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Upbeat and Creative Reformer

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You will have fun while working up a sweat in this Reformer workout by Diane Diefenderfer and Laura Hanlon. This mother-daughter duo co-teaches a traditional class with a few creative variations thrown in to add a little spice. They also provide different options for exercises like Short Spine Stretch and Short Box Series so you can do what works best for your body.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Hello. I am Lara Hanlon, and this is my mother, Diane Defendorfer. And today, we are co teaching a funuppy, reformer class, and we hope you have some fun with us. Let's go. Let's do it. We'll start sitting down on the reformer, swing those legs around. We are beginning with leg and footwork today as we often do. So whatever springs work best for you on your apparatus.

I have 2 reds and a green, 3 reds, whatever you need. We'll reach those arms forward. Take a deep breath in, hollow out the belly round through your spine in how to prepare. And, Akhil, as you make your way all the way down onto the mat, onto that carriage with a beautiful control, hopefully fitting in there nicely. We'll start with the legs, heels together, knees, and toes apart in our pilates stance today.

I feel a nice wide chest, open collar bones lifted away from the chest. Deep breathe in as we press that carriage all the way out zipping up high in the inner thighs, exhale to bend the knees, breaking at the hips to come right back in, inhale to lengthen. And exhale to return. Feel that tight zipper feeling all the way from the heels up towards your belly button finding link through the crown of the head. Bending at those knees to come back in, inhale as you exhale ribs knit together, belly button deep, and towards the mat, diminishing that space in the back engaging the core with a nice neutral pelvis twice more inhale lengthen, exhale to resist one more time, nice long legs, and bending to return.

We'll draw those inner thighs together and come to a prehensile position I'm going to have my arches on the bar. Mom, I'll let you do whatever you choose. Arches may be closer to the toes. Same thing. Nice long press inner thighs zipped up inhaling exhale breaking at the hips to resist inhale to lengthen. And exhale deepening through the low belly here, engaging into the back of those glutes, think of squeezing the inner thighs and bones together really engaging the backs of the legs without tucking. So important here as we warm up through the body and how to press.

Excelled to resist, I think of bringing that carriage in from the back of the legs. Again, 2 more inhale. And exhale once more nice, long lift in the thighs and resist From here, we'll slide up onto the heel bones, all ten toes flexed firmly to the ceiling, really high on those heels. Almost like you're gonna slip off, but not lengthen those legs back, lifting in the knees and the thighs, exhale bend to resist. Inhale as you press Exhale breaking right at those hips, lengthened long, lifting in the knees, and deepening the belly to return.

Breathing into the lungs. Think of that expansion, beautiful breath I'm hearing with my partner here. Nice lung capacity. Inhale is the spring and the lungs expand, celtor return. 2 more times. Nice long legs.

And, once more, inhale to lengthen, exhale return with control. Let's slide down onto the toes. Going to one more position here, a high heel position, keeping those inner thighs, knees, ankles all tight. We'll press all the way out keeping those legs nice and long, feeling length through the crown of the head, allowing those shoulder blades to really drop the shoulders away from the ears. Inner thighs and glutes zipped up tight, lower those heels down, keeping the legs parallel, taking a beautiful nice calf, Achilles tendon stretch.

Take a breath in. Axel deep in the belly, lift those heels right back up. We'll do that again. The inhale to lower the heels down. Axle, think of that zipper all the way from the ankles up to that belly button inhale to lower. Exhale deep in the belly to lift in the legs, lift in the abdominals one more time, inhale, heels lower, exhale, heels lift, and hold.

Take a deep breath here at the top squeezing inner thighs and buns tight and exhale burunding at the knees to come all the way in We'll hug the knees into the chest, giving them a nice hug, maybe a gentle rock side to side, massaging the back, the back of the pelvis, And then with control, lower the feet all the way down underneath the bar back to that ledge, reach the arms to the ceiling, Always option to hold on behind the size. If you need a little more support, we'll breathe in and exhale to round and roll all the way back up. We're feeling warmer. I feel pretty good. Wonderful. We'll change our springs for our hundreds coming up next getting into some abdominal work here.

