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Find your groove in this straightforward yet dynamic Reformer workout with Tracey Mallett. Tracey leads you through a brisk-paced session emphasizing traditional exercises while focusing on alignment, control, and precision. Enjoy the challenge and power of exercises like Semi-Circle, Front Splits, and Control Front in this invigorating class.
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Hello, everyone. Welcome to Pilates Anytime. Tracy Mallett here. Going to do my go to reforma workout because these are some of the class so I absolutely love. And I always like to say the classics never die.

So come along with me on my journey. So let's come sit down here. We're gonna start with our classic footwork. I like to work a little bit heavier. So I'm going to go on here.

I'm gonna do 2 reds, and and probably a yellow. You're gonna find where you feel comfortable with your leg work. Wanna work a little bit lighter, a little bit heavier, it's entirely up to you, but I would do at least three springs on there for your footwork. Okay? Make sure your head rest is up, and we're gonna sit down, get onto every format, roll down. And let's place our feet right here onto the bar here. So your heels are hit with the part, heels in line with your sit bones, and just place your hands down by the side of your body.

We're gonna just go a little pelvic bridge just to begin with, just a little spinal articulation, and then a roll down. In how here, exhale tilt the pelvis curl all the way up, and then curl down. And again, inhale through the nose, exhale scooping out the low abs, pubic bone to belly button as you curl all the way up into the bridge and curl that down, let's just do one more Inhale here, exhale curl yourself all the way up, hold it here, and they'll curl all the way back down. So we're gonna start to push out and in. Now the breath, there's no wrong or right way with breathing.

But we're gonna change the breathing just a little bit today. We're gonna inhale exhale it. And so it goes, Just switching the breathing up is always a good thing. We never set in stone. This is Pilates. This is about movement.

So we're gonna go a little bit more brisk pace. Keep going. 4, 3, One, all the way out, hold it there, now fully extend, come all the way back down. Let's go into your arches now. So you're gonna go where your arches are, and you're gonna curl the toes over the top of the bar in hell out. Go.

It's kind of a policy. You don't quite get to that full extension just about And we inhale exhale. It's more of a pulsing matter where we fully extend, but not quite. So it's a semi bend. Out and in. We breathe in. 5 more, 5.

4, 3, 2, now one more fully extend all the way out, quad moving away from your patella, And then we come back. Now moving on to the toes now. So you're wrapping your toes around and ready start to go out and in. Breeze. As you can go with me, da da.

And rhythm and rhythm that, 5 more, 5. 4. 3, 2, last time come all the way out. Try not to move the ankle joint and come back. Your pilates v position makes your knees are going diagonally forward, not to the side, ready heels together.

Go. Shoo. 5 more, 54, 32, one more all the way out. Feel the powerful lifting up and back down again. Amazing. Heels wide.

We got it ready. Feel those hamstrings working, bring the carriage back, hamstrings that posterior chain is working, da da. And, damn, we got that rhythm, pumping that heart rate going around your body, the shouldn't get into those valuable muscles. This is your warm up. Good. Dada.

Dada. And three And 2, one more go all the way out and then come back. Oh, I feel those legs already. Up onto your tippy toes now, keep the ankle joint still, and let's go. And keep the pelvis stable as much as we can. Your eye focus is at the sky, Keep that rhythm.

Remember Pilates about coordination rhythm. And 5, and 4, and 3, and 2, and 1 more fully extend. Hold it there. Flex and relevay, flex and relevay. That's it. Stretch the Achilles out.

And your calf muscles, and we're flexing the heels down and up for 4 So 3 breathe and 2, and 1. Bend your knees. Bring your heels together back in that Pilates v, push all the way back out again, drop the heels down, lift up. This feels amazing for lovely stretch in the pronoules. Yeah. You're gonna feel the heat coming into your cast now for 4, for 3, for 2 and for 1. Relivate come all the way down. Amazing. Bring your knees into your chest.

Now from here, slide to the side, lift up. Take one red off. So I've got 2 reds and a blue right now because I'm gonna go into single leg. So set yourself up for single leg. Roll down. Left leg goes on there on a heel.

