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Creative Foam Roller

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Using the Foam Roller as a prop, this class taught by Niedra starts with shoulder stretches and progresses into the Mat work with creative use of the Roller to help open the shoulders and deepen your connection to your powerhouse. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Alright. So good evening. We're going to do a combination of bolster work and map work. Tonight we're gonna do some work to stretch out the shoulders, ways to use the, the bolster to support our work and also include some work to kind of wake up our power house and challenging to new and creative ways all built around the our traditional math, which is of course the foundation for everything. So let's see, before we actually start, let's stand in [inaudible] stance class to the hands and turn the palms inside out. Bring the hands above your head, bring the heels together, they're ivy. And just stretch the arms up. And first of all, let the shoulders come. Wait up. So Sandy, stretch your elbows, stretch yourself. Let the shoulders come up, press up, and then try and stretch your elbows as best you can. And then pull the shoulders down and then bring the ribs slightly back in the tail down. And then take the arms back and stretch the elbows again.

So I be trying to get the spine a little bit straight. Yes. Now Nice, tight bottom bend to one side. So you bend over to your right, come back up, and then to your left and come up. Bring the hands down without unclass being them and have a look at with the index finger you have on top. Just look at your own head check that you have. Make a mental note, flip to the other side and make sure you didn't, you really changed hands above your head because you all, a lot of times people don't. They think they do, but they don't. So now before we press up, lengthen your waist up. That's it. In very slightly narrow the hips.

And then first of all, stretch your elbows. Try to straighten the elbows and let the shoulders come up and makes it just a little bit easy to get the elbow straight and then pull the shoulders down so your neck is nice and long. And now lengthen the arm bones again, lengthen the waist and Ben to one side and come back up and bend to the other side and come back up and bring the arms down. Nice long spine. Just for a moment. Pull the shoulders down, stand up nice and tall and feel the face, the chin parallel to the floor and the head parallel to the ceiling. Now take your right ear and drop it towards your right shoulder so your face doesn't turn anywhere just exactly to the side. Take your right hand and hold your head and gently stretch your ear a little bit further towards your shoulder. And now take your left hand and stretch it down. Uh, no, no, no. Wendy's.

Same, same, same. And now left-hand slides down away from your ear. So you really stretch that side out. Now very gently. Turn your nose, the face, the floor's still in this Anglesea turning and looking at the floor. Readjust your hand and stretch your head down to stretching the back of your neck. Slightly, Sandy. Very good. Come back up. Stand it. Look straight ahead. Make sure your shoulders are down.

The back of the neck is law. Think of your nose pointing straight forward and your ears going straight to the side. Take the left ear now and drop it towards your left shoulder. So exactly to the side without your face changing. Reach up with your left hand and hold your head and gently pull your ear down toward others. Hand Tim, other hand, left hand holding your head. That's it.

And you stretch your head away from Wendy. There we go. There we go. So left ear is stretching towards your left shoulder with your left hand. Now make sure you know what your, what is your right hand and stretch the fingers down and pull the shoulders down so you have a stretch on the right side of the neck. Now think of where your chin in your nose is and start to turn your face towards the floor so you're looking down at a diagonal and shift your hands a little bit to the top of the crown of your head and pull your head down so the back of your neck is getting a stretch. Float the head back up. Look straight ahead, hands it down.

And now lift your chest very slightly opposite that sternum lift and take your Chin and bring it down towards your sternum so the chin drops down. Take your hands behind your head and gently stretch your head down, but pressed the back of your neck up a little bit as though you are your cat, your kitten. And do you have the mother cat grabbing the nap of your neck and lifting you up? So you actually open up the back of the next flight, Pete, and then come back up to an upright position. Bring the hands down and roll the shoulders and roll the shoulders and roll the shoulders and roll the shoulders. Very good.

Now lying down on your bolster. You want your pelvis and your head on the bolster. So you're nice and law. So first of all, you want to be short to feel the sacred time on. And then once you're down with your hands on the phone, your feet on the floor, Sandy, move your bottom down. Put your feet a bit so you don't want to be almost off the bolster.

So move down a bit. Gently push up towards your head. So you're taking the skin on your back and sliding it down a little bit. It's as though you have a Cape and from your shoulders that Cape is being pulled down towards your bottom. So you're literally just slightly gently rolling the skin down.

