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Beginner Traditional Mat

20 min - Class


Join Niedra for this fast Beginner level sequence of traditional Mat work for stamina and a great whole-body workout. This class is ideally suited for experienced, educated Beginners who know the Mat work. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Apr 16, 2012
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So Debbie, what we're going to do with wish small and sweeten group here tonight, we're going to do the ref, not the reform, so we're going to do the math work out the way 3d traditionally supposed to be, which is short and sweet and fast, whether it's beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The real idea was it was about a 20 minute workout that you could roll out of bed and do or be added into as a warmup to what you could do on the equipment next, but it should be complete and total. And we're going to book complete and total tonight, but we're going to add therabands as well. So just standing, holding the band, pulling the band apart, the feel that traction into the shoulders, cross your feet and then bend your knees, deepening into the powerhouse. If you can't kneel down, you can put one foot behind you. That's right. Undo your feet and pull the, the the theraband slightly part and roll down onto your back and then bend the knees and let's get the band around the toes, right? So heels together, toes apart slightly, and lift up into your position for hundreds.

So lift your head and chest up, deepen into the stomach, and without pumping the arms. Just take a breath in. And as you breathe out, really pull the stomach in and really deepen into the sternum. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. When now extend a little bit and we'll add the pump. We thou, we then breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Bend your knees, put your feet on the mat, drop the strap down. Let's just get it off to one side. Roll the arms over your head and roll up and rolling back down.

Well I'm Sup Rola and pull down. Arms back and roll up. Now stretch the legs out slightly over the legs. Roll down. Um, back. Relax and over. Roll back, roll down. Nice hip stomach, pulling up, roll up. And this time we wrote down, ready for the transition for single like circles. So arms a by your sides. Shoulders, a wide hips and narrow, long legs. Long back of the neck.

Lift your right, like straight up to the ceiling, long straight leg and start the circles. So you're keeping the pelvis quiet. As you do that, reaching the leg long, making sure that the stomach is in reversing the circles, right. One and two and three and four and five. And now hold the leg and give it the leg. A stretch. As you do the stretch, shoulders are down back of the neck as long. Put the hands on the mat, lower the leg to the floor. Long leg.

Press both heels into the floor for a minute. Lift the left leg up. Nice long leg. And again, circle one circle too. So as you're doing the circles, check that the pelvis is quiet. You need to do the circle and reverse it. Circle one, two, three, four, five. Hold the leg with both hands and stretch. Make sure your shoulders are wide. Press the other leg onto the mat. Long legs.

Yes, both hands come to the mat and slowly lower the like all the way down to the floor. Arms over your head and roll up. Pop your bottom forward. Hold behind your knees and rolling back and forth. We're rolling. Low and up. Roll back and two rollback and three roll back and four.

One more time. Wrote back and five. Good now fun transition. Left hand to the left, right knee, right hand to the foot. Slowly roll down and stretch your left leg out at the same time and switch and switch and two and switch and three and switch and four and switch and five and switch. Both things come in, deepen into the powerhouse. Arms and legs together and in arms and necks. Together and in and switch and down and deepen into the powerhouse and reach in both lakes. Up rightly towards you. Pull, pull, sizzle the legs. Pull, pull, scissor, pull, pull, scissor, pull, pull, pull, pull. Pull both legs up, hands behind your head. Lengthen the neck and float the legs away from you. And up long legs and up and long and up.

Two more times. Every time. Keep pulling the stomach up a little bit further and now crisscross left elbow to right knee and twist and twist and twist and twist and twist. Both knees come in. Lift a little bit deeper. Lower your head in your feet to the mat. Stretch arms and legs out and roll up. Roll up, roll up, roll up. Open your legs a little bit wider and spine. Stretch forward. Big Breath in. Breathing up, deepen into the powerhouse and roll back up. Little bit taller with the back. Roll down again and come back up. Shoulders it. I'm big breath in. And then breathing out.

Going as deep as you can. Really opening the shoulder blades, reaching with the arms. Stay down and take a breath in and breathing out. Go deeper and deeper. Press your head way down and then roll back up. Roll back up, roll back, approved. Back Up. Bring your feet in and hold your ankles and lift the feet off the floor. Warm up for open like rocker and lift. Um, lift. Keep the stomach pulling up, but a slight scoop in the lower spine.

Lift and lift both legs together, broadened between the shoulder blades. And here we go. We're gonna roll back and roll up and roll back and roll up and roll back and roll up and balance likes together. And walk down your legs one hand at a time. Hands on the mat. Press your hips down. Ros, circle and up. Draw, circle and up draws. Circle and up. Draw a circle and up. Draw a circle and up.

Draw a circle. Enough now long stomach, long back and slowly float your legs all the way down to the mat. Yeah, arms over your head. Long arms, long legs, narrow hips and roll up to a sitting position. Take the legs out. Spa, saw arms to the side. Flex your feet strongly. Lift you back up. Twist to the right, reach towards your little toe strap. [inaudible] stretch, stretch. Sit Up, tall, other side, stretch, stretch, stretch. Sit Up. Tall. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Sit Up. Tall. Stretch, stretch, stretch and lift. Stretch, stretch, stretch and lift and stretch. Stretch, stretch and lift legs together.

Arms together and roll. Roll long legs, long arms all the way down onto your back and roll onto your stomach and fingertips. Forehead on your fingertips and lets have your feet up with the part so you can bury the sacred down and lift your forehead. Fingertips in elbows, up and down and lift and down and lift and down and lift. And I'll now come up onto the elbows. Make fists with your hands. Pull the shoulders down your back. Make sure your neck is long and single. Like kicks, right foot Benz kick, kick, lengthen out. Kick, kick, knock.

