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Root to Crown

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You will encompass everything you have learned during the last seven weeks to help achieve vital restoration. Jason Williams starts with a guided meditation then moves into movements that are familiar to you. He ends the class with a Chakra balancing mediation to help you feel a greater connection to your mind, body, and spirit.
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Hello, hello. This is Jason Williams here with Pilates Anytime. Welcome to Vital Restoration. This class is called Root to Crown. So this is our all encompassing class from those previous seven classes or seven weeks.

You're really gonna like this. We'll start with a nice meditation, we'll flow and then we'll end with a nice chakra balancing meditation at the end for some reiki, okay? So go ahead, find your nice, comfortable seat. All you need is your mat. Again, your legs can be crossed or uncrossed.

Again, be comfortable for you and your body here, okay? So if your hips don't like this, you can straighten them out, however you like. Or sit up on your mat or a block or however you like. So begin to close the eyes. And just bring your awareness to your body here.

Notice your body as you're seated in this position. Notice how your body just feels. Notice any maybe tight points or anything that's sore. And just know that it's temporary. Again, no need to judge anything that's going on with your body but we're just noticing these things.

So maybe noticing your lower back, your neck, your shoulders, your feet, your ankles, your hands. Find a place where you can soften just a little bit. And feel free to get any movements or kinks out here. So if you need to kind of wiggle your body side to side, maybe bend your head left to right. Just to get the wiggles out, the kinks out.

And then come to a little bit of stillness and bring your awareness to your breath. Just notice your breath, notice the inhales and the exhales. And this may be the first time you're noticing your breath today, this week. Again, no need to judge, we're just noticing. Take a nice, easy inhale through your nose.

(inhaling) Easy exhale out the mouth. (exhaling) Good, nice and easy inhale and easy exhale. (exhaling) One more time, breathing in and out. Now bring the awareness to your hips and feel that alignment start to really pull your body up nice and straight from your hips to your belly, to your sternum, to your chest, your neck, your head, and just feel that alignment all the way up to the sky. Thinking about your posture.

We'll beginning our class with a reiki mantra. And I'll speak it in Japanese and then English. (foreign language) Trust for today, do not worry, do not anger, be grateful, work hard, be kind to others. Then you'll softly, gently, lightly blink your eyes open. Good.

And we'll start with some nice easy neck rolls and head stretches. So tuck your chin down to your chest and slowly pull one ear over, your right ear, to the right shoulder and do these nice, easy head rolls. Circle down around, just warming up through the neck, preparing to move. Feels good to kind of ease into our practice with these stretches. Good.

One more time around, and then you'll reverse that circle or neck roll in the opposite direction. So come here to the center, reverse it. Left ear to the left shoulder, looking up towards the sky, down and around. Again, a nice stretch through your neck and traps. Good.

Feels good. Working out the kinks in the neck and the shoulders and the traps. And then one more time around. And then you'll come down to center with that chin here, and then slowly lift the head up. Right hand comes to the left knee, nice and easy spinal twist.

Looking to the left, inhale, exhale (exhaling) and then look into the right, spinning around. Left hand to the right knee. Nice, easy spinal twist. Get that mid back, that thoracic spine. And then back around, right hand to the left knee.

This time, maybe looking behind you, turning the head. And then back around to the right side. Left hand to the right knee. Nice and easy flow here, back. Feel that nice stretch through the back.

Switch it back, left hand to the right knee. Nice and easy. And then coming back to the center for our mermaid. So right foot is gonna come behind. So my left foot is at the right thigh, hands out to the sides here to start.

So inhale, left hand comes down to the mat, right hand overhead. Nice and easy side body stretch. Exhale, take it back over top. Open up through that rib cage, feel those hips. Ah, good! Inhale, take it back over.

Nice and easy flow, do your pace, your speed. Good. Really feeling that body wake up. Getting it to move. In through your nose, out through the mouth.

