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Wake up your body with this flowing Mat workout by Diane Diefenderfer and Laura Hanlon. They incorporate breathing, stretching, and a lot of core work into this traditional class. They play with rhythm and even add variations from Ron Fletcher to keep you having fun while you're moving.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Hi. I'm Diane Defendorfer, and this is my daughter, Lara Hanlon, and we're going to do a wake up, warm up, back class, We're going to incorporate some nice stretching and, of course, some good core work. So hope you enjoy it. Breathe deeply, and let's have some help. Have a good time. Have some fun. Yes.

We will start standing. If you have a Therabant, a towel, a jump rope, whatever you wanna use, you can double it up here or hold it, not folded, whatever you choose. We'll start with those feet hip distance apart parallel, soft bending the knees to protect our joints, hips, knees, and low here, thinking of a nice lift in those abdominals, reach the fingertips or fist straight down towards the floor. Keep those shoulder blades down and back. We'll begin taking the breath and reach the arms up to chest height, exhale press back down to the thighs. Again, inhale to lift axle to press shining the heart forward, breathing into the lungs, and then deepening into the waist one more time straight forward.

And, ax, I'll take it down. We'll keep the band hovering over the thighs, little pulses outward for 4. Resice. 3, resist 2, and one back to chest height, same little pulses out for 4, open up the chest 3 engage in those triceps too. And one, this time taking it up overhead. Same little pulse out for 4. 4, 3, 4, 2, hold it lifted on 1, inhale bend the elbows, pulling that band right to the crown had reached those fingertips a little bit longer towards the ceiling inhale to bend, exhale lengthening up along, keeping those knees soft two more times.

Inhale, shoulder blades pull down, belly button stays lifted once more, inhale to bend, exhale to lengthen up reach up straightening up through the legs, reaching through those fingertips with control slowly lowering those arms back down to chest height and all the way down towards the thighs standing tall and proud deep breath in. Acts, I'll begin to tuck the chin over the chest slowly rounding all the way down towards our mat opening up, taking our time to roll bone up by bone. Once we arrive, bending those knees as much as you need to place your hands onto the floor. And then bending all the way down to take a seat on your mat. Shall we move on the mat? Let's move on the mat. Alright. We're gonna keep our theraband with us.

And as Laura said, I like it this way. She has it doubled. Alright. If you feel like you need to hold the whole thing with your fingers at times, that's fine. Alright. We're gonna start sitting tall, knees in line with the feet, slightly open, and a little bit of a pull as we've done earlier, feeling the back expand as we breathe in. And release it a bit.

And once again, Yes. Nice. And breathe in. Just hold it nicely taught. We contract using the belly. To round ourselves down vertebra by vertebra, and you may wanna bring your feet in a little bit.

And let's take the band now up over the chest. Alright. Keeping the spine long, being careful with the ribs and the shoulders. We're gonna take the band overhead inhaling. And exhale bring it towards your thighs. And again, so it becomes like a window frame around your ears.

Probably not touching all the way to the floor, so you don't let your ribs pop out right here. Inhale, and exhale deepening the waist. Our spine is long. Our pelvis is neutral. We take it back again on inhale and now we lift the band, the head, the neck, the shoulders, and we come into a beautiful upper body curl, neutral pelvis.

And, again, make sure you're not tucking. Is warming up, filling our arms together in placement. That's the part of the benefit of the band. Once again, Big breath, exhale. Let's take the legs to tabletop.

And, again, X hail forward and your band may come to your knees. It may come over your shin bones. And forward. And I'll just take it, place it over your pelvis as though it's bolted keeping your awareness of your neutral pelvis, hug your knees, head back. And, Laura, why don't you take us to something else fun?

Let's continue working those abdominals. We'll start by lowering the feet down, taking the band, and unraveling it. Bringing those knees back into the chest will hook the band around both toes using it for some support here. Begin by extending your legs as straight as you can to the ceiling with out tucking that pelvis underneath you. So if you find your hips, your hamstrings are tight, your knees might be slightly bent, or they might be lowered at a diagonal. What's most important here is keeping that neutral pelvis.

Bend your elbows in by your sides, anchoring your shoulder blades down, chin lifted off the chest, and then lengthen those legs up, reaching through the heels as much as you can. As we inhale, we'll begin lowering the legs on a diagonal, keeping those elbows at a ninety degree bend right by the ribs exhale breaking at the hips to lift those legs straight back up towards the ceiling, inhale lengthening out down and away. And exhale drawing the ribs tighter, imagine, you know, of course, it around the waistline and how legs lower. And exhale breaking at the hips and deepening through the low belly to lift. 2 more times like this, working that low diagonal of the legs for what's to come here in our abdominal work.

