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Garuda Mat Flow

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Play with rolling movement in this creative Mat workout with James D'Silva. He teaches a flow class based on the foundational Mat work in the Garuda method that will allow you to find expansion through your body. He includes a bit of breathwork as well as flowing combinations that help you connect your breath to your movements.
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Apr 26, 2022
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Hello, I'm James D'Silva, the founder of the Garuda Method. I'm here with the lovely Rebecca Morton, who's gonna be my demonstrator, for today, and we've prepared a really wonderful flow class, today, based on the Foundation Matwork, and, again, it brings in all the fundamentals of the Garuda method. So, play along with us, and just enjoy the work, yup? Thank you. I'm gonna get my lovely Rebecca to lie down, flat, with her knees bent, so, they face the ceiling, feet parallel.

So you wanna track from the hip-bone to the knees, to the big toe, this wonderful straight line, with a connection of the front of the heels, gently pushing into the toes. You'll feel that the sacrum is wide, the space behind her ribs, the bra-line, opening out, and, finally, the occipitals lengthening away. Good. With the hands softening at the floor, and the elbows pulling out to the side, so they really connect to the scapular. I want her just to stay there, close her eyes, and invite the breath into the body.

As Rebecca breathes in, she feels her feet rooted to the floor. The breath travels up the back of the body, all the way up to the crown of the head, and then, (emphasized slow exhalation sighing) it cascades down the front, and back down to the feet. And again, breathe in. (slow inhalation sighing) and, breathing out. (slow exhalation sighing) Becca, let's place one hand on the lower belly, one hand on the heart, good.

And again, breathe into the lower belly, breathe into the heart. And as you breath out, feel, as you're gently drawing up the skin of the lower belly, and softening the heart, between the shoulder blades. Good. Breathing in, into the lower belly, into the heart-area. And again, that drawing-up, and the ha! (breathily exhaling) Softening, good. And again, breathing, and this time, don't let the lower belly go.

Keep that pulled up, breathe into your ribs, the side ribs. And again, as you breathe out, (gently vocalizing) ha, soften, and drop, even gentler. And, breathing in, feel the ribs expand, feel the side-ribs, feel the back of the head lengthen. And, breathing out, (gently vocalizing) ha, soften, and down. Again, feel that same motion, of the breath still traveling up the back of the body.

Breathe in. (deep inhalation hissing) And then, breathing out. (expelled breath hissing) Down, good. Now, I'm gonna ask Rebecca to place the side of her little pinky on her pubic bone, and move the hand from the heart, over the mouth, and, with small, percussive breaths, as you you're darting an arrow out of the mouth: ha! Ha! (sharply exhaled breath whooshing) I'm gonna ask her to guide the breath up the lower belly, ha! (sharply exhaled breath whooshing) And, ha! (sharply exhaled breath whooshing) So, the skin of the pubic bone gently drawing the breath, all the way up, and under the navel. Ha! And, ha! And dart, dart the breath out. Ha! And, ha! And, ha! And, ha! And, ha! And, ha! Good. Ha! And ha! Maybe use your feet, gently, as well. They gently press through the floor.

And, ha! And, ha! And ha! And ha! And ha! And ha. (slow, long exhalation sighing) Brilliant. Place the hands back down to the side. Good. Now, I'm gonna start yawning the limbs out, slowly. So, we're gonna start with her left leg, reaching out, track the foot out, good, reach out from the leg, into the ribs, into the side of the face, and then glide the heel back in, to center. And, ha (gentle exhalation sighing) lengthen out.

And come in. So, I'd like you to kind of change the breath, breathe in to reach the leg away, so, you breathe into the side of the lungs, you breathe into the side of the face, and on the out-breath, you draw everything back, again. Good. And, again, breathing in, move into side of the body, and breathing out, think of the inner thighs, connecting, on the way back. One more time.

Breathe in, and drag the heel in, from the lower belly and arms, good. She, really, moves into her ribs, into the side of the face, she gets that sense of reaching out, and lengthening, back and through. Now, I'm gonna use the hands a lot. So, the little pinky spirals in, as she reaches her leg out. It moves past the heart, all the way out, overhead.

Then, she pulls back from the ribs, the armpit, the heel of the hand, actually, drags the heel in. And, the other side. Breathing in, spiraling through, all the way. Turn the head out to the side, lean into your ribs, lean into the floor. And then, breathing out, pull, and draw back, again. Brilliant.

And, again. Breathe in, go, reach. Grow, all about. Ah, it's... Yawn it hard, you know what I'm talkin'?

