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Get ready to "ball out" with this challenging lower body Mat workout by Mychele Sims. She teaches a retro-style fitness-fusion workout packed with fun and creative movements designed to make you sweat. She includes different types of lunges and squats in addition to more traditional exercises that are more familiar to you. Leg warmers are optional, but highly recommended.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball, Foam Roller

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Sep 12, 2023
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What's up, y'all? I'm back and we're about to ball out. Did you get that? We're gonna ball out. Put the ball to the side.

This is gonna be a little retro homage to someone who is amazing in the world of fitness. I think you can probably guess who it is, but we'll just go ahead. We're doing legs, legs and more legs today. Are you ready? I knew that you were.

Let's go ahead and bring those knees up. It's almost like your single-leg stretch. My foot is like, no, ma'am. All right, keep going. Bring that leg in and if you feel like you wanna give it a hug, give it a hug.

Give it a hug. Keep going. Keep moving through, your little knee walks here because you're like, "Oh my God, my abs are engaged. My powerhouse is firing. It's so sneaky." I'm sneaky. Do a couple more. Let's go.

And we're going and we're going, one more each side, y'all. Let's go. Last one. Best one. Amazing. Turning my body to the side. Oh, coming back.

Would you like a ball? Let's go into a lunge. So let's get to the back of our mat. I have the ball in front of me, just to be like a focal point for me, so I can focus on my legs. So I'm gonna walk myself forward, stepping just so much.

So I get that leg down to about a 90-degree angle. Hold it there, and then come up. The legs are awake, y'all. Let's do one more here. Take it back or take it down.

And I want you to just walk it back. What? But why? Why not walk backward? That's later. We're gonna do it again.

This one, I want you to see how much further, you can get that knee down. Drive the knee down. Pull that hip flexor up and let's stretch. Walk it down. Get low.

Hold it there. Can I touch the floor? Oh my God, I did. And we'll do it again. Last one.

Right here. Take it down. You're amazing. Boom! I don't know if the mic got that crack, but this is really working.(laughs) Let's put this down. So that is our little walking lunge.

We're gonna take it to a side lunge. So here, I'm in the center. Gonna rock that bite to the side. Both of my feet are facing forward parallel. And see how low you can go.

So wherever your low is, great. If you need a foam roller or something to hold you up a yoga block. Get it. Use it. But stretch that side. So we're working the inner thighs.

Slide it to the other side. Whoa! Hello, legs. We're awake. Watch that stretch. Hello. Look at that.

Oh, it's so amazing. Can we get down one more time on each side? Maybe if you want to grab that ball. Focal point, hi, ball, other side.(exhales sharply) It's real in the field, y'all. And let's bring it up.

Shake it off because it gets more interesting. Putting that ball down. Y'all this is a warmup, by the way. All right. Step up and out.

So open those legs up wider than your hips. It's amazing. Give me a squat. Toes are gonna be pointing out in a diagonal. So squat it down and bring it up, right?

Part one. Part two. Squat it down and kick it up. Very retro. I'm feeling like I'm in one of those commercials with that thong little onesie on.

Why am I snapping? I don't know. I won't stop. I'll stop.(laughs) Step out lunge. Get that booty down. Booty down.

Tall chest. Kick that leg out. One more each side. Let's go.(breathing deeply) Last and best. But wait, there's more.

Bring it down. Hold it there. Tall chest, wide. Collarbone. Sensei mode. Hold that squat.

Press those heels. The big toe. The little toe into your mat. Feel everything lighting up in those thighs. Oh my gosh.

It's real y'all. And three, two. Done. Shake it out. OMG. We're only four minutes in.

Stay with me. Now, we're gonna do another type of lunges. This is called a caustic lunge. So we take it down. Stay down and you move through your hips.

Hold the floor if you need to. Maybe widen your stance if you need to. I feel like a spider.(laughs) Do one more set, each side. Stretch those inner thighs. Work those ankles.

And then bring yourself back up. Step it up. Amazing. Last but not least, go ahead and grab that ball again. We're gonna take it backwards this time.

