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Jump Board Mat

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Melissa Connolly flips things around in the last class of this series. You'll tone your legs with some Standing Footwork and Squats, then move into Jumps that will mimic the Jump Board on the Reformer. You'll finish with a Mat sequence that includes Plank, Side Kicks Kneeling, and Teaser. Grab your towel and get ready to sweat in the final class of Melissa's exciting program!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Welcome to "Jump Board Mat" We are gonna start standing up not jumping quite yet that'll come later in class. But just get our nice standing foundation to start with So I'm standing in a very small first position, a small V my toes are just a little bit wider than a fist distance apart. And then really lengthening up through your spine. Pull the lower abdominals in and up and then feel your feet are really grounded pushing down into the mat pulling up onto your thighs. We're gonna start with a nice deep breath and take your arms up and overhead breathe in, fill up your lungs.

Breathe out and press your arms down. And again, big breath inhale expanding your lungs and exhale, lower the arms down. And again a nice deep breath inhale, fill up your lungs. Exhale, lower the arms down and on the next one stretch the arms up and over cross your arms in front of you into a genie arm position moving into standing footwork we're gonna bend the knees, breathe in exhale, lengthen your legs, squeeze your thighs. Breathe in, exhale, lift.

Inhale, now find your center as you lift really pull the abdominals in and up. Exhale, lift tall breathe in, exhale, lengthen. Let's do three more, lifting up two more, stretch tall last one and lift. Now stretch the legs out to second position, bend your knees, breathe in and exhale lift breathe in and exhale lift. Keeping your back flat as if it's sliding straight down an imaginary wall and then really grounding into your feet.

Press the feet down into the mat as you lift up. Breathe in, exhale engage the core two more, exhale lift last one, exhale lift. Alternate between second to first so you're gonna bend your knees, open the arms out to your sides bring the right leg in, cross the arms. Left leg goes out, bend lift, cross the arms breathe and bend exhale, lift and lengthen bend, exhale, lift and lengthen. Plie in second position, lift to first down use your core and lift last four, exhale pull to the center three, center last two and center last one and hold it here.

Stretch your arms out to the sides energy through the fingertips. Pull the belly in and up and raise your heels and balance. Turn your head to the right, center turn your head to the left, center lower the heels, lower the arms. Lift up and this time look to the left, center look to the right, center lower the heels and the arms. Lift up tall look to the right, center.

Connect to your glutes, inner thighs, core, center and lower. Two more, lifting up look to the left, center turn to the right, center lower the heels and arms last one, lifting up and turn the head right, center turn the head left, center and lower down. Good, from here keep your arms down by your sides lift up nice and tall we're gonna bend the knees now keep your back flat as if it's going down a wall the arms reach out, your heels lift, go down. And then as you lift keep the back straight lower the heels and press up. bend your knees keeping the crown of the head reaching towards the ceiling arms reach out and then press your heels down and lift.

Three more, breathe in and then breathe out, lifting up. Two more, bend the knees reach energy out through your arms and exhale pull yourself up and breathe and lower down and then press your arms and lift, lift back as flat, flat and stand tall. We're gonna come to the back of the mat have your feet parallel hip distance, raise your arms up and overhead, look up nod the chin to the chest round your spine forward rounding upper, middle, lower hands to the mat, soften your knees, breath in exhale straighten out your legs and roll up one vertebrae at a time. Raise the arms, inhale, look up and then lower your head exhale, round upper spine, middle spine, lower hands to the mat, soften the knees exhale, straighten your legs roll up through the lower, the middle, the shoulders, the head, lift the arms, look up and then exhale rounding forward scoop the abs in and then soften your knees, breathe in, let your head, neck, shoulders relax. Exhale, extend your legs to straight.

Walk your hands out three times to an inverted V position pause and stretch. Lifting your tailbone up towards the ceiling relax your shoulders down inhale, raise your heels high and then as you exhale melt your heels down towards the mat to stretch and hold for three, two, one raise the heels high again and and then place your knees down onto the mat. We are in a tabletop flat back position. Start to curl your tailbone and around the lower spine the middle spine, the upper spine tuck your chin to your chest lift the tailbone, roll lower spine, middle spine, upper spine, arch your back exhale, round the lower, round the middle, round the upper, lower your head and now lift the tailbone, roll lower, roll middle, roll shoulder, raise the head exhale, round lower, round middle, round upper shoulders, head last time, lifting the tailbone, rolling through your spine and arch and then come to a nice flat straight back stabilize your center, reach the right arm and the left leg out exhale, pull in, switch sides left arm, right leg reaches out, exhale in. Stay solid through your center breathe in, breathe out switch, breathe in, breathe out.

