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High-Intensity Mat

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Get ready to sweat in this full-body Mat workout by Melissa Connolly! She will start with a standing Warm-Up that prepares you for exercises like Thigh Stretch, Neck Pull, and Jack Knife. She also brings back a Julian Littleford variation with Teaser, then moves you through an exciting Plank progression that’ll have you fired up for the final Standing Series. Get ready to sweat in this advanced Mat workout!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Welcome to class number six. This is high intensity mat work. We will start standing. We will continue the theme, with the ball. So let's go ahead and place the ball towards the top of your inner thighs.

And let's get our standing posture. So I want you to start with your feet parallel. So the toes are straightforward, heels are straight back, and then just feel the weight of your feet. So I'll talk through our posture before we move. So we have weight into all 10 of your toes, weight into your heels.

And then start to squeeze into the ball with your adductor muscles. Tighten up through your lower glutes, draw your abdominals in an up, and then just set those shoulders down and back. Staying nice and tall, lifting up through the crown of your head. And now we're gonna take a nice deep breath. Inhale, lift your arms, look up overhead (Inhales).

And then exhale open the arms wide, soften your knees. Tuck the chin down to your and round your spine forward. Upper spine, middle spine, lower spine, hands to the mat. Straighten out your legs. Bend your knees and then roll the spine up, one vertebrae at a time.

Stand nice and tall. Raise the arms, look up, and then exhale lower the arms. Bend the knees, tuck your chin and let's round upper spine, middle spine, lower spine. Hands to the mat, relaxed your head, straighten out your legs. Bend your knees and roll the spine up and up and up.

Squeeze above with the inner thighs, stand tall. And one more time, lift the arms, lower the arms, bend the knees and we'll roll through the upper, the middle, the lower. Relax, your head, neck, shoulders. Straight and out the legs. Soften the knees and then engage your core as you roll the spine up.

Let's keep the arms down by the side stand, nice and upright. Give that ball a squeeze. You're gonna lift up onto your toes as the arms reach out to the sides. Lower the heels, arms go down. And lift up and down.

Stay nice and connected through the inner thighs, the glutes and the core, maintaining your balance. And now hold the arms out to the sides, but lower your heels. Raise the heels, lift the arms up, lower the heels arm side. Lift up, squeeze the ball and lower. Connect through that Pilates center, glutes, inner thighs, hips, and core and lower.

Now raise up and pause. Bring your arms out to the sides. Squeeze the ball nice and tight. Dry your abdominals in. Turn your head, look to the right hand and look to the center.

Balance work. Look to the left-hand, and look to the center. Look down towards the floor, and then to the center, and look up towards the ceiling. And then back to the center. Lower the heels as the arms reach up, sweep the arms out, sit back and reach your arms forward.

And again, breathe and lift up. Open the arms, sweep them forward. Sit back, reach. Breathe and lift up and exhale reach. Keep going.

I'm gonna turn to the side. Breathe and look up and then exhale, sit back, reach forward. One more like this. Lift up and then reach forward, abs are in. We're gonna add a rise up onto those toes.

So lift the heels up, open the arms, sit back and reach. Four more, breathe and lift up, lower down, sit back and reach. Three more, take in inhale, and then exhale, hips back, arms forward. Two more, lift up and exhale, sit back, reach forward. Last one, lift up and then sit back and hold it here.

Keep weight equal into your heels on your toes. Tailbone reaching back, abdominals pulling in. Take the arms slightly forward, and then open them out to the sides, engaging the muscles of your back. Reach the arms forward, exhale open and inhale forward. Exhale open, forward.

Two more, working for your back muscles and your core. Now stay out to the size of the arms in that T position. We're gonna bend the elbows and then lengthen the arms up to a high diagonal, bend the elbows. Exhale, inhale. Keep your flat back, pull the abdominals in as you reach.

Two more, exhale and bend. Last one, reached the arms and then come forward into a little forward bend. Now situate yourself to your mat so you can come out to all fours. So come down to your hands and your knees, and you're in a nice flat back. Spread the fingers out, shoulders over the wrist.

