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Create your Own Resistance

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This class focuses on creating resistance within one's own self to increase the intensity of exercise. Using the body in place of a band or a circle to provide resistance is just as fun as the prop itself. Enjoy!
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Feb 29, 2012
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Okay. We're going to start with just a couple of standing roll downs and I think I'll just be here. Okay. So let's just find our weight on our feet. Shifting forward into the toes, shifting back into the heels and as you do that shift back and forth thing, just take a minute and think about the alignment of your spine. So for me, I've got to go into a little bit of a Tuck. I'm a little bit of an over archer. So whatever you need to do to bring your body into alignment and then finding the way just over the center of the feet, accentuate the arch muscle of the foot. Reach the arms down the size of the body and the lift the spine long.

And with that we start with the standing roll down, allowing the head to drop into the chest, feeling right away the support we create front of the body as we take our body down towards the ground. Notice if your hips went behind your heels and if they did, bring them over the heels directly and breathe in and breathe out. As you just wheel up through the spine. The tail comes through in between the legs. We stack the spine just over the pelvis. The shoulders drop.

Well, they had rises and with that head we lift the spine longer and let's go again. Rolling forward, feeling a heaviness through the arms. Oh yeah, we're creating resistance, but not yet. Not yet. The only resistance we're creating at the moment is upward resistance to support the downward pull of the spy and inhale and now here, let your arms be heavy. Almost like something's pulling them into the ground or they're being pulled off the ground. Or are you like, you've got weights in your hands or I don't know, the visual that you'd like, but they're heavy and now we're rolling up and letting the arms be a little heavier than they normally would be.

And using that feeling to create a little bit more of a stretch to the upper back. Let's take the arms up and push the air through space and push the air through space. As the arms come down, and let's take the body forward. We're going to do it. Go One more time. Feeling this fine. Fold in on itself so it's not just down, it's in and in and in, and narrow yourself in towards your legs. Feeling space between the ears in the shoulders and again, imaginary waits in the arms.

We create that downward pull of the arms as the spine just lightly travels up. And then as we arrive up in that standing position again, lift the arms out to the side, pushing energy upwards as you get just to your shoulders. Allow the arms to start to feel light, but the shoulders continue to feel heavy. Take a hold of your fingers, interlock them, turn them inside out. Pull the shoulders down to reach the hands into the air and then to lean towards me. Just stretch and push the pelvis in the opposite direction.

And then using those old Blake's, we pull back up through center and then we go the other way. Reaching across and we utilize the obliques to come back up through center. We're going to make a circular motion here in healing across towards me. Exhale, bend the spine over, pushing the arms forward, but the abs pull back, coming all the way around to the side and app and inhale away from me and Xcel the ABS. Pull back the arms, push forward, creating oppositional forces in our body, coming all the way around to the side and up, bringing the arms down to our sides. Take the left foot and just bring it right out in front of you. I'm going to just do a little standing balance work. So what I want you to do is again, finding the alignment of the spine.

We're gonna bend both knees, but what that means is the left knee is going to bend off the ground and the right knee is going to bent on the ground, right? So we pull up, it's kind of like the karate kid and push the arms down and I didn't say lift the arms up. We're gonna lift the arms, bending bull Sneads and push that free leg into the ground as that the leg that's on the ground stands up and then and push both legs actively working, right. The leg is pulled up towards the body. Use the abdominals to pull it up. So in reality, we know that the hip flexors are active, they're right, they actually lift the leg. But how can we work deeply enough to the center so that it feels more like stomach work and less like legwork? Last one, lifting and pressing. And now with the arms, just flex the foot through center and bringing the arms just at your sides. The leg is now active on the ground behind. You start to lift the leg. So now let the body respond to the lifting of the leg.

The leg lifts up. Just go where you feel comfortable at the moment. Reach the arms up. It's like the upper back on the harms are pulling the leg through space. And then we just hinge from the pelvis and let the toes tap down and then lift the leg. So let that energy start behind the hip. And then reach the arms up and I don't necessarily mean the arms are going to come behind the body.

They're just energetically next to the body and actively lifting upwards without pulling up behind the body and just down and three more. We reach up, let the leg do the work for us that this spine just respond to the movement of the leg and and create that resistance through the upper back. The arms start to work, they reach back, they reach up and then we stand up. One more time, reaching back, reaching back. We're going to hold at the low position, wherever that is for you. Bend the leg that you're standing on. We're only gonna do five and straighten as the right knee bends. Lift the left leg energetically higher and straighten and bend. Lucky me, I've got this meant to hold onto and straightened. Last two. Sorry, candy and make it little. So be up here as this works too.

Oh yeah, I use the mat. Why not? And Straight and and then just bring yourself up, right? Use The mat candy. Good. I'm going to turn this way for the next set. Where am I? Oh, I'm standing on my left like, okay. And here we are with the right leg reaching out in front and the Nice and light. We just float the right knee up to the chest and then we engage the back of both legs, unreached the toes down and inhale.

Push the arms up by pulling the shoulders away from the earth and reach and in me and God and in me and Marie shoe and to keeping the body pretty upright, focusing on the backsides of both legs. Did I say two more? That must be it. Like take the leg through. It just flexes through center until it comes behind you. The arms are now in sort of a chest expansion position and then we start to activate the backside of that right leg. As the right leg elevates the chest just responds by reaching towards the floor and then the hinges action occurs around the pelvis.