Only backwards. Give yourself that focal point. Stepping back on the leg that you choose. Step back. See how it feels first.

Maybe the knee doesn't go down so far on this one, right? And take it down. I like it. Let's try it again and see if we can get that knee down. I like going backwards more.

So I will say, we'll do this two more times. All right, set yourself up for success. Step back, clear that floor, and then get that knee down. Drive it down. Boom! Touch the mat.

Great. Come together. Walk the opposite leg back. Boom! Take it down with control. Hit that mat. Whoa! This side needs a little more attention. Pulling everything up.

Last one. Best one, y'all. Let's go! Step that knee back. Find your balance. Lift that heel. Drive the knee down.

Boom. Good. Slow and steady wins the race. Last one. Step it back. Lifting the heel, prepping, and then take it down to the mat. Good stuff.

Shake it off. Come to the front of your mat. Go ahead and cross one leg over the other. Keep holding onto that ball. And then we'll take it down to the floor.

Boom! Woo. Slow and controlled y'all. We're gonna take it all the way down, laying flat on your mat. And give yourself a second just to center. Let everything splay, enjoying the mat while you can.(laughs) And then I want you to bring those legs together, like they are one. Both knees are facing up towards your ceiling.

We're gonna go into the 100, but a little modification's gonna be in the house. So I'm gonna hold this ball right over my chest, holding the ball. Feet stay together. I have my heels together, toes apart from my Pilates V. I'm gonna roll my head, neck and shoulders up off of the mat.

Hold that there. Then I'll lift my legs up for my 100. And we're gonna hold and pulse here. Five.(breathing deeply) Four. Inhale, exhale for five.

Three, two, one. Hold it there. Holding it there. We're gonna go into beats. Open and close the legs.

Got that. Now cross. Let's go. Three, two, one. Hug the knees in. It's roasty down here, y'all.

It's very roasty.(laughs) Both legs go straight. Reach that ball back behind you. Keep the shoulders plugged in. Maybe you wanna point your toes. Maybe you want to have your heels flexed.

I don't know. Let's see. Let's roll up and do a little check in. Roll it up. Yeah. And reach.

Stretching the back of those legs. Hamstrings are awake. Let's do one more together. Yes. Roll it up. Yes, you're lovely.

Your legs are having a great time. And roll it back with a little bit of care. Amazing. Bring that right leg and left leg up to your little peak here. And we're gonna take the legs up to a 90-degree position.

Boom. And boom. You have a ball. I'm having a ball too.(laughs) Put that ball between your ankles. Hands go to the side and squeeze into the ball. Feet can be pointed or flexed.

You pick your poison, pull the belly button down and I want you to drop the legs down, down and up. Take 'em down. Keep pressure on that ball. Bring it up. Long legs.

Think about the legs reaching out of the hip sockets. Yes. The longest legs. As your legs are reaching one direction. Your head, even though, it's on the mat is reaching the opposite direction. One more.(exhales sharply) Yeah. Take it up and grab that ball.

Go ahead and set yourself up. And I want you to take the ball and place it under your favorite foot whatever foot that would be for you. So you're placing it there. Keep pressure on the ball. Roll yourself down.

Arms come to the side. And low V, palms are either to the floor or to the ceiling up to you and your shoulder situation. I want you to bring that right leg to tabletop. Holding it there. Pull everything down to the mat.

Connect. Hips are locked. And pulling down into the mat. Take that leg up to a 90-degree angle as you push down with the opposite leg, take the foot across the body for a single-leg circle. Take it around. This is called challenging your proprioception.

You're balancing the leg that's working and using the leg that is resting. Hashtag resting. And go the other side. Five, four, three, two. And one.

Go ahead. Give her a little love. Squeeze, bend and squeeze. And if you're so clever, change the direction of the ball with the other leg, with your feet. All right. I did it.

Give you a second. You got it. Cool. All right. Let's take that leg up to tabletop. Find where your square is in your hips. Nice tall posture to the neck.

And then take that leg up to the 90-degree angle. Keep pressure on that right leg with the ball. Take that left leg around from the right. Five, four, three, two, one. I told y'all this is my challenging leg, right?