One more time. Legg's lower nice and long, deep, and the belly lift those legs up with control. Then the knees all the way back into the chest. We'll take the band between both hands and bring it behind the knees behind the hips here. Keep those knees in.

Reach your fingertips long. Now if this does not work for your arms, you can feel free to just release that band down onto the mat. Hover your palms off the mat. Reach through those fingertips. Take a deep breath and begin curling the head, neck, and shoulders up, stunning those legs to a diagon.

The one will pump our arms from here, breathing in through the nose for 5, and exhale out 2, 3, 4, 5, keeping it nice taught band here engaging into those outer arms and then deepening through the low belly, inhaling through the nose for 5. And exhale out 2, 3, 4, 5. Always option to lower those legs a little further and exhale out. The higher you're able to curl up over the tips of those shoulder blades, the less likely you are to touch this band to the back of your thighs. That's the goal.

And exhale out. Beautiful. 3 more deep breaths. Inhale. And exhale. Last two. And exhale, I'll keep reaching gorgeous through those fingers and toes.

One more breath in. And exhale out to 3, 4, 5, hold and reach deep breath in, exhale, bend the knees, hugging them all the way into the chest, bring that band back around. Take hold of the of your shins and give them a welcomed hug. Deep breath in and exhale. Let it go.

What would you like for us to do next? We're warm as the hundreds are meant to do to us. Let's stretch our legs out completely on our mats. Feet stretch toes gently pointed, inner thighs glued together. We're gonna do the roll up with the band in our hands for now.

Alright. Reach the band long taut, rather, reach through your fingertips in one direction through toes in the other. Take a breath here. And as you exhale, deepen your waist, your back's not flat, but it's lengthened. Try not to tuck the pelvis. We bring the band up to the ceiling, inhaling, a little pull, exhale rolling up.

Not too far hovering over the legs. Inhale. And exhale roll back down. So I'm reaching in the direction of Laura and she to me smoothly. Arms 1. Exhale rolling to the shoulders are rounded, but not lifted. Inhale.

I'll cross your back. And scoop that belly, squeeze those inner thighs, and lengthen, again, strong arms. Now let's flex the fee. Try to smoothly put the band around feet, inhale, and exhale. Hang on to your band carefully. You don't wanna snap it off into your partner.

And add to the chin to the chest, inhale, use the band as you need to. Now when we're over, let's pull the band open. Stretching the back across the back inhale, and then exhale bring the band into the legs, push through the heels, We'll do one more time, chin to chest, curling, expand the band, expand the back with air, and then bring the band close to the legs, and roll vertebra By vertebra. By vertebra. By vertebra.

Laura, your turn. Well, that's not Lovely. Good. Let's hug those knees in. You can use that band to do so, bringing it with you, and keep it on your right foot. We'll lower the left foot flat to the mat. And use this or some stretching for the backs of those legs. I know mine certainly always need it.

Bring those elbows back in by your sides. Once again, neutral pelvis, imagine you have that seat belt across your hip bones begin to reach that heel up nice and high. Using the band to firmly flex your toes down, but staying relaxed through the head, neck, and shoulders. So we're not tensing gripping with white knuckles here. We'll begin with a gentle bend of that right knee towards the chest deep inhale and exhale as you lengthen that heel up a little higher, a little bit longer. Again, a little bend of that knee inhaling.

Exhale reaching heel up. Tose flexing down. Two more times. Inhale to bend. I'm thinking of the back of my right sit bone and butt cheek, reaching right towards my mother here once more, inhale to bend.

And exhale to lengthen long option to keep that left knee bent. Maybe it becomes a little bit straighter or all the way straight. Will flex through both feet, especially if that left leg is lengthening long. Think heels out and up. Begin to lower the right leg long to hover off the mat next to left on the inhale, and then exhale break at the hip, lengthen and lift it straight back up towards the ceiling.

Again, inhale to lower. Using the band for support, using those abdominals to deepen as the leg lifts, inhale taking it down and away. Axel deep in the belly, ribs in it together, leg lifts up once more inhale down. And exhale up to hold. Keeping that leg nice and lifted.

Take both bands into the left hand. The right hand could come to the right hip crease, or maybe it opens wide to the side. We'll begin taking that right leg across the body. Try and keep that pelvis square. Keep the right low back really anchored to the mat.