Then check with the s the pelvis is long and your stomach is in, your feet are hip with the parts. Take both hands straight up to the ceiling and lift the shoulders away from the floor and then let the shoulders drop down and feel how they're why. But on either side of the bolster, palm faces each other. Sandy, that's it. Again, lift and plop the shoulders down. Lift and plop the shoulders down.

Lift and plop them down. So you will literally keep going up and down like this. So you're just kind of getting this dropping movement to start to loosen up the shoulders, loosen up the chest, making sure the stomach and the spine is long. Very good. Two more times drop. And one more time drop. Tim, move your bottom just to here. Down on the bolster so you have a little bit more length, possibility of length and try to bring your chin down a little bit. Yes. Okay.

Now turn the pumps to space the center of the room and take your arms as far back as you can towards the floor. So your first priority to get as far back as you can and then to try and recap the rib cage down. Bring the hands back to the ceiling and take the hands down to the mat by your hips are reaching towards your feet. And once the fingertips touch the ground, take your shoulders and widen them to spread across the collarbones. Then bring the arms up again and reach them back over your head, reaching long, trying to get open into the armpits and then bring the arms up and down by the Mac and broaden your shoulders against the nice and wide. And again, lift the arms up. So just start going up and back. So you're moving in your own speed.

You want to feel all those areas that you're nice and tight in and start to massage into them. Be to loosen up the tissue a little bit and get more breadth and more space in the collar bones, in the armpits, in the rib cage. If you're more flexible. And more advanced or you will basically have more mobility. Start to watch that the floating ribs are not coming up the bolster.

So you want those floating ribs in the back down. But the arms still going up and down. That's it. Just back and forth a few more times and all the way down. So bring them back. If you finish the movement, rest with the fingers on the floor by your size. And again, one more time. Take those shoulders and wide Nim checked at the back of your, the, your back is wide and check that your neck is long and try to keep the floating ribs in the sacred long on the bolster. Very nice.

Now bring the arms up to the ceiling again. Turn the palms to face each other and bend your elbows sideways so they come to the floor on either side of you, but sideways. I'm Wendy and I'm going to bring a pim who I want you touching the floor. So, uh, for you to um, ivy sideways, sideways, sideways elbows are shoulder height, elbows are [inaudible]. That's it. Sho. There you go. Shoulder height. Right?

But try and get them to the floor. Yes, there we go. So they get all the way to the floor. You don't need this. Now once you have the arms down there, start moving the hands up and down like windshield wipers to start again. Keeping the elbows as close to the floor as you possibly can. So your shoulder is going to be rolling in and out, but starting to be loosened up in a wide position and I'm going to come in a minute and help those people that have a tighter shoulder.

Cause often if the shoulders are tight, they don't get to the floor at first. So you need to stack up towels underneath them to give you a place where the elbow can rest. The elbows are really tight, the shoulders are going to be lower down and that's fine too. So in fact, that's work, Tim. That's excellent. If you're very tight, keep the elbows a little lower down, Sandy. That's excellent. So as the hands go up, you want to go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. That's where you want to get to. Yes. So really challenge yourself. I be trying to keep the elbows all the way. No, no, no. You were fine. Just keep them on the floor.

The elbow don't lose contact with the floor. So you're kind of going up just there and then you're going to go up and you're going to go down. So you feel how it's affecting the shoulder. [inaudible] [inaudible] very nice. Now bring the arms up to the ceiling again and take, make sure your shoulders are wide. So let the shoulders drop towards the floor.

And now take the arms over your head, just like you did a minute ago. See, you can get your fingertips to touch. Start bending the elbows and pulling the elbows down. So you're trying to press your elbows down into your pockets in your back, in the back of your pants and window. Elbows are about the height of your waist. You stretch the hands out so they're in this long diagonal. And then you slide them back up over your head again.

So you have this circular movement of the elbows sliding down, sliding down. Elbows are bending, coming down, coming down, trying to touch floor there. Ivy, stretching the hands out so they're long and then sliding them back up. Touch the floor the whole time. You're trying to keep the fingers touching the floor the whole time if you can. And then bending the elbows. Wendy, I want much more bend of the elbows now bend as you come down. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's it. That's it. Good. And you try to stay as close to the floor if you're not touching the floor.

If you're getting a stretch, you're doing just great, Sandy. Excellent, excellent, excellent. This is amazing to start opening up the chest in the collarbones and really I've seen it create a lot of transformation with p for people that are very tight and most people nowadays are tight because we have very locked up lives where the chest and the shoulders get very congested. And now just to finish, you'll have to be aware of your neighbor, but it's fine to touch angel arms just going up and going down. So he's sliding back and forth trying to keep the fingers touching the floor the whole time. Yes. Yes. That's it. That's it, Tim.