Then, bring it back down, to center. And, breathe in, go move through, yawn, feel the length, ah... And then, breathing out, bring it back to center. What if we use opposite arm to opposite leg? And the left hand, right leg, good.

Get a nice oppositional force moving through the body. The back ribs, really, yawning out, last one through. And, breathing, go, go go.. And again, feel the length from the occipital, so, she's leaning into the occipital, the back of the occipitals, good. And, she pulls back, and she centers.

Now, both hands, moving through center, reach the legs out with that. But, ah, stay there, Rebecca, but lean your ribs back, down, down, down, down into the floor, good. And then, pull back under, and center. Good. And again, little pinky spirals, middle finger, reach back, lean into the occipitals, good. And, again, pull back down, and center.

Now add on, let's add on. The same way, breathing, and reach back up. Good. Stay there. Draw the left elbow into the left knee, and yawn. So, feel the other side of the body stretch out, good.

And then, you pull back, again, and center. Good. And, drawing the right elbow to the right knee (indistinct), and, you pull back out, and center. Beautiful. And again, breathe in. As she pulls in, she leans the other side down, into the floor. Good, that's it.

And, she centers, good. And she pulls, and she pulls, and she pulls, and grow, keep this leg parallel, good. And, it centers. Let's add onto that. Breathing in, to bend, and now, breathing out, roll into the side, get into a fetal position.

Close yourself in, good. And then, send the arm, the leg, find the side-ribs, and roll, and, stretch back out, ah. And again, breathing in. Nice, very nice, good. And as you're rolling, draw into a fetal position, good.

Reaching the leg, side-ribs open, good. Roll back into your back-ribs, and then center. One more time. And, breathing in, and then, drawing in, good. And reach out, grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, roll, roll, and center.

And, the last one, pull in, and draw in towards you, good. So, the foot, feel the side-ribs and the hip, good. And then, lengthen out, and, wonderful... Pull the knees back in, good. And, center.

That was brilliant. Okay, good. So we've yawned ourselves out of our joints, and out of our tissue, now let's start working, just a teeny bit. But, again, working around the hips, and the back. So, Rebecca's now gonna drop her left knee out to the side.

Let it drop, good. Her right hip's lifted, so you wanna feel as though she's rolling, down the side of the face, the ribs, the hip, she stands into her right foot, and then she closes the left leg in. And, the other side, breathing in. Roll into the side of the face, the ribs, the hip, it's all about rolling through, and center, and again. Breathing in, good.

And, as the breath moves down, into the foot, you close, back to center. And, breathing in, good. And, side, arm, ribs, knee, foot, and you close in, good. Left knee drops, let the right foot follow, good. Again, use the side, the face, roll through the hip, stand on the leg, and then close, back to center, good.

And, you can go, and down, two down. Side of the face, scapular, ribs, floating ribs, hip, sit-bone, heel, and then you center. Left knee flops to the left, right foot flops to the right. Then, use the sides of the feet, lean back into the back, and then close it, good. And again, drop.

Drop, and lean back. Use your arms, into the back of the head, and close. Let's do that, one more time. Drop, drop. Lean back, grow, roll through, and center.

And again, flop, flop, good. And lean back, brilliant, and, center. Let's start with a small pelvic tilt, and, release the tailbone back down. Pelvis, lower back, release this up. Roll back down, and feel the feet.

Feel of sense of traction, for you, a sense of traction to the middle back, good. And, roll back down. So, it's the front of the heels, towards the toes, that pushing action. Pulling through the knees, roll up, stay there. Just roll down through the heart.

Good. And, back up, again. They're wrapping and pulling. And, middle back, good. And again, lift.

All way down to the lower back, good. And then, reach up, And, ha... (long slow exhalation sighing) Roll, the arms move with her, yes? Notice. Peel the pelvis, roll back up, again, good. And now, roll into the right scapul...

Oh, sorry, the left scapular, left hip, and then, using the outer edge of the left foot, push back up, again. Good. Right scapular, right hip, and again, using the outer edge, she pushes up, good. (chuckling) And, again, down. Well done, good.

And, go, push back up again, this lovely, tilting action. Round, and then, ah... (loud exhalation whooshing) Roll back up, again. Let's add on. Move down, on the left. Both hips down, and then roll up, through center.

And down, the left. Down the right, good. And then, you roll back up. Good. And again. Side, and side.

Use the arms, grow into the body, good. And side, good, and side. Roll through, center. Now, add on. Roll down the left, both hips down, Lift up, from the left, and then the right.