So you don't just roll off into a fetal position here. We wanna find a nice stretch for that outer right IT band. Doesn't this feel good? Yes. Take a deep breath in.

Exhale flex those toes, especially that right pinky toe a little closer towards you. One more deep inhale. And exhale, bring that right leg back to center, switching both bands into the right hand, We'll start with that left hand on the top of that left hip bone as the right leg opens to the right side. Again, reaching out and up through the heels, option to always keep left knee bent if you need a little more support here, or maybe you open that left arm wide to feel this beautiful expanding stretch holding for another breath in. X. I think of pulling your left obliques, your abdominals down to really support your body here once more inhale.

And with control exhale brewing that leg back up to center. Now we're going to go into our leg circles here option to keep the band on the foot and elbows anchored or hold the band in between your hands for a little more challenge. Which one would you like to do? I'm going to do this one because I don't usually do it. Sounds good to me. I'll keep this band right on my foot.

I'm also going to point my bottom foot. Oh, lovely. Bend your elbows back in if you're holding on to that band or reach the fingertips of tips and fist nice and high. We'll take a breath in at the top to prepare and then exhale to circle the top leg across down around lifting out and up through the toes or the heel. Inhale, exhale to circle. Inhaling at the top. Exhale around down and up 2 more this direction.

We circle nice and even circle that we're drawing on the ceiling here with the foot around lift and stay. Deep breath in. Exhale to reverse out down across lengths. I mean, those same diagonals that we stretched just a moment ago, inhale. Exhale around belly deepens to lift last 2 and up once more around lift and hold. Bending both knees all the way back in, and we'll switch to the other side.

Band hooking onto those left toes, right foot flat on the mat to begin here elbows in by the sides, shoulders anchor towards the back. We'll reach that left heel up nice and high. We'll start with a gentle bend at the left knee as we inhale, and exhale will reach the heel up and away. Inhale to bend, deepen the belly down, exhale to lengthen. 2 more times. Leah Bendin, reach that heel up and away.

Once, Maureen, healing, and exhaling option to extend that bottom leg right leg a little bit or all the way straight. We'll lower the top leg down on the inhale, deep in the belly break at the hip to lift it straight back up. Links into lower and exhale to lift. 2 more times here lowering down and away. Breaking at the hips, zipping up through that waistline once more, working to lengthen the back of that thigh a little bit deeper, hold at the top, both hands into the right hand, and we'll take the leg gently across the body.

Maybe that left hand comes to the left hip. Maybe it opens wide. Perhaps a goal post arm here to feel that length across the shoulders. Doing whatever feels best in your body here. We're really opening up that outer hip and thigh, staying for another breath in.

And exhale. And with control drawing the leg back to center switching the bands into the left hand, taking that left leg out, opening up our inner thighs, the backs of the thighs and hamstrings. Taking a deep breath in, staying square across the pelvis, pulling that right oblique down to the floor. One more breath in. And exhale.

Left leg comes back up to the ceiling, band either staying on those left toes reaching out and up through both heels or holding on to that band and reaching out and up through both toes. Beautiful. We take a breath in to prepare. And circle the top leg around and up. Inhale at the top. Exhale to circle.

My student here in class today has such lovely feet and legs. Inhale. Exhale to circle once more inhale at the top. Exhale around and lift hold. Inhale. Exhale. We reverse.

Pulling that belly button a little bit deeper, staying nice and square across the hips and pelvis and circle. Like, circles are still an abdominal exercise. Though this band really helps us stabilize, lift, and hold inhaling here. And exhale bending both knees all the way back into rest. Oh, nice. You move us on. Okay. What would you like to do? Thinking.

I think we're gonna put the van just aside for just a moment and do a single leg stretch with a quite of a stretchy quality as the name implies. No band for now. Let's put right knee up, left hand on right, right hand on lower, left leg stretched, and then have that quality of length from your hip flexor through the thigh, knees, ankle, foot. And then we'll do a slower double breath. Elbows wide, breathe and prepare, connect the low belly even before, and then as you lift, and we go into 2 breaths.

Stretching, pulling the knee, keeping the hips still in. Out in, out, flex the feet, push through the heel, smooth, controlled, precise, and Restend head down for a moment. So just then we led with an inhale on the right Let's stretch the legs to the ceiling, do the straight leg version, and we'll lead with the left leg, take it, inhale, exhale come into your curl, lower precisely the bottom leg. Pull it to you nicely. Place the bottom one over the mat.

