelvis into a deep posterior tilt, articulate your spine rolling up, moving up, feel your hamstrings come alive, inhale, on your exhale, articulate your spine down working through each vertebra into that neutral but then continue the movement beyond the range as opposed to our mat work, inhale again, exhale, keep that carriage still, work through your deep pelvic floor transverse abdominis, bracing up and lifting up hamstrings and glutes. Keeping your thighs parallel to each other inhale and we exhale rolling down, curling down, curling down enjoy the stretch and move down, keep those lower ribs pressing down, slow inhale, as you exhale bring that pelvis deep flection keeping your ankles still at the same time, brace up, brace up, brace up, can you commit a little bit more to those hamstrings and glutes? I'm gonna try inhale and then exhale rolling down you guys, enjoy what your body is giving you in this beautiful position. Two more inhale and we exhale, rolling up, curling up, move your body well, keep moving, keep moving, keep moving pressing into those glutes, hip raised down here stay still, inhale and we exhale.

Articulate down and down, use your full breath to complete the movement, one more inhale and we exhale, deep flection, this is your last one. Articulate up, brace up and hold it and I really want you to use your great body mind connection to fire those glutes, to fire those hamstrings and we're just gonna hold it for five and you're gonna commit because only you know how hard you can work. Come on, I'm sure there's a little bit more in your body, three, two, breathe in you guys, exhale, rotate your shoulders and reach your arms back. Enjoy that extra stretch as you extend over your head, over your head, over your head, bring your pelvis to neutral, grab the corners of the box above your head and then slide yourself in. Oh, I'm a little bit sticky.

As you bring your shoulder blades over the edge of your box, make sure your carriage this home this time and we're gonna move into a chest lift, your hands are supporting your head, you make sure your head is in line with your spine breathing in. As you exhale, initiate the movement with your breath as you flex up and flex up, keeping the elbows wide. Inhale, pause and then we exhale, roll down. Only three more before we move into the more intermediate work, exhale, use this as a little warmup to direct your spine in the position that you ideally wanna move towards, inhale and we exhale roll back. Keeping your abdominals close to your spine, no arching in that lower back, inhale and we exhale, flex up, curl up, make sure that neck is safe inhale, that pelvis is still neutral and we exhale to lower back down, one more then we're gonna hold it up.

Inhale, we exhale, flex your head and chest up and up and up, I'm going to get you to reach your hands, hold onto the back of your leg, give yourself a little assist as you pull forward there, bring your hands on top of your knees as you lift your knees up off the floor. Stay here with me, we're going to inhale into your hundreds position, keep your legs still, as you exhale, lift your arms, extend your thoracic spine as you circle your arms into a T, into a circle, hover and hold the position here and then bend your knees. We're gonna repeat this, inhale to your hundreds, I want quality of movement please. Lift your arms, extend your spine, keep your abdominals close to your back as you circle around, hover and hold it and bend the knees. Again inhale hundreds, deep abdominals, no arching in the lower back, circle around, neck is not tilt at all, hover and hold it and we bend our legs to do more.

Inhale, every movement is done with integrity, exhale, circle around, lift, hover and hold and we bend, lift a little bit higher, two more. Inhale hundreds, use the exhale, get rid of all the stale air in your body, lift to the hover and hold and bend down. One last one guys, inhale hundreds, you should feel nice and whole, exhale, circle around, lift, hold, bend your knees, stay here, extend your right leg away, hold it here, keep your thigh over your hip and we change and we change, single leg stretch and exhale and maybe see if you can lift a little bit higher by getting those abdominals to work more and we do four, exhale, three, exhale, two, hold it here, are your feet in line with each other? Reach that straight leg away from your hamstring, lift your chest a little bit higher, yes the commitment, keeping your abdominals tight and close to your back, keep the chest up as you reach your arms into a T position, interlace your hands, do not drop your back and rotate towards that bend knee and we crisscross over. Keep those elbows wide, Keep moving through your waist, exhale, exhale, four more guys, chase this up, pure abdominal work, two and one, hold it here.