And you are so I can believe that. Tim, you're touching the floor just about the whole way. That's awesome. That is awesome. For somebody who had frozen shoulder, this is transformation time. Okay. Very, very nice. Okay. Bring the hands down. Turn the palm to the fingertips are touching the mat again.

Broaden the shoulders and bring your knees and your feet together. So with the legs together, the backlog, the stomach and the shoulders wide. Now we focus more on the powerhouse and keeping yourself nice and stable. Just bring your right knee up and then put it back down and the left knee up and put it back up. So just back and forth like this, keeping your pelvis quiet to take a lot of rebalancing and being careful.

And if you can just fingertips touching, not the whole hand and not the elbow. The less you touch, the harder it is so low. That's it. That's it. Good Ivy. So it challenges a whole lower spine and the pelvis in a very different way and at a more sophisticated level. Cause obviously you can rock off the bolster if you lose it. Now bring both feet down, knees and feet tied together. Stomach tight, buttocks, tight. Lift both knees at the same time so both knees come up and both feet go down.

And as you go up and down, both knees come up. Try to keep the sacrum long the whole time. Both feet go down. Keeping your sacrum long. Both knees come up both feet go down. Nice, tight hips, back of the neck. As long as you lift and down. And one more time like this and down. Very Nice Ivy. You know what? Move up a little tiny bit.

It looks like you're almost over the edge of the bolster. Now the next one will be like walking or tapping. Take both knees and lift them up just the way you did a minute ago. See if you can come to table talk and then take your right foot down to the mat and tap it and then the left foot. So you going to alternate your legs without anything changing and try to keep yourself going from tabletop. So the knee needs only go above your hips, ivy, not above your waist. Just to there. Yes.

And try to keep a 90 degree angle of the legs. Yes, exactly. So the whole time you stay in this 90 degree angle, much better. Very good. And Wendy, down in up, we alternate one leg down, one leg up. Exactly. And then bring both legs down and rest for a minute. Very nice. Knees and feet tightly together. And then bring your left knee up to table top and your right arm up to the ceiling and check that the shoulders are wide and your pelvis is long.

Keeping your powerhouse engage. Extend your arm and leg away from each other and bring them back and extend away and bring them back and extend away and bring them back. Not so low ivy. Want a 45 degree out the the leg goes, that's it. And back. So you keep your pelvis from what? Becoming mobile extend out. So nothing moves in the trunk, just the limbs and back. Two more times out and back and one more time out and back in.

Then put your leg down in your hand down. Check that the arms are long, so no elbows touching the mat. Sandy, long arms, good. Shoulders, wide, neck, long, knees and feet together. That's it. Very compressed. And then lift your other leg in, other arm up. So you do the same thing, so knee and arm. And then extend your arm and leg away from each other and back and extend a wave straight out show. Just there. There we go. And back. So nothing changes in the ribs and the limbs along much better. And I can try to do it without the elbow coming to the mat because if the elbow is coming to the math, you just it easier and you want a hard life and back.

You want it hard in class and easy outside and back. So Tim, when you extend the leg out, you want to go arm and leg away from each other. Arm and leg back. That's it. Arm and leg away. That's it. And last one. And then put your feet down and your hands down and then get your knees and feet hip width apart again and lift your head and chest up. So you curl up, your waist goes down, lower back, head and chest come up. So you contract into the powerhouse.

Shoulders off the mat and back or off the bolster. Lift up again. Curl up. Chest comes up. Good Tim and down. Curl up and down. And not for you Wendy, but everybody else. If you want to have a goal, see if you can roll all the way up to sitting. Wendy, do not come up. When do you do not come up him? Only if you can make it. Ooh, La, la, la, la, la.

You come and up you come. Okay, rest for a minute. Interesting to roll up on a bolster, isn't it? Okay. Hundreds. We're going to play with the bowls actually before we do hundreds. Place a bolster in the center of your spine. So I should say more. I like about the base of your ribcage. Your hands are going to be over your head and behind your head.

I should say your feet are hip width apart. Roll your hips up and just roll back and forth. And as you roll back or you want your head to dip down and as you curl up you lifted. So just the massage into that part of the spine that is so tight, right Tim, let's get come down in a minute and let's get the bolts to straight. So it's going exactly to the side that's better.