Reach that right leg out. We toss the leg and bring it down. Now be mindful that you're keeping the power versus still as you can. It's moving a little bit, and it's gonna rock a little bit, but we're trying to minimize as much as we can because we're moving at that hip joint Keep you going. This time we go into full extension of that leg with control, Let's do one more.

Now everybody hold it here flex that foot. This is going to some leg circles. To get that femur moving in the hip socket, inhale, and exhale that eternal circle. Watch the opposite side of your hips not lifting. Now reverse it like a whipping motion.

You've round and round. And round. Inhale and exhale. And 4. And 3. And 2. And one point, the toe Ben the knee, bring it back, switch out with that other leg or exhale full extension.

Full extension. That means your quad is drawing away from your knee. You've got that beautiful length. We're keeping our hips stacked, underneath your upper body, so you've got that nice, long waist. There we go. And we're just moving the femur in that hip socket, and you get that nice length in that hamstring.

Beautiful breeze. Let's just do a couple more. Are we going to do one more here? Hold it here, flex that foot, and just circle. Doesn't matter which way you go because we're gonna do both sides anyway.

Just move. It's all about moving the body. Remember Pilates is about moving. Yes. Movement is medicine. Now we've roast it.

Inhale and exhale. Your form, your alignment, is so important, but movement is more important. Keep going. Couple more feels so good. Last time, point the toe, bend both knees and bring it down. Now on a Relivay now.

So reach. Now we're gonna go to a little combination. We extend. We flex And as we flex that foot, that leg is gonna go out to the side, watch that hip, the opposite hip, we bring you back up on a relevay, and we take it back down again. So I'll go slowly.

You go up, relevate, and point that toe to the side. You don't have to flex it. And then we go up, and bring it down. Okay. We're gonna do 8 of those at a brisk brisk pace. Dah, dah, we go up flex with the bottom leg.

Dah, flex, 5 more. Keep the hips square to the ceiling, the desk. So keep your pelvis a square. To the seating as you can. A little challenging with moving that leg at the hip Good. Duh.

Duh. Let's just do one more because now we're in the groove. And bring it back. Awesome. Let's go with the other side. So first of all, let's try it first so we go up. We flex.

We open that leg. Keep that hip down. Bring it back. Let's try that again. Lift up.

Flex the underneath leg and then open that leg out to the side, back up to center, and then back. So now we're gonna go at a pace, 8 of these. Ready? Down. Flex. Point, down. 1.

Flex. Back. Flex that stabilizing leg. Watch that hip. You can place your hand on your hip fulfill a little bit more secure. There we go. So opposite side has gotta stabilize as we take that leg away from the center of your body.

Good. And up. Two more. And, flex. One more, we have it right here. Open.

Back. Bring it back. Amazing. Okay. Let's move on. We're gonna sit up. Now we're gonna go into semi circle my favorite exercise.

You could do this on one red, or if you wanna amp it up a little bit, maybe a red and a blue. I've decided, of course, I'm gonna amp it up, so I'm gonna do a one and a a red and a blue, like a 1 a half spring, or we can just stick to one spring. So we take the knees across the bar like this. Now hands forward, curl yourself down so those abs are engaged, Slide the sit bones underneath you as you come into that position. Grab your shoulder rest.

Push your shoulder rest away. Oh, there's your strength there. Now keep your arms straight. You're pushing away and drawing your shoulder blades down in position. So you got that long neck and you're opening through the back of your shoulder blades and opening them through your chest. Now drop your tailbone down, and we're gonna move your toes.

We're gonna go into a little pilates v just because I love this position the best just because it really works the rotation of your hip now drop your seat down. That feels great already. Now we're gonna roll pelvic bridge up, push out slightly semi bent, bend the knees, and drag your butt along the springs, roll all the way up. Push out. Now upper middle, lower tailbone, skims, and then lifts back up into that bridge, and then we push out.