Reach your opposite arm across to the outside of the thigh and we pulse five, exhale four, three, two, hold it, hand behind your hip, other side. Thank goodness there's only two sides and we go full five and four, three, two, one, come back to the center, hold onto the back of your thighs everyone, hold if you're breathing and as you exhale, press your legs away, initiate the move with your hamstrings and roll yourself up into your seated position. Good job, your body should feel nice and warm reach down, grab your sticky mat everyone, we're going to change the spring to a medium resistance, keeping in mind we're going to do foot work in a seated position without our spines moving all over the place, so the whole idea is to commit to the abdominals and the back into a relationship and they need to work together throughout the whole footwork series. Bring your pelvis back onto your box, the sticky mat is there to just assist with the placement of the pelvis, we're gonna start with the hands behind your back and you're going to invite your spine to be actively tall and both abs and back is equally active. Let's go, inhale for the prep, exhale, extend those legs away, inhale back.

If you feel you need to show me your pelvis a little bit forward because you need more range in those legs, then go ahead and do what feels right for your body and exhale, exhale, inhale and breathe out, draw those knees and back and four, remember the magic lies in the resistance coming in with the footwork. Go and ride the spring two more and one more, bend halfway, hold it here, are you sitting up tall? Are your abdominals close to your spine? is your back extended? Let's pulse out for 10.

Exhale nine, great work guys, keep those spines aligned, five, four, three, two and full extension and come back in. Toes are on the bar and this time I'm gonna challenge you to take your hands away, keep your hands in front of you, breathe in, exhale, press out, press out, inhale back. Give me good ankle stability and we are not swinging on that spine, we are keeping your body absolutely stable. Remember stable joints are healthy joints but yes we do need the mobility at the same time. Four more and back, exhale, three more and back, exhale two, lift those abdominals and one more press and press, hover and hold, stay here, don't slip, I wanted to say like we stopped there but anyway go out one, exhale two, exhale three and four, sit up straight, be crisp in your posture, six, seven, eight, nine and full extension guys and come back into your small V, extend the arms, bring the hands behind your head, don't make the legs collapse, keep those adductors active, breath in and we exhale press up, press out inhale back and exhale, press and reach and hold, inhale back and breathe out, out, out, I'm gonna shift my pelvis a little bit forward and we do five more, oh that feels better.

Exhale three and back and one more, you bend half way, hold it here, stabilize through your legs, press those feet into the bar, you're gonna lift your right leg up off the bar in the turnout position and we're gonna tap the bar and lift inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, no movement in the spines, abdominals and back working together. Two and one, place it down, anchor the right foot, lift the left toe and we go for eight, exhale seven, the more you breathe, the more stable that torso will stay. Three and two and one, place it down, fully extend your legs, bring your feet parallel, reach your body forward and down. If you can hold your foot bar that's great, otherwise bend your knees, inhale, lower your heels under the bar, exhale, rise up, inhale, lower, lower, lower and exhale, rise up, again inhale, inhale, exhale up, four more down and rise and three, lots of movement in my ankles going on here, two more and lift. And last one, rise up, bend your left knee, extend your spine, enjoy that extension, breathe in.

Now allow the abdominals to work more as you come into flection and then as you work your back inhale and two more, exhale down and lift up and one more down, down, down, extend that back, rise, change legs. Fold your body down, abdominals are contracting and then extend your back is contracting and two more lower and extend. One more, lower and extend, hold, rise onto your toes, bend your knees, bring your body upright and good stuff you guys. Come and bring yourself down, I'd like you to turn your box the short way. For the abdominal short box series, you can pack your sticky matter away this time and then you're gonna bring all those springs onto your carriage, please secure your carriage.

Right so we've got all the springs on the gear, we're gonna come and sit with our pelvis to the front edge of the box, place your feet firmly and safely in your foot strap everyone and we're going to get into our short box series. Starting with a round bat, placing your arms in front of your body, again invite those abdominals and backs to commit to one another as we inhale, the exhale the abdominals are going to contract so they're going to move your spine back into this flection, you're gonna hover and hold, inhale then exhale, draw deep into your abdominals, feel the abs and then allow the back to come back into that relationship. Inhale, exhale, abdominals work moving the spine, articulating the spine, keep your arms firm, firm, firm, inhale, pause, exhale, do not let the abdominal bulge away from the spine and use your back to sit up tall. Three more inhale, exhale, deep lumbar flection, come on guys, be very intentional about how well you move your body in the session, inhale, pause, exhale, deep flection, deep flection, deep flection and extend two more. Exhale, deflection and this is hard for me 'cause I have such a low doses but I'm really digging deep, digging deep, inhale and exhale, roll forward, Stack the shoulders over the hips, one more inhale, exhale, deep lumbar flection, rolling back, move your spine.

