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Advanced Reformer Flow

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Adrianne Crawford teaches a traditional Advanced Reformer flow. Adrianne pushes you to clean up your technique but maintain rhythm and flow so you can successfully execute advanced exercises. You will move through the full expression of challenging exercises, such as Horseback and Balance Control Front. Get ready to get sweaty!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Feb 22, 2022
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Hi, I'm Adrian. I'm gonna be teaching my beautiful student, Colleen, an advanced reformer today. So shall we begin? I'm gonna have you go ahead and sit down. She's gonna start, for her she's gonna start on three springs.

You can do three or four, depending on your ability. Remember, we're doing an advanced reformer so at this stage, you should know what you're doing as far as changing your springs and counting, stretching out long too. So she's trying to get the full length on the stretch, all the way out all the way in. Six, 10 of these, seven, shoulders relaxed, necks are long, eight, getting those nice lean muscles, nine and 10. She's gonna transition to her arches very quickly as you could tell, two, cause this is also about the flow of the movements.

When you're at this stage, you're really moving. Six, long waistline pulling up the waist as you move. Getting that nice imprint into this mat, nine and 10, changing her feet to her heels out in one. Get that wrap of the thighs. Two, three, four, good.

All the way out, all the way in, five six, get those ribs down, seven. Really get a nice flexion as you come in, get that stretch and change to your toes. Go to that tendon stretch, one, two, three, down one, two, three, up. Still getting that nice wrap of the outer thighs, inner thighs, three 10 of these, four getting a nice warm up. Getting your body moving, six, pull up the waist.

Seven, don't let your belly button pop out. Eight, nine, and 10. She's gonna drop her bar. Grab her straps still on the same springs. Her headrest is down.

She's going right into her hundreds. Lifting her head, stretching out, breathing, two, three, four, five, out two, three, four, five. Getting that nice length. So those legs are actively stretching. Reach two, three, four, five, out two, three, four, five, in two, keeping those arms above the hips.

Big movements, lots of energy in this, lots of deep breaths in, long breath out, getting that nice, strong powerhouse. Up to 100. Out two, three, four, five in two, three, four, five, bringing up the lungs. One more deep breath in and out. Now here's where she has to transition to one to two springs.

So she drops one, the middle spring. We're on a grot to reformer, arms are long. Legs are long, headrest is still down. Arms go down, she jackknives over big kick up and stretches and now controls it, actively reaching those arms as she moves, and lower. Lift the legs way up there, stretch, stretch, stretch.

And now bring herself down with control. Very nice. And tap, six counts. One, up tWo, stretching down three, four, keeping those arms reaching five, touch six and two more and kick it up way up here. Good, nice stretch now control, control, control.

And last one over one jackknife two, and now control it. Reach those arms, stretch the neck. Good and now she's gonna go to her coordination. So knees are in, she stretches out, open, close the legs, knees in arms up. She's gonna do one more like that and then we're gonna add crisscross reach.

Exhale, in and now crisscross reach, she stretches those legs and crisscross two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight counts. Bend the knees all the way into those ears. Inhale stretch. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight knees in arms up. She's gonna sit up once again, drop one spring, flip around for her rowing exercises.

So she gets herself. You wanna get at hands width from the back, starting from the sternum, tuck your chin hinge back. Keep those hips squared off and push back with the arms. Big stretch over. Tap the hands, big circle and reach over for those toes.

All right, so she's gonna do that twice more. Hinging back one, open two, keep the chest still as she pushes back the arms three, touch four big circle up five and circle circle circle. Touch six, one more time. A little bit quicker now, ready? Hinge one, open two, push back three, big touch.

Four up around, five and toes six. Quickly transition to 90 degrees with the arms. hinge back one big lift nose between the knees quickly, scoop back touch and circle circle, circle. And again, 90 degrees. She's tall back here, long spine.

Lift your spine, grow taller. Now she pulls back, scoop the ribs, big lift and circle. She got one more. 90 degrees hinging back one. She grows taller, she lifts those arms, stretches forward.

Gets that scoop again. And the waist touch big lift and stretch and circle circle circle. All right, she's gonna put her straps down to turn around facing forward for the front stretch. Arms are up, up one straight down two, arms come up big circle, grow taller. Imagine there's some resistance with those straps.