The spine stays pretty consistent, reaching up and tapping the ground and push the arms up and back, reaching for your ankles, ankle and back. Because if we were reaching for the ankles, we'd be reaching in two directions. So let's reach towards that right ankle or right like slides off the ground and back. [inaudible] excuse me. Last two. Active arms, neck, reaching forward, toes, reaching an opposition to the head and back. Here's the one where we're going to stay. I've got five Benz reaching up, up, up, finding your position then and stretch as there were a left knee bends, the right leg and the arms lift.

Go ahead and here's three and up and keep that back leg super strong. Two one more and now we just in one fell swoop, stand up on our feet and let's just do one more roll down from here. Feeling the spine, folding in on it, self feeling the abdominals, drawing in into the spine, finding your way down towards your feet. Once you arrived down to wherever you're going to be Ben, one knee and jet your weight into the hip of the straight leg and just traveling back through center and going the other direction or bending the opposite knee. Just giving a hip a little bit of a stretch coming all the way up.

Inhale and exhale. Rolling back up. Rolling. Reach the arms forward here. Reach forward. We have in front of you. Yep. So you're pulling the arms forward and pulling the spine oppositionally and then we'd come all the way up. The arms are already there, right already reaching. And let me just push them up. Cool. Okay. Let's come to the mat. Really more Shin than foot. It's harder on your shins. In your feet.

Oh, Wonder Shins, Huh? Huh. I'll think about that. Okay, so we're reaching for the backsides of the legs and using the arms. Okay. So here we're gonna Start, start that energy focus or continue that energy focus and really pull with the arms. It's almost like you're trying to pull yourself closer to your legs, but you're not pulling. Just bend the lower spine. So we'll keep the chest exactly as it is. As you just curve the lower spine. It's going to be tiny and inhale, shifting back towards straight and feel the shoulders drop away from me as, as you just bend into the lower spine. Now, here's a couple more things to think about. Let's get a little energy inwards through the inner thighs, feeling that relationship.

So as the inner thighs pull inwards that assist us in going deeper. Here's our last one, bending through the lower spine. Let's keep moving from here. So now that we've established that curvature, we just continue to move down. You can keep your hands on your legs, you can slide them down, or if you wish you, you can let them go. It's totally up to you. But we're rolling down to the lower back and breathing in and breathing out.

Sinking the abdominals in. Find the round shape. Either hold the legs to help you lift up or push the arms out to the side, lifting the backup tall and then good. We push the arms back forward and as we do so, we start to curve. The curvature is always going to happen through that lower spine first. Find your way evenly to the center of your back and breathe in.

Start breathing out. The arms are reaching forward, the chest is reaching forward, but the abdominals and the lower spine continue to round backwards until the shoulders come over to the hips and then we left and push the arms out. Give yourself a little bit of back extension there and reaching forward, scooping the abdominals back, keeping the feet down on the ground, and let's inhale now, opening the arms. Exhale, pressing the air and rolling back up and inhaling to lift two more of the times like that. Here's our breath. Exhale, bend and Curl and press like you've got a magic circle in your arms, your active active through those arms, and then we spread out the body, spread out through the trunk. Recompress the trunk. Exhale enhanced. Pause x Ltpo up. That's a lot of breathing. Really quick and lift up and last one, pushing energy into the middle of your body, curling down through the spine, pausing at the bottom. As you inhale, open. Exhale, reach forward. Inhale, take the arms overhead. Exhale, push the arms back down and inhale and exhale to come all the way.

Scoot your feet a little bit closer to you, a little bit closer. Reach and touch your cell phone. The feet. Try to keep touching your feet as you peel down the heady setting up for a pelvic crow. Whoa. Keep touching the ankles. Keep touching me and goes as you come all the way down into your back. Lovely. And then we've got our feet lined up. They're parallel to one another.

Press your arms down into the ground. So without moving the spine yet we feel how the upper back energizes as those straight arms press actively into the floor. Breathing into start moving, breathing out as we flex the lower spine, starting to wheel the pelvis up off the floor, sending the knees energetically the toes, keeping their ribs lower than the pubic bone in space and holding to inhale. Continue to press the upper arms backwards as you start to bend the chest through the arms. That's the most challenging part in my opinion in terms of shoulder control and then peeling down to keep that upper arm activation releasing all the way down through the pelvis and lets go again, bending the spine upwards, using the energy of the arms to stabilize the shoulders, but also to give us a little bit of additional backward. But let's not forget about the hamstrings, right?

So as we roll up and down we feel the energetic, oh I'm making myself cramp. I must be working hard and rolling all the way down. And what I was saying before I got distracted by my hand string cramp was rolling up the, we feel the energy inwards. So I'm reaching my fingertips into my heels and my heels into my fingertips and trying to really connect the back side of my body from both directions and excelling to bend the spine down. So I'm going to change it as we get to the top on this next one. Here we go.

Rolling up, stay lifted with the pelvis, float the right leg up, nothing else changes. Now peel the spine back down. Roll directly through the center of the spine. Don't let the shoulders change. Don't let the body or the pelvis shift off to one side. Find a neutral and roll back up, bending the spine to come up.

So like someone's pulling you up from that top leg and down reaching. Keep those upper arms active in the ground and rolling. All right, ching pushing the hip up. And the last time here, peeling down, get a little energy inwards to the insides of the fat so they're nowhere near touching, but they're actively pulling towards one another. And here we are rolling to the top. Let's stretch the leg to the ceiling. Take it down towards the bottom knee folded in, recheck the pelvis, get nice and centered.

