Class #4499

Reinforce Your Practice

60 min - Class


Grab your Jumpboard and get ready to check in to your full body strength in the final class of Rediscovering Strength with Tash. You’ll affirm your work and graduate to the next level with a series of dynamic movements! Each exercise will challenge your stability, strength, and provide opportunities to stretch your muscles. Get ready to sweat in the exciting finale of Tash’s program!
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video

Rediscovering Strength: with Tash Barnard


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AnotHer awesome class! I love the intention that you set to be aware of where your heart is . 💚  
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THANK YOU for this entire series!!! I will come back often to these reformer classes.
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I think a visit to S Africa to take classes in person with you Tash, post Covid, is needed!!! 
Thank you so much Tash for your Classes!... I have enjoyed sooo much... this one, with the Jumping Board is fantastic!!.... very organized, with all the BASI´s Blocks... I love it!!......
We love you, our body thanks you! x
It was a beautiful series, thank you Tash. 
This was a wonderful class. Thank you Tash!
Wonderful flow, wonderful mood, wonderful moves❤️Thank you Tash!! 

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