Roll down the scapular, ribs, hip, and rock to the other side, and then you lift up. Take your time, down, center, use the outer foot to lift, use the outer foot to center, and roll down, roll through center. Roll to the other side. Lift, and stay there. Open the arms out, wide, good.

Now, we just have the floating-ribs move out, towards the side. And, center. The knees stay face to the ceiling, floating-ribs, reach, and center. Again, floating-ribs, roll, oh... And then, you center, and, floating-ribs grow, and center.

Let's add on. Floating ribs, hips and head turns. Feel the length, from occipitals, good. And then, center, good. And ribs, hip, good.

Feel the length, ah, good. And, center. And again, reach out, to lift, ah, good. And, center. And then, again, pull, reach out.

And, center. Bring the arms down to your side, good. And then, you roll down, through. Release, release. That was brilliant, by the way.

Good. Nice work. Now, glide the foot out, let it flop. Open the knee out to the side. Glide it back, turned out, and then, pull it in. And, left leg out, right leg through, this time, good.

And down, and center. And again, down, flop it. The hip will roll up, so you roll it back down, to center it. And again, down, knee out to the side, ribs, hip, down. Foot, and you come back to center.

Let's, also, go the other way round. Flop it out, reach through, pull, down, pull out, flop it out, and then, roll back to center. Flop. Down. Draw.

Grow, flop, and, roll back to center. So, I just wanna think, a little correction I've thought, to think about. Reach the leg, first flop it out, good, the hip rolls up, send the leg out. Roll back, through the hip, the knee, the foot, yeah. Don't forget that.

Reach it out. Flop, reach it out. Again, roll back through, and center. The other side. That, drop.

Reach, and pull, and take it back out, drop, roll, and then you center the legs. That was brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Good. Now, let's bring into practice what we've done so far, which is...

Bring the hands a little closer in, to you. We're gonna start by reaching the left arm and the left leg away. Grow out of the ribs. Beautiful. Now, flop it.

Now, circle the arm out of the side, lift the knee, along the floor, to the side, good. And then, roll yourself back, as you close the knee in. So, we are yawning, flopping, and bringing everything back. And again. The right reaches out, this time, good.

And then, you flop it, ha. (exhalation whooshing) Then, you glide the foot and the knee along the floor. The hip will lift, that's alright, roll it back, And then you close, back to center. Just that one more time. And reach out, grow, and, you flop. You open the knee and the arm up good.

And then, ha... Roll it back to center. And, arm, leg, grows. And, it flops. And you open out, good.

Roll, from this other face, the ribs, the hip, the knee, the foot, and the whole litany of joints. (chuckling) Yeah, good. This time, add-on. Same thing, you start the same way, you grow. And, you flop, and pull the knee and the arm out to the side.

Stop, there. Now, roll into the side, on the shin and the knee. Grow tall. And then, roll back, down the midline, through the hip, through the side of the foot. And then, you close the center.

Beautiful. And, reach out, grow up tall, and go flop. And, open up. And push up, good. Now, think of the side-ribs, reaching down, the hip-bone, reaching down, sit-bone pulling towards the heel, and then, you're all back to center. Let's add on.

And, reaching out tall, and flop. Open the knee and the arm out to the side. Reach up, tall, grow. now close the knee, through center, and roll back down. So many possibilities, yeah?

And again. Reach out, grow. Yawn the side-body out, flop it. Open the knee and the arm, out to the side. Reach up, through, and then close, wrap the leg in. Good, roll down.

And, one more time, Reaching out, good. And again, would flop, open the knee arm out to the side. Push out, and you close, again. Stay there, open the the other knee out, and flop, good. And, pull it up, and roll down, through.

Beautiful. And, reach up and grow tall. And, ha... (exhaled breath sighing) And open out. And grow. Good.

And then, use, move into that side leg, and there, so, now stop there, for a moment. She's gonna move into this, this side of the body. So the, the peripheral line, as she closes the leg. Let's do that one more time. Drop, to the outside.

Move to the outside, for the outside leg, and drop again, one last time, good. And, close. And then, roll back down, through the center, and, good. Now, the last sequencing of this is, again, start the same way. We're gonna go into a fetal position, soon, out.

And flop. Open the arm and the leg out, good. And push out, good. She's gonna circle her back arm round, and close into a fetal position, good. And again, circle it back out, tall good.

Close the knee in, and then, she's gonna roll down, through. Good. (chuckling) And the other side. Lift, how tall, good. And, ha... (exhaled breath sighing) Drop, open the knee, and the leg, outgoing. Reach out, circle around, good.

