Class #520

Postnatal Mat Workout

60 min - Class


This is Leah’s second Post Natal Pilates Mat class for Pilates Anytime. This class is a progression from Leah’s first Post Natal class and is designed for women that are several months postpartum. The class addresses many of the areas of concern for post natal women; women will be reintroduced to the traditional abdominal work in a safe, logical manner, experience fantastic exercises for stretching the waist, lower back, shoulders and hips and practice exercises that focus on upper back extension strength. This class is gentle yet challenging for the post natal woman, guiding her back to a strong, stable and healthy body.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Leah, this is just wonderful. Cant wait for my client to get a bit further along in her new Mommy status to try some of these moves. I really enjoy the back extension you do with the feet together and hands behind the head.. I call it the "butterfly" I incorporate that in to alot of my mat classes.. My clients love it! So its good even if you arent exactly a new Mommy!! Great class. Jamie
Thank you Jamie!!
This is a fantastic workout . Not only for post-natal but for senior women.
Thank You
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I think this class is great for anyone trying to fire up their core....great class thanks.
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Even I am not postpartum, I loved going to basics and reconnect to the abdominals. Nice modification, great class for anyone! Thank you Leah, I really enjoy your creative classes.
Thank you Ladies! I am so glad that you are enjoying the postnatal classes.
Aloha Leah: I used this class this morning with my client who gave birth 8 weeks ago. She was already a client before her pregnacy, but she really loved the stabilization work as her hips are all over teh place. Good reminder for an old lady who can't remember being pregnant. Love you, L

It is so great to hear from you. I'm so glad that you were able to use the post natal classes. Give Mary a hug for me.

Miss you!

Thanks for a wonderful class Leah! It is really helping me properly reconnect with my abdominals. Great to see you and Turner this weekend!
Thank you Leah for sharing this. Excellent post natal classes. I also have found these exercises to work really well with seniors.
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