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Finding Flow and Connection

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Join Mychele Sims for an invigorating Intermediate Reformer class that beautifully blends Yoga postures and classic Pilates exercises. This class focuses on both stretching and strengthening for a comprehensive workout. Have your Reformer equipment ready to fully experience the flow of movement.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Apr 09, 2024
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Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. You know who I am. I know who you are because we're gonna work out together. Right? So this exercise practice today is all about finding connection and flow in your body, and it has some things that may feel familiar to you, and it may be a little bit different to do on a polite reformer, but gonna do it together. Are you game? Cool. We're gonna start by coming to the carriage and go ahead and take a seat on the carriage on the side Nothing fancy. Place yourself on the carriage and place both feet on the floor and just really ground your feet into the floor, wider hips, fill your hands on top of your thighs, and just take a couple breaths to center yourself and get ready for your practice today.

So deep inhalation and exhale it out. Inhale up and let it out. We'll do one more breath together. Take it deep, and he'll make this your deepest best one here. Can we hold at the top?

Audible Excel. Let it all out. Let's go ahead and take a lay down on the carriage. Now for our footwork series, I have on a blue and a red spring. I'm on a balance body.

So for your machine, if you want to go heavy, or lighter for your flow, feel free to pick your pick that for your practice. I'm getting over here. So laying down on the carriage. Shoulders in the shoulder black toes are onto the foot bar. Option to have your regular Pilates v here with the heel touching toes apart or into parallel, feeling your full back on the reformer hands at the side, and we're just gonna press out and do our traditional footwork. So pressing out about 10 ish times.

Sometimes I count, sometimes I don't, so I will warn you as you're pushing out, squeeze the buttocks, feeling the backs of your legs, and try not to lock those knees out as you push the carriage out. We'll do 2 more here. And then bring the carriage all the way home, close it all the way gently. Yes. Then you're perching it. Birch on a perch Arches are on feeling those toes over the foot bar and push out squeezing the tushy.

We're doing about 10 here. So as we're pressing out, the tops of the toes are going over the foot bar, and we're feeling our heel go under as if it's going under. And we'll do 2 more here, belly buddy pulling in to the carriage, and then bring the carriage home Alright. Heels on. Heels on arches are off the bar. Push those heels into the footboard, feel that stretch. Fill the opposition from the head coming to the top, pulling away, and then bring the carriage home with those hamstrings and feel that squeeze in the glutes.

Still breathing, still pulling the abs back into the carriage, glutes are working. And we'll do 2 more here. And bring the carriage on the way home. And we're gonna have toes onto that foot bar again for our tendon stretch. Now here we're going to push out while you're pushing out the heels will tuck under the bar. So the foot bar is under this. You're gonna feel that stretch.

And the top of your thighs, squeeze the buttocks, and then you're gonna lift up heel stay touching you're running a little tippy toes, and you go up and down with the heels going pass the foot bar on the bottom, up above it on the top. Now here's where it gets interesting. I'll do 2 more. On this last one, come up. Stay up. Go ahead.

Take your hands behind your head. And you're gonna feel the carriage move maybe a little slightly. You're gonna curl up halfway, bend the knees so you can find a little more curve in your your back. So there we are. We're here. We're gonna hold that.

This is gonna take the place of our 100. So we're here. We're holding. We're holding for 5. 4321. Body goes down.

Hands come back to the side. One more little stretch out and then bend the carriage and come home. I felt that already. Alright. Just roll over to the side a little bit then I want you to sit back up. So scoot yourself back towards the back of the shoulder rest, and then take your feet onto the foot bar. Woah.

So if you're like me, I try to avoid the 100 as much as possible. So I like to do things that take the place of the 100. So here, I have my toes on the footbar, heels are touching together, and I'm gonna find that c curve. So my butt belly will give me that hollow belly, and I push my push them back almost against the the shoulder blocks. So here I have the curve, feet are on fingertips, are going towards the foot bar. Now I want you to just curve and really exaggerate that curl towards the hip and the pelvis coming up and scooping. So holding that there for 3, 2, 1, extra credit if you take your hands behind the head.