We'll do one more on each side, exhale center last time, exhale center. Stay here curl your toes under, hover the knees off of the mat. Ground through your hands pull your stomach in nice and tight hold it for three, two, one now send your hips back to that inverted V position inhale, raise your heels high and then exhale start to lower one heel to the mat and then we switch, switch four, switch three, little (indistinct) articulating your feet good and now lift your heels up high press the heels down this time you're gonna walk your feet up to your hands. Walk up, walk up, walk up we are now to the front of the mat you're gonna roll the spine up one vertebrae at a time. All right, good we're gonna stay here now get your standing posture pull the lower abdominals in and up shoulders down and back arms reach out to your sides.

Raise the right knee so exhale, lift the right leg up inhale, lower the foot toe ball heel exhale raise the left leg up inhale lower toe ball heel. Pull the abdominals in to raise the right and lower and raise the left and lower. Now raise the right and hold it strong. Bring your right foot in towards your left knee draw the abdominals back and then you're gonna flex your right foot extend the leg out in front of you, balance bend the knee, point the foot. Four more, exhale bend the knee working on our balance for the next sequence, three and two more, reach four one more reach five.

Bring your arms down by your sides soften your left knee or standing leg this is balanced work feel free to hold onto something. You're gonna extend the right leg back, pitch your body forward and balance and then we'll bring that right leg up bring your arms out to the sides. Arms come down, soften the left knee extend the right, lean forward and balance and bring it up open the arms to the side. Last one, soften the left knee keep abs in and tight, keep your back flat hold it three, two, one and bring the right knee up arms out to the sides and lower down. We're gonna repeat it all with the left side.

So arms go out, engage through your center lift the left leg up, lower the left leg down. Exhale right and down with control left, toe ball heel and right toe ball heel. Last time, lift and hold pull your abs in, lengthen up through your spine you're in a parallel passe position and then we take that left leg and extend it forward, breathe out. Bend the knee exhale reach two, bend the knee exhale reach three, bend the knee. We'll do two more, reach and bend find that focal point, balance and bend.

Bring your arms down to your sides soften the right knee, keeping your spine long and straight reach your left leg back, balance and then bring your left knee up, stand upright arms go out to the sides. And two more, soften the right knee lean forward and balance and then bring that left knee in open the arms to the side one more time, feel free to hold something if you need it for balance and then bring the knee in open the arms to the side and lower down, very good. Feet are hip distance take a big breath in, look up exhale, round your spine all the way down and stretch and then we'll soften the knees, bend them all the way and have a seat on your mat. Great, you are gonna pick up the ball next. We're gonna place that ball right in between our knees hold the back of your thighs and sit your body nice and upright so engaging through your center, lift up through the crown of your head take a big breath in on the exhale scoop your abs in we're gonna round into our letter C shape, inhale, exhale, pull the belly into your spine raise your chest, lift your eye, gaze up.

Exhale, scoop your abs in and round the spine back breathe in and exhale pull the stomach in round, lift up nice and straight and lift the eye gaze two more, exhale round back breathe in, exhale, pull the stomach, pull it in, pull it in rounding forward, lifting up one more time, round, scoop the abs in curl the tailbone under and then pull the belly button back to your spine round forward and lift. Take the arms out in front of you roll your spine down, one vertebrae at a time. Land with the arms down by your sides, head on the mat raise your knees to tabletop we're gonna place the ball between the ankles moving into the hundred stretch your arms nice and straight, nice and long we're gonna breathe in and on the exhale raise the chest. Now find the best hundred position for you extending those legs out or keeping them bent and pump the arms, breathing in two, three, four, five and exhale. two, three, four, five breathe in two, three, four, five and exhale two, three, four, five.

Three, two, three, four, five as you exhale scoop your abs in tight. And four, two, three, four, five and exhale. two, three, four, five. And five, two, three, four, five give that ball a little squeeze. Six, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five.

