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Developing Stability

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You will begin to develop a stable base to move from in this Mat workout with Katie Yip. She teaches traditional exercises, adding modifications and variations when necessary to help you build your foundation. She finishes with a series against the Wall to prepare you for the Push Ups that will come in later classes.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall

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May 19, 2021
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All right, everybody let's get started. So this is week one of "Push Your Limit", working towards the pushup, using the skills as taught to me by my teacher, Kathy Ross Nash. We're gonna begin standing at the front of your mat. Let's go heels together, toes apart. You're gonna bring fingertip to elbow and press your forearms into one another.

I want you to lift the two frontal hip points and these are these two bony points in front of you. Those pull up toward the ceiling as you start to lengthen the tailbone down through the backs of the legs and through the heels, scoop the lower stomach in, take one leg behind the other, it doesn't matter which one and you're going to lift yourself down to the mat with control. Control is the name of the game. Go down, all the way down. No plopping we'll work on that as we go on through the weeks, take the hands by your side, lift your bottom up and lie all the way back down.

From here, we're gonna bring your knees together, feet together and scoop your stomach in. So we wanna develop a stable base so that we know where all movements should be initiated from. Everything else we do in the coming weeks will just be higher expressions of all of these exercises. Press your arms into that mat, scoop your lower stomach in and think of those two bony hip points on the two hip points on my fingers are pointing to and they're gonna pull them back and pull them under your rib cage, scoop your lower stomach in and pull the hips towards your navel. You have that deep scoop.

Now without releasing these hip points, I want you to reach your sit bones towards your heels and you'll feel the sit bones draw together. And you'll feel this two inch band wrap around the waist line and you're gonna hold that position. So that is always what needs to be engaged throughout this entire time. Let's release it again. It's a very subtle movement.

Scoop the lower stomach in, draw the two hip points towards your navel and pull the navel under the rib cage, soften the chest. Keep that deep scoop. As you start to reach your sit bones and your tailbone towards your heels. So you find that opposition, that band that wraps around your waist is engaged. Hold it for five, four, three, two, one and release.

One more time, so we can really understand but what has to be working. Scoop your lower stomach in, pull the pelvis back, pull the hips under the ribs, soft ribs, soft chest, scoop the stomach in, keep that deep scoop. Now dense that deep scoop, you start to lengthen your tailbone down the sit bones reach toward your heels and you hold it for five, four, three, two, one and release. Let's find that same pattern and add some arms exercises to that. Scoop the stomach in, two hit points pulled down back, length the tailbone down in opposition, press through the back of the legs.

Without disturbing this, lift the arms up to the ceiling, pick your shoulders off the mat. Now reach your arms back as far as they can without releasing your lower back or your rib cage. So you have to really scoop, the farther the arms go back, the more you have to scoop your stomach to support the weight of the arms, reach up to the ceiling, plug the shoulders in, lower the arms down, open the chest. And again, reach up, pick the shoulders up, scoop the rib cage under the chest as you stretch the arms back, press through the feet you really have to anchor your lower stomach here so you can get that oppositional stretch, that stable base we're working towards, reach up, plug the shoulders in, lower the arms down one more time, inhale, lift the arms up, pick the shoulders up, press through the back of the legs, whole of the stomach. Well, you really feel that working, reach back, reach back.

I'm working just as hard as you guys are, reach up to the ceiling, plug the shoulders in and lower the arms down open the chest. From here, let's add the lower body. Scoop the stomach in, slide the right foot forward only as much as you can without releasing this hip and scoop your stomach and slide it back home. Left foot slides forward. Pull the pelvis back in opposition, scoop and bring it back in, slide the right foot forward.

Scoop to pull it back home, slide the left foot forward, scoop and bring it in. From here, slide both legs out. Keep your pelvis pulled back. Lift the arms up to the ceiling, press your legs into that mat. Find that same scoop of the pelvis.

You're gonna bring the head through the window of the arms, press your legs down into that mat. Roll up as if you're curling over the rib cage, curl over the chest. Now I wanna make sure you're not down here. Your shoulder blades should be off of that mat. Hold it here, so I'm really working on anchor that bottom rib, stretch the back of the legs.

And we begin pumping for your hundred and inhale two, three, four, five, exhale two, three, four, five, inhale two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, and as you are pumping, you're stretching the back of the neck, crown of the head to the ceiling, while you pull your lower stomach behind you, stretch the inner thighs through the heels, stretch the back of the legs and every pump you try to curl a little higher over that upper stomach. It is awful. You wanna throw up, but it feels great. And exhale, two, three, four, five, inhale two, three, four, exhale, scoop that stomach back, two, three, four, five, inhale, two, three, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, inhale two, three, four, five, almost there. Exhale, two, three, four, five.