Again, and then find that curve and let the elbows come towards you towards the feet and finding more curve, pressing your head into your hands. 3, 2, 1. Straighten out the leg and take a little forward fold. Yeah? Good stretch. More fun. Now we're gonna take either foot to the side of our foot bar. So you have a little white there If you need to bend the knees, please do so here.

Here, I'm going to go ahead and then have the hands come out to the side, and I'm pulling up So the hips are coming up, pulling up, if your hip flexor talking, maybe bend the legs more or straighten whatever you need for yourself. So we're gonna go into something like a saw here. So tall spine, pinky toe goes to pinky finger. This is my right hand going to my left pinky toe. And I come back to the center.

We're we're practicing right now. Twisting the mayor. So now with breath, in the center, we will breathe. When we twist, we exhale reach and we come up inhale, turn exhale reach. So that's what we're gonna do.

You ready to do it together? Let's go. Tall spine, inhale. Twist and reach. In hell, twist and reach. Inhale. Keep going while you're doing this.

The back is pressing towards the back of the carrot so you get no stretch in your low back. We'll do one more each side. Stretch. And last one. Good. And then bring your feet in. I'm going to the platform and then scoot yourself all the way back to the shoulder blocks.

I'm gonna go ahead and set crisscross applesauce. Alright. For our next set of exercise, our little block here, this is a block involving the arms, and serving and connecting and hugging. So if you're an aficionado of Pilates in any way, shape, or form, you know these things have names, but this classes more about feeling. So let's feel the hugs. Let's feel the flow. Go ahead and hold your handles a grab.

Both your handles, thumb out, palms up. Oh, and before I do that, take off one of those springs because you're gonna feel it unless you want that workout. I'm popping off my blue and keeping the red. Alright. We're here elbows close to the body. You might feel a little movement of the carriage already.

Pull that belly button back towards the shoulder blades. Elbows close to the body, and then we're gonna push out and serve that platter. You see that pulling and pushing, and what this is doing is getting our shoulders activated We're gonna do about 8. You know that Pilates instructors don't count, so I trust that you're gonna count for yourself. Alright. So we're pulling and pushing. And as we're doing this, we're getting taller in our spine pushing away and pulling back good.

2 more activating up, just feeling those pecs lighten up, and I love it. It's so good. Now Swip switching our grip switching our grip, go ahead and make a little fist with those hands. Pitch yourself forward a little bit pitch forward Think shaving, but we're not shaving. We're going to go ahead and punch and then angle up about 90 degrees. So bring the elbows back into a cactus and we're just gonna reach up and back elbows back. So we're doing a little scapular motion here. And, again, When I'm doing these things, it's about 8 to 10 of those.

Do as many or as little as you like. And keep the head reaching. My gaze is about 45 degrees at the floor. Keeping my neck nice and long, keeping my form too. One more on this last one.

Stay up. Go ahead and bring the fingertips out of that grip and then bring the arms down into the hug a tree. Yes. So for that, You feel this little teardrop that's coming from the teard going down to your fingertips, and we're gonna hug that tree. Hug it in, inhale, and exhale out. In hell, as the fingers come together, touch, exhale, take it out. I'm talking. So just do what I'm saying. Okay.

She's not ex hailing. She is. We'll do one more. Good. Bring it there. Close it. It's beautiful. Open it up. Now we're gonna have one more delicious thing that we do here.

We're gonna do that serve. We're gonna serve and reach bring it all the way up, arm circles around. And then we go back to hug the tree, arm circles up and around. Now normally when we do this, we don't have the carriage moved too much, but we are renegades today. We don't care. We are moving the carriage today. Yes, dude. One more.

Tree hug serve and give yourself one more great hug. I love it. And then we retire these straps to the back. They're behind us. Now we're gonna have some more fun. Carefully step off to the side.

And then we're gonna put on I'm putting on a blue. So I have a red and a blue for a little bit more support for me, but you can put on whatever feels good for you. The hands are gonna go to the foot bar. The feet are gonna go back to the headrest. Hand hand foot foot. Stay there and have a little bit of a pitch over the top of the foot bar.