Lowering the foot bar down. 100, maybe 2 reds, red and a blue. Here we have a red and a green. We're wearing red and blue, ready for some holidays. Bring those sit bones that close to the front edge and reach those arms forward, take a deep breath in, and exhale to round and roll all the way back.

Making sure we have a little bit of space between those shoulders and the shoulder blocks here so we don't get stuck. We'll reach back for our handles. From here, reach the fingertips to the ceiling, draw those legs up to a table top position, inner thighs zipped up tight. Press the palms into your straps until those arms are right up over the shoulders. Chin remains lifted off the chest.

Take a deep breath here. Let's press the palms all the way down to the mat just to feel the weight of the reformer and the springs. Whoo. Mine feels a little heavy. I'm gonna go with it. We'll do that two more times just to prepare here, inhale arms straight up to the ceiling, exhale press those arms down.

Feel link through the fingertips, link through crown at the head once more just like that in hale arms lift. Exhale arms press inhale arms lift. This time, we'll press the arms down, curl up chin over the chest. Legs extend long. Maybe they stay bent.

Do what you need, pulsing and fives into 3, 4, 5, exhale to 3, 4, 5, beautiful long legs and arms here feeling that extension that energy reaching through the fingers and toes. As you exhale sink that belly button deeper towards the mat. Maybe curling up a little higher. Yes. Inhale. As you exhale, ribs knit together. Curly a little bit higher over the ribs, right to the tips of the shoulder blades, inhale, and out.

For more breaths and exhale. Last three. And out. Last two. Sorry. No breath.

Sale out 2, 3, 4, 5. Hold on. We'll reach up 1 more inch. Excel, bend the knees, bend the elbows, and release the head down. We'll bring our handles. Back or straps back to the handles over here, lower those feet down.

Let's take a moment to sway our knees over to the right side elbows stay nice and wide feeling that stretch across the chest, taking a breath there, exhaling, drawing those knees over to the other side if and when you're ready, a gentle twist, and bring them back to center. Arms reach up to the ceiling and exhale to round and roll up. Alright. What do you have for us next? Well, I think it's time to go into coordination. So, we're gonna do a coordination version on 1 spring. I'm picking a green in the middle.

This is one that Ron Fletcher used to like to do to mix it up a little bit. So follow along. Alright. So, again, let's take our nice preparatory position with a belly hollow rounded spine, inhale, and we roll down every time we can articulate that spine. Alright. You may wanna have a little bit of space between your shoulder blades and your shoulders. Take your straps. First, we're gonna do some arms circles, which is one of the reason that I had the springs a little bit lighter.

So alright. Take your legs to tabletop once again. And let's bring the arms down to the mat, to the side. Shoulders down. I'm reaching through my fingertips, pulling the belly to the spotting continually, and we'll come up to perpendicular and open and around. Really simple. Just to open up the chest, Warm up the shoulder area.

Inhale. Keeping the abdominals connected. And again, squeeze other way. The arms rotates slightly and the palms come up and then down to the carriage. And you rotate slightly up, exhale down.

Two more times. If you needed to bring your legs in further, if you needed to, that's okay. Table top is ideal. And down. Alright. Now we bring the arms towards the ceiling perpendicular, and the legs are on a diag and all breathe in here, inhale first, exhale come into a curl, press the arms, legs perpendicular. Inhale exhale to a small v and reach through that v.

Inhale exhale crunch a little deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper, and carefully lower the legs, lie down, raise the arms. That was one step. Inhale. Exhale curl. Inhale, exhale reaching out the window there. And legs don't go too wide, just enough to get your arms between them.

Inhale, exhale, Always remember to get air. So you have something to blow out. Reach outside the legs. One more set. Try to get your shoulder blades off your mats.