So as you go down, especially you wanna feel resistance to help push you up and grow taller. And one more time up one, down two, up three, grow tall, four, five, six, quickly flex the feet. Hands at your hips stretch, arms stop shoulder height. Then you lift and you circle, good. So from the hips, you stretch out one, lift two, three, four, five, six, get a nice stretch here.

This is the hardest part. This is where you have to keep reaching with those arms while you scoop the knee back, scoop those ribs back. Good and then lift and circle. Let me see that again. So you're gonna stretch, get that reach.

Let me see the work happening in the powerhouse. Good, beautiful, and open. Now she's gonna cross her legs. Adjust her fingers in this straps for her shaving. So she has to lean a little bit into this as she stretches out, just do three, stretch, but really lift the back through here.

Lean a little bit forward, grow taller, taller, taller. There you go. Now open the arms to a hug and breathe in and out three times. Oh, nice strong powerhouse. And recross your legs reversing the breathing, exhale, inhale, exhale, and inhale.

She's gonna drop the straps onto the hooks, stays on the one or two springs because now we're gonna transition to long box so she can do her swan and the whole long box series. So she gets all of her stuff. You need the bar, the pad, she sets up for her long pack. The pad is, yeah, she's got two, but she only needs one. You don't have to have the pad, but it feels a little bit better when she lie down.

Knees should be inside the carriage. If not, they can be outside depending on your flexibility. All right, she's gonna first come up into an arch. Try not to move the carriage, comes back down, swoops back up. And now she has to stretch out really long back, scooping the ribs and comes back down.

So try not to move the carriage as you come up into your arch and exhale stretch and down, arms come back up big circle and I'll reach forward, forward, forward stretch and come back down. She's got three of those. She's got one more set and arch back. Good now the arms drop down to her side. They come back up and now you're gonna reach forward.

Get those ribs up. Good, and then all the way down there, she stands. She drops the spring. That's why I don't like the pad cause it just gets in the way of things. All right, she's setting up for her pulling straps, arms are on the outside of the carriage.

She's got enough tension on the straps. She's walked her hands high, move backwards just a little bit Colleen, keeping those shoulders on the box. All right, begin, reach backwards. Lift the arms, try to lift those arms higher. Hold two, three, and straight down.

Three of these reaching down. Keep those legs actively stretching and lower. You're gonna hold for three counts each time. So she pulls back. She tries to get those arms up a little bit more.

Hold two, three, and then lowers them down. Now she slides down for her T. So you're at the end of the leather, both arms are up three of these reaching back. Try to get your chest a little higher, hold, reach back you're gonna hold for three counts. So arms a little bit higher here, hold two, three, and keep those arms high.

Don't let that tension drop, one more time. Reach and hold two, three and in. Now she takes the straps in one hand, she swings her legs to the side, reaches for the spring to add it. And now she's setting up for her back stroke. So you wanna sit right at the edge very nice, good transition, and now arms up, legs up.

Reach for those toes. Don't quite so high in the chest. And then come back in up one, open two, reach three. So stay down here, just the tips of the shoulders on the mat and then come back in one more time up open reach and hold, pull in the waist, squeeze your seat and come back and go ahead and reverse three times reaching out, open the arms and legs and bend in, reach and count to two, one, two, open up together and bend last one and reach, really try to reach, reach, reach, open up together and bend.. She takes the straps on one hand to drop to one spring for her teasers.

So she has to move back just a little. So you have that support for your lower back and nice and smooth. She's gonna come up and just do up and downs with the arms. I think let's have you lie down for just a second and move a little to the left yeah, a little off center. So make sure you're in the right position when you come up, you feel supported.

All right, begin, curl up. Soften those toes a little bit, stay tall in the back. Just up and down. Go as high as you can and stop at the top of the hips. Three times two, do that one more.

Up and now she's gonna control that curl back down, articulating that spine. Now she's gonna go into circles. So she finds the position and she circles big circles. Two, three, let's have you come back up to finish and then lie back down, preparing to reverse your circles up, now those can be even harder if you come up with the arms already in the circle, going into the circle, all depends on how hard you wanna make it and come back down. She's working hard enough.