So hips are in the Air Ivy and as you go that right, so exactly opposite. So as you roll that, no, no, no, you're fine. So as you roll that way your head is going to go down, hips come in here and now you roll that way and now curl up. Yes. And you rock back and forth. Yes that's it's just massaging a bit into the upper back ribcage. And one more time. All right. And then bring your bottom down. Come to a sitting position and adjust yourselves.

So the bolster is giving you a support in your neck because interestingly enough, we'll do hundreds like this. It's an interesting place cause we can have the shoulders wide and actually work-based, strongly in the powerhouse without needing to work into the neck in any way. So the legs come in and lift up, extend the arms nice and long. Stretch your elbow. Start pumping with the arms. Breathing in for five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, two, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, three, four, five.

Exhale, three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five. Exhale for five, two, three, four, five. Use in, it'll energy with six, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, seven, two oh five exhale, three, four, five, eight, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, nine, two oh five x sale, three, four, five, last set, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Bend your knees and put your feet on the mat. And with your hands down, just roll an inch forward with your hips. Take the bolster, press your ribs and your waist down and just very gently lift it up a little bit and put it down.

So what you're doing is you're stretching the back of the neck a bit. Yes. And as you lift up, notice that your chest comes in. Nice. So you just want that sense of stretching the neck. Also check that the shoulders are staying nicely down as you do this. Very good and back. Very good.

And one more time and back. Very, very nice. Now move the bolster away. Just bring it to the side and with your knees bent, lift your head and chest up and hold the knees or the thigh. So your very scooped. Shoulders off the mat. Shoulders pulled away from your ears. Lower back down and again, widen the elbows and pull the shoulders down your spine. Good.

Lower back. Nice. That's it Wendy. And lift scooping into the Power House and back and IVF you can lift up a little bit more with your chest and shoulders. Lift up a little bit more here and down. And one more time like this and lift and down. Very nice. Extend both legs out.

Take your arms to the ceiling and lift up the same way. Just lift up a little bit, scooping and back. Close the ribs, deepen into the powerhouse, shoulders it down and back and long neck and back and lift and [inaudible]. Bring your hands to your sides. Bend your feet up on the mat and articulate your spine up into bridge. So you lift the hips up, rolling through the spine to come up and then soften through the sternum to roll down. Roll down, roll down, roll down to flat.

Now check that your feet are under your knee, so sandy and Debbie a little closer. Make sure your feet are hip with the park and roll up again. Articulate through the spine. Lifting your hips up and soften through the chest to chest. Literally sinks as you roll down. Roll down. That's a very nice at Ivy.

All the way down to flat. Lengthen the spine out. If you want that long spine, again, scoop your tail as though you're a dog with a tail between the legs as you start up and then roll up and then stretch the knees away from you and then roll down, softening through the chest, pulling the stomach up, articulating the spine all the way down, all the way down. All the way down to flat. No. Glide the hands a little bit lower down, away from your shoulders and bring your knees and your feet together and again, narrow the hips and roll up again. Roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up and just hold the position for a minute. Squeeze the hips, squeeze the thighs, pull the stomach in and then roll an inch down and lift up again and roll an inch down and lift up. And one more time. Now roll all the way down. All the way down, all the way down, all the way down, all the way down to flat. Excellent work. Stretch your legs and your arms out for roll up. Wendy. Only if you want to bring the arms to the Sidney. Do you wanna roll up?

Okay. Lift your head and chest and just roll up and down a few times. I give you a hand, stretch me forward and then roll back. Dropping your chin to your chest. You okay with that? And stretch up and again, roll good jam and up and forward and roll back and down. And one more time. Roll up for now. Holds a position. Bend over, grab your ankles, let the head drop, and then lift your arms and head up. Make sure the shoulders are dropped down, away from your ears.

Pull your stomach in, look down at your navel and roll down with the shoulders gliding down your back and roll down nice and slow all the way down, back onto your back. So you're lying down flat. Now next one is single leg circles. Again, we're going to work with the bolster, so take it and place it under your sacrum with your knees bent. So you have this long support in your lower spine and hold onto the side and the bolts there with your hands. And before we go any further, take both knees and feet and squeeze them together. So Ivy knees together, feet together.