Precisely flex your feet. Push through the heel. Use your hamstring as you lower the leg that's lowering. Stretch it. Control it, stretch it, and, yes, then shake your head if you like.

Let's take the Therabande in our hands. I'm gonna double it. Alright. We're gonna pull it taut. We're gonna take it over our shin bones I didn't plan this until right this moment. We're gonna do double leg stretch holding the, Therabande.

Breathe in, come into a like a ball. And we go. So, obviously, you're not gonna circle your arms and pull. Use that belly to pull in Deep. One more. Hands behind the head.

Support it for crisscross right. Keep your elbows open as though you're holding your head. With your hands. One more. And legs up. You can support the head, flex the feet.

We'll exhale down today. You wanna pick it up. Exhale down. Control. End up. 2 more.

Nice. Looking good over there. Whew. And rest. I feel my abdominal rock back and come on up. And I believe you're gonna fine stretches. Let's please find stretch. Yes.

We're good. Extend those legs up nice and long. I like going about mat width here. Again, I will double my my band. Do what you need. Arms reaching straight out in front of the chest.

Roll those shoulder blades down and back. We'll flex through the heels, find a beautiful, flat, tall, spine, deep breath in. We'll reach the arms up overhead. And exhale lower the arms back to chest height. Again, inhale arms lift, ribs knit together, belly button zipping up and in finding that link through the crown of the head, link through the fingertips, shoulder blades pulling down one small arms lift.

Arms press to hold. I'll take another breath here pulling that band slightly topped. Exceled shintox over the chest. Reaching past the toes, pulling back in the waistline, inhale lengthening back up to vertical arm stay right in front of the sternum. Axle round and roll up and forward.

Inhale as you lengthen. Imagine sitting up against a flat wall, shoulder blades down and back. Exel chin tucks over the chest reaching through the heels, through the fingertips, back in the waistline once more inhale sitting up tall. And exhale around and reach. Rolling all the way back up to vertical.

Take a breath in it to the top to hold, exhale, pull those shoulders down, pull that band off, feel those arms, inhale sitting tall, begin to twist to the right, exhale, reach your left pinky finger towards your right pinky toe, crown of the head to the outside of that right thigh, arms stay lifted. Lengthen back up to vertical and exhale back to center. Beautiful. Inhale. Lift and twist, exhale round and reach. Gentle twist here, lengthen up, shoulder blades down. Arms stay strong.

One more time each side inhale to twist. Ax hail round and reach lengthened to left shoulder blades pulled down into the back. Arm still pulling nice and strong. Left inhale, exhale round, reach up, and over pulling back in that waistline, keeping those hips square and anchored. And center and rest. Very nice. Nice.

That felt good. Yes. It did. I did felt good. We agree. Alright. Let us go into just a little bit. We need to get our bodies into some spinal hyper extension. So let's go prone here.

And, here we are. Alright. We'd have the band just in front of us for the moment and but not in use. And then we'll have our hands, depending on you, close are tighter for me. I need to go a little farther out. Forward head on your mat, lengthen the neck, pull down the scapula, drop the elbows, spread the fingers, press the pubic bone hips into the mat nicely, engage those hamstrings and glutes so that you're strong Let's take a breath here.

We'll come up a little bit. Use your hands. Hold it and then pull that belly in to lower yourself. We'll do one each time going a little higher as you wish. Maybe a tad higher, press those shoulders down, have your neck in line with your spine, and lower.

Deepening the belly away from the neck. Finale prepare. Get air. Pressing up. Lifting a bit higher. Yes. Nice and lower.

And you can go to your full height. What feels good to you? Be careful. Excel pressing. This is an abdominal controlled exercise. We're not diving today.

We're feeling the stretch. And the use of the abdominals as we lower back down. You may sit back towards your heels for a moment So if you're able to go all the way to your heels, that's terrific. Good for you. Then, Lara, you can take us into something else.

Let's move forward into a brief forearm plank. We will not stay here long, but just a nice little setup for those abdominal warm. Yeah. And let's grab the band. We'll hold on to it. Gentle pull apart.

Palms pressing down into the mat here, elbows in line with the middle fingers and the shoulders. One leg and the other extended back, zipping up through those inner thighs, tucking the tail slightly underneath us here so we're connected into those inner thighs. Especially into those low abdominals will stay for 3 deep breaths, inhale through the nose, exhale out through the mouth. Another deep inhale as you exhale press into those forms, pull that band slightly taut engaged in the upper back One more deep breath in, deepening up in the low belly, excellent, gently lowering the knees down, untucking the toes We'll lower all the way back down, taking the same grip of the hands, but behind the back. This gives us a little more openings touch to let those elbows drop.

