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Super Spider Wall Workout

55 min - Class


Take it back to the Wall in the final class of Wall-to-Wall with Alexandra! From Footwork to Handstands and Bridges to Splits, you’ll move your body with a new relationship to the Wall. You’ll push and pull your body to find your inner superhero in this exciting standing Mat class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Towel, Hand Weights (2)

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Hi Pilates Anytime family. This is Alexandra Bohlinger. Welcome to the wall to wall with me. We started on the wall and we're gonna finish on the wall. Hopefully you've done all the other classes but don't worry you can do this one and go back to them but I will be referring to the other classes.

So welcome, hope you have fun. Today we're gonna be using weights. Two pound weights have been with me for a few classes now and a towel. Yeah, so a nice little hand towel, not only for you to dry your sweaty mass, but to slide against the wall and also to put on the floor. So you protect your spine.

I also have this thing that will help me try not to slip. So at one point, when I'm doing this fancy move I'm gonna put it there. So it doesn't let me slip off, but depends of your floor you may not need that. So welcome, really excited. And we're going to start on the floor similar to the first class we did we're gonna just make sure it's nice and comfortable for you.

And you really wanna protect just your spinous processes, these little bones that stick out on your spine. So let's go ahead and start. So you really just need for your spine. 'Cause the rest of you will be working really hard. So from there, as I said in the beginning of the first class you're going to keep your pelvis nice and relaxed.

I don't want you to tuck and tight your hip flexors or your inner thighs. To keep the pelvis nice and relaxed. If you think of a lights shooting up through the ceiling you wanna keep it that way. You don't wanna shoot the light over that way. So keep the hip relaxed, pick up your head with your center.

Find your feet position on the wall. My heels are off and I wanna push my feet into the wall to pull into myself and I'm going to pump my arms. I'm gonna breathe in with the air for my 100. And then out with the air, you probably gonna do 150 because I'm a very bad, I don't count very well. 'Cause I'm so focused on the form and exhale all the air out.

Breathe in, two, three, four, five, and out. Two, three, four, 30. So the whole time you were pushing the wall, your heels are lifted, you wrapping your thigh, your up because of your center is working really hard. Your head is up not just because of your neck muscles are keeping you up there but because of your center is working really the hard. That's the three more breathe in two, three, five, and exhale, two, three, four, five.

Two more and empty your lungs. Pump with your arms, feel the back muscles connected. Let's do one more breathe in for four, exhale for six, five, four, three, two, one, and come back down. 'Cause you guys are so strong we're gonna go right into five, some excuse. So lift up again, pick up your right leg, push with the other one and swap.

So the whole time I'm trying really hard not to tuck my pelvis, not to tie my hip flexors but to draw from my abdominal muscles. They're attached to my pubic bone to between my chest. So this broad muscle here I am using my hip flexors a little bit but it's pretty much 95% and 5% of my hip flexors push to pull into the wall. Your elbows are wide and we're doing the first series of the five stomach series. Let's do one more in each leg.

You wanna stretch last time. Now hug both knees. If you need to rest your head please do, inhale, reach and push. I could stand on your tummy, push to pull, circle your arms. And exhale your air, in with air, out with the air, in with air, out.

So you breathe in and then you exhale, you push, you lift your arms, nice and acted by your ears. And you resist to pull in. So feel like if you're doing the rowing on the reformer, inhale, exhale. So use your arms, moving from your waist, moving from your back. Feel the energy of the legs pushing and the arms are reaching and I'll bring the right leg up and pull, pull to swap.

So you wanna push this leg into the wall, find your seat, find your hamstring and stretch this one. Swap, now push the other leg into the wall. Feel the back of your thighs. Feel the bum, the seat, the tushy. And again, so when you move the leg it's should be supported by your center and front by your glutes.

Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, push, push, push to pull, open the elbows, stay up with your center and breathe naturally on this one, you don't need to emphasize the breath here. Not all of the exercises are breathing exercise even though you are challenging your lungs, your heart, your diaphragm. Now singles, one and one for a nice stretch and three, two more, four and five. Now hands behind your head, rest if you need to, if no, let's move one, two, three, push the wall, scrape the wall to return. So hopefully you're getting warmed up and down, down, down, down, up.