All right, you're gonna still hold onto those straps cause we're gonna have you go into your breaststroke. So now I'm gonna have you turn around. Do you want a pad? Good. All right so she has to get herself into position.

I gave her a pad just for some extra cushion on her knees. Knees are right off the back. She's gonna do three kicks. Do your kicks first one, two, three,. She drops her feet.

She does a big circle up, up circle circle all the way back down and she can do two more sets. One, two, three, drop the feet quickly. Big lift reach for the back. And one more set. One, two, three, lift up circle.

Very nice, she's gonna reverse the circles. One, two, three. This is tougher cause you have to come from behind. Get those absorbs long stretch to the ocean. One, two, three.

Nice we have the ocean out there. Reach and last set. So three sets of three, two, three, and down, up big reach and all the way down. Very good. She's gonna take herself off of here cause now she has to set up for her horse back.

You want the two pads? Yeah, yeah. I dunno which way you want 'em to face. All right, so she's getting in a good position. She's on that one spring, her feet are flexed.

Now the idea is to get a little space between your seat and the box. So she has to rise up and really use those inner thighs. Two, three, bring herself down, flex your feet and rest. So she's gonna do that again but do the up and down again, no circles just yet. Drop your chin more.

Good C, so I want a deeper C curve so way up here, that's it now bend the elbows in three times, one, get up there, get your seat up. Good. Use those inner thighs. Use your seat two up and come back down and rest. One more set.

So again, three sets of three. This time she's gonna circle the arms up and one drop her chin two, get those ribs in two and three, she comes back up to finish and comes back down. Very nice. We'll get rid of this strap. She's gonna turn her box around and she's ready to set up for her short box series.

So now you're back two springs. You need the box and the pole and a pad, which you should already have at your disposal, cause you've already done your long box series. All right so right into your hugs. Just do three go table top first. So just halfway back, curl forward.

Now this time she's gonna go back and get a beautiful stretch. Open up the chest and curl forward. This time she's gonna take her arms back and either grab onto the back of the carriage or do a pushup, feels wonderful. Nice limbering exercise, and around, over, and then she's gonna grab her. You wanna do another?

She liked it so much, she's doing another one, stretch. Good feels so good. And now curl, curl, curl, curl forward. Feels so nice to get those stretches. All right, so now you're gonna grab your bar.

Take it up, you're in your long, beautiful spine position. Keep that back stretching, lengthening, lengthening, lengthening up, up, up, and like this invisible string. You're lifting your spine. One more back forward stretch. Let the arms rest in between.

Bring them right back up, lean over those hips of the shoulders. Stay in front of you and she's lengthening the sides, stretching and strengthening and one more to each side, lift, keeping those hips on the box, ribs together and again, rest the arms. Now she's ready for a twist arms come up and she stretches out. She's once again, lengthening the sides. Turn hinge up, going to your fishing.

She's gonna hinge fish and get that fish up out of the water so it's heavy. You want resistance with that pull, lifted out of the water. Very good let's finish with that. You're gonna put your hand far away and go into your trees. Grab your right thigh.

Sit up tall, get yourself squared off here is a good way to part to check that your hips are lined. If you feel off center, it's a good time to fix that and then walk down, stop, come right back up. Nose forward, fall forward. And now this wonderful stretch. Lift your backs up, up, up, up, and now around, this time, you can go all the way back and get a stretch with the neck and the chest deep breath in curl, curl, curl forward, lift stretch.

Get your right hip forward just a little bit. Very good so now she's squared off. Let's go ahead and take the leg to this side. You can do circles on that, but we're gonna skip those today. Tuck your chin and do a stretch.

Now she comes up, she wants to get that right leg behind her right shoulder. So quite a bit more. Yes. Lift your back, square yourself off. Cross the leg over once again, squaring off and then stretch forward.

Yes, ready for the other leg. How do you feel? Good. Moving. All right.

One, three stretches. Two, three, nice C curve. Good, and then she's ready to fall back. She walks down. Just go tabletop for the first one.

Come right back up, head forward. And now right away sit up top. So she's trying to get this part of the back up. And two more going back. She'll go all the way down.

