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Healthy Spine Reformer

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Join Leah Stewart for an invigorating Pilates class on the Reformer, which focuses on promoting a healthy spine. Through precise articulation and undulation, this class will not only strengthen your spine and torso but also bring a smile to your face as you move. Experience the detailed work in your body while enjoying the benefits of a healthy spine.
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Feb 20, 2024
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Hi there. And Leah Stewart back again, and I'm going to be teaching a class here on the reformer today about healthy spine, and we're gonna really focus on all these beautiful ways to articulate and undulate and move through your spine. This class in conjunction with 2 other classes that will be in the short series is all about moving with joy and gratitude and just appreciating the gift of movement. So Hopefully, this class will bring a smile to your face. Hopefully, it'll bring some joy to your heart, and we can just enjoy moving our body together. We're gonna start with a simple role and then we're gonna go ahead and go on to our reformer. So feet right underneath you.

Just arms down at your side. Taking your breath in, exhale, rolling down, arms coming forward. And just going as far as your body feels comfortable at the top of this class, taking your breath in. And exhale. Rolling your hips underneath you.

Replacing each vertebrae one on top of the other until you get to the top. Breath in and exhale rolling down. Allowing the head to drop almost like there's water just pouring out the top of your head onto the floor. Allow the hinge at the hip to get a little deeper. You can soften your knees if you need be, and breath out as you roll up.

So let's do one more, and I want you to just draw your focus into your spine. Since we're gonna be focusing on the spine throughout the class, I just want you to feel that beautiful capability of your spine to roll. And to sort of tumble, but not fall, not collapse, but just how it has all this intricate movement. And as we know, when our spine feels good and loose and mobile and strong and ready and steady, It really helps us to move throughout our day with a lot more freedom and joy. So let's go ahead and get on the reformer.

So we're gonna start with sitting across our carriage here. I'm on 1 spring, and I have my, foot bar just set as sort of a medium Go ahead and adjust it according to what you might need. So we're gonna be moving our bottom just according to the movement that we do. So we'll be adjusting throughout this little bit of this warm up. So hands are gonna be on the foot bar, and I want you to just move your pelvis, and you're gonna arc your back. So you get this nice anterior tilt of the pelvis, gliding the carriage back, and then exhale posterior tiller and draw the carriage all the way into the stopper. Inhale. And exhale.

Inhale and exhale. 3 more, and exhale. And as you move your back here, And as you engage your abdominals, I just want you to feel, again, that just rocking forward and back of the pelvis. Now this time, you're gonna hold the position in the back. So you're gonna hold in that anterior tilt here. And now as you draw forward, you're gonna drop your upper body around your upper body to match it, exhale, and inhale. Excel, and inhale.

So again, you're bringing the bottom spine underneath you lower back and you're rounding the upper back. Doing this nice c curve, this nice high curve over the top So you really get that nice position and just feeling that whole spine warming up. And breathe in, And one more, I want you to hold this position. Now bring your hands together here for me. And this time, when you go back, You're gonna anchor into your left hand or your back hand. You're gonna rotate the torso. Look behind you.

So it's the same action of the pelvis and the spine, and then you're gonna scoop, bring your hand, your palm facing up, and you're gonna scoop here. So now we're adding a rotational element of it in the spine. And exhale. Inhale and exhale. Inhale. You should be feeling that nice warmth coming up into your abdomen, and that's exactly what we want. Inhale.

And exhale holding there. Switch your hands, other side. Inhale. Exhale. Now again, focusing on the rotation, happening from the torso and trying your best to keep your how this relatively square? It doesn't have to be perfect, but to let it stay in control 2 more. And exhale one more and exhale holding here.

Now roll yourself up Draw your fingertips to the footbar because you're gonna be sitting straight up here. Bring your arms out to the side here. Let's do a little bit of side tilt just to warm up that lateral flexion. So toward me, you're gonna reach down almost as if you're gonna touch your fingertips to the floor, if you can, and exhale up. Very simple.

Inhale. You can look if you'd like, and exhale. Inhale. Excel. Inhale. Exhale carry on 2 more sets. Inhale.