Let's take a cat stretch, curl the tailbone under and exhale round your spine, and then lift the tailbone. Roll through your, the spine extending. Come to a flat straight spine. Curl your toes under, and hover the knees off of the mat. Tighten through your core for three, two, one.

Send hips up, and Pilates, it is elephant inspired or a downward dog. Just lift those hips stretch, stretch, stretch. Lift your heels up nice and high, and then place your knees down onto the mat. Repeat the cat stretch. Exhale round the back.

Pull the abdominals in, and then lift your tailbone and roll through the back and arch your spine. Come back to a nice flat, straight back. Tuck the toes and lift the knees for three, two, one. And then send your hips up. Lengthen your spine.

Hips, reaching up, raise your heels and bring the knees down. One more time. Toes point down and we round into the cat stretch, and then arch the spine rolling through your back, and come back to neutral, tighten through your core, curl the toes under and lift to three, two, one. Send your hips up. Get that nice stretch back of your thighs and your back.

Relax your head, neck, shoulders. Lift the heels and then place your knees down onto the mat. Take the ball and your right hand. Stretch the right arm forward. Stretch the left leg back.

Keep a nice flat spine and raise arm and leg. Hold, connect to your core for three, two, one. Now reach your right arm out to the right, left leg out to the left. Only as far as you maintain stability and then exhale, pull it center. Two more, breathe in open, exhale center.

One more, open exhale center. And then bend your elbow, bend your knee, exhale round your back nose to the knee. Inhale, stretch and reach. Only two more, breathe out, scoop your abs in, in, in and stretch and reach. One more, exhale.

Stretch, hold it there, flex your left foot energy through your heel. Tighten up your glute for three, two, one. And then we'll bring it down and switch sides. Right leg long, hold the ball in your left hand. Raise up, take a second to pull the abs in.

Create a nice long flat back, and then open the arm and out to the side and pull it center. Inhale open, exhale center. One more and pull center, lengthen arm and leg. And then exhale round the back. Pull nose to knee.

Inhale stretch, exhale nose to knee. Inhale stretch, one more. And hold it there, flex your foot, engage your glute to your core and reach, and then bend the knee and come on down. Have a seat on your mat. I'm gonna place this ball between the shoulder blades to do some core work.

So between the shoulder blades come into a nice long neutral position of your spine. Flat back, abs are pulled in, lace the fingers behind your head. Now take a breath in and arche your upper spine back over the ball and then exhale curl the chest up, engaging through the core. Four more, breathe in to lower, and exhale to lift. Inhale three and exhale lift.

Inhale four, keep your head heavy in your hands as you lift. One more, five and exhale curl and lift. Moving into obliques, inhale lower back, rotate to the right, left towards the right side, lower back over the ball. And exhale lift, and rotate to the left side. Lower back over the ball.

Exhale rotate into the right, engage those right obliques, and down. Exhale engage the left obliques, inhale down. One more time on both sides, breathe out, scoop, and down. One more time, exhale and down. Now raise yourself back up to the center.

Maintain that long neutral spine, lower abs, jarring in, hips square. Raise the right leg to a tabletop and lower it down. We are marching, exhale lift the left, and down. Exhale the right and down. Exhale, hips are staying stable.

Breathe out for four, exhale three. Draw the belly into your spine as you lift two, and exhale one. Placed your feet down, stretch your arms forward, fingertips above the knees. Lift an inch, down, exhale two, down, exhale three, down. When I lift, I'm thinking about the lower ribs pulling down towards the hip bones, getting that deep core to engage.

And exhale four, exhale three, and lift two. Stay lifted, take your left hand behind your head, right hand to your left knee. Pull the left elbow back, lift five, lift four, curl three, exhale two and one, let's come to the center. Switch hands, left hand above the right knee and exhale curl one, exhale two, focusing on that right side, three and four and five. Reach both of your hands above your knees, and then take the back of your legs, walk your feet out a bit and pull yourself up to sitting.

Great, we're gonna take that ball. It's gonna go between our ankles, and then grab the back of your thighs. Pull your stomach, and we're gonna transition onto the backs. So we roll down one vertebrae at a time. The arms are down by your sides.