Keep the pelvis pressing down and narrow so your sacred shouldn't be walking. Cited. Side kick. Kick down. Kick down, kick down, kick, kick and down. Double like kicks. Lower down your nose, goes to the right. Both hands come behind your back on feet. Come together, bend both knees, kick, kick, kick and stretch on clip, hook, clip and stretch. No, Debbie, keep going. But press your hips to the Mack when you click.

And if you don't let your pelvis come off the mat. Other side, clip the pelvis down. Much better. Yes. So you keep the powerhouse locked. One more time. Kick, kick, kick and lift. And last one, Cook, kick, kick and lift. Hands under your shoulders. Pull your bottom up, stretch up and sit back into child's pose. Nice. Long stretch. Pulling the stomach in. You're dropping your forehead to the mat and then come forward and lie out on your left side.

Four sidekicks, long body. Lift the legs up and bring them forward. Good. And take your top like lifted and lifted and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft. Now hip height, long legs and swing to the front. Swing to the back. Swing to the front. Swing to the back, to the front, to the back.

One more time to the front, to the back. Together. Kick up high and down. Kick up high. Kick up high. Kick up high. Kick up high and little circles. Two and three and four and five.

Check that the shoulders are down in the body's as long and reverse it in one and two and three and four and five, seven and a. Take your top leg and bend it in front of you. Flex your inside leg. Lift and lift and lift and lift and lift. And now little circles. Five of them, reverse it. One, two, four, five. Stretch both legs out and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft onto your stomach for little beats. Forehead on your hands.

Lift the legs off of the air and little beats. Two four, five, six, seven. Lift a little higher if you can. Five, six, seven lifts as high as you can. Four, seven and eight. Lower down and stretch back into child's pose. Nice stretch and come forward lying out on the other side. So now you're the leader, Debbie. The pressure is on and lift your legs up. Bring them to the front, flex your feet and take your top like lifted and lifted and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft.

And they've now keep the lake hip height. Point your foot in your swing to the front. Double pouts back, back. Double Pals back, back. Double pouts back, back, shoulders down, back, back. Double Pulse, back, back one leg on top of the other. Turn your top leg out and kick high and down Ke Kai and down.

Kick high and down. Key Chi. And now kick high and down little circles. One, two, three. Keep the leg nice and long as you do it. Seven, reverse it in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Take your top leg, bend it in front of you on the Mat. That's it. Flex your inside leg lifted and lifted and lifted and lift and lift and lift. Point the [inaudible] circle. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Reverse it. I think we did.

Only five on the first side, but never mind. Six, seven, eight. Lower both legs down. Stretch them out. Nice tight hips. Lift them up and lift them up and lift them up and if them up and lift him up and lift him up. Very good Deb, she lets me roll on to our backs with the knees. Bent. Hips tight, knees tight, back. Long right leg is up in a diagonal. Roll up and roll down and roll up and roll down and roll up. Now bring the other leg up. Bring the first leg down and roll down your, you did your advanced transition.

Lift and down and lift and down and lift both legs up. Roll down, arms over your head. Roll up, roll down. Roll Up. Roll down, roll up, bend the knees, wrap the heads inside and clap three times for seal, clap, clap, clap, roll back and roll up. Clap, clap, clap, roll back, roll up, clap, clap, clap, roll back, roll. Go Up. And if you remember how to stand up. Last one, clap, clap, clap, roll back.

I'm not sure if you remember, but standing up and anyway, which way is good? Arms up to the ceiling. Heels together. Long spine, long waist and roll to the floor. Articulating through the spine. Three little circles with the arms. Reverse your circles. Roll back up, stretch the arms up. Lift one more time and roll down. Lift getting the stomach. Just feeding the legs.

Strong little circles with the arms versus circles. Roll back up, grow back up, stretch the arms forward. Lift the arms up long spine and open the arms out and just feel the space around you. Long chest, open chest. So look at that. Nice open shoulders, lifting the stomach, take a breath in and breathe out and just [inaudible]. See we just did everything in about 20 minutes.

And so this was great. And this is just a little thing. It really should be be a spark. It's like the, the mat work can often be used just as an energizer. Just something you use fast, quick makes you feel good and vibrant and energetic and give you energy for the evening to go out and party. So there we go. Thank you.


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Good class. Loved it. Now I know what you meant by about the 20 minute routine that you mentioned at the end of Class 10 in the beginners series. I will practice this often. Any recommendations after we get this mastered?
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Thank You Niedra ~ Perfect transition cueing ( As Usual )
short & sweet :)
Short and sweet. Would have liked to see more with the band. The prop listed was theraband. We only did ONE exercise with it. A bit bummed.
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I liked the new (to me) transition from right 1/2 teaser to left 1/2, and from full teaser to the next one, too (made me giggle so i lost it but still). :) Thanks for another great set, Niedra!
Thank you! I'm new to Pilates Anytime. Great intro and reminder as to why I love Pilates so much. Will be doing this one often as it fits well into my busy schedule!
My expresso.! Thanks!
This is a great, concentrated way to wake up and brighten the body-mind in 20". Thank you Niedra!
Thank you a great way to wake up.
Didn't get far in this one. Beginners/level 1 people cannot to rollups!
Karen ~ You may find this tutorial by Niedra or this tutorial by Kristi helpful for your Roll Ups. I hope they help!
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