So I'm gonna go a little bit faster, curl up, push outs, beautiful spinal articulation, When you're moving the spine, be mindful to try and keep that carriage still, so you only move the carriage as your knees are extending. Even though you've gone a little bit faster, that should be in your mind's eye to keep the pelvis lifted as we come up into that bridge or lift that palvis, bring it back, drop the pelvis. Let's do one more, and then brewing that carriage in now. We're gonna reverse it. So keep the pelvis where it is.

We go out, semi bend with the knees, Palfic bridge, and this is where all the work happens there. And then we roll down again. So you're gonna feel the stretch to the front of your body through the sours and your hip flexes. Now we're gonna go at a little brisk pace here. We're gonna get moving. Dah.

Dah. A little harder to go at that faster pace, but not impossible. The whole theme behind these classes moving. Moving with the classics. And down. Let's do a couple more.

Keep those arms straight, pelvic bridge up, bring the carriage in. Roll down, push out, bring the carriage in. 1 more drop that tailbone down, push out, and bring it in. We're already in there. I feel that stretch.

Now we're gonna push out about 2 inches, so I'm here. Now we're gonna abduct the legs. Oh, there we go. So we're abducting the legs in that little froggy position. You're in a diamond position. And then we're gonna hold it here and bring it in again.

8 more, 8, 7, 6, 5, keep the heels connected together. Feel the seat, fill your glutes, hold it here, pull, close the carriage in, and let's see if we can grab hold. And pull. See if you got that strength to pull up, your pubic bone is lifted. You're gonna stretch through the sewers and your quads.

And we hold it there for 5, for 4, for 3, for 2, and for 1. Amazing. Drop down, and you can place your knees back where we started, bring the carriage back. So now your head is where it belongs and bring your knees into your little stretch. Now we're gonna stand up. We're gonna roll up, and we're gonna move into 2 reds now.

So we've got 2 reds. 2 red springs. We're gonna be moving for our feet in the straps now. So let's get our head rest up, get it ready. Your head rest is not up, put it up, we're gonna go back. Let's take hold of the straps now. Pop the long straps into your feet.

Amazing. There we go. We start with just some circles to start with circles. I always like to start with my circles just to get my hips moving, get some mobility in my hips because we're gonna be doing some standing pretty challenging leg work in a minute, so we're just warming our legs up. Now we reverse it, see if we can go a little bit bigger. But still maintaining stability through the center of your body.

It's okay if your pelvis moves a little bit, That's okay. Your body's meant to move. Just be a mind's eye that your abs are pulling in and working hard. To stabilize one more. And then we bring it back We're gonna go here to a parallel position. We're gonna come up.

Now we're gonna flex your feet, press your heels down, Now from here, we go straight up, flex your heels, and press down. Just a little easy movement I want you to feel the back of your hamstrings. So almost like your heels are going toward your sit bones, I want you to learn how to engage your hamstrings. It's almost like you're pressing your feet into the straps. Sometimes when your feet are flex, you can kind of feel it a little bit more. Now point your toes and let's see if we can feel that connection.

Let's just do one more, and we're gonna hold it there. Amazing. Flip your head rest down. Now we're gonna go into short spine, turn your feet out. We're gonna hit the carriage as much as we can.

So we're gonna hit the carriage right at the stopper, close it, roll yourself all the way up, bend your knees, lower your hips down, and then the legs follow along with you. So let's try and hit the stopper, closing the carriage before we actively go up, and then you bend your knees, rolling down, and then the feet. I like to try and hit the stopper in my mind's eye, even though my tailbone's off. So I get that nice length in the back of the sides before I actively go up, and then I bend, and then I'd lower the hips down. The legs follow along in that incredible stretch.

One more. Find that fluid motion, lift up, and then bend, cool yourself down, down down and then back, ready parallel, lung spine, inhale 90. Cur yourself all the way up. Hold it there. From here, open your legs, press your legs down. Roll down. Bring your legs together.

In how 90, curl yourself up. Open the legs. Press away. Curl down. Bring the legs together. In how ninety, feel the connection with the hamstring that we were just talking about.