Pick up the left and from there the knee stays bent first and we just peel. So maybe harder to feel this centered on one side or the other. That's why we do things like this, right? To feel the differences between our two sides. And then we just, you work the backsides of the legs, still lift the hips up and inhale and feel the activation pattern in the upper back. Feel the reach of the arms. Feel the heel reaching to both fingertips, both fingertips reaching to the heel and lifting up. Here's our last one. We rolled down and then we roll out and stretch and has that leg stretches. Picked the whole body up.

Take the leg down, straight down towards, so it's level with the opposite knee folded in. Take a breath, peel all the way back down, reaching, reaching the arms as the pelvis starts to come into contact with the ground, flip the arms over so the palms face up and just slide the arms out to a t shape. And then we pick up one leg and we pick up the other leg so that the legs are glued together. Here's our spine twist. Inhale to come towards me. And exhale from the opposite side of the waist. We create resistance. So I want you to imagine that someone's got their hand on your legs and they're pushing you and you're having to push back. And I don't want you to necessarily keep moving from side to side.

Think about the push happening from the legs, but instead generate the power of that resistance through the middle of the body from underneath of the belly button right from the space between the belly button and the pubic bone. Feel how the ribs respond. They drop into the mat and inhaling across and exhaling to come back and inhaling across last time to both sides and exhale. You work as deeply as you can, right? You're the only one who can challenge the depth of your movement and back to center. Keeping the legs as is. Bring the hands back behind the head, fully interlocking the fingers.

Feel a heaviness through the head. Feel the elbows spread away from each other as the shoulders drop down and breathe in. As we exhale, we're gonna pick up the head and chest, guiding the chest towards the thighs. Inhale there, lifting a little higher or looking for more intensity and Xcel as you stretched down and working your way back down to the mat. Going again like that. Xcel until lift in healing. As we pause and excelling, pressing the legs together, lengthening the body to the ground, and exhale to lift them and to change it here. So keep the chest exactly as this haul through the abdominals and left the knees. Lift up about two inches. So I'm picking up my pelvis a little bit.

Drop the pelvis back to neutral and let the body come down. And again, exhale to lift the head and chest heaviness in the head. Don't push your head forward with your hands, eh. Inhale. Exhale to pick up the pelvis in Hilda. Drop the pelvis down and exhale to go down. I'm going to add a piece. Here we go. Lifting on.

Exhale to pick up the pelvis in heel-toe. Put the pelvis down. Don't go down with your body. Know the tap the toes on the ground. Exhale to pull the size towards the chest. Inhale to pause, pressing the chest in the size together. So to lower down, we're going to do that same pattern two more times here at gums. Exhale to lift. Inhale, let's pick up the pelvis now. Exhale, put the pelvis down in. He'll take the toes away. Exhale, pull the toes back and inhale to come down last time. Exhale to lift using the full extent of the breath.

Inhale, the pelvis just floats, XL. The pelvis comes down. Inhale the toes, tap, exhale the fise. Pull that and inhale. We take it down and exhale, we lift your right back up. This time. Take your hands behind your thighs. Use the strength of your arms, but also the strength of your abs to guide yourself into a little rounder shape to a little bit more forward of a curl. Let go with the arms. Take the arms up in the lakes down for five and push. So here's where we've got that arm energy. And inhale, the toes of the legs are kind of light. The back of the legs are squeezing perhaps, and pull and reach and pull.

As the arms go overhead, you may not lower your chest down and Paul and one more. Reach and pull. And now take the arms up in the legs down. And now the legs up in the arms across Timmy and legs down in arms overhead and across the other way. So do you. Getting a little bit of rotation in here and exhale and in if it's too hard for you to lower your legs all the way to the ground and please be aware that you don't have to go all the way down.

You work to the position where you feel strong and stable in your lower back. We've got one more to go. We reach and we come across and you're each and we come across and both arms up in center. Reach for your legs and rock just to the lower back. Think about the bones from the rib cage to the pelvis, massaging those bones massaging and come back, but the feet down. Stretch the arms overhead as you stretch the legs onto the ground. Inhale, lift the head and chest. Start allowing the knees to soften.

Exhale, pull the body and the legs together. Stay round. Inhale, hold. Exhale. Push the legs away. Let the body come down. Come all the way down. Feel the legs actively working, picking up the head and chest. We inhale, we exhale sliding the knees to the chest and the chest to the knees, hollow through the abdominals. Inhale and exhale to reach back. Oh, it's not as easy on those methods. That is this does it work? Here we go. Last one, lifting curve through the spine. Now I'm gonna Change it. We're gonna come back to our lower back. The legs are going to start to stretch. You're going to start to stretch, but we're going to get just through the lower back. Find your way.

Just up off your shoulders. Slide your feet super, super, super close to you. Float them up, stretch them out and hundredth. Exhale, two, three, four, five. And so how active are your arms? Two, two, three, four, five and in as two, three, four, five and, and for two, three, four, five in, in, and five, two, three, four or five. And exhale, bend the knees and point the knee, knees to the nose. And inhale, stretch them out. Two, three, four. Pull them in. Two, three, four, five, lots and lots of work in the back. And exhale. Two, three, four, five and in and two, two, three, four, five and in, this is the last one. Exhale, two, three, four, five in Bethany's set the toes down. Start stretching the legs and oral. Oh, the way back up. I think we deserve a stretch. Let's take it forward.

I love my studio socks. They're very soft. Okay. And then when you finish [inaudible] and don't come out of flection and you use your hands, but use your hands and pull your backup long. Okay, we're going to bring our backs here in just a minute again. So lifting the body out, let's take the feet apart. Fitting nice and tall through the spine. Arms forward palm.