The knees come into a tabletop position. We are going into 100. So stretch your arms long, squeeze the ball. Take a breath in and then exhale raise your chest. Look towards the stomach.

Start to pump the arms in table top. Breathe in two, three, four, five, breathe out. Straighten your legs to the ceiling, two, three, four, five, breathe out. Lower your legs to your point of control, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five.

And four, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. And five, two, three, four, five. Squeeze a ball, two, three, four, five. And Six, two, three, four, five.

Squeeze the ball two, three, four, five. And seven, two, three, four, five. And exhale two, three, four, five. And eight, two, three, four, five. And exhale.

Nice and strong. Two more, inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Last one two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five.

Bend your knees, keep your chest up and then stretch your legs back out. Hands can go behind the head or keep on reaching long. You're gonna exhale lift the legs for three. Inhale lower, exhale lift to feel free to put your hands behind your head or you can rest your head on the mat. One more.

We're gonna vary the arms as you lift your legs. Keep the arms out to a T position, lower down. Exhale scoop your abdominals, squeeze a ball, lower down. Exhale. Last three, bring the arms back overhead.

Exhale one and down. Only lowering to your point of control, lift two and down. One more time, lift three, and then hold it down to your point of control. Squeeze the ball for three, two, one. And then let everything lower all the way down.

We're gonna flex those feet. Squeeze a ball between your ankles. We'll do a roll up transition. Arms go straight up to the ceiling. Raise your head, peel your spine up off of the mat.

Just come on up just straight. Good, so once we're here, we're gonna do the roll-up with the ankles on the ball. This is gonna challenge balance, stability . So ball is under your ankles, feet are pointed, sit up nice and straight. Breathe in, and then exhale.

Let's round the spine back, opposition our belly button pulls back as your fingers and toes reach forward. Stretch the arms back, flex your feet. Raise arms, press your heels down into the ball. Let's roll up. Good, point your toes.

Scoop your stomach and as you reach forward and then roll up, sit up nice and tall. Again, let's scoop the abs and reach the fingers and the toes forward, forward forward as you pull your stomach in and roll back. Flex the feet, lift the arms. Raise your head, press your heels down into the ball. Pull your belly button back to your spine.

Points your feet as you stretch forward and roll up. One more time, scoop the abs in. Roll through the lower spine, the middle spine, the upper spine, the shoulders that had flexed your feet. Lift the arms, raised the head. Here we go, rolling up and then keep pulling the tummy back, back, back as you point your feet.

Stretch, stretch, stretch. And roll up to see them. The left leg stays on the ball. Flex your left foot. The right leg is gonna lift up.

Lace your fingers behind the right thigh, situate your ball, so it's in this, your ankles in the center of the ball, and then let's roll down. We're gonna stay in our backs, but take a nice, smooth transition. Lower one vertebrae at a time. And then once you're here, press that left heel into the ball. Stretch your right leg up.

Reach your arms up. We're gonna move into our like circles. Take the like across, down, around pause, center. Inhale, exhale two. Inhale, engage your core, three.

Inhale, press into the ball, four. Inhale, exhale, five. Reverse, breath in. Exhale, one. Breathing every exhale, I think about pushing into the ball, with a left leg.

Two more, and pull the abs in, and lift. Bend your right knee. Lace fingers behind your thigh, raise up your head. Roll the spine up, and then we'll switch sides. So it's underneath that right ankle, bend the left knee and let's rule down with control.

And once we are there, extend the left leg, reach the arms and bring the leg across around and center. Inhale, exhale two. Really push down into the ball with your right leg. Exhale four, exhale five. Reverse, breathe in.

Find that stability, one, exhale two, exhale three, circle four and five, bend the left knee. Hold the back of your leg, raise your head, roll your spine up and up and up. And then we're gonna take the ball into our hands, your knees are bent, reach forward and roll down one vertebrae at a time. You're gonna lift your knees into table top moving into single leg stretch. Bend your elbow so the ball is hovering right above your chest.