Pull the belly button in and back. And let's just try one plank to see how that feels. Yeah? Feels good to me. Now this is gonna feel like a up stretch. So I want you to push the carriage back And then come back forward.

This time, go over the top of the foot bar, hips go back, then the carriage boots. Bring the carriage home, pull it close, push the hips back, reach the feet back, and then come home one more. You hear my voice. It's a serious workout. Let's go back and down, and then come back up.

And take a kneeling little break right now. Pray. What do I need to do? Take a second. It's gonna get better. I swear. That's probably one of the hardest things that we're gonna do today. So go ahead and stand back up on the carriage, bring your heels to the shoulder blocks, spring stay as they were.

Toes lift. Toes stay lifted. And I want you to pitch your body towards the foot bar Try not to lock the knees and really exaggerate the lift in your back like a angry cat. Yes. We push the carriage back and we close it. We did this about 8 to 10 times, so push back close.

And as you're closing, keep going, you're going to bring your abs up towards the ceiling, close. Try not to close too tight. Two more. Ew, last one. Hold. Go ahead and take your hands off the foot bar.

Hands to the carriage. Take a forward fold for about 2.2 seconds. Catch your breath. You did that. That was great. So go ahead and take your hands back to the football because I got a little treat for you. Alright.

My left foot is gonna say plant it onto the carriage, and I'm gonna take my right foot and just pick it up Find my balance. Maybe that means move your hand over to the side, and I want you to get that right leg up. And then open that hip Left knee stays soft, extend the right leg, extend it, extend it, reach the right leg towards the ceiling, as that heal plants into the carrot. You feel that? Pull the belly button in and stretch. That's your little arrow basket and then bring that puppy back down.

Guess what? You've got another leg. Let's do the other one. This is a fun one. And I've got it again for you later. So while you do it, This one might not feel so secure, but you'll have a chance to do it again.

So we're gonna go ahead take that left foot up, halfway knee is bent, Togoes towards the ceiling. Find your balance. When you find the balance, you feel strong. Straighten that leg. Straighten the leg.

You got it. That's opening that hip and want you to reach, like, someone's pulling that leg away from you. Right knee is slightly bent, stretch, stretch, stretch, and then bring that leg down. Both feet on the carriage hands to the carriage, take a forward fold. That's good stuff, y'all. And then step down carefully off of Zick Carriage, and we're gonna go grab the box.

So the box is coming on. That was work, y'all. Alright. Box is on. Head rest comes down. Spring conventions.

I want this to feel good. So, you can leave the blue and the red on. I'll play around and see how I feel about it, but here, think we'll be okay with the blue and red on. Go ahead and sit down comfortably on their former facing the rear of it and grab your handles. These are here for props. Okay? So just while you're holding on to these puppies, go ahead and choke up on your strings wherever you are, your leather straps and find your tallest spine, feet are lightly touching the foot bar. In the hips, it'd be reaching up, up, rib cage up and away, head goes to the top of the ceiling. And I want you to give a little curl.

See that curl, that c curve, I like these. And then come back up. Yeah. Curl undulate. We start from the back, the tailbone tucks under, we squeeze the glutes, and then we find that connection to the abs.

We'll do 2 more y'all. Squeeze. Push. Good. Extra credit if you wanna go back a little bit further for extension. That's up to you.

Mhmm. I'm not going full extension today and bring it all the way back home. Awesome. Now we're gonna go into a little marching. So that same position, I want you to find that curve, find the curve, right leg comes up. You see that? Hold it there. See how that feels.

Change legs. Shows are relaxed. Wide shoulders. Left leg comes up. Hold it there. How's that feel? Feels okay.

You got this? Alright. We're gonna go a little bit faster now. We'll pick up the right. Change and switch to the left. What? Change and switch.

Change and switch. 2 more change in switch. Change in switch. That was one more. This is the last one.

Switch change. On a. Beautiful. And curl. Come out of that curl. Yes. You like it? You're are you still good? I'm good, but I'm a little roasty toasty. Alright. We're still stay with me.

