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Creative Whole Body Flow

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Join Jo Bezzina for a dynamic and creative total body Mat class. Throughout the class, you will be encouraged to think beyond yourself and reflect on how you move in the space around you. This features a few advanced exercises that will challenge your balance, and require you to be upright on your knees. If you need, feel free to opt out of these exercises or replace them with a more comfortable modification. You will feel uplifted, expansive, and strong!

While this class is a part of Jo Bezzina's Go Beyond Pilates Mat Challenge, it can also be taken outside of the challenge at any time.
What You'll Need: Mat

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We're gonna go into a bit of a round body through the upper spine, through into the thoracic, and flex back kind of like the up stretch on the reformer. So really finding that nice reach, you can go into a little bit of a down dog, but then when you come forward, think of that scoop coming up through the body so you feel a little flex. We're then gonna pass through like a down stretch. So the hip open and the chest open, we're pulling ourselves through, but then we're gonna let the knees bend and lay the spine back down. Oh, it feels good. So we go up, and we keep the knees down initially, but then we energize the legs And then we're gonna push through a plank, round through, and end up in a nice, like, down dog, long LFM.

Scoop through the body, find that nice plank, move through that into extension pulling the chest through, allow the knees to bend when you need and then roll the body down just adjust your feed as needed.


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All those twists and spirals... Pure bliss. Thanks Joanne :))
Sarah W
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great challenge !! thank you 
Gracie H
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Loved the challenge with all the twists! Thank you 🙏🏼 
Helena B
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Thank you for this series Jo! Really smart sequencing-- especially loved how you prepped for energizing all the split leg movements in the third class and with internal and external rotation in this 5th class!
Wondering why the class with scissors, bicycle, and control balance is labeled intermediate though-- I've always seen those exercises considered advanced and they can be pretty dangerous without sufficient control and coordination. ?
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Enjoyed this challenge
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That thread the needle with one leg lifted was hard! I will need to continue practicing that one. Thanks for a great challenge!
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Great series! Hope to see more of your classes on Pilates anytime!
Thank you all for taking my class. I really appreciate my classes being a part of your movement practice. Helena B I will also direct your question to the PA moderators. 
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Nice, and I like the influence of contemporary dance technique at the close. 
Angela T
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This was a lovely challenge. It really helped me to find my center and definitely challenged me with the spirals and twists. Thank you Jo for this sweet and spicy Pilates experience 
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