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Form & Efficiency Reformer

40 min - Class


Channel your inner athlete with this challenging Reformer workout by Jason Williams. He teaches a class designed to improve form and efficiency for runners. If you aren't a runner, you can still enjoy the coordination, balance, and strengthening aspects of this flowing class.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Hand Weights (2)

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Hello, this is Jason Williams here with Pilates Anytime. And today's workout is Run Form Efficiency. So, you don't necessarily have to be a runner, but we're gonna focus on your running form and efficiency. Whether you play different sports or you're just a runner in general, okay? You're gonna need some dumbbells.

These are two pounds, maybe you want ones or threes. Lighter is gonna be better for this workout, okay? So I'm gonna place these down and do our warmup. And you'll come around to the side here of the foot bar. And we're gonna start our simple leg swings, okay?

So again, inside hand can hold onto the foot bar, otherwise you can be here, hands on your hips. Inside leg's gonna sweep forward and back, right? So getting that nice hip flexor stretch on the way back, hamstring on the way forward. And again, you can use this left hand or outside hand, for a little more of a guide, right? So I like to put my hand here or maybe a little bit lower depending on your hamstringing flexibility, all right?

Listen, take your time. Breathe, in through your nose, out through the mouth. Just warmin' it up, gettin' it moving, right? Good. And you'll see runners doing these types of stretches all the time before they run, whether it's 5Ks, marathons, or even sprinters, right?

And, we're gonna switch sides. Again maybe so eight to 10 reps or more, depending on how tight your legs and hips are feeling. Looks good. Again you can use the foot bar for a little guidance if you need it. Try to keep this right side still.

My left leg is going front to back. Again, you can have the right hand forward. You want a little bit of more of a guide for your hamstringing kicks. And breathe. Nice posture. Nice.

Four, three, last two, and one. So now, you're gonna turn and face your foot bar. I'm gonna lean forward, placing both palms here, side to side leg swing. So here you can lift up to your heels or tiptoes a little bit. And then right leg is gonna kick side to side.

Okay? So amazing stretch for the hips here, on the side out. And you are gonna open up through the inner thigh, hips, you're gonna breathe in through your nose. It feels really good. Now you can do these higher up if you want, if you have a little, more of a higher placement for your hands.

But also I like to do here and just lift my heel in the back. That gives me the range of motion to sweep my leg forward and back. Three, two, and one. Switch sides. Okay, tip your toes. Left foot, open up the hips.

Feels amazing to do these lateral leg swings, right? It's great for your back. Tight hips, tight back. Remember that, right? Breathe, good. So again, 10 reps, maybe 12 if you're feeling a little extra.

Looks good. And then relax it on down, okay very good. So we're gonna come around to our reformer, you're gonna lie down, I'm on three red springs. So, we're gonna do our warmup here. So you're gonna have a seat and lie back.

And again, you can add more springs depending on your form of tension you want. And here I'm getting a little more of a calve stretch, so these are runners. So I'm gonna peel up and down, getting a nice stretch to the calves and Achilles. Shoulders are down and back. So again, three red springs for me.

If you want to add another one, you can. Do you, right? This is your workout. So, you're breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth. These feel amazing on the calves. It also feels nice here on your shoulders.

You're getting a nice depression stretch here in the neck. Feels awesome. Four, three, two. And we do wanna do a double stretch, so drop both your heels now, so you're feeling a stretch in both your calves, and then point your toes up. So this is great too, get some nice footwork, a little ankle work here.

Before you run, and you start to do other movement modalities. Oh, it feels so good in the calves. Three, nice, two. And one, bend the knees, slowly come on back down to home. Okay?

I'm gonna walk my feet up to the heels here. So, bring your feet a little bit wider than the hips. Hands flat, I'm gonna tuck my pelvis, keep the carriage still, roll up to your bridge. Maybe you need to readjust here at the top. Slowly peel it back down.

So bridges are a great exercise to activate your glutes, hamstrings, which usually are the weaker part on most people, but it may not be for you. And then, you'll bridge back up. Inhale, and then exhale. So about eight bridges here, maybe 10. Really get an extension.

You also get a nice hip flexor stretch here at the top. And then roll it on back down. Good, back up. And back down, good. Now I'm gonna bridge up, and we're gonna hold here at the top.

