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Move with Amy Havens in this invigorating Pilates Mat class that emphasizes fluidity and the power of traditional Pilates work. This straightforward and energizing class will challenge your alignment, stability, and strength. You're guaranteed to break a sweat and feel fantastic after this dynamic session.
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Hi, everybody. Amy Haven's here for some mat work together. Let's get started. Coming back to the back of your mat. Just take a nice quick inventory from head to toe, settle into yourself. And take a few breaths here. Let's feel the support from the floor working up the legs energy in your legs, link through your waistline, space across your chest, your neck very long out of your shoulder girdle and smile.

Really does help. So we'll take a nice breath in together here and rounding forward. We'll do a couple standing roll downs, check into how we feel. As we're warming up, you can soften your knees if that's your choice. Just let yourself round forward right away, those supporting this shape or disposition with those abdominal muscles pulled up and in.

And then as you come up to standing, See if you can firm up the back of those legs to support this, firm up your size, work your body. Just stand tall with another breath. So articulation starting at the top of that head, bending through the neck, The arm's just hanging very loose, lift from the center, checking that we're not locking the knees. Upside down, we can see the wall right behind us here, breathing in, gratitude for being able to move our bodies, Continue to study, practice, learn, experiment, another breath in, and kind of be present. Right? Every time you get yourself in your mat, on your mat, in your practice, it's being present. What does your mat feel like underneath your feet?

Let's walk out. Now everybody into a front support position. If that means on your knees today, that's fine. I'm on my arms. Let me just take 3 breath cycles. And really meet the mat with your feet and your hands. And then I want you to bend your knees and just do a little bunny hop forward and sit on back down. Move your body forward.

I want you to stretch your legs forward. Stretch your arms forward. Pull the abdominal wall back. And then we'll go ahead and take a very slow roll backward. Let's take your time. Feel some stretch and length here.

Take another breath in. Breathe out and flatten your back. Inhale. Let it release a little from the mat. And, again, exhale as you deeply engage your center muscles, your abdominal try to get your lumbar vertebrae down on the mat. Inhale and release.

One more time. This one, keep your abdominals engaged. Keep your lumbar down. Servicle flexion to lift up onto the shoulder blades. Lift your thighs, toes at eye level.

Let's go pumping in 4, 5, exhale 3, 4, 5. Those shoulder blades just barely off the mat. I've got a sense of reaching my legs for that window. My arms from my feet that are reaching to the window, a forward curl, Continue to expand the chest wall. Halfway there.

Pump a little faster. 3 more. Lower your shoulders off your neck, and then everybody squeeze that air out, tuck your knees in, roll yourself up. If you happen to have a foot strap, let's put that around our ankles. If you don't Oh, well, don't worry about it for our roll up. I want you to take your legs firmly together.

Arms overhead, you should see your arms and your peripheral vision. Can you get that lumbar down? Arms up, head and chest up. Kill up. Now challenge yourself to not lose attention over the strap. Pull that stomach back, pull your hips back, lift and round, roll yourself back.

We're probably doing 3 to 4 reps of everything today just to tell you where I'm at. Inhale. Exhale. Keep the support from this draft. That means you can't just give into your flexibility.

Those of us that have it, just round up, lift the stomach, and pull the hips back. Reach and reach and reach. Can you get that segmental quality of movement through the spine? As you come down for one more roll up. Pull back with the stomach.

You've gotta lift your waist up and over. Create that shape, that stretch. That's our teaser somewhere along the way. And a lot of other things. Release your feet bicycle both legs up.

Take one leg down to the mat. I'm not gonna use the ankle strap and just keeping the right leg lifted. Externally rotate the femur. Pull both halves of your pelvis into your mat, and we'll take 5 single leg circles. 4 and 5 reverse, not big range, solid, continue to pull the pelvis into the mat.

Last circle that direction and just change the legs. Pull your pelvis into the mat. Cross around and up. Keeping your shoulders back. One more in this direction.

Reverse. 54. The other leg has energy. And stability down below you, pull both knees in, tuck your knees into your chest, pick your head up, and rock a little bit. And rock another one all the way up, and we'll move that into rolling like a ball.

So lifting those hips, pulling your hips toward your sitting bones, wrapping your arms around your legs. Lift your feet from the mat. Just hold this for a moment. Knees pressing out. Elbows pressing in, rolling back, lift your hips, come back up.

Roll back and lift the hips. Come back up. We want the massage. Two more. Massage your spine.

