Class #689

Mat Workout

20 min - Class


This Franklin Method inspired warm up was taken from Tom's Mat Class ID 678 to be done on its own or in conjunction with another class of your choice. Let Tom help you take tension out of your body before you try to condition it. If all you did is this class today, you will feel great!
What You'll Need: Mat, Franklin Ball, Theraband

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Welcome everybody. So we're going to begin. I like you to come onto your mat and take your feet about four to six inches apart and bring them into parallel and look down at your feet a...


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This is brilliant, thank you Tom! I love the footwork and the innovative approach with pnf!
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Loved this the movement and connection in this class, thank you...where do I get a Franklin Ball?
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I used this routine on my class of 15 ppl yesterday. They all really enjoyed it and felt it working for them. Their arms grew and they felt the benefit of the footwork. I used tennis balls and it worked well, just make sure you do the work on the mat, otherwise they shot out from under your feet! The biggest revelation is that one of my regulars who has scoliosis, has been having trouble with her arms and shoulders recently, pain and restriction. She came to me amazed and reported that when she came to class that morning, she couldn't get her arms behind her back and it was very acute, but during the work it released and she regained her mobility! Fantastic!
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I love working with the franklin balls before class and Tom's warm up has given me a few ideas! I have recently made a DVD of releasing with the balls and my clients love it so keep working with them as your clients will feel the benefit and are surprised how something that feels so good and easy can have such profound results.Thanks Tom !!
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Tom, I loved this class, 20 mins. is not enough. give us more. I already felt so good doing this class. thanks. blanche.
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Monica, I would be interested in that DVD, any chance it may be available as a download?
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This is my first exposure to the Franklin Method. I teach a Pilates Recovery class, and I am going to add these concepts. Well done Tom!
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There should be a notice in the title or somewhere at the beginning of the class as to what accessories are necessary. I started this class but had to stop because I didn't have the ball or the band it required.
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I think Tom McCook is an excellent teacher. I always have my stick, stretch strap, theraband and soft balls, close by. Common sense is required while doing pilates. I am proud of being a member of pilates anytime. I am learning so much from world famous teachers. I am blessed having such good instructors right in my living room. thank you once again. blanche.
Joanne ~ below each video of a class we have a summary of the equipment and props used in the class. Hope this helps.
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