Good. Hands are flat and I'm gonna extend out and lengthen, so inhale and then exhale. Breathe in, and out. Good, keeping the hips elevated the entire time, so you really get a nice long body stretch here, which also warms up those hamstrings a little bit, which is nice before we do any movement. And then let's do one more.

Nice. And then slowly come on back to home. And then peel it on down, nice work. Good. Pull both knees into the chest. Get a nice lower back stretch, nice counter stretch to those bridges.

Maybe lift the head up, and then place the feet back down. Okay, I'ma go to two red springs, so take one off if you're on the three, so two red. We're gonna go to some arms circles next, so hands go to the strap. Again, if you have longer arms, maybe you wanna go to shorter straps. Feet in that tabletop.

And we're gonna press straight down to start our circles, and then slowly come up, and you'll start the circle out and around. Good, so inhale and then exhale. So, great workout for the shoulders here, right? Which we need when we run or do any type of movement, right? And back around.

Also a nice core warmup as well. So breathe, keeping your head down. Abs are engaged. I'm keeping my knees stacked right over my hips here. Feels awesome in the shoulders and your upper back.

Stop here, kick it out, exhale. One more and then we reverse. So again, like I said, nice warmup for the shoulders. And then back down and around, before we start using the dumbbells. Breathe. Again, go nice and slow.

Again, this is all about your form. So don't speed through this. Exhale. Nice work. Again about eight to 10 repetitions maybe, each direction.

Start to generate a little bit of heat in the core. Last one. And then we'll move into coordination. So you're gonna press all the way down, elbows into the sides of the carriage here, or your ribcage. So you're gonna start here, press, lift up, extend, all right?

Exhale, back to center. Inhale, press it up, extend those legs. And exhale, back and drop the head down. Good. So you're breathing in through the nose here and back out.

Good, take your time. My legs are about a 45 degree angle here. You can have Pilates V as an option, if you'd like, it's up to you with the feet. Good. Now I'm gonna add on to that. So you're gonna inhale, extend, kick out, back in, relax.

Inhale, extend, kick out, back in, relax. Good. So again, here get a nice little hip stretch, feeling the abs engage, getting nice and warm. A little toasty in those abdominals. Good.

Now let's add a little scissor kick on the next one. We'll get real wild. You ready? So we'll come up, over, under, and relax. Lift up, scissor, scissor, and relax. Good, three more.

Over, under, relax. Inhale lift, over under, let's do one more. 'Cause why not? Nice! And then slowly relax and come down. Very good. Okay.

Let's go feet to straps next. So, I'm gonna press away, my left foot's going to the longer strap, right foot into the other. Good. I'm gonna press out, 45 degrees. So first position with those heels.

Okay? Center yourself, hands flat. Frogs are gonna be the first exercise. So then these are gonna track out, here, outside the hips, and you're gonna press out. Great stretch for your hips, inner thighs. As you pull in, inhale, squeeze glutes, inner thighs on the way out, right?

And then back, exhale. I'm keeping my lower back down. Again, great for the hips, tight hips, tight back like I said earlier. And you also work those inner thighs a little bit, which also tend to be weak on most people. Good.

Inhale and exhale. Good, two more. Good. Last one. So single leg frogs, herky stag, bow and arrow. Whatever you wanna call 'em, there's like a thousand names for this exercise.

Right leg out to the side, left knee bends, they counterbalance, press it on out right back to center, right knee bends, left leg out to the side. Ooh, got a nice crack of my hip on that, feels good. And back. Awesome. So feel those inner thigh and hips. Take your time. Good, breathe.

So, you see why we did those leg swings earlier, right? This really kind of warms up those hips to prepare for exercises like this, right? So there's a method to the madness, right? You're not doing these exercises for nothing, right? Okay, let's do back to the center.

And let's get a nice back stretch, so slowly come on back, back here. Your range of motion, right? Not mine. So feel your lower back stretch here. This might be it, all right?

Press it down. Good, and slowly come back. Feel that in that lower back, mid back, and then press it down. Again, like I said, go your range of motion. You don't have to lift your butt up.

We're not doing long spine. Good, and then back down. One more. And then we'll get a nice, juicy lower back stretch after that. So here's what you're gonna do.

You're gonna come back. So instead of going up with the hips, you're gonna bend the knees down towards you. Keep your feet in, almost like you're doing that frog, roll, and press it out. So it's almost like a nice back massage for that mid lower back, as you drop your knees down towards the shoulder rest and then kick it on out. Oh, feels amazing on your back.