See if you can get your buttocks really squeezing and make sure the bolster is kind of right down at the base of the sacred close to your tailbone. Now Bend your right knee into your chest and now take the left leg and stretch it out on the floor. So your hip flexor on the left side is very, very long and open, so nice and long and sole the side of the bolster. That's it. Now he send the right hip towards your left heel. So the right waist is kept nice and long, just not, that's too much. Just keeping it long. Yes. So you don't now extend the right leg to the ceiling.

The right hip still stays down. So what I meant is just there now, like goes to the ceiling. Keep that left leg nice and long and keep the heel at first opposite your nose. And then you're gonna draw your circles. Circle around and up. Circle around and up. Turn it out a bit, Tim. Circle around and up.

Circle around in, up. Circle around an up pause. Extend your left leg on the mat, long left leg and reverse it down. Across and up, down, across, an up, down, across, and up, down, across, and up. Down across. Enough known the both legs are long. Extend this leg away from your bed and lift it back up.

Extended down a little bit, lifted back up. Stretch. Your knee. Extended Dachau lifted up, extended down, lifted up, extended down, lifted up. Bend the foot on the Mat. Bend the other leg on the mat, knees and feet together. Hips, very tight. Stomach is long, sacraments long. Take your left leg to the sea, bend your left knee in. Just bend it in.

Take your right leg and stretch it on the map. This is where you're looking to get deeply into this hip flexor on the right side. Really get that stretch into it. Nice long, right leg. Take your left leg to the ceiling and draw your circles. Circle the leg and up. Circle your leg and up. Circle your leg and up. Circle your leg and up. Circle your leg and up. Reverse it down. Across, up.

Circle the leg and up. Circle the lake and up. Circle the leg up. Circle the leg and up. Now extend both legs long. Knees lower than they halfway. And if the leg up, lower the leg down as it come up. Stretch into that right leg. Lower the leg down.

Lengthen into this right leg. Lower the leg down and up. And one more time. Low the leg down and up, and then bend the foot back on the mat. Lift your hips a little bit, slide the bolster out and bring the bottom down to the floor. Bend your knees and roll up to a sitting position to the bolts. Has to be off to one side. Bend your knees and see. Hold your shins.

Pull the stomach muscles in and roll up to a sitting position and rolling like a ball. Rolling back and rolling up. Rolling back and rolling up. Shoulders down, rolling. Back and up. Rolling back and up. One more time. Rolling back and okay, let's hold your ankles.

Holding the ankles. Lift your feet up. Bring your heels as close to your bottom as you possibly can. And pull the shoulders way down. Look down into your navel. See you're very nice and tight knees, a little wider. Sandy knees or shoulder with hands by your ankles.

Debbie slots your feet. Everybody flex your feet. Get those legs tight together. Let go with your hands for a minute. Let go, let go, let go. Bring the hands back. Keep yourself this tight and again, roll back and roll right back up and balance. Roll back and up in balance. Good and roll back and up and balance. Shoulders down. Roll back and up in balance.

One more time. Roll back and up and balance. Put your feet on the mat. Pull your stomach in. Lean back a little bit and Tuck the tail under your c. Roll onto your tailbone. Pull the stomach in, shoulders down. Shift your hands to your hamstrings. Roll onto your sacrum. Pull your stomach in.

Roll down to your waist. Pull your stomach in, roll down to your floating ribs. Pull the stomach in and roll all the way down. All the way down, all the way down to flat. Very nice. Take your bolster again, place it under your head. You want it really under your neck. Try to get it right at the base of the neck. Kind of close to the place where there's that bulging bone. Now, very slightly roll up towards where your scouts starts so you get a sense of stretching your neck. Very, very slightly, very gentle, keeping the neck long. So because we do get short in our necks, keep the hands on the bolster, pull the stomach in, bring both knees into your chest and now stretch your left leg out and really pull your powerhouse in and up.

Switch and switch and switch. So your spine is long in flats. Switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch which brick both knees and put your feet on the mat. And now check that the powerhouses long and flat. Your stomach, a lot of the rips are close. Again, bring your legs into your chest and bring them quite a bit until you can feel that length in the lower spine in the waist. It's very natural, reaffirmed engagement of the powerhouse. Now we're going to variation with a rightly goes up and stretches out.

So you gotta do a form of bicycling and every time the foot comes in and touches the mat as you do your bicycling with scissor and that's it. So you bicycle tried to touch the floor. IB every time. That's it. Keeping that powerhouse very strong and very stills. So your ribs do not come off. Your waist, does not come off.