Awesome. Two more times, inhale and exhale. Good. Last one here to the left, one more to the right and then we'll do a nice, easy spinal twist stretch. So both hands are gonna come to the left side.

Walk it out here. So you can come to your forearms here. Or all the way down, straighten out the arms if you have that flexibility or range of motion. Nice stretch through the back here and that right side. And then slowly walk it back up, take your time.

Switching sides, right leg comes in, left leg back, sitting up nice and tall. Hands come out to the side. Coming down to your right forearm, left hand overhead, inhale. Exhale, reach it over top. Nice, stretching that right side of the rib cage.

Open up through the hips, inhale. It's always nice to start... I love starting with mermaids, just to really open up the hips, right? This is our root chakra here, all right, which is our grounding chakra that feels stable. Good, inhale.

Exhale. Very good, let's do one more time to the right. Nice, easy flow. Last one to the left, really reaching that right hand over head. And then we'll do that spinal twist, walking both hands to that right side.

Maybe coming down to the forearms or walking all the way out, extending those arms. Nice, easy stretch, good. Inhale and exhale. (exhaling) Good, slowly walking that back up, it looks good. There we go.

And then coming to sawl, so walking this feet out here. My feet are gonna be a little bit wider, hip width apart. Hands come out to the side. So I'm flexing my toes up towards the sky. You're gonna pivot.

Inhale, exhale, reach down that left hand outside that right foot. Or to the shin or knee, depending on your flexibility. Look behind you, come back up to the center. Inhale, exhale reach down and across. So really feeling that stretch across that hamstring and hip, around to the lower back.

Again, opening up those hips a little bit. Through our crown, or excuse me, our root chakra. Looks good. Nice. Inhale.

Exhale. Sit up nice and tall, through your spine here through the sit bones, then reach down, look behind. So let's do one more to your right and then one more to your left, nice. Good, exhale it out. Inhale, exhale.

Nice. Looks good, come back up to the center, bringing those feet together. And we'll go to roll like a ball. So get that nice massaging action through the spine. So hands can come underneath the knees or in front of the knees, your choice.

Slowly lift those feet off the ground, gauge those inner thighs. Tuck the chin down into the chest, roll back. Feet go over head, just a little. Come back up, feet do not touch the ground here, right? Round through the spine, so getting that massaging action through the back.

Nice and tall here, round it down. Good. Nice! So now also engaging a little bit of that core and a little of that lower belly here, which is our sacral chakra here. Good. And then you always have the option to come up two feet down if it's too much for your lower back here.

So always reset, do you, what works for your body. Let's do two more. Good. Nice and tall, one more. And come all the way back up to sit it.

Very good, so now we're gonna come to a kneeling position here. So my toes can be tucked or untucked here in the back. So depending on your toe flexibility or your comfort level. So we're gonna do those head turns, so count up to 100 here. Sit up nice and tall.

You're gonna pull back through your shoulder blades here and you're gonna turn your head to the right, turn your head to the left, come back to the center, return your hands in front of your body here. Pull those shoulder blades back, turn your head to the left this time. And then turn your head to the right and then come back to the center, return those hands. So really focusing on our posture here. Turn your head to the right, turn your head to the left, back to the center, release.

Good. Pull back through those shoulder blades. Turn your head to the left. Turn your head to the right. So get that nice neck mobility, and then reaching back out.

Nice. So keep that going. Looking to the right, looking to the left, return the ahead, release. Pull back through the shoulder blades, turn your head to the left, turn your head to the right, nice! Really focusing on our posture. Good.

Turn your head to the left, to the right, nice work. And let's do one more. Turn your head to the right, to the left, good. And release it here. Now slowly, you can bend the knees to set your hands to your heels here for a little camel.

You can have the toes tucked or untucked and then kind of lift up through the spine here, in your chest. So kind of a camel's pose here, pulling back to the shoulders. If this is too much for your back, just kind of place your hands here at the hamstrings here, pull the shoulders back and then look up here. So again, we're really opening up now through the chest, interior part of body. Good.