And down, down, down, down and up. Same thing my pelvis is not moving, my femur, my thigh bone is moving on my hip but I'm not moving hip per se. I'm not doing that, keeping it down, sacrum heavy and two more, push to pull into yourself last time. And you cris-cross. Push, push, push and switch, so you're pushing that leg to point to your center and you twist and you switch.

Hopefully can stay on your towel and you wanna twist as much as you can look to the back elbow. So rotate, twist, push to twist, push to pass your knee. Let's do two more. One more, last time and bend you knees rest your head. Oh, we're done.

Now keep your legs there we're gonna do more of this one towards the end, but keep your feet there. Reach your arms over your head and roll up. If you need to bend your knees, please do. If you need to hold your thighs, please do, otherwise come up and just give yourself a nice stretch and then we'll come up. So I don't need a towel to slide against my wall but if you need to, you can pop your towel behind you.

And we're gonna do the foot work here. Just a little bit of the foot work, the same thing we do on the reformer. So you have your little Pilates V, you're pulling your tummy into the wall. Once again, I'm trying really hard not to pull my pelvis and tying my muscles. I wanna keep them relaxed and I wanna challenge my waist.

Now push your arms into the wall. You're going to be emphasizing your toes so you can even lift your heels off the floor a little bit. And you pushing your feet or pulling to yourself. It's nice to do with the towel I guess. And now I feel like a superhero that's my cap.

So hopefully today you also gonna feel like a superhero and push, feel like what you work on the reformer on the foot bar, push the feet to pull into yourself, become one with your wall and let's do three more. So you're legs are getting a great workout but they're moving from a much stronger center. Let's do one more and now go on your heels. Let's bring your feet together a little bit so parallel. And we go down, now push through your heels, down, the shoulders open, the collarbone nice and open.

Keep the head really pushing into the wall without tension, but just slightly which is a great exercise for people that text so much, which is all of us or computer, just coming to the wall and pressing your head into the wall. It brings those muscles back that are overstretched. So really enjoy that. Push, drawing your knees together. So pretend you have a little pillow there.

One more and release, very nice. From there you're going to press your arms into the wall and you're going to lift this leg off the floor fore and up but you thinking that that leg is pushing into yourself. So if I had my hand behind your back you would be trying to squeeze my hand and feel that that leg is up from there and bring it down. And again lift that leg from all the way up here. Hold one, two, three, bring it down and again lift, squeeze my hand behind you, stay tall and bring it down.

So we doing five this is four. Sometimes I know how to count five, hold, reach the leg pulling, reach to pull and bring it down. Shift the weight if you need to, do the same thing on the other leg. So then you bring, think of my hand on the other side of your back, scoop from up here, push the fore to lift and bring it down. Push into the wall to lift the leg.

Point your toes everything is still nice and open and proud. The hips are not shifting hopefully. Now hold for one, two, three, bring it down and again, hold one, two, three, bring it down. Last time, hold one, two, three and bring it down, very good. You're going to bring your arms up to the ceiling.

And then you just gonna round and roll into yourself all the way to your toes. Give yourself a nice little stretch, walk towards the wall, roll up and you're going to grab the pair of weights that I talked about earlier. I'm not gonna be using my towel anymore but you can keep your towel behind you if you want to. We're gonna go back to that wall. And we're gonna do some standing arm work.

That was classical work that Romana would finish and end every session, but it's nice to start to warm up your upper body, connect with your muscles. So you're gonna scoop into the wall, find your position, what you need to be, to pull your tummy into the wall. You're going to lift the arms up and circle the arms around. So if you wanna stay very close to the wall you can do that because you can't pass the wall and hyper-extend your shoulder joints. So the wall kind of tells you where to stop which is really nice.

And your head is still pressing against the wall. Your neck is nice and long. My waist is pulling into the wall. So I pretty much give this exercise to every patient that I see with shoulder and neck problems. Just to undo a little bit of their mobile what we call its your cell phone and your computer position posture and then reverse your circle.

So keep the shoulders into the wall, scoop your arms up to the ceiling and bring it down. So the whole time I'm here, I think of two top sticks on my waist and then one in the front so I can't collapse. I have to keep lifting that top stick. We can also think of a cast around your waist or you can think of a core set. I actually have a patient with shoulder issue and she, remember she's 84.