You're just at the tip of your shoulder blades and finishing. Now bend the knees. Bring the arms into your side. You can keep your head down for now and press the palms forward. And forward and push.

We'll pick up the speed a little bit. Press. Elbows wide, back wide, shoulders down here. And I'm gonna join at 7 and 8. Leave your legs. Come into a crunch. And press.

Keep it smooth so you don't jerk your elbows here. 4 legs out. Legs in. Slow down a little bit. Really pulled an ease in.

Let's do 4 more. Really work that belly 5. Use your abdominals to pull the knees to your face. And 7. And here's 8 and push.

I feel my belly, I hope you do too, and I'm gonna rest my straps if they hit myself on the head and on the polls. And I believe it's your turn, Laura, for some something fun. Oh, I felt that. Yeah. Glad to reach those arms back up to the ceiling. Take a breath in. Once again, we get to use those abdominals to roll. Yeah. Absolutely.

That was great. A little warmer. Let's add an additional spring on for a little more support as we get into some short spine stretch. Great. Red and a blue to I'm on a red and a green. I have a red and a green too. Great. We'll lower our head rest down and make our way all the way back down onto the carriage.

Reaching back for the handles straps here. If we do you feel like doing 2 different variations? We can for fun. Showing in. I'll do modified. I will be rolling up. Okay.

Getting a lovely stretch for those hamstrings for both of us. If you choose to not roll up and you wanna keep your head rest up, I wanna keep my head rest up. Okay. Good. So we'll begin with those legs nice and long. If you are rolling up, for traditional short spine onto your head and neck, please, for safety, ensure that your headrest is flat. We'll start with legs long parallel, arms long, open chest and throat. Take a deep breath here.

And, actually, they're bringing the legs back or the whole body up and back. Bending those knees in deep breath in, exhale rolling through the spine and reaching those legs out long. Inhaling, exhaling, lifting the legs, or the whole body up and back, length through the toes, knees, bending, rolling through that spine, opening up through the back, reaching out long through the legs, 2 more times, inhaling, exhale, remaining open through the head, the neck, the chest, enjoying the length that we get in this stretch for the back, for the back of those legs once more deep breath in, exhale to lift. Toles, legs reaching high. Inhaling and exhaling to roll all the way back down, elongating through the legs.

We'll bend the knees all the way in from there, removing those straps from the feet, and bringing them back onto the poles. Like, 16 nice and long over the footbar this time, arms to the ceiling, deep breath in, and exhale to round and roll all the way back up. Lovely. What would you like for us to do next? Okay. I think I'd like to arch my back a little bit. So let's do the gentle swan.

So we're gonna get our boxes. Okay. We wanna move are Bar up. Bar up. One spring. Yep.

I'm gonna use a red. Okay. Sounds good. I think I'll use a red too. Alright. Good. Box. So this is a rather gentle swan, as I think I said, already facing the foot bar. Alright. So there we are.

Good. Alright. Let's go ahead and lie prone. With the chest just off the edge. The legs can be glued together and or a little bit apart, but not too far. Hands forward, thumbs forward. We're gonna press the carriage all the way back.

Keep the legs alive. Dairy air engaged. Hamstrings engaged. Pelvis into the box. Let's shrug the shoulders lifting them up by the ears and then depress the scapula.

Both sides, inhale shrug, and exhale press. Your neck is long. Continue. And your arms form a frame around your ears and press down and hold. Keeping the barrier tight, we inhale upward.

It starts small and exhale lower. And I'm really thinking of pulling my abdominals as I lower to my box inhale upward. Nice. And exhale. Again, pull the navel into the spine to beautifully support the back and upward. Open your chest.

Lift your heart. And lower. And one more time, I think we'll stay up here this time. Stay here. Exhale. Give a little extra lift.