And then slowly come forward. Let's do two more just like that. So your range of motion, kind of giving you back that break. Lean back, maybe the hands reach to the heels. And really open up through the chest.

Good. Chin up to the sky, eyes up to the sky, coming back to the center, maybe using those abs a little bit to pull forward, good. Last one, maybe hands to the hamstrings or to the lower back or right above the glutes here. Lean back, and this might be it for you and that's okay. Do you, and what works for your body.

Nice. Awesome. And then come back, very good. So as you're here, back to that kneeling positioning, you're gonna extended left leg out. So you're on one knee and then I'm gonna come both hands down, framing this right knee here.

So nice inner thigh hip stretch here. And you're gonna rock front to back. So my toe is tucked here in the back, it doesn't have to be. It can be toe down. And a nice, easy stretch to that inner thigh, hip here.

Breathe. Nice! Looks good. So really feeling those hips there, inner thigh, nice stretch. If this is too easy, come down to your forearms, here. Awesome.

And again, feel that nice stretch through the hip. So do you. Again, the hips are always great to kind of loosen up that lower back. Remember tight hips, tight back. Good.

Great for your posture, right? Nice. And then you slowly come all the way up to the top here. Still that left leg's out, hands out to the sides. And then we're gonna reach over top.

So back to a little bit of that side stretch, now through the entire body. Come back over, reach over top here. Inhale and then exhale. Inhale here, as you reach. Exhale, take it over top.

Go one more time, inhale. Good and exhale. Awesome. Now come back, bring that right hand down. You wanna float that top leg up.

So hand comes to the hip here. Just a nice and easy up-down kick, alright? So lined up from my ear, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, alright? Again, my toe is tucked in the back. If you wanna untuck it, you can do so, right?

Good. Breathe. It's a nice alignment here, drawn through your belly just a little. Good, shoulders back. One more.

Now you gonna hold here, nice easy circles, good. So pointed toe. So my foot's about hip level. Good. Breathe.

Three, two, one, reverse that opposite way, it looks good. Well done! Breathe, inhale. Exhale. Three, two, one. Slowly bring it down and we'll switch sides, very good.

So extending the right leg out. So I'm on my left knee here. Frame that left knee with the hands here. And then we'll do that slow front to back rock. Again, feeling the inner thigh here and those hips as we're working through our hip or root chakra.

Also it kind of gets into our sacral chakra here. Which is right below that belly, it's a creativity. If we're ever feeling stuck in creating or being more creative, it's great to focus on that kind of lower ab, hip area, right? The transverse abdominis. Good, two more.

And then your abs go to the forearm let's do that in case you need a little extra stretch in those hips. Good. One more. And then you'll slowly walk it back up, take your time. Extending those arms, drop that left hand down, right hand reaches overhead.

Inhale, and then exhale, bring it back over top, nice stretch through that side body. Good. Inhale reach back over top. Very good. Nice stretch.

Take it back. Exhale it, inhale. Good, let's do one more. Good, nice! And then you'll slowly take it back to that side. Left hand down, float that right leg, up-down kick.

Now you bring that hand the hip. Looks good. Awesome. So nice, easy kicks here. Again, aligning up from the ear to the shoulder, to the hip, knee, ankle, right?

Good. My fingers are pointed out and away. Good, roll those shoulders back. Good, a little drawing through the belly here. Three, two, one, hold, point the toes, small circles.

Really feeling that hip and glut. Looks good. Breathe. Three, two, one, reverse that opposite way. Looks good, nice! Four, three, two, one, relax it down.

Nice work! Turning over to all fours now. Nice, easy cat-cows. So dropping the belly, rounding up through the spine. Good. So we'll do a few rounds here.

Good, cat-cow drawing into the belly. So here, you're very pointed back to the shoulder blades and my shoulders are stacked right over my wrist. Good. Okay, two more. Good, one more.