And she said, "I remember when we used to wear corset." So I was like, "Please tell me all about it." (laughs) So she was like, "Oh, it was nice to keep your tummy "and it was really hard to take everything off and on." So just pretend you have that imaginary corset the whole time so nothing collapse and relax. On that topic of shoulder issue. I see lots of patients with shoulder issues. So I'm gonna give you a key, a gold exercise to do. You're gonna reach your arms into the wall with your thumbs facing up for your shoulder to stay nice and healthy and strong.

Push against the wall and we're gonna, I have a timer going and we're gonna try to stay for one minute. So I'm gonna blah, blah, blah, talk, talk, talk. So you don't see the time going by. So really press the back of your hands into the wall, the wrist, the elbows, the shoulders, the neck, still pressing against the wall. Make sure your arms are not too high.

Maybe my arm was a bit too high. Someone's like the T on the reformer. You're doing the pulling straps. So you're almost there, keep pushing, keep scoping, keep lengthening your waist, keep drawing those legs together. Keep pushing the floor away to pull into your center.

15 seconds to go. So you can see how hard this is. And that's gonna show you how we go strong, your rotator cuff muscles are, they are small but they're mighty. They really need to be strong and two and one. So hopefully you felt that.

You're gonna just rotate your shoulders back to just relax. So that was one group of your rotator cuff muscles. We're gonna hit another one. Instead of your palms facing up you're gonna bring your palms facing down. So you're going to, once again I'm gonna calm and we go, bring the arms up, pushing to the wall and hold, just enjoy.

Think of the beach, the mountain, breathe in and out. So now your thumbs are facing down and not the back of your hands but the palm of your hands are pushing into the wall. And yes, you're right. This is much, much harder. Yeah, because we don't train those rotator cuff muscles.

So has been only 25 seconds and now we hit 30 seconds and you're gonna bring it down because that's enough. And I want you to overdo but that's to show you how much you need to do it. It's like eating your vegetables. From that you just going to bring your arms in front of you and do your little boxing. So this is a type of exercise that you wanna go back to and train again and again because we're gonna be doing some fancy things and in order to do the fancy things.

You gotta go back to the humbling exercises, yeah? And do those movements, so feel nice and strong. So you push to pull. You pretend that you're punching into your own tummy and your shoulders don't leave the wall. Let's do two more.

One more set any side and release. Hopefully you felt that, bring your chin over to your chest and pew your head off the wall, your shoulders off the wall and let your arms kind of sink. So soften your knees. I was hyper-extending my knees a little bit, soften your knees, scope your tummy in. If you need to walk back to towards the wall we can do that.

So your arms hang a bit more. Now, try not to ever leave your waist from touching the wall. So everything else is off the wall. My head, my shoulder, my upper back, my wings but my waist is into the wall and then reverse your circle. So you just kind of letting gravity taking over open the back of your shoulders.

So I don't want you to squeeze your pull, drop just let them open. They did a lot of work just now and you just wanna open them up. And I'll go all the way to the floor and then row back into the wall. One little bone at a time, pull pull, pull, pull. Very nice, good.

And now you're going to open your feet and walk them a little bit forward, measure and if you need to grab the wall, please do. And we're gonna go into a squat and I wanna make sure your knees are happy. So your knees are always either on top of your toes or behind you toes. I'm actually gonna grab the wall and the towel to slide better. So once you find your measurement you're gonna bring the arms by your side and you're going to slide them into a squat and hold one, two, three, and push to come up.

And again, slide, hold, press your arms into the wall. Two, three, and come up. Let's do one more. So my feet are pretty much in line with my hips two, three, and up. We're gonna three more but your arms are gonna come forward as you go down and hold two, three, and come up.

You still have that nice long waist. Down two, three, pretend you're holding a little big power in between the knees and come up, push from your feet. And again, go down and hold one, two, three and come up. Now we're gonna go for one minute. So let's go down I have a timer going and whenever you're ready, if you can't do the full minute, do 20 seconds I have a patient now, she has some issues and we're doing 20 seconds for her, which is a lot.