Shoulders down. Easy neck. Breathe again and then scoop the abdominals as you lower with great control and down you go. Alright. So we're gonna step off gracefully as possible. Alright. I believe you're up.

Let's go into some pulling on the straps. Good. Your arm's working. Good. We leave our bars up? Sure. Which is fine. Keeps us away from the, keep those a little lifted. Sounds good to me.

Alright. So we'll be lying in the same position with the chest just off the edge now facing that back edge of the reformer. Legs. I like to keep them nice and tight and zipped up, but if it does feel better on your back to have a little bend or a little separation do as you wish We'll hold on above the hardware here wherever feels appropriate on your piece of equipment, lifting in the knees in the thighs, belly button pulling towards the spine, nice engagement in the core. Mom, if you'd like to stay horizontal here, feel free to do so. I'm gonna add a little back extension and lift. We'll inhale beginning to pull those arms straight down and back towards the hips and exhale begin to resist those arms back down and forward.

Inhale drawing back, lifting through the heart, exhale to resist to lower 3 more times just like this, inhale to pull. So ribs are gonna need together, but stay lifted and 2 squeezing between those shoulder blades. Really lengthening back through your fist and my straight elbows here reach all the way back in here. Let's stay for an exhale lengthen longer through the crown of the head further through the backs of those arms and then resist to lower all the way down. Taking a moment to let the legs rest on the bar, the head hang heavy, maybe a little shake. Yes.

And no. Release it in the neck and the back. We'll go into some t pulls here. I'm gonna lower my hands down a little bit further onto my straps. Again, totally optional. I like to start a little bit wider here. Lifting in the legs, engaging in the back to pull the scapula, the shoulder blades away from the ears will inhale pull wide to a t, maybe further back towards those hips.

Imagine Superman, superwoman flying here, exhale open back out to the sides. Inhale length and lift and pull, exhale resist to open 3 more times. Squeezing tight between the inner thighs tight between those shoulder blades, lengthening through the crown of the head, inhale for 2. Axle to open once more. Inhale pull.

Once again, we'll exhale. Hold stay, maybe lift up 1 more inch deep breath there and exhale open all the way out and down to rest. What shall we do now are you in there? Good. Alright. It's making me work. That's step off once again.

So graceful here. I think we're gonna go into some back stroke, and I am I would like to put the bar down. Okay. So I think we move our boxes. Okay. Just a little bit slightly. Yes. I like the box out of the way.

Alright. Oh, good. Now that would didn't take long. Alright. Here we go. Alright. I'm still on the I have on 11 red or 1 green is good. Good. Alright. We're gonna do both directions of back strokes. So let's go ahead.

Best thing to do is to get your straps first. Put them behind you so you don't end up not knowing where they are. Economy of Movement, sit down, scoot down, and then roll down so your shoulders are just at the edge not hanging off. Needs to chest. We'll get it going, so we don't wanna hold it too long here. Chin to chest, elbows wide.

We go vertical 1. Open small 2. Inhale. Reach 3 arms over your lap. And 4.

And 1. And for sigh. And your hands follow your legs. I'm reaching right out that window. And, again, last one here. Open. We're not doing a ton of wraps today, and you wouldn't, anyway. Reversing, reaching, Take care.

Head back. Arms legs up. Bend arms legs curl forward. And reach long, sweep, not too wide, and up, and then, and a careful correct working through with the neck and over chest. One more. I do believe it's teaser time. Oh, Laura.

I don't know. We've done a lot of abdominal work today? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We could just hang out here. We could hang out here. Let's go on. Let's tell you. Alright. I'll take a through.

We're gonna just enjoy this. Be nice. I don't know. Of course, Rose, wherever you are. Lay your body relax. That's part of the challenge of teaser on the box, I think, is you come from this relaxed state.

Let your arms and let your legs hang, take a deep breath in, exhale to stay, start to bring some awareness, starting to press the hands, jelly, into those straps deep breath in. Oh, I'm coming up. She'll get over the chest. Nope. She's up there. I'm about to get there. Yeah. They're long enough, and they'll reach your arms a little bit higher. Acts, he'll slowly roll back down one vertebra at a time to stay at eye level.