One more, top of the head to the ceiling. Inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Hold it. Curl up, one little higher, two. Up three, four, five, scoop it in, six, seven, eight, nine. Hold it and lie all the way down.

Ooh, you're gonna bend your knees, hands by your sides. Press the arms down, press your legs together. Slide your fingers forward. Spine that same scoop of the pelvis and the lengthening of the tailbone. The very first exercise we did, always gonna go back there.

That's the foundation for everything, your stable base. Roll up, press through the feet. Press, try to roll up a little higher. Make sure you're not here once you off of the shoulder blades, up to the bottom rib, hold it there and press your arms down. Scoop it back, hold it, five, four, three, two, one, roll all the way back down.

And again, slide the fingers forward. Scoop the lower stomach back. Peel the shoulder off, shoulder blade all the way up to the rib cage. Press those arms down. Hold it, five, four, scoop it back three, two, one roll all the way down to that mat.

Two more times, reach it forward. Feel the crown of the head stretch up to the ceiling as the ribs drop down, the waist pulls back. You pull your pelvis back, press through the feet to hold it here. Five, four, three, open the chest, two press those hands down. One, roll all the way back down to the mat.

Let's add on, lift the arms up to the ceiling. Plug those shoulders in, press through your feet. The head goes through the arms as you roll up. Once you get to that bottom rib, you slide your legs forward and reach past your toes. Curling into yourself.

Let's flex your feet. The crown of the head reaches towards your knees as you lift the rib cage off of your thighs pulling your tailbone underneath you. Now scoop from the lowest, lowest part of your stomach between those hips that we just worked on. Start to roll back down, bend your knees, massage your lower back into the mat and lie back down. Pick your shoulders up, stretch your arms back without releasing that lower stomach or that rib cage.

Reach up to the ceiling. Plug the shoulders in, lift your head through the arms, roll up, slide your legs out and scoop your hips back and you curl up and over that rib cage curling into yourself the crown of the head reaches for the knees and maybe by the end of the eight weeks it'll touch your knees. Scoop the stomach off both sides. Press your legs down into the mat. Whole through the ways so you're gonna keep curling into yourself as you roll back, start to bend your knees so you can massage your lower back onto the mat.

Head goes down, stomach scoops, reach it all the way back, arms come up, head goes through. Stretch forward, head to the knees. Scoop your stomach off your thighs. Roll back down, massage the lower back and reach the arms over the head. One more, inhale up, exhale over, stretch.

Inhale, roll down, scoop the stomach back and lie all the way back down. Take the hands by your sides. Press your arms into that mat. Stomach scoops in from here you're gonna bring the right knee into the chest, nothing shifts. You're gonna stretch the leg towards your nose.

Bring it back center without disturbing your pose. Take it over to the left hip, scoop and bring it center, knee to knee, scoop and bring it up open to the right hip scoop and bring it up to the nose, center, left hip center, knee to knee, all I care about is that you're anchored through that very first exercise that we did. So the leg is just a distraction. All I want is that stomach to be super glued to the floor and right hip center, one more time nose, center left hip, center, knee to knee, center, right hip center. Let's add the challenge.

Stretch your leg straight. If you can't scoop and bring the leg towards your nose bring it center, scoop over to the left tip. Anchor that right hip, nothing shifts. Squeeze your knees together. Pull your pelvis back in opposition.

Right leg up and back open to the side, bring it center to the nose, center, left hip scoop between the hips, center, knee to knee, center, open to the right hip, center, press your arms down. Last one to the nose, center, left hip, center, knee to knee, center, open to the right hip, center, to the nose, bend the knee, hug it into your chest give yourself a stretch and put that foot down. Press the arms down find that scoop and find that tilt left leg into the chest, hold, press through your right leg, bring the knee to the nose. Bring it back to center over to the right hip keep that left hip down, bring it center, knee to knee, scoop, bring it center open to the left hip, nothing shifts in that right hip. You have to anchor that right side.

Bring it center, nose, center, right hip, center, knee to knee, center, left hip, center, nose, center, let's add on stretch that leg up to the ceiling. A little more difficult now, scoop the navel back as you bring it up to your nose. Center right hip, center, squeeze your legs now really pull your pelvis back so you don't arch your back here. Bring it center, open to the left hip, center nose, center, right hip, centers scoop your stomach back. Squeeze your inner thighs together to the center.