So if you wanna do 20 seconds, please do 15, 10. I take anything and then you build from that. Pull your tummy in it's harder than you think. And of course you don't wanna go this low. You may wanna be a little higher, absolutely.

And then really feel like you sitting on a imaginary chair, stool. Your hands can go in your legs if you need to rest a little bit. Do what you need to do. Hopefully you're feeling the burn. Asymmetric very important, very necessary and then make sure you're not tucking your pelvis and taking it all in your hip flexors.

You can see that hopefully, relax your pelvis pull your tummy in. Four, three, two, one and that was a minute. And then come out of there. Shake your legs out a little bit. And we're going to do single leg at a time.

So now we're gonna shift that right leg in a little bit, feel like you can stand on that leg. You're going to slide down, see my voice is changing. 'cause I'm working hard. Now from there you're gonna lift your arms and then you come down. Again slide, bring your arms up, hold and come down.

And again, down, I'm gonna try five repetitions hold and come down. And again, down and hold, four and up. Let's do one more for five and then we come up. Switch your leg so you can bring maybe fairly in the same spot. Make sure you can lift the other one.

Same thing down, hold for three, lift the arms two, one and come up and again, and you can always do one more set on that weaker leg and come up. This is my weaker leg I think. So I'm not going as far, one, two, three, come up. Watch how your hips, see what's doing it. Go down hold one, two, three, and up.

Last time, so we do five, one, two, three, and come up. Reach the arms up and roll into yourself. So you're just gonna stretch all the muscles of your back, your glutes, your back of the thighs and roll up with control and grace. Really well, nice work. So we don't need this anymore.

The towel is gonna stay down. we're gonna put this down now because we're gonna go into some planks now. So we're gonna do lots of planks. You're going to once again walk your feet forward or back as you need. Bring the arms up, round your head with your body coming down, and you're going to itsy bitsy spider your hands against the wall.

Pretend your fingers are like spiders. And you're going to reach your feet. Come off the wall with your body and walk forward into a plank. And then here we're gonna just do a simple plank, push the floor away, make sure your hips are not too far down, not too far up. They're in line with the rest of your spine head.

Push the floor with your back and your center and then bring your head in. Walk your hands towards your feet, hands on the wall, hips on the wall. And itsy bitsy spider up and do it again. Head comes off the wall, shoulders peels off the wall, hold your tummy in. Itsy bitsy spider to the hand, to the heels, to your toes, go forward again.

Now here, you can stay with the same position or we can bring your feet against the wall which is gonna be a little harder. So here, I want you to feel the connection of pushing your hand into the floor to find your waist and your back. So I'm not on my shoulder. I'm pushing from underneath my auxiliary muscles. My waist, my legs are walking together and I'm going to walk down, coming to that little Pilates V and I'm gonna walk my hands to my feet.

My hips are gonna touch the wall and then roll up with itsy bitsy spider up and again, plank series. Walk down, peel your head, your shoulders. Nice and active moving, flowing. Get your hands forward, your hips off the wall. Walk forward, get there.

Nice give me three pushups. If you need to bring your knees on the floor you can, two, your towel is there you can rest your knees. Three, walk your hands towards your feet. Stretch, bring your hips back and round. Itsy bitsy spider pulling yourself into the wall.

Lift the arms up. Just to open up your pack muscles and circle your arms once and go again. Head down walk your hands down the wall, to your heels, to your toes, get your hips off the wall. Stay here nice and strong on your plank. And you're going to bring you knee to your chest and kick out.

So you're gonna do that five times, two, kick behind you with your leg straight, bend your knee, kick the leg, three, let's do two more, two, tummy in and then swap. Knee to chest kick it straight, knee and kick, three and out, four, last time and feet together. Walk your hands to your feet round. So always giving yourself a break, hips on the wall. Slide your hands back and go again.

Head, shoulders peeling off the wall. Slide the hand, your hips come off. You go into that position again. From here open your feet, bring your right arm forward and down, left arm forward and down, keep your hips down. One more with your left arm.

Just two repetitions. Now you're gonna go back to the right arm out. Now your left leg is gonna go out, feel like a superhero and come down, switch, let's do the left hand, the right leg, hold, reach, pull, scoop and bring it down. Heels together, walk your hands to your feet, hips on the wall and walk and slide the hands up again. And again head peeling.