And we let it all release. A little bit more fluid here. Deep breath in at the bottom. So scooping through water. That beautiful ocean out to the side of us, maybe those arms, lift, chest, lift, legs, lift, exhale to lower bone by bone here, vertebra by vertebra we reach those toes longer. Pull the belly deeper.

Once, Maureen, inhale. Ax. I'll scoop and lift. Reach those arms up towards your toes. Take a deep breath in. Lower just the arms to the hips.

3 more times in here. We reach up, exhale. We lower it down. 1st 2. Heart stays lifted. Gaze stays up. One more time.

Arms lift. We hold. Axale. Everything rolls down. Taking our time. Oh, you look good. And let it go.

Let's drop those straps. All the way up. Well, that was a ton of fun. It's well named exercise. It is a tease for the body.

A boy, oh boy. You're gonna do chest expansion, I believe. Yes. Let's stay on our box. We'll have to regather those straps. We'll do a little chest expansion seated on the box today? Same Springs.

Same spring. I think we could go a little heavier. What do you think? I'm gonna stay where I am. Where do I ask? I'm gonna add on another spring. Good for you.

I'm on a red. See, so we're comfortably on your box here, feet relaxed on the headrest. This is sometimes a little easier, gentler way to get into that chest expansion exercise that we know and love without pressure on the knees. So holding on, hands could be in the loops. We could also hold on to a tighter fist there if you choose will begin with a slow press back of those arms deep breath in, exhale return the arms, keeping the gaze straight in front few times here for preparation, inhale, and exhale. Heart stays lifted.

Palms pressing back fingertips reaching towards the floor, feeling that engagement between the shoulder blades and the triceps. So once more like this, inhale to press the palms back warming up those triceps, deepening the belly to resist. And he'll press back to hold. Exale. Look into the right. Look into the left.

Look into the center and resisting forward. She know a little more weight there, didn't she inhale to press, squeeze between the shoulder blades hold? Looking left. Beautiful. Right. Center and resists one more each side. Inhale to press.

Keeping the chest open as you look right. Pulling back in that opposite shoulder left. Center and resist once more deep breath in long exhale. We look left. Center and resist to rest. Feels so good. It's a good one.

It's nice to sit up straight like that. I'm just gonna add in since I don't really kneel at all because of me saying this is really nice for me and for folks that have the posture issue. Good. Yeah. You know what? Can we throw something in here? Even lighter spring. That's not very good at alignment there.

I'm gonna go to a blue instead of a red myself. Wanna do this little goalpost thing. Yeah. I don't have an official name for it. I don't fall off the back edge here. No. Don't fall off.

And I just like this for my upper back. 1 crossed over. Cross strap. You're gonna put them on, like, sleeves. Folks may know this. Definitely not an original exercise, but from therapy, and I like it.

This makes sense. Alright. You're gonna take a goalpost position. Same tallback, belly tight, the whole body, not just arms. And we're gonna open to a nice goalpost inhale, feel your back nicely, shoulders down. Exhale close.

And so for me, I'm trying to keep the tall back the elbows at the same height. I have to watch. I don't pop my ribs out. So constant self correction for me all these things to think about. Hope this feels good to y'all. It's not that difficult.

I don't think, but it's doable. You can certainly do it lighter. Just do three more. So there's work on the open, and then there's control on the close. 2 more.

Inhalation opens us and exhalation closes us. There we go. Alright. Like that? Yes. Yeah. Good. Simple one. I just kinda we didn't really plan that, but sometimes things just come to mind. Alright. You up? Yeah.

You wanna do some short box? Let's do some short box. Okay. Good. Do you wanna start this off here? Latitude. You do. Okay. Alright. I'm checking my box over my shoulder blocks. I am as well, and I'm adding So I'm also going to use a pole or have it at the ready.