Open to the left hip and center to the nose and center, one more time, right hip, center, knee to knee, pull your pelvis back, press through that right leg, open to the left hip, anchor the right side in opposition, center to your nose, center, bend the knee, hug it into your chest and take your feet down, from here you're going to roll all the way up, grab underneath your knees, elbows up today, press down through the feet for your half roll back, lift the crown of the head to the ceiling. So as if I have a string attached and my lower back is lifting up. I'm pressing down through the back of my legs. Now scoop your stomach away from your thighs as you start to roll back. So those two hip points pull away from your thighs.

Try to make as much space as you can between your chest and your thighs only the back touches a hold it there, press down through the feet and curl in as if they're rolling under a low ceiling so the head goes towards your knees as your ribs pull off of your arms and sit up tall, press down through the back of the legs. Scoop your pelvis back behind you. Try to lengthen your lower back across the room. Reach your knees forward. Elbows up, no lazy elbows.

We want nice arms, elbows up, roll back, scoop it back, hold it, shoulders away from the ears. Now pull your pelvis behind you. Curl into yourself. Get the head to touch the knees and sit up tall. Now we're gonna go into one of my favorite exercises, it's pulses.

And we're gonna really work here. Elbows up, press through the feet. Pull the pelvis back. Touch just that low back to the mat. Up one, up two, up three, scoop it back, up four, up five, woo six and seven, whole of the front body out, eight, nine, 10.

Stay here, it gets better trust me. We're gonna roll down and touch the pelvis to the mat. One, two, three, four, little lower this time, five, this is also an arm exercise too, six, seven, scoop it back, eight, watch the head doesn't bobble. You keep looking, you find a point in front of you. Your gaze stays there the whole time.

Roll down, waistline touches the mat. One, two, elbows up three, four. We need that upper body strength too for our push ups. Seven, eight, nine, 10. To the bottom of the rib cage, one, two, press down through the feet.

Three, four, scoop it back. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, to the shoulder blade one, two, three, four, five. Guess what, we still have to come up, sorry guys. Eight, nine, 10. Hold it there.

10 times at the shoulder again, we can do it. One, two, doing it with you guys. Four, five, six. And the students that take my class know I'm a terrible counter. So I apologize in advance.

Nine, 10. Bottom of the rib one, this is the worst one, two, three, four, scoop it back five, six, press down through the backs of the legs. Seven, eight, nine, ten. To the waist little higher, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. To your pelvis, two, three, scoop it back.

Four, almost there guys. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 up top and one. These are like nothing now. Two, three, four, pelvis back five, six those two hip points go back. Eight, nine, 10, sit all the way up.

Ooh, shake it out. Shake it out. Wipe off the sweat as well. From here we're gonna go into your rolling like a ball. We just opened that lower back. Let's see if we can keep that round back as we balance and you're rolling like a ball.

So you're gonna hold onto the ankles. Scoop your stomach back off of your thighs like you just did in your half, roll back and start to slide the heels in towards your bottom and balance. Press those heels together. Lift your lower back and curl up and over your knees. And the goal is to have the head in between the knees in that tiny ball, hold it balance, hold it, hold it.

Think of that half roll back. All those awful pulses we did and lower the toes down. And again, slide the heels in by pulling your pelvis back, elbows up like we did in that half roll back now, lift your lower back up and curl up and over your chest and your ribs. Hold it here. The head goes in between the knees.

You come in that tiny, tiny ball, hold it five, four, three, two, one, lift up and lower the toes down. One more time, scoop it back, slide the heels up, elbows up, lift the lower back bones, lift the middle back, lift the upper back then curl over like you were going into your hundred position that we just did. So you're trying to look down at your pelvis. Head goes to the knees, squeeze the heels together, elbows up and push your ankles into your hands. Hold it for five, four, scoop it back, three, two, one, lower the toes and lengthen down.

Excellent work. We're gonna go into our stomach series. From here right leg comes into the chest, right hand, right ankle, left hand to your knee. Slowly roll back down into position. Pull the thigh in, extend the left leg out, stomach scoops back and you're going to scoop the stomach to pull the left knee in both hands on your ankle.

Right leg goes out, scoop the stomach first, both hands on the ankle, left leg out, scoop and bring it in. And my students know that when I start to feel a stretch in the middle of the AB series, it's a bad thing. So I'm gonna do like 50 of these. I won't make you guys do that today though. And stretch, scoop and pull it in, right leg out, stretch, scoop and pull it in, left leg out, stretch, scoop and pull it in.