Nice. And here, when we gonna move to our modified swan dive. So I'm walking my knees back, my hands come out a little bit wide than my shoulders. You'll sit back you then a curl or scoop through and then forward up and pull back to the shoulder blades. So it is a nice chest opener, lower back stretch here slowly sit about, my feet stay up in the air here.

As I sit back, scoop through inhale, exhale here at the top. So I like doing these in this fashion. That is a little bit easier on the body. And you still get the benefit of that stretch here through the shoulders and that mid back. Good.

Take your time, inhale. Sit it back, exhale, scoop through low to the ground, press it up. Good. Inhale, sit it back. Scoop through, exhale.

Awesome. Let's do two more. Inhale, sit it back. So now kinda opening up, now through that lower belly, up to the celiac plexus and now even to a heart chakra here and throat, right? So curl the whole front line of the body.

And even to that back line here. Nice work. Good. And from here to come to your belly. Good.

So I'm coming to my fore arms here, I can point the toes here in back. So we'll do those leg kicks or pose for our hamstring quad stretch. So I'm gonna flex my heel in here so to double pump, one, two, switch, left leg, one, two, point, flex, flex, point, flex, flex, point. Good. So if you're in that nice quad stretch here and kind of working through the hamstrings as well.

Now, if this hurts your lower back in this position, come all the way down, maybe one head turns to the shoulder and I'll take that pressure off the lower back here. That point, good. And if it still hurts the back, you can always put a towel underneath your hips or your belly to take the pressure off your lower back. Good. Looks good, breathe, inhale and exhale.

Inhale, exhale. Good. So, right, right, left, left, Good. One more. Nice.

And then relax there. Turn your head to your right shoulder, bring your hands to the smaller back here, okay? So my elbows are gonna kind of fold down across the rib cage here, if you have that flexibility. So wanna to do that double, double so that right, right kick switch, left, left kick. Now go with your crowbar, reach up and back, head goes forward and then slowly drop it down.

Turn your head to the left shoulder or opposite, left, left, right, right. Pull, reach, drop it down. Good. Right, right. Left, left, reach, head goes to the left.

Good. Left, left, right, right, pull, reach. Awesome. Good. Head to the right, right, right, left, left.

Kick, up reach to the left. Good. Left, left, right, right. Reach, let's do one more each side. Here we go.

Right, right, left, left, pull, reach. Good, back down. Last one, left, left, right, right, pull reach and press it back, child's pose. Very good. Nice job.

Take a deep breath. Exhale. Nice counter stretch here, right? And then here, keeping those toes in that child's pose and these knees wide, shift your weight forward. And then kinda do that counter up-dog stretch here, pull back to the shoulders and then back and slow it back to child's pose.

My hands stay still here and then shift the weight forward, drop the hips, look up and then press it back. Nice. Nice, easy flow, looks good. Nice, breathe. Good.

And then relax back to the center and we'll come to our backs and we'll start here with some bridges. So here, hands are flat. So you gonna slowly tuck the pelvis, roll the shoulder blades back, lift the hips to the sky and feel the hamstring-glute connection here. And then slowly roll it back down, vertebrae time, your butt hits last, good. Tuck the pelvis, roll it up, pull back to the shoulder blades.

Chin up, good. Some real posture here and then back down. Now the options here to keep the hands or take away stability by bringing the hands right in front of the chest. Tuck the pelvis, roll up, press these heels, slowly bring it back down. Good.

Tuck the pelvis, roll it up, nice. And then slowly bring it back down. Nice work. Last one. Tuck to the pelvis, roll it up.

Looks good. And then slowly take it back down. Perfect. Hands come overhead, legs straight out, you inhale, exhale slowly, bring those hands forward, full roll up, reach forward and stretch, good. Slowly roll it back down.