Move your spine, deep abs, work within your range please, inhale and exhale, roll forward, roll forward, shoulders over hips and extend up. interlace hands behind your head, moving into your lateral flection inhale and exhale, lift up too and inhale over to the other side and exhale. Keep moving, I always have to remind myself to not sit in my comfortable position which is that slight anterior tilt, which means I need to invite my abdominals to work harder with my back and up, three more, inhale, inhale, pelvis stays still, exhale, lift, two more, inhale, inhale keeping your chin parallel to the floor, one more, inhale, inhale and exhale, lift. I'm gonna get you to extend your arms up to the ceiling, keep those abdominals close to your spine, we go into the flat back as you hinge back in your own range without letting go of the abdominals and exhale forward and hold and again inhale, so my own range is quite limited here but I'm keeping it safe for my body, I really invite you to work into your own full range. Inhale, inhale, inhale, uh I'm shaking, exhale, two more, inhale, reach and reach and elongate, keeping the commitment between the abdominals and the back.

One more, one more, add up those legs and exhale up. Interlace the hands for me, rotate to your right side, lean your body back on the diagonal line and then exhale back and swing to rotate and hinge back without arching the lower back and lift up and forward. Four more, inhale and hinge and lift your chest, lift your heart, be proud of your posture and rotate and lift, lift inner core, inner core, inner core, up and hold. Two more and rotate and lift and elongate and reach and come back, one more and rotate and lift up, lift your heart, engage your abdominals, come back and lower down, lower the arms for a split second and then we go into your roundabout. This time you're gonna rotate your palms up to the ceiling so we just get that beautiful stretch to stretch our wrists and fingers, rotate to your right side, hinge your body back, use your inner core to rotate the body then come up to the center.

Repeat it to the left, lean back, lean back, lean back and exhale forward and moving through the waist, rotate and lean and hinge, exhale back and center. Let's do one more and lengthen and reach and rotate up and center, do not collapse your posture, keep your posture upright, you guys are doing so good, come and step down for me, I'd like you to place your box down next to your carriage, we're not gonna use it for the next two exercises and then remove your springs and only have your one rail or your light to medium on for hip work and back, spinal articulation. Okay, so I've got one rail spring on, one full spring, we're gonna come back to lying in a supine position and this time we're gonna bring our feet into our straps. Again please be safe when you do this, take your straps in your hands, extend your legs away, lift your right foot up, place your right foot in the strap, anchor that foot in your tabletop position then bring the left foot into the strap and then we're going to abduct the legs into your frog position. We're going to move into your circles, first from here maintain your neutral placement, we breathe in, exhale, extend your legs away.

Going into plantar flection, lift your legs up to 90 degrees, we're going into the down circles, exhale, circle around, up and together, again exhale, just get some beautiful freedom in those hips, exhale and around, keeping the pelvis stable, four more and around, exhale down and around and two more and one more around, up, let's reverse it, exhale, reach together, inhale to lift, exhale around, inhale, lift, keep the pelvis still and lift, three more, reach down and up and two more, then we're gonna move into the Peter Pan or the stack where we stretch one leg, last one, last circle and we bend the other knee, keep your legs here, bend your right knee as you extend and abduct your left leg out to the left side, exhale, reach and meet your legs back into the center. Inhale, bend the left knee, extend the right leg out to the right side, exhale, move through the midline with the bent knee, inhale, open, keep your pelvis stable and still, exhale, reach, stretch and hold, inhale, inhale and exhale stabilizing that pelvis, challenging the stability. Two more, inhale, inhale and exhale, last one, inhale, keep the pelvis, keep the pelvis and exhale, come back. Great you guys, let's move into the long spine. We're going to bring your thighs up to 90 degrees as you inhale, exhale deep flection in that spine that warmed up so beautifully in our warm up, extend your pelvis, keep your carriage still, lift and hold.

Inhale, abduct those legs, just shoulder width apart. Now keep your carriage still as you roll down and feel that delicious stretch over your back as you control down, it's all about the control and draw the legs together. Let's go again, inhale to 90 degrees, exhale deep lumbar flection, curling up, curling up, feel those abdominals and those hip extensors commit to one another as you lift the pelvis to the ceiling, inhale, abduct your legs, exhale rolling down, curling down, curling down. Every muscle fiber in your body has to be active here and bring it together, let's do three more, inhale, now enjoy the movement guys, exhale, control, the slower we work, the deeper the work. Up and up and lift and hold, is that your best extension?

