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Teaser Madness

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Teaser here, Teaser there, Teaser everywhere! In this Mat workout, Ilaria Cavagna prepares your powerhouse and has fun finding the Teaser in other exercises. She also includes extra credit Teasers with twists and circles to “tease” your brain in addition to your body!
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Hi, this is Ilaria, and today we'll do a teaser madness workout. We'll work on the teaser and we'll try to discover teasers all over the mat. So we'll start slow, but don't worry because it will pick up pretty fast and pretty intensively. Everything can be modified. So I'll give you an alternative when we do a little more advanced variations.

Let's start sideways, and feet together, knees together. And we role down, knees bent at 90 degrees. Let's try to dome the thud and connect with the inner thighs right away. Because from this position, we start with a pre Pilate exercise that I love because it's great to really set up the powerhouse and get ready for the hard work. So we lengthen one leg straight and we engage the inner thighs really hard.

So we're gonna pull together. We're gonna squish our body towards the midline and then you release. And now we go to the other side, we pull and we discover, we explore as we do this pre Pilate exercise, all the different teasers, diagonal and variations with the legs. We change, we walk the feet forward a little bit and we repeat. First leg, squeezing in straight, hold for a few seconds and release.

And now the second one, pull together, engage deep, breathe of course, everything above the waist is nice and relaxed. And now we walk forward a little bit further and we do one more repetition. The first leg squeezes in you connect inner thighs, pelvic floor, abs and change. Last one, squeeze, hold, hold, hold, and release down. Now keep the two legs together.

Reach for your thighs with your hands. And now slowly pick up your head and slowly, slowly, slowly come up and we go roll down articulate to the tip of the shoulder blades and scope back up and again, deep down articulation and up one more time, warm up the spine, deep and lift. Now here we pick up one leg, reach long with the arms. We do the single leg teaser. You roll down with the lumber spot and then up to teaser, roll down and up to teaser.

Keep that connection, roll down up to teaser. If you feel like you can balance up in a full teaser pose and switch and you go deep down and up and again, deep down, now find more length when you come up, you roll up and you lift, lift, lift, and again, deep and slowly up balance up into teaser again. And then we can roll down and hug the knees into the chest for a little rest before we get into the 100. Now, stretch out the legs, curl up the shoulders and pump inhale and exhale. Move the arms from your back.

And again, in, at the end of this, as we exhale, we exhale and we roll up to teaser and now we stay up you pump and exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale and again, in with the air. And now guess what we exhale and we roll back down and we repeat. Deep inhale and exhale reach deep inhale, and exhale come up and again in, and exhale, and in and last one, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, and bring it in. Great warm-up now stretch, reach back, open the front body and up and over and pull and open. Come up and stretch.

Pull, pull, pull, pull, and open back and then up and reach. Pull back with your stomach, articulate down, don't miss vertebra, and again, lift and over and pull down and release. Now, if you can you place the hands behind the head, you come up, teaser legs, and from here we do leg circles. Circle around one. Keep that bottom leg in a teaser angle and three, reverse circle across and up, circle across and up three and switch.

And again, go across and circle two and circle three, reverse one, circle two and circle three, all the way up. Grab behind the thighs and balanced behind the tailbone. Now pull back, rock with an open bowl basically you stay nice and open first, don't drop your feet, keep them up and again, roll back and up. Pull, pull, pull one more time. Roll back down and scope, come up.

Now pretend you're on the reformer. We're going to stomach massage. From here you go, stretch, flex point, pull it in, in, in this pulling in, is the feeling of rolling like a ball and again, reach and pull it in, in, in, and guess what? We are balancing, where we usually balance for teaser when we do it properly. And again, you go stretch, flex and scope it in and you go lengthen and pull it in.

Last one stretch, flex point and pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. And now we go to a tiny little shape and we are up and up and you go roll and up. Last one, rock back, come up and hold. And now into single two, for four sets you pull in and reach and teaser leg. Now come up and we do the same thing you pull and pull, pull.

This is like the stomach massage, same feeling, really deep into the stomach and all the way down. Now double, reach out, hold teaser up, lengthen, roll back down to double leg, stretch, reach back and hug it in. And again, reach, roll up, lift, roll back down, stretch back, and hug it in. Two more. If you don't want to come up yet, just keep going with your double leg stretch.

Reaching out with the legs in a teaser diagonal at for about 45. And then you might change, according to the body type, this is the last one. Reach back and in, rest your head down for a second. And now we're going to single straight. We'll do the same thing of the bent, but if you want to stay down all the time, feel free.