Open your legs. Press away. Curl down. And that's reverseess. Open the legs. Now we go up independently, curl all the way up together.

Press away. Feel your hamstrings. Curl down. Open the legs. Inhale 90. Palveic tilt. Don't forget the pelvic tilt is your first motion.

Press the legs away, feel the back body, then spinal articulation. And again, pelvic tilt, that's your first motion. Squeeze the leg together, and now spinal articulation amazing, open your legs wide, give yourself a little stretch, and then take your straps away. Take your hands into the little baby straps here, come up. From here, we're gonna take the arms down and back.

We're keeping the 2 red springs on here, so it's gonna feel a little bit more challenging. But what I want is you to understand how your upper body is connected to your core, your abs. So we're pressing into the straps to draw the abs in so we get stronger abdominal contraction. Now reach the legs out. You can keep your head down for now. And back.

Now ready. Head. Go. And back. And back, exhale. And back. One more.

And back, bend the elbows, coordination, exhale, open close, bend the knees, arms, and head. Excel. Open close, bend the knees. Resist those apps. Resist right here and back. Reach, open, close, bend the knees.

Bye. Inhale. Excel. Inhale. Excel.

Inhale. One more. Excel. Inhale. And release. Take your straps into your one hand, roll yourself up, and sit up. Great work. Okay. Put the straps down.

There we go. We're gonna turn around this direction here going back to 1 red spring. We're gonna go into single leg stretch here with a little addition with the reverse apps. So I'm gonna take my left strap around the thigh, and I'm gonna take it with a smaller strap because I'm able. If not, just pop it around the big strap. Take your hands around your shoulder rest and draw forwards.

Now I'm gonna go back just a little bit so my butt is not quite touching, and they're gonna come up into chair position here. Circle the hands interlaced the hands at the back, right at the bottom of your head, the top of your neck, Now we start to go into a single leg stretch here. So we take in a classic exercise, and adding a little resistance just like our reverse knees, but now in a single leg capacity here. Yes. You're gonna feel your quads. Yes. You're gonna feel your hip flexors, and there's nothing wrong with that.

We need strength in our quads and our hip flexors. Now we're gonna add the rotation. So shoulder, to knee. Are we breathing? That's the hard part and back?

And back. Can you give me 4 more? 4, 3, Breeze, Last time, bring the knees into your chest. Now put your hands down, roll yourself up, take it away. Remember, your transitions are just as important as you exercise in how you get into the movement is just as important. Alright. So we're gonna grab the strap, either the small or the bigger one entirely up to you.

We take it around. Just the top of your knee, the bottom of your thigh. Grab hold of your shoulder rest. Draw those abs in as much as you can, slide the sit bones underneath you, curl. There we go.

And then lift the legs up. Circle the hands around so you got your abs are working here. Reach that leg out and go. Into your single leg stretch. Keep your eye focus towards your size, not the sky.

XL as you switch the legs, or breathe how you feel comfortable. Remember, there's no right or wrong way with breathing. Well, the wrong way would be not breathing at all. 3 more. 2 more.

1 more. Ready to add that rotation. Go. Shoulder towards your knee. Keep that inner thighs, swishing against seizures, keep the work in that midline, and you're rotating around your midline.

Can we do 3 more? One more. And bring it back, drop the legs down, and let's see if we can curl ourselves up. Oh, wee. There we go. And take that strap away. There we go.

Alrighty. Pop your strap down. Okay. Now we're gonna go into some sliding lunges to work the lower body. So I'm gonna take it at 1 red spring. We're gonna get up onto the top.

Put your left foot against your shoulder rest. Your hands are forwards. The right leg is gonna go onto the bar in the center. So everybody's got that right leg onto the bar. So before we do anything, I just want you to push out and bend it back in just so you feel comfortable in that position and back in.

If you don't feel comfortable putting your your leg on the bar, you can always take your bar down and pop your foot on the platform. Alright. We're here. Find your balance. There we go. Find your balance. See if you can get your hands behind your head.