I'm gonna try it a little bit more, inhale, open, exhale, rolling down, looking for symmetry as we articulate, articulate, articulate and bring the legs together, two more, inhale and we exhale, deep flection, rolling up, rolling up, move left, hold, inhale and we exhale, keep flexing, keep flexing every time it needs to get a little bit deeper, a little bit deeper 'cause that's what we do in Pilates, we always dig deeper. Last one, inhale and exhale, exhale, lift up, my hamstrings are on fire, lift, lift, lift, lift, inhale, hold and exhale, roll down, roll down, keep the carriage still, don't lose focus and bring your legs together. Great work, bend your knees everyone, place your right foot back on your foot bar stabilize yourself, take your left foot out, place your straps back down and from here, roll yourself over to your side and bring yourself into a seated position. So I'm gonna stay on the same spring, we're going to go into a stretch exercise with a little bit of full body integration so come and stand on the side of your carriage, you're gonna place your foot on the shoulder raise and you're gonna come into a lunge. So a little tip, my foot is not wedged into the carriage, there's a little space there into the shoulder raise 'cause I'm just gonna need that space, we're going to move from the lunge, inhale, into a up straight or a pipe, pulling the carriage in, lifting, hovering and holding control down and it's not a jump, it's about the control and about the deep integrity of what this method means to you.

Lift up and hold, let's do three more, inhale, strong upper body, exhale, strong upper body, strong core, strong legs and lower down and arrive, two more and lift up, up, up and lower down, one more guys, come on, your best one and lift and pull the carriage in, hold it and hold the waist to show the stability and lunge down, hold it here, lift the right arm up if the right thigh is on the box, on the carriage and stretch up and come down, draw the carriage in. Perfect, walk around to the other side, your body should feel nice and warm guys and remember there's always options, if you feel this is not available to your body today then please modify it for yourself. Place that back foot on the shoulder raise, I'm really trying hard for a posterior tilt here, it is my problem area but it's okay, I've made peace with it, I just keep trying. We inhale, exhale, brace through the shoulders, trust your body moving on the carriage into this up side down position and lower down, inhale and exhale, lift, control and lift and lift and we lower down and hold, four more and we lift up, the arms are working for stability, the legs are working for mobility and three more, lift and reach, push out of your shoulders and lower down, two more and lift up and up and up and lower down, come on, give me one more and we lift and reach and hold it and extend higher and draw up your knees more and come down, hold this stretch, lift your arm and I'm trying for that pelvis to come into that posterior tilt and come down all the way. Come place both knees on your carriage, we're gonna move into your down stretch, now that those hips are nice and open, place your hands on the bar, bring the pelvis forward, keep your feet flexed into your shoulders raise and lift that sternum, lift breastbone up and forward, we exhale back and we inhale up and we exhale back and we lift up hover and squeeze and five more and four and lift and lift and three more.

I'm gonna draw my adductors together, together, together for a little bit of a reference, two more out of the lower buck and one more and lift and hold, just stay here, don't let this be easy, press out of your shoulders, bring that pelvis posture really, lift your abdominals, extend your spine and come back all the way. Great work, guys I'm gonna change my spring to a slightly lighter spring than what I have on right now, we're gonna do an arm series that's gonna require a lot of balancing and trusting your own body so bring your box back onto your carriage sideways, we're going to come and sit facing the back of the carriage please and you're gonna reach and hold your straps in your hands. So because the straps are quite light, I'm gonna get you to thread your hands through and hold a little bit forward for more resistance and then again get your back and your abdominals to commit to each other and slightly abduct the arms here. We're gonna breathe in, you're going to just do a chest expansion exhale and inhale forward and exhale, exhale, exhale and inhale forward and you're not gonna ride your spring because that would just be too easy so control the carriage when the straps come forward. Three more and back keeping your posture upright and one more, exhale, hold it here, look over your right shoulder look over your left shoulder and bring your arms forward all the way.