We'll start with the right face cheek down. Feel length across the shoulder blades in the back. Zip up through your inner thighs. So much that your legs begin to hover off the floor squeeze those buns nice and tight from here. Take a breath in.

Then next, you'll begin to lift the forehead gasing back down towards your mat just a small lift doesn't have to be huge and extend your fingertips back behind your glutes. Squeeze between your shoulder blades and engage your triceps. Excellent. From here, we'll lower the left face cheek down, bend the elbows, bend the knees, kick the heels towards the glutes three times, bigger, small, three to one inhale deep breath, length, and back through the toes and the fingertips along through the crown of the head, right face cheek down. We kick for 3 for two for one. One more time. Inhale. Left face cheek down.

We kick for 3 for 2 for 1. Lift and hold deep breath in, pull that band a little wider, squeeze the glutes and shoulder blades a little bit tighter, and lower everything straight towards both feet. Feel your back. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Let's get out of this position. Shall we gently press back up on all fours or child's post Whatever your body needs here for a rest. You you can do something next.

I'll let you choose. Take you to breath in. Those in between. Well, I wanna do Kat Cal for a second. Okay. Alright. Not a Pilates class, Matt class, but mad exercise, but such such a good work.

We won't stay here too long because of the knees for me, but let's go ahead and take as tabletop no theraband. No table, no theraband tabletop back. So engage those TA muscles, which helps fire your multifidus. We know that. Breathe in. And contract and rounding into your lovely cat, feeling stretch in all directions, top to bottom side to side. Inhale exhale into a gentle cow, and your belly's still working.

You're not dropping it out of control. Inhale exhale into the cat. Inhale exhale into the cow. One more time. Scoop the belly.

All the movements initiated from your center. Shoulders down, easy neck, sit back one more time, and you go ahead and stretch. And then I'm gonna sit like so good. Let's go to, I'm sweating, to our diamond. I have a little couple of things I'd like to do that were inspired to me from Ron Fletcher, my Dear teacher. Alright. So you can face me.

That's great. And then I'll face the camera. So we're gonna sit in a diamond position, not to do please don't bring your legs so far in We're on our sits bones. You can rock side to side and feel your 2 sits bones quite even. Take the band in front of you a little bit what Lara had done when we started class. Open the back. Careful.

You don't have it in front of your face. Inhale and exhale. And inhale. So your band is doing what your back is doing, what your arms are doing, what your lungs are doing. 1 more.

And close. Yeah. And we'll take it up overhead and bend behind your head carefully. Right by the shoulder blades. And take it. Hi. Now Ron would have done this with his beautiful towel. Another book another part of the program.

2 more. Watch the ribs. Don't go crazy here. You're expanding from your back and your sides. I gotta wipe the sweat out of my eye.

And one more inhale and pull it down, exhale. And take it up, and we're going to bend over without drop and put the right palm down. Have your head in line with your spine. So it's not crooked. You can pull it in a bit, and we press and 2. Keep it either over your head or behind your head, so you're not gonna get in front of your face.

And 5. And 6. I'm trying to keep my left hip down and a we'll do 10 and press shoulder down as well, 10, and contract forward. Shouldn't go to the other side. So right hips square. Don't twist over and press.

And, too, you can choke up on your band if you want a little more work. Maybe get a heavier band. These purple bands are fairly moderate intention. How are you doing? 6? I feel that good. And for us. And a lot of these things, if you wanna do later on your own and repeat, you can contract for a word. Now we're just going to go side just not just.

We're gonna stretch and we're gonna contract and move with purpose inside. It comes from the belly. And hollow the front around the back and stretch. And forward. And we're gonna stay over to the right and just close the knee and let your body relax and do a closed position and then open it and center.

Other way, hand down, and close. Stretch your back. Let your elbow bend in up and center. Nice following. Side and contract. Pull it side and center last time.

So first, this way, and then that way and then pull. And there we are. And take it center and rest. Alrighty. Wonderful.

Good. Feel good. Yes. Let's keep this and roll down. That's what I was thinking too. So starting with those knees, Ben, I believe this is how you got us down earlier about hip distance apart here parallel legs. Reach the arms forward, shoulder blades down deep breath, and long, beautiful spine, exhale taking our time, rolling down with the breath, vertebra by vertebra.