Articulate through the spine. Lower back hips first, good. Mid back, upper back, inhale, exhale, roll it up, stacking the vertebrae, reach forward and stretch. Good. Drop the head down, roll down, slowly head low here.

Good. Nice. Last one, inhale, exhale, roll it up. Nice and tall, reach forward, stretch, and then slowly pull it back down, as we rolled down here, we gonna go to our reverse roll up, okay? So this is where we have a little fun.

Bring those hands flat, lift these feet up, here we go. Hands go back overhead, or excuse me, feet over head, and then slowly peel it down, down, down, down, down if we go that 45 degree angle and then bring it back, inhale, exhale, roll it down, down, down, you can use the hands if you need it. And then if you go to 45, maybe that little turnout or apply this V here and then bring it back over top. Good. And then peel really getting that opposite and now to that mid lower back.

Good, awesome. Inhale. And then exhale. Very good. Roll it down.

Relax the shoulders. Do you, even if you can't go all the way over, that's okay. Maybe just go to the legs to the sky and then you roll it back down to 45, that's okay. Last one. Good.

So get that reverse slowly, slowly, peel it down. Looks good. Keep your right leg up. Left Leg goes long, am in my C-curve here for scissor kicks. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

Good. So now get a nice hamstring stretch. Looks good. Four, good, three, nice. Two, last one and relax it down.

Pull the knees into the chest. Very good. So moving on to frogs, put your hands behind your head, so again, making that C-curve with your head here, lifting up, extending those legs out to that first position or pull out this view with the feet, heels together toes pointed out. Pull the knees in, so the knees go outside, the ribs here press out and to long inner thigh glute squeeze here, pull in so for our frogs, press it back out. Again, get into that lower belly, inner thigh, hip.

This should be a nice stretch to the hips, especially when you pull in here, okay? And then extend it out. Good. Nice. Good, got two more, good, one more.

Awesome. And then press it back, relax it down. Good. Give me a little bridge here just to kinda get a counter stretch for that back and hips and next we'll go into our windmill. So bring your hands a little bit wider on the ground, bringing both feet straight up to the sky.

So my right leg is gonna go down, I'm in L-shape now with my legs. And when I wanna do this, I'm a circle. Bring my right leg out, my left leg out. So drawing that circle and this replacing the other one with the other, right? Now, so my right foot is up in the air, left foot low, and then switch it.

Good. And then switch it. So back to these hip openers. Right, good. Shoulders are down and back.

Do you, if you need a little bend in the knee, that's okay. Good. Take your time. Inhale, exhale. Great stretch through the hips, shoulders back.

Last one. Good. Here we go. Right leg back up to the sky. Pull the knees in and relax.

Good. Rock and roll a little bit front to back, back to that roll like a ball and we'll go into boomerangs next. Everyone's favorite. So come on up. Starting as feet straight out.

I'ma across my left foot over my right, hands are gonna come back behind me here. So my hands will sweep through, ideally your hands don't wanna touch, but if you need to use a little bit of ground, that's okay. So you're gonna come through, feet over head. Switch the legs here, palms up to the sky, right? Roll, peel it down.

Hands don't touch. Sweep, drop the head. Inhale and then exhale. Roll down slowly with control, sweep through and back. Looks good.

Inhale, exhale. Roll it down, take your time. Drop it through. Good. Looks great.

Reverse the feet, roll it down, take your time. So this one isn't about speed. It's about just control, focus, centering, it's kind of a little bit of everything in our six principles, right? Of Joseph Pilates to really have that control, that focus, that present moment awareness. Looks good.

Peel it down. Last one, take it down, sweep through. Good. And then slowly, slowly, roll it down and relax the feet to the ground. Good.

So we're gonna roll through our side next for snake and twists. So come into our elbow, so I'm stacking my shoulder and elbow here. Feet can come staggered. We'll start the hand on the hip, lift up and then bring the hands to the sky. And then just slowly pivot, reach to hand underneath and then back up to the sky.