So this is a nice little way to have you break, stretch the head into the knee and walk your hands forward. Now from here, you're going to bring your left hand closer to your right hand, and you're going to come into a side plank. Once again, my hand is pushing. I'm feeling my waist, my side, the whole muscles here, reach the other arm up. Your leg can be on top of each other or in front or in the back, whatever works for you.

Now, hold it there. You can look to your hand up there to the floor, whatever you need to. I'm gonna look straight ahead and I'm gonna lift that top leg up and up, up, and up and three more, two and one. Hold, feel like a star and now stretch. And I'll bring both hands on the floor and go to the other side.

So I'm gonna bring my right hand in closer to my left. I'm gonna go to my side. My feet are one on top of each other or you can bring it forward or back. Push with your waist, push with your back. They all blend into each other and we lift the leg up.

Six, so we're doing eight repetitions, five, four, soften this elbow down here, they're hyper-extended. Let's do two more. Last time hold it up there. Reach the arm, feels like a star and come down and stretch and come straight, heels together toes apart. Walk your hands towards your feet.

Feel the stretch you can rub the back of the ankles there and give yourself a nice stretch, touch your hips on the wall and slide your hands back into the wall. Hopefully we're enjoying that. Good, so now we're going to keep your foot on the wall and we're gonna step forward. we're gonna step forward first, and then you're gonna find what is the best position for your foot. And we're just gonna do a launch.

So you need to squat and see is my knee over my toes? That's a no, no, I wanna behind my toes. And I'm just gonna think of my front splits on the reformer. My hands can be forward or my hands can be behind my neck. Pretend you have a book on top of your head.

Pull your tummy in four, five. Let's do eight, six, big thick muscle group not like the arms. Now stay down and bounce. 10, nine, eight, seven, stay upright, five, four, three, two, one stay the same spot and just switch your foot 'cause you know that that's your spot. Burning, yes, but we think about something else.

Stay tall and we go down and up for eight. Make sure that knee, mine wants to go that way. So keep it in, two, stay upright. Three, happy knee, four, my head is pressing slightly into my hand, five, so I bring these muscles, I strengthen them six, woo, seven, eight, now bounce for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Mamma Mia and come down, good.

From there we're gonna go right into your sidekicks. Hand into the wall, lift the top leg out to the side. Of course, as high as you think you can. You can point your toes. Try not to rest on the floor.

You just lift that leg up again and stay nice and tall, ribs are in, leg is high, up. We're doing 10 and hopefully you're feeling your obliques, your glutes, some of your back here is working as well. Now stay up there, go forward and back. The goal is to keep that leg as high as you can. Yeah so try, you can do on top of your dining table.

So you gotta over the dining table. You can scrape the dining table just five. So two more, four, breathe, five. Now circle that leg fore and back. One, two, three, four, the hand can be behind your head, five, reverse.

So we did lots of... We normally do the sidekicks on the mat, which is great, you can do that on the beach too. This is a little bit harder, four, last time, five. Go into your bicycle, lift up in the knee, kick go, straight back, kick, go straight back. One more for three, reverse.

One, two, one more stay nice and high, three and bring it down I call this the banana stretch. You just going to feel like a banana and you're stretching the sides and you can push, ah, you can push the wall with the top hand and you can even bring that inside leg over and push and rotate. Nice and then from here, we're going to face the wall. We're gonna pretend this is your litter barrel and we're gonna stretch that walking leg. So I just did that and to bring that leg forward and if this is a lot for you can just see here, you can bring your legs a little lower.

I'm going to go forward and then come out of it. So I'm thinking of the litter barrel, another piece of equipment. My hands can go on the wall. I wanna bring that leg a little higher but maybe different for you. Come out of there, I'm sweaty mess already and down and up one more, down.

Now I'm gonna face away from you guys. I'm gonna channel out a little bit with the supporting leg and I'm gonna go say hi to my foot to stretch my inner thigh. Of course my hamstrings a little bit back on my thighs. And then I'm going to you go away and stretch, feels nice. And again, so we call this the ballet stretches on the litter barrel, but we're bringing it to the wall.