Seven ,two, three, four, five exhale two, three, four, five. Eight, two, three, four, five, exhale two, three, four, five. Nine, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five. One more breath, exhale two, three, four and five We pause for five, four, three, two, one bend your knees, hold the back of your legs rock up to seated and then extend the legs out in front. Take that ball right between your feet and flex your toes up towards the ceiling.

Stretch the arms forward sit up tall engaging from your core and then pulling your stomach back to your spine roll down, touching lower spine, touching middle spine, touching shoulders, head reach the arms. And inhale, raise the arms, squeeze the ball with your legs rounding, rounding, rounding up and over your legs. Roll up one vertebrae at a time. Pull the stomach in, roll down again squeeze the ball with the inner thighs touch lower, touch middle, touch shoulders head, reach the arms raise the arms, raise the head. Peel upper spine, peel middle spine, peel lower spine, stretch forward.

Rolling up nice and tall and then pull the stomach in, rounding. (indistinct) fingers forward, heels forward, belly button back, toes back, stretch the arms. Raise the arms, raise the head exhale, peel upper, peel middle, peel lower, stretch. And then we're gonna roll up sit up nice and tall. From here point your toes forward and roll down.

Arms are gonna come down next to your sides palms of the hands on the mat, shoulders down squeeze the ball with your legs pull your abdominals and really scoop lift the leg straight up. Moving into the roll over, anchor to your arms tighten through your core and exhale lift the hips, take the legs over head. Squeeze the ball and roll down through the upper, back the middle, back the lower back, the tailbone. Lower your legs down to your point of control exhale, lift them up and take them up and overhead. Squeeze a ball, lengthen through your neck articulating upper spine, middle spine, lower spine, lower the legs to your point of control lift the legs, exhale take them up and overhead, breathe in.

Exhale, roll down, tighten through your core roll upper, roll middle, roll lower. We're gonna pause with the legs at 90 take the ball into your hands so arms are lifted, legs are lifted. Lower your left leg all the way down to the mat and flex your left foot. Tighten through your core we're gonna circle the leg goes across, down around and center. Breathe in and breathe out two.

Breathe in and breathe three. Breathe in and breathe out four one more circle, reverse finding that stability through your center, one inhale, exhale two inhale, exhale three inhale, exhale four inhale, exhale five. Now point your left foot, engage your core and float your left leg straight up lower the right leg all the way down. Flex your right foot, engage your center. Let's take the left leg across, down around and center.

Inhale, exhale two, inhale, exhale three inhale, exhale four one more leg circle, reverse. Breathing in, breathe out one, in, exhale two, in, exhale three exhale four and five. Now point your right foot, float the right leg straight up to the ceiling bend your knees and with momentum let's rock up to seated. Great, you're gonna take this ball it's gonna be between your calves and your hamstring so hug it in and then take your arms around your legs grab hold of your shins scoop the stomach in, look down to your belly we're gonna roll like a ball. Start with three, here we go.

Breathe in, breathe out scoop and balance. Two more, breathe in, exhale scoop, balance. One more, breathe in, exhale balance. Arms front, roll back. Inhale, exhale balance.

Breathe in and exhale balance. One more and exhale Now take your arms out to the sides and do three more. Breathe in, exhale. Two more breathe in, exhale last one, in, exhale fantastic hold onto your shins take that ball transitioning onto our back stretch your arms up and let's roll it down with control all the way down, stretch the arms back. And now raise the arms straight up we're gonna lift our knees into a table top position.

For the single leg stretch use the ball as a guide for your legs. So bend your elbows and have the ball so that you will bring your knees so they are in line with your hips and the ball is resting in the front of your thighs elbows out to the sides. Curl your chest up and then extend the right leg out so left knee is lightly touching the ball now switch so your right knee is lightly touching the ball left leg is lengthening. This gives us a little guide to how far in you bring your leg. Let's pick up the tempo breathe in and breathe out, out.

Breathe in three, exhale, engage the core. Breathe in four, exhale five, breathe in six exhale, breathe in and exhale. One more breath, breathe in and breathe out bend your knees. Place that ball right between your ankles pull your legs in so this time feel free to pull those legs into your chest lift your tailbone up so you're nice and round. Double leg stretch, you extend the legs forward arms reach back, stretch hold for three, two, one arms go out, pull it in and hug to the chest.

