Class #5493

Mat with a Ball

40 min - Class


Awaken your strength and stability through a deceptively challenging Mat flow by Brett Howard. By including the Ball, you will find many opportunities to challenge yourself as you respond to various forms of tactile feedback.
What You'll Need: Mat, Triadball

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Like it 💝 a lot
Melissa C
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I was so excited to see a new mat class with Brett and this one didn't disappoint! Creative and challenging. A great class to start my week!
Gemma C
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loved it!!
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Challenging! Excellent. 
Cheryl Z
Really felt that criss cross. Thank you , enjoy all the mat classes
Valeriia T
Thank you! Loved it!
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I’m always so happy to see you back here Brett. Thank you. Your classes never disappoint. This was wonderful.
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Love. Great transitions very creative with ball. I thought I’ve seen all exercises with ball these were some new ones; one caveat, not for beginners or is this just me?
Heather B
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Absolutely love this Brett!! It's always such a treat to have you on PA!! Would love to see more of your classes!
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This was a terrific class. Love the abdominal work w/the ball. Not sure I would classify this as a beginner class though. Have you ever considered a class with light weights Brett? I would really appreciate that .
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