Class #698

Reformer Workout

60 min - Class


Brett Howard is back to teach a classical Reformer class using the tools he learned from his mentor, Romana Kryzanowska. Enjoy the in depth and precise cues you've come to know from Brett. Move through the classical repertoire, but suspend your anticipation of exactly what comes next!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole


Okay. So we're going to do a reformer, classical reformer, and a, I'm going to teach to the grots and Amy's going to be on the balanced body. So let's start with arms crossed and we're going to bring ...


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Oh My Goodness Brett ~ Awesome Class :)
LOVE The Comic (pain) Relief ~ Impeccable curing as usual
Thank You
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Oh my goodness is right! Fabulous instructor, now would love to see a class performed by Brett!! Thank you.
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Love classical apparatus!!! Beautiful teaching! Would love to see all apparatus sessions with Brett. Thank you, thank you, thank you for Pilates Anytime!!!
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Brett, you are a treasure and lovely to hear you teach!
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I could watch Brett all day long - what a gifted teacher! Next best thing to being there!!
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Great class. I liked the eve's lunge variations at the end.
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Great class Brett! Big thanks! :D
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I did not find this class of the high quality that others thought. First of all he said "chin to the chest". This creates over-flexion of the neck flexors and minimal flexion of the torso. The flexion should always come with the central core. I also felt there was no continuity with the program. He had the class up and down with no progressions to the exercises.
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Brett I could watch you all day teaching you are a top class ,,,
This is pilates and I like the way you deliver it from my experience some teachers doing a mess you are clean
Thank you
Agree with Dolly, would love to see Brett teaching all apparatus. The mat and chair sessions that I have viewed were excellent as well as this one.
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