And then bend the knees in. Excellent work. Excellent work. Now bring your hands to the top of your head and then deepen into the powerhouse and just lift your head and chest off. Lower back. Lift your head and chest up and back and deepen into the ribs. One more time and back. Double leg stretches. Bring both knees in. Hold your ankles in this position.

Nice strong stomach. Really pull the belly in tight. The right here. Keep the belly tight and stretch your arms and legs away without the belly changing tone. Bring the legs in. Stretch. Bring the legs in. Stretch. Bring the legs in. Keep that waist down the whole time. Stretch.

Bring the legs in. Stretch. Bring the legs in. One more time. Stretch and bring the legs in. Bring your feet down onto the math. Hands on the side of your head again. Press the ribs into the mat and lift your head and chest.

Lower back down. Lift your head and chest. Lower back down. Lift your head and chest. Lower back down. Hole, the sides of the bolster. Bring your knees in and lift the leg straight up for scissors. So nice straight, long legs, long knees.

Take your right leg forward, left like way out. Double Pole, scissor, Dabo, Poles, scissor, double pouts, double pals. Nis, very straight, double posts, double posts, double posts, double pouts, double pals, double pulse both legs up. Bring the knees in and just give your legs a hug. Just hug the men a few times. Loosen up the lower spine. Pull your knees in, Paul and Paul and Paul.

Put your feet down and again, hands behind your head. Curl your head and chest. Stop and down. Crawl your head and chest. Up and down. Curl your head and chest up and down. Bring your knees in. Curl your head and chest up.

Lift the legs to the ceiling and lower lift legs go down, lift the legs up, lower the legs, lift the legs up. One more time, lower the legs, lift the legs up, pull the legs down. Take your balls sir, and stretch it over your head so long. Arms long back. Your neck is long. Now and just take a moment to feel the length in the spine, the openness in the shoulders, the breadth across the arm pits in the back of the neck nice and long. Now take your legs and lengthen them out on the mat too. So Nice Long, broad body feet together, ivy. Otherwise very nice and keeping this broad feeling in the shoulders.

Bring the arms to the ceiling and take the bolster to your thighs all the way down. And when they get to the thighs, broaden your shoulders. Keep your neck long and take your arms over your head. Bring them up into your thighs, up and over your head, up and over your thighs and over your head. Now bring the arms to the ceiling and if you can lift your head and chest and roll yourself up to a sitting position. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay, very nice.

Now see if you can open the bolster. Have the balls to be [inaudible]. I'm just looking here. You know what? Bring the legs closer together. Get the bolster on top of your shins, underneath the knees. Let's create a new exercise here. So hands on the bolster, lift your chest up nice and long. And just for a moment, just kind of push down to feel that lift through the chest and reach the legs on. Take a deep breath in and lift up even taller.

And now lift up and over the powerhouse as you roll the bolster towards your ankle, pulling the stomach in and up and then roll back and sit up nice and tall. Bring the bolts to just under the knees. Tim, can you have the bolts to below the knees? That's it. And then lift your chest, take a breath in. And as you breathe out, lift up and over the powerhouse as you roll the bolster towards your ankles, pulling back in the waist and then roll back and sit up nice and tall and again, roll forward, rounding and stretching and opening your back body so you waist pulls way back and come back up. And one more time. Rolling down, rotting the shoulders, opening up your back body and come back up. Flex your feet, bring your hands to your right and then roll down towards your right foot a little bit more. Stretch on the left side. Come back up. We're going to stay on the same sides of the severity.

IATION and saw rolling out and coming up and rolling out and coming up. Now take your hands towards your left play. Nice lip. So this is slight twist in the wave. Lift up as much as you can, Sandi. Twisting to the left. Roll down and reach towards your left foot and coming up both hips. Stay down though. As you roll out, reaching out, coming up and rolling down.

Stretching out and coming up. Now left hand, right hand by your ear. So left hand is on the right side. Yes. Take your right elbow and stretch it out and roll down towards the foot. Come back and roll down in the right elbow. Points backwards. That's it. Sandy. And up.

And now turn your head and look towards your right elbow. Stretch and up. Good. Left-Hand on the left side of the bolster. I'm sorry, right-hand on the left side of the bolster. Left. And by your head, lift your chest and now roll the hand towards your foot and left elbow points backwards and up. And Debbie and sandy looked towards me to open up the, towards my direction. Come back up one more time. Stretching out and coming back up. Oh, hey. Bring the legs together.