Go into that stretch where you open up your chest. You curl into your C, nose to knee, fall forward, and then lift your back. So let me see more. Yes, yes, one more, head down, shoulders down. That's it.

They should feel good. And come up. Now finish with your stretch. Don't forget the stretch next time. Then take the leg to the side, tuck your chin.

Fall back, good curl your hips as you go back, she's opened up her chest. Now chin to the chest powerhouse, leg comes behind you. Lift, cross the leg over once again, square off and then stretch. Good. All right, we're gonna get rid of your box and set it for your long stretch series.

So exactly, she's got her bar up, she's got her pad. She doesn't need her bar or pole or the pole or the box anymore. And she's gonna stand up on the carriage right into position. So heels are up you're right in that plank position and three of these, out and right back in breathing through these inhale exhale, one more, nice long neck. Drop your chin just a little.

And that's now she'll drop to her knees. Feet are against the shoulder pads, hips for breathing once again, now ring at the lungs. Once you're in I want you to pause for just a moment and get the chest open. So roll those shoulders back, one more in, in, in and chest open. She can walk to the tips of her fingers.

Take the arms up and stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, and bring herself back down for up stretch three times out plank, all the way in and good out. Now, lift your head a little bit more. Open your chest all the way in. That's it one more. Out lower and all the way in and then push back out, reverse, drop your head, scoop the wrist and push out, plank, so she's reversing the exercise beautiful in, and one more time out and plank in and out and all the way in into an elephant neck.

So she's gonna stand on the top of, yeah. Start with your toes on the top of the shoulder pads. This is where she's gonna take one leg behind her doing a single leg elephant, head is down and get that scoop up two, three times then she switches sides and push out. Don't be afraid to push it away. One, control it in two, three.

Then she goes to tippy toe on top of the reformer. So the heels are up, but she's down on the reformer now and pushes out and one pull up two and three switch legs. Get that leg as high as you can. Keep those hips squared off one scooping two, three onto a flat foot, both feet down, out and in, one, five of these two, three count from in. One, two, three in, toes up two, three, in, two more.

And last one, one, two, three in. Okay, she's ready to step off. She'll slide her pad down, preparing for stomach massage. But first she's gonna do the long back stretch. So you're still under two springs.

Her back is beautifully open. Neck is long. You come back in. This is where the shoulders will wanna hunch forward, you wanna keep those shoulders and chest open. Those necks long, clearing the bar then she reverses out in.

Can you grow taller longer, longer, longer? Can you open your chest more? Come all the way in, do one more, out in all the way in first. And that's enough. Sit up on the bar first, do your tendon stretch.

So you can use the pad if you want, or you can move it outta the way, head is down. Feet are together. Head is down out and in three times. She pushes out trying to clear her seat. So as she pushes out, you don't wanna brush your bottom on the bar, two, control that in, three.

Now she takes one hand inside the leg, takes that same leg up. So right hand in, moving right leg up, two. I'm gonna move, you've got this, three and then she's gonna switch sides. You wanna try to keep that extended leg up high, it will wanna drop you wanna keep lifting it, one, two beautiful three with control. That's it, all right, so now she's gonna step off.

She's ready for her stomach massage. So she'll need to add the same spring she started with, which were three. Oh, you're right, good. She got into position very nicely, out, lower lift. And one, that's a fancier way to get into position is where you grab the shoulder pads and you control yourself down with the powerhouse, three in four.

Can you get up and over in a deeper seeker? Five, 10 of these six in seven. Good, nice and dynamic. So you're still keeping the flow and the energy in the workout. Eight, nine right into hands back sitting tall.

So there's not a pause. You're still moving unless you've had to drop a spring. If you start it on four, you go to three, two, three, don't let your knees go wider than your hips. At this stage, you should be able to keep those knees line with your hips. Five, six, good correction.

She fixed herself, she was going a little sideways, eight, she felt it nine one more. And now she has to drop one spring and arms go up in, four of these and in and stretch out. Lift your back, three. And now she's ready to twist to the right. Good, she's got her heels nice and high and they're even out in and out.

And in, she's gonna step off. She's gonna go ahead and get ready for your short spine massage and then we'll do your semi-circle afterwards. So we'll drop your headrest here. She's still on two springs, headrest is down. She's adjusted her straps for her short spine.