We're almost there. Since you're in that sea, Kermit, it feels so good. We're gonna put all that together. So that curve that happens at the tailbone, tailbone tucks under. Hold the tailbone there.

That right leg is gonna come up You you see where this is going. Right? Ray leg comes up. Leave it there at tabletop. Can we ask the left leg to come along with us? Did it come with us? Yes. We're here. Are you dying? If you are, get out of it, if you're not extent, and then come back and then get out of it.

We did it. Right? We're done. Let's put it down. We're off of it. Alright. Give me that toss fine again. And now we're gonna keep a little chokes there.

We're gonna do a little chest expansion here. So we're gonna pull the straps towards this. Arm's gonna come to the side of the box. We're gonna hold that there nice, long line. You're gonna look to the right, look to the left, and then come back return.

Let the straps fall back where they go. And we pull again, pull to the sides, lift to the left. Look to the right. Look forward. We do 2 more. 1 on each side.

Pull the straps. Keep your your wrist nice and long. Look right. Look left. Hi. It looks thinner.

Last one. Pull. We look to the left. We look to the right, and we go center. And we leave that puppy where she is.

Now we're gonna put the straps on our pegs a little extra credit fund, if you'd like. Gonna step off carefully to the side. I'm leaving the springs where they are. But I will take the foot board down because we're gonna have a little fun right here. Little fun.

Are you the springs where they are? If you have a platform, put it on. Springs are still on red and blue for me. If you feel like you need more support, put more spring on, this is about a spring and a half. Right? So stepping on carefully to our our our, what is this thing called? Platform I have more purchase here because my hands are gonna be on the box.

So with that being said, step onto the the platform very carefully. And then I want you to feel both of your hands on that box. Feel a little bit more secure than the foot bar earlier. Right? Alright. You got options here. I wanna do a plank. I'm gonna put my toes on here.

Plank it out. That feels better. Right? And then bring it up pike up. Hips come to the ceiling. We'll do 2 more of these. Plank it out.

Get those wrists right under the shoulders, and then hips raise up, head tucks under. Last one. Best one. Take it out. Adjust those shoulders, good, and then hips back, head down. Beautiful.

Awesome. Taking your left foot onto the carriage. The toe is a little bit up against this the, short box. My toes are onto the platform. I'm gonna bend my knees just a little bit, right, a little slightly. Think like a runner start. Right? Go ahead and press the carriage out.

This is gonna get to that glute. Squeeze the glute. Press out. So it's like a split a split lunge variation. One more. And then bring it back.

Can we switch sides? Carefully step that foot back to the platform. Set at the right side, find that runner start, pull those abs back, press out at lunch. You probably can see it better here. My gaze is 45 degrees in front of me.

Good. And one more. Now because we're here already, I wanna take advantage of this. This back foot, I'm gonna turn it to the side. So my back foot is facing the camera. My front foot is facing the box of the rear of the reformer. I'm gonna push it out.

Push it out. Push it out. Where are we going with this? We're gonna raise up so that we're pushing in. We're good. Arms come up. And we're gonna go into our warrior holding that there. Hold it for 3, 2, one and bring it home, bring the carriage home.

Let's switch sides. That back foot is gonna go to the side point to the side of the carriage. Tow is on. We've pressed the carriage out. Use your knee to give you a little leverage. Turn the body. Arms come up, twist, reach.

Look at that gaze. Feel the adductors and the adductors working in that nice, delicious lunge. I like it, and then we're gonna come out of it spiral down to your box. Now this is the thing I was talking about. Go ahead. Change your feet up. Alright.

Toes come on to that platform again. We're gonna do that arabesque again. Yep. We're gonna air a basket. We're gonna push the carriage out, feel a secure purchase, but that left leg, right leg comes up to the knee, then it reaches to the ceiling, head dies down. That feels more supported to me.

I like both. So you have a option here. Extra credit, bend that leg, a little stretch for the hip flexor, straighten the leg, return it to your platform. Close the carriage. Let's do the other side.

I got my right toe on. I feel secure. I'm gonna push this carrot out. Yep. And then that left leg is gonna come up halfway, reach towards the ceiling, dip my head under. And there we are. Feel that reach.