Curl up your head, neck and shoulders. Keep the ball here, squeeze it in your hands and then stretch your right leg long and forward. Switch left leg, stretches long and forward. Arms up, right leg forward. Switch, left leg forward.

Pick up the pace. Breathe in, ball to the chest. Exhale, lift a little higher. Breathe in, and when the ball goes up, lift the chest higher. Breathe in, and exhale lift.

Breathe in and exhale lift. Breathe in and exhale, exhale. Last one, exhale, exhale. Bend your knees. Take the ball, reach it forward.

Keep the arms here. Reach your legs out three times a stretch. Exhale, pull and keep the ball where it is. Reach it to a high diagonal. Exhale, in.

One more stretch. Now hold the ball on your right hand. Open arms to a T. Breathe in, exhale, the arms stay here. Variation of my double leg stretch here.

Inhale, exhale ball goes overhead. Breathe in one. Exhale pull, inhale two, exhale pull. One more. Hold the ball in your left hand, arms out to a T.

Exhale pull, breathe in, exhale pull. One more, exhale pull. Now reach the ball towards your feet and then just stretch your arms over head and bend your knees. Pull in for a three. Stretch and exhale two.

Stretch and one more. Rest your head onto the mat. Stretch your arms straight up in line with your shoulders, and lift the legs. Take your left leg down. Kick the right foot towards the ball pulse.

One, two says or one. Two, breathe in, breathe out. Four exhale, nice long legs, exhale. Six exhale, seven exhale, eight exhale, nine exhale, and pause on 10. Keep your head down or lift your chest up, and do 10 more.

Kick and kick. Switch to, kick lengthen the legs. Kick, breathe in, outs breathe in, outs breathe in, out last four, three, two, and one, very good. You're gonna bend your knees. Rest your head down.

And now place the feet down on to the mat. Moving into some old bleak variations before crisscross. Take your left knee into a tabletop position. Place the ball in front of your left thigh, and then lift your right elbow to the ball and bring your hands behind your head. Good, keep the leg still.

Press your elbow into the ball to lift five times, release. Exhale, small lift, small release, small lift, small release. Two more, release, stay lifted. Take your right leg to a tabletop position. As you press into the ball, reach your right leg, release and bend the right knee.

Exhale, press two. And go for engaging in those left obliques, three. Two more, press, extend the leg. One more time, breathe out and hold three, two, one. And we'll bring it into the center.

Place that left leg down, balls to the front of your right thigh. Lift your left elbow onto the ball, hands to your head. And here we go, exhale curl one. Small release, exhale two. Small release, exhale three.

As you lift, scoop your abs in, four, one. Now, keep that connection, raise a left light to tabletop. Press into the ball. Reach your left leg out, bend, in. Press into the ball, lift two and in.

Exhale three and in. Exhale four and in. One more time, breathe out and hold it for three, two, one and release. We'll bend our knees. Place your ball next to you.

Hands behind your head knees on a table top, let's exhale curl the chest right up. Keeping your hip stable, extend the right leg twist to the left. Switch sides, twist to the right. Pick up the pace, breath in. And lift and twist, two inhale, three exhale, four lift and twist, five exhale, six breathe in, seven breathe out, eight breathe in, nine and exhale 10, enough of that.

Draw your knees into your chest. Place your feet down onto the mat. Grab your ball. We're gonna place up all between the knees. Give the ball a squeeze, arms press down into the mat.

Tighten your glutes, and roll your hips up. Nice and smooth. One vertebrae at a time. Stretch your arms all the way back over head, and roll the spine down, one vertebrae at a time. Lift your chest, reach above the knees.

Place your head down. Just two more, exhale roll the hips up. Lift the arms up and overhead, tighten up your glutes, inner thighs core and roll the spine down, and raise the chest to reach above the knees. Head goes down. One more time, exhale roll those hips right up, inhale stretch and lengthen the arms back overhead.

Exhale, roll the spine down, and lift your chest reach above the knees, and let your head go down. Raise your legs. Place the ball between the ankles. We are gonna go into the roll over. So give the ball a squeeze.

We're gonna do three preps. Engage your lower abdominals and lift your hips up. Just hover and lower. Two more, hover, lower. One more, hover.