You go pull and pull and two and two and three, one more set, pull and pull. Now come up and you go pull and switch and pull the leg to you. Pull it to you three again, you don't need to come up. You can finish the set down and get stronger and then try one little thing at a time, all the way down, release the head. Now, hands behind the neck curl up.

We go to 45 and up to 45 and up and two and one. And now we go, if we can down below up to 45, down upto 45, down, up, down, up, and you go, criss, cross, twist, twist, twist, and now release your arms come up and you go cross them in front of your shoulders too finish the criss-cross up here and rest. That was a long run. Now, long legs, reach, lift, and curl over stretch and up, inner lift, nice release the spine stretch forward, nice little break, and you go curl and lift. And again, in with the air head down, curl into yourself try to get close to your pelvis to land with your head and up.

Now the last one, you lift head down, curl over, reach. And now we add a little bit of an extension because we've been working really hard with the stomach. So send your arms back, hands on the floor, lift up and open the chest and the hips. Sit down again and reach for with your arms. Now, the stomach is leading the movement is pulling you back.

It's pulling you back, you're behind the tailbone, your legs float up and now you go rock and up and again, roll back and come up. Roll back down was said this one is a teaser right? Now is a teaser with open legs. Now we close them. This is a real teaser.

You go back and up, last one, back your rock and up you float. Now, boomerang your arms back, place your forearms on the floor, legs at 45. Now let's do a mini hip circles. So from here, the legs go to the side, down and around and up, and then you reverse and up and again to the side and up and circle the other way and up. Now let's try to put together what we did in the core with magic circle, for the midline from here only if you want and supporting with your arms, you rock back and you lift up your hips, hold them.

Don't go all the way back on your shoulders. Just a little bit of a lift. Here, you twist, you roll down, in this case, on my right side, circle around, go to the left and you go up and knees on your forehead. Now twist to the left with the legs, roll down, massage the left side of your back circle and center. Now to the right, roll down don't go too low with your legs stay at that teaser angle and lift and center.

And then you twist and you go deep, reach, circle and back. Beautiful, now you roll down to the center and you slowly come up for the cell. Now lengthen arms inhale, deep twist and exhale reach, reach, reach, come up. Let's increase this twist. Look back more, more, more, more, and center again in, twist and deep, reach forward, exhale, get really stable on your base, come up, open, look at the back arm and hold.

Let's do one more like this. Lift, twist, and you go reach and up and open. And Last one. Reach, reach, reach and come up. Now, you can repeat the same variation or since we'll do fancy teasers at the end, we're gonna scoot back.

You float up like you did before you pretend you're doing your salt in a teaser position. So we're going to twist, the back arm is supporting you. And then you go and you reach and you reach and you reach. We can not think about being able to twist and circle at the end if we don't prepare that motion right? Now, if you need an extra time and you don't wanna try this now, just wait a little longer and never push your workout beyond what you should be doing and lift.

Now we lower everything down. We go on the stomach to release and get some length over there. Now, reach for arms and lengthen, open the chest, lengthen the collar bones if you feel like you want, and you want, you can come up even higher. I like to stay down here to find some more opening at the upper chest. Now legs can build slightly apart and here you go.

You look, you go down. Nice neck crawl and center, look reverse down, keep scooping the stomach up and center. Now reach even more, lengthen to the front, like pulling streps. Now one leg up, kick, kick, reach down, lift kick, kick reach down. Now, as you lift the leg, pull up into your stomach and feel that nice stretch of the whole front line lengthen and down.

And now you lift, you go kick, reach and release. Now double you go, you kick three, two, one and open, open, open, and you go kick two, one, and stretch, stretch, stretch. Now this time you can keep your legs lifted if you like and you reach, reach, reach, and again, kick two, three and stretch, stretch, stretch. Now pull up right away. Sit back and try pose length and scope the stomach off your thighs.

And from here, let's go into a little downward dock position. Meaning I want you to push with your arms, possibly lift your toes up, dig your heels down and reach back in a diagonal with your sit bones, lengthen your spine. Now from here, we try, we think about doing a teaser up on the ceiling. So this way we would imbalance, this way would be only flexors. I want you to scoop the stomach up and we try to bring the tail bone, we try to balance just behind the tail bone up on the ceiling.

So we scoop and we find this upside down teaser. Good, stretch back again. And then we turn and we lie down for neck bowl. So let's start flex feet, long arms, you go curl and we can put the hands now, of course you can decide not to put the hands if you're not ready for it yet. And then you go curl back and release and again, up and over and lift and articulate back down, and release.

And again, up and over. This time, we're going to find our teaser also here. You reach back, to this beautiful teaser and then you scoop down. One more time, come up and over and lift. And now you go along and scope, release.