That looked more like a deep, but we gonna keep going. Let's go other side. Five, four, three, two. Last one. Woo! Give her a squeeze. Come to me, darling.

And then give her a hug. And then go ahead. Come up to a seated position. Grab the ball. We're done with you for now.

And now, we're gonna grab our foam roller. For this series, we're working legs, legs, legs. So find your happy place. I'm gonna roll back onto the foam roller where my hips are right over the arc of the foam roller. Bring both of my knees up to tabletop and my hands are holding the side to just give me extra support.

All right, so I'm at tabletop. I'm gonna open the legs up, keep the heels connected, toes are flexing out. And we're gonna go into a frog. So pull that belly button down and then push the heels together as you stretch the legs away to a diagonal. When you bring it back, keep the heels connected, bring the heels towards the seat.

Stay long in your neck and then take it out. Good. Bring it in. Two more like this. Really press everything together, squeeze the thighs together for that midline and then this is your last one. Bring it home.

Wonderful. I like it. And now we're gonna take our legs up to a 90-degree angle. And I want you to just walk the legs down. So one leg goes down from the other walk. So walk them down towards the mat as much as you can keep your hips supported and then walk it back up.

Walk it down.(exhales sharply) And walk it up. You can make these as bigger or small as you'd like to. Walk it down and walk it up. I'm gonna go big on this one. Woo! Walk it down.(laughs) Big walks and walk it up.

Little walks, walk it down and walk it up. Hug your knees into your chest real quick. Or just bring them in. And then we're gonna go into circles. So take your legs up to 90-degree angle.

You can go in or out with your legs. I'm gonna take it out first. So open the legs into a V, up and around. Two, three, four and five. Pause here.

90 degrees. Go the opposite direction. Five, four, three, two. Last one. Best one. Good. Awesome.

Go ahead and bring those knees into your chest really quickly. And then we're gonna do a little bit of fun things here. We're gonna take it out into a bicycle. Now this always gets interesting. So bring your favorite leg to your chest.

So as that leg comes to your chest, you're gonna bicycle and pedal. Pedal the legs, swimming through, articulating through the front thigh bone, all the way to the toe. Two more in this direction. Good. Now reverse. There you go. Scoop it back.

You're riding backwards on that bike. Keep going. Two more. And bring those legs in to tabletop. And then last but not least, my favorite.

We did them already. Beats, go ahead and bring those legs out. 90 degree, 45 degrees, whatever you like. And want you to switch the cross of your leg. So one leg crosses over the other.

Now we'll do it 10 times with rhythm. Let's go. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Hug the knees in. Would you like to do that again?

I do. Let's take it up and down this time with their beats. So ready, let's go. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three. Ooh, it's getting serious.

Two, one. Burnt out. They're burnt, they're cooked. Go ahead and push the foam roller away. Wow! Hello! Is this thing on?

All right, we're done with this. So foam roller, thank you for going back there. I appreciate you. We've gotta get into our side body. This is all about the legs.

So we're gonna do a little fun thing here. We're gonna use our arms. Go ahead and set yourself up. Sideline exercise, long legs to the side. I like a little strength in this arm, so I'm gonna push myself up, push it up and hold yourself there.

Extra credit if you'd like. You can lift the top leg. I'm not doing it, but you could (laughs) hold that there. And long, long legs. And then bring that side down.

Swing it over to the other side. Same thing. Oh, all right, you look lovely. Cleopatra style. And go ahead and press into that hand.

Lift the side body, nice and long. You look marvelous. And again, if you want extra credit, lift that top leg. It's not in my ministry today.(laughs) Then bring it back down. Woo. We're go.

We got more. There's more. We're we're cooking. Like literally. All right, so this exercise that I'm gonna do now, I'm gonna get on all fours.

I am on all fours. This is iso-ab, isometric hold. Holding onto your abs. So you're in your quadruped position. Knees and hips in line, shoulder, elbow and wrist in line.