Last time, out, you don't have to dance ballet. You can do this, it's just how they name it. And now you're gonna bring that leg down, ta da, and you're ready for your other sidekicks. So you're gonna bring your hands as far as you need and you lift up and down, up and down. So we doing for five, no 10, we do 10 and let's do five more.

The hard ones I make it five. The easier one, I make it a little more repetition or last repetition is I need now stay up there angle forward and back. Now, once again, control your hip. Your hip should not be going with the leg. Your hip should stay without the leg.

We call that posterially rotation. We don't want that with the hip, the hip stays, the leg goes. Now you do your circle. And five, four, three, scoop tummy in, two, one, reverse. So you lean towards the wall as much as you think you need.

And as much as you need to lift that leg and last time now do your bicycle. So you bend first, kick, go straight back, bend, kick, go straight back, bend, kick, reverse, fore, stay nice and high. Remember the table, your dining table last time and bring it down. You're gonna face the wall, bring that walking leg that was kicking against the wall. Feel like you're safe and you can go forward or just stay there.

You can hold on to your leg. Hold on to the wall, one more for me, three, you can do more if you need to and come out of there, I'm gonna face you guys, I'm gonna turn out with the bottom leg and now I'm doing my side, stretch and I come out of it and I stretch the other side. And again, towards my foot. Ah, feels nice and maybe for you just be here which is completely fine it's not a competition. One more and then finish in.

Nice and you're going to face wall and bring the same leg over so you can stretch your hip flexors. So your glutes and your bum, your hip extensors and then you're gonna bring the other leg. So is a nice little stretchy bit here. Hopefully you feel that, I can go as low as you want to. And that was all first to be able to have a nice flexible legs so we can go into a split against the wall.

So you're gonna bring your arms up, you're feet a little bit away from the wall. You're going to peel yourself off the wall, then go say hi to your feet, your ankles, your hands are gonna be on the floor. And you're going to bring your... Let's start with the right leg so you can see it with your half split. So I'm using my hands on the floor to push the floor away and I can stretch my hip and I bring down.

I do the same thing on the other side, half split, and I bring it down, stick with that. I'm gonna do a full split now. So you're going to go all the way up. You're going to stretch, now if you're really flexible you can bring your foot that's on the floor closer to the wall. Walk your hands towards the wall a little bit, push the floor away and then hug your legs on the wall and then come out of it.

Bring that foot forward a little bit away from the wall. Then you bring the other leg for your full split. Now, if you're flexible, bring that foot on the wall. Walk your hands forward towards the wall and push the hand into the floor so you can go closer to the wall and hug the wall with your legs and then come out of it. Walk your feet forward a little bit, straighten your knees, dry your sweat and around into the wall pushing your lower back into the wall, your middle back, your upper back, your chest and your shoulders.

Wonderful so now we're gonna work on your extension yeah. So we going to be doing... I'm gonna break it down how to do your high bridge. So stick to the version that works for you. So we're gonna walk fore a little bit.

Your hands are gonna be by your shoulders and feel the opening of your chest and they come back in. So for some of you, this will be lot already. You wanna push to open your chest towards the ceiling, its not about crunching your lower back, it's about opening your chest and then come toward the wall. I'm going to walk forward a little bit and now I'm a little bit more away from the wall and then towards the wall and again, I'm lifting my chests to the ceiling. I'm pushing the wall away from me.

Oh, feels so wonderful. And then bring yourself back into the wall. So stick with that. I'm gonna keep going down the wall, like a spider like a super spider, hands on the shoulders, I'm gonna walk my feet big distance now. Not yet I'm gonna put this on there.

I don't think I'm gonna fall, but just in case. Again hands on the shoulders, walk your feet make sure you have a nice parallel position and you can do some press-ups from here. So as low as you feel comfortable with, you're opening your chest to be able to do this. Now, see if you can go down a little bit more. So that means you're gonna open the legs a bit more.

Bend the knees, walk, walk, walk and then come back up. Walk down, walk up and walk back with your feet and then round, so your feet as bit away from the wall now. Go down, stretch your body and then round your body back, bend your knees. Spend a little bit of time pushing the lower back into the wall. Ah, now we're gonna go all the way down to the floor.