Then push something or a squeeze and imaginary ring will say an inhale and fold your body in words and going, going, going. You bend over as much as you can and then you start to take your spine over the legs. The hands go through the feet and in here. And then folding the spine back up where it's lifting, growing, feeling a lightness in the spine, a heaviness in the shoulders, or having a through the leg. We go again as we exhale, rolling ourselves forward, taking it all the way and the more the body goes forward, the more the abdominals pull back and we inhale, press the backs of the legs down. If you can keep your leg straight and achieve a straight back, that is ideal. If you need to bend your knees, you know what to do, reaching forward, reaching, reaching, and exhale as we come up all the way. And let's take the arms out to the side. Lifting the spine nice and straight.

It's beautiful. I like it when it's dark. I can see you guys in the window in reaching forward and now we take the body forward again, but we're going to do that same, open the arms and lengthen out through the back out. Ah, AH, dive back down. Roll all the way to the top. The arms come out at the top. Inhale. Feel the expansion of the ribs on the inhale, the contraction of the entire cylinder, that is your powerhouse. As you reach forward, let the hands come just over the tops of the feet. Inhale into back extension or into spine. Stretch with extension. Exhale, push actively. Lots of energy in that push and roll up.

And we're going to do one more time. Then I'd change it just a little bit. So here we go. We exhale to reach forward. I think what I'll do is change it when we get there. Go ahead, go ahead. And then reaching the arms out. Okay, good. Just lift the chest towards candy, a little. Flip the arms over, pull the arms forward. Now I want you, okay, so we've got some tension here.

Imaginary tension. We're going to pull the elbows wide and back and reach the arms forward and pull the elbows wide and back. And as the arms go back, we lift, not forward more, but on the diagonal more. And we reach God. I love it. And forward and reach and forward and now reach with the arm closest to me and take the other arm forward. And reach. So this sort of stuff is stuff we do with like the band, right? We do with springs, we do with all sorts of things, but we can create the energy, right?

We were reach across and center and reach across and center and two [inaudible] sides, wringing out the spine on the diagonal and center and reaching across and bring it home last time, reaching across. Oh, that feels really good. And reaching across and bring it back. Take it all the way forward. Just let your hands come to the ground wherever they land. And now push into the ground a little bit, not from your hands, but from your back muscles as you just start to stack the spine up at some point and you'll have to lift onto your fingertips. And the hands just close together as we come.

Take the arms behind you. Bring the legs together, pointing through the feet. Now here we've got nice straight arms. Create some energy in your life. You can turn your hand, fingertips out if you wish to or in. Find the backsides of the legs. Just squeeze. So right now, be in the middle of the exercise. Feel your back sensors working, feel your arms working, and then when you're ready to lift, it's just easy, right? We just rise up. So make it harder on the ground than it is in the air. Leg Throng as strong, back, strong, and exhale, just rising up nice and easy.

So if we can start that pattern of initiation before we even leave the ground, then leaving the ground, it's potentially a little more effortless. Nice. Go ahead and let's do two more. I kind of like a teeter totter. The pelvis goes up, the chest drops below the pelvis, the pelvis goes down, the chest shifts slightly forward. Last time here, reaching, reaching. Give yourself a moment at the top. Really open up through the shoulders. Come all the way back down. Lift off your arms. You've got that much spinal extension work happening.

Take your body all the way forward. Oh the way forward. And now just bending the spine back up, right? Bring the arms out in front of the body again. Imagine that you've got a little resistance. You could even make fists if that made you feel like you had straps flexing through their feet. We're going to do that rotation again.

So we're going to bend the arm closest to me. Reach it back and bring it forward in here and pull back. So please don't just do the pull right. Do the push forward and pull the arms. Pull oppositionally and as you bend the elbow back, feel the spine go along.

Okay? Yeah. What a concept and taller and reach and center and reaching. Let me change it a little bit. Coming up now. Here we go. We reach. Take that back arm and reach back. Look at it. Rebend it, push it forward. Go the other way. Pull for us. Feel the work coming from the obliques. Reach, rebound, push it forward.

And again, Paul, oh, open up the body. Rebend push it forward and again, open up the body. Revenge. Push it for the last time. Both sides reaching across, unwinding the eye, reaching back and center kind of feels to me like that. Cross arm pull exercise in this side, our mailing series and back and center and bend the knees and sit just behind the pelvis. Let's see if I can roll like a whole row. Open leg rocker on my first try. What do you, what do you think?

What are my chances? What are my chances? I don't know. I'd say about, I'd say about 50 50 let's do this. Bethany's keep holding on where you would hold on for the open leg rocker and then push your knees out into your arms, but squeeze your arms into your knees. So you've got push, push. And now just bend the lower spine and rock back from there and roll back up and find your balance. So you're still around here and let's extend the spine in the legs at the same time. Yeah. And then fold the knees back in and then roll back.

So there's lots of stuff happening in your body at all times. Lots, all muscles in there. Can you, how many, how much energy can you create an all of those positions? Go again, rolling back outwardly, pushing with the legs inwardly, pushing with the arms, abdominals and spine, being supported, stretching through the legs. Let's say one more and back and uh, so that rocking. It's nice and easy, nice and calm. Now let's keep the legs straight. Just a little bit of an inward pull through the femurs and now back again. But now it's still nice and easy.