Let's make it a little tougher. Right leg out, scoop, change at the same time, scoop to change, scoop to change, hop the leg in, in, in heel to your bottom really hug it in, hug it in, hug it in, let's go a little faster. 10, scoop, don't lose the scoop though. Eight, seven, six, five, hug it in, four, three elbows up, two, one double leg pull. Let the head rest for a moment.

Ooh, lift your head up as if you were in that rolling like a ball position. So you're gonna try to get the head in between the knees but the tailbone has to stay down. Pull your pelvis back and lift your elbows up. Extend the legs out and take the hands to the side of the thighs. Squeeze your thighs with your hands and pull your pelvis behind you.

Hold it, five, four, three crown of the head to the ceiling two, one now scoop by pulling your pelvis behind you as you hug it in, reach out, hold press, hold it, five, four, navel goes back, anchor that lower back, two, one scoop bring it in little faster, out and in, out, squeeze those heels, in, out, deepen, out deepen, we can do it. Out, in, two more times out, scoop in, one more time out, scoop it in let the head rest. Take the knees down, feet down for your 10, 10, 10. Press your legs together, pull the stomach in, extend the right leg out. The same rules apply if you have to feel those hip points pull back as you lengthen your sit bones down.

Hold it for 10, nine, eight, stomach in seven, press through the left leg, six, anchor the triceps four, three, two, one. Reach the right leg across the room as it goes down towards your left calf. Hold it 10, don't release that pelvis, nine. So take your hands to your frontal hip points and pull them back. Those bones shouldn't move at all, four, three, that's the stability of the pelvis that we're working on, two, one down to the ankle, it's really tough here, keep pulling that hip back.

Squeeze the inner thighs together eight, seven, six, five, four, three. Want that strong center, two, one backup to the calf. Hold it, 10, nine, press your arms down, eight, seven. So I sometimes take my hands here to know when I'm cheating or when I'm not cheating back up to the knee, hold it 10. Reach that leg across the room, nine, eight stomach it, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one go down to the ankle, don't disturb the pelvis.

Reach the leg across the room as you bring it back up to the knee. Whew, down to the ankle. This is like a secret killer exercise, to the knee, press those are thighs together. There's my tremor. Down to the ankle, reach out to the knee two more times to the ankle, to the knee, press those triceps down, to the ankle, soft chest and soft ribs to the knee.

And the foot goes down. Other leg, left leg out, take your hands to your pelvis so you know whether you're cheating or not, pull them back and scoop between those hip points. 10, nine, press through the right leg. Eight, seven, six, wipe the sweat off your forehead. Four, three, two, one, reach out down to the cap.

Pull that pelvis back, don't let it release. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Down to the ankle. Hold it one, pelvis back two, three, scoop it in, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Reach it out to the calf.

Hold it one, two, three, longer left leg, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, to the knee, two, three, reach out four, how long can that leg get? Seven, eight, nine, 10 to the ankle, to the knee, to the ankle, to the knee, to the ankle, to the knee and put that foot down. Excellent. Single leg, pull bent, bring the right leg into the chest. Bring the left leg into the chest.

Lift the upper body up. Take the two legs up to the ceiling. Both hands on the back of the right leg whether it's the back of the knee or the back of the ankle. Scoop your stomach, the left leg reaches down. Think of that, 10, 10, 10, we just did.

You can't release those pelvis bones. Draw the legs together, hold both hands on the left leg. Reach out, scoop the stomach in only go as much as you can keep that pelvis pulling back. Stomach draws your legs together. Both hands on the right leg, left leg out, stomach brings it back up, right leg out, stomach brings it back up, left leg, bring it up, right leg, scoop, bring it up.

Left leg, scoop, bring it up, hold it there. Grab under your thighs. Pull your upper body off that mat. Stay here, take the hands behind the head. Elbows open and we're gonna curl up.

Hold it and down up one, up two, just the upper body, three, four, the toes reach the ceiling five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. 10 more 10. Nine, eight, stretch those toes. Six, five elbows open four, three, two, one hold it, hold it, hold it. And bend your knees, feet go down.

Stay lifted in that upper body. Scoop your stomach, right leg comes in, twist the right, stretch it, stretch it. Look behind you, reach that right elbow back and twist from the rib cage. Anchor that left waist, get higher as you come to center, right foot goes down, left leg in, nothing shifts twist to the left. Anchor the right waist.