So take your hands out of those straps holding onto the edges, you're going to carefully, strategically spin your body around, take your straps one in each hand, reach forward and hold the corners of your box. You're going to come into a lunge where your back foot is going to stay on the shoulder raise, the front foot is gonna be on the carriage, I've got my back knee for now resting on the box but if you feel brave and if you feel comfortable, you are going to lift the back knee up off the carriage so you are in a lunge but I'm gonna leave that up to you. Either the knees down for a little bit more stability or the leg can come up, bring your palms, your fingertips in line with your eyebrows and we're going to extend the arms overhead, inhale, bend and hold, again exhale, exhale, exhale, inhale, bend and hold. We all know the more we focus in Pilates the deeper the work but at the same time, we are balancing on a moving structure so keep your eyes focused to really feel stable in the position. Three more and bend, exhale two, full extension in the elbow and bend, last one, exhale, extend your arms, is your back elongated, are your abdominals engaged?

Scapula is stable, hold it, hold it, those who need the extra challenge rise your front heel off the carriage and lower and rise and lower and four more, work those palms, three work your ankles, two and hold it and hold it for a picture moment, lower the heel, bend the elbows, hold onto the box for stability and swap your legs around guys. Same principle, either keep the knee down or you're going to keep the knee of the carriage, this time we're doing biceps in a lunge, we're going to exhale, exhale, inhale, extend, keep that humerus lifted and extend and create the length in the body. We all know what our weak spots are, we also know what our strong points are, we need to acknowledge both and work with both, three more and extend, exhale, two more and out and one more, hold it here, those who wanna go onto the rise let's go, lift and lower and exhale, inhale, exhale, I just had to remind myself to stabilize my shoulder blades and three, two and one, hold it up, hold it up activate, activate, activate, lower the heels and come down. Holding onto your box again, bring the front leg back and step the other leg forward, come into a seated position, we're going to place the back strap down, you're gonna take your front strap and you're gonna thread it into your elbow. So you have an option to either stay here if you feel brave and still energized, then join me to come into a standing squat position, hands behind the head, lift your breastbone and we're going into lateral flection, exhale, exhale and we lift up, inhale and we go, exhale, exhale and inhale and exhale, reach up and over, up and over and resist back and shh lifting out of that pelvis, two more, exhale, exhale and come back, last one, exhale over, hold it, hold it let's rotate, exhale forward and inhale back and exhale, draw those obliques in and pull back, three more, exhale over, inhale back and exhale, lift, lift, lift and back.

Last one, exhale over, over, over and come back, have a last deep lateral flection then bring your body up and come down, sitting down, secure your carriage, place your strap down, I'm gonna have to turn my back and you're gonna continue moving with me by listening to the cues. So keep listening to the cues, place your strap in your elbow, place your hands behind your head if you wanna stand up, you control the movement and you rise up. Breathe in, be aware of the differences of the two sides of the body, as you exhale flex over, inhale to length and exhale so exhale, stretch and inhale back and we go four, five, lean, lean, lean and control up, allow those obliques again to work in that partnership and left and three over, keep your spine upright, don't lean forward and two more, exhale, no tension in the tracks everyone and the last one, exhale, exhale, pause, breathe in, rotate your body down and inhale moving from your waist and exhale, four more rotate and inhale back and three and back and two more exhale and back. Last one, exhale, rotate, rotate, rotate, elbows are wide, come back, deepen the flection then lift up all the way. Come and sit down, secure your body, place your strap down and well done you guys, spin yourself off all the way, we're gonna go into our pulling strap so bring your box the long way making sure your foot bar comes down this time and I am going to stay on the same spring 'cause I'd rather work on my quality of movement and the strength and standards chance to not move that effectively because of the extra resistance and then come in line with your breastbone over the edge of the box in the same position but in the reverse that we started with guys, bring your legs in abducting, take your straps, hold them in your hand, reach forward and grab your ropes.

Okay, I love back extension way more than abdominal work and you probably know why. So bring your body down, extend your arms ahead of you pull your abdominals off the box close to your spine and this time we're going to extend your back, lift your arms all the way in line with your hip joint and then we lower back down and again pulling up, pulling up, pulling up, inhale, inhale, inhale, keeping the back of your neck long, exhale lower and we go, lifting up, keep your ankles squeezing together and lower down and we're going to lift up one more time and we're gonna add in a variation. Lower down from here, we're going to bend the elbows, extend that arm out, keep the extension as your arms come into your T position, continue the circle with the arms overhead, keep your back extended and then lower down as the elbows pulls through back into the extension. Circle the arms into your T, circle the arms forward over your head, keep the extension, keep lifting your abdominals and then pull back and we do four more. Inhale, keep the back of the neck long, legs are together, circle around and around and around, feel the back extensive and lower down.