There we go. So we're gonna push out. We go up just a little bit. We push away and bend and come back in. So we go away. Now think of the pelvic floor lifting up, just a little lift, not too much, and then it's all in the hamstring pulling you back. Push away.

Focus on a spot in front of you. I'm looking forward here, and I can see the beautiful ocean. It's definitely helping me, motivating me. Keep that back leg straight. Now zip up And let's do one more focus, long legs, It's all in the hamstrings here.

Hold it here in the hamstring. Hold that position. Take that hands down. Push into your stretch. From here, take that leg back up into an upward stretch here.

You're ready for the other side now. Let's take the opposite leg. In the center. Find where you feel comfortable. Walk your hands to your knee.

And then see if we can get our hands behind our head. Are we all there? Okay. Push out a little tiny lift. Push out, hamstrings pulling the carriage in.

Out. Breathe. It's always important to breathe through the movement. Do not hold your breath. And bring it in.

Keep nice and steady. Keep lifting up through the crown of the head. Planting your opposite foot into the reformer. It's all in the mind. Think nice and strong, and you will be strong.

Strong center of your body is propelling you through this movement, strong center, draw in, Gotta dig deep. Yes. My back leg is shaking, but I am not giving up. I'm gonna do one more because you're not giving up with me. We're going up, down, pull in, hold it there, take the hands down, and push away in that stretch. Woo hoo.

Hold it there. From here, bring that leg back. Hold that position from here. We're gonna take the right leg and take it behind. We're gonna go into a plank position with arabesque. Arabesque.

Plank. Duh. Pike. Duh. Duh.

Duh. Now reverse it. Plank. Dad. Plank. Dada, plank.

Rotating around your shoulder joint here. Look forward. Your pelvis is going everywhere. It's going in that open pelvis, and then it's square to the floor. Open and square and open. Hold it there.

Bend. Reach. Bend. Reach. Bend.

Reach 2 more. Bend. Reach 1 more. Bend. Reach hold it there. Now we're gonna take that leg around. Oh, yes. Around, around, around, around, around, around, around, and bring it back.

You ready for the other side? Take that leg behind. So as we reach out, we're gonna lift the leg up. There. And then back.

You're not gonna quite go down so far? Shaky, shaky, inhale look out, exhale look towards you underneath foot, Inhale look out. X. I'll pull in. Inhale. Rotate around your shoulder joint. And come back in.

Lift that leg up. Open your pelvis. Ready. We go plank down. Hit our best plank down.

Hit Arabas, open that pelvis, hit down, push away from your bar, use your back, use your arms connected to your core. Down we go. Lift up with that quadrant hamstring. One more. Dad. Lift all the way up.

And we're gonna bend and extend. Inhale. Bend. Developay that leg that hips are open in that open pelvis, has to do a couple more. Those legs are shaking. And let's do one more.

Read that leg up that open pelvis. Now, we're gonna take that leg all the way around back to join the other foot and hold that position. Yes. That was challenging, but you did it. Amazing. Has come down. Let's step down off the reformer.

How are we feeling okay? We're gonna go into some box work now. So let's take the bar down. As I say that, bar down. Pick up your bucks. And this time, the box is gonna be long ways. We're gonna go into breaststroke here. So we're gonna keep it.

So I'm gonna move like one red spring. So whatever you have on right now, one is sufficient. Pick up your straps. Put your thumbs in them, push forwards, grab hold of the edges of your boxes, and step over. Get your chest over the edge, Okay.

So the arms are reaching out. So we're gonna go into just some bicep curls here just to start with. Now we're doing full range of motion with the bicep curls, and we're setting ourselves up. Your chest is over the box. And let's just do one more before we get moving.

We go here. Now I'm going to push forward, lift up so your ears are by your biceps. We're gonna circle the arms around, lift up a little higher if you can. And then go through a bicep curl as you lower your body. So it goes bicep curl.

Palms go flat. We lengthen and we go up into that extension, we circle the arms around, and then we lower the body. I'm gonna go a little bit more fluid now. Now you know what you're doing. Bicep curl.