Last one. Place your feet down. I want you to move your hands behind you. Lift your hips and move your hips back and roll yourself down, tuck into that ball again. Extend one leg forward, hands on your shin, single leg, and just a quick easy pull pull.

And pull pull. Pull pull one more each side and double leg stretch will do 3. I'm gonna take my knees apart today. And keeping that pilates stance of the legs and reach yourself long. And one more here, everybody.

And then place your head back down. Take a quick breath of air. Vict your head back up. Let's take a little bit of our scissor. So our pull pull will just do two sets each.

So this is it. This one and this one. Straight leg, lower lift. Hands behind head, two times. Take it down. Bring it up. One more. It'll reach across the room with those legs and just 4 criss cross.

Twist, twist, twist, twist, up for spotting stretch forward. Take your legs to the width of your mat. Arms reaching long in front of your shoulders. Palms face down. Breathing in.

Lift the waistline. So we're doing that same feeling as we did. The top of our roll up pull your hips back, pull your stomach back, reach, roll back up to sitting and press your arms down lightly. Lyft your waist, take a breath, contract, and you keep lifting the interior of you rounding back up. We have one more and round. Squeeze all that air out.

Get that solar plexus to really pull up. Roll yourself up. Lower your hands, bring your legs together, bend your knees, move up a little bit so you have enough room behind you, and hands on the inside to grab your ankles. Let's come up for our open leg rocker. Balance for a second.

Feel that stability. You can bend your elbows a little out to the side, flare your lats. Let's how about 4? For reps to roll back. Roll back up.

Roll and lift those sitting bones up. Use your erector spend. Hey. You're back to get you a rollback and lift your sitting bones. Be here now. Be in your practice once more. Bring your legs together.

Going in for a cork screw, something cork screw I'm gonna do today is the small one. Legs, I'm not doing my role over cork screw. I know right now, would not be a successful approach today. So I'm doing a supine with my legs together doing the leg portion of my cork screw. Y'all always listen to what your body's telling you in your practice. One more. Okay. Tucking your knees in.

We'll bring yourself back up. We're going in for our saw. Spread your legs again right at the width of the mat, toes up, outstretch your arms. We'll do 2 each direction. Rotate to one side.

You know what you're doing sliced toward that pinky toe. The other arm has energy reaching back. You're even on your sit bones. Both arms have value. Roll back up and come back to center. Other direction twist.

Both arms have the same value the same value of reach roll back up. Only one more each direction and stretch. Rolling back up to the second side the last time. Stretch stretch. Stretch. Roll back up, bring your legs together.

We're gonna come right around on our tummy, everybody, for a little swan. Lakes can be together or a little bit apart. Rest your forehead down. Have your hands right up here by the top of your shoulders. Take your tailbone and reach it strongly down toward your heels, lift your chest and your face, start to look forward. Reach your sternum forward.

Use those arms and press yourself up. Give your legs the stretch. Look straight forward. Energy also up the top of your head. And we bend the elbows to come all the way down.

2 more swans. So it's that upper back extension or a reverse of that thorax, press. You wanna lift your ribs up off your pelvis. Bend your elbows to come down. Keep reaching your sternum forward. Get yourself all the way down.

One more swan. Try to use mostly your back at that moment. You have to use your arms. Keep your legs stretched. And bring yourself down.

Single leg kick. So propping up on elbows, make a fist and press your fist down bring your scapula back and chest forward. This is definitely legs together. Ready? Through each side. Flex point lower. Flex point. Keep lifting the rib cage off the mat.

Best you can. Flex point. That's it and double leg kick. So as double leg kick today, go ahead and take your face and just put one cheek down. Take both heels and kick, kick, kick into your bottom.

And we're not doing the arm part today. Just lift kind of transition through a little swan right there. I'm not putting my face completely down from the headset. It's okay. And lift. Just pass through a little swan move here. And come down and kick, kick, kick, lift, stretch those ribs up off the pelvis and kick kick kick. And that's all we need to do.

Went you to lift and come all the way down. Transition yourself through a little cat back position with even a little rest pulls. We're gonna come back up. And if you have your ankle strength like I do, We're gonna use it. If you don't, good luck for neck pull.

I love that I have a strap for neck pull. Legs apart. Neck pull hands behind our head. Let's do kind of good traditional style with the elbows way back as much as we can. I didn't do it in double leg because I didn't have it for my body today, but I have it here.

It's different when I'm upright. So we're gonna lean back. And then take your time to flex, use that strap to help you lie back with control. Now as you roll up, try to keep your elbows back. Serve vocal flexion.