It feels so good. I love it. And then bend to me, bring it back, close the carriage, and carefully step off to this side. Heat. There's heat in here y'all. Alright. Now this one's a lot of fun. Talk to yourself about this one.

I'm gonna bring the footbar back up. Notice I have not changed my springs at all. So the box will come away from the shoulder blocks. Okay? Your leg is gonna fit in here. We're gonna do like a modified pigeon mermaid.

So come on to the to sit to the top of the box, squeeze that leg in there adjust when you need to. So this is my posture. My hip is forward, tall spine, gonna reach my hand back a little bit past my shoulder for my mermaid, reach that right arm up press the carriage out, take that side stretch. Good. Use your abs and the obliques to bring you back up.

To the center. We reach and do it again. And come to the center. One more time. This time, I like it really reach and really find the diagonal, the corner of the room, and find that stretch extra credit here, you can turn your body towards the foot bar and give yourself a little stretch up here. I liken it to an iguana finding the sun. This is my iguana.

And maybe wanna push the carriage back. And lower the chest and get a stretch and the soas IT band, all that good stuff. And then bring the carriage home just raises up, twisting at the waist. Give me that reach again, and then counter stretch the other side. Either grabbing onto the foot rest or the head rest up to you.

Delicious. I love that. Let's do the other side. Carefully step off. Step off. I'm gonna walk around. Come with me.

I have the same distance of leg. So I'm not gonna move the box, so so you'll get to see it. So this top leg comes over the box, scooch it, and then get your leg right in there, and you have this beautiful support of the shoulder block suppress against if you feel like you need more support. So I love it. So tall spine here, Now you can see the back really working. Alright. Arm reaches the foot bar a little bit behind the shoulder, and they reach that left arm up and then reach to the diagonal, push the carriage away, find that mermaid stretch.

Should I call this a merv pigeon? I don't know. Come back up. Oh, obliques are working. Lifting the rib cage away from the hips. Reach again. Do it in and come up.

Last one, best one. I always like to, like, exaggerate this last one up and Oh, very yes. I love it. It's so good. Extra credit. Turn the chest towards the foot bar, find that stretch, maybe live here for a little bit, right, and see how that feels.

It feels good to me. Press back and get that chest a little bit lower, and then get that stretch up I feel like a mermaid finding a rock on the ocean back there and then do it again. It's too rich it back. I think I did 3 on the other side. We'll see. If I did, they'll just be extra credit because it feels so good. This might be extra credit.

Do you get it? Yes. And bring it up. Let's take that counter stretch. Other side. I'm gonna hold on to this hip because this is my side that's a little more generous than the other.

I like it. And then come off. Just gonna carefully step off to the side here. I'm taking the box away. We're almost done with this series.

Place in the box in the back, keeping the springs where they are. Go ahead and come to a kneeling position on the carriage. Both of these are against the shoulder blocks. It's lovely. Grab your straps, choke up on your rope or your strap, and we're gonna go into a It leads you to a thigh stretch.

So pull of abs up, so ribs cage comes up, top of the head reaches towards the ceiling, knees or against that and squeeze the glutes really pressing the tops of your feet into the carrot. Pulling that in the thigh stretch happens, we lean back reaching with the top of our head, keeping our body in a plank, and then come back up. We're gonna do 2 more of these. Tall spine, tall spine, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, and then come up extra credit on the third one if you want it, extension, reach back, maybe. Extend.

Bring it back. Chest comes forward. I love that. I could have stayed there longer, but no. Come down. Take a little bitty break, little break, and then go ahead and take yourself back out holding the sides of the frame.

Your shoulders are in line ish with your your wrists. We're gonna do a little ISO ab hold. So here we're kicking it. Now I want you to make this Pilates. Pull your belly button towards the ceiling and get that gauge engage at core. Right? Tall spine.

Your gaze is 45 degrees in front of you. I like it. You know, I like my legs, y'all. So I want to see what we can do with these legs. Let me use my left leg so you guys can see it first so you people can see it first. Pushing my right knee into that shoulder block.