Look behind you, curl up a little higher. Get taller as you come to center, put the left foot down, right leg in, twist and center foot goes down, scoop it in left leg in twist and center, place it down and lie all the way down. Excellent work. We're gonna sit up and separate your feet so they're gonna either be on your moon boxes or they're gonna be a little bit wider than your mat. Take the arms down in front, press the arms down and lift the crown of the head to the ceiling.

The head goes down, you walk the right hand down, push with the right hand, pull the ribs up and back behind you. Left-hand walks past the right, push with the left hand and scoop your ribs back. Right-hand, push scoop the ribs back. Left-hand, push, scoop the ribs back and the right hand goes right next to the left and you press and you think of lifting up, up, up like your ribs are pulling diagonally up and back. The hip points are pulling off the thighs and the back of the legs are pressing down through those heels, all that opposition and walk back in, push right arm.

Press, press, press, press and sit up tall. And again, lift the stomach up, chin to chest, left-hand goes out, push and scoop it opposition, right-hand push and scoop in opposition. Left-hand push and scoop. And as you're walking, try not to shift side to side, press, this is that very first pushup that we're doing but we're doing it seated where you have to walk out into your pushup position without shifting, walk back in, push and lift, walk, push and lift, walk, push and lift, walk, push and lift, walk, push, and lift. One more time, chin to chest, walk out, scoop, right-hand scoop, left scoop, right scoop, left scoop, press and pull your pelvis back.

Try to make as much space as you can between your ribs and the mat, the hips and the thighs. Push, scoop it back, scoop it back, scoop it back. Walk back in, lift the lower back and reconstruct the spine. Excellent work. Take the hands to the top of the legs.

You're gonna roll down, grab your ankles. And you're gonna scoop your stomach as you slide the heels in for your open leg rocker prep. Just like that rolling like a ball. Lift your lower back, lift your middle back and lift your chest through your shoulders. Snuffing shifts here, just like that single leg circle.

Right leg extends out. Bring it back down, left leg extends out, bring it down right leg. It looks easy but it's actually really hard and bring it down, left leg out, but that's what Pilates is. Bring it down, right leg. Bring it down, left leg.

Bring it down. Now it's time to mess with you guys. Right leg out, left leg out, right leg down, left leg down. Left, right, left, right, right, left, right, left, left, right, left. Right, right, left, left, right left, left.

Right, left, right, right, left, right, left and rest. Two legs out and down. Two legs out, so I can just do whatever with my legs because I have my strong stable base supporting me. One more time, two legs out, bring it down and rest. Excellent.

Let's lie back down on the mat. If you have handles on your mat go ahead and use them for a little extra chest opening. If you don't, you just take your hands by your sides. It's all good. Press through those arms.

Scoop the stomach in. Bring the two knees into your chest. We're gonna start with your knees bent first, soften the chest, soften the ribs. Bring the knees to the nose, bring it back center. Bring it over to the right hip.

Bring it center. Reach it down, maybe you touch the mat. Scoop and center, over to the left hip, scoop and center to the nose and center. Let's reverse to the nose, scoop and center on to that left tip. Bring it center.

Touch the mat. Scoop, bring it center over to the right hip, scoop, bring it center. That was good, let's add on. Stretch the legs up to the ceiling, whole of the stomach. Soft ribs to your nose and center.

On to the right hip and center. Reach it forward and down, scoop and up over to the left hip bring it center to your nose, center again nose, center left hip, center forward and down anchor your pelvis, center. Right hip, center, nose, center. Again, right hand center, tailbone center, left hip strong center, nose center. Last time, nose center, left hip center, tailbone center.

Right hip center and bend the knees. Excellent. From here we're going to, I lied, they're gonna here and keep the knees bent for your tic talk breakdown. Open the right leg out to the side. Keep that knee bent.

Pick your left hip off and bring the left leg directly on top of the right leg, left shoulder has to anchor down in opposition. Pull the stomach in to bring the left leg back to the center and the right leg follows. Left leg opens to the side, halt, pick the right hip off and bring it directly on top of that left leg. Scoop your stomach. Right leg comes back to center, left leg follows.

Right leg opens, pick that left hip up. Squeeze your knees together. Anchor that left shoulder that has to stay still. Left leg comes back, right leg follows, left leg opens, right leg on top. Press that right shoulder down.

Scoop to bring the right leg back. Bring it center. Let's add on two legs up a little more challenging. Open the right leg. Reach it over.

Stack it right on top of the right leg, left leg back, bring it center, left leg, right leg. Right leg, left leg Right, anchor that left shoulder in opposition. Left and right last time, left leg, right leg. Right leg, left leg. Bend the knees, sit all the way up for your saw.