Exhale. An exhale lassette, reaching over, just feeling that beautiful side bend, Coming from the ribcage, your pelvis staying still, exhale. Hold in here. Bring in the arms forward. Now I want you to walk your pelvis back. And I want you to push the carriage back.

So my thighs are a little bit more parallel now. They're not so externally rotated, and I want you to calm down as far as you can. Now you're gonna bend your elbows and allow your thighs to open as much as they can, and you're gonna press and extend. So now I want to challenge you in this warm up to keep your back as straight as you can. And every time you extend your elbows, you're lengthening your spine.

So if it feels more comfortable for you to allow your thighs to rotate inward or outward, go ahead and do that. The movement is not very big. It's actually quite small, and you'll feel your hips start to open. Feel that extension through your spine, and press your nice flat back one more time. Breath in.

And exhale. Now we're gonna lift the back up. Inhale. And exhale. So just think already in our warm up, we've articulated our spine and moved our spine inflection. Rotation, lateral flexion, extension, and now hyper extension. So we're getting that full range of motion that requires a healthy spine.

We're gonna move now into adding the pelvis underneath, you're gonna draw the hips underneath you. You're gonna roll through the spine up on the diagonal, and then you're gonna hinge forward at the hips to go down. So initiating from the abdominals, allowing the whole spine to flex, draw all the way into the stopper, articulate the spine up on the diagonal and then hinging forward. Exhale. We're gonna go a little bit faster. And reach in the diagonal and hinge forward.

Exhale again. So you're just getting this beautiful full range of motion articulation through the spine, just feeling how the pelvis and the spine move together in this great harmony, of articulation, and last one reaching and drawing in. And all the way hold it there. So let's go ahead and bring our legs in. You should feel it nice and warming your hips. There's no denying that.

And I want you to go ahead and put about two and a half springs on. Make sure that your headrest is down, and we're gonna go into a bridging series down at the bottom. We're really gonna work through the, spine a little bit deeper and a little bit more intense way, but we're gonna warm up with a little bit of abdominal work. So my hips are as close to the edge of the carriage as I can get them. I'm gonna take the hands behind the thighs to feel like I can sit up really nice and high. We're gonna do a few rollbacks just to engage the abdominals just to feel a little bit more, that work we're gonna be doing because we're gonna be loading the abdominals a little bit more intensely as we go through this next sequence.

So if you notice, just like I did in this other seated position, I'm initiating this work from the pelvis. I'm keeping that long curve in my spine as I meet the pelts through your tilt of the pelvis and the reflection of the spine with a hinging at the hip joint. My hands are there just to offer me some guidance, not really to support me. As you go into this a little deeper, I want really you to almost not even touch your thighs. And inhale.

One more exhale. So now as you go further down, you just touch the carriage with your lower back. You'll probably have to slide down to where you get in between the shoulder rest there just as you need to. And take your feet up onto the foot barn. Now with your heels, just gently place there.

Give yourself a little bit of space here from the shoulder block. We're gonna do a couple just sort of 100 prep exercises just so, again, keep warming up that spine. So take your breath in and exhale. You're gonna press forward arms go down, bring the hands up to the knees, exhale, and reaching back. So again, very basic here, very small, but a great way to just sort of draw into the energy of the abdominals of the flexion of the spine so that we can carry through.

With the other exercises. Let's do 3 more breathe in. Excel up and over, holding their arms come up, pushing down. And back. 2 more exhale.

And back one more time, exhale. And all the way, go ahead and circle the arms around, place it down on the carriage. Now with your heels on the bar to start, We're gonna do 3 pelvic curls. Take your breath in. Exhale.

Rolling up. Now, again, just be gentle with yourself. This is the first time we're extending the hips in this class. You're engaging the hip extensors in a really powerful way. Take your breath in, but now Your spine is warm, and you can feel that gorgeous hanging here as you articulate. This is the advantage of doing the pelvic curl With your feet up on a higher surface, it gives you a larger range of motion so you can really feel the depth of that articulation. So pressing, make sure the ad vectors to inner thighs are active.

So they're staying nice in parallel, breathe in, and roll down. Feeling that beautiful hanging of the lower back. Relax everything at the bottom. Your hamstrings your pelvic floor, your abdominal, take your breath in, and exhale. I've been teaching Pilates for a long time, and I feel like if everybody in the world attend public curls a day, we'd be better off.