Can you keep the chest open and just bend the lower back? That's my challenge always. And remember not to roll onto your neck. I remember just to roll to the shoulders. Here's our last one. Back Up. We hold you.

Just let go. Nice and free and easy. Take the feet, flex them, lift the spine, put your hands behind you, push your back up a little straighter. Just give yourself that moment candy. Go forward with your spine. Two inches. Let the arms come up for the SA. Let's go this way first. Breathing in and push the front arm towards me, the back arm away from me. And then reach the arms away from each other as you come up and come center. Lots of energy forward and pushes back on pulse.

And then the forearm pulls in the backyard and pulls, but they pull in two different directions and become to center. Inhale, spiral around the spine, exhale to hive. Inhale, lift and lengthen and exhale back to center and he'll twist and Xcel to take it forward and inhale, lift and lengthen and bring it back to center. And two more times, let this swing around be easy, but in that ease, feel stability through the body, through the lower body specifically or reaching out, coming to center. Last time, taking it forward or itching coming to center. Last one. And um, and up. Squeeze the legs together. Sorry, I forgot. You guys have sticky mats. Just bring your legs together. That makes it so, it feels so easy when you've got a nice slidey mat. Start to bring the low back down, but also start squeeze the bum, bend the knees, keep bending the knees, keep any of the knees and just float the knees up. Hold onto them, hollow out through the APPS. We're going to do the double leg stretch for five.

Here we go. Just so five times, right? How good can you make it in five repetitions to reach three reach for reach, five single leg stretch for five reach, fill the seat. Working two 33 I like what Deb's doing. She's pushing her knee into her hand and her hand into her knee and I think this is one. We're going to take it to the criss-cross hands behind the head, reaching across and across and two and then three. What I didn't tell you is we're going to turn these into suicides.

Sorry about that. Late call and five fraud. Hands on the nice double leg. Stretch out for four around out for three out for two around out for one, a single leg stretch, reaching up and Ah, and two and three and three and four and Chris Cross here. Cross elbows are wide. The head is heavy. Here's three.

Here's four. Here comes the double leg. Stretch number three and oh and easy on the out and heavy on the end and one and single or each theory three maybe only to hold onto your knee. Now, I don't know. Do what works for you. If you need a break, have a break and Chris, cross three and maybe this wasn't such a good idea to one. Oh and here we go. Number two out. Alright. Ah, Aura. Single legal one one to crisscross across across to to Ben that he's holding.

He's take a minute just internally focus your very best. One of every repetition. One AA extract, one single leg stretch, one criss-cross Ben. Then he's reached the arms forward. Put the arms down. Start pushing the arms into the ground as you lay your head and chest down, send the legs forward on a long diagonal or going through for the rollover. We lift the legs. We with control, separating the feet, opening the legs, reaching opposition. He said the heels reach backwards as the arms reach forward, bending the spine back into the ground. Point the feet at the vertical position.

Circle them to touch. Breathe into, lift them. Breathe out to take them over the top, separating the linings, flexing the fee, a reaching through the La, pushing the feedback. You bend the spine into the ground. Check in with your shoulders. There is still down point circle attach. Last time lifting up flex. I'm going to take us into a kind of a modified, um, what's the exercise called? Control. Balance. Yeah. So if you don't wish to do control balance, just continue to do a few more rollovers. Here we go.

We find the role of a position, but leave your arms where they are today. So if you wish to be on your neck, you will. But if you wish to stay back of your shoulders just a little bit, you well from here try to feel the back extensors get longer and then take the left leg down towards the ground. It might not touch and take the right leg and push it up away from you and feel as that right. Like lifts the spine, straightens along with it. Then pull a little bit actively down towards the floor with the left leg.

Take the right leg all the way back down, all the way back down until we start from scratch. Start to just drop the right leg a little. Start lifting the left leg as the left leg lifts. We feel the spine rise in response. Yes, and then holding here we're just going to change and it's pull, pull, pull, pull. So that rising of the spine, that extension through the spine is the trick here.

It's what makes the vertical line that we're so interested in achieving or reaching and reaching. And just one more time [inaudible] and Richie and then take both legs like a jack knife over the head. That's not a Jack Knight and [inaudible] but it's the jackknife shape. Then the knees and touch the nose to the knees and then just start, keep the knees bent. Start to just drag the knees across the nose, drag when he's across the chest. Once you get around to the middle back, grab your legs and Roelof.

Good faith. Why a side [inaudible] no, no, I'm not super fussy. Would do what you wish. It's probably best that we're on the left side. Yeah, that's works. That works for me. I'll go on my left too and then I can say left rights, so we're lying down on her left side. We're going to take the head on to that one. I'm going to take the upper arm onto the thigh and now just going to feel that as we lift both legs, the arm reaches down. Now it may not even.

So it's, it's um, and, and lower the legs. Partly it's not so much that the arm changes, right? The legs are moving, so it feels like the arms changes, but it's the energy that we're interested in. So feel the connection between the lapse between the [inaudible] and the head. Right, which is relying on the arm reaching in the other direction. Just two more times.

Reaching out enough and taking it down and reaching out in a and hold here. Now take that top of the body and slide the arm up just right up along the thigh. Yeah. And then Dan, let the legs lower a little so that as you lift your arm or reach your arm, the legs respond. The ribs respond on that side. And three more like that. Reaching out. Yeah.