Now see if you can lift up. See if you can lift up up, up, I'm gonna go high as I can. Keep the lower body as relaxed as you can. It's gonna have a little bit of tension there, but that's okay. Lift up. Now draw those apps in.

Your apps to stabilizing you, supporting and lifting you up at the spine. Inhale. Keep that inhalation going. Two more bicep curl. Shoot. Steven got a little bit higher.

Circle the arms around. Lower your body. 1 more. 1. Lift all the way up. Circle the arms around.

Back into your bicep curl. Back into your bicep curl. Couple more. One more. Now from here, just reach forwards and swim.

Swim. Swim. Swim. Swim. Swim. Swim. Swim. Swim. Swim. 4, 3, 2, and one circle the arms around, hands on top, lift, and off you come. Beautiful. Strips down.

Turn it short ways now. Okay. We're here. We're sitting down on the top. Now I'm just gonna put one more swing on there just for stability. This is not because we're gonna be doing some app series and climbing the tree.

So I'm just there just to keep the carriage still. We're gonna find our foot strap. So it's pop the left foot underneath it, flex the foot, And then there you go. Now bring the right leg in. Now find where you feel comfortable slide underneath you.

So you've got that nice core abdominal, your pube bar going towards your belly button, really drawing in and honing that lower abs. From here, we're gonna go up to here, and we're gonna go bend. We're gonna go up. There's so many variations of this. This is just a variation.

Just going for some hamstring stretching to start with. Now this is your last time, holdy here. Curve. So you're in that curved position. Now we're gonna curl down. Keep that c curve position. Curl.

And then curl back again and try and get your forehead to your shin. Extend the arms, Get into that seeker of pubic bone to belly button, take your shoulders away from your ears, curl back, and then back up again. Hit that position. Now it's gonna go a little bit more challenging because we're gonna walk down that leg. And let's see if we can take our head back.

Feels good. Now curl, chin to chest, walk up, Now ready for that pull. And up. Let's try that again. One more. Seeker of curl, walk down that leg.

Keep that leg still. Hold it there behind the back of the thigh. Open up your chest, look back. Now keep that leg where it is. Scoop out. Use your abs.

And your flexibility to get yourself up. Hold it there, and then pull back. So you gotta keep that c curve positions all in that underneath your lower apps. We're gonna try and hold that positions. Go with the other leg.

Alright. Come back. Alright. Let's just do down and up. This is just a stretch just to get that leg nice and lengthened. Let's do one more. This is your last time.

Alright. So straight. Now ready. Draw in those apps. Pew big bone to belly button. Can we fill those lower apps?

Now let's see if we can go down. Keep that c curve. Keep that c curve. And then chin to chest, and then come up and try and get your shin. Oh, there's a nice stretch for you.

Let's try that again. Imagine there's a little apple there underneath your chin. As you curl down, draw the shoulders away from your ears, Keep in that c curve position. Now slide the seat sit bones underneath you as you come up. And hit.

Now we're gonna go a little bit further. Now we're actually climbing the tree. We're gonna curl down. Are we all there, everybody? Climb down that tree.

Look back. Oh, I feel that openness through your chest, and you're ready. Chint your chest. Now Curl. Oh, you gotta use your abs.

Use your breath. Use your abs. Use your breath. And back up. Super important. You're using your breath, walking down. We're slowing it down just a little bit, and back.

Cool. And hold it there, and then bring it back. How's that feel good? Feel that good stretch there? Fantastic. We're gonna turn to the side here. You're in this, like, Mermaid position.

I'm gonna take 1 spring off. So we've got 1 spring here in this Mermaid position. Pick up your front strap, and we're just gonna go over into a side position here just to stretch in that mermaid position over it and back. This is too challenging. You can always take it down to a blue like this to stretch out, work the upper body, put you in that mermaid position. 2 more.

One more. Bring it back. Reach that leg out. Palate sidekick, and back, and back. Back 2 more.