Go ahead separate your legs once again to that spine stretch forward position. So your feet are on the moon boxes or wider than your mat. From here, let's take the hands behind the head, lift the back of the neck up to the ceiling and feel how the tailbone lengthens down in opposition. Open your elbows and you're going to lift as you twist to the right and nothing should move in that lower body. The rotation comes from your navel up, lift and you're gonna side bend reaching that left elbow towards that left knee.

Now hold this position, open your right elbow and feel the right shoulder go back, fill the right rib open to the ceiling but keep scooping and anchoring that right hip. You're gonna roll up in the twist. Lift the navel up as you turn to center, lift the back of that neck. Ooh, that was a nice stretch, my lower back and twist to the left, lift as you side bend over the right elbow reaches towards that right knee. Now hold that position.

Open your left elbow up to the ceiling. Spin that left rib cage back. Scoop that left tip behind you. Roll up in the twist and center, lift, twist to the right. My lower body is frozen, it's not moving.

Side bend left elbow to that left knee. It's an amazing stretch and work in your side body. Roll up in the twist, lift the stomach up, soft ribs and turn to center. Lift, twist to the left. Scoop that left side.

Anchor it as you go over to the right knee, open that left elbow, roll up in the twist and turn to center. Excellent. Bring your legs together. We're gonna flip over onto your stomach and we're gonna go into your, what we call, my teacher, Kathy calls The Diaper. It's a great way to understand what muscles you have to use when you're in that push-up position.

Any exercise where you're on your stomach. So forehead is down, elbows in towards your waist. I want you to lift your stomach off the mat like there's a little tunnel underneath, the stomach is up but you're gonna try to press your hip points down. I know it's difficult to do both but you're gonna do your best. Feel the backs, the hips reach down through the heels as navel pulls up in opposition.

Hold this for five, four, three, two, one and release. It's called diaper for a reason, it holds everything in. And now scoop the lower stomach in, lift it off that mat. Reach the hips down through the heels of this. These are the muscles you have to use when we go into that push-up position.

Hold it five, four. So you don't go into that lower back, three, keep stretching the thighs through the heels, two, one and release. Whew. Last time, stomach off the mat. Squeeze the legs together.

The hips reach down towards your heels as your stomach pulls up in opposition, stretch the back of those legs. Hold it five, four, three stomachs scoops, two, one and release. Let's add on to that. Scoop it in, take your elbows in front of you. Slide them back onto that mat, shoulders right underneath your elbows.

Find that same diaper. Lift the stomach up but tailbone reaches down toward your heels. Press and pull your chest forward and up. Keep that stomach off that mat. Bend the right knee, kick, kick, left leg, kick, kick and nothing should fall, right leg kick, kick.

You're still thinking of that stomach off the mat. The hips reach back and down, kick, kick, chest up, kick, kick, inner thighs, pressed together, kick, kick, knees together, kick, kick, kick, kick, nothing in that lower back because you're lifting out of it and supporting with toes. Lower stomach and the hips kick, kick, kick, kick and kick, kick. Excellent work. Sit back on the heels and stretch out your lower back.

Bringing the head to the knees. Good, from here roll all the way up and let's turn around. Let's flex your ankles for your neck pull. Lie all the way down to that mat. Hands come behind the head, lift the head up, inhale, roll up, curl into yourself.

Sit up as tall as you can. And now scoop your stomach back. Dig those heels down. Pull that pelvis back. Pull the pelvis back, roll all the way down to that mat.

Inhale, come up, push the heels down to exhale, stretch over, inhale up, scoop, push through those heels. Push through those heels, articulate all the way down. Inhale up, exhale over, lift, scoop, roll back push through those heels, push through those heels, roll all the way down to that mat. Let's lie on our side for your sidekick series. So I'm gonna have my right arm long and my knees are going to be bent first and at 90 degrees.

Left hand goes in front, so we call this a house for your mouse. So you're gonna lift your waist off the mat. So I have a little bit of space here so my fingers can go there a little house for my mouse. You're gonna keep it there. Flex your feet and press your right leg into the floor.

Stomach scoops in. And you're gonna open the top knee to the ceiling without disturbing anything in your pelvis. And the waist remains off the mat. Bring it down one, up two, up stomach in, three, lift four, lift five, lift six, lift seven, lift eight, lift nine, lift 10, hold it there. Now without letting that waist collapse, lift the bottom knee to meet the top knee.