And, close the knee in. Beautiful. And, from there, reach out, good. Open out, tall. Good. And, closing...

Roll, and wonderful, good. Really, really nice. Okay, that must have felt really nice, and relaxed. Good. What I'd like to do next, is, go into some leg swings.

Leg, hips, and then circling with the arms, as well, because it really opens the body out, here, really, quite nicely. So, starting with your arms out, quite wide, thank you. And, we're just gonna glide the leg out, drop it, flop it out, yes. Then, stay there. This other leg reaches out, moves out to the side, comes back in again, pulls in, close in, and center.

(indistinct) a few times, 'cause it takes a little bit of time, to, kinda, get this out. Let the other leg reach across, tall, good. Down, out, good, and bend, okay. So, I wanna do this slowly. You're gonna reach out, Bend, open, stop, there.

Send this leg out, first, then you bend it, and you take it out, good. And reach out, stretch it, good. So, you can, actually, roll the body back. Back to center, good. Reach it down, bend, stretch the leg out.

Rock it, good. And out, back. Brilliant, with reach out, thank you. And again, down, flop. Reach around, and back down.

And (chuckling) you still wanna quicken that one. And again, take your time. And, down. Bend that. Bring it back down, stretch, bend, stretch, and bend.

One more time, down, out. And stretch, rock. Stretch that, tip them, stretch it. Pull it back, reach and close. And, down, out, good.

And through... And, pull it down... Ah, sorry about that. Reach out, good. Now, we use the arms.

So, same thing reach down, flop, knee, grow. Circle the arm to the foot. Circle the arm back, the arm pulls the rib, hip, knee, foot, and puls you back to center, good. And, go. Down, out, good.

Round, circle the arm, circle the arm back. Circle the leg. And, good, last time. Reach down, out, and, in, good. Circle the arm, better, and reach out.

Pull through, and, down, good. Reaching, now circle, roll onto the shoulder, roll, roll, roll. There you go, that's the extra roll. Let me see, now, good. And pull back.

Can we do that one more time, because it was so delicious, with the roll. And, down, reach, and go, good. And go, roll through, go, and roll back. And the knee, foot... Foot, pull, last one.

Down, and go circle, roll across, and reach out, good. And, down. Roll under, brilliant. And, thank you. Great. It was brilliant,

really good. Now, go up, this... And down, so you have enough space, good. And then, now, they call this they TFL stretch, but it's got a little, kind of, added bonus to it. You're gonna place your right knee over the left, good.

Okay, and, let the right leg over, she glides her hips out to the right, her underneath knee pulls the knee across. Her far-flexed arm pulls the ribs, the hip, the knee, the foot, back. She crosses legs to the other side. And glide the hip out, good, and have the underneath knee pull the knee across, good. Arm pulls the ribs, the hips, the knees, the foot, back.

And, she uncrosses. One more time. Just get this nice feeling, glide on the diagonal, and then, roll down, good. And, roll through, roll back, and (indistinct) Switch, please, and glide. And roll down, and reach from the arm, roll the body out, good.

And this set, now, let's add on, And, knee, glide across, and reach, and circle the arm down, and roll across, to the top. Open the side-ribs up, good. Then, come back, let the arm reach across, and roll back, good. And cross, good. And, good, glide, knees come down, rock across, through.

Over... Now, see that? Over, over your head, roll to the side, so you get that nice opening, good. And then, roll back, beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Reach back, good, roll through and center, good.

Change legs, and glide, and, down, and, through. Reach, and, now, open, the side-ribs are open. You gotta yawn them out, then roll them back down, good. Back of the arm, ribs, hip, knee, foot, and center. Brilliant.

And, go on, glide the hips, knees drop, arm circles. Move into a side-stretch, up there, for a moment. In your side-stretch, feel as the back ribs are open more. There you go. And then come back, good.

Circle down, good, and reach, circle back, back, and good. Adding on, now. She crosses legs, hip moves across, and she rolls, and her legs stretch first, and she circles the arm around, good. And she circles the arm back, and then, knees, legs out, and center. Good.

Change legs, yeah. Glide, roll, extend the legs, and she rolls across, wide. And she circles the arms first, then the knees bend. Sorry. And change, good.

And down. Glide. Legs unravel the body, and the arms, then they coil the body back up, with the knees bending, and, you center, good. And, change. Glide hips, knees drop, reach, and roll.

