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You will get your daily dose of exercises for shoulder care with this quick workout by Andrew Aroustian. He teaches movements that you can do every day to help mobilize and strengthen your shoulder joint. Your upper body will feel great after completing this simple but effective sequence.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Oct 26, 2023
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Hello, everybody. My name is Andrew Abristian, and welcome. Today, we will be going through a daily dose of exercises for shoulder care. So these are some sequences that you can do every single day to help mobilize and strengthen into the shoulder joint Let's get started. Okay. So what I'd like you to do first, they might just take a step back here. I'm going to grab a Therabance. So if you take yourself a Therabance, doesn't really matter how strong or or what color you need to use, just anything that you've got will be fine, and he's gonna stand on it feet a hit with the part, just relax as you wish.

Now you can decide how much or how little, strengths you have on the band. I like it to be quite strong, then there's a reason for that. So I'll hold it down quite low here, and then just take a roll up stand all the way up. Now when you stand up, you can you're going to feel that pull down from the Theraben, which will give you something to work against, and it It's quite a nice, bit of resistance there. So let's just do a couple of roll downs to start.

So we'll just do 2. So burrito roll yourself down. And just hold that position, take a nice deep inhale into the low back. As you breathe out from the back of the hamstrings, you're going to roll yourself all the way back up. Nicely done. Let's do one more of those.

Breathing out to roll it down. Good. Here you have an opportunity to change the the tension on the band, take a breath in, ex helps you roll it back up and hold it there. We're going for a couple little neck stretches. So just so the shoulders relax and allow that little pull down of the band to happen. So I'm just gonna go to the right side first and just lengthen the side of the neck, and then back to center, good other side.

Gonna do about 4 on each side, back to center. I like to do it. Let's do a little inhale as you go across. So breathing into the side of the neck that you're stretching. Good. 2 more each side, inhale across, allow that band to pull your arms down just to help with that stretch from the bottom to the top last one. Good.

And now come back to the center, we'll go side to side. So it'll know. So looking over your right shoulder first or whatever shoulder you're starting with, and then back to center than the other way. So once again, just adding a little bit of rotation into the cervical spine, trying to offload the trapezius as well by that band pulling down on the arm, One more each side and across center. Okay. Now for the third one in the series, think of your chin going down to the opposite shoulder. So you're looking across and then back other side.

Good. Feel free to use an x how this time as you go across, trying to stretch into the middle and load your pieces, rhomboids. Good. One more time after this one, and across and up last one across and up nicely done. We're gonna let go of that band now.

Okay? And then we're coming down into a 4 point kneeling position. So just coming down into your 4 point kneeling, Hands onto shoulders, knees underneath the hips, and just take an exhale and scoop and lift and round that spine. Now, I want you to take this into a bit of an extension focus. So you're going to inhale lengthen up and push that floor away and send that sternum long. Eggs how to scoop from underneath the bottom rib cage. Then as you inhale lengthen out now, be careful that you don't just sit into that lumbar spine in this position and retract the shoulder blades here.

So what I want you to do is push that floor away as you go into that extension. So think about lifting the chest, not lowering the body. 2 more, eggs, how scoop. You get a nice activation of large pieces there, and pushing the floor away from you, activating seratus anterior as well. Last one, exhale, and then lengthen up hold that position.

Let's come to neutral. Just gonna move that shoulder blade. So let's go into a retraction. So allow the sternum to lower down towards the mat, and then press away and separate those shoulder blades. A little pro traction and retraction.

Now this can be a little challenging for those of you that may have few shoulder issues, and that's okay. So just try to avoid hiking up the shoulders here and internally rotating. So you wanna try and keep that, upper trapezius, a little bit relaxed and activating into the serratus anterior. So they work together those two muscles, and we wanna try and find a nice balance one last one. That's it. And pushing the floor away nicely done. Gonna lay down onto the stomach now.

So walking the knees back and then just lengthening yourself down onto the mat. Now, bringing the arms into this goalpost position, so elbows are kind of at line with the shoulders, wrists are kind of in line with the elbows here. So what we're going to do is forehead will be on the mat. You'll push down into the elbows and lift both hands up off the floor. And then lower down. As you breathe out, lift both hands up off the floor, finding external rotation within the shoulder and the arm bone.

Eggs how to press. In how to lower. Eggs, hardtopress. Now you'll notice that with my lift, I don't get that much range, and that's okay. For some people like myself, they may have tight shoulders or less mobile shoulders.