Bring it down one, up down two and three and four and five and six. Get that bottom knee to touch the top knee lift it up, seven don't shift back, eight, nine, 10 knees together, hold it and lower down. Now my favorite exercise of all, I love this. I love this, I do this all the time. You're gonna press through that bottom leg and in one motion, I want your ribs, your waist and your hips to come off the mat.

Ready? Lift up. See I have all this space here, right? And you're gonna suffer here and hold it for 10, nine, eight, come on, hips up seven. All it's gonna work that entire side body strength, four, three, two, one and lower down.

Woo. Two more times. Scoop up, hold it, 10, nine, stomach in eight, seven, six, five, four. Oh, it burns three, two, it's still kills me too, don't worry and lower down. Last one up, no rest one, two, three, four. Use that bottom leg, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, lower down and rest.

Excellent, excellent work. From here, we're going to sit up and we're gonna just go over to the other side. Lie on your side and have the knees bent at 90 degrees and from here flex your feet and lift that waist off that mat. So I want nice space here. Like fit my fingers underneath there.

That's how much that bottom side has to work and believe it or not, this is your stabilizing side. Press your legs together, stomach in and up down, one and two and three, knee to the ceiling and four stomach in and five and six and seven and eight and nine and 10. Leave the top leg up, scoop it in bottom knee comes to meet the top knee down, up one, up two, don't shift back three. It's telling myself that I was misbehaving, four and five and six, scoop it in and seven and eight and nine and 10 and lower down. Now ready for the big one.

Ready? Squeeze your legs together, pull the stomach in. Lift up, halt, two nice big space here, right? Four, five, six. This is a terrible exercise by the way, seven, eight, nine, 10 and lower down.

Woof and again, stomach in, press to come up. So not only I'm using that left side but I'm also using my left leg. So I'm working that entire side body and that side body has to be very stable when we go into that push-up. Lower down, one more time. Scoop in, lift, hold it, 10, nine, bottom up as much as you can.

Seven, try not to arch the back. Six, five, four, three, two, one lower down. Excellent. Let's lie back down and we're gonna go for your teaser. Press your knees together.

Don't worry, now you're teasing bent knees for the first week. Press your legs together, stomach scoops in, lift your head, roll up, hold, press through the legs as you roll all the way down to that mat. Arms go back without losing your pelvis. Arms come up, roll up, halt, scoop and feel as if you're dragging a great weight down from your powerhouse as you roll back, reach back, let's add on, right leg up and up, reach through those inner thighs. Hold it there.

Lift your chest, forward it up. Squeeze your legs through that and keep stretching that right leg across the room as you go down. Reach it back, arms come up, roll up, scoop, roll it down, stretch back and up, hold it there. Scoop it in, two legs together balance. It's changed the legs.

Roll down to that mat stretch and come up, hold, scoop as you drag it down and come up, hold scoop as you drag it down. One more time, come up, hold it, two legs out. Hold it, five, four pelvis back, we can do it, three, two, one bend your knees and lower the feet down. Take the hands in between the ankles. Lift your feet up and press your feet together, press squeeze your knees in against your arms.

Push your arms out against your legs. You find that opposition balance, balance, balance and lower the feet down and again scoop, lift the legs up. Press, pull your pelvis back. Lift that lower back. Squeeze in, create that tension of the legs pressing in and the arms pressing out.

Hold it five, four, three, two, one lower down. One more time. Scoop up, press in, hold it. Push with those arms, five, pelvis back four, three, two, one and lower down and good. Let's go into our introduction to push up.

Let's stand up and we're gonna walk to the back of or we're gonna stay here, turn around and let's go heels together, toes apart, lift the arms up to the ceiling and feel the back of the legs stretch down through the heels as the frontal hip points pull up, lower the arms down shoulder height, bring the head through the window. The arms as you roll down, keep pressing through the back of the legs and the hands will reach for that mat. Press them down, now think of that spine stretch forward we did when you walked out, nothing shifts. Press with the right hand, scoop the stomach back. Nothing shifts.

Left-hand, press, scoop the stomach back, nothing shifts. Right-hand, left-hand you're in that push-up position. Roll the shoulders down the back. Now find the diaper that we did. The stomach pulls up like you had that little tunnel while the tailbone lengthens down in opposition, bring the chest through the shoulders so you create that long line from head to the foot.

We're gonna hold it here for 10, nine, building that strength, eight, using everything that side body strength, that upper body strength, the stomach four three, two, one. Now chin to chest, push the floor away, lower the heels down. Walk back in, press, scoop the ribs back, press, scoop the ribs back, press, press from there slowly roll up arms by the ears, keep pressing the back of the thighs through the heels, inner thighs, pull up, head to the ceiling, lower the arms, press get taller and lower down. We're gonna end on the wall today. So you're gonna find just like an empty wall space.