Here we go, breathe in two, exhale pull. three circle, pull in four, exhale pull in, five, circle, pull in, six, exhale, engage the core seven pull in, eight pull in, nine pull in, 10, hold it in, hold it in Take the back of your legs, rock up to seated, great. Extend those legs out we're gonna have the feet on the inside edge of the mat take your arms straight up overhead so long line from the ball to the head down through your spine and down to your sit bones. Reach your arms forward pull your stomach in and round here. Feel your stomach is hollowing out, round your back.

We're gonna round forward, take the ball to the floor do three pulses, roll the ball away for three roll it away two, one hold up, roll up, roll up send the arms up and overhead. Pull the stomach in, round back first and then stay in that round scoop. Let's come on forward, ball to the floor and roll it away, one stretching further, two stretching further, three grab the ball, roll up, arms overhead One more, pull the abs in, round forward, ball to the ground stretch one, stretch two, stretch three stay here, pull your belly button back to your spine roll up and lift the arms. Good, now put that ball next to you and open leg rocker transition. Arms come forward, pull the stomach in and then lift your legs up and grab your ankles otherwise come up any way you can.

Point your feet, lift your chest, big breath in. On the exhale let's roll back, roll up with another exhale. Inhale, lift up tall. Two more, exhale back, exhale up. inhale, lift tall.

One more, exhale back, exhale up inhale, lift up tall. Bring your legs together if your ball is right next to you, grab it if it's not no worries. You're gonna place that ball right in front of your feet and roll back, roll up and lift up tall. I'm shaking, here we go. Roll back, roll up and balance here.

One more, roll back, roll up and balance here. Put that ball next to you, grab the back of your legs, bend your knees. We are gonna transition up to standing roll back, roll up now let go of your legs and come up to standing here we go, momentum we're up Good, so now take your feet out wide toes are straight forward, feet are definitely wider than hip distance. Stretch your arms out, pull the stomach in feel your spine is nice and tall. You're gonna bend your right knee, lean forward.

So your hips are reaching back, your back is straight energy through the crown of your head. Lift up straight . Other side, bend your left knee lean forward, stay there for a second hips are reaching back, head is forward and lift up straight. Four more, let's breathe in, exhale center, breathe in, as you come to the center engage your center. Two more, breathe in, exhale center.

Breathe in, exhale center. We're gonna add on a twist. Bend the right knee, lean forward rotate to the right so the left hand reaches towards the right foot, right arm goes up, arms to the sides and center. So we bend to the left and then you rotate right hand towards the left foot, left arm reaches up arms out to the sides and center. Four more, bend, rotate, bend, center and left knee beds, rotate back to the center, stand up.

One more, bend, rotate open the arms, stand tall. Last time, bend and rotate open the arms, stand tall. Good, check those feet they are parallel abs are pulling in, arms are reaching long standing saw We're gonna breathe and rotate your torso to the right make sure that left hip is back, right hip stays forward to square them off and then exhale saw, stretch. And lift up twist and center. Rotate to your left keeping your hips square and then go into your saw, we stretch roll up twist and center.

Again breathe in, breathe out saw breathe and stand up, rotate, exhale center. Inhale twist, exhale standing saw Inhale twist, exhale center. Last time, rotate keep your hips square use your core and then saw, roll up twist, center. Last time, rotate and then stretch saw rotate twist and center. Lower the arms down to your sides we're gonna come to the back of the mat.

So bring your feet back to the side, turn feet are open hip distance we'll take a big breath in raise the arms up and overhead tuck your chin rounding upper, middle, lower back. Walk yourself out to a plank walk out, walk out, walk out, walk out. Good, just hold it here. One solid straight line from the crown of the head down through your shoulders, down through your hips, down through your heels. Soften your knees place them down onto the mat bring your elbows in towards the rib cage and lower onto your stomach.

All right, now we're prone we have our feet separated about hip distance legs are long, if you have your ball grab your ball we're gonna bring it behind our backs holding it with two hands. Lower your forehead to touch your forehead to the mat. Now feel those legs are long, muscles are activated you're gonna press your hands into the ball to work the arm muscles and then take a breath, raise your chest up. Exhale, lower down squeeze into the ball as you lift your chest up and lower down. Number three, lift and hold.

