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Straight Forward Reformer

50 min - Class


This straightforward and thoughtful intermediate Reformer class led by Amy Havens focuses on grip strength and deep core strength. Throughout the class, Amy guides you through various exercises and incorporates creative transitions to keep the session engaging. You'll practice functional movements like sit-to-stand, standing balance challenges, and utilize a Dowel to improve your wrist strength.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Dowel, Hand Weights (2)

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Feb 12, 2024
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Thanks Amy! Great fun ideas I can’t wait to incorporate with my clients. ❤️
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Great ideas-thank you for sharing!!
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Great shapes - love the lateral stretch using the box and side straps! Thank you Amy!
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Great stuff! So needed. Truly love all the stretch transitions💚🌱
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As a teacher over 60 (and clients generally over 60) this was fabulous Amy - we get so stuck into the same exercise routines, so great to be creative with the reformer - I found parts of my body that I hadn’t worked or stretched before m! Thank you so much - I absolutely love your imaginative and paced teaching
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What a great class
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loved this class Amy as a person over 60 for myself!
Christine S
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Amazing Amy. Thank you :)
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That was wonderful! So many great ideas and transitions. Thank you!
Amy! Thank you so much. This was a wonderful class! I got so many great ideas for my over 60 crowd! Including myself! So nice to see you.! Xxoo
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