And arm, keep it out, then you bend the knees, good, (chuckling) and center, good. Great work, sorry about that, but I really wanted to... (chuckling) You can't hear Rebecca, as she moved, but she's sighing through, she's having little moments of euphoria. Yeah, but it's really nice being able to open the hips, and the ribs out, and you get this, really nice, a sensation of reaching out from behind the neck, yeah. So, there's a softness in the body, when it moves, and make sure you're hitting all the right positions, and that's what it's really all about.

And then, next, go into both the knees, lifts up... This whole combination, I call, it's a rolling combination, but it really requires you to work, again, through the hips, through the knees, kind of again, soft, but reaching out, through the thigh muscles. Allow yourself to go with the movement, don't stop yourself, over here, except for the first bit, where she's gonna open her left knee out to the side, but she's gonna, really, ground to the right side of her hip, the right side of the sacrum, see it's flat, and then she adducts back in, good. And then, the other way around. Strong on her standing leg, as she opens the knee out, and then she closes back in, again.

Good. And reach out the side. And now she's using that underneath arm, leaning over the same arm, pushes down, she grows into it, and she closes, good. And then, again, move out. She uses her right arm to close her right leg. Do that one more time.

Arm, gets ready, it lengthens along the floor, and the left adductor also helps her to close in. And the other side, good. And go, reach, pull back. Good. Now, send the left leg out, tall, from the hip. Rotate it out, move it on the diagonal, bend the knee, and then you close, good.

And, send the right leg out, good. Rotate it out on the diagonal bend, and close, good. And, bah! Rotate it out, good, and close. Now, she's quite grounded, over here. Round.

Reach out, good. And, let's reverse that, as well, please. Ah, good. Reach, turn it parallel, and pull it up. Out, keep the turnout as you turn in, direct it, track it down, in line with the hips. Good.

And open, reach, turn it parallel. Lift from the knee, up, good. And, outside, reach, rotate it, brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, good. Left knee flops out to the side, the right leg follows it. Good.

We use the adductor and that arm to push back, good. And right, again, and the left knee follows it. Use the back of the right arm to pull, and center. And the left leg, and right leg, good. Arm, ribs, hip, knee, and then you arrive, good.

And, out. And also, be aware of the occipital, grow from the... Thank you, that made such a big difference, it suddenly changed the movement yeah? Do that one more time, good. Bring... Good.

So, as the arm, it's grow into the side... Yup, just those deep muscles work, The multifidae kinda... Yeah, we don't want 'em to go on a break, over here, yes. And, reach out, and through. Now comes the interesting bit.

Take the left knee out to the side. Good. And, the right leg follows it, good. It reaches down, along the floor, and parallel. As it lengthens on the diagonal, the other leg takes over. Knee, knee, and good.

And then, you center, good. And, here we go. Out, and out, then it's her left leg, rolls through the other one, follows it. It follows the same pattern, and then it comes back up again, good. And outside, the right leg follows.

Reach it out, and down. Roll it through, to the other side. Good. Then through, knee. Knees come back, good. And, out, down, go, reach one leg across, roll it.

It's about rolling, (chuckling) yes, and reaching. Come back to center, well done. Now both legs. Out to the side, and lengthen out. Now, drop the hips, oscillate the feet, roll the hip up, bend the knees, and come back again, good.

And, both knees down. Reach on the diagonal. Drop the hip first, and oscillate. (both chuckling) Good. Then reach, and center, good.

And knees down. Good. Glide out, good. Rock, and across, roll, bend, and center. Beautiful. Last one, so down, and reach, and drop, go bah! And bend, brilliant, and center. Now, stay there.

Okay, and open the knees out slightly. Down, down to roll, with your hand coming through, now, and you're gonna reach across, and lean through, good. Roll back, again, good. Open knee, knee, good. And knee, knee, reach through, good, and, roll back, open the arm, knee, knee, center.

Knee, knee, reach out, and push across, out. Good. And center, good, and knee, knee down, good. And, go push across, round, and center. Adding on. And, knee, knee, down...

Extend the leg, just come up to rolling onto the knee, and then roll back, through the elbow, shoulder, ribs, elbow, and... And roll. Go through the joint, actually stretch this leg out, good. And then, roll back through, and arrive. Good.

And again, down, push through, good. And, roll back down, reach, beautiful, good. And there, and glide through, good. And the knee pulls in, back again, and center. Now, add on.

And roll, good, reach, and the other leg comes up, good. And then, good, down, and center, good. And reach, good. Reach up, and sit up, grow, and let it go, down, bend, and center. And drop, drop, and reach, turn, arrive.