It would be a start. There's other important things, but it would help. Palvet curls are an amazing exercise. Now I want you to bring your toes onto your foot bar. So it's gonna be a little bit more intense on the hamstrings. You can go ahead and curl those toes if you prefer.

Take your breath in and rolling up. Take your breath in. Excel, press out. All the way if you can inhale drawing back in, and then exhale rolling down. Knees going straight up to the ceiling. 2 more just like that, breathe in.

Exhale rolling up. Inhale, pressing out, drawing back and keeping the nice beautiful parallel, connection of the legs and rolling down. One more time just like that breath in and exhale trying to keep your heels steady. As you move, feeling that last bit of thick this hip extension, pressing out. Rise those hips as you come in, engage with the abdominals, and roll down all the way.

Breath in at the bottom, exhale rolling up just moving from one variation to the other. Press out. Drawing back in, now I want you to tilt your pelvis to the right or toward me and up. Away from me and up. Try to keep your carrier just close to the stopper as you can.

But certainly you don't wanna move it up toward me and keeping those hips at the same level away from me, Now toward me, now roll down with the pelvis in that rotation toward me, feeling that side of your spine, hit the carriage. If you need to move your carriage in a little bit, you can. I want you to rotate your pelvis to the other side. So now you're dipping down on the side away from me and roll up roll up and come back to center. Rotate away from me. Roll down.

Nice control. Using your breath, your exhale. Allow your pelvis to sink into the carriage. My carriage is a little bit away from the stopper. I'm not gonna be concerned with moving it closer right now. I'm just gonna be more concerned with keeping it where it is.

Pressing up and around toward me, exhale. So this exercise exemplifies that gorgeous balance of spinal control and spinal mo movement, mobility, or freedom. And that's what we're getting here. And up away from me. Rotate. Roll down. Check your throat.

Check your chin and your jaw. Are they soft and calm? Check your shoulders? Rolling down, settling in the middle, and just relax toss your knees a little bit side to side, enter pelvis. Go ahead and sit up, and you can change your spring. I'm gonna go to 1 a half spring here.

I'm gonna do some hip work. Or strap work. Go ahead and grab your straps. Place one foot in, and then the other. We're gonna add a little bit of spinal movement into this series, but we're gonna start with just some basic work here.

We're gonna start with frogs. Taking your breath in. And exhale. Inhale. Exhale pressing those heels together.

And inhale. So as we move with the thighs here, our spine is staying well, supported by the carriage. So we don't have to worry about it too much. But what I want you to recognize is as you come into the flexion of the hips and the knees, Can you imagine that your spine is getting longer? Like, you're drawing your pelvis away from you toward the foot bar, and you're lengthening out through the crown of your head. That in and of itself is good spinal work here to compliment the work that we're doing in the hip joint and the knee joint. Exhale.

And that's the beauty of our Pilates exercises is we can change the full dynamic of them, just depending on how we cue them and how we focus on them. Press and in. So now I want you to press out, point those feet, draw the legs up, and give me a big circle. All the way around. So I'm warming up the hips on purpose so we can continue with some of our series. And bring it up.

So again, can you keep that feeling of your spine lengthening, especially as you draw your legs together, from that beautiful expanded position as you narrow it all the way in. One more and reach. Now hold here Feel that length. Now keep that length as you reach out to the sides. Keep the pelvis anchored as you come up.

And then long as you go down and reach. So even though our spine is being supported, by the carriage, and we're in the supine position. We're feeling a lot of work going on in our torso. In our spine, in our abdomen to really keep the integrity of the exercise intact. And up.

2 more. And just that simple focus that is required to do this is kind of fun. Now from here, I want you to reach out. Now in this position, holding your leg steady, you're gonna tuck your pelvis, draw it underneath you. As steep as you can go really imprinting that lower back down in the mat.

Now do not move from your hip extensors or from your legs. Don't draw your feet and your straps. Simply move the pelvis. Now get it to neutral, then use your hip extensors to go further down. Hold that connection.

Draw up a little bit. Then once you hit that slight angle in the hip joint, feel the pelvis rolling underneath you. Watch your neck. Keep the back of your neck long. Initiate from the pelvis.