I could do these all day long, but we won't 'cause we actually have to do some work, right? All right, here we go. We got two to three more. Ah, nice! Looks good. And then we'll do everybody's favorite after this, leg circles. Come straight up first, inhale, exhale as you kick out.

Nice, and then back up. Nice hip opener stretch, creating that hip mobility. Feels amazing. Again, you'll thank me later when we're doing some of these other exercises while we're doing these leg circles and these arm circles that we did before. Awesome work, you got two to three more.

Good. One more. And then we'll reverse that circle, in the opposite direction. And then you'll come back out, and here's your little inner thigh work as you come back in, all right? And then press it on down. Good, kick it out.

Keep those abs engaged here. Breathe. Again, the hands can be to the sides. Looks good. Feels good. Do good. All right? Here we go. Two more.

Awesome, good. One more. Feels good. Hips back. Nice and loosened up, there we go. Pull those knees in. Take the strap off one at a time.

Back to the foot bar and slowly come on down. All right, up to seated. We'll need those dumbbells next. Here's the fun part, okay? So, again two pound dumbbells.

I'm gonna start with my legs straight out. Now, I have two reds on. I'ma add one more for this, so it stays a little more stable here on the carriage. Scoot back a little bit, keep your toes flexed. We're gonna work on arm drives next, so each hand with a dumbbell.

Have your running motion and sit up tall. You're just gonna swing your arms back and forth like so. So here creates your running form motion, right? So, the big thing with runners is keeping your hands below kinda your chin, right? So you don't wanna run up here, all right?

You wanna keep it down, a little more efficient here, right? When you're pumping your arms, my head is straight. So, think about when you're running, using your arms more so than your legs. So, your arms dictate what your legs do, all right? So the slower your arms go, the slower your legs go.

So here I like to do these for a good maybe 10, 15 seconds, then break, okay? Maybe roll out the shoulders. And then you can start to speed it up. So a little more like a sprint here. Good, breathe.

Keeping everything still, pumping the arms, head forward, and relax. So 15-minute intervals of these. And we'll go again, one more time, last one. So getting that nice movement in the arms, upper body nice and tall. Good.

Hands are just below the chin. Five, four, three, two, and one relax. Good, so now I'ma scoot down. So remember we did those runners on our back? Kinda the same thing here, scoot in a little bit.

Now I'm gonna press away, okay? And I'ma bend one knee, so my left knee's gonna bend, my right hand is here. And it's gonna switch, and switch. Now if this is too much on on your body to do the calve stretch here, you can come down, take a red off. And that might give you a little bit more of a motion in the ankles here, right?

So I'm just going here runners and runners, while using the arm motion, all right? So peel, so remember opposite hand, opposite leg, that's how we work. We don't run in one sided, right? Here we go, here we go. Back and forth, good.

So you'll start feeling those hip flexors cook, right? We forget to work our hip flexors sometimes. Not only do you wanna stretch 'em, but they need to be working. They get weak, that's where you get a tight lower back. Here we go.

So going back, oops, and we switch. Switch, switch, good. Go slow, all right? Once you get the rhythm, then you'll figure it out here. Nice. Three, two, one, and relax. Woo! Feel that double stretch.

So now you're gonna bend the knees. Come on back in, right? And we'll do the same thing but double time and then back, run and back. So now you're just pressing back through both legs. Chin up, chest up, using those arms, extend through the hamstrings.

Awesome. Breathe. So when you go out for your next run or whatever you're gonna do, you're gonna notice a difference in your upper body when you run, okay? Awesome work, looks great. Three, nice! Two. And one, relax it on down to home.

Okay, so we're gonna come up the standing, all right? So I'm gonna move these dumbbells here to the front. We're gonna get a nice hip flexor stretch, okay? So let's just go a red and a yellow spring. (springs clanging) Left foot forward, right knee comes down.

And go ahead, press back. Ah, so this feels amazing after those seated runners, right? You get that counter stretch to the hip flexors. And slowly come on back in. Shoulders back, inhale it back, inhale.

And then exhale. Breathe in, and out. Good. So this is gonna be the setup for our next exercise with our dumbbells, okay? Awesome work, nice stretch for those hip flexors.