The ball is in the right hand we're gonna open the arms into the T position they go out to the sides, inhale open. Now exhale, pull them back and hold a ball in two hands squeeze it. Ball on the right hand, inhale, open exhale, pull and squeeze with two hands. One more ball on the right hand, open and exhale bring the ball behind your back squeeze it in two hands lower the chest down. Repeat, inhale, raise your chest up exhale, lower.

Breath in and lift the chest up, exhale lower. Last one, lift and hold, ball is in your left hand we'll stretch the arms to a T exhale, pull the arms and give it a squeeze in two hands. Open the arms, ball in the left hand bring it behind the back, give it a little squeeze. One more, breathe in open, exhale, pull and squeeze the ball in two hands and lower the chest down. You're gonna stay on your stomach just take the ball overhead.

Two hands on the ball legs hip width apart let's roll the ball in towards your body as you lift into a nice back extension and then exhale roll the ball away. Two more, roll the ball in, lift and extend exhale, roll the ball away. One more, big breath and lift extend exhale, lower all the way down. Good okay so no ball just put it to the side hands by your shoulders, hands on the mat press up into your full Swan take a big breath and shoulders down, chest is lifted exhale lower down. Now raise yourself up and hold it there so Swan extension, we're gonna keep the hands on the mat and rock three times exhale, inhale exhale, inhale exhale, inhale.

You're gonna dive and catch three times exhale, catch inhale, exhale, inhale one more and then fully let go, here we go. One and lift two and lift three and catch yourself at the top and lower down with control. Set yourself all the way back to child's pose feet together, knees apart arms reach out in front of you place your forehead on the mat take a big breath in, filling the front, side, back of your rib cage and then breathe out all of the air good. We're gonna come up onto all fours. So you're on your hands and your knees establish your foundation so fingers are spread out nice and wide abs are pulling in nice and deep.

Send the right leg back, followed by the left. We are in a strong plank position so from the crown of the head, to the shoulders, the hips, the heels that you are a long, straight solid. Stay for five, four, three, two and one. Bring your right hand in towards your left hand pivot onto your right arm your left leg is in front of your right, legs are squeezing together tighten the glutes, the inner thighs, pelvic floor and abs raise your left arm holding three, two, one now lower your hip towards the mat bring your left arm down by your side exhale, press yourself up reach up and over and lower down. Turn your head, look down to your left hand lift up, reach up and overpass your right shoulder and one more time inhale lower down, look at your left hand exhale, reach up and over.

Raise the left arm up towards the ceiling center yourself, your hips are square, your abs are in keep your left hip square as you bring this left arm through and then raise it up so you're not moving your hips it doesn't go very far but you bring the arm through. And lift up and one more time, exhale down. Reach up and now place your right knee down the mat if your ball is available, pick up your ball. Your right hand is on the ball, your left arm reaches up. So you've got very lightweight on this ball here with your hand.

Tighten through your center, abs are in and then let's bring the left-hand to the head, raise the left, lower. Lift the left leg, lower. One more, lift and hold small circle for three, two, one reverse the circle for three, two, one. and then just flex your foot hold it for three, two, one, good. Place your foot down, raise the left arm lift up to the center.

Place your left knee down so now we are kneeling we're gonna bring the ball between the inner thighs three, five stretches, squeeze those glutes. Pilates Powerhouse, so we engage glutes, hips, core arms are reaching by the sides. Hinge back in one straight long line breathing in exhale, pull yourself up. Keep your back nice and flat keep going, turn to the side breathe in flat spine, exhale. One more, hinge back hold tighten your glutes, squeeze the ball with the inner thighs pull your stomach in and lift up.

Good, put your ball down come back to your hands and knees so now face the other direction for the plank and side plank. we'll take one leg back, followed by the other creating that long line, head to heels hold it for three, two, one. Bring your left hand next to the right, rotate around so right leg in front of the left squeeze your inner thighs, raise the arm. Hold that nice solid plank, tighten through the glutes and then you're gonna lower your hip bring your arm down, look down to the right fingertips and exhale reach up and over. Two more, breathe in, lower down exhale, reach up and over.