Long gaze in front of you. Look down at the floor. Beautiful. So for the iso-ab hold, pick your favorite leg. Mine right now is my right.

Let's lift that right leg. Squeezing that back glute. And make sure that your hip isn't flipping out. Keep it to the floor. Hold it there.

Long neck, left hand comes up and reaches. So feel that opposition from the toe to the finger. Long spine. Three, two, one. Other side.

Hello! Other side. So that left leg kicks up, do a little hip check to make sure that you're not turned out. Right arm comes up. Use the opposite arm to balance you and stay in that box and hold. Two, one.

Good. Come back down. Come into a rest post for two seconds. Shake it off because it gets dangerous right here. All right,(laughs) because you're amazing. We're gonna amp it up just a little bit.

So let's go ahead and come back with that. Right leg up. Right leg is up. Check the hip, bring the left arm up. Now here we go.

Left arm comes to the side. Left leg or this right leg comes to the side. Hold it there. Three, two, one. Bring it back to neutral.

Set it down. Beautiful. You did that, but you have another side. Let's do it. Right leg is our steady leg. Shoot that left leg out.

Right arm comes forward. Hold it there. This is the isolation. A right arm comes out to the side and the left leg goes out to the side. Hold it.

Three, two, one. Back through center, back to quad. Hello. Woo. That sweat. Y'all can have some of that.(laughs) All right, we're not done yet.

We're gonna stay in this box position. So my reformer people, you like knees off on the reformer. I don't, but I like it on the mat. So because I like it here, go ahead and set yourself up in that quadruped position again. Tuck the toes under.

When you tuck the toes under, push the heels of your hands into the floor and lift the knees off of the mat. Like that. Pull the abs in. Hold it. We're holding for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four (speaking in foreign language) Set it down. Hello. Rest pose.

Rest-ish pose. I don't know, we're not done. You gotta do a plank. What? I like a high plank. This is an advanced class.

Tuck those legs back. Hold your plank. Long legs. Hold it there. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. And lower down.(laughs) I wasn't gonna make it, y'all.

I wasn't gonna make it.(laughs) But we're not done. Go back. Back into that quadruped. Mychele, stop! No, you picked this workout. All right, so go back, tuck the knees or tuck your toes and then we're gonna get into that box.

So lift the knees up, hold it there. Step out. Pick your favorite leg. Step out. Hold it there. Three, two, one. Bring it back in.

Stay up, take the leg out. Three, two, one. Bring it home. Lower the knees. Rest.(exhales sharply) We're not done.

I know, I don't make the rules, y'all. All right, step it back out. Come back into your plank, rock for your leg pull. Rock forward and backwards. Little wrist massage.

Little heel massage. Lower the knees and rest. That was practice. Are you ready to lift your legs? Let's go back.

Lift it up. Right leg, squeeze. Squeeze the glute. Hold it. Three, two, one. Lower it down, other side.

Squeeze. Three, two, one. The lower down. Knees down.(exhales sharply) Because it wasn't enough. We're gonna do that leg pull one more time. Go ahead. Crawl out if you have to crawl.

But otherwise, come into that plank. You got it. All right. Check those elbows. Check those wrists. Left leg comes up long.

Squeeze the back body. Squeeze that glute. Point that toe. Hold it. Hold it.

And switch other legs. Same thing. Squeeze, lift. You look wonderful. Push the floor away.

Three, two, one. Awesome. Knees down for two seconds. Come back into that plank. Take your right leg across the mat, move your right arm towards the left and flip yourself over. You're welcome.

All right, so come into a little Can-Can. Come to either here with the fingertips facing your bottom or you can opt for the forearm option. I like the high option. Bring both knees into the chest. Point those toes, really lovely.

Elbows bend outward. Want you to bring the knees in, tip to the right. Kick the legs out. Come back to the center. Kick to the left.

Come back to the center. You got it. Can you do it? Yes, you Can-Can. That was really bad.

Let's go three, two, and one. Because you're awesome, I'm gonna throw that in there. What? Leave it there. I like it. You like it?