Now all the way up to sitting, long legs, flex feet. Let's touch the shoulders today. From here, you lift and you go twist, twist, twist and center. And again, twist to the other side and center. Try to exhale as you twist and exhale as you twist.

Now, like for the saw, I want you, if you're ready to scoop back and lift up the legs and we do one set over here, you twist and you look back and then you twist to the other side. Let's actually add another one. You go twist. I was kidding, center and twist, twist, twist, twist, twist and release. Now psychics, we stay hot today.

We are getting a little less support from the floor. I want you to push this elbow down the whole time and press your head into the opposite hand. Now lengthen, the movement of the leg will be limited, but it's okay. I want you to lift and pay attention to this. So you go swing and reach and again, swing and stretch and again, kick and reach.

Keep pushing the head back, keep getting taller long and again, front and back. Keep pushing with the bottom elbow and reach. now lag, overlay. And you go up and down and kick and reach and up and down and lift and lower. Now, front a little bit, go mostly back for the circle and reach circle three, four, five.

Now reverse. Don't forget this arm pushing find space in your neck, in your shoulders. Perfect. And last one. Now leg over leg.

I wanted to lengthen the top arm. You reach, turn over the floor. Now pretend you're on the vendor chair. Pretend your bottom arm is on the pedal. It pushes you off and you go up to teaser.

This is the twist, right? You go reach, turn rotation to the floor, push against the pedal and lift. And again, you go arm by the ear reach, reach, reach and you go and you float up, into the twist, teaser twist. Other side, we go, we change it up, long press and neck pole, and you go front and reach and kick and lengthen. And front, and back and front and back, keep pushing with the bottom one.

And last one, reach now here up and down, lift and down three, four, and reach long. Now circle mostly back, two, three, four, and keep pushing with the elbow reverse, circle reverse two, three, total hard side for me and release. Now lengthen the top arm, reach, go over, turn. And then you go pike and you float up and then you go length, find length, twist with all the work we did for the abdominals. We shouldn't have any problem there.

And again, don't be afraid to lengthen out, reach, reach, reach and then you scope. And up, and now what's next? Guess what? It's about teaser again. So from here, you're gonna hate me at the end.

Long legs at 45, scope lift long, roll down with the lumbar spine and come up lift and everything, lengthens and opens to the back and up. And now you go down and up with the legs one and two and three now, unfold, everything open, and then you scoop everything up. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen in two different directions, opposite directions and lift, and last one reach, reach, reach, and up and hold. Now as an extra challenge, you can go grab your legs and you scope and you scope and you scope and you scope and you fold as much as you can and release. Now time to tease the brain a little bit.

We worked so hard with the body and we did amazing and very hard things. Doesn't matter the level you did them at, it was really, really deep work. So here let's play with those fancy teaser that are more for the brain than for the body. I mean the body works, but the brain needs to be there with us. So let's face the computer or the iPad, anything you're using from here, from this Caesar position with your arms up, I want you to open the legs, lower the arms and back up and again, open lower and lift one more time.

And now here, don't think too much. Just go and follow the circle just to go with that movement and lift. Now the legs lower, the arms open and lift. Isn't this like teaser two? And up and again, open the arms, lower the legs and lift.

And now here you go with a circle. Just keep moving. You got the coordination already, beautiful and release. That's a lot of work. Now let's do another one is really fun.

We prepare it a lot with all the saw and with the spine twist. So lift up into teaser again. Now let's ascend the arms to the left, the legs to the right and back the center and opposite and back the center. And again, twist and center. Remember that little corkscrew with it.

And now here we go in two circles and reverse go the opposite way. Keep it up with a brain. That's the harder. And you go circle. One more.

Circle around and up and circle around and hold and beautiful, great job. Lots of abdominals. You're done.

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Loved your class. The “tease” your brain at the end was great.  Thank you so much! 
Kristine  Thank you Kristine! 😜 A teaser for body and mind!
Francoise L
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Great class. Lots of abs
Laurie C
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Great class but I think it should be a level 3 class. Very challenging but can be done with different variation levels. I definitely will do this class again. Thank you! 💪🏻💪🏻
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ilaria, such an exhilarating class! I will come back again and hopefully improve my quality of movement. Thank you!
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That was a lot of fun, challenging and creative. I really enjoyed this class. Thank you Ilaria
Lina S
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Thank you for this creative and challenging class!
Francoise L Thank you! Yes... lots of abs 😉
Coco You are welcome! Yes, by repeating the class your body gets more comfortable with the execution 👍🏻 Thank you for joining the class Coco!
Tova A Super! You are very welcome 😘
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