We'll give some different options if you want that extra prop. I'm putting on you can put on all springs. I think we all know this. Keeping the, carriage still, we need to get the little catch strap at the very bottom. Alrighty. And sitting down.

Sorry. You're you're the one doing it. You go ahead. Alright. So our reformers are solid, not moving anymore. Heels reaching forward.

I like to keep my legs slightly apart. Soften in the knees, so I'm not locked out there. A little bit of fire underneath the buns here. It helps at least for me stay out of my quads a little more active here and certainly into those abdominals. So I'm gonna start with my arms wrapped around my waist, around my ribs, Would you like to do the same? Yeah. I'll you do that.

I'll do this old version. So we'll we'll try for Eugenie over there. Yeah. Alright. Good. We'll start with a beautiful deep run tall spine, long exhale to round and contract curling back. Keep that exhale going curling either forward over your arms. Over your torso lifting up inhale and exhale round scoop from the waist to contract keep that exhale going. I like to feel my hands around my ribs.

I can feel the air blowing out and then the expansion into the fingertips. Accelerate around and contract. Keep that scoop scoop scoop feeling like you're scooping out a pint of ice cream once more inhale. Boy ice cream sounds good. I was gonna say scoop and curl back and stay around it.

Forward and tall. Nice. So I want to flap back here. You could keep your arms where they are. I will take the poll here. Beginning with my arms in front, shoulder blades down, do as you wish, find that length, depress, and hinge back.

And exhale to lift back up to vertical. So again, inhale. Long spine. Feel the link through the waist. Exhale to lift. I'm gonna go a little more challenging arms overhead. Inhale lengthen.

Exhale. Set up taller going along to the ceiling once more inhale back diagonal, exhale, lift up, find those sit bones, and rest for a moment. Oh, a lot of core work today. Good one. Yeah. And I really do wanna emphasize. I it's so important before you move the prep tory breath. Not that it's a, but it's a lift. It's an awareness of where we're going.

That Ron used to talk about the inspiration to move, and it stuck with me. It's good. My turn. Yeah. I don't care. Don't matter. Do you wanna do some some twists? Let's do some twists. You take your pole and over your head or there.

There's more Okay. And you can go farther, dear, and I'm gonna make it a modify a little bit. I'm gonna keep both sits bones on my box. Inhale. And exhale and tall and tall. I lift up and turn and reach and up and good. So there's the lift to rotate and center. Good.

Good. And, Laura, you can go a couple more a little deeper. So reach your hole for the back corner of your reformer your hip may lift because you're going that far. Shush. Why don't you do one more? I wanna watch. No. Why not? Sure. Back corner.

Tops it. And for it. And other way, nice. Good. For healthy backs and strong course. Good. Alright. Nice. Good. Good. Good.

Let's come off. Take our boxes off. Putting it on the end of our apparatus here. There we go. And, I've mentioned Ron of more than a few times just today, but, he's with me all the time. And I wanna, give the exercise that we call Cleopatra, and it really is kind of a cousin of the Mermaid I could call it that.

And much of it comes from his study with Martha Graham and her floor work. So Here we have it. I should start. I'm gonna start over here facing the camera. So, let's do right arm on the bar. So you're gonna face the Pacific Ocean back to the group. Alright. So you bring yourself into instead of Mermaid where the knees are folded, typically, we have a shin bone against the shoulder blocks and the other shin bone against the wood frame.

And so we're trying to get the hips of square as possible, which is very difficult. Other hand in the middle or forward. I should say. I'm sorry. Sorry. One red. I didn't say it. One red or one green. Perfect.

Thank you. Alright. And the hand says there. Alright. Not behind you. So you're squared you can be. The other arm is presenting out. Alright. So sometimes we would do other things prior with the arm, but we're going to go straight into a side bend, so push out lift up and over inhaling and come back up exhale.