Good. And she's gonna go right out. Get her bottom up with her hips and her legs. And now control that, relax those toes, this is the nicest part, but the hardest part to get that last stretch, lowering down lower down. Start to bring your heels down, but keep stretching.

Let me feel you drop your tailbone all the way. Good and out hips up. Stretch the arms, nice long neck and bend and quickly lower. Get that beautiful stretch and bring it down. Got maybe two or three more out, up and over bend and lower follow your center, follow that spine.

As you continue to roll the spine down, just finish with this one, one more up over. You can do anywhere from three to five, stretch and she's ready to bring that down. She'll get rid of the straps and now she's ready for her semi circle. So we'll just go ahead and yeah, I'll drop the, you can just drop 'em in the well, it's just loud on a wood floor. Okay lift your head rest or leave it down.

Either one is fine. And now you're gonna start to articulate. You try not to move the carriage. When you do that initially, now you keep the carriage still and then you bring yourself in all the way in. Now try not to move the carriage.

There you go, better all the way, all the way, all the way. Try to find the springs, ah ha, push out. Now, keep it still lift your hips and control it in, three each way. One more. And then she'll reverse and stretch.

Can you get both hands to the base of the shoulder pads? Yes. Hips are up and now she's ready to reverse and out. Hold that carousel, I see it moving. And then come back in hips and stretch and two more out right through your center.

That's it. It's a beautiful stretch if you can do these in your knees, feel okay with them, one more time. It feels really good. Very rarely can we do that kind of movement in our spines. We don't get enough of it.

Good. And then she's ready to pull herself back. She's gonna end up stepping off and doing your chest expansion and thigh stretch. So let's go ahead and get your straps ready. She's still on the two springs.

Now she grabbed a pad. You don't have to do that, loop. She's got her feet hooked to the back edge. She's gonna begin with the chest expansion, opening up the chest look right, center, left, center, exhale release, deep breath ends. Very challenging.

You really get those arms to pull all the way back. So can you pull 'em back further? Hold it there two, three, and up. So try to get those arms back and then hold, now look left, center, right, center and release. Good.

That's it. Now she's gonna add a spring for her thigh stretch. So you wanna move forward for this. Your thighs are against the shoulder pad. You have to walk up higher.

You want a good tension on that strap? Good, your head is down. Hips are forward. She's gonna fall back, pushing the hips forward to get a nice stretch in the thighs. And then the carriage brings you in cause the springs will help and head down.

Go as far as you can. Good and right back up. Are you comfortable taking your head back and opening up your chest? Okay so she goes back, hold, now she lets her head fall opens up the chest, that's far enough now chin, straps, hips and in. How was that?

Yeah good. Okay. Let's have her turn around. She's gonna drop to one spring because now she's preparing for her arm circles. All right so she's tall and big circles up and around one.

Good two. These are nice and freeing after all of those because the spring feels light, but you're still working one, two and three. Good let's bring yourself back down. Do some bicep curls. So you're here.

Elbows glued to the ribs. So don't let the elbows move. Can you glue 'em to your ribs? That's it. Two and three, that's it.

Go ahead and get rid of those. You're ready to step off. You'll add just, well you can be on one or two springs for your snake or twist. I'll do one. Okay so she's chosen to do one spring, which is a lot more challenging.

This is your snake and twist. So you get your bar. You hold onto the shoulder pad. You hook your foot. She is squared off in the hips.

Now she's gonna first go straight down, Colleen exhaling and come back up. Now she's gonna go into this twist. So she goes all the way down. She looks over that right shoulder and now she scoops and come back in. She'll do that one more time, go low and now begin twisting over, ringing out the lungs and come back up.

She's ready to step off and move to the other side. Good. All right same idea. So she's squared off her with her shoulders and her hips. She scoops and comes back up and now she's ready to twist looking over that back shoulder opening up the chest.

So once you get down there and you're looking over, you wanna get that shoulder to go with you. Can you pull that shoulder back, back, back, back? Good, and all the way in and ready to step down. All right, let's go back to your two springs. Get rid of your pad and let's go to your cork screws.

So you wanna drop your headrest. I'm gonna actually put these down. Good. Let's start with your tick tocks. So legs are up.