Hold onto the bolster with your hands and pull back in your waist and reach forward with the bolster. Roll back a little bit more and reach the bolster forward. Roll back a little bit more, and then s push into the bolster and come back up to a sitting position. So press your hands into, you'll feel the pex engaging. That's it. Roll back a little bit. Squeezable stir, roll back a little bit more. Squeezable stir and then roll all the way down.

All the way down, all the way down to the mat. And one more time. Stretch your arms over your head. Very, very good. Roll onto your stomach and place your forearms on the bolster. See if you can have your head on the mat so your forehead will be on the mat. You stretch your arms out.

And tried to get the bolster around the middle of your arms as much as you can. So kind of between your elbows and your hands. That's it, ivy. And let's have all of you have your feet, hip width apart, feet hip with the part slightly stretch the knees and take your pubic bone and your pip bones and press them down to by working the legs. Good, good, good ivy. Now everybody pull your stomach muscles in and start lifting your head and chest so you look forward.

Pull the shoulders down your back and lift up and roll the bolster in towards you a little bit. That's it Debbie. And then roll out, stretching out and take your forehead to the mat to and again, roll. Lift your head. Pull the shoulders away from your ears. Lifting up and lower back down. Forehead to the mat. Arms long man. Again, nice tight hips as you lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up. Very good and lower back down. And one more time like this. Lift up, lift up, shoulders down your back. Sandy. Beautiful Work and lower back down. That was lovely. All of you.

Bring your hands under your shoulders and to sit back into child's pose. So no bolster, just bottom moving pack to your feet and stretching out for a minute. Now just have a quick look for a second. At the next one for single my kids, I'm actually going to have the hands on the bolster vent versus sit on the floor and it gives that little bit extra, slightly different way of working the, so you just want to be up. You can have your fingers down, but you'll work it with the pressure, makes you work a little bit more on your upper arms. So let's have you open your elbows with the hands on the bolster, right? The shoulders are pressed down, away from your ears. That's a deputy. Get the elbows a little bit further away from you, so not to close it. That's it. It gives you now lift the stomach up.

IB tried to get your stomach off the floor, not so bendy in the back. Press your tail down, stretch your knees, stretch into here. Stretch and lift. Listen, that's a take. Take, take to squeeze. There we go. Get this off. Ah Yes. Okay. Now knees together, knees are touching.

Try to keep your stomach pulling off the Mat Ivy and then bend your right foot, kick, kick, and the other leg. Lift up the way you did them. Indigo kick, kick and first leg kick. Kick, kick, kick. That's it. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick and kick kicked. And then lower down from here. Stretch your arms out. Bring your hands under your shoulder, old as in, sit back into your heels just for a minute to stretch your lower back out and just sit up for a minute and just have a quick look because you're going to be doing the next variation, combination of both your arms along and you're going to go kick two, three and lift and kick two, three and lift. So you get to kind of put both those exercises together. So lying on your stomach, the bolsters under your forearms, your arms, a nice sit along a little bit closer to your elbows. Ivy, nice and flexible, so you might as well use it. And a little bit of tone.

Don't have totally relaxed arms. I want the fingers long. Shoulders sighted down your back, knees and feet together. Long tailbone length barriers sacred towards the floor. That's a girl. And lengthen the tailbone. Excellent. Now bend both knees, kick your bottom three times, kick, kick, kick and the legs go down and pull the bolster in. Lift your chest. Yes. Lower down long powerhouse. And again, kick to three and lift your chest. Shoulders, water away from your ears. Yes, again, kick to three and lift that chest way up.

And one more time. Kick two, three and pull and lift your chest way up or some work lower down. Back into child's pose. I sit back and lengthen your spine out and keeping your stomach in. Wiggle your fingers as far away from you as you can. So you stretch your arms out. If you can. Your elbows are off the map.

Still keeping your, your head down. Start to walk your hands to the right and walk your chest to the right so you walk over and stretch out over your right knee to give yourself an extra stretch on the left side of the ribs. And then come back to the middle and walk your hands to the left so you stretch out the right side of the rib, come back to the center and come back to a sitting position and just have a quick look at what you going to do for teaser cause. Go. You're going to work with the bolster simple version. We'll be here rolling up, rolling down.