It's the strangest feeling. Dive your brain toward your knee. Head presses in the hand a little bit. Let's go back again. Heels reaching forward.

Roll under. Open. Try to keep your elbows back. Curl the spine in between the arms. Head down towards his knees.

Sometimes good things come in 3. Shall we try? Let's do third one. And if the hands back like that's not working for you, you know, your other way around would be a roll up position. Completely fine. Be in your practice. Okay. Undo your ankle strap.

If you had it, bicycle and scissors, a little bit of it. I want you to roll up up and over yourself. Use your hands on your pelvis. There are specific ways to put the hands. I'm gonna place my hands in the small of my back, right by my pelvis and my lower back, The idea here is to really get the hips up off the hands in terms of your weight.

Right? We're not sitting into the hands. We are lifting. That's a lot of back strength, little scissors of the legs. I'm saying Amy lift your hips up. Be less heavy on your hands.

That's all. One more switch. Try to do a little bicycle movement. Hips up to the ceiling. Weight less on your hands.

It makes it a lot different. Doesn't it reverse your pedals? Lift your hips out of your hands. Hips out of your hands. One more each.

One more each. Tuck your knees in. Roll yourself up. Take your legs forward into a really yummy little stretch. Really owe me a little stretch. It's fine twist.

Sitting nice and tall. Take out your arms out to the side. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Take a breath. Flex those feet.

When it turned 40 for 3 pulses of my abdominals. 1, 2, 3, center. To the other side, my legs are active. 2, 3, and center. To the first side and twist like a growing vine.

It goes up and center and twist too. Once again, feel your back working. Your back. Your back. Your back. And your front with your back, shoulder bridge, hips forward, roll on back, Place your heels pretty close to your sitting bones.

You can do legs together if you can, if you want, Little space if you can and if you want. Take a breath. Lift your hips. Before we take our legs skyward, press the arms down. Press the hips up.

One leg will come to the ceiling. We're gonna go down with that leg and up. And feel free to flex point your foot, point to come down, flex to come up, 2 more, Keep using that standing leg to push your hips up. Bend and return. Ready. Push that down.

Step get second leg up and point down using the arms for some support. To help your single leg balance. Feeling the work in the back, and the stretch in the thighs. Everyone hold for a moment. Hold for a moment.

And roll down slowly. This rule feel that articulation. And then bring your knees in, bring your head up, give yourself that beautiful curl forward. Side work. So I'm turning over to you, sliding back to the back edge of the mat, leg slightly forward, Always check that your hips are pretty far back, and your arm is hand holding your head. Legs forward. Now today, I'm gonna just set my hand here. Choose which you would like.

We're gonna take that top leg forward for kicks, front and back, breathing in. I wanna have you kick pretty high. And kick and just hold it to the back and kick. We're doing 3 and reach to the back. Last one, kick to the front and reach to the back. That is it. Turn onto your tummy, heel beets.

Stack your hands. Rest your forehead. Tail bone to heels. Pick up your stomach. Pick up your legs and beat the heels.

My feet are pointed at this point. I'm gonna do some more flex feet. I'm lifting my ribs as much as I can off the mat, not getting cozy and pause. Other front back. So just roll onto the other side. Legs in front and holding your head lengthen through the waistline, pick up that top leg flex that foot, and then a big kick front and a big stretch to the back.

And a big kick front and a big stretch to the back, side kicks. Big stretch to the back. Just turn right over onto your tummy again. Lift your size. Hold the mirror.

Hold them there and hold them there and then place the feet down, hands by your shoulders, push back into a rest pose. Stretch your lower back tailbone to the heels. Couple breaths. Keep checking in. How are you doing in your map practice?

It's a practice, isn't it? Teaser. Let's start it this way today. Hands behind your knees. I need to do a little bit of switch on going there. Extend your legs in your teaser position.

Okay. Yep. Hold your shins perhaps. Okay. So the top of our roll up, right, I I said it's like a teaser. What I meant there is pulling the hips back We have to keep the waistline lifted up and over. They hips her back.

We've just now reclined that whole shape. That's why it makes it so darn hard. And then relax your arms forward. Relax them forward. The work is down in here.

Let's roll back. I'm gonna go ahead and open the legs and go all the way down. The STs are 3. Why not roll up, reach, Get yourself up there. It's a forward roll. Pull your hips back.

Lift your waistline. And roll ourself down. That's all it is. 2 more times. Take a breath.

Read it out. One more. Pull your hips back. Get that lower backpack. How you doing? One more talking to everybody.

