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Move for the Joy of It II

20 min - Class


In just 20 minutes, Amy Havens teaches a challenging and heart-pumping class. You will move through three rounds of a Jumpboard circuit broken up and intensified with three rounds of Mat work. Feel stimulated in your mind and body and get ready to work hard and get sweaty!
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Jump Board

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Hi, everyone. Welcome back. It's so good for me to be back with you in this room filming some more really fun classes. And today this is a combo jump board mat circuit. So I'm doing a jump sequence and then we'll hit the mat. We'll go back to the jump board, we'll hit the mat.

Jump board, mat. So three rounds. We're here to have some fun and have joyful motion in motion. Okay, here we go. So I want you to lie down on your reformer. I've got myself set for two red springs for my jumping.

I think that's sufficient. You can always go a little heavier or lighter if you want to, but I wouldn't suggest it being so heavy that you get burned out with the jumping. Yeah. Moderate, moderate tension. But let's give ourself a nice warmup through the feet.

Just a little warmup. Get yourself nice and aligned, head to toe, head to heel. And then I want us to do a just easy bend and straighten, four or five times, just feeling the springs underneath you, feel your hips crease, your neutral pelvis, your shoulders in position. This is a nice quick workout. You can do it just on its own.

You can sprinkle it in between other sessions. It's great for group class because you can have everyone moving from the reformer to the ground and keep it clipping. Okay, so bend your knees. You're gonna roll through the balls of the feet or the arches, stretch those legs back up, and lower your heels. Really work the articulation, everybody, through the metatarsals right there.

And press up and lower. I want you to feel your feet really mobilizing here. Try to spread space between those metatarsal joints. Oh, feels so good just to move the feet. One more like that and then we'll reverse it and we'll start jumping.

Okay. Yeah. And a lift and then bend. So here's a fun one. Stay there. Try to get those heels all the way down. Great stretch in the achilles tendon and then stretch back up with the knees.

So we lift the heels, you bend your knees, and you're gonna try to get the heels all the way down. Yes, you'll feel the front of your shin contract. You need that. That's the place we wanna land in our jumps, right? Heels down every time.

About three more here. And I love jumping. I think it's so healthy and it's just fun, really fun to jump. But get some good warmup in those feet and the ankles one more time. So the jump sequences aren't too challenging, but there's a little cognitive element that's gonna happen here where we have to reverse a pattern at some point or retrograde it.

So be ready for that. But we'll start. And a lot of these are in kind of sets of eight or kind of eight counts, I guess. The dance life has come back into the rhythm here. So we'll do eight jumps.

Feet are hip-width parallel. And three. Land those heels, everybody. Four and five and six and seven. Okay. Start doing one leg to one leg, one and two.

Jump as high or little as you want. And the other leg, just kind of tabletop. Four and three and two. Then we'll tap two feet, come together, jump in and then jump apart. We're in parallel, together and apart.

And heels are down. Roll through the feet to get those heels down. Now we do a clockwise circle. We go up, over to the right. You know what clockwise is. I don't have to direct you.

Counterclockwise. The whole sequence starts again from the top. Here we go. Two legs. Eight, seven, six. Roll through the feet to the heels.

And six. What's next? Do you remember? Single leg, start left foot. Left and right. Make your brain work.

And four. What's after these? Anyone remember? It's in and out, but we'll start out to go in. Oh my gosh. So it's out and in. Try to stay parallel.

Out and in. How quick can you come in? Make those legs work. In and land. Then it's counterclockwise and up. Counterclockwise.

Ah, yes. Clockwise. And that is your first circuit. It's not too hard, is it? And land in the middle and pause right there. Lift your feet up.

We're gonna roll off the reformer, just right on the mat. Okay? Now, quad work on the jump board, right? You're really like front body work. Now we're gonna work back body.

So I want you to come up elbows, single leg kick mat work. Get yourself ready. I don't have a preference which leg you begin with, but we'll do flex point and a flex point. So get the balance right. We're working our hamstrings.

Four, three, two. One more. We'll come all the way down. Stack your hands, lift your thighs, press the legs out, pull together. Press 'em out and pull together. Press, keep lifting your tummy, and press. Hold it there.