Here I'm gonna move my moon box. I have a little more space. So I wanna translate everything we did lying down to standing. So find a spot on that wall, heels together, toes apart. So I'm gonna be a little farther away from the wall because my back should be fully against there.

So maybe you're closer to the wall than I am or maybe you're a little farther forward, whatever you need to do to get your whole back anchored on that wall. Roll your shoulders down the back and press your palms down. You're gonna bend your knees softly and think of that scoop, that tuck that we did in the beginning, the pelvis pulls back and against the pelvis pulling back, you reach your sit bones towards your heels. Once you have that, you're going to push the thighs through the heels to zip the back of the legs together. And it goes right into the tush area.

From here, lift the arms up, stretch them up to the ceiling and only go as much as you can reach it down. Lower open the chest, inhale, lift the arms up, exhale, stretch back, press through the back of the legs. They have to work just as much, lower the arms down, open that chest, one more time, inhale up, soft ribs, soft chest scoop the stomach in, in, in reach it down and open the chest. Let's go for your circles. Reach up and circle.

Think of this as a nice shoulder massage. The pelvis and the spine are anchored and the shoulders just rotate in the joint. Reach it too and you're always getting taller through the top of the head. The thighs reach down to the back of my legs are actually burning a lot and reverse reach it up, press, grow tall, circle two, press, grow tall, circle three, press grow tall, lower the arms down. From there you're just gonna let the head drop down, roll the shoulder off the wall.

Shoulder blade, feel the back of the ribs, slide up along the wall. The waist slides up. Pull the pelvis back and just roll to that lower back, press through the heel, scoop the navel underneath you. As you roll up, press through the feet, articulate through the ribs bottom of the shoulder blade. Top of the shoulder, the head comes up.

Now slowly walk back towards the wall and feel the back body lengthen up your back will eventually leave the wall, push it off the wall and walk away with length. Now the first pushup we're gonna do is against the wall today. So bring the hands right in front of you, about maybe shoulder height. Heels together, toes apart. I like heels together, feet together.

From here, you're going to lift your heels up, scoop it in and you're going to bring your chest forward. Squeeze those legs enough. Think of everything we did on that mat, bind the diaper, the stomach pulls up the tailbone down, bind the side body strength like we did in the sidekicks. Push off the wall, halt and bend, shoulder blades together, stomach scoops in first and then you push up too. Scoop, lift those heels up, scoop first, press up three, two more times.

Lift the pelvis up, hold it, press up four, one more time. Scoop the pelvis up, hold it and it starts to burn and press all the way up. Lower the heels down. Last exercise is a nice passive shoulder stretch. You're just gonna walk your feet back and stretch here.

You can walk your hands down too if you can and you're not pushing, you're just stretching the head through the arms as the hips go back. It's a nice stretch in that upper body. Breathe in here for a few moments and walk back in and roll up to stand. And that is it for your week one. Thank you so much for joining me.

Refine Your Technique: Push the Limit


Federica A
3 people like this.
wow, great class! simple but very effective, thank you so much Katie!
2 people like this.
Katie is demanding but in a fun way. I really enjoyed the class. Excellent workout with superb cuing.  I wore 5 lb leg weights and that worked for me. Looking forward to the rest of her series. Thanks Katie:) 
1 person likes this.
Loved the class! Finished feeling strong and reconnected from doing just basic exercises. Can't wait for the next class! :) :)
2 people like this.
OMG, you are amazing! KRN has taught you well. Thanks for the great challenging work out! 
1 person likes this.
Federica A Thank you for taking class!
1 person likes this.
Pen S I am so happy that you are able to take this series! Enjoy and share the torture with your students!
Kristin S Thank you for taking class! KRN is wonderful mentor - I am truly lucky to be able to work with her. 
2 people like this.
Gary M Thank you for taking class! I am impressed with your use of 5 lb weights! 
Federica A
1 person likes this.
Katie Yip thank you! i can't wait for the next one
3 people like this.
Thanks Katie, i love the way you teach. So much energy! 🙏your class is verte inspiring. Reffering to develop a good base, i am a little confused when you say to pull the hips under the ribcage......that makes me think to put my pelvis in a posterior tilt...but watching the video it is clear you’re in a neutral position of the pelvis. Can you explain the reason of that kind of suggestion, please? Thank you in advance. Patrizia
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