Now hold it there. Think I'm not gonna move with my legs. I'm gonna allow my pelvis to move. And my legs will respond. Once you get to neutral, then use your hip extensors to go further down, holding that connection.

Bringing the legs up a little bit. Let's do 2 more. From here, posterior tilt to the pelvis, posterior tilt to the pelvis, reaching Filling that depth, hold it here. Now anterior tilt of the pelvis, your hamstrings will kick in Remember, they're just responding to your pelvis at this point. Now hold the pelvis steady, and use your hip extensors to go down.

Down, down hinge, and roll. Threathen and go the other direction, moving the pelvis, initiating with the pelvis, thango hip extensors. Now open wide, open wide, hold the legs here, you can go into a full stretch if you'd like. I would just be a little bit conservative because what I want you to do here as I want you to roll the pelvis from side to side. So we're rotating the spine.

So my thigh is on my arm here, and it's just the way it has to be. You can move your arm if you like, but I don't mind it, and then come back to center. So try to keep that angle remaining in your straps and let the work just happen, you'll feel a big difference in the spinal work if you just rotate from your spine and your pelvis. So because I'm trying to be so accurate here. I'm keeping my hands up here on my straps.

You can do that or you cap them down, whatever you prefer. And don't fall off your reformer. I've done that. It's not fun. And come back to center. Again, feeling that rotation.

Imagine if you had 2 flashlights on your hip bones, they would be pointing straight forward the whole time. So again, the movement isn't coming from twisting your pelvis. It's coming from rotating your lower back. Your pelvis and your legs are just responding. It's simple work that it's fun, and then we'll go into bigger work.

In just a little bit where we can move a little bit more freely. And back to center, Allow your legs to open, stretch a little bit further, a little bit deeper here. Take your breath in. For a towel, slowly bend your knees in, and take one foot out and then the other. Place your steps back and we're gonna go into semi circle.

For semi circle, we're gonna go ahead and push ourselves out I'm gonna stay on 1 a half spring, but you can go ahead and change your spring if you like. And we're gonna come into an external rotation of the hip joint, heels together, knees a little bit wider than your hips, heels of the hand pressing so powerfully into your shoulder rest. Taking your breath in here, exhale, rolling down, squeezing your heels together. And now we get to accentuate that range of motion because our hips get to go lower than parallel to the ground, and we get to take the pelvis all the way into that yummy anterior tilt, and we get to stretch that spine. Not for so long. We take the breath in and press out.

Me's not all the way straight, almost straight. Now here, initiate from the posterior tilt of the pelvis, roll up, press through the balls of the feet, press through the heel of the hands, and then keep those hips up as you draw in. Again, rolling down, Now, what I want you to do is take all of that control that we just practiced in those other exercises. I don't want you to lose it. But I want you to move with more freedom in that control and bring it up. Excel. So think less about strict, hard lines of precision, and think more about a flowy control.

And one more time in this direction, rolling down, feeling the beautiful articulation of the spine and rolling up. Finding at the top breath in opposite direction, pressing out with the hips up and rolling down, touching the thoracic spine, then you'll feel a little bit of no man's land in the lumbar spine, but you feel your hips hit springs, and you press let your pelvis hang here, and then roll up hold your carriage tight to the stopper or close to the stopper, press up into the hip extension, out, and roll down, soften the throat, soften the face, Keep your gaze straight up. Enter your tilt drawing in and then articulating up. Rolling up. Feeling that freedom of the spine, that healthy, happy moving spine, and roll down.

This is one of my favorite exercises. If it's one of yours, say yep. I wish I could hear you. But I know there's lots of you that love this exercise too. Last one and all the way.

And just let your pelvis sit here. You can release your arms a little bit if you want. Nice deep breath. And then take your hands back on your shoulder rest. Slowly glide yourself up and draw your carriage in, and we'll go ahead and roll on to the side and transition into our next series.

We have completed the supine portion of the class. So I want you to take your foot bar down. And you can choose to work with 1 full spring or 1 a half. Whatever feels better for you. We're gonna sweep ourself around, and we're gonna do some rowing today. And we're gonna marry the arm work and the, abdominal work with that beautiful articulation through the spine. So, again, you can choose to sit with your legs crossed, your legs together, whatever feels more comfortable to you.