We are also going to do a variation where you're going to roll up with the bolster and rolling down. What's nice is it gives you a chance to get the sense of really keeping the shoe. When your hands are coming out, you have a chance to keep the shoulders down and wide and yet you can use the energy in your hands to press a little bit so it gives you a little bit of connection into the upper powerhouse. So let's have you hung your back. All the bolts there with your hands, Ben, both knees on the Mat, knees together, feet together, right and just take your right leg. Knees will be bent him and extended out now and the knees stay together. The Ivy knees tight together. There we go. So this, it's like you have a corset here.

Now everybody bring your bowls to just above your shoulders to begin with and presses shoulders away from your ears and press the into the bolster bit so it engages your pacs and kind of gets the trunk nice and firm. Now see if you can roll up towards your foot with that energy so you roll up and roll down. Good. And again, even if you can't get up, don't force it. Wednesday, roll up and roll down. And one more time and roll up. Shoulders down and roll down. Good girl. Okay, let's have a change with the other leg so and bring the arms up and roll up.

Yes. And roll down. Good work here. A little more. Benton roll up again. Yes. And roll down. And one more time and roll up and roll down. Awesome Work Ben. Both knees into your chest.

Take the bolster seat you still holding on over your head. Lift your legs up to the ceiling and take your legs to 45 degrees and see if you can roll up to full teaser. So you roll up. The legs have to be 45 degrees. I V and down. Are you okay with your back and roll up and roll down and roll up? That's fine, Tim. And roll down.

Bend your knees into your chest. Hold onto your knees with your hands and just roll side to side. Very good. So for me or bend your knees in and roll up to a sitting position. So up you come. Very good.

Knees bent. Hands inside. Hold your ankles. Shoulders are down. And just clap your feet. Three time to practice. Clap, clap, clap. Put your feet on the mat, lift your feet up and again, clap, clap, clap. Put your feet on the mat and if you feet up and Wendy, don't roll for this one. Clap, clap, clap. Let's have you rolled down on your back. Six and for Wendy, come back up and balance and again clap, clap, clap, roll back and come up and balance. One more time. Clap, clap, clap, roll down. Come up and balance.

And let's have all of you come up to a standing position. Take the bolster and just standing in [inaudible] stance with your heels together and your shoulders wide. Sodas a wide and the bolster is down. So in this position, make sure the shoulders on the side of your body, the stomach is long, the power asa, and just push. Bend the elbows just a little tiny bit and press into it and get tall in the sternum and relax and press and lift the spine. And relax. I'm pressing lift in the powerhouse and relax.

Bring the arms up with the elbow slightly bend and lift the arms over your head. Bring the hands back down, shoulders abroad, and again, lift elbows a wide, slightly pencils, shoulders, stay down. That's it. And, and one more time and lift and down and put the bolts to down. And just put your hands right in front with your elbows. Why? And just for a minute, lift the powerhouse abroad chest. Relax.

Press and broadened through the shoulders. And relax. I'm pressing lift and relaxing and bring the hands down and just stand for a minute. Feel yourself nice and grounded, broad shoulders, long legs, lift through the powerhouse. Take a deep breath in and breathing out. Let it go. So thank you very, very much. You all did very, very well. Okay.


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Great variations with the roller!
1 person likes this.
THIS WORKOUT IS AWESOME! Niedra is an amazing instructor. Great abs and hip flexor workout. I love incorporating props in the workouts. I appreciate the use of the roller under the neck to help with neck tension. The back stretch in the beginning is AMAZING! I will probably use that stretch every day!
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Always love your classes. You are a great teacher. Loved exercising with the foam roller. Need to put this in my favorites because of my poor posture!
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my new favourite! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
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This will be my favourite. What a great class, great cues. I just loved it. thanks a million.
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Great class and great teacher. Love doing my pilates with the foam roller. I need this class to help me with my posture!! Thanks!!
Great class---I just started teaching a class with the foam roller a month ago and this gave me some great ideas. Thanks and beautiful cues!
Have been doing palates for 8 years and this is the best foam roller class I have ever done. Stretches and relaxes the neck, upper back, lower back while working the abs. I feel stretched and so relaxed. Excellent class! Fantastic instructor!
I'm afraid I might not do any other classes after this! It leaves me feeling lighter and stronger and not strained in anyway--Pilates at its best.

More classes from Niedra, please! I love everything she does, but this is the best so far.
so nice to see a classical(ish) class with extensive use of the roller. loved the shoulder-girdle stretches at the beginning/
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