Your tick tock looks the opposite way. Go as far as you can, but keep those ribs down. Don't let your ribs pop up. That's it. So it's a stretch, but it's also controlled.

Good now she's gonna rest and begin to lift and cork screw around, around and lift and back down and around, around, around, and lift and down to the right around and big lift. These get pretty big and dynamic and up. One more set, to the right around. She's got her elbows down. She's doing beautifully, last one, around.

Usually the elbows are gonna wanna pop up and she didn't do that. Good, very, very well controlled. All right so find your hands width from the back. She's going into her balance control. So she's gonna pop up, gonna take one leg back.

This one's stretching up and then she'll switch, finds the outside of the care stretch. That's it, left, now she's gonna step off the back. So you have to roll to your shoulder. Don't do it, if you've never done it by yourself, make sure you get an instructor and plie, releve. Now this is the tough part to land in the middle, which you did very nicely and roll to the shoulder.

Reach for that backroom, plie, releve and slow control to the shoulder. That's it all right. Very nice. Let's go ahead and have you step off. Get your straps ready for your long back stretch or long spine massage.

That's it. So she has to, she stays on the two springs. Her headrest is down, she's adjusting her straps. So the straps are between the hook and the leather. So the hook's not moving around.

And once she does that, she'll lie down, put them on her feet and we'll go. I'm gonna move this box so I can spot you usually you'll do about three each way. The idea is to control the movements while you're up in the air, you're gonna come back down. So this is where the legs are gonna come up. She does a big circle in the air and controls the float down.

Good. If you wanna do a couple frogs just to get the feeling of the springs, do so otherwise I can have you just go into it. Okay? Yeah. Okay so now she's up.

She should already be coming down. You don't wanna get stuck up there. If you pause up there, you're gonna get stuck. So up with the hips open and right away, you're reaching, reaching, reaching, come back down and right back up, open the legs, reach, stretch the back. And now she's gonna reverse the next three.

I didn't warn you and stretch, stretch, stretch three times and right back up and reach, reach, reach. So get those hips up, hips up. Okay do it again. So out up, so I'm gonna give you some resistance. There you go, that's it.

More length, that's enough. Go ahead and bend your knees and rest. All right, let's go ahead and get rid of the straps. Have you drop some behind you and let's set up for your kneeling knee stretch series. So here's where you can add the bar and add your headrest.

Good. She is kneeling on the knees in a beautiful C curve, she's gonna do eight rounded, eight arched and knee and 10 knees off two, three drop your head weight on, four, five, can you sit back more, six good seven and transition. Head up chest open one, two, three, in four, in five, six, seven, and knees off. So right into her C curve. Arms are long shift forward a little bit.

You're too far back. Five, six, no noise. Control it. Eight, nine, and rest. She's gonna step off.

Let's go ahead and do your balance control pushups. So you're gonna change it to two to second gear. So-- Right this way first? Yeah, you're gonna go long to the playing position. So she changes to second gear so you need your block to put in there and then she's still on two springs and then she gets on her toes.

You're gonna do three with the arms out and in, one, two, three, then she's gonna pause and do three pushups, elbows in one, two, three, hold. Now do your tendon stretch. So out and switch just once on each side, stretch back, stretch forward and one more to each side, stretch back forward, one more with the heel back, forward and hold. Then she steps off. She has to go back to first gear.

So let's go ahead and go back to first gear and then we're gonna do your backward arm. So you reverse that. So she's now facing me both feet right onto the bar. You're tall, your chest is open one leg is gonna kick up. Then you're gonna reverse or switch.

And now you're gonna do circles. Open your chest and circle. Now she reverses the circles out and up, out and up and then three dips bend and one, two, three,, and then she steps off gracefully. And she's gonna do her Russians to finish. I'll give you a pad for that.

(Colleen speaks indistinctly) Oh wait we didn't. Oh, let's do that. Let's do your running in, we'll do that first. I almost forgot your running and pelvic lift. She was moving so nicely, push out and now start to walk for 10 counts.

Two, three, get your back still, those hips from wobbling seven, eight, nine, 10 run one, two, three, four, a little bit quicker, five, six, seven, eight, nine. And come on in. Now she's gonna go to her pelvic lift. She's pretty flexible. So she's got a beautiful turn up going.