So, or just watch if you need to, hands on your shoulders, I'm gonna walk big time and I'm gonna straight my arms. Ah, feels great and walk down. And then from here I'm gonna just do some press-ups. Head down, push open. Oh, delicious.

As Romana used to say, because I'm opening my chest, I'm not crunching my lower back. I'm thinking of my heels pushing the floor so I can use my thighs back in the thighs. One more now keep your arms straight and you can do one leg at a time coming up and then swap. And then back up, walk back and your feet a bit away from the wall round into yourself. From that big extension, you just did.

Now you bend your knees hold on to the back of the thighs and round with your lower back pushing, push you fall onto the floor. So you can push your center, your abdominal muscles into the wall. So you can open up your lower back. Ah, beautiful, hopefully you're enjoying that. And now are we're gonna turn around and do some arm stand.

So we're gonna jump and bring your feet against the wall in a minute. But if you don't wanna do that version you can bring your hands on the floor and just bring your feet on the wall. And then you can go closer to the wall as you need, yeah? So you can do that version or you can feel like a kid again and pick your favorite leg. And we're gonna just break it down.

So you're gonna just tell your brain, "I'm gonna go upside down, is that okay with you? "I'm gonna be fine." I can't do that with my left leg, it's just rubbish. So I'm gonna do with my right leg forward. So you want to be confident to do that. And then eventually you're gonna quietly place your feet on the wall.

So we shouldn't be able to hear your heels and then you're gonna come down just as quiet. So you're gonna do that two more times and you can go closer and closer to the wall as you need. And then down this time, we're gonna stay down, I mean, stay down there. Hold now you're going to do you push up, your press up, four, mini one, five, six, seven, eight and I'm gonna come out of there, nice. I'm gonna do one more and I'm gonna split my legs out to the side and nice and quiet and open out and come up and step down get on round to come up.

So hopefully you enjoy that. Stretch your arm over the head, ah and then the other side, ah. Good, you can grab your towel. I'm gonna use my little sticky thing but you can just fold your towel and we're going to round a little bit 'cause we did a lot of extension. So you're going to lie on your back, ah.

Now make sure you have the right distance here. So I need to go for a little bit because I want to round my hips and come up and then round hips and come down. Round my hips and come up, round my hips and come down. And I'm gonna round my hips and stay up there. So before do you full bridge, we talked about this.

We did this in the first class. You can stretch your right leg and just go down and up. So very important part of the bridge is to use the back of your thigh. Four, five, let's do 10, six, my arms are active, seven, eight, hopefully feeling that thigh burning, nine. Now stay up there and bounce eight, seven, six.

Coming from here from the back of your thighs, four, three, two, one, and roll down. I didn't wanna make your thighs to tired for the bridge. So I chose to do this now and we go to the other side, up and down. Keep the straight leg nice and active with energy through the ceiling. The weight of your body is on your shoulders.

You can lift your head any time you want 'cause you head is light, you're still scooping in and ribs in. let's do five more, breathe some oxygen to the working muscles. Now stay up there and do your bouncing for eight, seven. Pushing from that foot that's on the wall. Five, four, three, two, one, and come down.

Very nice, now we get into the shoulder roll down that we do it on the Cadillac, on the table. So that means you're gonna start with your leg straight. Come a little bit away from the wall. Arms are the same, you gonna peel your hips off the floor and then roll them back down again. I think I need to come a little tiny immediate towards the wall and again, lift and roll down your spine.

So articulating one little bone at a time. Now, roll up again stay there. Kick your right leg over your nose five times, four, three, two, one, swipe other leg. Five, four, three, two, one, roll down from your chest to your ribs, to your waist. Bend your knees, give yourself a little stretch.

Rock a little bit side to side. Let's place both of your feet on the wall and do your teaser. So lift up the arms up to the ceiling. Head comes off the floor, roll up, bend your knees if you need to hold the back of your thighs stretch forward and roll down so that stretchy teaser, arms over the head, up, roll, scoop into yourself, reach, ah, feels nice, let's do one more like that. Lift the arms, the head, roll up, scoop stay here without the stretchy now and lift your legs off the wall and place it on the wall.