So you'll barely see any movement from the legs, but you'll, you'll feel the energy, I hope and too, and back and one here. Now hold yourself there, but your hand down externally rotate your hips, take the legs a little forward until like a banana shake but them down. And you can either prop yourself up on your hand or you could keep your head down. I'll go with you. Okay, so we're going to do a tiny, tiny little baby circle the size of a tennis ball and now make me the size of a grapefruit. And now the size of a bigger something and now the size of a bigger set and now you're biggest circle forward up all the way back, feeling the rotation, that beautiful rotation and they have. Now we go the other way. Now here that we create a little energy in the hip, right? So if it's all about creating energy, we feel that work increasing and increasing as the range of motion increases.

The stability is more challenging. Here's great big circle. And we bring the legs together and now a tiny little circle forward. Teeny, a little bit bigger. There's kind of a swinging action too, but there's not a, a big reliance on momentum here. Big. Take your time in the big ones and then we go to the back. Little bit bigger, little bit bigger tracing, larger circumference, making like a spiral in your mind. And last one. Okay. Should we do one more? Okay. No one's talking to me.

I say we do one more and bigger and bigger, bigger, older way and yeah, and now the other way. Small fruits then bigger, then bigger, then bigger and the biggest one yet all the way up and around. Take the legs, take that top leg and kick it overhead and flex the foot down and push up and flex down and push up and flex down and two and one. Kick the leg up, hold there. Feel the hamstring working as you bend the knee, let the lake come close to the other leg, squeeze the leg out and bend and press out. Now squeeze the bottom like into the top leg as well. Right?

So we're not just working on that top lay, but we feel the bottom like active as well. We said that twice, but maybe a little differently. This our last one. And then we're going to go the other way. So we're going to slide the foot along the knee and stretch overhead and squeezed down. And as you squeeze the leg down, feel though bottom like almost wanting to lift off the mat to meet the top lane, right? It doesn't, that's, that's it's energy. And to back all the way and then reach and all the way down. And now it's been in the bottom me and bend the taught me.

Just take a hold of your ankle or your foot. Take the knee and look at it as it goes just behind the pelvis. And then push the pelvis forward in opposition. And then maybe, maybe you'll want to pull your foot a little closer to you still and maybe you want to push your hip a little forward stuff. Okay. And now we're going to take that foot, cross it over the bottom, come up onto your hand, the side bend. So here we have got a nice strong waist, got a nice strong arm position.

I'm happy for my sticky studio socks, Eureka reaching at Amia. Exhale, we make a rainbow with our body. Let it be light, let it be easy to get that stretch to the top of the body. And then we come back to that straight line. And either we have our right, you can hover or you can bend your knees to come down. I'll do the bend and then I'll do the hover next and then we reach. We're going to do three of these total. And then it's all the way. Use your legs to help you achieve the height than your spine back.

And if you wish to hover, just let the pelvis go. Look down at that hand, that free swinging arm. And this is our last one. Come in. Oh the way up and over. Big Stretch in joy and then back. And then I'm going to bent to come down and then we're just gonna swing the legs forward. But don't change sides yet. I've got a big surprise for you. I just kidding. I don't really have a surprise, but I do have an exercise for you. So bring your hands behind you kind of a lot.

I know a lot. We're going to do some hip circles, but first we're going to do a cancan. So we just shift in across, so feel how that is worked from the waist, right? Let me get that little shoulder stretch. Good. And now we're going to go across and kick and bend and center and inhale and exhale and bend and center and inhale. And the abs pull away from the feet and center. Last one. And up here comes a real deal. So we go to the right, we stretch, we're going to stay up, we're going to swing down around to the left or I lied, bend and come to center. We've got to make it even, sorry to the left stretch.

Go down around center and now we stay straight and we go and we go down around and now pull the legs to the body. Go the other way down around and we go into the buy. One more. One more means both sides. It's a total of two and the other way down around and into the body. And now bend and just Shimmy yourself around to the other side.

So we should all be on our right side. Now Candy, don't do your left side twice. I mean go ahead if you wish to, but, but don't do it. Don't do it just for me. Okay, so we started down right and we had the, I'm down on the Lange but you could also hold onto the mat and that's all you, that's your choice. Feel the center right, be in the middle of the exercise right here. We're engaged. And then the legs just flow. It's nice and controlled. I going to say cruisy but it's not necessarily cruisy feeling.

It's just a real solid feeling is what I want you to look for. And here's three and we did two more and last one and hold there and now energize that arm. Make it into like a ladder exercise. Start to slide the and down the lake and just maybe assess how much you're using the bottom arm to help you lift. And maybe you won't use it so much next time if you're using it at all. Really just bend at the waist and let the legs respond with the, by going down a little and now lift again and be easy with yourself.

But at the same time you're being easy with your body. Challenge your body with your mind. Last too. And here's our last one. This is where we made the change. So we come up, we let the human come down, we go into external rotation of the hips and they go forward a little. And then we either propped herself up, which I did. And so I'll do it again where you can just stay down on your arm and you have that tiny little Stena sized circle working through the hips a little bit bigger. Don't just go forward.

Make the circle go to the back as well and bigger. So we have got five circles making this circumference slightly bigger each time and then back back. So the backward is almost in my mind, a bit more nicer cause you can look for that hip flexor stretch. Oh yeah, they were making them bigger. I was looking for my stretch. Okay. And now we go to the front and we did three sets of these.

So just nice controlling from the hip, checking in with the arm that's holding you on and here's a big one. And just let the femur drop into the hip joint at the top there and then back and a little bit bigger each time and three, four and five [inaudible] uh, and following the swing swimming, but push the air like you're pushing through molasses or pulling taffy with your leg. That's a good visual. You know those little, those taffy pullers that you see at like state fairs, they're just constantly like whirling that the resistant Taffy. That's what we're doing here. And that was three full sets. And so here we move on, we just flip the leg up and then we push it down. Now what can we be? I don't know what this is an ax. Oh yeah.