One more, breathe in, lower down exhale reach up and over. Raise your arms, center yourself, abs are in you can always put one knee down the mat but here we go we're gonna bring this arm through keep your right hip square. Inhale lift and exhale, hips stay square reach the hand down towards the mat and lift. One more, here we go. Exhale, exhale, exhale, reach and hold three, two, one place your knee down and then grab your ball.

So we have the left hand lightly on the ball take this right hand behind your head and then lifting the leg up, one and down exhale lift and down. One more, hold, small circle for three, two, one now we go in the other direction up and around, up and around, up and around flex it for energy reaching out through your heel draw the belly to the spine and then lower the leg, reach the arm and lift up. Very good, we're gonna come on to those knees again no thigh stretch put your ball down. We are gonna transition to standing so from here just curl your toes underneath you I'm gonna stay facing forward and then come into a little forward fold. So stretch down over your legs, feet hip distance soften your knees, relax your head let's roll up to standing, roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up Actually, we are gonna use the ball in the next one.

So place that ball between your inner thighs feet are about hip distance apart, parallel check if they're turned out or anything but try to keep them nice and straight. You're gonna cross your arms, squeeze into the ball, tight though your glutes, abs and then raise your heels up two, three lower two, three. Lift two, three lower two, three. Keep going, have a string, an imaginary string on your head and as you lower lift taller. Two more, two, three lower two, three.

Last one, up and lower. We're gonna roll through the feet so raise your heels up, bend your knees lower the heels to the mat, straighten out your legs. Raise the heels, bend your knees lower the heels, straighten the legs. Lift three, bend the knees lower the heels and straight. And two, more, lift, core you guys bend the knees, abs in, heels stretch.

Last time, we lift, bend, heels down and then reverse so bend your knees lift the heels, lengthen to straighten the legs, lower. Bend, raise, straighten lower, use the ball, hug it between your inner thighs it helps me balance maybe it's helping you we'll do two more, bend lift, up, down. One more time bend, heels up straighten and lower. Take the ball down keep those feet where they were and then little prances stretch your arms one, two, three, four arms down take a nice deep breath, two more, breathing in, breathing out one more time, breathing in, breathing out and then the feet are down. Heels together, toes apart cross your arms back to genie we are gonna do the jumping series if you don't wanna jump just bend and straighten your knees just like if we're on the jump board.

Abs are pulling in and up, spine is tall. Bend your knees and then let's just jump and land and two, roll through the feet, three exhale land four and land five and six and seven, eight two more, nine and 10, awesome. Take the legs out to second position bend those knees, rolling through your feet ,landing toe ball heel here we go. Up roll through one and two and three and four, breathe out five, six seven eight nine 10. Bring your legs in, heart rates going.

Its hard to talk it all through but we're gonna go second to first 10 jumps, ready? Bend your knees and jump out, one, jump in two jump out three, four jump five six seven eight, two more. Very good, keep your arms crossed come to the front of your mat and have a seat yay, we're back on our mats. The next series you'll like, we're gonna place the ball between the knees roll down with control. So just lying on your back that gets the heart rate going a bit.

So we're gonna squeeze the ball between the legs, anchor your arms into the mat, big inhale exhale nice and easy roll those hips up Inhale at the top, exhale roll down. Breathe in, exhale roll up. Breathe in, exhale roll down Just slowing down the breathing with a nice smooth bridge, rolling up and then exhale roll down. Grab your ball, raise the arms up roll your hips up and then let's just slide that ball underneath the lower back, lower back sacrum area rest down on the ball. The knees come up and extend your legs nice and straight towards the ceiling we'll reach our right leg back and the left leg goes down just scissor and stretch long and switch two, switch three nice and easy four, reach five six, two more good, now we're gonna do a helicopter right leg goes back, left leg down.

You're gonna separate the legs out wide feels good left leg is up and center bring the left leg back, right leg down circle around and center. Four more, breath in, exhale center, left leg back, circle around, center right leg back, circle around, center. Last time, left leg back, helicopter around and center. Bend your knees place your feet down, press your hips up take that ball away raise it to the ceiling and roll it down really smooth one vertebrae at a time. I never do a Pilates without teasers so that is next.