Once we release the head at the bottom, those fingertips will reach straight up towards the ceiling. Keeping those shoulder blades plugged down into the back, crawl your heels a little bit closer in towards your sit bones. We'll keep the arms lifted, slight pull apart of band, still engaged in the arms, the back, the packs take a deep breath in to prepare, and then exhale begin to tuck and curl the pelvis just to hover off the mat and ensure two small pelvic tuck here to begin and then release the pelvis back down inhale finding length through the tail, through the crown of the head. Exhale zipping up through that low belly scooping out the insides, knitting the ribs together. Again, inhale lengthen through the tail. Exhale curling up just to hover the tail and inch or two off the mat.

This time, hold it there. Take another breath in. And then exhale begin to curl the hips a little bit higher. Whatever that means for you, maybe you stay where we just were. Maybe you go into a full pelvic press bridge position here wherever you are, press into your heels, squeeze your bun's sit bones, butt cheeks together, and then float the arms all the way back overhead reaming the ears with the biceps, keeping those arms engaged so they don't just clop to the floor, take a breath, and act I'll keep the arms reaching back roll down through your spine, chest away from the chin, elongating vertebra by vertebra. Releasing the tailbone at the bottom, releasing that glute connection.

Inhale arms reach straight back up to the ceiling over the chest. Exel. We tuck and curl the hips all the way up, whatever that means for you, a high bridge, a small tuck engaged in the backside. Inhale arms float back overhead. Exhale. We roll down vertebra by vertebra. Imagine someone pulling you back through your fingertips back through the crown of the head and out long through that tail.

One more time, inhale arms to the ceiling. Exhale tuck in up engaged in the low abdominals engaged in the seat in the back of those hamstrings. Arms reach back overhead deep breath in. Feel length across the front of the thighs, exhale chest away from the chin knitting those ribs together rolling through the upper pack. Middle back, low back releasing the hips at the bottom.

Reach the arms back up to the ceiling extend the legs out long on the mat, energy through the fingertips, energy through the toes, deep breath in, exhale will round and roll all the way back up. To a tall seat. Hi. So would you like to do? How do you feel? I feel great, but we did wanna make this a fairly short program. Let's do a little spine twist. We'll put this just because we because we're here. Yeah.

Let's flex the feet nicely. I like the rotation. We try to get everything in rounding, arching, rotating, reaching long, spread. Let's turn the palms up. Point the feet and down.

And One more. And hold. We're gonna go to the right inhale first. Stretch it. And re sometimes we may do this a little quicker, a little snappier, Today, it's a little more stretchy. Keep the ankles together.

So they don't shift. Sometimes I like to do it with the palms up. Feels good to rotate the spine. One more. And close. Good. Let's come around.

We don't need the band for now. We're gonna come up into a down dog type position just to get us up and then finished if that makes any sense. Alright. Just easy. It's not a yoga class, but we're just gonna stretch here. Rise to the balls of the feet and then press the heels downward, stretching those calves out, pulling the belly up into the spine. Once more.

And pull. Walk your hands back to your feet as best you can. Try not to dig back into your heels. Get a little more over the balls of your feet. Soften the knees, inhale, and we'll slowly roll up, stretching our knees. Finding our center, feeling stretch, length, grace, posture, strength from within.

Let's take a face the camera. And let's sweep the arms upward. Reaching and downward. You know, trying to squeeze the inner thighs together. It's a work in progress for me.

Feeling your good alignment. One more. Take your palms, bring them to your heart, and be grateful for your body. And movement. And thank you so much, and thank you. Grateful for one another.

We are indeed. Thank you.


Maryna Z
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As usual a  terrific class, ladies! Much appreciated!
I’m so excited to take this class!
Julie Lloyd
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I love it when Diane and Laura teach together. Your beautiful team effort and amazing rapport brings tears to my eyes! Thank you for a wonderful class xo
Amy S
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Theraband adds a new perspective to traditional pilates: good familial teamwork.  Great  new instructors for me!
Amy K
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Individually, Diane and Laura are amazing movement instructors. Together, they are next level. I always enjoy the cheerful, upbeat classes with impeccable cues that you create together. 
1 person likes this.
Great class Ladies! Fabulous cuing🙏
I’m grateful for you! I joined you this morning from Istanbul! I loved the seated diamond 💎 sequence. I also loved your simultaneous “Thank you!” at the end! 👯‍♀️
1 person likes this.
So glad to see this class and work with you two fabulous teachers. Great stretch and loved the Ron Fletcher work. Thank you.
Lesley M
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Thoroughly enjoyable, thank you. 
1 person likes this.
LOVE!  Great class for the in between days.
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