So your right arm, depending on the length of your arm, will most likely straighten here, And then for me, I'm gonna bend it a little bit. So you lift up and over, so really pure side bending, from the moment and one more and, it's good. Now we start the same way. Lift up and over inhale. Now stay in here. Contract the belly around the spine.

Bring bring your pinky finger towards your foot bar. Back to side and return. We'll make it a little more fluid now. Inhale up and over and contura. Oh, and side. Two more. Lifting up and contract and side.

And up one more and contract and stay forward. Now place your left hand in the one corner, right hand opens. And now you become as much facing your springs as possible push away and bend the elbows. Again. So we're in a deep rotation of the spine. My elbows are pointing out.

My fingers are pointing up. My shoulders are as square as I can get them and spread out and hold. Take the left arm, reach it behind the small of your back. We're gonna inhale here, exhale, bend the arms, and press and then be mindful of holding your center and and up. One more. Press it out. Stay there.

Take the left arm. Return it to the corner. Keep the neck long. Inhale. Exale come up. Good. And you're gonna reach your left arm up, and you're gonna reach back.

Try to get your left hip down. Then up. And reach your left arm forward and inhale. And I am moving my other high end here a little bit. To accommodate my movement, and that's enough. Alright. We're gonna face around to the other side and bring the feet to the wood for a moment. Breathe in here.

Good. Ensole contraction. Not just a little contraction. It's a contraction and lift again. Ah, pull. I said just something, and Ron just said, and there's never just anything.

Had to share that and contract. It's always important. One more. The breath and the contraction rounds the spine. Come up, and then we're gonna turn around as gracefully as possible finding again that position that sort of seated forth Laura, you're good to go. Alright.

You know what you're doing. Alright. Reaching the palm out to the other way. Palma, the hand on the bar. And we reach reach up and over inhale. And exhale. Enjoy the stretch and reach.

So when you lift, this hip's gonna lift, but you're not trying to lift it. I should say that. It's good. And over again. Now contract and rotate. And face squarely to the side and, inhale 1.

Exhale 2. Inhale 3. And for 2 more, lift up and over and contract. Last one. You contract and then you take your arms wide as best you can.

Press it out. And bend the elbows and caress and bend. And caress Try to keep your shoulders down. It's the hardest part of all. Press and then press and hold.

Take the right arm behind the small of your back, inhale here, exhale bend the left, and push. And then and press. Last one. Return the right arm. Come back up.

Good. It's a hard one here. Try to stay square and then take your right arm. Reach the right hip down. And then the right hip lifts.

And reach. And reach. And we'll face and bring the, sorry, bring the legs to the foot bar, and then I'm gonna turn around. So I'm facing you in Europe. Oh, that sounds good.

I love that. Oh, it is a little bit more to do. Yeah. Yeah. Do you feel like doing some plank games, some long stretches? I do. I will add on a blue. I'm gonna be on a red and a blue here.

Let's step off to the side, get in properly. Hand hand foot foot. Make sure your head rest is up. Yep. Yours is. It is. I just put it up. Yep. One hand, one foot.

Other hand, other foot getting you into place, zipping up once again from the heels, inner thighs, belly button, pressing down into that bar, lift the heart between shoulder blades, take a breath in, press that carriage out, nice long line, long spine, exhale deep in the belly, pulling the carriage all the way back into the stopper inhale lengthen. Yeah. Next, he'll pull it forward up and in 3 more inhale to progress. Acseltupolodum to keep those heels reaching back crown of the head long once more inhale, draw the ribs together, lift it in the waist, pause, and plank will hold it here for one more breath in. Axel to stay. Beautiful. Gently lower your knees down onto the mat.

Separate the feet, flexed against the shoulder blocks will go into our down stretch. Pelvis draws forward towards the bar, lifted in the chest and the heart, going back in one deep breath in. And one long exhale forward up and in collar bones nice and open inhale to progress down and back. Excel squeeze the glutes forward. I think of that tight zipper in the low belly.