Good. Swimming. Cross your legs. Face down this way. Lock yourself back. Out stretch your arms.

Out stretch your legs before you lift your limbs. Tail bone to the heels. Pull your abdominals up the front of your body, lift, and begin your paddle. You don't have to lift high. One more breath.

Hands by your chest. Lift yourself again. Rounding back into your resting pose. Side kicks in the kneeling position. So bring yourself up.

I'm gonna turn towards you out stretching my arms to the side. And I do like to do a little cartwheel kind of over the head. Strips that out outside leg out. And then just bring yourself back up. Do the other side.

Be a little playful with this part. Should be a beautiful side stretch of your body. Beautiful weight bearing on your hand and your leg. Holding here Turn into a front support and hold, brush one leg up, one leg pull. Pull yourself forward, push yourself back, foot down, other side. Brush, pull forward, push back and down.

Okay. I'm gonna face you again a little more of that side, cartwheel, and over cart wheel and over 1 more of each and over. And one more of each and over. Time for a little boomerang. I'm gonna sit right back down. Face your feet.

Cross one thing over the other. Alright. Boomerang. I'm going 1 each, meaning the other side. You know what I mean? When they go over each other. So hands by your hips or your thighs, reach your legs this way. Reach your stomach back this way. Pick up those legs and roll over.

Change the legs. Up for that teaser, Ben, those elbows you shave. You reach a little stretch of your arms. Pull your arms behind you as much as you can. Die forward.

Circle around and embellish your little stretch here. Deep and deep and deep in the stretch. You get one more chance. Take your breath, everybody. Contract and lift the sides.

Roll yourself over. Change the legs. Rolling up, stretch those legs. Reach for that teaser. Shave those elbows.

I'm not pulling so aggressively on my arms. Stretching, taking time. To lower the legs and stretch through the hamstrings. Seal. Bring your feet up.

Hands together around the in steps of your feet. For just a moment, balance again, like we did in rocker, You're on the back of your sit bones. Pull your hips back away from your feet and do a little clapping of your your paws. 1, 2, 3. Choose to do that if you'd like to in the overhead. Or save it to come back up.

We'll do 3. Lift the sit bones. Once more, one crab cross. Hold on to those feet and really pull the knees up. We're doing the same rollover.

We change our legs overhead. And cross the other foot on top. Here we go. Cross. Just one more. Lift the knees.

Lift the stomach. It's kinda hard when you're sweaty. Okay. And come down diamonds shape with your feet. Everybody come down. Turn yourself around.

Walk to the under the other side of the mat. We're coming into push ups. Will you do a plank push up? Will you do a knee push up up to you? Take your arms up. Breathe in. I'm gonna do a standing roll down again.

I'm walking down. I'm gonna lower myself to my knees so that I can complete 3 push ups here. Safe. I know where I'm at. 1. And always a good idea.

Know where you're at when you're at. Right? Is that fine line of pushing the challenge And, hips go up. You'll walk your hands back. That's why we call it a practice. Differ every time.

One more rounding down. 3 push ups, if you wish. Here we go. A hand, Bend? Press.

Bend. Press. 1 more, Bend. Oh, I almost didn't have it. And then I want you to reach back into your rest pose.

Reach back. Read a kind of conclude class, but be here, be in this position. Let your body sway a little bit from side to side. Kinda settle into the center. Rule yourself up to a very tall seated position. Take a quick scan of yourself, how you how you feel, not how you did, It's about how you feel with your movement in your body right now.

Right? That's about it. So about being in less doing, being in your Pilates, being in your practice. We do it, but we we are it. Right? So I'll see you next time. Bye.


Jennifer E
Perfect class to start the week! Thank you so much, Amy!!
Yes- I feel fantastic after taking this class because you teach fantastic classes Amy🙏💕
Love your cuing as always. Thank you Amy🥰
Carolina H
Feel very energised now! It was also a great practice in terms of tuning in to where my body is at today. Thanks Amy! 
Such a lovely, clear class! Thank you Amy:))
Such a great class Amy!!
Thank you Amy for this wonderful class! 😊 I really enjoyed it. It is gentle and demanding at the same time. 
great class i loved the double leg kick with the swan.
This was perfect for me today Amy - before the class my back was tight and my energy levels were low, but this was sooo good - I always feel safe in your hands and Pilates never fails to make me feel better and energise me - thank you so much!
Fabulous doing a nice traditional mat class with lovely cues from Amy:) Thank you
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