I'm gonna reach that left leg up to the ceiling, then I'm gonna straighten it, making sure that this hip is not shining out, shine your headlights and the hip down, and reach Maybe the right arm comes off. For your bird dog, there's your stretch. Oppositional. Finger tips full one direction, toe pulls the other. And then bring it home.

I like it other side. Press that left knee in. Right. That comes up to the ceiling. I like to stretch it long, point the hip down, find that stretch, find that strength, find that core, and then the left arm comes up stretch, pull like a beautiful piece of taffy, and then bring it back. And then press back into child's pose.

Take a breaksy. Final breath here. And I'm gonna call this the finisher. Go ahead and come up to a high kneeling position. We have our our positioning here.

Now you can opt to use the handles or not, but I just wanna do this because I like it and I like it on the reformer. So that same thighs stretch position, if we were doing this on the mat, we would have our hands out forward. Right? So we pull the abs up, ribs come up head is reaching towards the ceiling. So if we were in this position, think that kinda leaned back, leave the right hand where it is, and let's take the right this is the left. Let's take the left hand around and reach towards our ankles. If the the ankles are not available to you today, the back or the thigh. Yes?

There is one, and this is our camo. You can take that right arm up to the ceiling. If you can do both reach the other one around, and give yourself that extension. I'm gonna live here for a moment. Take your time or think about it.

Try it. Don't try it. Watch me. Let's go. Good. The opposite way to get out of it take that right the left arm around back to the front, right arm comes back to the front, and then come back down for a child's pose rest.

And now let's come up and carefully step to the side We're almost home. Yeah. And the piece, the resistance that you've been waiting for, all my palatified people, feet in straps, So I'm gonna take myself over to the to the ends of the garage. The garage. That sounds like a garage. Anyway, I have a blue and a red on already. I'm gonna put one more red because I really want to feel the resistance supporting me in this. Go ahead and take a sit down on the garage.

Yes. I said it again. Lay it down. It feels delicious. Give yourself a second. Right? I have my feet on the platform, but you can have your feet on the foot bar and just go ahead and open your legs up for, like, a little butterfly stretch.

To get yourself ready for the beautiful thing that's about to happen. And now we're gonna polarize it. Go ahead and bring those legs back together. Get your straps. Get your feet. Put your feet in the strap right around the area of the arches.

Yes. Now, again, if you feel like this is too much for you, go ahead and change it, but I like to really feel this. Alright. Hands to the side, heels together toes apart in our Pilates v. The straps are inside our thighs, or not inside our thighs, but inside the spread of our knees. So we're gonna push out if your booty's tucking up, get that tailbone down and nice and heavy. Heels close to the bottom, and then press out point the toes, frog it in, resist the springs coming back down.

I only feel like I wanna do 5 of these. So that is a u thing. If you can do more or if you have lighter springs, you probably could do more, but this is a good, like a challenge that might be 4 or that might be 5. I'll do one more for good measure. Good. I love it. Go ahead and bring the toes up.

Keep the feet in the straps, obviously. And then just bend the feet or bend their hips a little bit so you can get your legs to 90 degrees. I like it. Alright. Leg circles. We're not gonna do a lot of these. We're gonna do 3.

Legs come towards the face. Down around and then bring it back up. Take your time with us down. Around and up. Like I said, I really love feeling this. I want my glutes to work.

I want my hamstrings to work. So I let this be nice and heavy. Holds as a center, and then we'll go reverse down and around and up. 2 more. If you went heavy like me, you are certainly feeling this.

Last one down around it. Up. Bring it up. Keep it up. Flex at the ankles. Give yourself a little tug with your straps or your ropes and stretch those delicious hamstrings. I'm gonna leave you here with this for a little bit.

Tail bone is down and lower. Enjoy your stretch. Oh, maybe bend those knees and find a little stretch a different area of your body. I like it. And go ahead and take your feet out of the straps.

Let the carriage close carefully and place your pegs. Place your handles on your pegs. Alright. Hands to the side. A little running. A little running.