Give me three, good. Two, last one. And then here you'll come all the way back. Let's take your yellow spring off, grab your dumbbells. Okay?

So now you're gonna extend back, through that back right leg here, my left leg is forward, here. Right hand, so again, always opposition here with the arm and the leg. Bend the knee in, and then kick it on back and run. So we're simulating our running form here, right? As we use the arms and the legs.

So a lot of stability in those legs here. So you're gonna feel it, right? In the quads, your glutes, and also a little bit into those arms. That's why you want lighter dumbbells, right? Good.

I always say less is more sometimes right? Two more. Good, one more. And relax it on down to home. 'Kay, come on around to the other side.

So I'm gonna add our yellow spring back. And walk it around, place your dumbbells here to the front. Right foot forward, left foot back, knee comes down. We'll get that initial hip flexor stretch. Press it on back, ah, feels amazing.

Breathing in, and out. And then come back, good. Inhale. Now you can exhale it back in. Good.

So again, focusing the upper body, nice and tall. Breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth. Oh, it feels amazing. Good, two more. Good, one more.

And then we'll come back in. Take that yellow spring off, set it up. Here we go, grab your dumbbells. So one hand here, my left hand's to the foot bar. I'ma extend back, to that left leg, set it back, left hand forward.

So remember opposition, left hand, right leg. Here and here is your running form. Bend that knee in, and kick. So you're staying pretty low here, right? Keeping that 90 degree here with that front leg.

Yeah, good. So here you can really figure out what side you're weak. So maybe if you're weaker on this side, this is harder. Maybe you wanna do it on the other side, right? Good, so remember train those weaknesses, right?

That's where we are. Here we go. Four, good, three, nice. Two, one, and relax it on down. Very good. Whew, nice work. Okay, go ahead and add the red spring back on.

And then we'll come around, and we're gonna do a step up. So, I'ma keep my dumbbells. Let's actually add one more spring, so we're stable here. Okay? So I'm bringing my right foot up.

The same thing, opposition, left hand, right arm. Here and here. So you gonna come up, up, up, woo, here we go, and then back down. And then back up. So again, now a bigger motion with our running form, right?

Again, so again, you can have three reds, you can have all the springs on. If you don't feel comfortable having just three, that's okay. Do you, you know your machine right? Safety first, all that. Woo! So really driving those arms and that knee.

So bigger, dynamic movement. Awesome. Again, this is all about your form, right? So it's not about speed, it's not about getting some cardio in. Just doing the exercises correctly and taking your time.

Last one! And relaxin' on down, good. Other side. Well done. So left leg gonna be up, okay? Left leg here, right leg, still the three springs. Opposition, right hand, left leg.

Here we go. Take it up and down. Boom. Nice. So getting that nice arm drive, all right? So this is kind of almost like putting it all together, right? Awesome work.

Notice my heel is staying down. So if you're tight in your ankle, some people's heel will kind of start to lift here on the way down, right? So, you might have to scoot back and then go up, right? So, check for your form in the ankle here. If it's too high, you might need to stretch your calves a little bit more, right?

Good. Awesome. Here we go, four, three, nice. Two, one. And relax it on down, nice work. Okay, come back around the opposite side.

Dumbbells will be to the side. Let's go one yellow spring. (springs clattering) So now we're gonna get into some dead lifts with some form run, right? So I'm gonna grab a strap here. I'ma have my left leg forward, right knee up.

Okay? Left hand can be to the hip. I'm gonna pull and kick back. So again, reset here. And then simulate arm up and then back out, right? So you're gonna pull and then reach.

Now, you might need to go to a shorter strap like I do. Again, my arms are a little bit longer, and then come back up. And then back, yeah! So a lot of balance work here, right? As you kick back and then go forward, pull that knee up. Slow, slow, slow.

So this glute is on fire right now, right? So if you need to tap down here, that's okay, right? Reset. Again, slower the better. I'm angled in a little bit towards here of the reformer, right? And then back, and then pull.

So again, if one side's a little bit weaker, I'm left footed, my right leg's the weaker side. So my left side might be a little bit easier 'cause that's my balance leg, right? Whoa, there we go. Last one! And relax. Felt my glute on fire there, here we go.

Walk it around, same thing. So this side you'll see a little better where you should be, angle it here, okay? Left leg up, right leg down. And then you're gonna pull, kick back. And then you can start adding the arms here, right?