Bend up, and center. Don't work so hard, tap, tap, and just let the foot rotate. The foot rotates, good. Down, bend, beautiful. And center.

One last one, so bah! And reach, and arrive. Good. Let's go up the mat, a little bit, good. And, let's go in for the... We're gonna go for those rolling obliques. Now, around the same kind of way rolling, yes, up and down, we're gonna think about the ribs, now.

Yeah so, for the next section, as you roll in to the floor, soft into the floor, from the ribs, yeah. The pelvis will add the rocking motion, but it's about how you, really, kind of, soften into your ribs. And, of course, there's a lot of elbow and shoulder-joint movement, out over here. So, allow yourself to release all the way, on the way down. No tension around the neck, either, yeah.

So, we're gonna start with just a plain and simple... Have the hands behind the head, both feet straight, you're gonna go sideways down, yeah? So, starting back, hand just past your hip, on the diagonal, rock out, back, and then you're gonna rock back to center. Change. And lean out, good.

Feel the opposite side of the leg working, good. And then, come back to center. Beautiful. Take it downwards, slowly. Drop it, lean. Good. And, push out in center, and go, Lean, good, and push out, and center.

Do that one more time, for me. And you gotta bring the knee up, for me. Opposite knee, so, here we go. As you go, go soft, good. And then, roll back, center, good.

Yeah, and again, soft, and there you go. And roll back, good. And soft, good, and roll up, good. So it's these side-ribs, yeah. And, you center.

Add on. Go on to the elbow, and roll back out, again. Think of moving more to the outer line of the body, good. And you center. And roll, and you center, beautiful. And roll, good, and you center.

Now, roll onto the elbow, shoulder, roll down, good. And roll back up, again. Good. The other side. And, roll through and down, and roll back up, again. Beautiful. And roll through, and down, and roll back up again.

Very nice. Roll through, down, and roll up. Now the whole circle. Do this slowly, roll, as you come down, bend both knees, change legs, change arms, and roll out to the other side. And down, roll, bah! And change, good.

And roll out, to the other side. This is good. And down, roll, and move across, good. And roll up, and center. Last run-through.

And, down. Good. And down, and center out. Brilliant. Roll back. Let's do rolling like a bug, (chuckling) Garuda version, please, good.

Okay, so. That was really good, by the way. Yeah, so that's, again, notice that softening to the floor. You don't need to, kind of, work against it, yeah? Go with it. Now, we're gonna work one ankle against the other.

So, the left ankle pushes against the right, there's a small lift, you roll down, and you change legs, yeah? Right pushes against left, left pushes back down, again, and you change legs, just that. Push up, and down. Change legs. One pushes against the other, the other pushes down, and change legs.

Now, we're gonna roll. Push slightly over the head, roll forward, and find your legs. Change back, again. And foot pushes against foot, foot pushes the way down, and change legs. And reach, and reach, good.

And change legs, beautiful. And soften, ha! Relax, ha... Down, and change legs. Now, get ready with your hands. Hands go down, to roll back, stretch the legs, change the legs, bend, and catch yourself, good.

And roll back, stretch, change, bend, and forward, brilliant. Roll back, stretch, change, bend. Roll up, and roll down. Stretch, change, and bend. And, amazing, good.

Now, roll back, and rock forward, on the knees, and up. So, you're gonna roll down the side of the body, roll up, and change, gonna roll through to the other side, good. And under. And down, and forward, good. and back, down and forwards.

Stay there, sit yourself back. So, all we are doing is we're rolling f... It's about, yeah, that hip and knee mobility, here, and how you gonna push through, and how you roll into the side. So, that's really important, getting that nice mobility, around the hip and the knee joint, and that's exactly what we've been doing all the way, the beginning of class, yeah, that reaching out, flopping, pulling in, pulling out, yeah? Sending it out, through the spiral, and then, dragging it back.

That's all that good work that we did, earlier, which we put into one exercise, okay? Good. Let's get you lying on... Yeah. No, no, on your back, yeah. Okay, so we brought in a small combo, bit of a challenge, but I'm sure you can all do this.

We gonna start with your feet parallel, hip-distance apart, exactly like the way we started class, and start with the pelvic, so, let's do this quite slowly. Pelvis tilts, into a bridge position. Little pinky spiral, and you take the arms back. Keep reaching, yawning away from the arms, as you roll down through the spine. Then, as the arms come forward, roll the head up, and then you spiral from the fingers, as you reach the legs out in front of you, good.