Heel beats coming in. Two, three, four. Four, three. The phrasing works in my brain, okay? And then place your body down.

Hover your hands up. Just think your flight position, right? And you're gonna add a little bit of side bend of your spine and side bend of the spine. Feel free to look down over the shoulder. Yep.

Working your back body for four. We are gonna repeat this mat circuit again. Yep, and then we'll get back up on the jump board. But I am not gonna reverse the mat sequence. We just come right back and start at the top.

Okay? And a flex point lower and flex point lower, flex and up. Lift that sternum up. And four and three. Using those hamstrings feels so good.

And now we come down, forehead just hovered above the hands, parallel legs. And you press apart. And you press apart. Keep lifting the abdominals up to support your lower back. Holding here.

External rotation now and we'll heel beat. Two, three, four. Four more. Three, two, hold. Legs can go down.

Reach your hands. Now, lift your hands up. Hold that position. Stretch your arms by your side. We're gonna make these little side bends just a little quicker.

And two and three. Yes, you're working your low back. It's part of you that needs strengthening work. Okay, quadriped. Just hold a quadriped for a moment.

We're gonna do two cat cows. Stretch that back out. Should feel really nice after that back extension and we'll actually just come to neutral, okay? And a cat. Neutral.

I love the knee hover, so we're just gonna hold a knee hover and hold, hold, hold. Pike your hips up. Walk those feet in. Here we go, right back onto the jump board. Circuit two.

Not too different than what the first one was. We're gonna start at the end of what the circuit was. So it was counterclockwise, then clockwise, out and in, singles, doubles, repeat. Okay? So stand with your feet together, counterclockwise.

Here we go. And two. Make your brain work. Clockwise. Are you still rolling through those feet? Yes, you are.

Out and in. Out and in. I like to press the legs apart, pull 'em together. That's what that mat piece was down there in the bottom and out and in, single legs. I don't have a preference.

Just remember which one you started with if you can. Three and four and six and seven. And it's double leg, hip-width apart, one. And two. Use those feet. How about focus on the feet?

And five and six. How are we gonna repeat this? We're starting all the way clockwise. Clockwise. Legs are really snug together.

Heels are landing each time counterclockwise. Out and in, but start in to go out. That's the opposite of what we just did. Keep breathing. Oh, good.

And then single. Whoops, and I didn't start in the opposite leg. Lisa caught it, though. Four, five, six. We got eight doubles, everybody. Two legs.

One, two. As big or small as you wanna go. And five and six and seven and eight. Now, land in the middle. So we put a little period at the end of the sentence.

Lift your feet. Okay, we've done with circuit two, short and sweet. Okay, down on the mat. We're going side-lying, everybody. So stretch yourself out. I'm actually gonna ask us to come to the front of the mat a little bit more than the back of the mat because we have a little teaser surprise.

We need some room back here. Okay, so stretch yourself out. This hand can be just here for now. How about a little pillow for the neck? And we lift.

We'll take eight leg raises. I'm feeling the top waist mainly, but I love to think how my inner thigh down here works with the top waist also to get those legs up. Seven and eight. Holding there. Now, we don't need this hand, I don't think. See if you can balance with your arm up.

Take the top leg up and down and top leg up and down. And three, four. If your balance is just not having it, you know you can put this of course down. Make it successful for yourself. Seven and eight.

Now, let's put the legs together and do both legs up and down. Both legs up and down. Three and four. Shoulder check and five. I don't need to count 'em all.

Last couple. Now you're gonna stay up and flex and point. Let's really work articulated feet, right? Part of your body. And we'll just do four.

So that's our four. I'm gonna ask you to stay pointed feet and do a little kind of scissor movement. Keep your glutes kind of working together so you don't lose the connection of your pelvis. Okay, eight more, a little faster. And two, three, and four.

Four and three. Two and one. Legs go back together. Let's just stretch this arm over. Luscious, long. How long can you feel through your body? Okay, teaser surprise.

Roll over. You got it, guys. Use your hands. Just hold that teaser. You can hold on behind your legs if you need to, if you wanted to. Sure. Okay, I'm kind of pleased with that.