And then back. And then pull. And then back. So again, take your time with it. Slower the better.

So you'll start feeling this right glute, right? Working a little bit of balance, whoa get back there. Here we go, uh-huh. Whew, awesome work. Draw the belly in, staying nice and tall.

That's it, uh-huh. Good. Let's do three to four more just because these feel good. Again, this is my balance leg. So, for me it's a little bit easier to balance 'cause I do kick with this foot.

So if left foot is your balance, you would do more on the opposite side, right? Good. Okay, I'm gonna set that down. Now I'm gonna repeat what we just did. Okay?

So now we have those glutes all warmed up. Go ahead, put your red springs on, all three. And now we've gotta kick it up a little bit. Right foot up, left foot back. Opposition, boom. Right?

So my glutes and my arms are now warmed up. Here we go. So I have a lot more stability, in my legs and my arms as I do my arms drive. Whew. There you go, good.

Four, three, two, one, relax. Wallah, piece of tuna. Right? Here we go, left foot up, right foot back. Opposition. Boom, drive it up.

Woo! Uh-huh, good, nice and tall. Again, go your speed. If you wanna kick it up a little bit, you can. Again, think about your form first. Awesome job.

Five, four, three, two, and one. Woo! Shake it on out. Let's get a little quad stretch, place those dumbbells here. You can stay on this side, left leg back. And pull, right?

'Cause you'll really feel those quads engage. Good. And then, switch it. Right foot back. Feels good, breathe in, and out, and then release. Okay, so now let's go one yellow, one blue spring.

(springs clanking) All right. Again, safety first. Left foot on the part that doesn't move, right foot then comes up. Boom, okay? So I'm gonna start with my hands on the hips here, slide the carriage out and back in.

Got my blue, (metal clattering) there we go. Good, so chin up, chest up. Good. So you're just getting your feeling for being on top of the carriage, all right? Chin up, breathe, there you go.

Nice. And now I wanna add some rotational work, okay? Because remember when we run, our backs do move, right? They don't stay straight ahead. So now what I'm gonna do is bring my hands out to the sides here.

As I slide out, I'm gonna rotate to the left, all right? And this might be it, that's okay, and then come back, okay? So you don't have to go really super far out with that leg, and then twist. Good. So think about your arms being like helicopter arms, right?

So you kind of, little bend in the elbow and you just rotate across, staying below my shoulders here as I come back in, right? Good, nice and easy. Oh that feels good. So give me three to four more, getting that rotation through the spine. Feel the hips open up, chin up.

Good. Last two, let's do two more, just 'cause these feel really good on your back and your hips. My left leg can be bent or slightly straight. Straighten if you want a little bit more, depending on how much stability you need to balance on that left side, right? And then let's relax.

And now, we'll go to back to our running form, right? A little squat, a little bend, right? So I'm gonna kick out, hand here, opposition, and then pull it back in and run. All right? Chin up, chest up. So, I'm kind of sitting about half squat.

You don't have to go too deep on these. Good, so working on our running form. These are great for soccer players, right? 'Cause you do a lot of lateral pushing off, right? So that's what you want to do with this motion.

Simulate that, right? That lateral movement. Good. Uh-huh, press it on out. Again, one yellow spring, one blue. If you wanna do a red, you can do that.

Do you, right? It's your workout, not mine right? I'm just here as a guide, that's it. Here we go, two more. Good, one more.

Nice, and relax. Woo! You'll feel this quad start to fire up. Now, transition. You're gonna slow turn it to the side. Take your time.

Left heel here, and I'm gonna pivot, so I'm now facing to the front here. Okay, keep that leg there. So same thing, tip the toe, bend the knees, run it, push it back through that right leg. Right hand forward, left leg forward. Bend the knees.

Here's your running motion here now, right? And back. So now you're getting that hip glute extension, right? Nice! So again, you're staying kinda low, using those arms. The slower the better, right?

We're not here to rush, all right? Uh-huh, there's that fire. Three, building strength, while using form, right? Staying efficient, here we go, three, good, two, and one. Slowly come forward, hands here, and then bring your right foot forward, step it out to the side.

Whew, shake it out. Okay here we go, we gotta do the other side. Good thing we don't have three sides, right? All right, here we go. Right foot up first, safety.