Two more, inhale and around and around, keep the back, keep the back and let's do one more, inhale, come on guys, commit to those back extensus, the abs work, the back needs to balance it up and we hold it and we lift and we lift and we lift and we lift and this time lower back down, great work you guys. Place your straps down, come and stand up for me, we're going to do a little glute exercise to finish off. You're gonna come back into a kneeling position on your box, again your front leg is going to extend forward, you're going to thread your foot through your foot strap and then you're going to place your hands to the front of the box and the knee in line with the knee that's on the box. So stabilizing through your shoulders, keep your knee bent, we're gonna breathe in and we're gonna move your hip into extension with a bent knee and lower down and we exhale, keep the pelvis square and lower down and exhale, lift, lift and lift and inhale lower down. Four more, the aim is to keep the pelvis square and three and lower, exhale, two more and lower and one more, hold it here, extend your legs slightly abductuctraly.

We're gonna lower the long leg down, straightly inhale, feel the hamstring, feel the glute, extend the leg, lift up, hover and pause, inhale lower, seven to go. And we exhale navel to spine, navel to spine, lift and lengthen and reach the leg out of the hip joint and lower back down and three more, six more, sorry and lower down, five more and shh lift, lift, glutes, glutes, glutes and lower and now we do three more exhale, exhale reach, reach, reach and down and two more, exhale, don't get tired in your upper girdle, please press away from your shoulders and the last one, exhale, exhale, reach and hold, hold it for eight, hold it for seven abdominals lift, five, four lift up three, two, one and come back down. Place your foot securely on the carriage take your foot out of the strap and let your carriage slide back slowly and gently. Other side guys, back onto your knee first, can be awkward and weird, place the foot through, widget in, put resistance on the strap and then sit yourself up on your box. Press out and away from your hands and then keep your knee bend and we're gonna go into your hip extension.

Inhale, exhale, lift up, lift up, lift up, inhale lower, this is my tricky side, exhale, lift and hold and lower down and go for six, exhale, exhale, exhale and lower down and five and lower and four, exhale, exhale, exhale and lower down and three more, lift and up and down, two more, exhale, exhale, exhale last one two more, exhale, exhale, exhale last one and we exhale, keep the pelvis still We inhale, lower the leg down and we exhale, We inhale, lower the leg down and we exhale, fire the hamstring, fire the glute, and we go for two, exhale, press out of the shoulders, the leg is slightly abducted go get more glute max, more glute min and exhale six and lower. Exhale five and down. Exhale, four more, moving with control, with control and down and three more, exhale, with control and down and three more, exhale, two more, exhale, lift, reach, reach and the last one inhale, we're gonna hold it up, exhale for eight, Lengthen away, square the hips, six five, four, three, two oh my goodness I'm shaking and come back down all the way. Take that strap out, draw your carriage slowly back, place it down and come and stand, I'm sweating, facing your box. Come and bring your leg up onto your long box, let's just balance those glutes out with a good stretch, breathe in for me you guys, exhale, fold your body forward if you need a deep stretch and hold it here.

We're going to inhale and on the exhale allow your body to relax. Two more inhale and exhale, great work, inhale and exhale, exhale, exhale, press yourself up with your arms, swap the legs around and enjoy what your body is giving you here. Inhale and breathe out and inhale, just easy into it, one more breath, inhale and exhale, exhale, exhale, press yourself up, come and stand and we're going to take a last deep breath, inhale with me you guys, exhale, bend your knees, reach and assist yourself onto the age of your box, give yourself a beautiful deep flection here and then inhale to look forward and extend. Two more, exhale, deep flection to finish off and inhale to elongate and stretch one more. Exhale deep flection and inhale to extend and extend breathe in and exhale, lifting up, feeling tall, being proud, ready to dominate your day.

Thank you so much for joining me, I hope to see you soon.

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Wow! My body is shaking😃
Jorina H
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Sit like a slaptjip👌🏻👌🏻 Love it😂
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Great class, thank you!
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Very good exercises 
RoseMary P
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Fantastic thank you!!
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Great work Tashie!! Awesome!
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Really loving your classes. Your instruction has helped me a lot! I have an anterior pelvic tilt that I struggle with. Any suggestions?
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Excellent class!!! And thank you very much for your great cueing!!! A few excersises were new to me but thanks to your great cueing it was easy enough to follow! Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to your next class! 
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Great class. Thank you 💚 
Such a great class, thank you Tash! ☀️🙏🏼
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