Knees in tabletop, arms are lifted just take a second to really re-engage that core big inhale, exhale let's roll up to teaser there we are, we're gonna extend those legs place the ball between your feet reach your arms forward, roll down feel free to bend your knees into tabletop or float them down I'm leaving it up to you whatever feels best in your back and in your body. Here we go, rolling up. Grab the ball in your hands, take a breath in and exhale, roll down. Breathing in, raise the arms, raise your head exhale, rolling up. Ball between the ankles, reach forward roll down, knees bent or straight I just want you to roll one vertebrae at a time with control, raise the arms, exhale, roll up Grab the ball, breathe in, exhale, roll lower, roll middle, roll shoulders and head.

Last teaser, arms up, head up, exhale. Let's place our ball between the ankles you're gonna take your hands around reach them back, lift up your chest three circle to the right, just say the right. Circle around one, exhale hips circle two hip circle three. Reverse left, one, exhale center two, exhale center, three, exhale center. And then you're gonna lift yourself up bring those legs down flex your feet, raise the arms just stretch reach up and over, drop your head down, stretch roll up one vertebrae at a time, lift the arms reach, hinge forward, drop your head down and stretch roll up, raise the arms.

One more, reach forward, drop your head down and stretch roll on up. Okay, good so make sure I'm on the mat. So ball is between your feet bring your hands back so fingers either in or out, point your toes down, lift your hips. Leg pull up you're just not gonna kick the ball we're just gonna hold it here, open and cross to your chest squeeze the ball with your inner thighs tighten your glutes, making sure your head is not falling back it's lifted up in line with your spine stay for three, two, one and lower down. Put your ball to the side swing yourself around onto your hands and knees and then from here we are gonna do 10 push-ups before we come to standing.

Come into your best plank position either on your toes or your knees keep your body long, keep your core engaged, elbows narrow one press up two press up, three exhale, four exhale, five exhale, six, I'm gonna finish on my toes here we go seven, press up, eight, press up nine, press up 10 press up everybody comes to a plank. Hold three, nice and strong two, one lift your hips inverted V, hold it for three stretch two and one walk your feet to your hands walk it in, walk it in, walk it in, walk it in. Soften your knees, relax your head, roll up one vertebrae at a time. Good, standing nice and upright, the very last thing we're gonna do is a stretch also a balance. So stand on your left foot engage up through that left quad engage up through your left glute find a focal point to stare at you're gonna pick up your right foot raise your left arm try to pull your right leg next to your left keeping a long neutral spine, stay for three, two, one now take your right ankle across your left thigh bend your knees stretching into your right hip lean your body slightly forward again find a focal point.

Hold three, two, one stand down on two feet bring your arms down by your sides and stand upright, good. Now engage that right quad, right glute, core. We'll lift up the left foot here so make sure the knee is not pointing forward but pull it back and then draw the abdominals in lengthen through your spine raise the arm up hold three, two, one and then we're gonna take that left ankle across the right thigh, arms out. Bend your right knee, send your hips back. So you're balancing, stretching the left glute hold for three, two, one we're gonna place those feet down let's all take a nice deep breath inhale fill up your lungs press the palms of your hands together bring your hands into your heart.

And thank you all for joining me for class number eight I hope you had a great class thanks so much.

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This is  a great class Melissa ! Well done :)
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I love when instructors add balance and standing work to a mat class. Mallory does both. Some of my other favorites include side planks and pushups. If you want a good workout, you can't go wrong with this class. Thanks Again Mallory:) 
Lina S
A very well-balanced class!
That was really fun, definitely a challenge.  The ball and the balances really enhance all movements.  I wonderered when the teaser was coming.  I will add all these to my favorites list!
Another well designed class. I appreciate so much how each exercise seamlessly connects to the next without interruption. Challenging and invigorating. Thank you so much for the Franklin Ball classes. I will use these classes again and again. Thank you Melissa.
Florence P
great class, thank you Melissa!
Sandra B
Thanks so much....what I like most is the variation  of standing and laying on the mat I think its great.
Thanks Melissa! Great class, loved the sequencing! 
Laurie C
Great well rounded class. Look forward to the other classes you offer. Love love balance work!!!💕🙏🙌🤸‍♂️
Thank you for this great  8 class sequence Melissa.  Did not manage to catch any when done live but thoroughly enjoyed them all eventually.  
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