Okay, on the mount or the non-moving part. Left foot comes up, hands to hips to start. Slide it out, good, and then back in. So just getting your bearings up here. All right?

Good, take your time. Good, you don't wanna rush through it. Feel the nice hip stretch. Feel the inner thigh as you come back in. Nice and controlled. Chin up.

You can't beat this view, right? Here we go. Feels good! Do good, uh-huh. Last one. And then you'll slow, we'll add those rotations now.

So same thing, hip width apart, hands out to the side, a little slight bend. As you press out, you're gonna twist. So, again each side will be a little different. Go slow. All right? And then back to center.

And then back out. Good, take your time. Yeah, feel that back rotation, in that thoracic mid spine. Good. And then back. Good.

Again, the inside leg can be slight bend in the knee, straight, again depending on your fitness level and how comfortable you feel on top, right? If you need to bend a knee for more balance here, you can on that right leg, you can do so. Awesome. Here we go, we got two. Ooh yeah, last one.

Looks good. That's it, and then slowly come back here. All right, let's do those runners. Bend the knees, okay? Left leg extends out, right hand forward, all right?

And then pull it in, run. And press, all right? So you're using that form. So here we get a nice, lateral movement, as we press out. So again, if you have a sport where you do a lot of side to side movements.

But these are great no matter what you do, even if you're a non-athlete, to get some good upper body and lower body movement. Plus coordination, right? So that's part of efficiency and form. 'Cause coordination helps the brain. Here we go, we got four, good.

Three, nice. Two more. And relax it. Woo, come on back in, nice and tall. Okay, slowly pivot. If you need to come down here, that's okay.

No shame in your game, right? Safety first, tip your toe. Slide on back. Sometimes it's nice to have the foot bar there, so you can place the shin there. All right, tip your toe, pull that knee in, and then kick it out and run, all right?

So feel that right glute on fire here, right? Nice. Take your time, use those arms. Again, all about progression, right? So here, if you want to come down here, you can just do these on the ground and then do what we did earlier.

You don't even have to come up top, all right? And one day, when you're ready to do these on the top of the reformer, you can do it. All right? Take your time. Woo, look at that. See? I'm supposed to be the professional.

I'm not the professional. All right, there we go. And slowly relax, bring this foot on, and then step off. Nice work! Woo, shake it out a little bit. Stretch those quads.

Okay, so now I'm gonna come back to our reformer here and have a seat. And then we're gonna do some running, using the red spring. So take all the springs off, just one red. I'ma fold the legs here, okay? And then I'm gonna press out, okay?

So, here I'm gonna kind of open up like a circle here, like I'm hugging a beach ball. And then circle around, and then back. So here, working on opening up through the shoulders. So we did a lot of that shoulder work earlier, right? Good.

And back, nice! Looks good. So again, a little upper body, opening up through the chest. There we go. Chin up, chest up. Breathe.

Awesome job. You got four, good. Three, nice, two more, and one. Nice work, slowly bring it on back. And then we'll turn it around and we'll do, focus more on the posture. So I'm gonna go one, I'ma keep one red.

You can go yellow and blue, or you can go one blue, depending on your strength level. So my knees will come right against the shoulder rest here. I'ma grab at the ropes here, 'cause my arm's a little longer. And I'm gonna pull straight back, okay? So my toes are tucked here, abs engaged, slowly lengthening back.

Here, the key is to keeping your shoulders back as you pull and extend, right? And then back, good. Abs are engaged. Shoulders back, chin up. Good.

So my toes are tucked, to help with my stability here. If you want to flatten the toes, you can do so. And come back. It all depends on how comfortable your feet and toes are. Good.

So staying engaged through the glutes and abs, so you don't fall forward, all right? Now I'm gonna add on from here. So I'ma pull back, then slowly lengthen. So this time when I pull, I'm gonna add a neck turn. So I'm gonna pull, hold, look to the right, look to the left, come back to center, release.

This time we'll go opposite. Look to the left, look to the right, center, release. And we'll alternate that out, all right? So you're gonna pull, right, left, and back. Good. Pull, left, right, and then back.

Good, nice. Right shoulder, left shoulder, and then release. Good. Pull, left shoulder, right shoulder, release. One more each side, here we go.

So really focusing on shoulder blades back. Turn to the right, turn to the left. And then release. Last one. Pulling on back, left, right, release.