I just want you to make sure that you have plenty of room back here on the carriage or where we have somewhere to meet the lumbar spine to the carriage for a little bit of connection there. So we're gonna start with rowing back. 1, as we call it, and you're gonna bring the arms in or, fist into the chest. Now holding this beautiful position is almost like As you roll down, the crown of your head is reaching further up toward the ceiling. You hold that position.

You internally rotate take your arms out to the side. You press those arms back as you die forward, touching your hands behind you. Now reaching up overhead and rolling up. Again, breathe in. Now, again, for me, this exercise is a great combination of all the elements of the healthy spine that we desire, pressing forward, We have that control. We have that strength. And then we have just that little bit of release of rolling here.

We feel that strength here, that length. And then we maintain that length. We're not crumbling in the spine, but we're rolling down very calculated, very controlled, bringing it out, diving forward, bringing the hands together, And then maintaining that beautiful stretch and rolling, gut feeling that height one more time, breathe in. Excel, roll down. Keeping the length through the legs. Internally rotate.

Press die forward and circle the arms around and roll up. Now we transitioned into rowing back too. Switch your legs if you had them crossed. Palms face up. I feel taller.

That's good. That's what we want. So we're gonna bicep here. Keep the arms parallel to the ground. Roll down. Keep those arms right where they are. Let them follow the spine.

Take your breath in at the bottom. Now this time, we start to hinge. We keep the c curve And then we're about halfway up. We articulate the spine and extend the arms up. And forward.

This is a very joyful movement. I love it. So roll down. We'll add a little bit of speed to help put a smile on my face. Take your breath in and keep that curve and then articulate through the spine. Reach up.

And forward. 2 more breath in. Excel. Inhale. And curve curve curve and roll up.

Fill the link and forward. Last one, breathe in. Exale. Rolling down. Breath in. Articulate and forward.

Good. So now just for a little extra arm work, I hope that felt really good. Take your straps onto your elbows. And sitting up here, just a little bit of rhomboid work, a little bit of shoulder work. We're gonna open out to the side exhale. Inhale in.

Exhale. So this is again about moving those arms without the necessity of the spine helping out. It's just that shoulder strength. So now you're gonna take the arms out here. Then you're gonna lift the upper back up into that extension, bring it back to straight, and forward.

So again, that beautiful, healthy spine lifting up, feel the shoulder blades start to draw together, but feel a wonderful high arching your upper back, let the lower back respond, bring it back to neutral, and then bring your arms together. Let's see a few more. Open. Bringing the chest up. Shoulder blades draw together. Feel that gorgeous arc back to neutral, shoulder blades open, and close.

Arms out reach up, up, and open the shoulder blades. And together, one more time, arms out, and lift the chest up Draw the shoulder blades together, and opening and back. Go ahead and take your shots down. And let's continue this wonderful movement of the spine. We're gonna swing ourselves around. We're gonna take the bar back up, place it in the middle position.

I'm gonna load back up to 1 a half spring. I'm gonna go into an up stretch series. So with the hips up, I want you to take your feet and your heels up. So on the balls of your feet, taking the heels of the hand, pressing them down onto your bar. And I just want you to feel that stretch. Allow your hamstrings to open here.

This is the first kind of really good static stretch we've had to the hamstrings. So let's just enjoy it for a moment. Let's take a couple of breath in and out. And every time I'm exhaling, I'm really trying to lengthen my spine. So we're gonna start with a basic up stretch 1.

Inhale take the carriage back a little bit, exhale draw it in. So I do not want your spine to do any movement here. All the movement is happening from the hip joint. Your spine is staying absolutely straight. And while we're doing that with keeping those, sits bones really extended out on the diagonal behind us, we're really accentuating that hamstring stretch.

So now I want you to take the legs back. Now instead of hinging at the hip like we did before, I want you to articulate through the pelvis and tuck the pelvis under. So very similar to what we did in our warm up, but we've just changed the body orientation. So we're gonna feel a little bit more of a challenge. Now we have work going on with the shoulders.

We're stabilizing the spine a little bit differently than we were when we were lying on the, carriage or when we were in a seated position. So notice that the movement is happening, initiating from my pelvis and my lower back and the hips are hinging in response to that. And exhale. So now carrying on, you're gonna do the same thing. But in addition to rounding the lower back, we're gonna flex the upper spine. So inhale and exhale.