Now, you twist, you round the back, good. This back arm is gonna come around, spiral, the front arm spirals, and you reach down, bend in the knee, good. The foot, knee, hip, ribs, rolls you forward. You spiral around, to the other side, and you lift up, tall. Sit yourself down, reach out, beautiful.

Come back up, again, good. Send the hand all the way back around, to the ankle. Push back up again, good, and center, good. We forgot to go back down again, round and center, good. I wanna add one more thing onto that, yeah?

It's alright, don't worry, good. So, peel the pelvis up. (chuckling) It's all in the game. And reach back out, through. Stay there.

Roll yourself down, good. Reach the arms forward, roll that up, glide the feet up, and spiral up, tall. And, from there, twist, curve, good. And then, from there, circle, the arm down, and reach into the floor, bend the back of the knee, good. Send the foot out towards me, rotate, and as you come around, grow up tall, reach the arm down, stay there, push back up again. Good.

Now, send that same arm down towards the foot, and deepen into your twist, good. And come back out, into the side-bend, reach back out, sideways, good. And then, roll back, that was perfect. And bend the knees, go back down, good. And the other side, again.

Peel, to roll up, good. Rotate, and reach out. This time, bring the arms forward, roll the head up, and then glide the feet out, and send the arms up. And go, twist. Stay there, bring these ribs back, even more. good.

And, as you circle from here, roll, and bend, good. Send the foot back, that rotation, rotation, good. Circle, and move up, sideways. First, get that left hip down, reach, good. And reach back out, again.

Now, bring the hand through. Twist all the way down, good. And then, reach out sideways, and pull it back out. That was beautiful, by the way, good. (chuckling) And, center.

Roll back down, and arrive. Last one, so peel, and roll up. Arms circle, all the way up, and arms come back, good. Beautiful and out, good. And, curve, get those back ribs out, good.

Drop this hip down, good. And circle through, reach and bend. Send the foot out, rotate, rotate, and up, sideways, lower towards me. Push back up again, and then bring the hands in to twist, hold, there. And, as you send the leg out, go sideways.

Roll to the side of the ribs, into the hip. Rotate, good, and, roll back down, well done. That was beautiful, good. roll onto your front, good. Bit of upper back extension, good.

So... Very tall, over here. Elbows wide, feel the length, out through the hips, yes, and feel that space, that lower belly, and, really, the skin of the lower body drawing up, tall. We have, as Rebecca pulls on her hands, her elbows push into the floor, and they draw towards the hips, and she lifts the head and the chest off the floor. Then, she widens through, softens and then (indistinct) down, good.

And as she pulls and she lifts, she yawns out, through the legs. Her pubic bone and hip-bones pushing to the floor, again, there's space underneath, here, good. And then, widening, and softly down. And again, breathing in, pull. That lovely opening of the scapular, the back ribs, opening out.

And then, she softens down. Once you feel you've, kind of, got that nice... That, one more time. Opening, and lifting, you could lift the head, a little bit. It would key the length of the occipitals, good.

Widening, and lengthen down, good. Now, let's add on. As you pull, you lift the left leg up, tall, behind you. Good. Then, rotate from the thigh, rotate back, lift the leg just that little bit longer, lift the torso up, and then, ha! Soften, and lengthen downward.

And, the other side. You pull, and you lift, good. And you rotate out of there. And then, from there, parallel, lift that little higher, and then you soften down, brilliant. That one more time.

Pull, good. And, rotate, bah! Rotate back, lift that little higher up, bah... And you come back down, elbow soft, and widen it through the armpits, good. Pull, bah, open these up, good. And rotate, good, keep them open.

And, reach for that scapular, good. And, come back down, and through, good. Now comes the fun. Pull, bend the knee, extend it, just a couple of inches off the floor, then rotate it out. Then, take the leg across to the opposite elbow, that same elbow will push into the floor, for you to roll back.

Once you arrive here, knee lengthens, and work in opposition, good. Then, turn the knee back out, again, and bring it across, good. And, go push, from the back elbow, lengthen through the hip, and roll it down. So first, don't forget that parallel position, yeah? Down, parallel, and lift, take it back, good.

Now, from that, push into your right elbow, and start stretching the ribs down, the hip down, the thigh-stretch, and then you bring it back down, again. Brilliant, good. Start again, to the other side, pull, and bend. Stop there, that's one count. The second count is to lift.

The third count is to move into (indistinct), your turned-out position. Now, so don't move the torso, just push from the elbow. Elbow pushes you across. Keep tall, on this leg. That elbow pushes you down.