3 more times here, pressing back. Tunes stays lifted, pelvis presses forward, belly button up and in too. And forward, Beautiful lift one more time inhale to progress out. Exhale pull that carriage all the way up and in. We'll take a moment to rest here, maybe into a contraction, into a child's pose, whatever that means for your body, just taking a deep breath.

And axial letting it go. Alright. Let's come up into an elephant. You could keep your weight the same or if you wanna challenge those abdominals a little bit lighter, totally up to you. I think I'll go a little lighter. Yeah. Alright. I'm gonna stay the same feet flat. If you're more petite, maybe you walk those feet a little closer towards the front, really lifted scooping out those abdominals.

I have my trunk picking up some peanuts. Oh, that sounds good too. I guess we're hungry. Lift in the abdominals. Open up across the upper back. Let that hang head hang heavy.

Deep breath in to press down and back into the heels back to the shoulder blocks, exhale lifted in the waist rounded in that spine. Inhale to press back, find the length in the back of the legs, and a lift in the abdominals, ribs knit together. Spine stays rounded 3 more times inhale to press back. And exhale to lift up in the waist, staying open across the shoulder blades for 2. Go ahead and pull it up and in.

Schwants, Maureenhale and exhale carefully walking the hands down to the carriage back towards the toes. We'll take a bend gently of both knees, softening through the body here. Let that head hang heavy. Let the chest drop towards the thighs deep breath. And Excel, stretch your legs up a little bit straighter into a forward fold.

Two more times here, inhale gentle bend of the knees. An exhale folding in half, finding length, drooping out the crown of the head down through those heels once more inhale gentle bend. Excel to extend carefully bend your knees, walking those hands back forward, and then as graceful as possible stepping off of the carriage here so we don't roll up on a light spring. I know you're on. Yes. How would you like to finish? I think we should finish with running a place. Wonderful.

And so we will do that now. Alright. So add on back to your double leg spring. Springs. So I'm doing 2 reds in a green. The headrest is up. The foot bar is good.

We're good to go. We'll run right out of here. No. I'm kidding. Alright. Once again, inhale, exhale rounding down to your carriage, placing your arms down nicely, bringing the feet to your bar, in a nice high heel position. Be careful of your ankle alignment.

Really important. Whole body. We're thinking of press it out all the way, inhaling. Let's set it up correctly, inner thighs tight, exhaling, pelvis, flat, no tucking, glutes engaged, and beginning. I'm lowering the right and left and exhale. Simple, beautiful movement, beautiful alignment, ankles articulate, staying on your foot centers, Let's continue moving the arms up, opening around, and reaching up to and 3 and 4 again. And reverse. Leave them down.

Finishing 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 rising. Lower the heels, get a nice stretch for those calves, breathe in, bend the knees carefully. Once again, feet down to the ledge, arms up, and curl forward. And we'll swing our legs to the side. And thank you so much.

Have a wonderful day.


Karlin A
Great class with classic exercises.  Loved the instruction and attention to detail.  A challenge at any level!
Thanks for the fun, sweaty class. I apppreciated the modification options.
1 person likes this.
Loved this class and hope to see more from this great duo!
Katie M
loved the class and the team! great cues and a balanced workout!
Thanks again ladies!! Impeccable detail as always 🙏
Loved the mother daughter class! So fun to see families moving together. 
Wonderful class, beautiful collaboration thanks 
Love all Diane D. classes. Would love to see more 60 mins of advanced type classes from her or Laura. Those Elite athlete ones are amazing!

Ellie P
Please keep this a regular series. I love the mother daughter duo !! 
A good workout with a warm family feeling . 
Kate A
Amazing workout! I love the goalpost and cleopatra exercises. Duo workouts are my favorite on Pilates anytime- so a mom/daughter team really warmed my heart (I’m a mom with daughters)!
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