The range doesn't matter. Those of you that do have the range and the mobility like Sally would do over there, you can notice that the range is a bit different. The most important thing is that you keep the shoulder blade nice and long and wide as you rotate into that armbone. One more after this, exhale inhale to lower down. Good. I'm just gonna lower my head down onto the mat. So we're going into a little swan now.

So keep your hands exactly where they are, lifting through the head pushing into the arms, straightening the arms, and just going to that thoracic extension just like that. And then let the elbows pull you forward heads the last thing to come down. So the hands are in a really good position here in how lengthen up to really press you back Now find that outward rotation of the arm. Now, on the way down, use the floor that you've got pulling yourself forward chin comes down last 2 more lifting up. That's it. And breathing out to come down all the way pressing forward. Last one, pushing up through the arms That's it.

And pulling to come down. Now we're gonna add a little bit of load and a bit of strength here. So bring the hands just under the shoulders here, turn your toes the other way, and the way we transition into the next four point kneeling, so I want you to just press your whole body up pull the knees in and find your 4 point kneeling position. Good. Excellent job. Alright. Now tap the toes underneath the opposite way.

I'm just gonna do a couple of knee hoppers. As you breathe out, he's gonna hold the knees up off the mat. And then come down. What I want you to try and avoid is over flexing through that thoracic spine and leaning forward onto those wrists. Okay. So as you breathe out, use the abdominals to control and lower down. 4 more. Eggs, how to press.

Good. Again, think about letting that stern. I'm trying to touch the front of your map 3 and down 2 to go. So no real change in the spine at all, so try to avoid any movements reflection here. And last one, hold you're gonna hold this position. What you're gonna do is get your right knee, pull it in towards the shoulder, stretch it back nice and long, pull it back in, press it down other side.

In. Good. Pull in. Now lower the knees down. We do one more set eggs, helping the knees back up, use the other side, now go left side first, pressing out, pull back in, place the foot down, other side, and press and in lower the knees all the way down. Now we go up into a pike. So pressing the hips to the ceiling, and just holding that position here.

Take a few breaths here, adjust if you need to, and just hold there. Now what I want you to do is give me a little outward rotation of the arms, think about triceps in. Now take one hand, rotate grab onto the opposite leg, This will give you your spinal rotation moment, and then back to center other side. Rotate around. That's it. One more on each side.

Breathing out. That's it. Last one. Place the hand now. Just walk the hands back towards the feet.

Grab onto your Theraban. And roll yourself up. Alright. Very good. Now just to finish, we'll grab onto the Theraben for a couple of rotator cuff pulls. I would like 2 2 options. One option is to double the band over, and the other is to single the band.

So Sally will be on the single, I'll be on the double. So don't want this range to be too big. So holding the elbows bent as you breathe just the gentle little pull just enough to fill at the back of the shoulders, inhale, exhale to press. That's it. Good. Let's do 4 more.

That's it. And 3. So you wanna feel this across the back of the shoulder by it under shoulder blade. If you're starting to feel it too deeply into the deltoids, then you probably need to back off just a little bit from that. One more and press Good. Let's get a little bit of lateral flexion in. So we'll stand here.

Now what I'm going to do is bring the arms up overhead. I'm just gonna bend to the side. We're gonna go to the right side first. You're gonna inhale across. Get that nice length, length, length, length, length, and back to center. Good other side. Inhale.

Ex are back to center one more time each side across taking your breath into that long rib, Last one in Hall across and back to center. Okay. So for the final thing, we're just gonna open the band up I'm gonna keep the band in front of my body. Sally will go behind. So depending on where your shoulders are at, prorest out. If you've got that little bit of restriction into the shoulder joint, you can just keep the arms forward feeling this work under the shoulder blade at self. 2 more. And press and lift big breath in here.

Last one. Press and you can let the band come down. Do those exercises every day, and you feel really good soon. Thank you for joining me.


Taryn Upchurch
I really enjoyed this! Thanks so much.
Excellent! So glad you enjoyed it. 👏👏
Lina S
Perfect break after working on the computer!
Lina S exactly! I'm so glad you enjoyed the class. 
Gracie H
Needed this today! Have a tight left shoulder and these movements helped my shoulder feel more opened. Looking forward to your shoulder care on the reformer. Thank you!
Gracie H I’m so happy you enjoyed the class! Thank you for your comment. 
Thank you Andrew Aroustian . My upper body feels awesome :)
Maryam amazing! So glad you enjoyed it. 
This felt great!  Great shoulder/upper body work. Thank you. 
Lacey thank you so much for the comment. So happy you enjoyed it. 

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