Is it teasing you.(laughs) Roll everything down. Woo. We're almost there y'all. We're gonna come into a shoulder bridge. So bring those knees up. Feet are flat.

You can go parallel or Pilates-ish V, hands to the mat. Rest all the body into the mat. And again, if you need to check in, your fist is about how wide your knee should be from one another. All right, with that being said, using your big toe, your pinky toe and your heels, lift the bottom up. Press yourself up into a forward plank.

Get those flashlights as headlights as far as possible towards the ceiling. Bring your left knee into your chest. Extend the leg long. Flex it down. Point it up.

Three, two, one. Hold it there. Can we hold, pulse up for four, four, three, two, one. Bend that knee, place it down. Stay up.

You're already there. Balance weight on both shoulders. Bring that right knee into the chest. Take it up 90 degrees. Flex it down.

Three, two. Last one. Hold it up. Four pulses. Four, three, two, one. Bring that leg down.

Stay here. Keep pressing, the hips up. Squeeze your tuckus. Really exaggerate. Wide proud shoulders.

And then we're gonna hinge up and down here. Tap it down. Squeeze it up. Tap it down. Squeeze it up.

Two more. It's very '80s, right? But we do it faster if it was the '80s,(laughs) should we do it faster? Let's go. It's like, what's the name?

Jamie Lee Curtis. Four, three, two, one. That was extra credit. Roll it all the way down. That was so fun. Go ahead and let both knees go out to the side for your butterfly stretch.

The heels are together. The soles of the feet are touching. Stay there and let gravity bring the legs and the hips open. Let's take a few breaths here.(breathing deeply) Almost their family. Final breath here.(exhales sharply) Now what I want you to do here, the heels.

Can you bring the heels up and keep the toes on the mat? You're getting a different workout in a hip joint. Press everything forward. The hip flexors are saying hello. Get it there. Hold it there.

Can we lift and lower those heels there? Four, three, two, one. My legs are like Mychele, we're shaking. We're cooked. I love you, but no.

All right, bring the legs together. We're gonna do a little windshield wiper action. Take the legs to the left. One goes, the other goes. The hip reaches in the diagonal, keeping both shoulders on the floor, stretched through the side body.

It's a little spiral. We like it. And then open back up to neutral. Switch to the other side. Oh, this side really likes it.(exhales sharply) Good stuff.

Good, really stretch the side body. Me gusta. And then bring it back to the center. Deliciousness, final stretch here. Go ahead and take that right ankle over the left knee.

Option to stay here or bring the knees to your chest, stretching through. Option to thread through the leg. Hold the back of the thigh. Stay here. Or option to extend the leg up to 90-degree.

Stay here or take that leg. Grab a hold and pull it towards your chest, wide elbows. Keep breathing into that stretch.(breathing deeply) Good stuff. Unravel that pretzel and do the other side. So same options exist.

Stay here. Bring both knees into the chest, thread through the center and grab the back of the thigh. 90 degrees here. Or my favorite, grab that leg. Oh, yeah.

Good stuff y'all.(breathing deeply) It's so delicious. Good, good, good. I think I stayed it there longer than the other one, but unravel yourself. Hug both knees into your chest. Round your head towards your knees.

Rock yourself forward and backwards for a little extra free back massage. Rock yourself all the way up to seated. And you have been worked out. I know I have. Thank you! I'll see you next time y'all.



Lina S
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Thank you for this cheerful workout! It went by in a flash!
Sooo refreshing and FUN Mychele!!! Your joy is contagious , thank you!!!
Cannot wait to try this….must find me some leg warmers. 😀
Gorgeous energy Mych! Cheered me up and worked me out
Great class! Just what I need for uncooperative hip joints.
Thank you, Mychele! I love your humor and when you laugh throughout the class! Makes me smile! This one was a lot of fun and used my 2 favorite props!!!
Your energy is infectious! You made me laugh, play and enjoy moving! CJ xx 
Rashida M
Great class, and I love your energy! Thank you!
Rashida M
Great class, and I love your energy! Thank you!
Me gusta! I 😂 ed with you throughout . Nice break from sadness in the world.
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