And into the role of our feet are pointed, squeeze the ball. Exhale, go up and overhead. Flex your feet, and roll down one vertebrae at a time. Point your feet, lower your legs down, down, down, and then lift the legs up and exhale go over head. Flex your feet, lengthen your legs.

Energy back through the heels. Reach, reach, reach through the heels down through the tail bone, point your toes and lower the legs. Lift the legs, engage the core, exhale go up and over, flex the feet, reach back through the heels as you reach your tailbone in to the mat. And then from here, just bend your knees, hold, the back of her and rock up to see them. We're gonna put that ball off to the side and we're gonna make our way up onto the knees.

So we will not use the ball for the next series. So we're upright on the knees, tighten up through that Pilates center. So glutes, hips, core, and we're gonna take the five stretch, three sets. So squeezed tight. Keep your back nice and straight.

Let's hinge back, breathing in (inhales), exhale pull yourself back to the center. And again, one straight long line hinge back and then exhale pull up to the center. One more time, hinge and hold that hinge, squeeze your butt tight for three, two, one, and lift to the center. Now, place your hands down onto the mat. Tuck your toes under and send your hips up.

Little elephant inspired exercise here. So engage your core. Walk your feet in four times small walks, right leg first. So walk in right, walk in left, walk in right, walk and left. We're in that nice forward bend, round your back, engage the core.

Walk back to the elephant position or downward dog. Right foot, left, right. Stretch here. Two more, let's walk it in. Right, left, right, left and stretch.

Walk it back, back, back and stretch. One more, lift the hips, walk it in, walk it in, walk it in and stretch. On the next one, take it back into a plank. Walk it back, walk it back. You're in a straight plank position.

Good, so we were lifting with it, we were walking in with a right leg first, I'm gonna stay with a right leg. You're in one long line, head, shoulders, hips, heels. Point your right foot and lift that right leg up. Squeeze the glutes. Now, engage your inner thighs, leg goes cross, center, put it down.

Lift the leg across two times, one, two. Center, put it down. Lift cross for three, two, one, center, put it down. Lift cross for two, one center, put it down. Last one cross center, put it down.

Now, you're in your plank, hold three, two, one. And then just place your knees onto the mat. Pull yourself back upright, squeeze those glutes, hips and core. And take your thighs stretch we inhale (inhale), exhale lift, breathe and reach, exhale lift. one more time, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and hold it nice and long for three, two, one and lift.

Place your hands down onto the mat, curl the toes, send your hips up and stretch. Use your core, pull your abs and walk the left foot in first, walk in left, right, left, right. Stretched down over your legs. Walk back, left, right, left back into that downward dog. Two more, engage the core, one, two, three, four and stretch.

Walk back, one, two, three, downward dog. One more time. So try to keep your toes lifted up if you can as you walk in. And stretch, we're gonna take it to a plank, walk it back left, right and you are there in your plank position. Good, tighten up your abs, your glutes.

Point your left foot, and then lift that left leg up, cross, center, down. Lift up, cross one, two, center, down. Lift cross through three, two, one, center. Down going down, lift cross two, one, center, down, lift, cross, center, down. Come back to your plank position.

Hold for a three, two, one. Place your knees down, your in a kneeling plank position. With control, bend your elbows and make your way down onto your stomach. Separate your feet parallel together, together toes and heels touch. And then prop yourself up onto your forearms.

Bring your elbows out to the sides. We're gonna move into a single leg kick. So you press your shoulders down, lift your collarbone, tighten up your glutes and then the right leg, one, two, lower. Switch, left, kick, lower. Point, flex, lower.

Point, flex, lower. Inhale, inhale, exhale. Inhale, inhale, exhale. Inhale, inhale, exhale. Kick, kick, exhale.

Kick, kick, exhale. kick, kick, lower. Last four, kick, lower. Tree kick, lower. Two kick, lower One kick and lower.

We're gonna make our way onto our stomach. Turn your right cheek to the mat. Hands to the back for double leg kick. Let your elbows release down towards the mat. Squeeze into your glutes, hip bones press down and kick three, two, one.