Let's do the other side. Most of you know my teasers can come and go. They've been with me for a little bit now. This is great. Long body. Ready, and lift and lift.

And three. Feel like you're trying to make your body longer right here on your side, right through the head, out the hips to the toes. And seven and eight. Now, we'll hold the arm up, top leg up, one. Much more work on balance here.

Three. Sometimes the ribcage will push forward in an attempt to steady you. Don't need to do that, okay? Now, hold both legs together. Both legs up.

The rib pushing forward actually is counterproductive for your balance. See if you can bring the ribs back in and widen your back. That could help, right? There's more room for your abs to come in and support you. And we're gonna hold for flex and point and flex and point.

Are you really articulating your feet? Yeah, you are. And then we did slow scissor moves first. Yeah. I had a teacher a long time ago who said tweeze the glutes.

Kind of weird. I think she meant keep the hips close together, right? And kind of snug back there. A little faster. One and two. Was Mari Winsor. And four and five.

Six, yeah, and seven and eight. Don't let me cry. Legs together. Arm overhead. Thank you, Mari. Stretch your body. Ready for your teaser?

Yes, we got it. Just bring your body up and do it, right? It's okay to hold on too. That's a teaser. Maybe that's your teaser today. What if it's here?

I'm surprising myself that I can go all the way. So I'm gonna work that. I'm gonna take that. We go back onto our jump board, one more round. Okay, so everybody, we're not gonna make it too complicated. We're going back to the very first circuit.

You remember what it was? So start all the way out long. Double leg, single, in and out, clockwise, counterclockwise. Have some fun. One and two. I suspect you're all having fun.

And big jumps now. How about it? Six, seven, eight 'cause you can. In and out. Press your legs apart, pull 'em together, press 'em apart, pull 'em together. Five, six, seven, and eight.

Oh, boy. And clockwise. I just decided not to count 'cause you've probably heard a number eight so many times. You can hear the rhythm, right, of eight? Yes. Starting over.

Double. Four, land those heels. Five. Gonna have to put on the brakes with your glute muscles there, in and out. And two, heels landing. Feet articulated. Breath is flowing.

Seven. Counterclockwise. Nice and vibrant with your legs and feet, everybody. Okay, you're almost done with this last circuit. Yippie do. We did it. Land together.

Feet up. We have one more mat circuit. My gosh, what could it be? Hmm. We're coming onto kneeling sidekick shape. Not the kicks. You've already done the legwork, right?

But we're gonna make the shape of it. And it's a kind of a balance moment, right? So take a deep breath, tip over, reach your leg out, put your hand behind your head, and then up. Other side. Tip over. I do want us to try to balance that little moment.

I'm preparing to fall to the side or to tip to the side. It's a lift. Then you tip. Okay? A little jazzy stretch. Come on down. Put your right leg forward. Left arm's gonna scoop up.

This just feels good. Stretch it out. Get a little back bending. And we have those sidekick shapes again. And we'll start back up on the knees, taking an inhale. Here we go. This side first.

Whew. And lift. Lot of glute work there, right? To get that leg up and your back work. Gonna put everything together.

One more, over and lift. And the jazzy stretch. Lack of better name. Jazzy works for me. And up we go. Stretch and stretch, open.

And then everybody come in to do a little cat cow one more time, maybe two rounds through, and take a breath. Round, round, round. You can even shift that back. Feels really lovely in the lower back. And we can go all the way to the cow stretch or the flexion extension.

I'm gonna shift. Hope you're feeling alive, joyful, worked out. Straighten your legs. Let's walk our feet to our hands. We'll turn, bend our knees.

And I want you just to thank yourself for showing up for a really quick little burst of movement and some sweat. All right, I'll see you next time. Thank you.


Just perfect for a very busy week!  I was debating whether to do Pilates or cardio today and now got a little of both! Love this style of workout! Thanks Amy! Best wishes for the holidays!
Ahhh that was quick and to the point! Thank you Amy! Merry Christmas! 
What a perfect start to the morning and timely escape from a houseful of people Thankyou! Happy Christmas : )
Annie R
Short and sweet.  Great to mix with a wind down yoga session after.
Thanks Amy! Had fun!!

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