And back. Now hold it to the side, circle for 87,654. 3, reverse, reverse, and a 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, hold it there. Release your strap and go into your mermaid stretch. Let's quickly switch to the other side.

You're in your z position here. Drop that leg down. Alright. Pick up your strap, and we've reached you over in that side bend. And back. Be mindful. As you lift your arm over your head, you're sliding your shoulder blade down your back.

So as you lift Think of your shoulder blades sliding down, not up, down. 2 more. One more. And back, put your strap down, hand on your headrest, pilates sidekick, and back. And back.

Couple more. 1 more. Holdy here. Circle 8, circle 7, 6. Keep that hip at height. Your leg is at hip height.

Now we've roast it. Dah dah dah dah. 4, 3, to hold it there, come down, enjoy your stretch. We've got one last exercise to finish off this classic go to reformer, and it would not be the same without teaser. You knew that was coming So let's move that box for our favorite exercises. Remember, I'm gonna be on a red just a quick clarification. One little lecture, you can.

A red and a blue. You might need that. Grab your strap is. And we're gonna sit on that box. Alright.

So I got my straps in my hands. And I'm gonna roll down. So here is my straps. I'm gonna make sure my head is off the box. So we're here.

Our bow's up, head neck and shoulders, and we're gonna press into our straps. Now we go straight up. We open the arms. We lift up into that nice pike. And then we resist the knees as we come in. The elbows are bent.

We inhale straight up, look towards your thighs, Open the arms, open the legs, pike, bend them back, and go a little bit more fluid. Inhale, exhale, hold 4 more. 2 more Keep your hands in the peripheral view, everybody. Last time, reach up, open the arms and legs, hold that pike, and bend your knees, bend the elbows, drop the legs down, and stretch back. There we go. Now we're gonna go into our teaser here.

Bend your knees. Extend your legs. We're gonna lift up. Lift all the way up into your teaser. Now as we lower down the legs, we're gonna go to about hip height, as we take the head back and inhale down, lift up, those legs, palms are up.

You're in a slight c curve with a spine, And then we curl down, lower spine, middle of the spine, And again, inhale, exhale. Hold it there. Palms are lifted. Hold on to it. You've got this. And then curl down lower spine, middle of the spine, and then back.

Let's try that one more. You ready? And then lift up. Oh, did that. We did it. Now just the arms.

The arms elect stay where they are, and the arms are moving because we can. We're strong, and we've got one more We hold it here. Can we lower the legs? Can we lift up for 4? Lift up for 3? Lift up for 2?

Lift up for 1? Now lower the arms and legs. Then we go back. Yes. Bing the straps into one hand, roll yourself up, stand up, la la. Just like that.

Yes. That was not easy after that whole class finishing off with your teaser, but you guys are rock stars. I'm gonna put your feet hit with a part. How are we gonna finish off with a roll down in here? Chinta Chasten roll down. Remember, as I said at the beginning, The classics never ever die. You should always come back to the classics to build strength foundation coordination as Joseph Pilates would have ever intended.

And then we evolve as we see fit that has our body needs. I'm Hassin. Thank you for enjoying this class. I hope you had fun. I love it, and that's why I've been doing Pilates for most of my life. Because it still kicks my butt.

I'm sure it kicked your butt too. Thank you so much. See you back here again. Goodbye.


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Great class! Thank you Tracey, important to get back to classic! XXX
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SO SO good to revisit these exercises and still be struggling. I love the motivation to do this class again to keep building on the strength and core of pilates!! Thanks Tracey!!!
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I loved it! Tracey never disappoints;)
Shona Croft
That was strong and I had to WORK specially those lunges on one red spring😅
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Lots of fun! Classic but not boring
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You always give such lovely combinations with such grace.  Absolutely beauful!
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Loved it, thanks Tracey!🤩
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Great class Tracey, you make it look easy!  You do an excellent job going slow, cues are spot on and nice reminders on the classics. 
Michele M
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Simply amazing, as always Tracey! This practice sure did challenge me in such a good way!  Those high lunges on one red spring were intense! Thank you!!
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Beautiful class! Thak you !
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