Feet on the mat. Lace your fingers. Lift your chest. Turn the head to the other side, lower it down. Kick one, two, three.

Feet down and lift your chest. Turn the head, lower it down. Kick one, two, three. Feet down and lift your chest. Turn your head, lower it down.

Two more, exhale, two, three, inhale lift. Turn the head lower and kick one, two, three and then left, stay lifted. Separate your arms and legs. Feed on the mat. Palms of the hands down.

Hold that back extension. Reach your arms out to the sides and a T position, lengthen energy through your fingertips, hold the back extension. Stretch arms overhead reach, reach, reach, and then the overhead press, you bend your elbows. Exhale reach, breathe and bend. Exhale reach.

Three more exhale reach. Two more, stretch and reach. Last one, hold it there, lift your legs, lengthen from fingers to toes for three, two, one and then bend your elbows and lower the chest down. Good. Spread your fingers out.

Have your hands next to your shoulders. Glide the shoulders down. Lift into a swan. Take a big breath and lifting your chest, arching your spine. Exhale lower down.

Two more times. Inhale, glide your shoulders down, lift and arch the upper spine, and exhale lower down. One more time, soldiers pulled down, chest lifts and stay. Pull the right shoulder down, pick over your right shoulder looking towards your right foot and center. And hold the left shoulder down, pick down over towards that left foot, and center for more.

Breathe then bending to the right, exhale center. Breathe and bend to the left, exhale center. One more, keep the shoulders down, just look over the right and center. One more time. Look over the left and center, and then lengthen through your spine as you lower all the way down.

Good. Press back into a brief child's pose. Sit to your heels, stretch your arms out. Take a nice deep breath in, filling up the front, the back, the side of the rib cage, and then exhale. Place your hands next to your knees.

Roll up one vertebrae at a time. We're gonna go back to the ball. So grab your ball. Have a seat on the mat. We're gonna start with a spine stretch, and then the exercises from there are gonna get more challenging.

So stretch your arms forward. Get a nice flap axle, flatten the back. Pull the lower middle upper abs and tight, flex your feet. Scoop your stomach and round forward. Abs are pulling in.

We're gonna reach one, reach two, reach three. Roll up, engage your core one vertebrae at a time. Scoop your abs and round, forward, round, forward, round, pulse one, two, three. Roll up vertebrae at a time. Engage that core round, forward.

Tighten up your abs as you pulse one, two, three. Roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. And now place the ball between your feet. We are gonna move into the neck pole. So sit up nice and straight, laced the fingers.

Bring them behind your head. Feel that sense of lifting up through the crown of your head and then pull your belly in, let's round up and over the legs. And then roll your spine up. Sit up nice and straight, nice and tall, with a flat back like the thigh stretch we hinge. And then scoop your abs in, here we go.

Squeeze the ball, use the ball, hands stay behind head if possible and we roll back. Raise up your head, hand stay behind the head if possible. And then we stretch forward. Roll up one vertebrae at a time. Hinge with a flat back.

Squeeze the ball, use those inner thigh muscles, deep core muscles to roll down. Raise up your head, exhale. Roll upper, roll middle roll, or stretch forward. Roll back up, one more hinge back. Pull your abs and feel free to reach your arms forward, If behind the head is not so useful for you.

And then raise your head and exhale. Here we go, stretching all the way forward, and roll up. That one is tough. So now from here, let's take just 1/2 of a neck pull. So lean back, scoop your abs in and roll down one vertebrae at a time.

We're on our backs. Reach your arms down by your sides. Point your feet, squeeze the ball, lift your leg straight up. We are gonna move into the Jack knife. So press your shoulders down, tighten through your core.

Lift your hips up and take those legs all the way back overhead, like the roll over. The hip stays stable. Press your legs straight up. Squeeze your butt. Squeeze your inner thighs.

Squeeze a ball and roll down. And then reach the legs down. Lift the legs up. Exhale. Take the legs up and over, roll over.

Hips stay still and stable as we Jack knife the legs up. Squeeze the ball and roll down with control. Engage that core, feel free to use your arms, roll down. One more, lift the legs up. Exhale up and over.