Inhale. And exhale. Inhale. Exhale one more time. And inhale, and exhale.

Hold this position. Find the flat back once again. Feel like you can get a little bit straighter here. So now we're gonna go into up stretch too. We're gonna draw the pelvis into the posterior tilt.

We're gonna hinge around the shoulder joint and come into this beautiful push up position. Now I want you to keep that flat back. Keep that neutral pelvis. Shoot your hips back and come down. So we go back into the position differently than how we get into it. So I want you to tuck the pelvis underneath you so you're rolling through your spine to go down.

You find that flat position You stabilize it, you anchor it, and then you hinge up at the hips to find the up stretch position. 3 more, a little bit of a tuck in the pelvis, feeling that abdominal connection, and then you take it and you lengthen the front of the torso. And then you hinge and reach back 1 more time or 2 more times. Excuse me. And we'll go into that push up position, hold it there, and then press and back.

One more time finding the abdominal connection. That beautiful articulation and hinge. So I'm gonna take you through up stretch 3, but we're gonna go a little faster. So I wanna challenge your speed and can you maintain the control to get the freedom of the spine? So we come into the plank. We hinge forward shoulders coming over the wrists. And now we get to roll through the spine and find that flat back.

Again, we tuck. We find that straight spine. We hinge forward with that beautiful extension through the spine. And then we get to roll and articulate. 3 more. Down. Let's just do it together.

Let's just breathe. And up. And feeling how that spine is so controlled that get free in this movement. Last one, plank position coming forward. And drawing it up.

And back. I want you to bring your heels down, and I want you to come into a deep stretch as deep as you can. Keeping your chest down. As best as you can here, Feel that stretch just for a moment. I want you to reach your backhand and grab your front ankle and look under your front arm. Take the carriage back in hand, and exhale.

Inhale, and exhale. If you want a little extra challenge, just release that arm. Keep your back straight. Filling that rotation in your spine is if you're trying to look something at the ceiling right underneath your arm. Inhale.

And exhale. Bring it back to the center. And other side. Hold on to your thigh or your, shin, rather, or their shoulder block. Or release your arm and inhale and exhale and feel like you're getting longer in the spine strong connection in the shoulder to feel the stability. The hips are square, but the spine is rotated.

The shoulders are rotated as well. And in. Last one and in. Bring it back. Hold it there, roll through the spine, slowly bring your knees down.

Take your bar down and load up all of your springs for a little side series that we're gonna do with our box, our short box. So go ahead and grab your short box. So hopefully you're feeling nice and happy and just energized and open and joyful. So we have all of our springs loaded, and we're going to draw this strap up. So we have a little bit of support here.

And thigh, right at the edge of your box, bring your shin at the, a front edge of the box. You can flex this foot and remember as you lean out, you're just gonna Trust that strap. So as you go there, you have this nice, long position. So I wanna work more lateral flexion, and I want you to feel the emphasis is gonna be going up and over. So like you're making a beautiful rainbow with your spine to the side every time you do this. We're gonna keep it simple but we're really gonna focus on that wonderful spinal movement in that lateral flexion.

And if we feel so inspired, we'll go into some rotation. So arm out our arms to the side inhale reach up and over, and excel up. Inhale reach up and over, almost like you're gonna tap your elbow down to the shoulder, or the headrest, and up, reaching up and over, And that's our emphasis here. So you're getting that beautiful side arc of your spine. And reaching up just 5 today.

One more. And up. Now take the arms here. I said just 5 lateral flexions, but I'm not gonna let you go quite yet. I want you to rotate. And bring it back.

So now stabilizing, and that beautiful side still tilt on side lean, rather, but just feeling that great rotation. Of your spine, nice and small, pelvis steady, rotating. And in one more time and holding it there. Now this is obviously the reward for the work. But instead of holding a static stretch here, I'm gonna make it a little bit more dynamic.

So I want you to round, drop your head, bring your arm out, and sleep it around. That's okay. And round. And all the way out, and then sweep it around. And draw it in, arm out, and sweep it around.