And we're creating energy through the bottom. Like right. It reaches into the top light, like there's a million magnets and the in middle of your legs and they're trying to pull together throughout. This is our last one, and now we go up again. We bend the knee, we push wrapping from the hip and lift. Let the lift be easy and the press be where are the challenges? Oh, then your ass up and press here. That last one up, bent press. We're going to take it the in [inaudible], panda and append and here's her last three and remember to focus on the waist and two and the hip joint, right? Lubricating the hip, train on one, and then we just bend that knee, grab a hold of your foot or your ankle and then just look down at your hip so you don't want the hips to be sticking back when you're trying to stretch your leg. You want the pelvis to go forward. Look at the line of the knee.

It should be just in line with the hip joint, not higher. That's common, and then we just reached back. Now once you get into that position, maybe you want to pull your foot towards your leg a little bit more. I don't know. Maybe you want to push a little bit more into the front of the hip joint with the back of that hip. Okay. And then you just bend the bottom. You put the top leg over, the top can come up. Here comes our side, Ben. Excuse me. Okay, so nice straight arms, nice straight waist freedom in the, in the arm that's breathing with us and lifting.

So let that top arm breathe. I breathe. It opens up the bottom of the body or at the top of the body, at the bottom of the body works. And then we inhale to find straight, like a laser beam. And then we bend for the first one and barely touch, and then left. Oh, and then up, up, up, up, up, pulling that bottom shoulder down. Oh, down towards the way. And here was our hover, if you wish, you're just looking at the hand and last one up and all the way over. And then back. And we're coming down to the ground. I'm here, I'm gonna turn over onto our hands and knees. Put my mic on. I'll be right with you. Okay.

We're gonna do a little bit of knee stretch era Basque upstretched type action. So how that's going to go, it's like this starting on the hands and knees. Find a good strong shoulder position. So try this if you will. Took this workshop from Madeline black not too long ago and she taught it was all about shoulder stabilization. So what we do is we line the elbow, the outside of the elbow up with the pinky finger. So it's kind of interesting where we sit, we tend to roll our elbow forward or back.

So feel that elbow pinky finger aligned on both sides. Yeah. [inaudible] in good question. Inside of the elbows are facing one another. So for instance, I like to turn my elbows like this, which is um, not a great thing. Okay. So from that, this is where we're going to find our shoulder stability. And this is an idea that I'm still personally trying to work with. So from there, push the inner, the forearms closer to one another energetically. Yeah.

Now keep that pressure inwards, but try to pull the upper arms away from one another without bending your elbows. So it's like in out pressure. Can everyone feel your upper back working already? Maybe. Maybe you tell me what you mean. You dropped a little. Yeah. Okay. Good thing. So Deb felt like when she opened, she just let go or dropped. Um, so see if you can stay up through the ams and find that outward inward pressure and I, I'll cue it better when I've got it figured out more for myself. Um, so let's move on. Let's take one leg back. Don't let the elbows roll. Take the other leg back. Holding the plank position.

We just point the right foot on the mat behind us. We're going to lift it up five times two, three, four. Here comes our Arabic risk. Five, we take the body in the leg together, Huh? And then we just come down and talk. T a t t tap the top of the foot and reaching the rue left heel into the ground and reached down. Tap one good. Check out the elbows and lift and reached down tap. And one more lift from here. We're going to turn it into a knee stretch so that the spine begins to bend. The knee, pulls into the nose reaching and then back to Airbus and reaching in.

Kenny, you probably do this on your knee if you want to. And and from there, let's route the foot down into the ground. So now we're in up stretch. Nice. Long back, nice long feet, dropping down, bending the knees, roll over the tops of the feet. So as your knees bend, you're stretching your foot, you're stretching your ankles. Let the knees come down and sit on your feet for a sec. Take some weight off your arms. You okay?

Okay. So, um, what I would do if the, if the, um, the, the arabesque didn't feel real good is just come on, say one knee and let this fine go into a little bit of extension as the hip goes into extension and go into a curvature there. So if that feels maybe better to you for your arms or your shoulders or whatever, that's a good way to modify. If you're coming with me into plank position, let's take that now. And then the left foot reaches and it goes out and perfect, perfect. Do well on your knee as well here.

Super easy to and when, and here's where we did our error. Basque. So we reached, reached reach, reach, let that back of that leg be active and come down to touch and reach. So like the exercise where we started with right where we started with the energy and the leg. Do that here, let the leg pull you back. This is our last one. This is where we take it into the knee stretch. And we did three. So you just bend in, pull in and reach up and back and bend in Pole, rounding the spine and reach up and back and last one and reach up and back.

And when you get there, just step in, find your up, stretch, pushing the heels down. She kneels down, dropping the shoulders down and then again roll over the tops of the toes. So you're bending your feet, bending your feet, dropping to the knees. And once you get there, just slide yourself down into your stomach. Okay? Okay. What are we going to do with our backs today? Let's do this.