Scoop and pick up the legs from your abdominal muscles all the way up here between your chest. Lets do one more and down. Bring your arms behind you open up, lift the legs nice and high, stretch and place it on the wall. Again cross your legs, stand up. And you're going to bring your feet on the floor and roll a little bit into your body, into yourself.

You're just gonna do... You're gonna press your arms into the wall. Look to the right, all the way look to the left, stretch the neck muscles center bring the arms forward, inhale, push the wall away nice and proud. Look to the left, look to the right, look center. Exhale, let's do it one more time.

Inhale, heel are together, thighs are together. Look over the shoulder, over the left shoulder, center. One more, inhale, last time look over the left shoulder, look over the right shoulder, center and now keep your hands there. Walk your feet towards the wall. And I'm gonna show you one more great stretch that I learned over there as well.

So the story I said in the beginning is that some of the stuff came from various pieces of equipment but also from spending time at Drago's Gym what I learned from Romana. The gym was divided into Pilates and gymnastics and some of the stuff come from watching the people doing gymnastics. Make sure that your knee has a nice paddy. You're going to place your feet on the wall for a nice deep thigh stretch. So it feels wonderful if its too much for you, stay away from the wall.

If you can you're gonna make your way closer to your heel back here depending on how rough your wall is you may wanna place your towel in front of your foot. You wanna go as far towards the wall as possible but that would depend how flexible your hip flexors are. And then you're going to stretch, ah. And bring it down, beautiful. And then do the same thing on the other side.

So whatever way you wanna get there just make sure your knee, it's nice comfortable for your knee. So you can stay there if this is a lot for you stay there. Or if you wanna go closer, that side's tighter. (laughs) It doesn't want me to go it's like, ee, no, so I'm just gonna tell my brain, "It's okay. "Ah, it's okay to stretch, nothing is gonna happen." You gotta think about the brain too, isn't it?

And then reach your arms, 'cause the brain can be a defensive mechanism. So you gotta tell the brains, "Its okay, "I'm not hurting myself." You don't have to defend and protect and tight. I can't go into the stretch. Brain science is amazing, beautiful field that we gotta consider as well. It's all connected and you're gonna come out of there.

You don't need this anymore. You're going to bring a feet together again, distance that worked for you so far, I'm gonna come into the wall, rounding a little bit of you at a time. You're gonna place your heels all against the wall. You're gonna push your hands into the wall and you're gonna push yourself forward nice and proud. So your head should be with the rest of your body.

Nice and in line. My weight is over my toes and I'm ready to walk around beautifully thinking of the wall behind me. So I hope you enjoy, hope you're a sweaty mess like me. This was really fun, I hope you enjoyed the whole series. If you haven't seen it, go back and watch the other videos.

Thank you so much.

Wall to Wall: with Alexandra Bohlinger


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Loved this class! I am already looking forward to Alexandra's Next Series. Class is not easy but it is worth taking... maybe 50 or 60 times:) My shoulder's have issues, so the hand weight section was probably the most therapeutic for me, but I really did love the whole class. Thanks again Alexandra:) 
Giulia C
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love love love!!!
all classes are amazing! thank you Alexandra!!! hope to have more classes soon!

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I loved how this class got more and more "interesting" - i.e. pushing the envelope, as it went along. Very satisfying. Not the handstands. That's why I'm valuing Pilates so much right now, to recover from a back injury doing those inversions in yoga What a nice class. And also I made Teaser status with this one... party!
Hi Gary M, thank you so very much for your uplifting comment! Ha “50-60 times” lovely yes 🙌 Let us know what you would like me to cover in a future class!? Stay well, healthy & moving! 
Giulia C Thank you 🙏 I’m really touched by your comment! Yes let’s meet again soon & let us know what you would like me to cover in future classes! Take care & Keep moving! 
Brian B thank you your comments have been so valuable! Well done you for scoring the teaser! 🤛💪
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yay, handstands!!  Fun!!
Keri Yes! I'm delighted you enjoy! 
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Brilliant!  I feel amazing.  Thank you so much.  
Florence P
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What a great class, I'm working with one of my student with the wall at this time and that could be the next step, I will do it again for sure. I'm not use to print the lower back so much against the wall but with the space between feet and wall I felt the connection to the upper psoas and so the length of the legs so that was interesting to consider-) Thank you!!!
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