She's got that flexibility in her hips to be able to do that and get the full stretch. You might feel like you stretch but you can always go a little bit further. About five or six. Control it in four, five. All right, last one.

And then she's gonna bring herself down and step off. Actually, let's go to your side sweeps. We could do that. So let's do your one or two springs. Have you set up on this.

If you're on one spring, it becomes a lot more challenging. Why don't I have you face this way first? Yeah. So you're gonna step on. She's gonna take her left foot over since she's facing you.

And then she's gonna try to move over without moving the carriage. Ideally, all the way out to the shoulder pad, arms are out to the side. You're tall, you're long, you're lifted and then she's ready to push out and pull up up, up. So get those ribs together. And three times, two on this third one, she's gonna stay out and go into picking flowers.

Don't move the carriage, come up. She's gonna present them to the gods, exhale. And then she opens and lifts. And now she's gonna do that one more, keeping the carriage in. This is where you have to use those, that powerhouse your bottom, your inner thighs, to keep the carriage from moving.

Then she shimmies her foot in. She steps on she's ready to turn around, preparing for the next series, which will be with the saw. So shimmy your foot over, she's once again tall, tail bone's down. She's gonna go out and pull up. Don't just pull from the legs.

Pull up into the waist. Two, this one, she stays out. She's preparing to saw, reach control. The carriage should stay perfectly still, which she's doing a beautiful job at and now grow taller, taller, taller. One more set, keeping the carriage still back into the saw, remember to articulate.

So chin drops, last thing up is your head. And now she shimmies back in steps onto the carriage before stepping down and now she's ready to step down. Now let's do your Russian. You could do front splits but we're gonna go right into Russians today. So she's gonna go back to two springs.

This one you do want two springs for. All right so the foot is kind of in the middle of the shoulder pad. She gets into like a lunge position. She's gonna push out and in three times, one trying to keep the hip lined with the knee. So even lower two, right there is beautiful, three.

Then she has to adjust her weight to that top foot, arms come up, hands behind the head and in and out three times, one, two, three, arms, once again, come up she scoops. And now this is where the carriage comes in. She has to hop her foot forward. So now she can go into the Russian split. And this is a feel good.

You just pause and try to relax into it. And then she's gonna come back up and she'll do one more split out, trying to keep the hips square. She's doing good, ah ha. And just hold, hold, a little bit deeper and all the way in. And that's enough.

Now she's gonna move her foot back, preparing for the other side. And then she hops her foot forward. It's in the middle, gets in that lunch position out in three times, out one. So she's pushing out with that left leg. Two, three.

Now here's that balance control arms come up behind the head and out and in three, one, two, so these are done forward two, that's the front splits three and down. Now she brings the carriage in first, moves her foot forward. So now she has more range to push all the way out into a beautiful split. You go to where you can in that stretch and then just hang out for a moment and then come back in two times. Out, good.

And in. Now get the carriage all the way in. And then she hops her foot back steps on. She's ready to step down and you are done. Thank you. Nicely done.

Good job. Very strong.


Love this class, 
1 person likes this.
Sorry but it’s too fast for me
Julie S
1 person likes this.
I don’t see how this is physically possible to keep up with without someone changing my springs for me.  It’s a shame because it seems like a good class. 
Definitely something to strive for. I liked the fast pace - not everything is doable however if I was to learn part of this sequence with all the spring-changing choreographies, that would be great to have under my belt to do at any time.

I will definitely revisit. Except the last 10 minutes.
Dorine F
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Lot of hurry in this lesson. The word quickly is not a word i should use referring Pilates
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Thank you for this classical class-taught the way I learned in Boulder with Amy and Rachel. For those of you that felt frustrated- start by going back to the classical work in a lower level. The advanced students of a classical Pilates studio are taught to work this way without stopping between exercises with continuous breath. It is great as it can become more aerobic. Blessings!
Anna C
Too quick indeed, get more frustrated then being able to enjoy the move
Always love your classes Adrienne!! Thank you!
Sorry Adrianne, misspelled!
Agreed that the pace was too fast which is a shame because I loved the movements!
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