Jack knife the legs up. Squeeze the ball, and take your time. Roll upper, roll middle, roll lower, roll tailbone and lower the legs. Legs are down. The next teaser that we're gonna do, I do teasers and every class, is a Julian Littleford teaser, which means it's harder.

So take your arms overhead. We're gonna teaser it up. So lift your arms, lift your head, breathe out, roll up to a teaser. It's a side oblique teaser. So, I'm gonna face the camera first.

We're gonna lean to the left. Start to roll down the left side of your spine and then bring the arms out. So we're out nice and long, nice and straight. And then we're gonna reach the arms forward. We roll ourselves back up to a teaser.

Let's go to the right, the arms go over to the right. We bring our way over to that right hip. You have to take your time, control it out. Try to get your body as long and straight as you can here. And then we'll sweep those arms down.

We'll raise ourselves back up to a teaser, whew. Take that ball in your hands and repeat. Bring the ball over to the left. Come to your left hip, such as circle it out, out, out, out with control. And then take that ball down and lift yourself up, up and up.

Last one, bring the ball over to the right, roll down on that right side. Stretch out, get yourself as long and straight as you can. One long line, and then bring the arms forward. Curl it back up to your teaser. Place the ball between your ankles.

Hold for three, two, one and then roll down onto your back. Lower spine, middle spine, shoulders, head and arms. Very good. So from here, we are gonna do a roll up transition. Flex your feet, that ball is right between our ankles.

Lift your arms, lift your head. Roll yourself up, let's just give ourselves a little stretch and then roll up to see it. From here, take your hands behind you, fingers either facing in or aside, wherever it feels best in your wrist. Point your toes, squeeze the ball. Reverse plank, lift up, just stay here.

We've got the ball, we're gonna use it. Squeeze it in, and that'll help tighten up through our glutes, our inner thighs, lift those hips higher. Open up your chest, pull your shoulders down. Take a big breath in (inhales). Stay there, big exhale out (exhales), and then lower your hips all the way down to the mat.

Good. Put your ball to the side. We're gonna come around onto all fours. So we're on our hands and our knees here. So establish a nice strong, flat back plank position, or flat back position, and then take one leg back, followed by the other.

So we are in another plank position. From here, we are gonna move into a side plank, but we're gonna take our time. So move your left hand into the center and then pivot onto that left arm. Feet are staggered. You can have your elbow down.

You can have one knee down, modify as you need to. Lift your top leg up, and then that top leg sweeps forward as your arm sweeps back, and then reverse. Two more, sweep the leg forward as arm goes back, reverse. One more, and back. Now, bring yourself back to your plank position, side plank.

Raise your right arm up. Lift your hip as you stretch over, and then lower just to neutral. So bring your hip down to neutral, arm down to the side. Lift your hip up, up, up, stretching over and then lower the arm down to your side, come to neutral. And one more time, lift up, up, up, stretch lower to neutral side plank.

Come back to your center plank. Awesome. We're gonna step those feet and like we've been doing. So, elephant inspired, pike your hips and then walk right, left, right, left. Good, we're in this nice little forward bend for a moment.

You're gonna take your right leg back into a lunge. So step the right toes back. Have your left knee directly over your left heel. Engage your core. Sweep your arms up, and around behind your head.

You can bend this left knee. So stretching through this right hip flexor, slightly tuck the hip under and then we're gonna lower down. Exhale press up, lower down five times. Exhale press up, lower four, press up, lower three. Exhale up.

Two more, press up, feel that energy up to the crown of your head. Stay tall, shoulders back. And then you're in your lunge, your little split squat here. Pull your belly back to your spine. Reach your arms forward.

Open up the right arm, plié in second position and then lift five times up, exhale lower. Breathe in, breathe out. Nice full range three, exhale lift four, exhale one more. Hold it here, opposite side. So lift up your left heel, pivot around and bring your hands down to the mat.

Step the right leg back. Come to your plank position. Awesome. So side two, here we go. We're gonna bring the right hand and to the center, pivot onto the right side plank.