Good, inhale, exhale. Good. Option to drop the bottom knee and then pivot and then back up, right? Or other, another option to flip that top leg if you want a little harder here with the knee down, okay? So do you, reach up to the sky, looks good.

Two more. Good. One more. And then relax it down. Let's go to a little inner thighs series.

So hands behind the head, bring that top leg over. I'm grabbing at the ankle or the shin here. Bottom legs gonna float up and down. So nice, easy kicks here. All right.

Flexing the toe. Good. So when I work in that inner thigh, good, four, three, two, one, hold, point the toe, circle it out. Good. Stacking, you have a hand here or both hands behind the head here.

All right, looks good. Three, two, reverse, opposite way. Looks good. Awesome. Three, two, one and relax.

Nice. Switching sides. Okay. Snake and twist. So set it up.

Shoulder stacks over the elbow. Same thing you did on the previous side. Lift it up, set it up. Top hand is gonna come underneath. Good, inhale here, exhale.

Good. Inhale and exhale. Awesome. So we're going through those obliques a little core, right? Well done.

Breathe. Take your time. Get an option to always drop that knee or float that leg, do you. Last one. Inhale, good, and exhale.

Good. Drop it down for inner thigh. Good. Come all the way down. Maybe hands behind the head here.

Pull that top knee in. Can grab at the ankle to knee bottom leg lift. Pose it up and down, right? Good. Flex that heel.

Good. Do you. Nice, breathe in through your nose, out through the mouth. Good feel that inner thigh, three, two, one, point to toe, circle it out. Looks great.

Looks wonderful. Breathe, feels good, the move. Be present. Reverse opposite way with that circle. Good.

Nice. Four, three, two, and one, relaxing. Nice job. Stretch out the legs, come up to a seated position so you can fold the legs and here, okay. Sit up nice and tall through these sit bones, we're gonna do some head and neck stretches.

So I'm gonna extend my right hand out to the fingertips, taking my left hand, bring it to the side of the head here on the right side. Nice, easy side bend to get a stretch through my traps down to shoulder, to the entire arm here. So I'm walking out to this fingertips here and this, hold here and apply as much pressure as you need. Not too much, right? So nice, gentle pull.

You can close your eyes and feel that stretch. Nice. Working out some of the tension and stress. And you can now even pivot your head down in a way, looking towards my left knee or away from that arm that's out. And then you're moving the head.

So kind of palpate around to the back of the head and really feel that stretch now kind of to the back of the traps or your upper traps and back of your neck here, right? You can even move your head side to side a little bit. It's really get that nice stretch. Good. Awesome.

And then slowly reach it back up. Release, switch sides, left fingertips out, right hand comes up, left side ahead. Nice, easy bend, light, gentle pull, walk those fingertips out to get that stretch down the arm, the shoulders and traps. You can close the eyes here, breathe, exhale, and there maybe turning that chin down in a way. Maybe moving the head, hand to the back of the head here.

Really feeling that upper trap, that neck, you can move the head side to side, looking down. Nice stretch. Good, awesome work. Breathe. And then kind of releasing from there and taking the index finger and middle finger, maybe your ring finger and just do a nice, easy jaw massage here, just to kind of loosen up the jaw and the muscles of the face.

Slow, we did this in a prior class. So here just doing these small circles around the jaw, letting your jaw hang, close the eyes. So we forget our jaw and face gets tight all week from talking, just being present and being present with other people. So we have to allow these muscles to relax. Good.

Again, drawing the circles around the jaw. You can move up now to the side of head, maybe into the temples here. If you wanna do small circles here, kind of feel around palpitate, alright? And notice what your body needs here. Good.

It's good, that nice massage giving yourself that soft love, that self care, right? It's our heart chakra, that nurturing. Good. And then slowly releasing from there. And you can go out, jaw out a little bit, relax your eyes, your face, and we'll begin our chakra balancing.