Uh-huh. We're gonna take ourselves out. Push the carriage out, and then we're going to drop the heel alternate and really make this yummy. Yummy delicious stretch. The tendons are getting love. Your toes and everything through the front of the legs are getting love.

Wide shoulders at the shoulder blocks, even pressure on the shoulders. And bring it on home. Let's take both feet up. Heels are lifted, stretch the head away from the toes, lengthening And then let the heels drop under for a good, delicious tendon stretch. We like it.

Ben the knees and bring the carriage home. Alright. Let's bring that headrest down because they're gonna go up with the head a little bit. Up with the head, the feet will come to the sides of the corners of your foot bar and I want you to peel your back off of The mat tailbone initiates tailbone goes up to the ceiling, pressing the feet into the foot bar, find that forward plank or that bridge there and just hold it there. We're just holding it for 3, 2, 1 from right under lower the ribs, middle back, lower back tailbone to the garage, and then close. The springs bring it home. Take your left leg into the middle of the foot bar.

Right foot goes over the right ankle crosses over the left knee. Find the stretch here, figure 4. I like to press my leg away to find a little opening stretch in my hip flexor. It feels really good towards the the inner thigh, the groin area, and some of the IT band is getting some love. So I like this stretch. Good. And then switch out sides. Right foot goes on.

Left ankle crosses over for your figure 4 stretch. Delicious. If you need a little love, give it a little press away for more of a stretch, more of a hip opener there. Good. I like it. And then bringing the other foot to the foot bar.

Almost home. Y'all. Happy baby. Go ahead. And freeing those knees towards your chest, you can grab the insides of your arches and just stretch and open up those hips You can hold the inside, outside, you can hold at the thighs, wherever you want to hold. I liked holding at my arches.

And I think about a little happy baby, having a good time. We were all once a happy baby. Really feel that stretch. Opening those hips. You're wonderful.

Go ahead and close the legs cut yourself into a little ball, it'll curl up, and then we'll step off to the side for the finale. Alright, Matamilia. I'm gonna lower the foot bar, and I'm going to also change my spring. So lowering the foot bar, I am going to go on just a red spring for this. So I'm at the front of my my reformer.

So I'm at the front of the reformer, and I have myself in a pilates v, or you can go parallel. Arms come up to the ceiling, and then you dive down, curl down, roll down towards the carriage, cupping the carriage at the end. Push the carriage away, keeping your hips stacked over, your heels, and feel that stretch as you push your way. The head is between the arms, your ears, and your arms are in line, nice, tall, long stretch, pushing away, Heels are pushing into the floor. Now I want you to bring the carriage towards you and arch your backup for your cat cow.

Push the carriage away, long back table top, and then curl the ribs up towards the ceiling hollow the belly out in that c curve. Press it away again. Good. And then bring it home. Let's press it out one more time and just some push it. Take it out. Hold it there.

Been the elbows three times. 3, 2. One, say there, find that delicious stretch. Maybe you go a little bit further. It's good. And then pressing the heels into the floor, lining up the back of the legs, the posterior chains lighting up, and then you start curling, curling up towards the ceiling.

Your glutes are on. The abs are working. You're using your body to get your arms up. To the sky all the way up. Reach the arms down and back.

And you are done. I love that so much. Thank you so much for joining me for this flow. Bye.


Elena S
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Thank Mychele! Great class I would come back to do often! 😘
Jennifer E
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Thank you so much, Mychele! Your classes always make me smile!
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Excellent class!!! Love those arabesque moves! 🤸🏽‍♀️
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Thank you Mychele - loved the reverse arabesque- so much fun and joy
Andrea B
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Thank you Mychele!  I really enjoyed this session.  Your positivity comes shining through  
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I love the energy from your class! Thank you, Mychele.
Melissa - Take Good Care Pilates
Love a good "Challooonge!".  Thanks, Mychele!
Deeply pleasant class. Mychele your carriage side manner is warm, welcoming, and soothing. Thank you!
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Fun class Mychele and good cueing too!  I’ll  be back for more 😊
Taryn D
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So great! Thank  you for such an excellent class - loved your playfulness!
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