That left arm is down to your side. Modify as needed, knee down or elbow down. Lift your top leg up. The top leg goes forward as arm goes back, top leg goes back as the arm goes forward. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in.

I think that was three, we are there. Bring the leg down. Now, stretch the arm up. Lift your hip side stretch, and then lower to neutral, to small range. Just press your hip up, hip up reach over, and exhale back to neutral.

One more, lifting up and then exhale back to neutral. Hold it three, two, one, and then come back to your center plank. We're gonna pike the hips, this time walk your left foot in first. Left, right, left, right. Let's take a nice little moment here to stretch over those legs.

Soften your knees. Shake them out, whatever you wanna do. And then take the left leg back. Right knee is over the heel, left knee is slightly bent, and let's sweep the arms out up over head. Bring my hands right behind your head.

Bend your left knee, abs are pulling in, stretching in front of that left hip flexor. We'll inhale lower, exhale press. Two and exhale press, three and exhale up, and exhale up. One more. And then come back down.

Stretch the arms forward, sweep this left arm open as we land in a second position plié, full range, inhale up, bring arms all the way down. Nice full range. Sweep it up. Exhale down lift, three, down lift, four, down left ,five, open your arms, hold it here. Raise up that right heel, pivot around, through again and that nice split squat belly to spine.

Bring your hands down. Step it back to a plank. We're gonna, it's kind of your choice. We're gonna do push-ups or hold a plank, push-ups can be on your toes or they can be on your knees. I'm gonna go to my knees, your choice.

Elbows are narrow. Here we go, 10 times, breathe in. Breathe out. Exhale two. Exhale three.

So make sure you keep your Pilates posture tightened through those glutes, inner thighs, core. Keep your head in line with your spine, and all this talking, I'm not counting. So let's do three and two and one. We're gonna come into a plank. Walk your hands this time to your feet.

Walk back, walk back, walk back, walk back. Good, and then from here, your feet are open hip distance, soften your knees, relax your head. Shake your head a little bit, and let's roll ourselves up to standing, roll up. And then we're gonna face forward to finish up the last series. So, heels together, toes just slightly apart.

And then we're gonna bring our arms into Genie position, and then come into a little knee bend. Breath in, exhale stretch, breathe in, feel your body lengthen and stretch, footwork. Inhale, squeeze the glutes, inner thighs abdominals. Two more like this, exhale. Last one.

Keep doing that or bend your knees. Lift your heels lower down as if your back is flat against a wall and then press the heels down and lift up. Bend the knees, lower down. Press your heels down. Keep your posture nice and upright.

Three more bend, lower down and exhale. Lift up, two more, nice and control. Abs are in, back is straight, shoulders are down and press up. One more time, bend, lower, heels press and lift. Swing your heels apart, feet parallel, hip distance, maybe a little closer.

Prances to finish, one heel up, switch, switch, switch, arms down, switch, switch, switch two more, breathe in (inhales), breathe out (exhales). One more time, prancing (inhales), and lower down (exhales). Good, and then just bring your feet together. Stretch your arms up and overhead, touch the palms. Bring your hands into your hearts.

And thank you all for joining me and class number six. Great job. I hope you all enjoyed.

On Center: with Melissa Connolly


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Melissa - great series, feeling strong and stretched!  Thank you!
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Excellent Class! I liked everything, but the side planks with the arms and legs moving back and forth was my favorite; 1st time i've seen that move. I got a good workout, sweated, & had fun. Thanks Again Melissa:) 
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really loving all your classes Melissa, thank you so much!
Anne M
Loving this series Melissa. Thank you so much!
Fun class easy to follow and felt good in my body challenging teAsers for sure 
Lina S
Great fun class! The possibilities with the small ball are endless! Thank you!
You never disappoint! Thank you for this series!
Helen S
I loved this class too!  Super challenging for me but fun,  I love the flow! Thank you!

Loved this class and the series is excellent! I can already tell it's going to be a great day after starting with this!
Florence P
Great class Melissa, thank you. Love the teaser variation just a wonderful twist with teaser we usually do on the chair, love this idea. 
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