So bring your hands back to that prayer center with a little bit of space in between the palms here. So just the fingertips are touching. So now that's our focal point is that center in between the palms. Unless you've started to feel the heat or energy or that static electricity or feel a little bit warmer than just warmth. You'll feel maybe a little bit hot or heat and you can always rub the hands, you can do a little circles here, kinda pivot, you kinda start feeling that energy, that heat, and again, don't worry if you don't feel it.

Know that it's working and we'll start by bringing both hands to our hips here. This is our grounding, root chakra here. Sort of send that energy, that healing energy to the hips, to be stable, to be grounded. Take it back to the base of the spine for stability, and then taking your right hand, bringing it to your belly or just below your belly here. So your palm comes here again, feeling that energy, that heat there and our sacral chakra, that's our creativity.

Sensuality. So restores some emotion, and then taking your left hand, that's on your hip, bringing that to your celiac plexus or right to the sternum, center of your body. And that palm is right there in the center. That's our willpower, right? Who we know we are integrity, what we stand for.

And now taking that right hand, that's the belly moving up to your heart or to center your chest here. Through your heart chakra that self-love, the kindness that we give ourselves and to each other, forgiveness, forgiving ourselves, forgiving others. They're lying here and now taking that left hand, bringing it just the front of the throat here. You don't have to necessarily grab the neck or anything, but just feeling the palm and the heat and the energy in front of the throat, which is our communication. Our speaking, how we speak to ourselves, how we speak to each other, saying what needs to be said, when it needs to be said.

Sometimes it gets plopped and we hold on to things. And we don't speak our truth, which may come from our celiac plexus, our willpower. Speaking our love or energy, our creativity, speaking when our boundaries from our hip chakra, when to say yes, when to say no. And then taking that hand, that's on your heart and at the chest, right hand moving just the front of your forehead here. Maybe between the eyes, you bring your left hand down now.

So this is our third eye chakra or intuition. So intuition, knowing what our body needs be able to see around the corner. Also that gut feeling we get when we need to make decisions, trusting our intuition. And then taking your left hand bringing it right above the head, or even you can touch the top of the head and you move your right hand down. So the palm is just resting here for our crown chakra.

Our higher selves. Maybe you're a higher purpose while we're here. So try and seeking that. So if we're in line and all the other chakras, it helps the find that a little bit easier. When things begin to align, when we know our higher purpose.

Lemme do things for you and for others, looking outside yourself and then bringing that hand down and just feeling. So hands to your lap or to the knees, feel your body, feel the alignment everybody. Maybe it feels down a little bit lighter, a little more at ease. Maybe a little sense of strength will soften. Maybe a sense of floating.

Take a nice, easy inhale, and easy exhale. One last easy inhale, and easy exhale. I'll end with our mantra that we began with. First in Japanese and then in English (foreign language) Just for today, do not worry, do not anger, be grateful, work hard, be kind to others. Dropping your chin down to your chest.

So you're looking down and as I count down from 10 you open your eyes slowly. See you are the first person you see, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Amazing, thank you. Thank you for joining me. Hopefully you enjoyed this class and I'll see you next time.

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I really appreciate the Mantra... beautiful class
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Thank you Jason for helping my  body to stretch and release in the morning. Your classes are gentle yet strong and it's just what I need to get some focus and motivation to start my day.  Really love your  classes.
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Thank you, Jason! That was a wonderful way to start my morning! Love the mantra.
Jason Williams
Ali G You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed it🙏🏾
Julie Lloyd
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Absolutely beautiful class. Thank you so much!! 
Jason Williams
Julie L you’re welcome🙏🏾  Glad you enjoyed it
Leanne R
Love how you bring a fresh, calming perspective to Pilates. Thank you!!
Shaughna K
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Loved this.  Such a great end to my day.  I feel stretched and energized.  More of these p,ease.  Really enjoyed the mantra and meditation at the beginning and end.
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