Take your arms. Can you go just, I want you to have them on the wood so that they're, they can slide. Okay, so here's another idea. Rather than bearing down onto our arms, like pushing down to try to lift, let's feel instead like a a lightness on the arms and work on lifting from the back and letting the arms you really easy. Okay, so with that in mind, we're going to pull the abdominal, then we're going to s I'm going to keep the legs strong so wide with the arms is fine. They are overhead or slightly out to the side. And I want you to think about initially is just sliding the feet, the humorous that the upper arm bone and sucking it or pulling it deeper into the shoulder joint. And it's just the feeling really. And then starts to slide. Don't bear down on the hands, but just think about sliding the arm bone deeper into the children joint. And that's what allows you to bend your spine. Oh good. It's small. That's really little.

And then you just release again, don't bear down feel lightness. So some arm bone pulls deeper into the shoulder joint and then we just feel that that sense of continuing that movement. And that's where we get that yawning. I just remembered who was, who said lick the mat? I did not say like the nat. I think it was you who said look the Mat. Okay, so Deb's Q, which really works. It sounds really gross. And if you don't want to lick your mat, don't. But, but it does sound gross but it totally works. Okay, so if your forehead in your nose or down and you do that slurping or, or pulling of the arm bone into the shoulder joint and then you start to take the tip of the nose towards the hands and then like the chin comes up, like he did a big lip, a lick and then you just surprise up to the chest and down. Okay. I've got one more thing for us to do. Okay.

So we're going to go up again. I'm going to stay up. So my advice to you is if you're lifting higher than you can without your arms, don't do that. Don't do that. Okay, so now just start to guide the elbows back, guide the elbows back, and then just hover them. So I want them to actually be like a hovercraft. So the hands in the elbows are equal distance away from the floor and then they just stay there as they stretch forward. Feel the shoulders work back so the arms reach forward, feel the lightness in the, in the, in the upper back, and then pull back. Hovercraft. Elbows, no higher than hands. If anything, maybe a little lower and reaching out. Feel the abdominals, pull in in response.

They support the spine as the arms reach out and we pull back guiding the elbows downwards, spreading elbows out. So there's that outward energy I always talk about. And then forward [inaudible] it's kind of the same thing we just did in the plank, right? So or in the front support position and guiding the upper arms outwards, but feeling energy inwards as well. Okay, last one out and back. And I place the arms down on the mat just next to you and just start to elevate the spine a little more.

So we're going to go up into our biggest back extension that's going to be different for everyone. So just go where you can, but feel first the idea of the shoulders drawing down the licking sensation of the mat or the that. There's that cue. And then just keep lifting when you can start to push with your arms, but it makes sure the shoulders stay down. Make sure the shoulders stay down. Just come up as much as you can or want to towards straight arms. And then just see if you can pull, not arch the back more, but lift the sternum more. So again, energy, it's not, it's not moving, it's just can you do it? Is it there? Drop the Elvis to the mat, push off your forearms, slide your knees and or push off and slide back. Either way.

Then we're going to just sit on our feet for a moment, stretching out through the back and then walk those arms towards me and sit kinda. So if the arms are reaching towards me or to the right, for instance, let the pelvis go to the left, we're kind of shifting the hips towards the direction that the arms are pulling. And when I say kind of, I mean you are, and then come across the center. So the other side, and again, if what I'm saying doesn't ring true for you, you can just kinda find what does [inaudible]. That's what I'm looking for is a little bit, maybe a hip stretch. I'm experiencing a hip stretch, but definitely a spine stretch is way stretch.

And then we just take the hands back through center and again, a lightness on the arms. We're going to start to bend. The spina are rolling up, letting the hips just sit down towards the feet. And here we are. Is everyone okay on their knees, Debbie? Good. Okay. Just take the arms and let them go slightly behind you. Not Too much more down than up. And then roll the arms up towards the palms up and then take the arms up.

And as the arms go up, can you feel how they pull the spine? Would just come all the way up onto your knees step if you're not happy like that. Well, I just had an idea and then pushed down and sit back towards your heels if you want to or not. And then bend the spine forward. You can do it on your knee step and then we'll reach pushed the back of the legs forward as you reach out in space. Like you two are reaching for one another and then coming all the way up and down. Let's see that one more time. It's carving out through the APPS, taking energy with the arms, that energy backwards through the center. Oh yes. And now pushing the legs forward. Kind of like a thigh stretch almost, or a thigh stretch or the half of the size. Right.

And drop the arms down and then keep the left arm down and reach the right arm over the top and the fat. Okay. All right. I'm done. And reach the left arm over the top and lift up and table. Oh, can we do a hip flexor thing? Take both arms up. Tuck your toes under. Careful with your back. So take the right arm back, reach back for the right foot, and do fingertips in, come down onto your hand, pressing the hips forward. And here you gotta be careful coming out of it, right?

So use the bottom arm to help you and then rise up. And as that, what you had in mind, spiraling. Open, taking the top arm overhead. Oh, what a good idea, Dan. How could I have forgotten to do something like this? I just don't know. That's why you're here and now both. I'm the one.


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LOVED it!!
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Absolutely LOVED this one! (so many favorites, but this one's climbed to the top 10! :)
Woo hoo! Thanks girls.
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I totally agree with Jeanne and Evie and I would add 'CUM LAUDE'....thanks Meredith :)
Great class!! Quick question - when you are doing the "slicers" pulling your elbow back right and left is your back flat or in C-shape?
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Meredith, you never disappoint! Great class, love all of the back extension work!!
Thanks gals. Teresa, although it may not appear so, I am working towards a flat back.
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got it! thanks so much.
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Great as usual. Perfect pace.
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Thanks, Meredith. I ALWAYS feel like I've had a thorough workout and feel mentally enlightennd after your classes..
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