And rotating drawing it in elbow in, arm out to the side, and sweet And come on up. Oh, that's divine. Let's do the other side. So just five of each, just beautiful, straight, straight up, strict side over it's here. So all the way up and over, and exhale.

So the goal is to keep the length inhale, and exhale. Inhale. Exale. Inhale. Last one.

Reaching the arms out. Rotate as far as you can without moving the pelvis, and get longer as you come back to the side. Rotate Try to smile here because this is a celebration of your strength right here. Your control. All of those hours that you put in to strengthening your torso, moving your spine, it all comes together.

In exercises like this, and holding reaching coming into the stretch finding it holding it there for just a moment. And then rounding the body forward elbow comes to the box. Arm knots to the side and then reach and curving out to the side and reach drawing it in. Out to the side and reach. Drawing it in.

And back one more time. Exhale. Hold it there and slowly. Come up. Fantastic work. So we're gonna finish up our class with a simple feel good series just at the end of our reformer here.

So go ahead and place your box where you need to, and come on to the other end here. I'm going to place the bar back up into the middle spot. Take a couple steps back from your foot bar, and I want you to find a position that feels really comfortable for you. With your chest down parallel to the ground and your feet flat. So to start, we're gonna roll the spine underneath as we start to cool down, and then extended much like we started the class, but we were in the seated position.

And exhale. And inhale. So now I want you to walk your feet close together. Now when you, you can step in a little bit further too. It might help you a little bit.

So now you can close your fingertips around. Your bar so you can actually hang a little bit more. As you exhale, I want you to lift your back knee up to your chest, and then inhale as you sweep out. I want you to bring your leg up and your chest up. Exhale draw it in.

Inhale sweep. Excel draw it in. I'm just keeping my knee bent, my standing leg bent, I'm just keeping it the same level of, flexion there in that knee, bringing it in and exhale holding it. Feeling that extension through your spine, sweep the leg in, cross it over the front, and hang back. With a flat back and enjoy it.

You can rock back and forth a little bit if you like, and slowly roll up and preparing to do the other side. So hips reaching out. Knee comes in. And sleep it up. Me comes in.

Inhale, sweep it up. He comes in, and sweep and he comes in and reach. Fill that length. Feel that beautiful extension of your spine, bring the leg in, cross it over, and rest. Come back to the center.

We're gonna roll up release the hands. You can stay where you are. I'm gonna come back into the front of the reformer. We're gonna do 2 more roll downs. To finish the class.

Breath in, exhale. All the way. Spilling that hang in that release Obviously, you can go further now than you did at the top of the class. Breath in. Excel roll up.

Just feeling that warmth and that mobility through your spine. Last one, breath in. Exhale. Breath in and exhale rolling up. All the way to the top.

So I hope that your spine feels good. It feels healthy. That was the class that demonstrated to you all of the little details of the work that we do build strength in our spine, to build strength in our torso. Then when we do this beautiful flow of a class like this, it all comes together, and we see just how spell healthy our spines are and how wonderful it is to have a healthy spine. I hope that you feel happy and joyful after this class.

Thank you so much.


Jill Y
Loved this class Leah!! You’re a great teacher♥️
Really nice class! Yes, joyful! 😊
Shona Croft
To quote you “ THAT WAS DIVINE”. It certainly was Leah xxxxxxx
Pepa G. Molina
Thank you Leah, it is a excellent class. I love your energy!!

Thank you so much for this wonderful class. It touches me in a very deep level. Not only because it is a good class, but seeing you enjoying the movement and the smiles on your face just touches me at a brand new level completely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
What a beautifully constructed class, you are a wonderful teacher. Thank you so much 🙏🏻
Suzanne F
Such a beautiful class and lovely demeanour you have. Thank you 💗
Michele M
Feeling amazing and joyful!  The slow controlled movement was beautiful and a very nice way to practice.  Thank you Leah for such an intelligent and fun practice!
Tamara Gilliland
Thank you so much Lear for an amazing healthy, joyful class.  I have missed your teaching and am praying for you as you navigate your grief with movement.  Thank you so much for this wonderful class!!
Miri J
Thank you @Leah! I've done this class a couple times now and always feel so calm afterwards. It bathes my nervous system with nice healthy and joyful movement.  
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