Find your knee, on the floor, then we rotate out. Keeping your left hip down, good. Again, turn it out, lift, and go across. Keep the length of this leg, good. And push from right elbow.

Good, down, parallel, and then, you rotate out. Good. They're turned out, lift, and across. Stay there, now. Cement yourself, from the elbows.

Now, push from the back elbow, shoulder, ribs, hip, foot reaches out, and you lengthen down. Sorry, (chuckling) I made you work very hard, there. Sit back onto your heels, and give yourself a great stretch, good. That's it, was really good work. Good, very, very good work.

Yeah, so give yourself a really nice stretch, after you've done that back extension, because you need to, kind of, move into it. Yeah, good. And now, from here, you're gonna curl, and go forward, arch your chest down, good. Push back up, again, round, and step back. And again, go, arch your chest forward, good.

Push, curl, and roll back. Two more. And curve, arch your chest forward, push, curve, and roll back, and bend forward. Stay forward for this next one, stay forward, curl the toes under. And in one gesture, push upward into Downward Doggy, good.

Bend the right knee, open the left ribs up, oh, good. And center. Bend the left knee, open the right ribs up, bah! And center, good. And bend, stretch, good. And bend, stretch, good.

And from there, walk your feet forward, towards your hands, and the head, softening in towards you. Push all the way forward, in, to make that curve. And then, rock back, towards the heels, and lift the head, lift the chest, good. And again, rock forward into your hands, and curve. And then rock back, good.

And arch forward, and curve. This time, as you rock back, bend the knees, and arch, bend the knees and arch the chest, good, forward, good. And again, curling forward, round with it. And bend the knees, and arrive. From there, straighten out tall, this time.

Straighten out so that your weight's slightly in front of the heels, good. And you're soft, the legs soft, in the knees, soft in hip-bones. The ribs are soft, and relaxed, the spine, just dropping. The scapular, reaching out, the ribs, and the back of the head, soft. Good, stay there, and breathe into your back.

Again, breath, moving up the back of the body, into the head and the hands, and breathing out, ha... Front of the body, the lower belly, drawing up, and off your thighs, as you soften down. Again, breathe in, and bring that breath back into the body, and then, breathing out. And always work on spending at least a minute, at the end of class, softening through, yes. Again, realigning myself, if I've lost my energy, through the workout, if I've, kind of, found that, in any way, I've lost my thought-pattern, I bring it back towards me, I ground myself.

It's really important that you ground yourself. The last time, breathe in, and, as you breathe out again, ha, soften. Now, start pushing your feet, gently, into the floor. With these knees still softening, start rolling up, but pull up through the front of the thighs, pull up into the lower belly, the lower back wide, the back of the neck tall, and your weight slightly in front of the heels, so you have that sense of lifting out, good. And then, as you stand there, feel the openness of the shoulder blades, and moving to the hands, feel that wonderful sense of the lower back opening, as the curtains of your lower back, opening out.

Draw a happy smile on your sacrum, yeah? Open out the eyes on the back of the knees, and feel, yeah, that webbing of your feet. Again, as you stand there, give yourself eyes in the back of the head, so you are looking out, all the way around you, but most importantly, again, look out from the generosity of your heart. So, as your ribs stay wide, the heart stays open, and warm in your chest. That's beautiful.

Thank you very, very much. Good. That that was a bit of a rolling class, for you. I hope you enjoyed it. Yes, so, well, we had great fun, kind of, making it up, but yes, do do join us in all our Garuda videos, and yeah, enjoy, enjoy all the good work. Thank you so much.

Garuda Flows: Deep Embodiment

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Apr 26, 2022
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Garuda Mat Flow
James D'Silva
45 min
Garuda Method
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Like the class, she is amazing, love the combinations....James’ feet put me a bit nervous, he can’t stop moving them, jaja
Loved the flow. Will try it out soon for sure. Thank you for such great inspiration
So good! Loved all of the spinal spirals, my back felt so free after this class 
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Brilliant class, love the rotation, thanks!
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I loved it!!! And I would love to get used to do this flow!!! thank you so much!
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Wow Wow Wow! What a Session! So very Beautifully performed too, like I was watching somebody dance! Can’t wait to give this one a try😊
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Ooh loved it James & Becky, brilliant for my tight hips & shoulders x
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Magic, James is a genius of the movement! 
thank you James, you promise flow and truly deliver it to us.
wonderful movement developments.
Lisa P
Lovely class, nice spirals and rolls and of course beautifully presented. Thank you 
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