And let's get a nice lower back stretch here. Ah, feels amazing. And we'll come on up, all right? And then set those back on. Okay?

So now we're gonna do a figure four stretch. Come back around. So, right over left here, two hands. And then you'll sit back into your standing pigeon stretch. So feeling that right hip, breathing in.

And now you can also bring this foot to the foot bar, if you feel you need a little extra and you wanna lengthen that. Now you can drop your knee down a little bit lower and get deeper into that glute on this right side. Oh, this feels good. We can live here. All right, we got four more deep breaths.

Wow. And then you'll slowly come up, take your time. And then same setup, right? So progress into this. All right, so left over right.

And then just sit it back. Woo, my left hip is tight, y'all. So you're feeling that left stretch in the hip. All right, you can stay here. You can take it down a little bit.

If you move a little deeper, this is gonna progress into your glute, hip stretch. Other option, bringing this left foot on, popping this one back, and then I'm gonna sink into my left glute here. Woo. Yeah, take your time. Breathe. There's that stretch, yep. You can even bring your hands to the front if you need to.

All right? This hip will allow me to do that, my other hip may not. Good. And then slowly walk it back up, shake it out a little bit, wiggle it out. I'm gonna put all my springs on and we'll do an upper body stretch.

Take your time. So I'm gonna go seated here. You can have either feet to the front, if your hip flexors are tight, you can cross the legs. Right hand back, left hand over the head. Nice side body tricep stretch.

So we did all those running motions with the dumbbells. So it's good to stretch all through here, right? To get those lats. And also help your neck too as well. Good.

And then you'll release that left hand behind the head. Right hand grabs the left elbow. Nice side body stretch here. Feels good. Awesome.

And then I'm gonna release that, roll the shoulders out. I'm gonna slide back just a little bit. Again, you can have your legs forward if that's comfortable for your hip flexors. Interlace hands behind the back. And then pull back, lift up through your chin.

All right, take a deep breath, exhale. Good, breathe in. And out, good. And then here I'm gonna do a forward fold. So, you might wanna straighten your legs out here and then you can bring the hands over head as an option.

Or maybe just leave 'em back. So you're getting a nice shoulder stretch here, even to your lower back. Again, if you bring here, you really get a deeper shoulder stretch. Relax your head and neck. And then slowly bring it back, roll it up.

And then I'm gonna slide forward now, extend it. So you can do saw here, right? So arms extend, and you're gonna pivot and then reach down and across. So, I'ma grab my ankle or the shank. And depending on your range of motion and flexibility, maybe the knee, that's all you got, that's okay, right?

Do you. And then a little pull. And then you can come back up, pivot around, and then reach. Again, grab foot, chin, knee, wherever you can grab. If you want a little bit more, slide forward.

If you want a little bit more straight legs, we need more hamstring. And then pivot, come across. There you go. And now you get that rotational stretch. So it's gonna wrap around this hamstringing into your back.

So the right hand comes outside the left foot. Ah, there we go. It feels amazing on my back. And then back up, hamstrings, oh. Take a deep breath.

And then come back up, last one here. Really getting that stretch into the hamstrings. You also feel the shoulders here in the way back. And then fold those legs in. Hey, you made it. All right?

So thank you for joining me for this form and efficiency class. Hopefully it helps you in any running movements you do, any sports you do. Even if you aren't a runner or do sports, try it out. It's gonna be amazing for your body and all your workouts. All right?

Take care, have a wonderful day, and we'll see you soon.


Elena S
Great work out, will repeat over the time. Thank you Jason!
Elena S
Great work out, will repeat over the time. Thank you Jason!
Elena S
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Great work out, will repeat over the time. Thank you Jason!
Jason Williams
Elena S thank you! Hope you enjoyed it!!😁
Na'ama Fitness and Pilates Pro Studio
loved it! do you have to adjust on a regular height reformer?Jason Williams
Na'ama Fitness and Pilates Pro Studio
loved it! do you have to adjust on a regular height reformer?Jason Williams
Karlin A
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This was a great work out - loved the running concept!
Jason Williams
Karlin A thank you so much!!🙏🏾
1 person likes this.
Fun to use the reformer with the focus on running.  Thank you for a well thought routine and smooth presentation 
Jason Williams
LaRae B thank you! Appreciate your comment.  🙏🏾😄
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